Sur: The Melody of Life (2002) Script

Why did you stop? Play on.

I can't.

You can.

I'll show you.

Why can't I play like that?

Why can't I play like you?

Of course you can. Try once again.

No. I can never do it.

I'll fail the exam.

I can't play like you.

I can never be like you.

You can. And you can play too.

Try like this.

I cannot be like you!

I can never play like you!

-I'm not like you! -Anjali.

I can never be like you.


-I don't know anything! -What did you say?

I can never become like you.

I can neither be like you nor play like you.

I'll never be you.

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm sorry, sir.

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What an endless journey this is Where is the one I desire to see?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

The one in my dreams is nowhere But she's mine She and I are like The sea and shore Where is she?

Will the road take me to her?

Where will I find her?

Which fellow traveler will tell me?

Where is the one I desire to see?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

I'm like a temple without an idol And a mirror without an image Life needs reason to live Flowers need a garden to spread the aroma For whom is this legacy of passion That kindles within me?

Far and wide I see no one Whom should I love?

Where is the one I desire to see?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

What is my heart seeking?

What do you want, my life?

Wow, well done.

The music is sensational.

We'll set a new trend of non-film songs, Mr. Vikramaditya.

Just like in Europe and America.

You'll become famous, an international star.

People will go mad. Girls will go crazy for you.

Really? Then I'll be going now.

-What? We're going to make you immortal! -Wait a minute.

What about launch parties and publicity concerts? Wait.

How will your music be popular?

I don't do concerts.

I'm not interested in launch parties and publicity.

I've done all I could for this album.

If the music is good, it'll sell on its own.

As far as I'm concerned, it's not these tapes... but my school and students who will make me immortal.

How can you leave?

-Let's celebrate. -No!

I'm driving to Ooty and driving after drinking isn't good.

-Bye. -Mr. Vikram...

Go on, pour your heart out, Herman.

To my foe!

Foe? Who me?

Yes, you're my enemy.

You robbed me of my whiskey! Drunk driving is not good.

Do we always have to be righteous?

We could've enjoyed good food and wine.

You are allergic to the good life.

Herman, you know I don't want to waste my time with these people.

God bless you, what good use will you put the time to?

Losing a little money and fame you've earned so far will not make any difference.

Where are you headed to in such a hurry?

Herman, I've never liked such parties.

Lately I've been yearning for something else.


It took me years of hard work to gather a treasure trove of music.

I want to pass it on to someone.

I don't want to leave it in a lifeless tape.

I want to sow it in someone's heart, so that the music lives on,

in every sense.

Got it?


-What happened to this? -I'll check.

It's overheated. It needs water.

Now go and fetch water.

For a mouthwash?

No. For my whiskey.

-Where's the girl who was singing? -Don't know. Must be around.

Hurry up or they'll inform Father.

Especially Anne. She'll be the first one.


Careful Joseph!

Go home and work. Don't drink.

Father, I was on my way. He came in my way!

And I quit drinking long ago.

I know.

But don't start again.

Yes, Father.

David, clean it fast. You're too slow.

The girl who was singing...

I was trying to wake her.

Even a bomb will not wake Tina up now.

She's deaf? But she has a beautiful voice.

She's not deaf.

She gets tired after attending college in the day and serving drinks to drunkards like Joseph at her sister's bar at night.

Then she comes to pray. So she gets no time to sleep.

I force her to sleep here on this bench.

She sleeps well here.

Now I'm not going to let anyone wake her.

I must speak to her. Please wake her up.

Wait for two hours, not now.

I'm on my way to Ooty, so please wake her.

I won't let you wake her.

You have to wait for two hours.


Rita! Listen to me.

One small peg.

Just a peg.

What are you doing?

You tell the priest you've quit drinking.

And now you're begging for a drink.

-Speak the truth, Joseph. -The truth, even for a drink?


I'm your daddy's pal's son.

When you were a baby, your daddy gave my daddy free booze daily.

That's why my daddy is in debt.

Now it's different.

I'm running this bar now. No credit now.

Pay up or else...

That's not right.

Free drinks!

You smile, I got no time to smile, daddy.


May I speak to you about your sister?

I've seen you somewhere.

Have we seen him somewhere?

I've seen him before. Where did we see him, Caesar?

You read the news on TV?

I'm not a newsreader.

I'm a music teacher.

I heard your sister sing in the church.

She sings well, but she isn't perfect.

If she trains well, she'll become a great singer someday.

My new session begins in two days.

I want to take your sister away with me.

Pack her clothes.

And tell someone to wake her up. I can't wait for two hours.

What is your intention?

I want to make your sister a star.

Sir, we might look stupid.

But it doesn't mean that anyone can fool us.

Tina is like a baby to us, Lord's gift to us.

Don't harbor any evil intention, -or else... -What?

Sir, before we say anything rude to you, or before Caesar loses his temper, please take your leave.

-Listen... -You didn't hear Rita?

You're out of your minds!

I'm a renowned singer.

I am Vikramaditya Singh.

You hear me? Vikramaditya Singh.

Not some immoral man or drunkard.

Bhaskar, Ceaser, he's a singer! Vikramaditya Singh.

He sings those lovely songs.

I've seen him on TV! Also in posters.

Sorry, I didn't recognize you.

Uncle, he's a great singer!

He'll turn Tina into a star.

Please call the church. I have very little time.

-Make a telephone call! -Call them.


The singer isn't running away.

You sing superbly.

How come you are at my house?

It's especially for you, sir.

She's here!

I admire you. You're just amazing.

-I can't believe you're here. -You sing well.

He's here to take you away to his school.

-What? -Yes.

Rita! This is madness! I'm not going anywhere.

That's my decision! I'm not going.

Get me? I've decided that I'm not going to any school.

Your job is not to take decisions.

I make all the decisions.

Got it? So listen to me carefully. Take this bag and get lost.

How can I go away?

Who will run the bar and repay the debt?

-You'll do it all alone? -I'm not alone.

Mr. Vikram said he'll pay for a replacement for you.

I told him 58,820 rupees. He gave me a check immediately.

-Get out of here. -You're sending me away for 58,820 rupees?

One slap and then you'll understand.

I'm sending you away for money?

Once you're famous, we'll repay it.

I'm not going!

-You have to go! -I'm not going.

-Here's your chance to make it in life! -I'm not going.

I'm not going.

-I'm not letting you rot here. -No.

I won't go.


When you get on stage, I'll clap the loudest.

Okay, if you say so, she must be a good singer.

It doesn't mean that we break the rules of the school.

The admission deadline is over.

Other students took rigorous tests.

Out of 2000, only 20 are selected.

How can we admit her like this?

Vikram... it took you years to build a reputation for this school.

How can we dash it all in one stroke?

Divya, at times, you are more a manager than a music teacher.

Mark my word, this girl will bring me honor.

She will make me immortal.

Only she has the capability to become like me, to be me.

What happened?

I'm trying not to get jealous.


Hearing you speak like this about the girl made me jealous.

I've been with you for eight years, ever since this school was founded.

You've never appreciated

my singing enough to praise it

as you praise her?

Divya, praising her is not criticizing you.

I've never ignored you, ask yourself.

If there's nothing special in your music, would you be here with me?

But Tina's voice is the first that has touched me.

I got goosebumps hearing her sing in the church.

In her, I find my passion.

She is like my image, my shadow.

She is like what I once was.

Only Tina can imbibe all that I want to teach.

What's come over you?

She can't be that special.

Okay, she isn't, but I am.

Look into my eyes.

You'll see the determination to sculpt what you take to be stone, into the world's brightest diamond.

This girl will be my biggest success.

Today, on the first morning of this new year, I want to tell you something.

Every school is like a prison that teaches you that the pillar of human success is founded upon rules, principles and discipline.

But in our school, in Vikramaditya Singh's school, every rule will be broken.

Here you are allowed to cross every limit.

Mr. Cruz, Divya and I, Miss Uma, Miss Vidya, all us teachers and Herman, do not consider bookish knowledge

to be music.

Instead the music in your hearts is

the most beautiful music in the world.

To hear that song, first of all, you must liberate your minds.

In the heart of every student here, there's a song that you must sing aloud.

Fly with the notes, and touch

the skies.

Then pledge, here and now, that you'll break every bond, overcome every fear,

and soar into the beautiful sky with courage.

And you'll fly higher, higher and higher.


When you feel suffocated in a closed room, you open the windows.

Likewise, when toes feel suffocated in socks, they tear through it.

They got to breathe.

Look at my toe.

It doesn't care for critical looks.

It feels no shame, for it has its own place.

One doesn't feel belittled by anyone but by what one feels about oneself.

Unless you allow it, no one can insult you.

What you got, no one else has.

If anything, you lack confidence.

When anyone tries to insult you, tell yourself, "I'm the best."

I'm the best. Say it.

Say it.

Say it.

Say "I'm the best."

-I... -I...


I'm the best.

Students, read the notes and play.

What are you staring at?

Read your score.

You can't read music?

They look like ants.

-Priya. -What?

She can't read music.

But what she can, no one else can.

What's that?

Mixing drinks.

She's a bar girl.

She mixes drinks, mixes great ones.

Her entire family mixes drinks.

She's a bar girl?

Yes, you want one?


One Bloody Mary, please.

Here's your Bloody Mary.

Herman, give him water.

Are you hurt or wearing that bandage for show?


Vikram, you too?


Aqib, have some water and listen.

If I insulted you or your parents, wouldn't you hit me?

-Wouldn't you break my bones? -Certainly not.

Vikram, what are you saying?

This is a music school, not a boxing rink.

Hands are used to play music, not to break faces.

I know that, Divya.

Maybe that poor girl doesn't know it?

I mean, what's her fault?

Where she belongs, the atmosphere must be different, right?

What does she know about music and etiquette?

That's why we're here to teach them.

Or else, we'd be redundant.

One must know the notes to study music.

Tina knows nothing.

She doesn't even know the notes.

Who can teach her?


-Where are you going? -I'm going home.

I told you, I know nothing about music.

Ma'am Divya is right.

I can't even read music, how will I play or sing?

I'll show you how.

I'll show you something new I'll show you something new How to sing to the music in the air I'll show you something new

When the rains embrace the earth The leaves of trees sing The birds, the bees, the butterflies And the winds sing their songs Who teaches them The rhythm, the notes, the tune?

I'll show you something new How to sing to the music in the air I'll show you something new

In the rising And falling rhythm in your heart Lurks your song From life all around us We draw our breaths Every new day The sun shows a new way I'll show you something new How to sing to the music in the air

Vikram, someday your disciple Tina will become just like you.

Your God whispered this in your ears?

God bless you. God has more important things to do.

What I mean is, just like you, lost in a tune for hours, she has been in the classroom for hours playing away.

-Done. -What?

I've scored the world's best tune.


Want to hear? Can I play for you, sir?

-You want to hear? -Yes, why not?


Watch out.

The introduction is great.

Out of tune music.

Wonderful, child.

Herman, go outside.

False praise destroys people.

That was terrible.

There was more music in the things you dropped.

Flailing arms and loud notes make noise, not music.

But I worked so hard on this tune.

-It came out of my heart. -Heart?

You haven't yet touched the first layer of the heart.

To make good music, delve to the depths of your heart.

I don't get it, sir.

I'll introduce you to someone.

Look at them.

-Do you hear anything? -No.

Come here.


-This dove? -Fool!

Music in the depth of the heart is like a bird.

You have to approach it

very quietly.

If you make noise, it flies away, like the bird.

Got it?

When everything else is calm, when you hear nothing but your heartbeat, then listen to it.

Music springs from that hidden love and melody.

Whenever you make music, do it for your heart, for someone dear to your heart and no one else.

To the rhythm of the first rains My heart beats A magic is cast Making me forget everything, even singing Because of somebody I'm in another world Under a different sky?

My heart dances and sings along To the rhythm of the first rains My heart beats A magic is cast

Making me forget everything Even singing Because of somebody

What are you doing?

Go away.

A hidden dream lurks under my breath My someone My someone holds a lamp for me In my dreams While awake and while sleeping I find everything going topsy-turvy To the rhythm of the first rains My heart beats A magic is cast

Making me forget everything Even singing Because of somebody

When the stranger reads words in my heart Words in my heart Everything looks slanted Everything looks

Like the moon is on the earth And earth in the sky I find everything topsy-turvy To the rhythm of the first rains My heart beats A magic is cast

Making me forget everything Even singing Because of somebody Am I in another world Under a different sky?

My heart dances and sings along

Because of somebody

Wonderful song and you sing so well.

I admit my mistake.

You already know so much.

I wonder why you are in this school.

Vikram, what can we teach her?

At least I have nothing to teach you.

Vikram, your students sing the songs you write.

But Tina has imbibed the style and spirit of your music.

Vikram, you were right.

There's something about Tina.

What happened to him?

I don't know.

Did I do something wrong?


The song wasn't nice?

I said it was nice.

I applauded too.

What more?

I'll give you seven out of ten for your song.

What's so happy about that?

You haven't scored a ten out of ten.

You still have far to go.

You got to do the perfect ten.

No, sir.

I could do an eight out of ten, maybe a nine out of ten.

I can never do a perfect ten.

Only you are the perfect ten.

You too have to get it.

Perfect ten.

You have become me. And Tina, you can.

You can become Vikramaditya Singh.

One thing is for sure, talent is in the genes, it can't be imbibed.

Did anyone infuse the talent into that kid in that bar?

Must be natural.

What are you staring at? I'm talking about Tina.

At 19 years of age, she has composed a memorable song, without any coaching.

The maestros ought to learn from her.

I achieved nothing at 19?

Who remembers old tales?

I think spending a sleepless night was futile for you.

You neither wrote a score nor praised the kid.

-What? -Its true.

If you had acknowledged her, you would've created a new tune also.

By what right do you have to lecture me?

You do not know more about music, nor are you my boss.

Sometimes I doubt that God exists!

How did this narrow-minded guy become the boss instead of me?

Go find Tina, she might help you. I'm out.

Let dawn The new day Let dawn The new day Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Let dawn The new day Vikram.

What are you doing?

The music company people are waiting.

Have you composed the tune for them?


Sorry for the delay.

Your music can hold on its own.

The first non-film album to stand out in the film music crowd.

And that too without any publicity. Wow, it's just mind-boggling.

Good music finds its way into the hearts of people, -it needs no publicity. -Yes.

It broke all records.

Your new tune will also be a superhit.

Please sing something. We'll listen in the music room.


Vikram. Tina.

Our student.

She sings fantastic.

So you know why I'm always so eager to get here.

I put in a hard day's work with the students.

I score songs to suit their talents, their temperaments.

I lyricize it.

They practice it.

Then it holds you in a thrall.

It's not your tapes but my students who will immortalize me.

Let's get down to the contracts.


Actually, I'd like to hear this girl.

You discuss the contracts.

My beloved, come I don't have time to waste.

I can't sing to suit your assistant's convenience.

Discuss the contract with Divya.

Perhaps your assistant would rather sign my student.

Not a bad idea. She sings well!

We can sign her, yes.


Did I say something wrong?

Even after all these years in business, I still don't understand artists' mind.

Never mind these artistes. They're moody and temperamental.

What's up? Drinking whiskey after ages.

Is there any rule or regulation for doing anything?

God bless you. Why are you in a bad mood?

Because you're chattering.

If you mind keeping quiet, why not leave me alone?

What's come over you?

What about me?

All day, you've been upset.

Normally when one of your students is singing, anyone who as much as coughs is ordered out by you.

Today when Tina was singing, you kept talking with the music contractors.

What's the matter, Vikram?

Mr. Vikramaditya Singh? Actually, I have good news for you.

You joked about signing your student.

So we thought why not give her a chance to sing with you on your next album?

Tina will sing with me?

Yes! We even take your jokes seriously.

We know you are proud of your students.

So why not use the chance to showcase their talent and promote your school?

-You'll promote my school? -Yes.

-I don't need your recommendation. -No!

No, I didn't mean that.

I know what you mean.

Tina isn't ready yet, she needs more practice.

Who else can train her better than you?

She is your student. You decide what she sings and how.

But as per our standard, she's perfect.

Her voice is still echoing in my ears.

I don't think she needs training.

What is it, Vikram?

An earthquake.

An apocalypse!

Can't a man sit alone in peace?

Must something always happen?

You and Herman take me for a transistor waiting to be switched on?

Vikram, I thought you'd be happy.

You wanted Tina to become a star, a singer.

Can I decide my likes and dislikes?

About what makes me happy and unhappy?

I'm tired.

Leave me alone.

What's going on?

Is this what you learn here?

No, sir. Tina was teaching the class till Ma'am Divya arrived.

Tina wrote these music notes.

These are not notes, sir, these are ants.

What's all this?

-Just joking, sir. -Jokes?

Music is no joke, get it?

Imbibe what you don't know.

Don't be vain about your ignorance.

You'll forget what you've learnt.

And you rich kids...

If you can't differentiate a music school from a zoo, you can go to the zoo.

This isn't allowed here.

Obviously, you are not interested in music today, go wherever you want.



Why did you stop? Play on.

God bless you, now I know why you were irritated.

This song was playing in your mind.

And like a fool, I was chattering away.

Had I known you were working on this tune, I would've cut off my tongue.

It's really nice?

It's wonderful.

I would say a new Vikramaditya Singh has been born.

Do you know that this new Vikramaditya is even better than the old one?

Bless you.

Bless you.

Wonderful, Tina.

Come... come... Wow!

Sing it to Sir, he'll forget yesterday's anger.

You really think so, Aqib?

-Even Sir can't match this. -Don't talk rubbish.

He can compose better asleep.

Sir, sorry about...

I've come to give good news this morning.

Tina, you'll sing with me for my next album.

I called Melody House and told Pooja this morning that a student as talented as you should be given a break.

She was surprised because for the first time, I recommended a student unreservedly.

Then she relented.

The day after tomorrow they are coming to hear a rendition.

We'll do a rough recording.

Sing a bit, play the violin.

-Tell him. -Sir.

-Can I sing you a song? If you like it... -No, it'll be my song, not yours.

Maybe I'll think of the song that morning.

I won't be able to rehearse with you so you practice.

When we record, sing confidently with your heart.

I don't know if I'll be able to sing.

You have to sing

and sing well.

I despise failures.

I'm a proud man, Tina.

I don't like to be disgraced.

So please don't fail me.

He thinks I'm talented enough to sing with him.

I hope I'm able to meet his expectations.

But I'm afraid.

Don't let me cause him any disgrace.

Don't let me be the cause of his shame.



The student has turned into the teacher?

Now play along.

Let dawn The new day Let dawn The new day Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Let dawn The new day Let dawn The new day Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Let dawn The new day What's wrong? Why are you standing still?

Have you forgotten the notes I taught you?

Don't disgrace me.


My heart How obsessed I am?

You're mine What else are you but my shadow?

I am the sky, you are the earth Incomplete without me Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Let dawn The new day Let dawn The new day

Why do I see you In all that I love?

How are we related?

I can't make out How can I tell you How I pine for you?

Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Let dawn The new day

It's wrong.

How long will you sit here?

Come, Vikram wants to see you.

No, I'm not going.

Then he will come here.

I won't go.

Come, he wants to talk to you.

Tina, if you refuse to go, I'll have to do something.

Where were you?

Where did you go?

We expected you in the recording room.

You've been away for four hours.

What a disgrace!

I've never been disgraced like this, all because of you.

You didn't have the guts to sing, don't you have the guts to face the truth?

You can't evade the truth by running away from defeat like a coward.


Why are you staring?

Come, look into the mirror.

Look into the mirror!

See the face of your failure?

The chance!

The chance I gave you, not even the luckiest get.

I got my break after many rejections, people would ridicule me, you know.

They doubted if I could even sing! And what did I do?

I sang the song they'd never heard nor will they hear again.

And today, after all these years, each song of mine is 1000 times better than others.

-And I was so proud of you. -I...

What about you?

-I'm not you, sir. -I know you are not me.

But I wanted you to become like me.

I wanted to make you me.

How hard I worked on you.

I gave you the quintessence of my music.

You want to become a teacher.

Instead of improving, you want to teach others?

How can you be like me?

I can't become you.

Where are you going? I'm talking to you!

-Stop! -I can't be you.

My mistake! I wanted to make you a star.

Accolades from them won't make you a star.

Tina, stop. I'm not done!

Listen to me!

Listen, everybody!

Get inside. All of you!

Tina will never be anything. Note this down.

You get me?

You got to listen to me.

You disgraced me! You're going nowhere.

You'll never become a star.

I'm not done, stop!

What happened to Anjali? She's sobbing away.

She's raving about failure, about not becoming you.

-She refuses to sing anymore. -She cannot say so.

She can't think like that. I'm coming.

I won't let this happen all over again.

Vikram, Tina is in a bad shape, talk to her.

Stop her, she will leave! If you don't see her, she will leave.

Let her leave!

These threats are in vain.

Where can she go?

When she comes to her senses, she'll be back saying sorry.

Let dawn The new day Let dawn The new day Bid adieu to last night My beloved, come Come...

Seventy-five lakh cassettes sold.

You are great!

You are God.

Let dawn the new day

Where did you get this tune?

Where do such lovely tunes come from?

From your heart?

Or from some pocket of yours?

You must have a secret hoard.

Ma'am, tonight, let me drink.

Our great maestro's new success is being celebrated!

I must enjoy.

So many bouquets.

Has Aqib turned around?

Has he apologized?

He has no regrets.

Throw him out.

He wants to leave. He says he'll leave tomorrow.

Let him go.

I have many students left.

One Aqib and a Tina isn't the end of the school.

Give him my one advice.

Tell him to join Tina and cobble together a band to play in her sister's bar.

Make some money.

Where's my bottle?

Where does Herman keep my bottle?




After you're done with the drinks and bouquets,

after the applause has stopped echoing in your ears, do listen to

what you can't tell yourself also,

in silence.

Throw it away!

Take it away!


Get up, time for class.


I don't need anyone's help.

I can get up myself.

I can get up myself.

What are you staring at? It's coffee.


Once you are sober, you can lecture the kids.

You stagger while you lecture students.

Herman, how is he now?

I don't know. Ask him.

I'm not bothered.

-Vikram. -Yes?

Nothing's wrong.

Someone's here to see you.

Shall I tell them later?

You aren't well. You can't meet them.

I'm perfectly fine.

No need to lie.

Who says I can't see anyone? I can see anyone.

Even the President of India.

-Who wants to see me? -Vikram.

Who is it?

I can see anyone.

I told you, when she realizes her mistake, she would apologize.

She couldn't face me so she sent her sister.

-How are you? -I came to apologize, and thank you too, for giving Tina such a big chance.

I always had my doubts.

Singing in the church choir is something.

But singing with you...

You're song was lovely.

You sang it so wonderfully, "Come..."

Our Tina could never sing as well.

You wasted so much time and money on her.

I can't do anything about the time, but I came to give you this.

What's this?

Yes, the check for 58,820 rupees.

I fought with my father over it.

He says, why return the money?

I said no, we have principles, too.

We give no credit, we owe no one.

May the Lord keep you happy!

So vain.

She didn't come and even sent a check to insult me.

She could've apologized for her mistake.

I wanted to give her a future.

This girl is going nowhere in life.

She'll rot in the bar.

I gave her a chance...


What do you think of yourself?

Why not face the truth? How long will you evade the truth?

Tina isn't wrong, but it's you who's wrong.

Look from other side and you'll see your fault.

Tina isn't being vain. You're being vain.

I don't care about Tina's future.

I'm worried about yours.

Tina won't rot, you're the one who will rot.

Sir, you?

I want to take Tina back.

Tina isn't here.


Where is she?

What is it? What are you doing?

Vikramaditya Singh.

-What was Rita saying? -I'm a great fan of yours.

Rita said you're becoming a nun?

Yes, I want to become a nun.

No. You don't want to be a nun. I won't be quiet.

You want to become a star. You can't become a nun.

This isn't right, Tina.

You want to sing, you can't be a nun.

-Leave me. -Tina, listen to me.

Tina, you're wrong! Listen to me.

You don't want to become a nun.

Only sisters are allowed inside.

Mr. Vikram...

Has my friend hurt you?

That which you lost, my heart Was my soul, my life That which you lost, my heart was my soul, my life

What I spurned was my luck

What was bestowed upon me by God was a treasure

What I spurned Was my luck What was bestowed upon me by God Was a treasure

That which you lost, my heart Was my soul, my life

I am my own assassin and culprit

I burn, within me burns my world

I am my own assassin and culprit

I burn, within me burns my world

That which you lost, my heart Was my soul, my life

That which you lost, my heart Was my soul, my life Because of me, she gave up music. I've ruined her life.

Maybe it isn't as simple as it seems.

She has stopped singing, Divya.

She doesn't even sing for God.

I've hurt her so deep.

I'm so enraged at myself, I'll go mad.

Why do people do what they do?

Why doesn't life work out the way we want?

I never got the answers.

Tina isn't only deeply hurt, she is also deeply in love, with you.

And she is trying to escape that love.

I also don't hate her. I love her, too.

She belongs in my heart.

Then go, stop her from suicide.

The passion that you used to harness her music and talent, use it to make her life now.

Give her love. She thirsts for your love.

You're a great artist, yet you didn't understand it?

Vikram, don't worry about the school.

I'll handle everything.

Stay on as long as you need.

I've eight years of experience as your assistant.

And with Herman around, I'll have no problems.

Go, don't waste any more time.

Give yourself your heart's desire.



Vikram, sir.

Is it your new creation?

It's great. I feel like dancing.

-Like the song? -Yes.

It makes you happy?

That's Tina's song.


Yes, she has many such songs in her heart.


This Tina is moody. She gets mad quickly.

There's a reason.

A big reason.

Sister, -you're Tina's best friend? -Yes.

-And you're my fan? -Yes.

And you want to do God's work?

-Come with me, for five minutes. -Where?

I wanted to tell you a secret.

What is it?


-Even if I told you, you won't believe it. -Come on, tell me.

Sister, Tina is lying to you.

Oh, no.

What lie?

She doesn't want to become a nun.

I told you, you won't believe it.

But how do you know?

How does anyone know?

Why does the sun rise?

To give light.


For fragrance.

Why does the spring run?

To provide water.

Why do birds sing?

To say sweet good mornings.

How come you know?

Because God wanted it. It's entirely His wish.

That's what I'm saying.

What if oxen sang, and lions mewed, water flew and birds rained, day became night and night became extinct, I'd become you and you'd become...


Impossible. How could that be?

Everyone does God's bidding.

That's what I'm saying.

God made Tina for singing.

God will adorn this world with Tina's music.

Think, how can she do anything else?

-Why did God make you? -Why?

To help me in this. Or else...

Or else?

As you know, those who don't do His bidding burn in hell.

They burn forever.

They don't get water when they are thirsty.

Don't be afraid.

I only want to tell Tina what lies inside her heart.

There. God, please forgive me.

Lord, don't forsake me.


You're the joy of my heart

You're the breath in my body You were the love I needed In my life You're the only one I wanted

You're the joy of my heart

You're the breath in my body You were the love I needed In my life You're the only one I wanted

Once again You bring a fragrance in my life I wasn't like this before meeting you You make me feel wonderful No, this is all a lie I was always crazy But this wasn't your doing You're God's light for me In my life You're the only one I wanted

You're the joy of my heart

You're the breath in my body You are the love I needed You're the only one I wanted In my life You're the only one I wanted

It's just another time This is just another season But now my world is filled With your beauty No, it was like this always You were always part of me Only we were lost Now we've found life again


What are you playing?

A tune for you, I heard it in my dreams last night.

You had a dream last night too?


In my dream, you looked cross.

In your dream, were you glum too?


You were happy?

Were you singing?

I didn't dream it.

I dream only of Jesus now.

Please leave me alone.



So many lies.

Lying to these innocent nuns.

Lying to yourself and God.


Why are you after me, sir?

What do you want?

The same as you.

You should sing.

Take it, play it.

No, sir, I can't sing.

I've forgotten all that.

Now please leave me alone.


-Tina. -You aren't allowed here.

For once, just give it a try.

-Please, sir. -Only once.

-Try. -I can't.

Look. Like this.

You've forgotten nothing.


This isn't right, sir.

You're heckling me.

You may forget yourself Tina, but not music.

Sisters, look!

Tina remembers everything. She remembers music.

Music is back in Tina's life.

Now Tina must sing.

-You aren't allowed here. -Mother Superior, I know that.

You know Tina, right? Unless she sings, how can she live?

You're so sweet, so cute.

I've done it.

Here she is.

You'll perform in concert?

Am I dreaming?

Vikramaditya Singh on stage?

You aren't joking, right?

I don't have the time to joke.

-I'd like to perform next week. -Next week?




In a week, can we organize press ads, TV spots and promos?

It'll be tough. It takes a week to approve designs.

-Mr. Singh, could we... -Don't bother.

I'll find another music company.

I'm sure organizing a concert in a week won't be tough for them.

Stop! She said tough, not impossible.

I'll hire more people. I'll hike the funding.

We'll find sponsors. Besides, you never perform.

Vikramaditya Singh on stage for the first time to sing live for an audience, I'm not letting this chance pass.

-This concert will happen? -Of course.

-Tina. -Let me pass, please.

The whole day you didn't come.

I thought you've returned to Ooty.

No, Tina.

Until my mission is accomplished, I will not return.

Complain as much as you like, berate me or heckle me,

I won't leave until you sing.


I can't sing.

-I can never sing. -Why?

Why won't you sing?

Why insist on banishing music from your life?

Music robbed me of everything I ever loved.

Nothing of the sort, Tina.

Once you sing, it'll be fine.

Sing a song with me.

Just sing one song in concert with me.

No, never.


Inside the recording room, the hatred I saw in your eyes, I can never forget it.

I broke your trust.

I made you look like a fool.

-I won't become a failure... -Not you!

I'm the one who was a failure.

I was jealous of you, of your talent, of your art.

I was jealous.

I was jealous of you.

I despised my inferiority, not you.

What I did

is a sin for any teacher.

In your heart, I ignited a passion to become the best.

When you bettered me, I couldn't bear it.

My ego couldn't tolerate anyone bettering Vikramaditya Singh, and my own student too.

What I did was evil, Tina.

Forgive me, please. I lied, I stole.

Forgive me, please.

Forgive me.

Please don't, what are you doing?

If you give up singing, my life will cease to hold any meaning, any purpose.

For once, just for once, sing for me.


She gave in! Divya, Tina has agreed!

She will sing again!

Come here fast.

Bring everyone along.

Get Aqib, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight isn't just any other night!

Brace yourselves as the superstar of music, Vikramaditya Singh, will perform his first live musical concert.

-Friends. -Can't find him?

What the hell do you mean?

I've looked everywhere. I've called everyone.

No one knows where Mr. Vikram is.

You said he's with a friend.

Now you say you don't know.

Miss Pooja, I lied to you.

Actually, I was...

I was afraid I'd annoy you.

Where is he?

I don't know.

I assumed you were in contact with him.

I've been with Tina all evening.

Tonight is also special because besides you, millions of Vikramaditya's fans will hear live on the radio the wonderful music that touched their hearts.

Friends, tune into your radio sets.

For the first time on All India Radio, we're broadcasting live Vikramaditya Singh in concert.

Let Tina sing solo, without Vikram.

-We can't put anyone on stage. -I can't sing solo.

Pooja! You remember you heard her singing. She sings wonderfully.

Yes, but she ran out of the recording.

Here, we'll be stoned.

Same if we cancel now.


-You'll sing? -Yes, she'll sing.

You must sing, we have no other option.

Vishal, now find that man for me. Where is he?

Friends in the audience and the on radio, Vikramaditya's student, Tina Marie D'silva, will sing too.

He coached her in his music school.

What you've got, no one else has.

If anyone tries to insult you, tell yourself, "I'm the best."

I am the best.

Say it.

Say it.

Say "I'm the best."

I am the best.


Sing, Tina.

When the night falls, creep into my heart When the moon rises, creep into my heart When the night falls creep into my heart When the moon rises, creep into my heart Come to me Never to leave me again When the night falls, creep into my heart When the moon rises Creep into my heart

You are not with me, yet you are Whatever I talk It's all about you You're in my heart And all around me Ever since I knew you, I've loved you Come to me Never to leave me again When the night falls, creep into my heart When the moon rises, creep into my heart When the night falls, creep into my heart When the moon rises, creep into my heart

Day and night I'm ecstatic about you I swear My life flows from you You're my eyes on this lonely stretch No matter how far I must go I'll hold you in my embrace Come to me never to leave me again When the night falls When the night falls When the moon rises When the moon rises When the night falls, creep into my heart When the moon rises, creep into my heart Creep into my heart Creep into my heart Creep into my heart Creep into my heart

Divya, we are successful.

I heard her on the radio.

My student has become a star.

I thought it was Divya.

You heard my song?

I thought you left and that you didn't hear it.

No one can sing like you.

Sir, it was incredible.

The audience went wild!

They gave me a five-minute standing ovation.

Sir, we'll do lots of stage shows.

We'll sing for albums and concerts.

No, not we.

Only you.

-What? -You have a destination.

You have to reach it alone.

Our paths are separate.

You have a bright career ahead.

I have my school, my classes, my students.

But, sir...

For the first time, I realize the meaning of a teacher.

Don't separate yourself from me.

Please don't do it.

My every song, my every word, is only for you.

Nothing is mine.

I'll never love someone as I love you.

Be so successful that I get to hear your voice everywhere.

I'm with you, close to your heart.

Go. Don't look back, just move forward.




You're the best teacher in the world.