Suspect Zero (2004) Script

( wind whistling )

( ominous theme playing )

, , ( thunder rumbling )

( raindrops spattering )

( jazz music playing softly over speakers )

Top that off for you, honey?

There you go.

( indistinct talking )

( sighs )

, , What's in the case?

I'm sorry?

You're always lugging that case around.

I'm curious, what do you sell?

I'm in restaurant supplies.

I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.

You must travel a lot, huh?

Whole country or just hereabouts?

I don't mean to be rude, but--

How's your wife feel about it?

What? She must get lonely.

You gone all the time. Does she?

Look, I-- Do you get lonely?

You miss fucking her, Harold?

Look, I don't know who you are, but you can't just sit down--

Did it myself.

Kind of a hobby.

Take a look at these pictures, Harold, and you tell me if you see anything you want.

I've got lots more.

Would you like to see them?

Tell me, those jokes about the traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter, are they true?

Here. This one's my favorite! Ha!

Really says it all.

Wouldn't you agree?

You are sick.

( knocks over cup )

It's a matter of opinion.

( eerie theme playing )

( door lock engages )

( sighs )

( horn blares )

( sighs )

( eerie whistling )

( engages door lock )

( glove snaps, Harold gasps )

( tires squeal )

MAN: There's a rest stop next off-ramp.

Pull into it.

Look, I have money.

It's not a lot. Nobody wants your money, Harold.

Just pull in. Why?

Because I wouldn't want to do this at 70 miles an hour.

It could be dangerous.

( Harold gasps )

( typing, computers beeping )

WOMAN: Right. I'll get back to you.

MAN: Agent Mackelway?

Welcome to Albuquerque.

Rick Charleton.

Miss Payton's the nice girl at the front desk.

She puts together a package for all the new agents.

Everything you need to know about the area, help with finding apartments and such.

This one's yours.


I'm gonna get it all set up for you.

All right.

Not that different from Dallas, is it?

No, sir.

If you need anything, just yell.


( phones ringing, people speaking indistinctly )

I'm Tom, guys.

Nice to meet you, Tom. Don here.



I'm Bill.

Hey, Bill. Tom.

Tom, do you like Frito pies?

I don't know, Bill. I don't know what they are.

Welcome to the minors.

( sighs )

, ( sighs )

( ominous theme plays )

( door closes )

WOMAN: Uh, here.

Let me do that. Ah, thank you.

Sure. Don't know how to make coffee.

That's okay.

It takes some experience.

( chuckles ): Yeah.

Isn't there a Starbucks around here?

That's a joke, right?

( laughs ) Yeah. Yeah, that's a joke.

So... you're Mackelway?

Yeah, Agent Mackelway.

Katie Payton.

( eerie sound echoes )


A fax is coming in for you. It's the room next door.

Really? Fax for me?

Yeah. Okay.

Thank you. No problem.

Nice meeting you. Yeah.

( eerie sound echoes )

( line ringing )

CHARLETON: Mackelway!

You gonna stand around all day, or you wanna do something?

No, sir.

( men conversing indistinctly )

, MAN: Afternoon, Rick.

Looks like a robbery-homicide.

Body's back over there.

You run the plates?

Fella's named Harold Speck.

Traveling salesman from T or C.

T or C?

Truth or Consequences.

It's a town, slick.

Gotta write that down.

, ( winch motor whining )


What the fuck are you doing?

What's it look like, bud?

You ever heard of evidentiary procedure?

MAN ( on tape player ): Icarus case number 690.

Physicians in charge, Dr. Galin J. Peterson and Dr. Ferdinand Kovoskis.

Theta-wave entrainment for RV subject O'Ryan to be used with GPS for target management.

Session to commence in five, four, three, two... one...

( chirping, warbling sounds from tape player )

Target number, write it now.


Stay objective.

Smells like clove.

( thunder rumbles )


( warbling sound continues )

Describe. Describe it.


One word.

One word.

( mysterious theme playing )

( camera shutter clicking )

Draw the environment.

One target at a time.

One target at a time.

Draw the environment. Draw the environment now.


I'm sort of a stickler for procedure.

I imagine you would be.


See it.

See it. Draw it now.

Draw it now.

Draw it now.

MACKELWAY: The shoes are on the wrong feet.

All American Diner, Gallup, New Mexico. CHARLETON: Passed that on the way here.

Well, he had breakfast there this morning.

( crashing sound echoes )

( warbling dies out )

( crashing sound echoes )

( dog barking, children playing in distance )

( O'Ryan sketching )

MAN ( on radio ): Starting off the bottom of the inning, Barry Matthews.

Got on base with a line-drive single his last at bat.

And he takes the first pitch high and inside for ball one.

Looked like Leonard was trying to get the breaking pitch inside, but it just didn't have any break on it that time.

( shuts off radio )

CHARLETON: Agent Mackelway.

We're over here.

I was gonna introduce you two, but I understand that won't be necessary.

Seems your former office decided we could use a little help, so they sent us Agent Kulok.

Hey, Tom.

Hi, Fran.

I guess we're gonna skip the tearful reunion.

Have a seat, Tom.

How are things back in Dallas?

Wouldn't really know. I've been chained to a desk.

Okay. What do we know?

Picked up a footprint in the back seat of Speck's car.

A size and a half bigger than Speck's.


Wounds on Speck's throat indicate he was strangled from behind.

I think our guy was waiting for him in the back seat, sprung this on him once the car was moving.

Lab picked up talcum traces along the edges of the paper consistent with powdered gloves.

So he gets this dropped in his lap, it spooks him, car ends up in the ravine.

That car was pushed to the state line.

The depth of the tire tracks.

Footprints near the embankment.

That car wasn't going more than three miles an hour, and it stopped, quite literally, on the state line.

Guy must've used GPS.

Why would he do this? Why would he push it to the state line?

Same reason he did everything else.

To get the FBI's undivided attention.

There's an association here.

You have a circle... and a lidless eye... that's always open.



Or making sure that we're seeing.

It's just a feeling.

WAITRESS: He was a normal guy.

You know, kinda quiet.

He liked to read fishing magazines.

And he wasn't much of a tipper.

Is that a lousy thing to say?

No, it's fine.

What can you tell us about the other man?

Like I said, I never really saw him.

Harold came up complaining about the guy, but by the time I turned around, he was gone.

Can you desc--? Desc--

Can you describe him, ma'am?

WAITRESS: Oh, sure.

You could just tell he wasn't from around here, you know?

Did you happen to see what he was driving?

You know, now that you mention it, there's a Torino out in the parking lot with a real crappy paint job.

It's been here since last night.

We really need a protocol for interviewing witnesses.

Fine. I'll handle it from now on.

Oh, I see how it is, always in control.

I'll tell you something, Tom, I want my life back.

So I want this over quick.

So, what happened?

Your ring.

It didn't work out.

Just like us.

So why are you here?

You vacationing in Albuquerque?

Oh, Tom, you sure haven't changed in six whole months.

Keys are in the car.

I don't need a babysitter, so if we're gonna do this, let's do it right this time.

Well, then don't make things so unnecessarily complicated again.

Trunk's ajar. You listening to me?

You think I wanna be down here?

I'm not interested in hanging out with you.

And I'm not your babysitter. I'm your partner.

I didn't put you here. Remember.

And I'm not going through this again with you.

Holy shit!

MACKELWAY ( whispers ): A circle with a slash.

WOMAN ( on radio ): Dispatch. I need help down here.

What's your 20?

The All American Diner in Gallup.

( camera shutter clicking )

( police siren wailing )

KULOK: Hey, Tom, got an ID on our body.

Barney Fulcher, age 50, sixth-grade teacher from Boulder, Colorado.

These plates aren't gonna help us.

Forget them. This guy started in Oklahoma.

Left these for us.

( eerily tranquil theme playing )

( people conversing indistinctly )

O'RYAN: Mrs. Speck.

I just heard. I'm-- I'm so sorry.

I didn't know him well, but I think Harold was a much more complex person than people realize.

MRS. SPECK: He was, wasn't he?

I'm really sorry for your loss, ma'am.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

KULOK: So it wasn't Fulcher's car?

MACKELWAY: Uh-uh. Car was registered to a Daniel Dyson.

Runs a halfway house in Oklahoma City.

( piano music playing )

( people speaking indistinctly )

( door slams )

( piano playing grows louder )


Daniel Dyson?

( man plays "chopsticks" on piano )


MAN ( yelling ): Fucking freak!

What a fucking freak!

What a fucking freak.

Can I help you?

Why didn't you report it as stolen?

Truth is I always hated that car.

Nobody but Benjamin could ever make it run right anyway.

Is that his name? Benjamin?

That's hard to say.

That's what he liked to be called.

( metal clanks )

Oh, this bad wiring!

KULOK: I think we've got an obsessive-compulsive here.

I'm gonna call Grieves, get him to work up a list of behaviorists for us to talk to.

Okay. Give me that.

Excuse me.

MACKELWAY: This came from Benjamin?

DYSON: He used to spend hours down here.

It was like-- Like his office.

What are these?

With those numbers and pictures, he said he could find anybody.

Benjamin O'Ryan?

Special Agent Benjamin O'Ryan, FBI.

It was his fantasy.

( eerie theme playing )

( whispers ): Oh, fuck.

( hinges creak )

PROSECUTOR: Agent Mackelway, what the fuck were you thinking?

He's got nine murders in his back pocket and he's gonna walk.

( crumples paper )

( girl screams ) ( laughs )

( distorted voices )

( brays )

( woman shrieks )

Hey, Starkey.

( wind howling )

( groans )

PROSECUTOR: What made you think that you could cross the border into Mexico without an extradition order?

I knew he was gonna buy off a magistrate and disappear into Mexico.


Agent Mackelway, you have shamed and vilified this bureau with your unorthodox methods.

I'm afraid I have no recourse but to recommend that you be suspended for a period of six months, during which time you will undergo mandatory psychological evaluation.

Let the record show that the case against Agent Fran Kulok is pending.

O'RYAN: Turn it off!

DYSON: I guess you guys are never unaccounted for, huh?


This guy really likes you.

DYSON: This is O'Ryan's room.


You got it?

Wait. Yeah, I got it.

Yeah, hey, it's Agent Kulok.

Can you run this number and ID the subscriber for me?

MAN ( on phone ): You're breaking up, Fran.

Okay, hold on a minute. Let me get outside. Hold on.

Thank you. Yeah.

( gentle piano music playing )

MAN: Ever see a 50-foot shark?

I'm sorry?

A 50-foot shark. You ever see one?


Doesn't mean there aren't any.

Excuse me, sir, did you know him?

The guy with the Torino?

O'Ryan, the guy who lived upstairs?

Why? Is he dead?

I don't know.

You said "did." Is he dead?

Uh, no, no. I'm sorry. I misspoke.

You ever seen this before?

It's a circle with a slash through it.

It's not a circle.

It's a zero.


It's a zero.

And how do you know that?

( whistling )

Did he tell you that?

( whistling )

Why are you whistling?

What does that mean?

Have you seen this, sir?

A circle with a slash through it? Take a look.

Have you seen that? Sir?

Have you seen that? A circle with a slash through it?

( O'Ryan sketching, warbling sounds on tape player )

( man calls out )

( woman screams )

MACKELWAY: A circle with a slash through it.

Take a look. Have you seen that, sir?

Have you seen that, a circle with a slash through it?

Benjamin O'Ryan? Sir? Excuse me, have you seen this?

A circle with a slash through it?

Benjamin O'Ryan. He was here seven years.

Tom. What?!

We got a trace.

Faxes and Things, Sleeper, Missouri.

Come on.

Come on.

( warbling on tape player )

( shuts off player, warbling dies out )

( disembodied voices echoing )

, ( "Flirtin' With Disaster" by Molly Hatchet playing )

...flirtin' with disaster ♪ You all know what I mean ♪ You know, the way We run our lives ♪ It makes no sense to me ♪ I don't know about-- ♪

( camera shutter click echoes )

What you plan to be ♪ When we gamble with our time ♪ We choose our destiny ♪ Yeah, we're travelin' down ♪ This lonesome road ♪ Feel like I'm dragging A heavy load ♪

Don't try to Turn my head away ♪ Ba ba-ba, yeah ♪ I'm flirtin' with disaster Every day ♪

( "The Beginner" by Miranda Lee Richards playing )

I'll have a 7&7, please.

Got some ID?

It's in the car.

No one's asked me for it for a couple of years now.

Nothing personal, honey.

I don't know where I'm going ♪ But I've got No reason to fear ♪ I've got no reason to fear ♪

( "The Beginner" continues playing in distance )

MAN: Excuse me.

You forgot this.

Oh, I don't--

( muffled screaming )

( dull thud )

( crickets chirping )

( woman whimpering, man grunting )

MAN: Kiss it!

( grunts )

( thud )

( panting )

( belt buckle clinking )

( eerie whistling )

( man mutters indistinctly )

( man screams )




( O'Ryan kicks )

( man groans )

( spits )

( grunts )

Fuck you.

You fuck.

( groaning )

( man coughs )


( withdraws knife )

Turn around.

Turn around!

( thunder rumbles )

Ma'am? FBI.

Excuse me.

( indistinct whispering, camera shutter clicks )

Do your parents know?

( sighs )


You got an ID?

What? Raymond Starkey.

Starkey did this?

Tom, Starkey's the guy on the ground.

( distorted noises )

( chatter over police radio )

( eerie theme playing )

( dog barking )

MACKELWAY ( whispering ): You son of a bitch.

Why are you baiting me?

( sighs )

You want me to see what you see.

You want me to see.

( sighs )

I'm trying to see it.

I'm trying to see it.

( sighs )

He opens up an old wound.


What does he want?

I don't know.

Maybe he's got something against the bureau or law enforcement, like the Zodiac.

"You're welcome, Tom. You're welcome, Tom."

Not FBI. Tom. He's baiting me. He wants me.


What does he want?


Tom, I want you to take me through this.

Explain this to me.

Okay. See if this makes sense to you, okay?

Each of the 45 abduction dates on these faxes correspond to one of the GPS coordinates on O'Ryan's map.

What about the two bodies we just ID'd?

Okay, well, let's find the faxes.

Here we go.

Male victim. Last seen, Trenton, New Jersey.


Found in Dyersville, Iowa.

Okay. Female.

Last seen, Dayton, Ohio.

Found in Brownsville, Texas.

So we have two bodies that were found a thousand miles from where they were last seen.

What's this?

That's Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Why blue?

That's the only city where the date on the fax and the date on the map didn't correspond.

Date of disappearance: Christmas.

On O'Ryan's map, 8-27.

CHARLETON: The only thing we know is there never was a Benjamin O'Ryan, FBI.

That's too bad. He would've made a hell of an agent.

Autopsy reports just arrived for both the new positive IDs.

Bruises? No. They're burn marks.

We've got them here, too, on our female from Dayton.

CHARLETON: And these marks relate to the marks found on Fulcher and Speck how?

They don't.

There are no burn marks on Speck, Fulcher or Starkey.

And we have no slash-circles here on these bodies.


My office, as soon as someone finds something useful.

( Mackelway sighs )

GRIEVES: No luck on the behavioral specialists.

But I do have a couple other leads that I'm following up on, and I'm really hopeful they're gonna pan out.

Great. Thank you.

PAYTON: Um, a professor of criminal biology, Professor Daitz just called.

He says he's got time for you on Saturday.

Thank you, Katie.

MACKELWAY: You'll have to forgive me, professor.

I've been operating under the assumption that O'Ryan was somebody's delusional fantasy.

DAITZ: Oh, no. He's real.

He was a student of mine. That fax you sent me, this circle with a slash through it?

That's his construct, his theory.

He called it "Suspect Zero."

Suspect Zero?

He posited a theory that a serial killer could cross the entire country without ever getting caught.

Look, what makes a killer catchable?

Patterns, repetition of behavior.

He imagined someone with no patterns, no telltale fetishes, no rituals, just a random killing machine that never leaves a clue.

Yeah, but a serial killer, by definition, is condemned to repetition, isn't he?

I mean, isn't that what he's all about?

Well, he is until he isn't.

And this Suspect Zero, is that something that you believe in, doctor?

It's something O'Ryan believed in.

I mean, he swore guys like that existed, only we couldn't see them because, uh, they didn't obey the usual laws, like cancer doesn't, or the HIV virus that tricks your immune system into thinking it isn't there.

So now you're saying a guy like that could exist?

Do you know the definition of a black hole?

Not precisely, no.

It's a celestial body with a gravitational force so strong that nothing escapes it, not even light.

Well, then, how do you find something you can't see?

Well, it was there and we found it.

So why do you think O'Ryan is so convinced a person like that's really around?

In this time, in this place.

I mean, what about a split personality?

Could you have a stone-cold killer on one hand and a thoughtful man with a conscience on the other?

I mean, could O'Ryan possibly be this Suspect Zero?


That's a viable theory.

I mean, the point is, I don't think you're gonna know until you find O'Ryan.

( ominous theme playing )

, , DAITZ: The point is, I don't think you're gonna know until you find O'Ryan.

, , DAITZ: Just a random killing machine that never leaves a clue.

( "I Come to the Garden Alone" playing on church organ )

FEMALE GOSPEL SINGER: I... ♪ Come to ♪ The garden... ♪ MAN: Yeah, yeah!

( people clapping )

Alone... ♪ While the dew ♪ Is still on ♪ The roses ♪

( congregation shouting, clapping )

And the voice ♪ I hear ♪ Falling on ♪ WOMAN: Thank you, Jesus! My ear ♪

( cheering, clapping )

The son of... ♪ Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.

...God discloses ♪ MALE GOSPEL SINGER: And... ♪ FEMALE GOSPEL SINGER: And he... ♪ MAN: Sing it! CONGREGATION: Walks with me ♪ And he talks with me ♪ And he tells me I am his own ♪ And the joy we share ♪ As we tarry there ♪ None other has ever known ♪ He walks with me ♪ And he talks with me ♪ And he tells me I am his own ♪ And the joy we share ♪ As we tarry there ♪ None other has ever known ♪

( thunder rumbles )

And he walks with me And he talks with me... ♪ BANDLEADER: Hey!

Everybody inside.

Come on. Hup two. On the double, let's go.

Come on. Keep moving, keep moving.

Storm's coming.

Get inside. Move.

...ever known ♪ And he walks with me and he talks with me ♪ MOTHER: Come on in, right now! Girls!

And he tells me I am his own ♪ Come in now!

It's starting to rain, and I don't want you out there alone.

( girls giggle )

( "I Come to the Garden Alone" fades out )

( eerie theme plays )

( thunder rumbling )

( fax machine whirring )

( suspenseful theme playing )

, , ( voices echoing )

O'RYAN: Turn around!

( grinding sound )

( horn blaring )

( eerie theme playing )

( insects chirping, birds warbling )

( warbling continues on tape player )

, ( gunshot )

( fax machines whirring )

( thunder rumbling, rain falling )

( sighs )

( thunder rumbling )

( police sirens wail in distance )

Fran. Hi.


I need somebody to talk to.

You're so wet. Are you okay?

Yeah. Fran, I need somebody to talk to.

( whispering ): It's driving me crazy.

Listen to me.

There's Speck, a small-town New Mexico traveling salesman.

Fulcher, a schoolteacher from Boulder.

And then Starkey.

I think I got a lock on it, but there's just something missing.

There's something missing, and I can't--

Okay. Okay. It's okay.

Why don't you come in.

No. Come out.

Get dressed. We're right on the edge of this thing.

Come on! Hey.

Come here.

Come here.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

You gotta keep calm, okay?


I've been having these dreams.

I've been seeing things again.

And I don't know what they mean.

Come inside, Tom. Come in.

No. I can't.

I almost have it, Fran.

I'm worried about you.

I love you, Fran.

I love you.

( soft, mysterious theme plays )

MACKELWAY: Mrs. Speck, did your husband keep any kind of chemicals?

Did he have any unusual hobbies?

Did he, uh...? Was he an avid photographer?

Did he have an interest in sewing?

No. Why?

I'm taking your time.

I'm sorry to ask you these questions.

I'm sorry I don't have more time, Agent Mackelway, but it's my PTA day.

I'm sorry. I should have called.

( sink running )

I wish I could have helped you.

, , , ( car doors closing outside )

( people speaking indistinctly )

( suspenseful theme building )

( gasping )

( footsteps approaching )

I'm FBI.

Yeah, I'll bet.

OFFICER: What the hell is that?

MACKELWAY: We managed to identify the remains of 10 of the 21 victims found in the attic of Harold A. Speck, the traveling salesman from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

They were mostly teenagers.

More than half were runaways.

The revelation that Speck was a serial killer led us to examine Barney Fulcher, the victim that Agent Kulok and I found at the All American Diner.

After an extensive search of his home and property, we found the remains of nine people, mostly boys between the ages of 9 and 14.

The last victim, Raymond Starkey, who vanished after his acquittal six months ago, we all know about.

Sir, for some reason, this man is identifying and targeting serial killers.

CHARLETON: Not necessarily.

We got two other bodies from Santa Fe, so it looks like killers aren't his only victims.

MACKELWAY: But we don't know that those bodies had anything to do with O'Ryan.

Let's stick to what we do know.

He's a transient with a history of mental illness.

He also happens to think he's a former agent of this bureau.

I want this man apprehended now.

( announcer on radio speaking indistinctly )

ANNOUNCER ( on radio ): Swung on and missed. Strike two.

Slipped on that one.

( siren wailing in distance )

Next one up. Here's the wind-up.

Swung on and missed. Strike three.

( siren approaching )

Even though he did hit over .300 his previous three seasons, it wasn't until last year that he made the all-star team.

( announcer continues speaking indistinctly )

Just misses on the outside corner. Ball two.

MALE OFFICER ( on radio ): Sergeant, copy that. Possible stolen vehicle.

We are checking NCIC right now for wanted warrants.

( female officer on radio speaking indistinctly )

Good afternoon.

Afternoon, officer.

See your driver's license, sir?

Of course.

Is there a problem?

Could I see your registration, please?


( glove compartment unlatches )

( papers rustling )

You mind stepping out of the car, please?

( closes glove compartment )

Officer, I'm carrying something that could be construed as a weapon.

I'd like to hand it over voluntarily so you won't think I'm trying to conceal anything.

Would that be all right?

What kind of weapon, sir?

A hunting knife right here on my hip.

I'm on my way to the woods. My gear's in the trunk.

Would you like me to hand it to you?

I don't know what the procedure is for something like this.

Take the weapon off your hip, place it on the ground, kick it towards me.

Happy to.

, What exactly were you planning on hunting?

A 50-foot shark.

You know, I used to be in law enforcement too.

Is that right? Uh-huh.

FBI. Course, that was some years ago now.

Psy ops. Strictly classified.

Are you on any type of medication, or have you been drinking this afternoon?


I'm sorry.

I just found myself wondering what was inside that truck.

Sir, I'm gonna ask you to hand me the keys to your vehicle, please.

( thunder rumbling )

, ( thunder rumbling )

( gasps )

( sighs )

, , Fran! Yeah?

O'Ryan was here. Damn it, O'Ryan was here.

He left that in my jacket.

Don't do this again, Tom. Don't!

Tom! Don't do this!

( suspenseful theme playing )

( tires screech )

( film projector running )

O'RYAN: You're gonna help me.

You're gonna help me turn it off.

Nobody told me how to turn it off.

And you're gonna help me turn it off.

You're here.

Help me turn it off.

MAN: Icarus began as a means of gathering military intelligence, but its applications in the world of law enforcement are proving extremely promising.

The reason you men are sitting here is because you all fit into the personality profile that best suits a remote viewer.

You've been selected and evaluated based on recurrent symptoms of elevated dream activity, migraine headaches, tinnitus and your psy test results.

MAN 2: Target reference number. One-seven-four-six.


Don't close your eyes.

Don't think.

Focus on the target.

MAN 3: So everyone involved is gonna wind up with severe psychological trauma.

MAN 1: You're high or genius-level intelligence, unmarried, with no record of long or serious relationships.

MAN 2: The fear.

MAN 1: And you're all obsessive in nature.

MAN 2: Describe the person. Go. A beautiful little girl.

MAN 1: Don't stop the pen from moving.

( man 4 gasping )

MAN 2: This girl's afraid.

She's afraid. Afraid.


You're becoming emotionally entrained with the victim.

Stay focused. --collection process.

It is not meant to be an experience.

O'RYAN: You're gonna help me.

You're gonna help me turn it off.

Nobody's told us how to turn it off, and you're gonna help me turn it off.

Help me turn it off.

You're gonna help me.

You're gonna help me.

Turn it off.

MAN: Icarus began as a means of gathering military intelligence, but its applications in the world of law enforcement are proving extremely promising in several different areas.

These are areas which you will be involved in your studies, and, as you've been advised, they're classified top-secret and confidential.

( breathing heavily )

( tape play button clicks )

MAN ( on tape player ): FBI profile 6765031.

Icarus case number 754.

Physicians in charge, Dr. Galin J. Peterson and Dr. Ferdinand Kovoskis.

Audio enhancer for remote viewer O'Ryan.

Session to commence in five, four, three, two, one.

( chirping, warbling sounds on tape player )

, ( whispering ): Yeah.

( distorted voices echoing )

MAN ( on tape player ): Focus.

Target number. Write it now.

( distorted voices echoing )


( truck horn honking )

One target at a time.

( sound of O'Ryan sketching )

( hand tapping repeatedly )

( chain creaking )

Stay objective.

Do not identify with the victim.

Do not identify with the victim.

( hand tapping quickly )




( voice distorted ): Charlie?


( screaming ): Charlie!


( screaming ): Charlie!



( O'Ryan retching )

, , ( distorted sounds echoing )

O'RYAN ( whispering ): Here they are, Mackelway.




WOMAN: No! Please, I won't tell!

Please, please! No!

No, no, no!

( voices echoing indistinctly )

O'RYAN: Shut it off for me!

( gunshot )

You got one of those pins in Deming yet?

O'Ryan was spotted there yesterday.

Took a squad car and a side arm off a highway patrolman.

About an hour later, a 5-year-old boy was abducted roughly a mile up the interstate.

We also found the bodies of two unidentified females in a Dumpster off the highway.

Your boy's been busy.

We're establishing a perimeter around the city now.

Well, was the patrolman hurt? What's the difference?

He wasn't, was he? No, he was fine.

But the girls in the Dumpster had a fatal injury or two.

O'Ryan's not the guy. He's chasing the guy.

Or that patrolman would be dead.

Is there any chance I can ship this guy back to Dallas?

O'Ryan was FBI, Charleton.

You ever heard of a project called Icarus?


Have you? No.

It's agents trained to see distant locations using nothing but the mind.

They call it remote viewing.

Army stole it from the Soviets, bureau stole it from the Army.

They use it to track down serial killers. What?

You don't believe me, do you?

It's bullshit, huh? It's voodoo?

Except it worked. They made a science out of it.

That's how he drew this.

He'd never been in this house before.

He just saw what was in there. The bureau taught him how.

Now he's using it to track down Suspect Zero.

CHARLETON: You know what, Tom?

I'm extremely tired of that term.

Profile the guy.

He's straight out of Quantico.

He's working a case, just like we would.

He's not kidnapping these little kids.

He's chasing the guy that's doing the kidnapping.

Look at the map.


What you're telling me is that all these abductions are the work of one guy.


Mack, do you realize how insane that is?

Fran, please help me. He's not listening to me.

Tom, I'm not sure that you're seeing things very clearly right now.


Let's just try something that actually makes sense.

This guy sends in these faxes.

He picks off three scumbags.

Why? So that we will think exactly what you're thinking.

That we got a friend out there, somebody who's willing to take out the trash for the rest of us, and it's all horseshit!

And what if it isn't?

What if there really is a Suspect Zero out there and O'Ryan is the one guy who's got a shot at him?

For fuck's sake, Mackelway.

When did you start buying into this guy?

( scoffs )

Well, he's smarter than we are.

CHARLETON: Speak for yourself.

I'm going to Deming.

You can take the rest of the day off.

( horn honking )

( indistinct voices on radio )

MAN ON RADIO: I'll be damned.

( The Wonder Kids Choir's "Bingo" playing on radio )

There was a farmer Who had a dog ♪ And Bingo was his name-o ♪ B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O ♪

( sighs )

( sighs )

( horn honking )

( telephone rings ) Kulok here.

MACKELWAY: Hey. Where are you?

I'm headed towards Tucumcari.


Those marks on the bodies, could they be freezer burns?

Let me get into this.

( horn honking )

( horn honking )

( horns honking )

( driver yelling indistinctly )

( cell phone ringing )


There's crystallization because the blood never clotted in the wounds.

Freezer burn. You're right.

What, so he keeps the bodies in a freezer and buries them a thousand miles apart?

Hey, Tom, what's going on?

I got a possible suspect.

( disconnected signal beeping )

( performers chanting, jewelry jangling )

( riders screaming )

Hey, baby.

MAN: That kid's been a brat all morning.

I could turn around...

See what you caused?

I gotta go.

Are you afraid?

It'd be customary at this point to start praying.

I see a lot of that.

Haven't heard too many answers, though.

You're alone.

Come on!

Are you afraid?

Where's the boy? My, my!

Must be extremely satisfying to hear yourself say something so heroic.

I'm almost envious.

The boy's in pieces under the bed.

Now are you afraid?

I know what you're thinking.

"Pain is coming.

Will I take it like a man?"

Well, let me put you at ease.

You won't. None of them do.

Men, women, children. They all weep. They all beg.

They pass out. They piss themselves.

They attempt negotiation.

You wouldn't believe how many men I've seen lying right where you're lying right now.

Grown men, with wives and children at home, offering all kinds of sexual gratification for a five-minute reprieve.

It's pathetic.

Are you afraid?

Then at that moment when they realize there's nothing left to negotiate, they're just mine and they're helpless, the look in their eyes, the level of surrender, it's almost pornographic.

I put that mirror here because I didn't want you to miss it.

Are you afraid?

Look in the mirror, O'Ryan.

Are you afraid? Look in the mirror.

Are you afraid? Look in the mirror, O'Ryan.

Hey, you, fucking Mackelway.

Look at yourself. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself.

Are you afraid, Mackelway?!

Look at yourself, O'Ryan! Are you afraid?!

No, I'm not afraid of you. Open your eyes!

Open your eyes, goddamn it, or I'll cut the fucking lids off!

Then cut the fucking lids off!

( panting )

O'RYAN: The initiation used to be more civil.

I'm sorry about that.

You're part of it now.

There were five of us, you know.

The most skilled technical remote viewers on Project Icarus.

You come in in the morning, have a cup of coffee, talk about the Yankees.

Then you go to your room with your pen and your pad of paper, always alone.

You try and lock in, you crank out an ideogram.

Son of Sam. John Wayne Gacy. Ted Bundy.

He might be driving his car, having a beer, brushing his teeth, cutting someone's eyes out.

If you did it right, you got it all.

The way it sounded, the way it smelled.

And those people were looking right up at you, begging you for mercy.

It was like being God. But, of course, you're not God.

Can't do a thing for them.

They wired us into this current, the five of us.

Darkness. The pit itself.

We were plugged right into it, and no one taught us how to turn it off.

We saw things men shouldn't see.

Agony. Torture.


It never shut off.

I checked once with all the guys that had been on the project when it was just used for intel.

You know, finding... gun-runners and drug lords, Soviet missile sites... even the Iran hostages.


I checked with them, they're all okay.

But the five of us... plugged into the brains and nervous systems of human beings, that's when we lost it.

We're all either dead or institutionalized.

After a while, those conversations about the Yankees became impossible.

( engine cuts off )

( mysterious theme playing )

( voices whispering eerily )


Those faxes... the missings... how many of them are his?

O'RYAN: All of them.

You were the missing piece, Mack.

Now everything's in place.

All you have to do is finish it.

, , ( air brakes hiss )

( starts engine )

( tires squealing )

( dialing )

This is Mackelway.

I'm traveling north, approaching I-54 in Tucumcari. Request immediate backup.

I'm pursuing a possible suspect in a refrigerated truck.


( grunting )

, , KULOK: Hey, Tom!


Get the trailer open! There's a kid in the trailer!

Hi. Hey.

Hey, buddy.

You okay?

I got you, okay?

Okay, come here. Oh.

I got you.

( police sirens approaching )

Get an ambulance. Yes, ma'am.

( officers speak indistinctly )

( suspenseful theme playing )

, , ( both grunting )

( Mackelway groaning )

, , ( grunting )

( yelling )

( panting heavily )

WOMAN: I won't tell!

( overlapping voices echoing )

( panting )

I knew I was right about you.

No. No, that wasn't me.

Of course it was you.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't the wind.

You beat him to death.

Now all you have to do is finish it.

Finish it!

You have to understand, none of this was arbitrary.

We were chosen, you and I.

It's not a bad start, Mack!

We made the world a little safer. We made justice.

No, this wasn't justice. Of course it was!

And so is this.

No. I'm not gonna kill you, O'Ryan.

You already have.

I've seen it a thousand times.

No, you saw wrong. That's impossible!

I saw us here. I saw all of it.

Me baiting you, testing you.

Look at him!

You've arrived. You're cursed.

Like me. Only you keep running from it.

You hear things.

You see things. That's why you can't sleep.

Why your head always aches.

Get up.

Get up!

There is no Zero.

You're a confused old man. Can't you see that?

You think we did something mythical here today?

You think we put an end to evil or something?

We killed a deviant, that's all.

There are thousands of them out there.

O'Ryan, you're a guy with a skill.

You're not God. You can't see everything.

You don't decide what's justice.

KULOK: Freeze!

Please, Mack. I can't sleep anymore.

I keep seeing all those faces.

The ones I couldn't save.

All those missings.

You know, they never blink.

And they're all in here.

I want you to shut it off for me.

Please, Mack, I'm so tired.

I just want you to shut it off for me!

Shut it off for me.

I can't.

I'm not you.

( scoffs )


( cocks gun )

( gunshot )

( mystical theme playing )

So tired.

So tired.

Thank you.

( mystical theme continues playing )

( wind whistling )

( mystical theme continues playing )

( wind continues whistling )

( mystical theme fades )

( mysterious theme playing )