Sweet Karma (2009) Script


Here is your passport ... and your ticket.

The ticket is one way.

You get your return ticket later.


Where to?

To the right is Stefan.

Beside him stand Mavra ... and Tomas.

They pick you up from the airport.

They are very nice people.

They befriend about you.

You have nothing to worry about.

Top location.

Should be good.

Talk to you.

Three? I thought there were four.

With a face like her is two and a half earlier. Let's go.

Call your sister. Ask what's going on.


Are we clean?

No. But if you want, I'll give you something to enjoy brushing.

This is your new home. We take care of everything.

Food, shelter, transportation, clothing.

That keep us all from your wages.

You're not with the girls from the other room talking.

You may not, without permission this room does not matter.

If one of you tries to flee, think this:

We know where your family lives.


This was in her locker.

Importing Anna Balint, 12 DECEMBER 1986 MOSCOW, RUSSIA Here we were ...

Room eight.

Do you understand English?

BODY FOUND That appeared two weeks after I had seen.

Are you sure you want to do?


You must sign this document for me.

APPLICATION FOR A STRIPTEASE LICENCE Do not worry that you can not read.

With this document you can go to work ... in Canada as a cleaner.

Sign here.

What are you waiting for? Sign're just, there you go not kill.

Excellent. Thank you.

Congratulations Karma.

The fun can begin.

I think the middle one is wanted.

Get your hands off.

Get your hands off.

Jesus Christ, girl.

You need a fucking machete in order to get therethrough.

Where does Galina these creatures come from?

From the Nordic mountains sometimes?

Can your feet see it get through?

We're going to refurbish.

She has just arrived. Exactly the type where you fall on.

Long, thin, long hair, small breasts, turned 18 two weeks ago.

Never touched.

2000 per hour.

Without a condom twice.

For six you get the whole package. Vaginal, anal, everything.

Excellent. Then you get the whole package. See you soon.

For example, the.

Show what you can.


Go on.

You're too stiff.

Move your hips. Exercise.

Well done. And laugh. No man wants a surly face.

Hey, laugh.

Just for the record. It costs us a lot of money to get you here.

The better you dance, the more money you earn.

And the faster you can pay off your debt.

The sooner that is paid off, the faster you can go home with some money.

If you are not dancing for money you need something else to do.



What will it be?

You have to order something, that the rules of the club.



You know each other already? Beautiful.

Day, beauty. Are you okay?

So boys. Cheers.

People, I applaud for Monique.


I still do not understand why they are here Sushi with slit eyes work.

Weather on the matter. Here I told you about.

As one of our girls it is, note that.

You note how many songs they there. Each issue is $ 20.

If they run short, please from me that I killed.

There are now so many girls that you do difficult can monitor.

Do you? Today we have three new.

Still pretty girls? Pretty girls?

One was nota bene still a virgin. Unbelievable, huh?

It looked like a fucking yeti-virgin with such a huge hair dos.

That is what has been done. Francisca works the other two girls.

Wherever you to watch, are those gorgeous dancers.

Do you remember last month? Then they had that handsome porn star.

What's her name again? That girl with big tits.

They all have big tits. And blond hair.

They did all.

What was her name now again? Stormy Daniels.

Bingo. Through her, I lost a few girls from the eye.

From now on, pay attention to you both, and I mean, those girls.

Clear? Yes.


What is this? Did she fuck but once danced?

In three hours fucking only one poor little dance?

That you kidding? What ails you, man?

Hey, there's my favorite girl.

So, who wants to be first?

Can I choose? I like that.

You are the winner.

Shall we?

Come. You do not have to be happy, I'll come back for you.

Tell that girl that they should more dancing, or else.

You can not go there no dancer. Sorry.

You wanna dance? Come on, baby.

I'm Nikki. Are you the first time in a strip club?

You are very beautiful.

Relax, I'll take good care of you.

Your turn.

What ails you?

Are not you feeling well?

I understand that. You get used to it. You're doing very well established.

Guys, this baby does not they can dance tonight.

What a pity.

Guard the fort if I bring her home.


We go.

Do you like this music?

I love it.


You can feel the thumping beat here.


If you do not want to work, you do not have to worry.

Then we can together better acquainted.

Come on. No, please.


Is it something? Maybe.

85 square meters, side entrance.

Just 10 minutes from the airport.

We can make the lobby and 6 or 7 massage rooms in the back.

How much? $ 110 per square meter.

So about 20,000 per month.

Twelve girls who work every day earn 1000 per piece.

That we earn in two days. Sounds good.

Maybe I'll get now that convertibles that I want.

Perhaps so.

I'll call tomorrow Lev to say that we take.

Have you already called Galina? Not yet. I'll try again tomorrow.

Nice to see you again.

You too.

This is my sister Karma.

What a beautiful name ... for such a beautiful woman!

Nice to meet you.

She can not talk. Is she deaf?

No, she can hear. They can not just talk. She is so born.

Our mother died during the birth of Karma.

She never made sound As far as I can remember.

Our father has called her Karma tribute to our mother.

From something tragic is something beautiful emerged.

And she is beautiful.

Anna, your father may they to you in Canada?

Our father is deceased three years. We are now the two of us.

What terrible.

Are you sure that you do not want to take your sister?

I can have your papers tomorrow.

Here. If you ever thought changes, please let me know, okay?

We are very grateful to you for this opportunity.

We start a whole new life.

You're a godsend, really.

Karma and I have you forever many thanks.

Anna, do not forget the papers Customs to give in Canada. Okay?

Yes. Good.

Do not worry.

You have to fit properly Karma.

I'll get it soon.

Hi, I'm Anna. Quiet! Do not talk!

There he is. What took you so bloody?

I have back pain of hockey.

Do you play hockey? It seemed more stages.

We have our own League start.

Do you play hockey? I used to.

Do you play hockey? Yes.

And you? I can not skate.

That's what I thought we put you on target.

You are the target.

Stefan in 84 to participated in the Olympics.

Really? With his knee he could not be professional.

Why are you stopped?

I do not know how it is with you ... but I would rather be between sweaty naked girls than guys.

Look a little happier.

Come on, we did not the whole day.

Hup, hup, hup.

Where is that damn blonde now?

Are you here? Hurry up, or do you want repeat of last night? Whatever.

Damn it.

God all mighty. Peaches, come here.

Cleaning, and make sure it is not found.


Today we a newcomer lost.

That bitch has committed suicide. What has she?

Galina is dead. What?

Killed in the office.

When? Two days back.

By whom? That they do not know.

Damn. How are we going our merchandise?

Do you only get it? What should I say?

She is dead. Nothing more I can do for her.

Did she have control as you envisioned? Probably not.

Fuck you. These were your words.

Stop it. We must Galina as soon as possible.

I'll do it.

So you first with all the girls can bouncing?

True, someone Merchandise must be tested.

Seriously. I may take a few very nice girls for our search.

Admit it, the last one they sent us has been not much. Come on.

No way. We need you here.

Did you cousin in Romania? I think so.

Call her directly. We will a month the salon open.

We let nothing stop us.

Have you earned $ 200 last night?


Stevo, with Tomas. Good. Do you have girls needed for the porn movie of yours?

Beautiful. How much pay it again? I might have someone for you.

Yes, she does anal. Gang bangs also, everything. I'll call you back later.

See? You may always choose. Both of them.

Now get out.

Gentlemen, a warm applause for the lovely Regina.

What the hell?

Fuck off with that shit. I want to see a bare ass.

Keep an eye on the business.


You can not make. You may have not just stand there if you want.

Let see your license.

Anna Balint Listen, from now on please sign with the box of the deejay.

Otherwise, the other girls angry. Understood?

You may go.

You have there a damn good show for me given.

You still need to practice dancing ... but I must say that you certainly have the looks and body.

You know what's weird?

I am now over a year with this tent ... and I may have more than half of those chicks binned.

This is the first time that a stripper I've never seen ... porn star seduces me sex with her.

At least I assume that you want by the way you look at me.

I can tell you women that I've always well.

Although throughout this state, a bit strange for me. I do not understand.

Would you like me?

Whether you want something from me.

Or maybe ... do you want me to do something naughty.


Hey, what have we here?

Naughty girl.

I think that's good.

I think that is very tasty.


None of you has seen something, huh?

Can one of the girls were the perpetrators? What?

Maybe it was one of the girls. I like to beat the shit zou'm.

And Galina? Who killed her?

Is it a coincidence someone murdered your sister ...

Tomas and kills someone else?

No. Here is a person responsible for.

It was Adrik. Why would Adrik do that?

Why not? He wants to establish my territory and no competition anymore.

Maybe he knows that I am going to expand. I?

We. I. Us. This is the same, Mavra. Start now not with that shit.

Who Adrik here work for him? One of his immediate family?

A cousin, I think. He helps him with his girls.

Excellent. Kill him. Now.

Do not be stupid. What are you doing, Mavra?

One of our death? No.

If they take us to graze, then we take them to graze.

Woe betide us if you're wrong.

You know I do not eat that stuff. This probably find something.

To earn a bonus.

Are you going to the club?

Beautiful. Keep your eyes open.

See you, boss.


TABLE & LAP DANCING NOW OPEN You are somewhere over ridden.


Here. 1700.

Have fun.

I thought last night. What is it today?

Donuts. What?

Now this happened to Tomas, can we do something else to do?

Donuts? Yes. Not that mess of Crispy Cramped.

I mean something chics like Timmy's. Donuts are chic.

You know what I mean.

Franchise is pure scam.

They rob you gigantic.

I design it myself. How hard can that be?

What do you do know?

A pleasant atmosphere is important.

Warm earth tones; natural materials.

I see it for me. A bit of wood, a little stone, leather, suede.

Something that looks inviting and where you want to stay.

But I'm not staying. I'm leaving.

You're a fag. I fuck you in your ass, pretty boy.

That would never do a gay.

Fuck you too it.

Skinny Boy, they are restless. Hurry up.

I'm busy.

Skinny Boy, where you stay now?

Damn. Peter, Peter.

They Skinny. Skinny is caught. Come on.

Damn it. Are you okay?

I have not seen her. She was suddenly there.

Take care of him.

I always do the dirty work. Just do it.

Nice. Wake up, honey. This should not be missed.

Do not you, honey. I fuck dead or alive with you and you know it.

You get what you deserve.


How does this feel? How does it feel a real turn to get?

Damn it.

You are Anna's sister, right?

That kept them in her locker.

She talked often about how beautiful you are.

That was the only place we had privacy.

Anna could not on.

Some of us knew what we came for.

This of course we had not expected.

I thought we would be independent.

Road could if we wanted.

Could keep all our money.

Anna really thought them here went to work as a cleaner.

She wanted to flee.

But they make you believe anything.

They say if you leave ... the taxi drivers raping you and murder.

That agents also do what they want.

After a while Anna asked himself ... what they lose.

They took her a few days later.

She has to be heavy fines.

A group of men has its decrepit.

She could not work for weeks.

Since use of them said they thousands of dollars owed.

It took a year for that to pay off.

I spoke to her then not much.

She was very quiet, withdrawn.

One night ... when we left the club ... she was nowhere to be found.

When we asked what was wrong with her ... they told us that she was not breathing.

That was it.

Anna's not breathing.

You think it looks from as one of Adrik's men?

Enough. You must find out and fast.

I do not pay for your mistakes.

Police, stop. Hands behind your back.

Stay here.


In the trunk.

Hurry up, run.

Boarding. Now.

Nice try. Put it on.


I spent one year to get to those people to come inside.

And now it's all gone.

The lot is been shattered thanks to you.

No witnesses, no accomplices, nothing.

You're lucky that you're a woman, otherwise you got hit.

What? Have you anything to say?

Good. Sit down on the floor.

Open it. Open.


Calm down.

Is it? We will sit down.

Here is that good?

Damn, you know it or not? I will not hurt you.

I do nothing.

Calm down it.


I do not know her.

I had just been papt with those guys.

Unfortunately I can not tell.

And this man.

I have no idea how these fit into the plate.

Frank, with Will. You need someone to see me.

His name is David Gray. Runs an importing company in the city.

Yes, the sooner the better.

I want to show you something.

I know how it is to someone losing one you love.

You want to unleash your anger on someone.

But I do not agree what you do.

I also want to avoid those guys ever hurt a girl.

But you do it all for yourself?

Or is it for those other girls who Perhaps Anna's footsteps to follow?


Where are you going?

I'm not going anywhere. She goes away. What?

Where to? In Russia. Can not take the pressure.

Stupid bitch.

Take me to the salon to see or that bitch has robbed me.

Take my car.

Davidson. Mavra goes away.

Back home in Russia. We must do something else is gone.

We have nothing. Let her pick.

No. Once they are in the airplane, she is never in Canada.

She is not our problem anymore. That's not the point.

Keep your cover, check that they board and sign up then at me.


We can.

Keep your eyes open.

Karma, with me. Mavra leaves home for good.

I can not stop her. If she's gone, is gone.

1720 Lakeshore Road. Suite 1606.

Do what seems good to you.


And beware.

Are you okay? Does it look like then?

Listen, Mavra. One of Adrik's men have just been to visit us.

Maybe they are now sent to you. We are fast.

With me everything is in order, but I do not wait.

I'm doing good.

Do not you dare.

What are you doing? Put it down.

Do not do stupid things.

You've been there.

They? If it's all that matters?

That wretched whore.

Importing Why should I tell you something? Because they kill you otherwise.

They'll kill me anyway.

You're right.

Kill him.

Good, good. He's my boss. Bullshit.

It's true. He is the lender.

He gave starting capital in exchange for half the profits.

This was not possible to have been without him.

Where is he?

I'll take you to him.

I'll wait here.

Be careful.

I'll get it.

What are you doing here? Hey, boss.

Karma. What are you doing here?

I love him, Karma.

I love him. He saved my life.

He has ransomed me of some very bad people.

He paid $ 50,000.

And he wanted nothing in return.

I was able to go home if I had wanted.


What have I done?

I'm really bad, Karma.

If I had known that this would happen ...

I wanted to get here.


I'm sorry, Karma.


Why are you crying?


I do this trade off.