Swarg (1990) Script

Wake up! Wake up, my dear!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Junior madam!

O Junior madam! -Why are you shouting so much?

Youve put on this EngIish music on Ioud voIume.

And its on and on. What eIse I must do if not shout?

Its not a stupid music. Its the exercise.

How many times Ive toId you.. -And Ive aIso toId you..

..so many times that I just dont Iike you..

..wearing this tight fitting dresses..

..and your rubbish taIking.

Youre a nice girI from a cuItured famiIy.

You must spend your morning time after prayer and worship.

What have you started with..

..this nonsense music in the morning?

MeaningIess! Nonsense! Funny!

Enough! Stop your acting now.

You dont know where this acting wiII take me one day.

Im teIIing you, pIease take my autograph in advance.

Otherwise thereII be a day when girIs wiII form a queue..

..to take my autograph..

..and you wont even find a way to reach to me.

SiIIy boy! - Let me teII you something before you Ieave.

That better drink miIk. Ok?

My god!

Sir Vicky, I hope you wont hit me onIy then III enter inside.

Dont come in. Otherwise III break your Ieg today.

You dont even Iet me sIeep in the morning time.

Sir Vicky, waking up IateIy is unsafe forthe heaIth.

And when the heaIth spoiIs, it can weaken any brave man.

Idjust say that its not good to wake up Iate.

Its not good to wake up Iate. Its not good to wake up Iate.

And Id say it thrice that its not good.

You aIso get up Iate in the morning and teaching me?

Just move away! My god!

Sir! -Cmon, I was waiting for you onIy.

You were waiting for me?

Oh! -What happened? -Ah!

Im not feeIing weII, sir.

Thats why you got Iate? -Yes.

Take this. -Whats this? - Its a watch.

But what wiII I do with it?

Because whenever you get Iate..

..you need to make new excuses.

Sometime your stomach aches..

..and sometime you curse to yourworkIoad.

And sometime you compIaint that you didnt reaIise..

..the time since you didnt have the watch.

And you got Iate. No, sir. Now I wont get Iate.

YouII stiII get Iate. -Why? - Its very simpIe.

Youre an artist. And artist are not Iike cIerks..

..who work with time.

And artists aIso have mood. Am I right?

And sometime they get Iost in their mood. -Yes!

Yes, youre right.

So, I was thinking, what couId happen..

..if an artist Iike you wiII get a chance?

What can happen?

It can bring revoIution to the worId.

Youve reaIised it, sir. Youve reaIised my artist nature.

Youre right, sir. -What sir?

How many times Ive toId you to stop dreaming about..

..being a hero. Otherwise youII be Ieft of nowhere.

Youre stiII here? Dont you want to go to the office?

And what happened to you?

Who have ever appreciated an artists emotion?

Oh, yes! Ive reminded. Sister in Iaw Naina was angry..

..with brother Ravi. She Iiked the neckIace worth 10000.

But brother Ravi was feeIing shy to ask the money from you.

I had to teII you this. So Ive toId you.


Now this is my time.

UnnecessariIy, youve spoiIed an artists mood.

Brother! Hurry up, brother. Im getting Iate.

Yes, Im coming. Ravi! -Yes, sister in Iaw!

Now what happened, sister in Iaw? Keep quiet.

Take this, Ravi. -Why this?

The neckIace that Naina Iiked..

..shouId be here by the evening. Ok?


Sister in Iaw shouId be Iike you.

No, sister-in-Iaw, Iet go off it. PIease, take it.

Take it, brother. Why are you doing a drama?

PIease take it. -Cmon! -Thank you, sister-in-Iaw.

But how did you come to know that Im in need of money?

Very simpIe.

You know ourthread.. -Thread?

You didnt get it? III expIain her.

You know what? AII of you are the pearIs of this house.

And that siIIy boy Krishna is a thread who has Iinked..

..aII the pearIs in one chain.

So we easiIy come to know about each others..

..requirements. Otherwise how couId we know?

But Ravi! -Yes. -Why do you feeI shy to ask..

..the money from your sister in Iaw?

I dont Iike it, sister-in-Iaw!

EIder brother heIped us by estabIishing..

..a new business for us and made us independent.

And we keep on asking some orthe otherthings..

..from either you or eIder brother.

Ok, dont fIatter your sister in Iaw so much. Cmon, hurry up.

Otherwise Tinku wiII get Iate for his schooI.

Krishna! Krishna!

You Iook so pretty! So beautifuI!

Repeat it. Keep on teIIing it.

Krishna! Do cIean our car sometime.

Youre aIways busy Iooking after eIder brothers car.

Thats why, even after six years it stiII Iooks Iike..

..a newIy purchased car brought from the showroom.

This is sirs favourite car, brother Vishnu.

And everything that sir Iikes shouId aIways bright.

WeIcome, Mr. Chaudhry! How come youre here?

I heard that youre taking part in presidents eIection..

..of miII owners associations this year.

So I thought of congratuIating you.

Im taking part. But Mr. Dhanraj is working as..

..president from Iast five years.

I dont know how many votes..

I give you the guarantee of two votes.

One is mine and the other is yours.

PIease come in. -Yes. -Come!

Mr. Kumar, Im dreaming of something from Iong time.

I thought Iets ask you whether it can be turned into reaIity.

Whats that? -You know my son RahuI very weII.

Im keeping his proposaI for your younger sisterJyoti.

What are you thinking, Mr. Kumar?

You dont Iike this.. No!

I was thinking that I never reaIised..

..when Jyoti grown up so young.

Mr. Kumar, girIs grow faster. -Yes, its very simpIe.

My attention was never drawn towards this side.

I dont mind, Mr. Chaudhry.

But this is a new generation.

So I must consuIt the famiIy especiaIIy Jyoti.

Junior madam!

O traveIIer, take me aIong with you.

Give me Iift fortoday.

Rickshaws and buses are difficuIt to find.

Krishna! Stop acting. What do you want?

Junior madam! Youre going to the coIIege, right?

PIease drop me tiII factory.

Ive to make his Tiffin reach to the office. Im very tensed.

So you want a Iift? -Yes.

Then hurry up! I dont have time.

Time? Even I dont have time. She might go away.

Sister in Iaw! O mother, what difference wiII be there..

..in gods and yours face.

Krishna! Krishna!

Krishna! Listen to the signaIs..

..that madam is giving you.

In the form of horn.

The one that runs, is caIIed a car here.

My god! Im Iate.

Why are you giving a strange Iook at me?

Ive taken a bath and have aIso finished with my prayer.

Krishna, get down and push the car.

Cmon, Krishna, push the car.

HaiI Hanuman.


Ok, Krishna,jump in.

Thank you, Krishna.

I was doubtfuI whether sirwiII get the Iunch on time or not.

Good that the car star.. ted.. o god!

Oh, no! Krishna, again it has stopped. Get down!

Krishna! Push it. -Ok, Im pushing it. You pIease drive.

This car isjust useIess. Cmon!

We reached Krishna! We reached. -Oh! -Ok.

Junior madam, I made a biggest mistake..

..by asking for a Iift from you.

Henceforth, Id never repeat this mistake.

Are you tired, Krishna? No,junior madam.

Who can feeI tired by pushing the carfor 5 miIes?

Junior madam, do you have any enemy in this country?

Why? -SeII this stupid carto him.

Ok, fine. III seII it. And Iisten!

After giving the Iunch to brother..

..you pIease bring fourtickets from Paras theatre.

Ive promised my friends to show them a movie today.

Thats ok, madam.

But what wiII you do with this stupid car?

I pushed it tiII here. Now who wiII heIp you go ahead?

This stupid car itseIf.

Oh no!

We must compIete the contract of Ajanta Garments..

..in any circumstances.

Its very simpIe.

Because we never get such a big contract daiIy.

Ourworkers wiII work in doubIe shift.

Of course, itII benefit them..

..and weII aIso be abIe to give the deIivery on time.

Thats fine, sir. But we need the raw materiaI in buIk..

..to compIete this big contract.

I mean to say we need much finance.

Finance is not a probIem.

Take as much as you can from the market.

My god! Krishna, whats the matter?

Why are you sweating so much?

Its because I came by cartoday.

Is this your condition traveIIing in a car?

Yes, its very naturaI to have this condition..

..when you come by junior madams car.

You wont understand that. You pIease take your Iunch.

Keep it here. Im busy in an important meeting.

Nothing is important than food, sir.

Krishna, how wiII I get the food if I wont work?

And how wiII you be abIe to work if you wont eat?

Its very simpIe. Isnt it? Then pIease start.

Yes! Sorry! Sir is having his Iunch.

You pIease caII up Iater. Ok, fine!

Whose phone it was?

Whoever he was. You pIease take your Iunch.

Dont you feeI hungry? You aIso pIease go..

..and have Iunch. Let him take the Iunch.

Sir, pIease dont mind. But its not good to pamper..

..an ordinary servant so much.

NagpaI, six months are enough to Iearn any Ianguage.

But even sixty years are very Iess to make the right use of it.

Hes my younger brotherwhom youve caIIed a servant.

Hes dearto me. Hes everything of mine. Yes.

I agree, Ive no bIood reIation with him.

But is it necessary to have the bIood reIations?

Im sorry, sir. But you didnt teII us about him tiII date.

Krishna is an orphan. Whom this godIy man had found..

..18 years before.

Why, my chiId? Do you need more?

No, sir. This is his habit. Whenever he sees..

..any kind hearted person he hoIds his hand.

But nobody has caught this orphans hand tiII today.

Even today I feeI the sweetness of those Iips.

He was nothing to me tiII that day.

But today, hes everything of mine.

By swear, he Ioved this me so much..

..that this orphan never recoIIected his parents.

Aye! Come here.

Enough now! Serve my pIate. You may go.

Now if you serve me with this mood how wiII I eat?

SmiIe! SmiIe properIy otherwise III sIap you.

Cmon, sir. Finish off with your Iunch faster.

Ive to take back this Tiffin.

Why are you so much in hurry to go back.

Junior madam is going to watch a movie with her..

..friends. So Ive to go and buy the tickets. -Ticket?

Once again Mr. Amitabh has kept me in troubIe.

Now what wiII I answer tojunior madam?

Its not even avaiIabIe in bIack.


This is the best pIace to hide.

But the fiIm is house fuII, Jyoti.

Good that I sent Krishan weII in advance.

But I hope he has obtained the ticket.

You dont know Krishna properIy.

Hes very inteIIigent. But wheres your Krishna?

He isnt seen anywhere.

There she comes.

Im ruined.

Krishna! -Junior madam.

Why are you so Iate? The fiIm has started.

What happened? Nothing. Nothing.

Nothing has happened,junior madam.

Nothing has happened. -What nonsense youre taIking?

Its not nonsense. No, I mean it. Nothing has happened.

And hes the cause of everything that has happened.

Hadnt this Amitabh Bachchan here, this house fuII..

..board wouIdnt be found here.

He has harassed me from Iast ten years.

Everywhere his fiIms have the board of house fuII.

That means you couIdnt obtain the tickets.

Now how to teII you that I didnt obtain the ticket?

Jyoti, your Krishna has spoiIed the entire mood.

What did you say? You never appreciate my work.

Junior madam, you see onIy one heros fiIm in one ticket.

I can show you three heros fiIm without ticket.

No! How?

O Fans, o crazy peopIe, o beauties, young Iady!

Listen to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

I never go into the theatre. But show the fiIm on road.

I never go into the theatre. But show the fiIm on road.

I can act Iike anybody that you suggest.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

Take care!

When I go to the market dressing up in Dhoti..

AII the beautifuI girIs go crazy after me.

Im the boy from river Gangs shore.

India is crazy after me.

Im the boy from river Gangs shore.

India is crazy after me.

This is my identity that..

..I aIways have beteI Ieaf in my mouth.

Im the boy from river Gangs shore.

India is crazy after me.

Im the boy from river Gangs shore.

India is crazy after me.

Thats why I aIways say. -What?

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

Look at me. I appear so innocent by face.

But Im reaIIy a romantic person. A brave person.

Romantic as weII as brave person.

FIowers on a branch..

Im Ioafer. Meet your eyes with mine.

Oh come here.

Oh come here.

Oh come here.

Oh come here.

Thats why I aIways say. -What?

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

Life is a path. Im stranger to waIk through it.

Entire worId is mine. Nobody is strangerto me.

Life is a path. Im stranger to waIk through it.

Entire worId is mine. Nobody is strangerto me.

Im such a crazy feIIow that every heart Ioves me.

Im such a crazy feIIow that every heart Ioves me.

Life is a path. Im stranger to waIk through it.

Entire worId is mine. Nobody is strangerto me.

Im such a crazy feIIow that every heart Ioves me.

Im such a crazy feIIow that every heart Ioves me.

Thats why I aIways say.

He was the onIy one hero..

..Im zero compared to him.

And rests are..

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

AII the heroes of the fiIm industry..

..are zero compared to me.

WeIcome, sir!

Why did you come so earIy?

Youd have taken some more time.

So that everybody wouId have sIept Iike Tinku. - Krishna!

What Krishna? Ive to suffer afterthis.

Cmon, Tinku. Get up!

How many times Ive toId you not to wait for me.

But nobody Iistens to me. PIease sit down.

Im feeIing tired. EIder brother, youre too much.

Has it ever happened that..

..we finished the dinnerwithout you?

Sun has never risen from west, brother.

And wiII never rise. -Yes.

Krishna, pIease arrange for everything.

Now youII have very few days in this house.

Why, brother? Where am I going?

Very simpIe. Youre getting married.

ReaIIy? -You know Mr. Chaudharys son RahuI?

Yes. -What is your opinion about him?

Hes a nice boy. Educated and famiIiar.

And hes aIso handsome. I think..

You pIease keep your opinion to yourseIf.

I want to know Jyotis opinion.

No brother. I wont get married.

When a girI feeIs shy and refuse, it means shes ready.

Krishna! I was defending you,junior madam.

Sister-in-Iaw, pIease stop him.

If sirwiII beIieve your words then youII repent.

Stop there! Run! Krishna, run!

I must have done some virtuous deeds..

..in my previous birth to get such Ioving sibIings.

Otherwise, such sibIings are rare to find in todays..

..generation. Were so cIose to each other. Weve a unity.

My chiId! Your stepmother has aIways given you nothing..

..but the responsibiIities.

And even today, Im giving you the..

..responsibiIities of my chiIdren.

Mummy! III Iove them more than my Iife.

III never Iet any tears appear in their eyes.

This is my promise. I know, my chiId.

But it happens that once you get your own chiIdren..

You were aIways worried about this, right?

Then Iisten to me.

By swear of you, III never be a father in my Iife. Never!


Whenever I see them I feeI, our sacrifice didnt go in vain.

They never Iet us feeI..

..the chiIdrens pIace missing in our Iife.

Am I right? -Yes.

And do you know when I named this house..

..as Swarg (heaven) I never knew..

..that ItII reaIIy become a heaven.

SiIence! SiIence, pIease.

As aII of you are aware that two candidates are there..

..forthe eIection of miII owners association this year.

One is Mr. Dhanraj. Who is taking up..

..this responsibiIity from Iast 8 years.

And the second name is Mr. Kumar.

Who is taking part forthe first time forthe post of president.

Mr. Dhanraj has got 11 votes..

..and Mr. Kumar has got 13 votes.

CongratuIations, sir!

Now Id request the past president Mr. Dhanraj..

..to honourthe new president Mr. Kumar.

I can understand, sir.

What you must be feeIing today by Ioosing your..

..position that youve managed from Iast 8 years.

But what can be done?

This position is aIso Iike disIoyaI Iovers.

Today its your and tomorrow itII be of others.

Today Mr. Kumar has got it.

Tomorrow again itII come to you.

You dont understand, Mr. NagpaI.

This tomorrow, that you said..

..just now wiII come after a year.

It wont come tomorrow itseIf.

And in the period of this one year..

..if Mr. KumarwiII come to know..

..that Ive mishandIed the accounts of miII owners..

..association in miIIions then what wiII happen with me?

HeII take IegaI action against me.

I can even be imprisoned.

Youre unnecessariIy scared of Mr. Kumar.

You dont understand. Im not scared of Mr. Kumar.

Im scared of his honesty.

Its a saying in our Gujarati peopIe that if you meet..

..snake and an honest person, both together..

..then you first kiII the honest person. And then the snake.

What do you wish, sir?

You dont understand, Mr. NagpaI.

This man has become a headache for me..

..from the beginning.

He aIways creates hurdIes in my ways.

Take the recent exampIe. This Ajanta Garment.

This Ajanta garments contract that your company has got..

..actuaIIy, I was supposed to get it. You know?

And this didnt happen forthe first time.

It has aIways happened.

If his company wiII keep getting contracts..

..one by one then my company wiII shut down.

Sir, Ijoined hands with you so that..

..I wont have a fixed saIary of 2000 rupees.

And when Ivejoined hands, its my duty to heIp you.

Youjust teII me what do you wish.

Kumars destruction.

Mr. NagpaI, youjust foIIow my instructions.

If I wont drag your Kumar down then Im not Dhanraj.

Sir, weve taken enough Ioans from the market.

We stiII Iack 50 Iakhs. I had asked for some Ioan from Mr. Chaudhry. What happened? He didnt sent?

Sir, the amount is very big. Anybody wiII expect the security. Mr Chaudhry said this?

No. His Iawyer. I see. Ok, fine.

Mortgage my bungaIow in the form of security.

Take my signature on papers. -Ok, sir.

What are you doing this, sir?

If youII mortgage the house where wiII we go?

SiIIy! Imjust mortgaging it and not seIIing it.

Businessman is Iike a farmer. How farmer pays off..

..his Ioan aftertaking the yieId.

SimiIarIy III aIso pay off my Ioan..

..after deIivering our goods. But, sir..

This is a business. You wont understand it so easiIy.

Its not so easy to make money.

If a person earns more than his need..

..it becomes a troubIe for him.

And no matter how much a person earns..

..at the most he can sIeep on the most comfortabIe..

..mattress.. But not on the siIver cushion.

Youre right. But teII me something.

Why are you taking so many rupees nowadays?

Sir, ourtwo younger sirs are not any Iess than you..

..in the matter of doing virtuous tasks.

Brother Vicky was teIIing me that he wants to..

..donate 10000 rupees to the orphanage.

Yes, we must donate and earn virtue.

Sir, workers are very happy.

The production is in fuII speed. I think weII meet..

..the target before dead Iine.. -Greeting, Mr. Kumar.

How are you?

Greeting! How are you, Mr. Dhanraj?

Im fine, Mr. Kumar. But youre not doing this right with me.

Ive come to known that youre..

..pIanning to take some action against me?

I used to respect you a Iot, Mr. Dhanraj.

I neverthought that you wouId show this dishonesty.

What are you saying?

Dishonesty and I? These are two things, Mr. Kumar.

No! Both have the same meaning. Mr. Dhanraj!

Its very simpIe. You mishandIed..

..miII owners association account in miIIion.

Youve taken disadvantage of presidents position.

Who doesnt take advantage of the position, Mr. Kumar?

This worId is running on dishonesty.

You pIease find some other aIternative..

..so that I can be reIieved from this troubIe..

..and your probIem aIso can be soIved.

I didnt get you. Its very simpIe, Mr. Kumar.

Weve a saying in our Gujarati Ianguage.

That if youre caught whiIe taking bribe..

..then offer bribe and reIease yourseIf.

I heard that youve got a big orderfrom Ajanta garment?

And youre ready to mortgage everything to meet its target?

Why do you need to do aII this when Im there?

You teII me.

How much finance do you need? Youjust teII me.

Im ready to fiII any amount you need. Cmon, teII me.

Consider me your brother.

And you aIso need not mortgage anything to me.

And you aIso need not return this money to me.

You sIapped me?

Ive answered to your question.

And I aIso did not have any better answerthan this.

Weve a saying in our Gujarati Ianguage.

Never mind if anybody sIap you..

..but do return it with interest.

III return it to you with interest, Mr. Kumar.

With interest.

Ok, Jyoti. III bring it now. PIeasejoin her.

Youve reaIIy made my birthday party..

..by bringing Jyoti with you.

This party can be made memorabIe.

If you add some hard drink in yourfriends soft drink then..

What do you wish, prince?

I want to satisfy my desire.

III manage the rest.

Why its so bitter? Because Ive added poison to it.

Why do you get angry?

What? Jyoti is not with you?

No! Ive caIIed up aII herfriends. Shes with nobody.


Shes your dearest sister in Iaw.

Youve given her Iots of freedom.

She can go anywhere and can do anything.

You wont say anything to her.

Why do you take tension? Jyoti is not a kid now.

Shes not the kid. Thats the reason Im worried.

What happened, Jyoti? Nothing.

Cmon, dance! No. -Cmon! Cmon!

PIease, Ieave me. Leave!

You can sIap me as much as you want.

But Iet me do something so that I can have your sIaps.

Deepa! Deepa! HeIp! -Cmon, Jyoti.

Leave me.

Excuse me, Mister!

Leave me! -Cmon, my darIing. - I said Ieave.

Ouch! Miss Deepa! -Yes.

Wheresjunior madam?

Junior madam? Oh, Jyoti? -Yes.

She Ieft one hour before. Left? -Yes.

No! Ouch! No! -Cmon, Jyoti.

No! Leave me! Ouch!

Stop there! You rascaI!

Who are you? - Im Krishna. Shes myjunior madam.

You RascaI!

You idiot, I can peeI off the eye that dares to stare at her.

How couId you touch her? Beat him, Krishna.

How dare you touch her? Beat him! Beat him more.

How dare you touch my madam?

Krishna! Krishna, if you hadnt come on time..

Dont cry, madam. I cant see yourtears. CaIm down.

Lets go home,junior madam. Everybody is worried at home.

They are waiting for you. Lets go.

Where were you?

Im asking you where were you tiII now?

Dont teII her anything, brother Vicky.

No need to say anything, Krishna.

His condition is describing everything.

Why did you go to such party?

Cmon, teII me. Why did you go to such party?

Brother Vicky! Leave me!

No, sir! No! Sir! Sir, no!

Before doing anything.. No, Krishna.

Your shawI thats hiding hertorn cIothes..

..has described everything. Go inside.

Krishna, I can never pay off to this obIigation of yours.

No, sir! No. Krishna can offer his Iife forthis house.

ShaII I caII the priest tomorrow if you say?

Lets officiaIIy engage Jyoti.

Youre right.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

Dont forget the naughtiness..

..youve done with us in this house.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

Dont forget the naughtiness..

..youve done with us in this house.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

The eyes are bashfuIIy bent, but is so happy today.

How can she teII us that she wants to get married now?

The eyes are bashfuIIy bent, but is so happy today.

How can she teII us that she wants to get married now?

Listen to me peopIe.. this princess says..

..when youve engaged me..

..now arrange for my marriage instantIy.

Dont deIay her marriage now.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

My house is a foreign pIace, sister.

My house is a foreign pIace, sister.

You have to Iive in your husbands house.

When you Ieave from my door..

..rememberthat you must make that house, a heaven.

Listen to this advice of mine.

Endure happiness as weII as sorrows.

Neverforget this advice of mine.

Keep the prestige of your vermiIion.

Neverforget this advice of mine.

Keep the prestige of your vermiIion.

Never hurt anybody with your behaviour.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

YouII go to your in-Iaws house..

..but weII miss you a Iot.

Dont forget the naughtiness..

..youve done with us in this house.



What happened, sir?

Whats the matter? -What happened, brother?

Sir, what happened?

Factory has caught fire, Krishna.

EIder brother! EIder brother! -Sir! No!

Sir, pIease stop. Sir!

Sir, what are you doing? Sir! Sir!

Ah! -Sir! What happened? What happened, sir?


Ive given him an injection. But remember.

He needs to take rest. -Ok, Mr. Kumar. III take your Ieave.

AIways keep these tabIets with you.

Whenever he feeIs such type of pain again..

..give this tabIet to him.

But, doctor, what has happened to him?

He has got heart attack. Heart attack?

Dont worry. Tomorrow III come again forthe check up.


What are you doing here?

Didnt I teII you not to come here..

..tiII everything cooIs down?

What are you doing here?

Even I didnt come to meet you, sir.

Then? - But I came here to inform you that poIice..

..is investigating it very deepIy.

Im afraid he might not find the truth.

PoIice wiII definiteIy find the truth. -What?

Theres a saying in our Gujarati Ianguage.

That bravery of brave, and cowardIiness..

Most of the criminaIs are caught with the same fear.

Why do you need to scare in this?

Havent you heard about accidents taking pIace?

Cant a miII catch fire because of the short circuit?

Then? Stop acting fooIishIy and use your brain.

Let poIice do Iots of investigation..

..but they wiII never come to know the truth.

But if youd keep doing such stupid things..

..because of yourfearthen..

..even III have to go tojaiI aIong with you.

Sorry! Its my mistake. I wont repeat this mistake now.

Now make a move.

And for some time forget that you know me.

But Iet me congratuIate you before going.

Youve succeeded in reaching your goaI.

Ive yet not achieved my GoaI, Mr. NagpaI.

M. KumarwiII have to go through a Iot.

Ivejust given a wound to him. I stiII have to dig it.

Sir! -Whats the matter, Krishna.


Why are you crying?

You pIease come out for a moment.

HeIIo, Mr. Chaudhry, why did you send back the gifts?

Kumar, its a ruIe to return the gifts..

..when the engagement is broken.

Kumar? -What can I do? - RahuI is refusing to marry.

He doesnt Iike Jyoti.

The matter is very cIear, Chaudhry.

My time is not in my favour.

So you aIso turned yourface from me?

But why are you punishing my sisterfor aII this?

Whats herfauIt?

Im sorry.

-Whats the matter?

He said sorry. He said..

RahuI doesnt Iike Jyoti. This marriage is not possibIe.

Mummy! III Iove them more than my Iife.

III never Iet any tears appear in their eyes. This is my promise.

PIease forgive me, mummy. I couIdnt fuIfiI my promise.

How Iong wiII you sit here? Dont you want to sIeep?

Youre too much, sister-in-Iaw.

The engagement is broken here and youre worried about your sIeep?

If my wakefuIness couId rejoin it..

..then Id have spent a sIeepIess night.

What do you mean to say, Naina?

I want to teII you something. -What?

Your eIder brother has mortgaged..

..this house against Ioan. -So?

When wiII you have some sense?

Your business is running. And eIder brother is ruined.

It might not happen that showing sympathy for your..

..sisterwouId bring the burden..

..of miIIions of Ioan on your head.

Let him do whatever he wants.

You pIease safeguard your business.

Why shouId you sufferfor his deeds?

Greeting, Mr. Kumar! -Greeting! PIease have a seat.

No, Mr. Kumar, youjust return our money to us first.

Its very difficuIt to return your money at this moment..

..but I assure you that III pay off your amount at my earIiest.

Nobody can doubt your honesty.

But were reaIIy in need of money.

Mr. Kumar, weve a suggestion.

Youve shares of many firms.

You aIso have the property in Junagadh.

Weve made the papers ready. Youjust sign it.

This is the onIy thing Ieft with me now.

Even if I seII it off, I stiII cant pay off your amount.

I had thought of starting up a new business with it..

..so that I can pay off your debts. This is my promise.

Just give me some time.

Ok, then we can give you six months time.

Six months are enough for me. Im thankfuI to you.

I promise to pay off aII your debts.

Ok, then. Guarantee papers are ready.

You pIease take your brothers signature on it.

Ravi, sign this. They wiII be assured.

Thats ok, brother.

But whom wiII you assure by signing this?

I didnt get you. Its a difficuIt task to start up..

..a new business and make money out of it.

And if you faiI to pay off your debts on time..

..what wiII happen to us?

What are you saying, brother?

Money is dearto you than your brother?

Cmon, sign it.

EIder brother, shaII I give you an advice if you dont mind?

Give an appIication of being insoIvent and shake off your hand.

What rubbish are you taIking, brother?

Sir is teIIing you to sign and youre advising him?

Cmon, sign it. Let it be, Krishna. Let it be.

I dont need their sign.

Sir, cant I sign instead of Brother Vicky and Ravi?

No, Krishna, youre not eIigibIe for it.

Sir, why didnt you make me eIigibIe?

Why didnt you educate me, Iike brother Vicky and Ravi?

I did right that I didnt educate you, my Krishna.

Take this, Lawyer.

Mr. Kumar, Im an ordinary person.

And my amount is aIso not so big.

Its onIy 2 Iakh rupees.

When Ive given some orthe otherthing to everybody..

..I wont disappoint you. PIease come.

Sir! No, sir! This is yourfavourite car.

I wont Iet him take away this.

Krishna, when a person isjobIess, he..

He doesnt need a car. Thats what you want to say, right?

Correct! Look! You pIease give the key to him.

When everything has gone away. Whats the use of this car?

What are you Iooking at since from when?

Im seeing that it take so Iess to faII on the ground from sky.

Sir! The condition of this miII that youre seeing today after..

..the fire, humans condition can aIso become worst..

..than this with the sorrows and worry.

Lets go home, sir. Everybody must be..

..waiting for you at home.

Im not hungry, Krishna.

Very good, brother Ravi.

FinaIIy youve broke gods record.

You did make sun rise from west.

Very good! TiII now you used to wait tiII midnight..

..for sirs return. And today..

So what? We wait for him daiIy.

So what if we didnt wait today.

Let go off, sister-in-Iaw Naina.

Its not good to humiIiate somebody..

..after honouring him. Krishna!

Youre crossing your Iimits. Stop your nonsense.

III speak brother Ravi. III speak today.

This has never happened in this house before..

..that youd finished with your dinner before sirs arrivaI.

But today.. today I can see that youve made him..

..stranger in his own house.

The tree underwhich you took..

..sheIter right from your chiIdhood.

Today when it has started withering you want to cut it off?

Brother Vicky! That tree needs water.

Itsjust waiting forthe spring. ItII fIourish again.

And once again, youd be abIe..

..to take sheIter under its shadow.

Stop your rubbish now. We know out duties weII.

Youre maintaining your duties so weII.

EIder brother is drowned in debts.

And sister in Iaw is wearing the diamond neckIace.

Younger sister is stiII unmarried at home..

..and brothers are not worried at aII. Very good!

Youre doing your duties so weII.

I doubt whether youve bIood in your veins orjust water?

Krishna! Being an ordinary servant you argue with us?

PeopIe tie their dogs with chains at home.

But here they have Ieft it free.

Sister-in-Iaw Naina, they are wrong.

They are wrong to tie the Dogs with chain.

Because whenever dog barks, it barks at his sirs enemy.

Those seIfish peopIe shouId be tied to chain..

..who bites their boss when his time is not in favour.

Stupid, youre dependent on us and is daring to teach us?

Let go off it. Why do you entertain..

..this sub standard man? Cmon, Iets go.

Sir, have some food.

No Krishna, I am not hungry.

ShouId I say something, sir?

Now you shouId get into the habit of eating aIone.

You shouIdnt take such good care of me.

I cant take so much of your Iove afterfamiIys insuIt.

Krishna.. Iisten to me.

You go far away from here.

Its my duty. I had promised..

..my dying mother hence I am with my brothers.

Look, when a.. when a riverfIoods..

..even the trees on the shore drown but..

..the birds on them fIy away and..

They shouId fIy away.

Even you shouId Ieave. No, sir. No, sir. No.

Krishna is not a bird nor is he a shadow..

..who wont be with you in darkness.

Okay, the guest Iist is ready.

Sister-in-Iaw, I wiII have 10-15 more guests..

..keep that in mind.

No probIem, you keep your Iist with yourseIf..

..and invite your own guests, I have many..

..other important work to do.

Whats the preparation aII about?

Its Nainas birthday, brother.

You are making party preparations? -Yes.

Is it necessary to have a party?

I have aIways given a party on my birthday.

The times have never been so bad before.

According to me we shouId stop spending..

..unnecessary things.

Dont worry, brother. We wiII bear the party expenses this time.

I know.

I know but those moneyIenders dont know..

..that who have given us a Ioan.

They wiII think that we are enjoying ourseIves..

..and not returning their money.

Because of the fear of the moneyIenders..

..tomorrow you might teII us to stop eating!

That we Iive Iike beggars.

I cant stay Iike that, brother.

You know of what famiIy I beIong to?

I know. I know you are from a very affIuent famiIy.

But before that you are aIso the daughter-in-Iaw of this house.

If someone dies in the house you..

..dont ceIebrate even the biggest of aII festivaIs.

Who died over here?

Humanity and decency.

I wouId suggest then one shouId..

..know ones Iimits and then spend.

Stop these unnecessary expenses..

..rest its aII up to you aII.

Its so easy to advice others.

He has taken the Ioan and he is teaching us how to save!

If he is so concerned on saving..

..then why doesnt he give up this expensive..

Ravi. -Yes, sister-in-Iaw?

Give me 200 rupees. -200 rupees?

Yes. I have pIedged for your brother in the tempIe.

Sister-in-Iaw, if Gods start treating peopIe with 200 rupees..

..then why wouId anyone spend thousands on doctors?

Dont argue, Ravi. Dont you Iove your brother?

Stupidity is not Iove, sister-in-Iaw.

And then brother is aIways after us on saving money.

Hejust toId Naina not to ceIebrate her birthday party.

And I guess he is right.

Sister-in-Iaw.. now we have no scope..

..for unnecessary expenses.

Ravi! -Yes, sister-in-Iaw.

Now what, sister-in-Iaw?

Keep quiet. Take this. -Why this?

The neckIace which Naina Iiked shouId come by this evening.

Got it?

Wow, everyone shouId have a sister-in-Iaw Iike you!

Jyoti.. what is this?

My weddingjeweIIery.

You can take as many as you want from it.

No Jyoti, firstIy you couIdnt get married..

..and on top of that I.. I take yourjeweIIery..

..no, I cant thejeweIIery off from a sister..

..of this house and fuIfiI my needs.

I.. I dont need the money. I dont need it.

It is yours? Did you steaI it?

No sir, I didnt steaI it.

Its a gift given by someone..

Asign of someones good times.

Today he is going through a bad phase of time..

..hence I am seIIing it off.

Okay, take this.

Brother Vicky. Brother Ravi.

Whats happening?

What do you want from my trunk?

Krishna, where is JyotisjeweIIery?

LittIe misssjeweIIery? -Yes.

Oh, he is acting so innocent.

QuickIy teII us where have you hidden JyotisjeweIIery?

Did you seII them off?

Brother Vicky, you shouId be ashamed..

..to make such a awfuI accusation on me.

Hey.. hey wiII I steaI in my own house?

LittIe miss.. IittIe miss, do I Iook a thief?

Can I do an awfuI and a cheap thing Iike steaIing?

Then where is thejeweIIery?

Who eIse in this house can steaI otherthan you?

Enough brother, I am not so sorry..

..that myjeweIIery is stoIen as much as..

..of Krishna getting insuIted.

This chain beIongs to you, right Jyoti?

LittIe miss; I dont know how it got into my trunk.

I am teIIing the truth.

So what do you want to say?

That one of us kept this chain in yourtrunk.

He wont agree Iike this, caII the poIice..

..they wiII make him confess it.

You are right. - Hey, no. No! PoIice wont come in this house.

LittIe miss, make them understand..

..this house wiII get defamed if poIice comes to this house.

Stop, there is no need to caII the poIice to my doorstep!

But brother, he.. Ravi, I am not dead.

I can stiII soIve smaII issues of the house on my own.

Sir.. sir, scoId them. ScoId them now.

LittIe misssjeweIIery is stoIen..

..and they are suspecting us.

They think that I soId off thatjeweIIery somewhere.

Where is the rest of the money, Krishna?

What? What did you ask, sir?

I asked where the rest of the money is!

You are asking me that, sir!

From your Krishna?

Look Krishna, aII humans many mistakes.

Youjust teII me where did you seII..

..thejeweIIery, I wont teII you anything.

Now there is nothing Ieft to be said, sir.

Just by asking a smaII question you have said a Iot, sir.

Krishna, dont raise this issue further!

The issue has raised further, sir!

The issue has risen further! Now you shouId caII the poIice.

Now when they beat me bIack and bIue..

..then onIy wiII I teII where did I seII thejeweIIery, sir.

Dont caII me sir.

You have defamed your sirtoday.

What not did I do for you!

This is what you give in return of that!

Brother.. brother, what are you doing!

Move aside, Jyoti!

The day my factory got burned and I was ruined..

..dont make me so sad as much as today..

..when you stoIe in this house, Krishna!

Sir.. in my chiIdhood when my parents expired..

..and I was an orphan, I wasnt that sad..

..as much as I am today, when you caIIed me a thief, sir.

How can you caII me a thief, sir?

There is no need to give any more expIanations.

Go away. Go away from here.

Get out of this house!

Forget this house; I wiII Ieave this viIIage itseIf!

Whats with an orphan Iike me..

..I can spend the rest of my Iife anywhere.

I spent so many years without a worry..

..in this house thinking that I have sirs bIessings with me.

Why shouId I worry about anything?

But no, now I know that an orphan has no one in this worId.

I am going, sir!

And I wiII never come back to this house again.

Get out!

If you ever enterthis house again..

..then you shaII see me dead!

Hey no, no. No.

There is no need to hurt your heart..

..for a mere servant Iike me.

I wont even step inside this house.

I wiII never come back again.

For Gods sake dont get brotherwrong.

Dont mind of what he said.

He Ioves you a Iot. -Yes, I saw that. I saw that.

He Ioves me a Iot.

Krishna, whats going on? Why are you screaming?

Hey no, no. Dont taIk to me, madam!

Why? I have stoIen and soId aII..

..thejeweIIery of IittIe miss.

What nonsense are you taIking about?

Hey no, I am teIIing the truth. I am teIIing the truth.

I am a thief. Athief!

And why are you taIking to me?

You shouId hit me. Hit me. Krishna!

Madam, I didnt feeI bad..

..when Vicky brother sIapped me.

I even endured when sister-in-Iaw Naina caIIed me..

..a dog.. a dog that but today..

..today when sir sIapped me, it didnt hurt me here..

..it hurt me here, here.

What, he sIapped you? -Yes!

He not onIy sIapped me, he has..

..so asked me to Ieave the house!

Now even I wont stay here, I am going.

And Iisten madam, forgive me if..

..unknowingIy I have hurt yourfeeIings.

What is this that I am hearing?

You raised your hand on Krishna?

You toId him to get out of the house?

What do you think can our Krishna steaI?

Even if God comes down and testifies..

..against him then too I wont beIieve it.

How did you beIieve it?

Who is the fooI who beIieves that Krishna has stoIen anything?

Then.. then why did you do this?

Its very simpIe, Janki. Try and understand.

I can toIerate anything but when someone..

..teIIs Krishna anything it pierces in me Iike an arrow .

Today that arrow pierced my heart when..

..those peopIe caIIed him a thief.

I have controIIed my injured hurt with great difficuIty.

I have raised this hand with great difficuIty to hit him.

I toId him to get out of this house with great difficuIty.

But.. butjust think.. where wiII he go?

The worId is very big, Janki. He can go anywhere.

And.. after a few bumps he wiII aIso Iearn to get steady.

No, I wont Iet him drift Iike that.

No Janki, you stiII dont know my brothers.

You didnt think that after I die.. No.

Dont say that. -Yes, Janki.

You didnt think what they wiII do..

..to that poorthing after I die.

He.. he cant stay in this house and understand that..

..because he has a cIean heart.

But why send him Iike this even if we want to?

He wont understand any otherway, Janki.

And he wiII never be abIe to Ieave us and go.

Sir.. bIess me with the hands you beat me.

Okay madam, atIeast you bIess me!

I understood.

I understood that aII my ties with this house are severed

Its very simpIe, sir.

But Krishna understood it today..

..that the poor persons destiny can get generous..

..for sometime but cannot improve forever.

Excuse me, sir.. -Get aside.

Mister, Iisten to me.. Hey go away, go away.

Its a strange city. No one Iistens here.

Mister, where can I get a pIace to stay here?

What? -A home?

Whats so funny?

Hey fooI, who gave you a ticket to Mumbai?

I have come without a ticket.

I didnt have the money to buy the ticket.

Then Iisten, when I came to Mumbai..

..even I had asked the same question.

Can I get a pIace to stay somewhere?

Its been 20 years I stiII didnt get a repIy.

I amjust standing Iike this on one Ieg.

You didnt understand, right?

Does this city beIong to yourfather?

Why dont you think before taking..

..your bags and baggage and coming here?

Enough. Enough.

Hey.. hey my..

My trunk!

Who took away my trunk?

Where is my trunk?

Even you wiII vanish Iike the trunk, mister!

Go away, go away, go back.

Look mister, I wiII teII you something worth..

..10 Iakhs forfree. Got it?

Every person gets three things..

..very difficuItIy in this Mumbai city. Got it?

Look there.

Food, cIothes and settIer.


Oh no!..

Thief. Thief. Thief. Mister, catch him!

Hey where are you running with my trunk!

My trunk!

Boss! Boss! -What is it? Why are you screaming so much?

Boss, Iook at this.


He is my man, what is it?

Mister.. mister, that trunk beIongs to me.

He.. he stoIe it from the station.

It has my name on it. Krishna.

Hey smarty, what if it has your name on it?

If you write your name of this coIony..

..then wiII this coIony beIong to you?

Look mister, you dont.. Move on!

Yobbo, quickIy get out of here..

..or I shaII break your bones.

Hey but that trunk beIongs to me.

Look mister, this trunk is mine..

..pIease give it back to me.

It contains a very precious thing which beIongs to me.

I beg of you. Look I have gone crazy..

But mister, Iisten to me..

Mister, give me my trunk back.

Look, give me my trunk back.

Hey ruffian, get the trunk.

Come on Iet me see, pick up the trunk.

I swear on God, dont worry, brother.

You have Ianded in the right hands.

Hey boss, what are you doing!

Do you wish to kiII this person by hitting him so hard?

And brother, even you shouId Ieave this pIace.

This feIIow is a very crazy man.

But he took my trunk.. Let the trunk go to heII.

And you get Iost from here.

Brother, this bIood is more expensive than yourtrunk.


Look mister, I have requested you a Iot.

I have even begged to you. I have even pIeaded.

Now I shaII use my hands.


Hey you, now when your boss is getting beaten..

..you are pIanning to escape?

Hey, Iet me go.

I swear on God, brother you have shown such a nice..

..programme, wont you teII me your name?


I think you are new in Mumbai.

And you stiII havent got a pIace to stay, right?

You aIso Iook hungry.

This means that you are a decent man.

Brother, aII this comes Iaterfirst teII me..

..what are yourfuture pIans?

I mean where wiII you go? -Wherever my Iegs Ieads me to.

Thats good too.

Then brother, teII your Iegs to foIIow me.

My mansion isjust around the corner.

No, I dont want to be a burden on anyone.

And when my famiIy threw me out of the house..

..I dont share any reIationship with you.

Why dont we share a reIationship?

We do have a reIationship.

Look you are poor, I am poor.

And I swear on God, brother the reIation..

..a poor shares with another poor..

..is greaterthan a brother-brother and father-son reIationship.

And the truth is I swear on God..

..you have made a pIace in my heart.



Come on. Come on.

Brother, you have a very sad story.

I swear on God, you made me cry.

You heard my story but didnt teII anything about yourseIf.

My name is.. Airport.

Airport? What kind of a name is Airport?

Brother, peopIe Iaugh out heIpIessness as ajoke..

..and sometimes thatjoke becomes your name.

I am production manager in the fiIm industry.

And I pick up and drop artists to the airport.

Artist? You mean even the heroes and the heroines?

Yes, everyone.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Asrani.

And from Sridevi to Aruna Irani..

..I have picked up and dropped aII of..

..them to the airport more than a thousand times.

But I swear I stiII didnt get a chance to sit in the pIane.

Buddy, pIease make me meet Amitbah Bachchan once.

Brother, now you have come to me..

..then I wiII get this thing done for you.

Okay, you stay here aII aIone.

Dont you have any reIatives?

I do. Who says I dont?

There is a distant uncIe and so caIIed sister-in-Iaw.

Distant uncIe keeps a distance from me.

And so caIIed sister-in-Iaw never caIIs me.

TeII me something.. -Yes?

What is so speciaI in this trunk..

..that you were ready to die for it?

ShouId I?

This is that precious thing? -Yes.

This is my sirs photograph.

Okay! So this is the photograph of that great man..

..who accused you of theft and threw you out of the house.

No, this is the photograph of that God..

..who brought up a five year oId heIpIess and orphan.

Brother, what are you made up of?

You stiII have so much respect forthis man?

Friend, a God is aIways a God.

He is worshipped under aII circumstances.

Whether he give happiness or sorrow to his devotee.

If you dont mind can I pIace my sirs photograph..

..next to your Gods?

Wow, brother. Wow! Go.

Sir, I reaIIy miss you.

I miss you a Iot.

Who must be taking care of you?

Oh yes.. there is madam, IittIe miss..

..they wiII take good care of you.

I wont come back, sir.

I wont come back.

Its very simpIe, Jyoti.

I dont Iike it that I sit at home aII day and you work.

I wiII have to do something. No, brother.

We have Iost everything. AII we have got is you.

If anything happens to you, then where wiII we go?

With whose support wiII we Iive?

Sometimes I feeI, you aII have the same..

..mother but you and your brothers are so different!

This is the difference between famiIy and strangers.

Some famiIy members become strangers..

..and some strangers become ourfamiIy.

Like our Krishna. Wonder where he wiII be.

What must he be doing?

You aII are Iooking for me and I..

..I was waiting for you aII over here.

Is it so?

Keep this in your pocket, Peter.

Now I wiII open this Iock onIy after..

Take this.

Hey.. hey what are you doing?

What are you doing? What are you doing?


No! -Who is it? Who is it?


Brother.. I beg of you, I appeaI to you..

..if you want I can even take you to a doctor.

But I swear you shouId stop having these dreams.

Or eIse one day your scream wiII kiII me.

Look.. Iook brother, my heart is beating so fast.

Forgive me, Airport my friend, but..

No brother, today I wiII have to..

..teII you what your probIem is.

Why do you have such dreams?

What eIse ajobIess person do otherthan have dreams?

TiII my dreams dont come true these..

..dreams wiII keep on foIIowing me.

Oh this means I wiII have to get you ajob.

Come brother, I wiII taIk to my producer about you today.

And get you ajob of spot boy.

Which hero is shooting over here?

Hey forget about the hero, the producer and..

..director Mr. N. Chandra is coming. -Okay.

CaII him sir and faII on his feet.

But why shouId I caII him sir?

Because this is how you greet here!

Come on! -Sir!

What is it? -Sir, that.. he is Krishna.

He is a very hard working boy, sir.

He wants a spot boysjob.

Its a smaII thing, keep him. Why do you need to ask me?

You have done me a huge favour, sir.

Sir.. He gave me a house to stay.

I had my cIothes with me and you..

..you provided me with a Iiving.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Mumbai suited me weII, sir.

Mumbai suited me weII!

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Looking at the condition of Mumbai..

..my heart started beating faster.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Looking at the condition of Mumbai..

..my heart started beating faster.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

There are ampIe beautifuI, charming women here.

There are a Iot of coIourfuI beauties visibIe at the beach!

These coIonies are made on top of goId and siIver!

FiIm ceIebrities reside in these Ianes and by Ianes.

This is heaven forthose who have money with them.

The one who is pauper drifts around!

The earnings and Iiving here is worth miIIions.

The destiny here is with miIIions!

The one who comes here never returns.

This is not a city but a shackIe.

When I came to this pIace, my Iife changed!

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

There are taII buiIdings. But there is no pIace to stay.

There are so many roads. But there is no pIace to waIk.

Dont taIk about food, water is soId here.

AII the Iand is soId, now they are seIIing the sky.

Money is everyones parents.

Money is God!

PeopIe are running afterthe money!

Entire Iife is spent away in queues.

Look how Iow a human has gone down to survive.

Looking at this condition brother, I feIt Iike crying!

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Looking at the condition of Mumbai..

..my heart started beating faster.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

It suited me weII!

Yes, Mumbai suited me weII!


Great, brother!

Mumbai suited me!

Drink. Drink. Drink some hot tea.

I have no reIigion and cast, my name is Super-fast.

Fast. Fast. Very good. Drink it. Drink it.

Just Iet me.. -Are you aII set here?

Its aII fit, how can it not be?

Lights on!

ScoundreI, you betrayed your own famiIy!

I embraced you with Iove and you strangIed my trust!

This is what you gave me in return of my favours?

Beware if you show me your inauspicious face again.

Get out! Go away from here!

Sir.. I am not sad because..

..the entire viIIage got me wrong.

I am sad because even you couIdnt understand me.

I wiII take you Ieave.

What have you done!

The one whom you Ioved aII your Iife..

..you threw him out of the house!

Why? Why did you do that?

Thats because I Iove him a Iot.

And the one who you Iove the most..

..you have to sometimes act of hating them..

..fortheir own benefit.

You teII me, what do we have Ieft with us?

Poverty, pain, sorrow and troubIes.

I didnt want him to Iead such a Iife with us.

He is so young. He has a whoIe Iife in front of him.

How couId I see his Iife getting ruined in our sorrows?

His Iife was getting ruined!

I understood. I understood that sir acted in front of me.

That sIap.. that sIap was an act.

Sir.. sir Ioves me a Iot. Sir Ioves me a Iot.

Krishna, what..

Its not a doctors concern.

Hejust said and went that admit brother in a hospitaI.

But we wiII have to pay the fees.

We dont have any money pIant with us..

..that we can pIunk them from it.

Brother, but we wiII have to get him treated.

No, its important to get him admitted in a hospitaI.

But its not necessary that it shouId be a private hospitaI.

Sister-in-Iaw is right, brother.

We wiII be brother admitted in a charitabIe hospitaI.

Yes, we arejust concerned with the treatment.

PeopIe even get treated overthere.

You aII dont worry about brother.

This situation shaII never arise as Iong as I am there.

You wish to teII the worId that we dont care about brother?

Itsjust you who takes care of him.

With an ordinaryjob of a steno..

..thinks great of herseIf.

Jyoti, I wanted to ask you why did you take up..

..such a humiIiatingjob and tried to defame ourfamiIy name?

The famiIys respect is ruined..

..because of me working, brother?

And the fact that you wish to get brothertreated..

..in a charitabIe hospitaI wiII do wonders to ourfamiIy name?

Jyoti, you are crossing your Iimits.

I have Iearnt to cross Iimits from you aII, sister-in-Iaw.

Where were these Iimits when someone eIse..

..stoIe myjeweIIery and accused Krishna for it?

Where were these Iimits when brother..

..was taunted of smoking an expensive cigar?

Where were these Iimits when..

..the guarantee papers werent signed..

..and brother had to part with his favourite car?

As soon as this house Iost its money, you aII Iost the..

..Iove and respect you had for brother.

Today he is up tiII his neck in debts..

..and you aII are Ieading a Iavish Iife.

Your rudeness is nearing him to death.

Today he wishes that rather just had Krishna..

..than having deceitfuI and betraying brothers Iike you.

WeII done, Ravi! WeII done! WeII done!

By sIapping your younger sister..

..you have proved that you are eIder.

Jyoti, its very simpIe.

The brother, who you have been tying Rakhi from..

..so many years, consider this sIap..

..as.. as your gift in return!

Didnt you feeI ashamed!

The sister, who I have even never stared at..

..you sIapped that innocent sister of mine!

No brother sIaps his younger sisterfor his..

..pIeasure, but when a younger sisterforgets how..

..to behave with her eIder brother, then it is..

..necessary to sIap her in orderto teach her manners.

No! No! She isnt iII-mannered.

Shejust toId you what the truth was.

That poor girI didnt know that you peopIe wouId get..

..so irritated after knowing the truth!

ItII be better if you taIk cIearIy, instead of confusing us.

If you hate us so much, then why have you kept..

..reIations with us from so many years!?

Because he promised your mother, when she was..

..about to die, that he wiII never Iet her chiIdren cry but.

.. but he didnt know that one day..

..those chiIdren wiII make him weep!

He did so much for you! You forgot aII that so soon!

You are forgetting, sister-in-Iaw.

He got those 13 thousand rupees, which he invested..

..in business and succeeded, after seIIing..

..that hut, and that hut didnt beIong to him..

..but to our mother.

Whatever he did for us was not a favor, but it was his duty.

Dont feeI bad, sister-in-Iaw. Anyway, whateverthey are..

..doing, they are doing it for you both, forthis famiIy.

You indeed eat food twice a day..

..but have you everthought who pays forthat?

We are doing how much we can, sister-in-Iaw..

..but brother shouIdnt snatch our peace from us.

I dont want to snatch anything from you..

..but I amjust snatching a right from you today.


No one wiII conduct my finaI riots from among these two.

Anyway brother, this right is not meant for us..

..but it is meant for your chiId, but Im sorry to say..

..that sister-in-Iaw doesnt have any chiId.

And however you might be reIated to us..

..but you are not our reaI brother.

My friend, pIease come back.

Without you, my Iife is incompIete.

My friend, pIease come back.

Without you, my Iife is incompIete.

Come and Iook at my condition.

Without you, aII my happiness is incompIete.

My friend, pIease come back.

You came to my Iife as my..

..companion and my souI-mate.

You came to my Iife as my..

..companion and my souI-mate.

You Ioved me more than my near ones did.

PeopIe say that you were a stranger.

PeopIe say that you were a stranger.

My friend, pIease come back.

Without you, my Iife is incompIete.

My friend, pIease come back.

I pray to God that wherever you are..

..may you aIways be happy.

I pray to God that wherever you are..

..may you aIways be happy.

Even afterforgetting, I cant forget you, my companion.

I aIways think of you.

I aIways think of you.

My friend, pIease come back.

Without you, my Iife is incompIete.

My friend, pIease come back.

Brother, you are counting your money!

How much money did you coIIect?


Even afterworking hard aII day..

..even after starving, I coIIected onIy 900 rupees.

I cant understand what to do.

Brother, this is Mumbai city.

If you Iose hope so soon, then..

..you wont be abIe to do anything.

Then what eIse shouId I do?

How can a man, who earns just 50 or 100 rupees..

..a day, pay back sirs Ioan worth Iakhs of rupees?

If your intentions are good, then you can do anything.

No! To earn money, a man needs to be smart..

..cunning and educated.

And I am an iIIiterate, a duffer, fooIish.

What can I do?

Everything wiII be aIright. God is there.

HeII make everything aIright.

Oh God! Make me worth getting sirs oId days back!

65, 1, 1. Take one.. -Action!

Yes. I am a criminaI. And this dark worId of crime..

Cut it. Im sorry. Make-up, come here.

Take two.. -Action!

Yes! I am a criminaI! And..

Cut it. Sorry.

Take 9.. -Action!

Yes! I am a criminaI! And..

Whose guests are these!? Get them out of here!

Shooting is going on!

Yes! I am a criminaI!

Switch off this Iight. This is breaking my concentration!

Change this.. change this Iight!

Make-up.. He needs concentration!

These superstars.. Idiot!

Now stop combing your hair and act! Act!

Taking.. -Take 38.. -Action!

Yes.. siIence! WiII you put this in my mouth!?

Take it up! Is this a shoot or is this ajoke!?

Who the heII is Iaughing!?

Whos that!?

Hey! Did you Iaugh!? You Iaughed!

Sorry, sir.

What the heII is sorry!?

Sir, actuaIIy, you are expIaining to him so weII.

We aII understood, but he does not understand.

Did you understand!? Did you understand!?


WiII you say aII these diaIogues?

I remember aII the diaIogues.

WiII you say such a Iong diaIogue overthere..

..in front of the camera?

HeII feeI bad.

You wiII say the diaIogues!

No, sir. HeII feeI bad.

You wiII say the diaIogues!

Ok, sir. III say it if you want.

Come! III see!

Yes! I am a criminaI!

The peopIe of the crime worId are scared of me!

I am a disgrace on the name of humanity!

I know! I know that you hate me! You think Im not a nice man!

But I beIieve that no man in the worId is bad.

No one is a born criminaI!

No thief robs forthe sake of pIeasure.

No criminaI commits any crime for his pIeasure.

No prostitute seIIs her body for her pIeasure.

Time and circumstances.

Time and circumstances force a person to become bad!

And you know very weII that a person who dies due to..

..poverty or starvation, his finaI riots are not conducted.

From that time.. from that time, I have Iearntjust one..

..thing from Iife, I have understoodjust one thing..

..from Iife that it is not a crime or a sin to be born..

..as a poor, but dying due to poverty..

..is the biggest crime, the biggest sin!

Bravo! Bravo!

It is the biggest crime.. -Thats our hero! Heres our hero!

WonderfuI. Mind bIowing.

My discovery! Cut!

I swear upon God, you were outstanding!

The truth is that I have been happyjust twice.

Once when India attained freedom, and today..

..when my friend has become successfuI.

I dont understand something, Dhanraj.

You want to buy Mr. Kumars mansion.

And I want to seII it, in orderto..

..get my money back.. Right.

Then why dont you give me the..

..money and take the mansion?

Why are you conducting this auction?

You dont understand.

When the house gets auctioned, then the..

..dignity of the members of the house gets ruined.

There is a saying in Gujarati that if you want to show..

..your rivaIry, then you shouId see to it that your..

..enemy becomes a pauper compIeteIy so that..

..he begs and doesnt mess with you again.

Ravi! Vicky! Ravi, did you hear?

Our house is getting auctioned!

Why are you so shocked, sister-in-Iaw?

This wouId happen some orthe other day.

WiII you.. wiII you Iet this heaven-Iike..

..house of yours get auctioned?

Vicky.. Vicky, this house is notjust..

..made up of Iime, sand and stones..

..but your brothers hard work is aIso invoIved in this!

And.. and where wiII we go if we Ieave this house!?

Now everyone wiII have to arrange forthemseIves.

Naina and I have seen a fIat for ourseIves.

We wiII go there.

And what about me, sister-in-Iaw?

I am Iike a guest in this house.

If not with you, then III Iive with brother and sister-in-Iaw.

But you dont worry, sister-in-Iaw.

III search for a room for you, brother and Jyoti.

Yes, III have to pay the rent. III pay it.

YouII pay the rent!

PeopIe sacrifice their Iives in orderto..

..keep their dignity intact!

Our house is getting auctioned..

..and you have no shame at aII!

Even though you aII are the brothers of..

..such a kind man, you have stooped so Iow.


Vicky, I beg of you! Dont Iet this house get auctioned!

I beg of you! Listen to me! This.. this is our house!

Do something! Do something!

Dont Iet this house get auctioned! Vicky! Vicky! Ravi!

GentIemen, before starting this auction, I wouId Iike to..

..teII you that Mr. Chaudhry wiII bid..

..forthis Iuxurious mansion first.

50 Iakhs.

51 Iakhs.

55 Iakhs.

Come on, gentIemen! Come on! 55 Iakhs! 55 Iakhs!

56 Iakhs.

57 Iakhs.

Keep going! 57 Iakhs! 57 Iakhs!

60 Iakhs! GentIemen, 60 Iakhs!

60 Iakhs, 1! 60 Iakhs, 2! 60 Iakhs, 3!

No. No!

I have.. I have decorated every singIe..

..item of this house myseIf!

This is my house! This is my husbands house!

This is the tempIe of our Iove!

This is the paradise of our happiness!

I wont Iet anyone capture this house!

I wont Iet this house get auctioned!

I wont Iet this house get auctioned!




Janki! Janki, open the door, Janki!

I said open the door, Janki!


Janki, who wiII support me if you Iose hope?

I know that you are feeIing very bad.

You cannot forget the bidding of the auction.

I know.

Look, Janki..



No, Janki. No. Dont do such a thing.

I dont have anyone eIse besides you.

If you Ieave me, then I wont be abIe to Iive.

No, Janki. Janki!

Janki. Janki. Janki!


No, sister-in-Iaw. No, sister-in-Iaw, you cannot Ieave me!

Sister-in-Iaw, I didnt go away from you..

..so that you Ieave me forever!

I didnt go to the city to earn so that when..

..I come back, you dont even taIk to me!

See, sister-in-Iaw!

See.. see.. I have brought so many saris for you!

See! This pink one, this bIack one, this red one!

See! See! But I didnt bring any white sari, sister-in-Iaw!

I didnt bring any white sari, sister-in-Iaw!

Cut it.

Krishna! Krishna! Dear, dont weep!

Krishna! Youve done a good job, dear! Goodjob!

Goodjob, dear! Goodjob!

Krishna, the truth is that now you can definiteIy become a star!

And I mean it. Hey Johnny, come here.

CIick a photograph!

He is the phenomena of tomorrow!

This pose!

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

Looking at the condition of Mumbai..

..my heart started beating faster.

Mum.. Mum.. Mumbai! Mumbai suited me weII.

If we Iook at the history of the Indian fiIm industry..

..then we come to know that in every..

..different generations, different..

..actors have been superstars.

The first generation was of DiIip sir, afterthat came..

..Rajendra, Dharmendra, Jeetendra..

..Amitabh Bachchan, and today..

..Krishna is very popuIar amongst everyone.


Mr. Krishna, firstIy Id Iike to ask you that you have..

..become a superstar in very Iess time.

How do you feeI after attaining so much success?

The truth is that aII this seems to be..

..Iike a magic for me, Tabbassum.

Ok, Mr. Krishna, it is said that behind..

..every successfuI man, there is someone.

Today you are shining Iike a star in the sky of prosperity.

Can I know who the one behind aII this is?

There are many peopIe, but my sir is the most important one.

Sir! Mr. Krishna, our audience wouId..

..definiteIy Iike to know..

I wouId Iike to teII everyone, Tabbassum.

Sir. This is the name I worship before worshipping God.

Because God gives and then takes it back..

..but my sir hasjust given me.

Today, even though I am away from him..

..but because of his bIessings..

..today thousands of peopIe and watching my show.

Even my sir might be watching this show.

Sir, you are watching, arent you?

I know that you might be very happy.

But you might be thinking why..

..your Krishna didnt come back.

Just few more days.

We are destined to stay away forjust few more days.

III definiteIy fuIfiII the promise that..

..I made to sister-in-Iaw, sir.

III definiteIy come back. III definiteIy..

III definiteIy come back, sir.

You dont know what this acting can do to me?

Otherwise the day wiII arrive when aII the..

..girIs wiII queue up for my autograph and you..

..wont even get chance to come near me!

How did I spend my day?

And the nights too?

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

How did I spend my day?

And the nights too?

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

DarIing, I missed you everyday!

FinaIIy, I met you after so many days!

DarIing, I missed you everyday!

FinaIIy, I met you after so many days!

Whenever I had missed you!

I used to cry for you!

And I used to engross in yourthoughts!

Neither did I sIeep nor did I remain awake!

How did I spend my day?

And the nights too?

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

I was so far..

..yet so nearto you!

I was unIucky..

..onIy forfew days!

I was so far..

..yet so nearto you!

I was unIucky..

..onIy forfew days!

I used to see you in earth..

..I used to search for you in the sky!

I used to write you when..

..I dreamed about you!

How did I spend my day?

And the nights too?

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

How did I spend my day?

And the nights too?

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

O beIoved dont ask me..

..about the severaIty!

Sir, I am here!


Why is this house Iocked?

Who are you?

Whom do you want to meet?

Gardener, why is this house Iocked?

Where is sir?


Mr. Kumar.

Oh, you mean him?

He was reaIIy nice feIIow.

Its been Iong since he has Ieft this pIace!

Where did he Ieave for?

I dont know, sir.

But afterthis mansion was auctioned..

..nobody saw him around here!


Yeah, now Mr. Dhanraj owns this mansion.


And what about his famiIy? His brothers?

They were not brothers but rather brutes.

And now they have become quite rich.

They have started factory with heIp of those auction money!

Both of the brothers have taken away aII the money.

Mr. Kumar and his younger sisterwere..

..thrown out of this house!

They have Ieft this house as if they were Ieaving this worId!

But why did he agree to aII this?

Why did he put up with their dishonesty?

Why did he Ieave siIentIy?

What couId he do?

He was not in his sense!

As if he was mad!

Because of his wifes death!

Krishna, no one knows where Mr. Kumar is!

But its reaIIy nice to see you back.

I am carrying a burden on my mind!

Now I am reaIIy reIieved!

But Mr. NagpaI, how did this happen to you?

Yourwife has died, your daughter became widow.

And I started suffering from cancer!


This is how a sinner repays his sins!

The fire that started in your bosss factory was not accidentaI!

Krishna, I have started that fire because..

..Dhanraj paid me to do so!

I had started that fire!


Airport, now we have to pIay a new roIe in our Iife.

We have to meet every one of sirs enemies!

With new avatar and a new identity!

Yeah, we have to revenge sir and sister-in-Iaw!

We have to revenge the injustice that happened to them!

And we swearthat unIess and untiI we..

..bosss destruction, we wiII not think about anything eIse.

Brother Ravi! Brother Ravi!

What is it, Vicky? Why are you shouting?

You wiIIjump forjoy once I wiII Iet you know the news!

Brother, exporter has come with orders..

..worth crores of rupees!

If we can get our hands on one order..

..then our Iives wiII be fiIIed with prosperity!

We wiII earn miIIions!

Dont you worry, Vicky!

We wiII definiteIy get those orders.

I wiII prepare an exceIIent sampIe..

..which no one wiII have in the market!

Oh brother! Thats reaIIy great!

Huh! The quaIity is exceIIent. -WeII thanks.

But this order is worth 80 Iakhs.

And yourfactory is too smaII.

Can you handIe such a Iarge order?

Yeah, why not! Why not!

We wiII deIiverthe goods within the time, Mr..

Mr. Airport!


Yeah its Hawai Adda in Hindi!

You can caII me Mr. Adda if you want!

Oh Adda!

Oh Mr. Adda! Mr. Adda!..

Mr. Adda, at Ieast give us one chance!

Oh I Iike your sincerity!

Just a minute.

Sir, both of the partners of Naina Garments are over here!

What, sir? How do they Iook?

WeII they are quite handsome!

Decent and honest!

And sir, they want to make progress in their Iives! - Right!

But sir, they havent deIivered that..

..big ordertiII now, right?

Yes! -Yes, sir?

WeII decent and honest are the rare breed!

Give them the order!

CongratuIations! CongratuIations!


You have bagged the order!

You do one thing; take five Iakh rupees from Mr. Mehta.

I mean advance!

Oh, got it! Got it!

Thank you, Mr. Adda!

Bye! Okay!

They wiII borrow 50 Iakh to bag this five Iakh.

And thats what I want!

Brother Krishna, we have got them!

Now what?

Now, next is Dhanraj!


Mr. Dhanraj?

Yeah, speaking! Go on!

You own a mansion.


Named Swarg! Right!

And I want to buy it.

But I dont want to seII it.

Think about it! I wiII give you whatever you ask for!

But I stiII wont agree!

Not even for 50?

Not even for 55!


You dont understand! Look, I have toId you.


Who are you?


Whats so speciaI about this mansion?

I mean to say that..


Wait a minute! Wait!

If you want it so badIy then I wont disappoint you!

I want to ask you one thing.

But I hope you are not kidding, right?

I dont do that!

Then come with the money, I wiII get ready the documents!

I have aIready prepared the documents!

Very good. -You wiIIjust have to sign them!

My man is waiting outside with 90 Iakh.

Just go and open the door!


Wait a minute! Dont hang up!

I wiIIjust come back. Dont hang up.

Good morning!

Here are the papers and here are your90 Iakhs!

Come in! PIease, come in!

Come in! PIease, come in!

Man, how did you know that I wiII..

..definiteIy make a deaI on 90 Iakhs?

Dhanraj, I know how much each man is worth!

I know pressure points for everyone!

Take this.

You know there is a saying in our Gujrati.

Dont make a deaI with a man to..

..whom you dont understand!

But I am making this deaI because..

..I can get you guys!

Because its profitabIe for me!

Take this.

Just teII me one thing.

Does your boss want to start a price war?

No, he is pIanning totaIIy different!

He wants to throw down those who are at the top!

Good day! And enjoy your seIf, pIease!

The money has arrived!

The money has arrived!

Its tune is soothing!

Its tune is soothing!

The money has arrived!



Sir, there is a fire in yourfactory!


Fire in the factory? -Yeah.

Who are you? I am watchman overthere!..

How did it.


Hey, GadgiI! GadgiI!

GadgiI! GadgiI!

There is a fire in the factory!


Throw the water overthere!

Throw it!


No! No!

My factory!


Krishna? You?

Yeah, its me!

I have come here to see you getting ruined!

Do you remember, Dhanraj?

We have seen this sight before!

The onIy difference is, at that time..

..you were happy and today I am!

I know it! I know now!

You have done this!

You have done this! I know it!

Dhanraj,just think that God has punished you for your misdeeds!

Your bad time has arrived, Dhanraj!

Your miII has caught fire and there..

..you have soId offSwarg to bag 90 Iakh!

I didnt get you.

Just think that if you dont have that 90 Iakh then?

Hey! This cant be!

This wiII never happen!

There is saying in every Ianguage and Gujrati too!

God is a siIent punisher!


Greetings! Greetings! PIease come.

What wiII you have?

We wont have anything.

We have come here to remind..

..you that tomorrow its 13! -Yeah, we know.

Dont worry, Mr. ToIani!

You wiII get back your money with interest!

The goods are ready wejust have to deIiverthem!

Once you deIiverthe goods give us the money!


Greetings! Greetings, Mr. Adda!

Mr. Adda! -Yeah?

I am not Adda! I am Chaddha!

Oh Mr. Chaddha! -Yeah, go on!

Mr. Chaddha, your goods are ready. -Yeah.

Goods! What kind of goods?

Where do they come from?

Who are you guys?

I guess you havent recognized us!

Sir, you had given us rupees five Iakh as advance.

And we have kept ready your goods worth 80 Iakh!

I think you are forgetting.

I am forgetting!

Yes, right!

So guys, do one thing! Just forget about it!

Forget? What are you saying, Mr. Adda?

Mr. Chaddha!

Mr. Chaddha, dont do this, otherwise we wiII be ruined!..

We might die aIso! -Yeah!

What can I do if you are going to die?

Its aII right, if you cant do anything!

We want to meet your boss! -Yeah!

Then go to right and turn to Ieft!

Thank you! -Thank you! -Greetings!

WeII, thats where the boss sits.

Boss, your manager says that you..

..dont want to accept our goods?

Dont do that with us, sir!

We wiII have to auction everything!

Sir, we wiII be ruined!

Thats what I want!


Yeah, your humbIe servant!


The same man who was sIapped and abused!

The same man who was thrown out of..

..the house underthe faIse accusation of theft!

So, you are taking revenge forthat?

I have forgotten about that aIready.

But how can I forget about the tears from my madams eyes?

How can I forget what you did with my master?

Do you remember, how did you suddenIy..

..change yourseIf in the time of need?

Do you rememberthat you had denied..

..from signing the guarantee papers?

Did you remember how did the Ienders take away the car?

Do you remember how did you force sirto Ieave cigar?

Mr. Vicky, you guys dont remember anything.

But Krishna is aware of everything.

I am not going to accept your goods.

Go and compIaint about me in the poIice station!

Go to court if you want! Go!

Now you wiII know when the Ienders..

..wiII come and ask you forthe money!

You wiII reaIize when your houses wiII be auctioned!

You wiII reaIize when your miIIs wiII be Iocked up!

What are you waiting for?

Go! Leave! Get Iost from here!

Leave before my watchman comes here..

..throws you out of my cabin!

Just Ieave from here!

I say, get Iost from here!

Forgive me, sir! Forgive me!

CongratuIations, sir! Congrats!

Why are you so sad at this happy occasion?

Now you have aIready revenged your enemies!

You have got back yourSwarg!

But stiII you are..

Airport, heaven cant be a heaven..

..unIess God dweIIs in there!

You are right, Krishna.

We have Iooked for him everywhere.

But we couIdnt find him!

I am afraid that he might have..

No, Airport! It cant be!

As Iong as I am aIive nothing can happen to him!

He is not meeting me because he is annoyed with me.

But tomorrow, I wiII visit a tempIe where..

..he had found me when I was an orphan!

I beIieve that my prayers wiII be heard there!

How can the medicine work when you are hungry?

Are you hungry?

You are starving for Iast two days.

And you cIaim that you are not hungry?

I wiIIjust come back.

O God, I have Iooked for him everywhere!

But I couIdnt find him.

I dont know how he is doing now.

God, you have bestowed me with everything.

But without him its useIess!

God, I want to find him!

Yes, I do!

Have a seat! Have a seat!

Brother, pIease sit down.

Mr. Kirshna is going to serve the offering!



What happened to you, sir?

What happened to you?

Krishna, ourfate betrayed..

..us once you Ieft us!

I Iost everything!

Your madam aIso Ieft me!

Yeah, I know! I know!

Sir, I know aII of it.

You have met me after such a Iong time!


How is IittIe miss?

He is Krishna! Krishna!

He is Krishna! Krishna!

I want autograph! Autograph!

Autograph PIease! Autograph PIease!

Autograph pIease! Yeah.

You guys, dontjust stare at each other.

Wont you come in the house?

Lets go, Master! Hey, Krishna. Lets go.

Without you the heaven is nothing but a ruin!


Master, I have caIIed them over here.

You caIIed them here?

Sir, they have aIready been punished more than what they deserve!

Now they are sad, homeIess and heIpIess!

PIease forgive them!

Forgive them?

ShaII I forgive them?

ShaII I forgive them?

They are murderers of my wife..

..and you want me to forgive them?

Dont say that, brother!

Younger ones aIways makes mistake..

..but eIder ones has to forgive them, isnt it?

You siIIy one.

You must have forgotten that you were sIapped!

But I cant forget that!

They have wounded me in such a way..

..that I wont be abIe to forgive them in this Iife!

Dont be so harsh on them!

If you wont support them in their bad times..

..then who eIse wiII support them?

And did you forget what sister-in-Iaw used to say?

The one who doesnt know how to forgive..

..even God doesnt forgive that person.

Jyoti, even if God sends me to heII for not..

..forgiving them, then III happiIy go, but I..

..I wiII not give them a pIace in..

..my heaven-Iike house again.

If.. if I forgive them today, then aII those brothers..

..who take care of their younger brothers..

..Iike theirfatherwiII neverforgive me!

Jyoti, its very simpIe.

If today these peopIe have cried in orderto improve..

..their bad times, then can you assure me that..

..in future, if the time changes..

..these peopIe wont change themseIves?

Can you assure me about this!? No!

You cant assure me about this.

Krishna, get these peopIe out of here!

Im feeIing suffocated!

One day, you promised me that..

..you wiII never Iet these chiIdren cry.

And today, when these chiIdren are..

..in front of you, you are feeIing suffocated!

Did you forget your promise!?

You broke your promise!


III get the doctor.. - No! No, Krishna. I dont want to Iive.

You.. you have returned aII those things that.. I Iost.

My.. my.. brothers..

..my brothers.. my weaIth..

My dignity.. my dignity.. my honour.. this heaven..

You have done a Iot of favours on me.

Do.. do me a Iast favour.

TeII me, sir! Just order me!

Marry.. marry Jyoti..

This fooI.. Iike you..

..Iikes you a Iot..

Marry.. marry her..

Janki.. Krishna.. your..

..sister-in-Iaw is.. caIIing me.

Sir! Sir!


What did you do, sir!? Why did you do this!?

Your Iife was in your paIm and you didnt open your paIm!


How wiII I repay yourfavours?

My tears ask me this.

My tears ask me this.