Sweepers (1998) Script


What's wrong with that dog?

Hey, Ace.

That should keep Johnny happy for a few years.

He's been bugging me for weeks.


Pretty good on me, huh?

So who brought the tin can?

I don't know, but MIG saidit worked great in Cambodia.

You want to go for a ride, Ace?

I hate those damn things-- prefer the fresh air.

I don't blame you.

So what's the story?

You need to move the party North, as usual.

Nobody invited the land mines.

So Johnny got in all right?

Yeah, sure he's at home with old Mo.

Waxman, get the snake ready.

We're going in 10.

Yes, sir!

So get this-- last night he says to me-- he says, why do you call me Bug, Daddy?

I say, well, hey, son,it's a pet name, you know?

Shows how I feel about you.

Can I speak to your CO for a second, guys?

Yes, sir.

So-- so he says, well, Mommy'sgot a pet name for you, too, Daddy.

She calls you asshole.


I told you she still loves you.


So we got anti-tanks booby-trapped with anti-personnels, all laid in a 50 meter radius from the well.

It's a real piece of ass.

Well, they're using a Chinese AV pattern.

Sweet and sour piece of ass.



"Murder, She Wrote."

What is it now?

I don't know.

I'm trying to find out.

There's nothing I've ever seen before.

Man, I'm going back to get the med kit--

Just in--


You're crazy. You know that?

Thanks for drawing me a map to get back.

Watch your step, Doc.

Which one?


Troops in formation!



Watch the tank!


To the !



Get out!



Stay there!




Right, listen up!

Inside that mansion is Senator Mitchell Shepherd, the man most likelyto be our next president.

He must not perish.

Recon confirms that theback and side entrances are indeed wired with explosives.

However, the perimeter andthe front door remain clear.

My call in is one alpha six ..

When that front door opensin exactly 93 seconds, leave no terrorist standing.

GIs, hurry up!

Get into position now!

Is everybody ? back inside.

What's the situation? Go, go, go, go, go.

All right, Michelle, let's go.

The situation is demolition man inside.

They've taken Senator Shepherd hostage.

We've got recon checking back and side entrances for explosions.

Look out!

Come on!

Let's go.

Hurry, hurry.

Come on, .

Move it!

What you going to do?

You can't go anywhere.

You're surrounded.

You can't get out of here.

Move in!

Move in!

We're almost here at the house now.

Oh, no!








The blast that killed theSWAT team came from landmines.


They planted land mines in my front yard?

I have a gardener, for Christ sakes.

He was arrested this morningSenator, the FBI assured us that they had thoroughly searched the grounds before the guestsarrived and found nothing.

Now it seems that forensics turned up some interesting fragments yesterday.

They suggested we send itto one of our specialists for further analysis.

Jesus wept, son.

What are you telling me?

Terrorists with top secret technology?

Even the Arabs who blew upthe World fucking Trade Center had to light a goddamn fuse.

You're telling me thatthis thing is one of ours?

No, Alan.

What I'm telling you is it'sone of ours, but we lost it.

This document was deemed classified, making it illegal for UncleSam to export landmines.

Two years prior, your office hadcommissioned a company headed by a man named Michael Lewis to develop a new type of land mine for saleto the highest foreign bidder.

A smart mine, invisible to metal detectors or explosive smelling dogs,most forms of minesweeping-- and it's kind of--

One that contained a PTC,a personal tracking device.

An electronic brain that allows the A6 to track any approaching target, enabling it to activate without contact.

And how do you know allabout the A6, may I ask, Miss--

Michelle Flynn.

I created the PTC for Lewis.

After the moratorium passed, Lewis vanished.

Intelligence last traced him to Angola, home of the rich UNITA rebels.

Their civil war is over.

Unita would be fools to dealin black market weapons now.

Mitch, I don't know how I can help you.

I do.

Sign this release form.

It's not New York over there.


You call the Senator directlyif you run into any problems.

The numbers are in this.

There's a man there, formerlyof the Humanitarian Order of Chivalry, a now defunct minesweeping team, Christian Erickson.

The boy's talent for finding landmines is exceeded only by hiscomplete lack of discipline.

If there's an A6 to be found in Angola, he may have already dug it up.

He was trained in the US Special Forces, locked horns with his COand demanded a discharge.

He joined the HOC, went toAngola, and never came back.

He's a real deal soldier of fortune.

He left his wife for it.

Angola, Angola, Angola.

You, too.


You must be Shepherd's group?


I'm Zukili from the embassy in Rwanda.

Come with me.

I'll explain as I walk, please.

Thank you.

Angola, Angola, Angola.

So what's the average number of mines that a team would pull from a place?


Uh, most places, two's average.

But in Angola, it's more like four.


We are here-- the Gemstone.

Here we go.

Here you go, gentlemen.

A toast-- to the good Senator Shepherd-- a man with enough vision to send us here.

Because he knows that inside every Angolan, there's an American trying to get out.


Come on!

Come on!


Your rooms are upstairs.

Here you go.

Now wait for me while I getsome more information, OK?

Be right back.

Seven five.


I'm here.

All right.

Give me my money!

Give me my diamonds back.



I got $15.

$15 more?











Had enough?

Hey, Ray?--

Vince and I have liberatedabout 10 poppers so far, just the usual suspects.

I'm going to blow them before moving on.

Over? 10-4.

You take the count.

Everything's cool?

Let's do it.

All right.

Let's do it!

Five, four, three, two, one.

Good job, guys.

Come on.

Sun's low, let's go.


Come on. Quit screwing around.


We're cool, Ray.

Jack, not too funny man.

Uh, Ms. Flynn?

What does your popper look like?

It's made of Kevlar and shaped like a butterfly.

Yeah, yeah.

What else?

When still active, there'll be tracking lights on either end of it.

In that case, found it.


That's got to be a record.

I am gonna get so fucked up tonight!

Hey, hey-- what the hell are you guys doing?

Relax, counselor.

It's frozen.

Polyurethane foam locks everything up.

It's nothing more than a fancy paperweight now.

Yeah, full of explosives.

I have done this before.

It ain't my first barbecue.

Have you guys been listening to anything that I've been saying?

The A6 is electrical-- not mechanical.

She's right, Jack.

Put it away.

Shit, I forgot my jacket.

I'll be right back.

Chicks-- crazy, all of them.

Mitch, as soon as we get back to the hotel-- are you listening to me? Yeah.

As soon as we get back to the hotel, we're going to have to geton the horn to Shepherd.

Let him know we've gotthings squared away here, OK?


Look out!

Calm down, Ms. Flynn.

Now what do you mean they're all dead?

What do I mean?

I mean, something went wrong.

The chopper blew up, and so they're dead.

Oh, shit.

All right.

Ms. Flynn, we're going to getyou out of there, all right?

Your contact has arrangedfor a ground unit to rendezvous with you at the Zaire border on the Congo River in two days.


And what about the A6?

You just forget about the A6, OK, Ms. Flynn?

What's important now is to getyou out of there before anyone starts asking questions.

Now I'm sure you can appreciate this has become a potentially embarrassing scenario for Senator Shepherd.

You're going to have to work with us here.

No, I did not come here for the Senator.

I came here for one reason--to find that damn land mine.

Now look, I'm not leavinguntil I have proof in my hand that that A6 is in Angola.


You said I have two days?


Just make sure that my escape route is set to get me out of here.


Where's your money, guys?

How 'bout you, ?

Say, get over here.

What's going on?


Cowards! Come on!

How 'bout you?


Or you?

, how 'bout you?


You got any money on you?

Four says I can do it.

Yeah, you can do it.

Can you do it faster than me?

And who are you?



You got it!

You got that bet.

To the fire and back-- first one to step on a landmine loses.

To the fire and back.


I used to be in the Olympics.


I was competing for--


--for the sports event.


And zero!


What are you going to do now?




So what's your threefavorite pleasures in life?

A stiff drink before and a cigarette after.

I guess we have something in common.

So where are your friends?

They're dead.

Well, I guess we have two things in common.

What about this?

Do we have that in common?

Look, I know who you are--

Christian Erickson, 20,000mine kills confirmed.

Publicly applauded byLady Diana herself for it.

Member of the Humanitarian--

Time for a cigarette.

Look, it's just one mine.

That's all it takes, lady.

It's not a problem.

She's all alone.

I told you, it's not a problem!

Will you listen to me?

Your shipment won't be affected.

I'll give you my word.

It will just cost a little bit more.


Look, I'll call later. I've got work to do.


I don't know anything.

I've got a wife.

I got a wife and kid.

So pick it up.

Go home.

Please don't make me do this.

Who is she working with?

I don't know.

Why is she looking for my landmines?

I don't know!

I suppose he didn't know.


Such a sad song.

Come, old friend.

Let's go home.


MAN : We're lookingfor the American lady.

I'm just getting dressed.

MAN : Christian send us.

He wants to talk to you.

I'll be right there.

Oh, shit.

MAN : Come on, lady.

Open the door.

What's going on?

Oh, hi. Hi.

You're the white woman who wants Christian?

Excuse me?

Oh, look, you're right.

Do you know where I could find him?

I need to speak to him.

Inside-- this is his house.

But he's sleeping-- big headache.

Gotta be quiet.


You know what?

I'm going to come back tomorrowwhen he's feeling better.


What a beautiful white word.

Shit might happen.



He's the only one who can help you find what you're looking for. isn't the onlyone with eyes in ..

This is Christian's heart.

A gift from the toChristian for being in Angola.

Yeah, but the war is over now.

You mustunderstand how ..

What used to belong to ,, now belongs to Consolidated Mine.

What's Consolidated Mines?

The diamond company-- our ground is full of diamonds.

After the war, Consolidated Mines hired those mercenaries to be their private army.

Now with this army, they once again bring terror into our homes.

Yeah, I think I met someof those guys last night.

With them, you control the people.

Control the people, control the diamonds.

Control the diamonds, you control Angola.

For most countries, truce means peace.

To Angola, truce is terror!


Why are you doing that?



Hey, I need to talk to you.


Oh, god.

What are those things that everyone's eating?

Mopani worms-- secondbest thing for a hangover.



Um, look-- I need your help.

Did you hear me?

Christ, Mo!

You know, I don't get you.

Have you always been this much of an asshole, or did you take lessons?

Took lessons.

The problem of land mineshasn't gotten any better since your little boy died.OK?

In fact, it's gotten worse.

Look, lady.

Every morning I have to go out into that field to make sure no little surpriseresurfaced during the night.

There's no making a difference anymore.

Angola is the wild fucking West now.

And it's gotten that way all by itself.

No, it didn't.

I helped.

That popper that I tried to show you--

I had a hand in creating it.

It's the A6 butterfly.

And I know it's here.

Look, if I could just find oneand take it back to the states, then maybe that would make a difference.

Damn it, Argo.


Forget the damn dog!

And forget making a difference.

I desperately need your help.

Look, I'll pay you, OK?

$3,000 is all I've got.

But it'll be enough to drown yourself in this.

Get the ball!

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, watch out!

I swept that field yesterday!

Now will you help me?

Let's go see someone I can trust.

Hey, Doc?

When did you collect all this junk?

In the four years since we last hung out.

What's up, big guy?

How you been?


These things will stunt your growth.

Nice hat.

I'm Harper.

You must be Michelle.

We spoke on the phone.



This is all you?

This is amazing.


This is me.

I'm looking to expand the program.

Did you know that 10 Cambodiansstep on a popper every day?

And what about here?

Three-- reported, which is about

75 a day in a place with the population of the United States.

I'm looking for a new American-made landmine.

You haven't heard aboutthe A6 butterfly, have you?

No new US-made land minesin Angola for three years now.

Well, this one isn'tbeing exported by the US.

It's being imported into the US.

And we think that it's being manufactured in Angola.

That's crazy.

Only two things made in Angola these days-- diamonds-- well, I know they're not made-- and prosthetic legs.

Have you ever heard ofa guy named Michael Lewis?

He was last seen here in Angola.

He's the creator of the A6.


Why hasn't anyone from the UN informed me about this, Ms. Flynn?

Unless-- you working for Uncle Sam now, big guy?

Um, it was a covert operation that-- it went very wrong.

I doubt the UN knows squat right now.

I barely know anything about it.


A rogue land mine being made and sold by a third world country that can't even keep its own shit straight?

If this is true, take my advice-- be careful.

As always.

That's exactly what I'm talking about, Ace.

Dr. Hopper, come, come!

Look-- I'll--

I'll do whatever I can to help.

Just-- Chris-- you got to call me.

Make sure that son of a bitch still knows how to use a telephone.

How's he doing?

Well, I haven't been here since--

If I can remember the way I entered last time, I'll be able to pick up the pattern.

Point of entry--

As in you're going in there?

As in we're going in there.

Step only where I step.

Unless, of course, I step on a popper.

Oh, my God.

The man made a joke.


What is it?


Last night at the bar,that sketch you showed me-- the one with the wings?

You mean the one you'd never seen before?

I didn't say that.

That day Johnny died, I was onto something-- right here, right before opened up on us.

It was something I hadn't seen before, something Argo didn't pick up--

shaped like a wing.


That's impossible.

I mean, five years ago wewere still perfecting the A6.

And PTC hadn't even been tested yet.

Gee, I wonder where you can find a place to test a new kind of land mine.



That means that Lewis wasoperating ahead of schedule?

No, I said bingo.


Motion-activated, LEDindicates when it's tracking.

And if it were stillhot, we'd be dead by now.


There should be arelease plug underneath it.


15 seconds track, one second to activate.

Oh, and Christian-- she bounces.


Oh, by the way, I thinksomeone's kind of after me.


Oh, God.

It's hot.

And it's tracking.

Oh, my God.

It's going to pop.

Give me a count.


I said, give me a count.

13, 12, 11, 10, nine--

Now turn it so that it won't lock.

Seven, six, five--

What the hell is this?

The pre-arming switch.





Oh, Jesus.

No way!

I'm driving!

You want to drive?

Then drive.

Nice shot.


Where are they?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

There's a bridge ahead.

Should I take it?

Look out!

Good job.


Hey, cowboy!

I want my diamonds back.

Hit it!

Pull out! Pull out!

Pull out!

Someone's kind of after you?

Of course-- that thing survived.

Let's go.

By the way, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Oh, my God.

What happened?

Be careful.

Stay there.





Oh, God!


I'm here, Mo.

I want to take you to Hopper.

Take you to a hospital.


You are--

All right.

Bring the bodies over here.

All right. Put them down there.

I just talked to Hopper.

He's prepping thehospital for the wounded.

He asked if you're OK.

There's your mom.

There she is.

It's just her arm.

I've got this one.

Don't worry.

I'm making sure your shipmentis leaving, as per schedule.

There was nothing at his house.

Well, she's booked into the Gemstone.

But I don't think she'll go back there now.

It was Yager.

Are you sure?

That was in Mo's hand when he died.

Consolidated Mines?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Come with me.

Look, if it was them.

They'll be gunning for you next.

Let 'em come.

You be a good boy.

Daddy's going to work.

Oh, uh.









What am I doing?

Hey, kid.

Did you see who took her?

Was it Yager?

Did you see where they took her?

Do you know what this is?

Can you take me there?

Bring her down below.

Well, she's here all right.

Do these places have back doors?

I've retrieved this landmine.

So you just tell me where Erickson is, and then we don't have to do any of this.

He's on his way to kick your fucking ass.

What a mouth!

Kiss your mother with that mouth?


Death tiptoes lightly withrude surprises in his hands.

I know.

It's so dramatic, this place.

Where's Christian?

This is what you call a back door?

No elevators, huh?

Yager here is going to tortureyou until I find out exactly what your operation was about.

I told you.

I was just along to confirmthe type of landmine.

While he's doing that, I'll be topside, making sure my shipment gets off on time.

Now if you tell Yager whathe wants to hear, then maybe I'll come back down in time tostop him from slowly sucking the air out of your lungs.

Promise I'll be back.

Just stay here.


He's just doing his job.

Make sure it's nice and tight.

What does the US know aboutConsolidated Mines involvement in the A6 --


I'll kill him.

I'll kill him.

Fucking .

Do it.

Now drop it.

Four more, please.

We have to put them on first before we get the other on top of them.

It is the only way to make the boat stable.

Yager, it's time.

Let's go.


Hey, .

What the hell's going on?

She got away.

Jesus Christ!

What the hell's gotten into you?

I swear!

She can't go anywhere, man!

We'll find her.

You'd better.

Hey, you!

Go back down to .

You, Carlos-- you come with me.

Make sure she doesn't get to the plant.







I should be used to this by now.

Don't move.

I said-- Uh!





It's Hopper.

So where are we going?

Going to see my old friend, Hopper.


Get after them!

Oh, my God.

What do you see when you look at me?

Yourself, that's what.

We're both survivors, Erickson,cut from the same mold.

We just chose different paths to get here.


You're just a mercenary.

Right or wrong don't matterto you, just the prize.

The only justificationfor revolution is success.

And to be successful, it takes money.

That's why I'm nothing like you.

Oh, yeah?

Then show me.


Pull out.



Still not convinced?

I'll give you some time to think about it.

No one rides for free.








So are you OK?

Oh, the train.

Wait here.

Wait here, my ass.







Stupid fucking bloodhound!

One squeeze You're always !

Your boy?


He wasn't meant to be there.

It was an accident.


You should have left, Christian.

It wouldn't have come to this.

You planted that mine.

Yeah, it was me.

It was me all along-- purely business, Ace.

You see, what better way totest an invisible landmine than to see if the best sweeperin the free world can find it.




Oh, OK, Ace.

I-- I guess this is it.

Go on.

Go on to him, boy.

Angels can fly because theytake themselves so lightly.


Did that hurt, buddy?

You know, you should have looked out for me, Christian, just a little better.

Now let's see if you are really big enough to go through the gates of hell.



You OK?

I thought you guys might need a ride.


But this time, I