S.W.A.T.: Firefight (2011) Script

Take your swimwear and beach chairs with you And go out if you can...

Because the weather will be a nice day here in Los Angeles.

Clear and sunny, with a maximum of 30 degrees.

The current temperature is ideal and is 27.8 degrees.

The forecast for the next 5 days shows a time as high as 27 degrees minimum 17 to 21 degrees for the rest of the week.

Few clouds in the sky here and there, Beyond that, a beautiful and typical, week in Los Angeles.


Hey, Slater!

How are you man? What am I doing? You know what I'm doing here.

Dude, I do not have the money.

There are people everywhere. You came to my house without being asked.

Give me the money, Slater, or kill them all.

Translation and adaptation of Grizzly FlorinA (c) SubTeam

Dave, are we in?

Yes, I just turned off all the alarms in the house.

There are many children here to use impact bullets.


Slater, I am the Cutler of LAPD, what is going on?

Buddy, a number of uninvited teenagers, ruined my party.

My parents will kill me. They have my friends in the den.

Come here and shoot them!

Do you have a gun there, Slater?

Nobody, move your donkeys here and shoot these idiots.

Fuck the fuck!

Okay, he's the drug dealer. In.

With all the arsenal. On my signal.

The Bravo team, what is your situation?

Near the back entrance. At 10 meters.

The Bravo team protects the rear area.

Secured rear area.

Enter my order Come on!

Bravo team, let it go!

Leave the gun, Slater.

They ruined my party, they drank my beer...

Way, now!


Go to the floor!

Now I'm leaving.

Do you have it? I've got it.

Close your eyes, honey.

Oh my God!

Arrest suspects!

Water patterns. Shock patterns.

They use the slander team, I thought to try them.

Well done. Quantico? Yes.

Let me have some other tricks.

Then you think well. Captain Simon...

Why are you fucking my ass?

The FBI and national security have an agent ready to rescue the hostages.


The SWAT team must set up, by modern methods, so much.

True? In Detroit.



Bailey is in Honolulu police training, and Carson is in Miami for three weeks. Am I going to Detroit?

It's beautiful. My wife is from Detroit.

Send it to her.

You were in Iraq for your country, Are not you going to Detroit, your city?

I think the department calls it an "honorable proposal" but I will refuse the polite offer.

Negotiations have started, how long do you want?

How much does the mayor need from me?

Very much.

You are a bad negotiator.

Detroit asks for the best.

Our mayor is friends with theirs.

By the way, who will feel your lack here, except me?


How many do you want? A promotion.

Lieutenant would be nice And you'll enlarge and blow me through.

Let me see what I can do.

Harrison has San Francisco? Yes.

SWAT team in Detroit...

Good Trish. Do you want to let me in?

You need an appointment, I brought some food.

You gave me the baby, remember?

I work too much. Yes of course.

I'm sorry, I'm doing the evening.

I have a lot of things to do.

I do not want you to hate me in the morning.

One day you meet someone what you care more about than working.

And if you do it... you embrace it, and she will realize that you are emotionally... are not available.

Good night.

Detroit is not that bad.

Detroit SWAT? You gave it to him.

Are you part of SWAT? Four years.

Can I help you?

Paul Cutler, LAPD SWAT.

Yes, yes, we were informed.

Specialist in terrorism and hostage, right?

It's me.

Wayne Wolport, delighted.

Where is the rest? Physical training, he clears up his arms.

What is the average response time?

Usually between 10 and 15 minutes.


911, what is the urgency?

I am in the Rosa Parks bus station I think I saw a man with a bomb in his backpack?

Do you see him again?

Yes, he is sitting on a bench in the park in front of the main entrance.

Black boots, black hat...

And he hugs.

Come on come on!

Hands up!

Hands up, raise your hands!

Stand next to the bank.

Come with us easily, put your backpack down.

Throw your backpack down, easy!

Get away from your backpack.

Hello, Wolport.


Where are your waffles... I thought you were taking them.

Leave the boots, it is one of ours.

I'll get my badge, it will not shoot me, will it?

Stop it!

How do you know that I did not buy my badge on the internet?

That I came to the station and yelled with you, so that when you come here...

They can all abrade you with the Santex explosive that I have in my backpack?

Because Mr. Mumpy followed you with the bomezer.

Welcome... in Detroit!

That is very good.

Mr. Cutler is here to teach you the Quantico roads.

FBI tactics, rescue hostages.

This little stunt, was founded by the federal in collaboration with the City Hall, And our beloved police chief.

A simulated action to test your response time.

Mr Cutler...

Good start boys, remarkable.

I think you caught them. That's why I'm here.

National security believes that they are valuable here.


This is our card book.

Maps, details about important goals...

Airport information.

I will evaluate the team to get complete missions.

If I pass the test, they will receive FBI HRT certification.

And if you do not understand?

I will recommend replacing it.

The National Security Seal is high enough nowadays.

Let's say things by name. All right.

Basic rules.

You are not part of this department, so you have no authority.

The SWAT team is mine, not yours.

You are a guest, not my mayor.

I think it's a communication error.

I need full control while I'm here...

I have not been told that.

Then we have a problem.

To train people, I have to do it on the field, not in the fire chamber.

I'm not giving you the SWAT command, sorry.

Thank you for the short and wonderful visit to your beautiful city.

Where are you going? On the airport.

Until I reach the head, I can not certify them.

Why not?

HRT training is not an intensive course.

They have to do what and how to tell them.

There are FBI rules on the ground.

I will temporarily transfer your order.


Here? Dutchman, is he in the office?


LAPD, I have a sister there.

Is he an agent? No graphic designer in Long Beach.

Do you have some time, inspector?

Okay, I'm Kim, I work in the contract department.

Paul, visitor.

Good Paul Visitor, we'll see you again.

It's a bit.

What are you doing tonight? Are you coming or not?

Hey, guys!

Where did you get that? For a dream.

Cream of homemade sugar.

Enjoy it, it's the last. Why?

I passed the exercise test. I can make two hundred tummy.

Can you? Yes.

Do you want to see me? I believe you.

You must stop smoking.

How long are you here? 2 weeks.

Or less if you know quickly.

Do you want me to stop smoking within two weeks?

Sir, I have been smoking for 14 years, what benefit will it bring me?

You nothing.

But I can not stay in cigarette smoke.

It's rotten for you. No, for you.

I am the new team leader.

The training for your certification starts at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

We have a bachelor party in Ann Arbor tonight.

A man with the metropolitan woman, he is getting married.

All right.

Be at 7:00.

Be a beer for me too. What do you drink? And I hate smoking cigarette smoke.

That guy. It's my kind.

It does not seem so special to me.

That is because you do not look in the mirror.

I like it. It's a clown.

I do not give 2 money what you think.

- Oh my God. You were a dance car.

How were the strippers?

Very good, thank you.


You won the SWAT last year, right?

And the year before.

The previous year was equality.

Yes, tie for the 1st place.

Have you not lost hostages?

Not yet.

So, while I am here, I will be your coach And perform SWAT operations.

We will answer ordinary calls as a unit.

The only difference is that I will prepare you while we act.

Today we will walk 5 km, we will do 50 floaters, 80 abdomen and 10 tractions.

Is this usually the quarterly fitness test?

I'm going through so many people that you're not afraid...

Wake me up when you're done.

This one...

He will help you all day and...

I'm going to take that.

You do not take it to me.

Physical conditions are essential in police work.

SWAT is ten times more important. It is crucial!

So, drop yourself and get used to it.

Of course.

Do not go wrong, let's go the nice way.

Welcome to the Brewster project.

We know where it is.

Cutler, what are we doing here? It is a 3 year old place.

Diana Ross lived here.

Yes and Motown Sound, anyway, Diana moved to LA.

We know the story.

It is the federal training field, I think.

This tower is the last place where the FBI HRT certification will be held.

I have never started here before.

Yes, that's why I chose him. I'm going to challenge you.

In the next two weeks you will spend a lot of time here, so you learn to appreciate it.

Yes. I had a friend here.

Yes, I remember, what is his name?

Fuck you, Stockton.

You were too concerned about having an STD than having sex.

Okay, the break is over. Let's go.

At work.

In the old school... precision is everything.

Do it slowly and well.

Mumbai and Virginia Tech and Columbine have all changed this.

Speed and accuracy are equally important.

The fast answer.

Tactics and precision are now virtually the same.

So you forget everything you've been told at SWAT School, because shit happens fast today.

Everything I will teach you will be in motion.

Nothing static.

Moving targets, moving movements, moving rescue.

And do it quickly.

The charger must be emptied within 15 seconds.

Precision and time are important. Okay, let's go.

Kellogg, let him go!

On the knees behind the barricade.

Change barricade.

- Behind you. Take-up position up and down.

Come on, come on, come on!

Keep the shooting position.

Move, move!

Looks good boys, looks good.

Now comes the hard side.

Watters, give you mp3.

Turn the wrist.

You just hit your right arm.

You have 4 chargers, 30 seconds.

I love the target.

You take too much and miss everything.

Besides, it is perfect.

So we train.

We call for SWAT reinforcements in Barton Street in 1949.

It has been reported that it would be possible to take hostages with suspicious suspects.

Unknown attackers.

Are you ready or have you called another unit?

No, we are team A. We do it.

Good. All right.

Okay, we'll be there in 15 minutes.

Should we keep it?

Okay, thank you, thank you.

The guard at the building sends the floor plans And the cameras to watch.

Mundy, you pass on your laptop. All right.

We have photos.

That is the suspect. He entered the northern entrance 15 minutes ago.

The name on the door of the office?

Press, "CTRL and M". I get it.

Rose Walker, he is the potential hostage.

What are you doing?

System analyst at the company.

He recently came from DC.


What else? Here.

He filed a restraining order two weeks ago.

And he is the same man. The name of the suspect, Walter Hatch.

She enters the telephone router of the building and calls her office.

I already did that. Good.

Mr Walter. Get out of here.


Hey, Walter, here Gary, can I talk to Rose, please?

What the hell is that?

If you know. Cover me.

All right.

Hey, why are we talking on this phone?

Because you listen to the other person.

You're fine, do you need something?

Go straight away, otherwise...

It becomes very ugly very quickly.

Do you understand, bitch?

Okay, we're coming in.

Full package... gas grenades, distractions...

Dynamic input. Watters, point him out of that building.

Do you know what a click? Yes, sir.

I am the best target. I take the roof.

Watters, he's from that building.

I'll do better, I'll do that. Hey, I just gave an order, Agent Kellogg. Do not go against my order, do you understand?

Wolport, do communication, the others come with me.

Pry. Faster.

Come on, we have to get a job done.

It works with a force of 150kg. Awesome.

It's time for the show. Take us home, man.

I am going upstairs.

Free! Boys, boys... Stockton, Mundy, Go on the roof.

Get ready to throw diversion grenades at my mission.

This way.

Watters, what is the situation?

I am on the 8th floor, I am getting ready to move on.

Hey, where is the access to the roof?

There, next to the stairs.

We take a hostage. That is for your protection.

Break the glass.

Drop your weapons!

Throw the weapons.

Walter, I'm the one you've talked to on the phone.

It is a personal problem, you have to go now!

I will not repeat it again!

Pull in, please drag in!

It is good, stay calm.

You scared her.

Everything is under control.

Leave before things get worse.

They are already serious.

Walter, you look like a reasonable person. I am reasonable.

Now it is safe, departure.

You leave, otherwise it gets worse, do you understand me?

Dude, you little crazy kid.

Call an EMT team...

Walter, you know we can not go...

Let's talk about what we can do.

I will count to 3. Rose, do not move.



We have code 4, here.

Just on the right, the next time.

You had to let me shoot. Hold the hostage.

Do not touch it!


Rose, it's okay, we're going.

Get out of the way.

Rose, listen to me... You can not let him live.

You do not know what it is!

What do you mean, Rose? He must die.

Please get out of the way.

Rose, it's good now. To calm down.

It's adrenaline. You do not understand, you can not stop it!

I understand, I understand.

No! No, Rose, no!

Come on!

Ostatic to the earth...

Do not let it die...

Shut up. Be silent!

Make the prisoner hell.

When she dies, you die.

You have a new message.

Paul, I'm Captain Simon.

I have heard what happened to the hostage.

Listen, if you want to come back, to calm down, We can postpone certification for a few weeks.

Call me if you want to talk.

You are as subtle as a train accident.

I'll tell you something...

Today it was a tough job.

Yes? Yes.

We have to talk to Hollander about this guy.

That is our team... our city.

What did Cutler say? He did not say anything.

I did not do anything wrong.

I say when I was on the roof I would have calculated the angle through the glass.

Liege would have died, and that woman would have been alive.

He would have been alive if...

It was a difficult attempt. What I could have done.

I'll tell you something, that guy Cutler if he does not sink the screw a little, they can wake up during a firefight, do you know what I mean?

Here. That's what they call an army.

Attack a high officer?

I think you drank too much.

Paul was actually in the army.

In Iraq twice... reserved, but he was active.

He was in espionage and recognition.

Paul, Paul... She is a vegetarian.


Damn the day.

Everyone has done a great job in the given situation...

We did well, did you hear it?

But Paul lost his first hostage.

You want something to drink. Not you.

You drank enough.

It is outside the program, sir. I think I can decide when it is enough.

You do not seem so happy to be here, Agent Kellogg.

In Detroit, or in this bar?

In both.


Are you trying to get me to fight?


I challenge you for a short game.

A small game.

If you beat me, I go up on the first plane in the morning.

Are you serious about that? Very seriously.


But if I win, you leave the team.

I was provoked.

Can you believe that?

Force or speed?


Prove yourself.


Nice shot.

The first principle in a negotiation, If you are not uglier than the interlocutor, you lose.

You think I'm lost. Yes.

You have missed the most effective strategy by using the most valuable resources to influence the outcome.



You played cheating. No.

I played to win. You wanted to show how hard you are.

Rules in SWAT are simple...

Defeat the enemy whenever you can.

You could do just like me.

You had to, but you did not think.

Leave your dressing room free tomorrow.

Cutler, come on, man.

Call a taxi or go home, do you understand?

Okay okay.

I see you tomorrow.

Wait, man, calm down!

I had enough today. I am gone.

Kellogg was the best man in the team.

The best trainer, the best leader.

He broke the orders, he is arrogant, impulsive...

Intimidated team members. We're in Detroit.

You can not fire someone in my team.

I do not certify it. Do not do it then.

He will work with Charlie until you leave.

In the meantime, you will stay without a man.

Candidate photos... choose one.

I want to take someone else with me. for less than 2 weeks?

You will want to live it after I leave, so it is good.

Who is this guy?

I hope your daughter feels better.

I thought you did not look so good anymore...

And I hoped to be sympathetic.

How are you, Lori? You, P?

Thanks for your visit. It was easy.

We have not left much behind.

You know, I was number 4 in SWAT Dallas.

Then I moved to Seattle for that bitch.

Never come out with a policeman.

It breaks your heart... every time again.

You want me to shoot him. Eliminate it? I already did that.

He survived it.

Let's do it in Baghdad, honey.


Fourth day, gentlemen.

School of snipers.

I do not remember that people turned up when I was in the army.

This is going to be hell.

Or paradise.

Which preference? In the forefront.


In the nose.

Good people...

We train our eyes and hand to synchronize.

We can lose some precision, but you will gain speed.

What is the benefit?

Speed is deadly.

Little has changed in tactics in Iraq.

You have to shoot faster than you were previously taught.

However, it requires a high degree of precision.

I like how you say that.

Keep Your Boy, P.

What is the matter with you?

Watters, right?

Right eye.

Very nice.


Agent Mundy? Yes?

The left ear.



Look up, now! Are you joking?

No. It is ridiculous.

Give me your backpacks.

Hold my legs. I get it.

Hey, Watters!

It is on purpose or next. I did that.

Incorrect, Watters.

Do you want to stay away?

Yes, she wants.

Agent Mundy? Yes.

You have taken into account wind, humidity and heat.

But that does not reduce the margin of error.

The bullets are heavier than a regular coat.

It starts to fall like a dead pigeon of 1.5 km.


The same target.


Do you remember what I told you?

Who is it?

I'm Walter.

Do you remember what I told you will happen when she dies?

It is your fault.

It is your fault that he died.

You had to use your only phone to call your lawyer.

The worst name of a baseball player.

Melky Cabrera.

Melky, it sounds like a release.


Did you hit or hit something?

Your wife, brother.

What is the most important SWAT target for a suspicious suspect?

Mundy? to save lives?


And what the target of the terrorist is when we have a suspect.


Let him die and take the others with him.


From the beginning, the rescue of the hostages is a mission Life-saving, but missions change.

The results of your department, about hostage crisis crises, are excellent.

But I want to make sure you're ready for those who do not give up, okay?

30 minutes of lunch, okay?


Be careful.

How does the deal go?

You were the agent who arrested you The one who wanted to commit suicide for 3 nights now?

Yes. I brought you the incident report.

Does the guardian usually not bring these reports with you?

Yes, but I wanted to make sure that everything was fine.

And maybe you will not laugh after you have read this.

Is it inside?

Why was this insane bail allowed to pay?

It has been decided that it is not a risk and... He paid the bail.

Someone died.

She committed suicide!

The bail was set at a million dollars... he paid for it.

Why are we talking about this?

He turned his gun to the police.

He should have dismissed his bail. We have murderers...

We have drug dealers who overload our system.

Which, a step by which domestic violence is eliminated.

He had a gun... in her office.

It was her weapon, registered on her name.

She pretends she has taken it to protect her and her.

We were summoned for emergencies, do not lie.

Her colleague called us.

She said she had the gun and that he was the hostage.

Did you make Hatch's review?


I asked for a 72-hour warrant for the follow-up with a custody order for a killed woman.

I agree. I asked 5151 Hatch, The court did not agree with me, do you see that?

That is proof that the court did not agree with me.

Welcome to Detroit, visitor?

I think it's mentally unstable. She did that too.

Rose Walker, was under psychiatric supervision.

She committed suicide. Yes, he probably has a relationship with him.

Hatch has no record.

It is clean.

Unbelievable, someone else will be hurt.

Can I do something else for you?

Could you let me...

We could have lunch together.

I have too much work to do.

He's calling me, but you have to eat, right?

I have a lot to do.

What would you say to make an exception for the newcomer?

If I accept it, do you mind? Yes.

Well? Yes.

Why Detroit?

It was the best offer for a police psychologist.

Why, Los Angeles? I was born there.

Why a policeman?

Action, adventure, love...

All right.

You know, people who kill to save others, they are often without their own problems.

Do you help or run away from them?

A relationship...

Thanks. With whom?

Now with you.

Who is looking for a relationship?

So talk to the suspects and use them.

I do not intend to negotiate.

All right.

Because if you watch the action tonight, It will not happen.

It's crazy, I've never done that before.

Yes, I do not.

I only know you for four hours.

Tomorrow at 12:00.

Grand Circus Park.

You're going to make someone a great woman.

I think my ways have been questioned.

Nobody does it except me.

Do you see that?

The new coach... I love Detroit. SWAT loses the hostage.

You are famous.

Do not you want to talk about it? No.

Are you busy tonight? Yes, I have work.

But tomorrow night?


You work too much, you know? Yes.

Sir, you know how difficult it is to get a direct flight from Detroit to New York?

Do not step, let's go.

I do not like sergeant jobs.

I will tell you what this task is. Tell me.

Do you remember Belgrade? Yes.

It is just bigger there.

Is that approved?

Belgrade has been approved?

Who is the victim?

You just have to know the basics.

The payment is the same as always.

You have to get me all out of the list.

I've got it.

You have just as many ideas as lead, asbestos, carcinogenic toxins And toxic mold is in this tower?

You are like a broken board. How do you say that?

No, seriously, you can turn cancer around here.

Yes, that's possible.

He is wearing the gas mask. You'll be fine - That's why I have it.


It is time for the first operation.

I want you to remember everything in this tower and make an impression in your brain.

I want you to get all certifications. We have six days left.

Is there a problem, sir? No, not a problem.


How is the patch?

It does not match at all.

More with life.

Suspect at the door!

Suspect to the left window.

Suspect, door to the left!

Suspect at the door.

Suspicious window on the left.

Eighth day, here is the script.

Probably barricaded in the car, possibly hostages.

Despãrþiþi yourself.

On the floor! Hands up!

Welcome to day nine.

Liberate the structure and struggle in the neighborhood.

Everything doubles.

Suspect at the door!

Guy. Shit.


And when I say that, it means that it took you too long to finish.

What are you talking about?

When you release a structure... It's like dancing, you have to keep up the rhythm.

Okay, move and think like a whole.

Fast. Yes, I was shot 50 times.

You have to learn to shoot faster or bend quicker.

Does someone feel morbid? Do not laugh...

You are not going to kill Stockton... You are not going to die.


I got your message, bitch.

The wallet is on the table, you can get the jewels.

I'm sorry, I'm wrong. I'm from the police.

Yes it's OK.


First you lose the hostage, then you go to another house?

I do not know if your reputation will survive.

Yes, I am a survivor. And I And I'm going to your funeral.

We found the signal and the telephone was given from the neighboring block. It was close.

Do you have the number? Pre-paid card.

It can be bought anywhere, it is undetectable.

Google Earth.

The last satellite image in this area was 10 hours ago.

Yes, sir.

C4 and Semtex... belong to the army.

This bomb would have demolished half of the district.


What is that? Airline ticket.

I want you to leave Detroit tonight.

You are a target.

My departure will not stop him And I have a certificate team, I'm not going anywhere.

It's okay, okay.

Hey, what's going on? We have to talk.

About what? Walter Hatch.

Wait... did he put a bomb?

He called me the first time to warn me.

I do not know if it's... murder.

Okay... the fact that he called you and he gave you the lead...

It is as if he wants to search for the bomb.

What am I doing? It is...

A personality on the border of bipolar functions.

I think you have become the object of his fixation.

He was obsessed with Ross Walter.

Now that she is gone, she has changed her obsession for you.

Are you all right?

I have never lost a hostage.


10 years in SWAT and never happened.

I love you girl.

I like your pants.

So... how difficult is the certification?

It's no joke. Any advice?


Do not fuck her.


When you and Cutler were together in Iraq...

How was it?

You mean... if we went out together.

Not in so many words, but... Now comes the answer.


No, if he shoots at you constantly...

The last thing you think about is sex.

Not to us.

What do you have?

Are you ready to receive certification?

Nice clothes, Cutler.

You like it, do not you?

Looks good, thank you.

I hope you all go.

Today... let's go.

The exercise today is based on FBI criteria, HRT, Qunatico.

It will determine your individual predisposition to the mission but also for this team.

The scenario of today...

An unknown number of terrorists take over tower # 1 And threaten to kill the hostages.

The west facing apartment on the top floor is full of mannequins.

Some with other weapons are hostages and other scarecrows. You divide into 2 groups.

Good and bad.

SWAT application at 33490 Grand River.

Several suspects barricaded with automatic weapons.

Confirm the coordinator, we are on our way.

It's just his fault... if the receptionist remembered the safe combination I have never been here before and nobody would have been injured.

Yes, and I fully understand you Carlos.

So things do not ruin.

Leave hostages free and go away. We will clarify matters.

Be careful, I want a car, for free And 50 thousand dollars, or I fly their brains. Do you understand?

I've got it.

The car will be delayed, why do not you calm down and you take a beer?

Are you bothering me, idiot?

No, I'm telling you, that if you want to get out of there, I can let this happen.

But you, you have to trust me.

Do you trust me?

Why would I trust you?

Because I'm going to save your life.

Give me the clerk, Carlos.

I'll give you the receptionist if you give me your car.

Okay, but if he dies, it will be harder for you to take your car.

If you want to be sure you get the car, give me the servant.

If you try something, I'm going to kill him And yet a few hostages.

How do you say that, Carlos.

Go and give them the old man, man.

You, let's go.

Help him. Help him.

The Charlie team arrives.

Sir. Kellogg?

You take it.

Yes, sir.

Let's go. Let's go.

Go in there, old man.

I took you.

It goes well.

Damn. Get that bitch.

Shit. A hostage creates panic.

Are we covered?

I have two in sight.

I do not see Carlos. It is behind a shelf.


He stayed alone. In.

Complete ballistic obstruction. Make a backup of my signal.

I've got it.

Where is my car?

He's on his way, Carlos.

We still have five minutes. Stay silent there.

The hostage is two meters to the left the front door to the wall number 3.

We have a three-second window there.

So we're going to make it happen, okay?

We have people coming out! People are coming out.

Go to those agents.

What the hell is that?

Cutler, there's another phone call.



I lost the audio link. Carlos?

Yes Yes Yes?

Your car is coming back.

Someone cut that line!

Someone cut that damn line!

Go back. Right now.

No, I want the car in front where I can see you.

Fly with his brain, the bitch!


No, please.

No, no, not me. No.

Where is my car? Where is my car?


No, please. Where is my car?

I have a D.


Come on!

Drop your weapons!

- Weapons down! Weapons down!

Move now! Come on! Come on!


So I got this through the tactical microphones.

We have strengthened and minimized background noise for you.

Fly with his brain, the bitch!

How did he do that? It has blocked us.

It has the frequency of our stations.

Then he changed the order of the switches that we have established.

I mean, she could have done it from a distance, almost everywhere.

Do you think you can follow him?

According to all records of the telephone company, There has never been an appeal.

I mean, he removed it.

First place a bomb, then this.

Who is this guy?

I do not know.

Follow every traffic cell, ATM, Surveillance cameras in stores on a block of 10 blocks.

I have already done that, sir.

And nothing came up. The man is a spirit.


First you lose a hostage.

Then you go to a wrong place.

Now kill a guy who is trying to surrender.

You have a tough week, Cutler.

How does certification go?

All right.

I'll find you, Walter.

So what?

I have done nothing.

Nothing that you can prove.

How do you know I did not track it down? the explosives, where did you get them from?

Because it is impossible.

That means you're bothering me.

Now you've lost my trust, Cutler.

This is a bad position for a negotiator.

I'll get a bullet in you, Walter.

Do not lose your composure.

The first line of SWAT.

"Never allow emotions to control your judgment."

I bet you did not hear the sound of 50 caliber, since you left Iraq.

Can kill a man through a wall 1.5 km away.

You never see the bullet coming.

You never hear him.

It just kills you.

Rose died for your sins.

Now you are going to die for yours.

Come and catch me, Walter.

We will see who is dying.

Do not move! Do not move!

Only the insignia, Mr. Cutler.

Do it slowly.

We have to talk.

I will see it.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Are not you from the FBI?

No, but we are in the federal government.

Let's take over the mysterious part, okay?

Okay, I found him in Detroit last week this man.

Brother Walter.

Or what his real name is, right?

What does Hatch do for you?

Missions with a sensitive character.

Is he a spy?

Agent CIA? NSA? FBI? What?

It's a good one. A very important one.

One that we can not afford to lose.

Yes, I think that guy is gone without reservation and does not want to be found.

Rose Walker. Was it his target?

No. Just a citizen.

She and Hatch had a relationship.

He was obsessed with her, romantic.

A sequel.

It's the first time I've ever seen him look every emotion.

It did not work properly.

Rose originally came from Detroit.

He came back here to get rid of him.

Yes, that did not work either.

Sergeant Cutler, there is someone here who wants to see you.

Hey guys. How are Beltway doing?


What are you doing here, Walter?

These are for Kim.

Hey, hey! Back! Back! Back!

Back! Back!

Hold it! Hold it!

Put your hand down!

Inspector, I file a complaint against this maniac.

You follow.

That's why you could not find him.

He knew you were here. Okay, we'll get him out of here.

No. She was arrested.

Let him go, Cutler.

Are you going to let him go?

It is the FBI problem.

No, it's my problem! It is their choice.

Federals have priority. You know the rules.

He does not know the rules!

We are leaving. Come on. Let's go.

You could not keep him away from Rose.

Do you think you're keeping him away from me?

A nice day, gentlemen.

Do you want to come back?

Get the certification of this team, And tomorrow you leave my city.

Come on. I have this.

It is over. Leave it.

No, it is not over yet.

You do not understand the boys like that.

No? I am a psychiatrist.

It comes after you.

Paul has focused on you, okay? Not me.

This type of transfer is not typical...

He knows that, I love you.

Are you coming to me? We have just met.

Do not do that.



Baked potatoes?

I'm not hungry.

What is going on?

There is nothing wrong.

But they want you to go back to Washington if they exist.

You know you have to go through with it, right?

He is gone.

And you work for the government.

Swallow it and continue.

It was not your job.

You scared her.

Hey, we're trying to help you.

You are very important to your country.

She was very important...

For me.

Rose called her.

Hey, Paul.

Who follows her? I've placed Mani and Rattan.

Who supervises the work? Bayless and Thayer.

Do not miss her for a moment, do you understand that?

When it appears, it shoots. Ask later.

All right.


Cutler, you better come over here in Beauben with Monroe.

One second.

He killed us both.

Cutler, who is that guy?

Mundy, go straight in And do not let her disappear from her sight.

Yes Yes Yes.

Hey, Mundy.

Hi I'm kim.

Leave a message.

Mundy? Hey.



Yes, agent on earth.

Kentolin with Elm. 1035 Elm.

The government has granted us satellite access.

We have real-time images of the NSA with the federal car and Kim's home.

He disappeared underground.

How does it feel, Mundy?

I do not know.

It does not look good.

Let Hatch get out of here.

You let him go. I told you to go home.

That would not have happened.

I will cancel your order.

You have no authority in this department. Go home.

What are you doing to find it?

Why is the FBI not here?

I expect Washington to let me know the situation.

He's leaving, I'm leaving too. All right.

Then go both. You follow that age.

You are now the leader.


We are a team, sir.

It's just my fight.

Are you sure, P?

Be proud.

All right.

I request SWAT support.

Sinucigal on street 7 with Woodward.

Construction area.

Come on come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Okay, colleagues. Let's go.

Equipment. Come on.

Where are the first respondents?

I do not know.

It should be here to close the area.

We give them a slap in their ass later.

Let's put this man down.

All right. We have a white man, 30, threatens to commit suicide from the fourth floor.

Is he armed?

It could be, so be careful.

Look, if he's a native, I'd better get along with him.

Good. You do.

Stockton covers the floor above it.

I take that from him. I've got it.

Wolport... Man Dubai? I know.

I'm the man in the van.

Hey, let's do this for Mundy.

Let's do it.

Stockton, what have you got there?

He is free. I'm going to the front wall.

Watters, how is that?

Wait. I'm going here.

Wolport, what is the situation for reinforcements?

I'm dealing with this.

I found the suicide.

We are alone. Did you send reinforcements?


No suicide attack by the center.

Lord, show me your hands, sir.

Listen, sir. I am here to help you.

Who called us?

We do not. No calls have been received here.

Do not you have a cigarette?

Yes, I do.

Crooked. Watters!

Hey! Do not move! Do not move!

Wolport. They have Lori.

Stockton, are you there? Watters?

Send me help now!

I do not understand why you are so fond of it.

Walter, if you touch her...

Threats will not save her.

Or your team.

Now I have them all.

Look, whatever you want, you will receive it.

Do you want me? You will have me.

This is not very bargaining.

This is what I want, Paul.

Absolutely nothing.

But I will give you The chance you never gave me.

To save the life of his girlfriend.

I'll kill the first of your team in 30 minutes.

Training area.

Come alone, otherwise I'll kill them all.

I've heard what happened last night.

You do not have to steal anything.

Get what you need.

I'm coming with you.

That is not possible. Hatch will know.

Light and siren. You need it.

Kill the bastard!

Call other units.

Are you all right?

You broke your leg. Stay here.


He does not even speak.

You can not go.

If you see something. Shoot.

You're an ace, you understand?

Do not kill Cutler. It's mine.

Watters, come back. Come back!

Nice, just.

You could save ammunition.

I'm almost certain that you killed him first.

Walter, talk to me, damn it.

I hear the emotion in my voice, Paul?

The first line of SWAT HRT, "Do not get emotionally involved."

If you take too long, your judgment becomes black.

Do you get feelings for these people, Paul?

It is not good.

Your certification has now become more difficult.

Welcome to the end of the game.

Two lives.

You have five minutes before both die.

So much to do...

So much time.

Speed and accuracy are important.

Third floor, space for cleaning products.

IED, Cutler. As in the old days.

Radio and telephone!

Has a remote emergency detonator in a crack detection circuit.

Check the flash point.

It is Semtex. I can smell it.

It is not enough time to defuse.


Move me. CO2. I will freeze him.

I will give the stopwatch.

Do not breathe.

Grãbe'te yourself.

Darn, we have to cut one off.

All right. Wait, wait, wait.

Wait. Not that.

Others. No no.

Hey, look in my eyes.


If we were a girl, we kiss you.

Take this. Give me a gun.

We have lost Watters. He is dead.

What? He's going to kill Kim.

This is the end of the game.

I will see her die.

Where is it? On the eighth floor.

Where did I pass the certification test?

Do you remember that ceramic factory next to Ramadi?

I've got it. Give me 80.

You have 60.



But I expected you to pass this test.

Do not forget your girlfriend.

You have a minute before I pull a bullet in her head.

Groan, Paul!

Precision and speed!

Ten seconds, Paul!

Nine seconds!

Welcome to the final test!

Shoot me, Paul.

If I die, I will let it go.

When I release, Kim's vest will explode.

It's not that easy this time, right?

It's not as easy as killing Rose, right?

Is not that right?

Answer me, damn it!

What do you want, Walter?

I want you to stop me from committing suicide.

Wind me.

It does not happen often to relive history, right?


Convince me not to commit suicide.

Mundy will live, but it will not come back to SWAT.

You have to bring Kellogg back.

But you?

I do not work here, remember?

Well, you should think about it.


I'm going home. But thanks anyway.

And what about their certification?

Consider them certified.


I think you have not been in SWAT for a while, do not you?

Do you have any reason to visit your sister in Long Beach?

Translation and adaptation of Grizzly FlorinA (c) SubTeam