Switchblade Sisters (1975) Script

Black-hearted woman When did he ever bring you home?

I said now cold-hearted woman What can he do to make you old?

Evil as a man can be Never gonna be as evil As the devil in a woman And that's you Black-hearted woman He'll never make you understand

I said now black-hearted woman You treat him evil as you can

No matter what you're do to him He'll never be as evil as a black-hearted woman

Black-hearted woman When did he ever bring you home?

I said now cold-hearted woman What can he do to make you old?

Evil as a man can be Never gonna be as evil as the devil in a woman And that's you Black-hearted woman He'll never make you understand

I said now black-hearted woman You treat him evil as you can

No matter what you're do to him He'll never be as evil as a black-hearted woman

Black-hearted woman Black-hearted woman I said black-hearted woman I got a repossession order on a TV, lady.

But I just made a payment this last week.

Computer says you're delinquent, you're delinquent.

This the set? Wait. Listen.

I'm expecting my child support any day now.

Can't you get me one more week? You don't talk to me about it, lady.

The computer says repossess, I repossess.

Unless you got 40 bucks in cash.

That's all I have for food for the whole week.

I sympathize. I really do.

Wait. Oh, please. No, I don't think so.

All right, all right. I'll pay you. Just leave that here.

Take it.

And I hope you roast in hell.

Thank you. Thank you. They're nice kids.

Hey, you little beaver punk, open that door.

Freeze, greaseball.

What's the world coming to, girls?

Get him! Oh, no. Hey!

Stupid blonde! Can't you see the sign says don't walk?


Goddamn dirty little jailbait cunt!

Then she said, "suck an egg".

And look who's coming. Hey, Dom.

Hey, Dom! Hey, baby!

I got something for ya.

Where'd you get this? Out of a grab bag.

You're one hell of a fox, baby.

Jobo, let's have some burgers for the ladies.

Yeah, Dom.

Hey, Dom. Could you maybe pay for them this time?

Well, you know, the prices are going up, and I can't get a loan at the bank. You what?

Uh, it's okay. Leave him alone.

The Debs are paying.

Lace, if the Debs are paying, you think I could have a double cheeseburger, some french fries, and a coleslaw?

What? I'm really hungry.

Oh, she's hungry.

Look, guys. I caught a piggy.

What did I do, Lace?

Squeal! Oink.

Louder! Oink, oink, oink.

Oh, is Donut a piggy?

Yes, Jesus, I'm a piggy!

Now you're gettin' nothing. You understand?

You're gonna sit there and watch the rest of us eat until we're finished.

Let's sit down. I'm starving.

New around here?


Like the table?

Yeah, it's okay.

Too bad you have to leave.

Yeah? Why?

'Cause we don't like you dirtying up our table.

Goddamn! Shit!

My eye! I'll kill that bitch.

Give me the gun, Dominic.

Give me the gun, Dominic. Give me the gun!

Don't waste your time, baby.

She's not worth it. Give me some water.

Give me some water! Quick!

It's a dirty trick you pulled on Patch.

You're pretty good. What else can you do?

Wanna find out?

Why so hostile?

These are the Silver Daggers, and we are the Dagger Debs.

What gang you with?

I ain't with a gang. You ain't with a gang people just stomp on you, you don't have any muscle behind you.

Everybody is gotta be in a gang.

Just ain't healthy to lone it.

Thanks. I'll take my chances.

Hey, what do they want? Us, damn it.

Freeze, chippie. Hold it right there, sweetheart.

You sure you want to go through with this? They're juveniles.

They'll be out in a couple of days. I'm damn sure I wanna go through with it.

You throw the goddamn book at them.

This way, honey. You ain't going nowhere.

Get your hands off the fruit, faggot!

Officer, I'm not with them.

Yeah, yeah. Let's have it.

No, really. Sure.

Move it out.

I want my lawyer. Okay, cut the smart talk.

You know the story. We all gotta go through the motions.

But one of these days, honey, you and your gang's gonna make a real mistake, and then I'm gonna... Gangs? I don't know anything about gangs.

Hey, you guys, know anything about gangs?

Gangs? No. There are no gangs around here.

Yeah? Well, what's this? A birthmark.

Everybody up.

I'm only gonna say this once.

Somebody copped a bottle of stimulants from the medical station.

And I'm gonna get it back if I have to wring out every one of you like a dishrag.

All rec periods are cancelled till it turns up.

Okay. Everybody, hands out front.

That's Mom Smackley, Mag.

You better watch out for her.

She gets... funny ideas, especially about the new girls.

Shove it. Why, hello, Lace.

Back so soon?

I missed your smiling face, Mom.

Let me see your hands. Wait a second.

So nice to see you again, Smackley.

Oh, hey. What do we got here?

What's your name, cutie pie? Maggie.

She a Deb? Nope!

Good. You're smart.

Maybe we can become friends. You see, Maggie, a gang spoils it for good girls like you who get in here by mistake.

But friends help each other.

Know what I mean?

Get your hands off of me, you fat pig dyke!

All right. All right.

Lie down.

Gotta search inside.

Oh, no, you don't.

Put her down, girls.

Full of ginger, aren't you?

I know how to cool off hot little chippies like you.

Come on. Take her to the john.

Give 'em hell, Maggie.

Come on. Get up there!

Pretty hair, huh? How'd you like me to pull it out?

I bet you're a regular little hooker, huh?

Well, we're gonna teach you how to be real good.

How'd you like that, bitch?

We're all alone.

And honey, we got all night.

Put her down here, girls.

Kick the shit out of you, bitch.

Hold her. I said I was gonna search you inside, so, by God, I'm gonna do it.

She bit my ear. That dirty bitch, she bit my ear!

I'm gonna beat the hell out of you.

Give it to her. Hold her.

Come on. Let's get them! Yeah!

I'm gonna beat the hell out of you!

Wait'll I get a hold of you.

Wait'll I get a hold of you. I'm gonna mash your face.

Get off me, bitch!

What the hell? What the hell?

Get off me!

What the hell? What the... Leave my boobs alone!

Thought you knew better than to fool with a Dagger Deb, Mom.

She said she wasn't, Lace. I didn't know she was one of yours.

She is now, fatso.

Lace, you're pushing me too far this time.en.

Hear you got a new sweetie on the outside, Mom.

What? Yeah.

Cute little trick named Violet, ain't that right?

What of it? Be a shame if anything happened to her face. You know?

What do you want? Hands off!

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

And no reprisals.

Oh, okay. All right.

Let's go.

I guess I owe you one.

Don't overrate yourself. Mom had it coming.

You still saved my ass.

You gonna be okay?

Hell, yes. I'll be outta here in a week.

They can't hold us. We're juveniles.

You need anything?

A favor, Maggie. Important one.

Get this to Dominic. Will you?

You know my Dominic? He's my man.

I know the one.

I'd kill for that guy.

Know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

But why me?

Oh, I don't know.

Got a feeling about you, I guess.

Like I can trust you.

You can. Hey.

Come on tramp. Let's move it.

Take care of yourself, okay? You, too.

And Maggie, watch your step.

We gotta do something about Crabs, Dom.

He and his guys have been muscling our dealers all month.

I say we take him now, before it's too late.

I don't wanna face him when he's got a couple of machine guns, man.

No way.

What's this?

This little beaver's been asking for you, Dom.

I wanna talk to you.

In private.

Oh, yeah. You're the one who kicked Patch's ass in Jobo's, right?

Yeah, then what she doing here? I just come from Lace.

She don't even know where the hell Lace is.

She's in Sunday school pulling the Reverend's crank. Are we gonna talk, or not?

We're all brothers here.

There's no secrets.


Lace said she'd be in the joint till next week.

She wants you to read this.

Hey, that's not for you!

Come on, come on.

Give me the letter. I wanna see it.

Yeah, we wanna hear what the fairy princess has to say.

It's none of your goddamn business. Oh, Dominic is pussy-whipped.

Yeah, oughta get him a skirt. Hey, up yours. Now, give me the letter.

Read the letter, Dom. Like you said, we ain't got no secrets.

"My darling, Nicki." Oh, ain't that wonderful?

"Nicki." Holy shit. "My darling, Nicki.

As I sit here alone tonight counting the days till I can lie in your arms again,

and tell you about the special surprise I have for you.

I thought of this little poem which you can keep next to your heart till I get out."

A poem. Read the poem, Dom. Come on, Dom.

"Through these cold iron bars, my heart can see the twinkling stars."

Twinkling stars?

"So bright like your eyes when when you hold your hands so gently between..."

That's enough, you bastard!

Yeah, I am a bastard, ain't I?


What do you want?

Get out of here.

Goddamn you. Let go of me.

What're you doing?

Get outta here.

You fucker.

Maggie, what's going on in there?

Maggie, you got a boy in there?

Maggie, answer me.

Maggie, I want him out of there right now!

Lady, will you shut up!

Get out of here, you smart-ass punk.

Go on, I said. Get out of here!

Go on! Shut up!

Fred! Fred, help me.

Do something. He tried to kill me.

Alice, come to bed.

He tried to kill me. Don't you know who that is?

He's president of the Silver Daggers. Those guys can wreck my building.

Now, come on. I gotta live here.

You okay?

Was it your dad out there?

Are you kidding?

That was the building manager collecting the rent.


My dad...

You got what you wanted, so why don't you run along?

Or ain't you finished yet?

What're you so pissed about? You asked for it, didn't you?

You son of a bitch.

Come on. Don't be like that.

And anyway, you got yours, didn't you?

I really hate you.


Hey, isn't that cute?

Hey, Maggie.

Hey, Lace. Where you been? I heard they put you away.

Nah. Hammer dropped the charges.

They got scared.

You got a good setup here.


You coming in with us?

Sounds good to me.

All right, class. Let's come to order.

Today we will be discussing the principle of laissez-faire.

Which, roughly translated, means:

Let each man do what he wants.

Harold, if you start that today, I'll...

Yeah? Yeah, you'll what? Hit me? Come on chicken-ass.

I'm warning you, Harold! You can't, can you?

Or you'll lose your job.

Come on. Plant a nice one right here on the chin.

Oughta get about 10 days in the slammer. Come on, chicken-ass.

Is this jerk bothering you, Mr. Clutch?

Shut up, punk!

Okay, now we're not gonna have anymore of that crap today.

Okay, Mr. Clutch. You can go on now.

Let's hear about that "lacy-fair" stuff.

Yes. Thank you ladies.

Thank you.

A little game for a little easy money. All right.

Thank you, my man. You gonna play, sweetheart?

Uh-uh? All right.

Come on, you cheapskates. Let's go. I got 3-to-1 on Donut.

Come on. Who's game for a little easy money?

You gonna play, sweetheart? Ah, get outta here.

Come on. Let's go. Get out your bread. All right. Come on. Who's next?

Hey, twerp. You gonna play, or what? Thank you.

Come on, you cheapskates. Let's go. I got 3-to-1 on Donut.

Come on, come on. Give me a buck.


Thanks, Hook.

Goddamn it, Donut. You just cost me 30 bucks!

Jesus, Hook. I'm sorry. It was an accident.

There he is. Oooh.

Here. This stuff is pretty good.

Yeah. Why do we have to smoke my bag all the time and not yours?

Because, eh.

Eh, baby.

I didn't know you were out.

How is Junior, huh? Did he miss me?

Oh, you know he did.

Been saving him just for you.

Well, I guess we'll have to fix him up then?

Hey, here comes Mr. Weasel.

Hello... boys.

Uh, may I join you? Depends on what you want.

Just a little friendly chat.

Give the principal your seat.

Give the principal your seat!

My, my. You young men are so well organized.

You want one? No, I'm trying to cut down.

Listen Dominic, I understand you and this Crabs fellow are on the outs.

Yeah, we're gonna smoke his ass if he don't quit muscling our territory.

I thought we might bury the hatchet. Yeah. Right in his marbles.


Because in the interest of peace, Crabs approached me with certain proposals.

Wait a minute. He's not in our district. What's he talking to you for?

They closed down Lincoln High.

Crabs and his boys are being transferred here.

And you want us to make a deal?

Crabs thinks he should run half the student patrols, which strikes me as eminently reasonable.

It does, huh?

Why don't you stick your head up my ass, sir?

Well, if that's your attitude, perhaps Crabs will end up with all the patrols.

Go on. Everybody split.

Go ahead, man. I want to think. Later.

Go ahead. Come on.

Quite a guy, huh?


That gives you a little idea how we run things around here.

Yeah? Later on I'll take you down to the club house.

We gotta find you a good-looking stud. Jealous?

What's it to you?

That new one is a real fox, ain't she?

Yeah, yeah. Why don't you take her off my back, man?

The word's hands off.

What do you mean, hands off?

Says who?

Nothing. Look, I gotta split. I'll catch you later.

Wait a minute, genius.

Let's talk.

Who says hands off, dear?

I don't believe it. Hook is a liar!

Yeah, well, just think what you like. It's your ass, not mine.

Maggie wouldn't cross me.

I gave her a break. Yeah, and she paid you back.

She read your letter out loud and everyone laughed.

And they're laughing right now every time you turn your back.

But why would Maggie do that?

'Cause you've got what she wants.

Damn it, Lace! Open your eyes!

She's nailing your man, and everyone's laughing in your face.

You're just too blind to see it. Shut up!

Maggie's straight, and I trust her.


What about Dom? You trust him?

Figure it out, Lace.

Dom drops you, and you're finished.

And you got two dozen hungry females at your back, honey, and each one has a score to settle with you.

You take a fall, and they're gonna smell your blood.

Been others tried that before, and I'm still on top.

Yeah, but this ain't before.

Maggie's now, and you're sliding.

Maggie is my friend!

Do you know what that means? You got any friends, Patch, hm?

I can't afford any, and neither can you.

What do you think?

It's up to him now. Hey, Dom, can I borrow 20 bucks?

For what? Me and Cherry want to make the movies.

Here. You just make sure you tell Ma where you go. You hear me?

Oh. Okay, yeah.

Hi, Maggie. Hi, Mags.

Look, you wanna do something tonight?

What you wanna do can wait till we iron something out.

Like what?

I like you, Dom, but Lace is my friend, and I won't double-cross her.

What if I cut her loose? What then?

You'll have to ask me then.

What's to stop me from rippin' off what I want like I did before?

You try that again, and they'll be picking steel out of your ass all the way to the hospital.

Maggie moves fast.

Why don't you just shut up, huh?

All right. Everybody, shut up and listen.

Now, Hook and me made up our minds.

Crabs is gonna show up Tuesday with his goons at school.

I want everybody to be cool.

You just do your thing at school and if he don't interfere, we got no problems.

So, what if Crabs ain't cool?

My old man, God rest his ass, told me once, "Son, don't ever let 'em push you."

'Cause once they get you movin', it's awful hard to stop."

Hey, right on. That's it. I got nothing else to say.

I do.

Most of you already know my friend.

Like you to take a good look.

Come here, Maggie.

Guess you two already met, huh?

Yeah, we already met.

Nice to have you around.

Me, too.

Okay, then.

Maggie here is now a sister and a member of the Dagger Debs.

Anyone object?

Wait a minute. I don't object. But, uh, she ain't one of us till she pulls a job.

Oh, initiate, initiate! Yeah, come on. What'll it be?

Make her ball all the guys. Hey, knock it off.

You best mind your own business, Dom.

Come on. I lost my eye for this gang, remember?

We used to be tough.

If she's gonna be tested, make it a real test.

Try me.

Okay, Maggie.

You bring us the medallion that Crabs wears around his neck.

How do you want it wrapped?

Hey, baby, you...

May I help you?

Oh, yes, I'm looking for the director of this post.

He's on vacation. Oh.

I guess I have to come back, then. Well, the acting director is in.

A Mr. Crabbits.

Oh, yes. He's the one. I'm sure he can help me.

Therefore, due to the grievous cuts in federal funding for our action politics and Operation Bootstrap programs, we feel... No, no, strike that.. We're forced to request additional State...

Hey, you getting this?

Crabs? Yeah.

There's a girl out there would like to speak to you.

Yeah, what's she look like?

Yeah? I'll be right there. I'll be right out.


How do you do? My name is Mr. Crabbits, and this is my associate Mr. Fingers.

He's my special project coordinator in charge of special project coordination.

I'm Maggie and...

Well, actually, it's a rather personal problem.

Of course, of course, I know.

But can't you give us just a rough idea? I mean, we might have to refer you.

Well, it's my sister.

She's on drugs.



Well, if you could step into my private office, perhaps we could discuss this matter in greater length and detail and depth.

Crabs. Yeah?

You don't know nothing about the dame.

You'll get yours.

Well, Maggie...

Just how old is your sister, and how big a habit does she have, dollar-wise?

I guess I better get right to the point, Mr. Crabbits?

Crabbits, yes.

I lied.

Oh. Really?

Yeah. Well, you see, I'm trying to join the Dagger Debs and the president, Dominic, said that he'd take me if I delivered a message.

What message?

I don't know what it means, but he said for me to tell you that he met with Weasel and that the deal's okay.

You can have half. No problem.

And I'm the icing on the deal. What?

And I'm the icing on the deal!

You're the icing on the deal.


Dominic does have a certain flair.

All right.

Let's see the goods.

Come on.

Come on!

Well, aren't you gonna take your clothes off?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No time, dear. No time.

Right now I'm just gonna settle for something quick.

Oh... Mr. Crabbits, I had no idea.

Dear God! She hurt me!

Fingers, Fingers, please!

Fingers, Fingers!

Fingers, Fingers! FINGERS!

Come on, Bunny. I know you love me. Come on. Just deal me.

What's happening?

Come on. I'm tellin' ya.

We gonna play cards, or not? I got seven.

What're you lookin' at?

What's the matter with them?

Holy Shit!

What'd you have to do to get it?

What's it to you?

Over here, Mag. Hey, Maggie, have a beer.

Looks like Dom found a new place to park his wheels, baby.

I wouldn't count on it.

Hey, Lace.

How're those twinkling stars from those cold iron bars?

Shove it!

Hook, baby, can't we stop now? That's 12, already.

Sure, baby. Just 20 more bucks, and you can quit, okay?

Hey there, Einstein. How about a little something to relax the nerves?

Guaranteed fresh merchandise.

No, no, I can't. I gotta get back to my chemistry class.

Well, look, a couple minutes with Bunny here will flatten out your sine curves.

And it's only five bucks. No, I can't.

Can't? From a man of science?

Oh, God! Come on, superman.

Have a good time!

Hey, baby.

I'll take 10. He'll have a better time.

How we doing? Hey, do I ever let you down?

Be a shame if we had to share it.

Well, hey, Dumbinic.

Hey, look guys, it's Dumb.

Dumb and the dumb boys.

You're getting a little old, ain't you, Crabs?

When you gonna graduate?

Well, you know, you can never get too much education.

Guess that's especially true in your case, huh?

By the way Dom, real nice piece you sent over last night.

I didn't send over nothing. Oh, no? That's too bad, Dom, because she was really quite a chick.

Yeah, great head.

Look, we got a rule in this place. Nobody carries nothing here, except the student patrol. You understand?

So, if you're carrying anything, you get it out now.

You make me feel really bad, Dom.

I mean, when I give my word, I keep it, huh? Ask anybody.

Right, huh? Ask anybody. Right on, man.

Ask our beloved principal, Mr. Weasel.

Askin' you, queer.

What're you lookin' for? Come on.

You know, Dom, you oughta teach your little brother some manners, 'cause he's liable to offend somebody.

Yeah, what's youth coming to, Crabs? He's clean.

By the way, you haven't seen my medallion, have you, Dumb?

No, I haven't.

It doesn't look anything like this one, does it, huh?

Yeah, something like it.

I sure hope you find it, man.

Yeah, so do I.

Love ya. Love ya, mama.

Let's waste his ass now. Shit.

You got the subtlety of a Mack truck.

It's not him we're gonna waste, stupid.

Not yet.

Dom's not giving us his car to use.

He's my brother, ain't he? He owes me at least that.

Nobody owes us nothing, Guido.

Yeah, well, pretty soon Dom will be around...

Okay, come on!


No! Get in!

Hey, she's really a blonde.

Okay, come on. Me first, me first.

It's my turn, come on. When do I get a chance?

Sorry Dom. Real bummer.

It's okay. How's Guido?

He's all right. Lost a lot of blood, but they say he's got a good chance.

She say anything?

Nothing, man. She's freaked out.

If Crabs wants trouble, right, then he's gonna get trouble now! And we're gonna give it to him!

Let's get him tonight, all of us.

Let's bust his ass! What, are you out of your head?

This is not some over-the-hill bill collector.

We're talking about a gang twice our size.

It's no good tonight. Crabs'll be waiting for us.

Yeah? Then what do you suggest, huh?

Crabs and his people use the roller rink uptown every Friday night.

It's neutral turf, so he'll feel safe.

Hit him then, with guns.

We'll carry them in past the security guards.

Sounds good, Dom. Sounds lousy!

First of all, we don't know the turf.

And anyway, why the hell should we trust Maggie? What does she know about it?

I know the turf. I used to live there.

What do you think, Lace?

Why ask me?

Okay, then Friday night.

Hook, we gotta talk.

You, too, Maggie.



What's the matter, baby?


What's the matter with you?

Nothing. Just something missing.

Yeah? What?


Look, this is me.

You don't like it, then maybe you should find somebody else.

I don't want anybody else.

Come on, Nicki. I know what you need.

Stop calling me Nicki! The guys are starting to use it.


Hey, Dom. Remember the letter?

Remember the surprise I said I had for you?


Well, we're gonna have a baby.

A what? That was the surprise.

No. Wait a minute.

I mean, you'd say anything to get your way, wouldn't you?

No, it's the truth. I swear it.

Had the doc check me when I was in the joint.

Oh, Jesus. I don't have enough on my mind.

I got a kid brother dying in some meat-hook hospital, and you gotta come up with this shit now and dump it on me!

It's time we had something to hold us together.

How do I even know it's mine, huh?

You son of a bitch!

And what if it is mine? So what?

You think I'm ready to haul freight in some fucking warehouse for two dollars an hour so you can have a little brat suck on your tit?

No, thanks, baby.

It's our baby! It ain't nothing yet!

Everything was great before Maggie came around.

It's Maggie, ain't it? She ruined everything!

Everything was lousy. You were lousy!

The whole fucking gang was lousy!

And this whole goddamn place is shit!

You got knocked up, right? Big deal!

Here, you know what to do.

You call me when it's over.

Dom, don't leave me.

If you go, it's gonna turn out bad.

How many now?

Let's really kick those guys' asses.

Right. We'll kick the shit out of them, man.

Come on, Rita.

Let's waltz.

I don't know. Something don't seem right somehow.

Just make sure you start swinging when the time comes, huh?

Get 'em, get 'em. Charge.

All skaters off the floor.

All skaters off the floor.

Get off the floor, you girls. Stop that fighting, girls.

The police have been called. All right. Let them have it.

It's an ambush. Somebody set us up.




That's what you get, fink!


We can't leave Dominic here.

We can't help him now, Lace.

The cops are coming. We gotta get you out!

No! No, I won't leave him!

My Dominic!





Thanks, guys. He's real cute.

That's nothing. We just wanted to cheer you up.

Yeah, would've been nice for the baby.

We didn't know about the kid, Lace. Yeah, nobody knew.

Me and Dom were gonna tell pretty soon.

He was so proud, you know.

Making big plans about getting married and everything.

Can you imagine that? I mean, ain't that crazy?

I probably would've got rid of it.

I mean, can you see me having a kid?

Hanging around some dumb house doing housework and dishes and diapers.

That's enough. Don't talk about it, Lace.


I loved Dom, too. We all did.

I know the roller rink was my idea.

I'm really sorry things went wrong the way they did.

Nobody blames you, Mag.

We gotta get back.

The guys wanna know how you are.

Better get some sleep, huh?

We miss you, Lace.

I'll send Patch along in a minute.

I gotta give her a list of stuff I need.

See you. Bye, Lace.

She misses me.

That bitch! That bitch!

Cool it, Lace. What's the matter with you?

He was supposed to get her, not...

What do you mean?

He promised me he wouldn't hurt Dom, only her!

Who promised what? Lace, what did you do?


You tipped off Crabs about the roller rink.

What could I do?

He was treating me like a little gutter cat.

It was all because of her. Just like you said!

Everytime I touched him, I'd smell her stinking perfume!

Stop it now! You just stop it!

You gonna let her take it all from you?

Or are you gonna act like the Lace I know?

Just pull yourself together, girl, and start thinking how you gonna pay that bitch back.

And you forget you ever saw Crabs, you understand?


Hey, cupcake, I wanna talk to you for a minute.

Look it, I don't know nothing, I didn't do nothing.

You think those hoods are gonna stick up for a fat squirt like you? Wise up.

Maybe she'd remember on her way downtown.

You heard her. She don't know nothing.

So, unless you, got probable cause, keep your hands off my friend, huh?

A couple of gangs beat up some innocent people at the roller rink the other night.

We don't like that to happen. It don't reflect well on us.

Hey, Bunny. You seen any gangs around here lately?

Gangs? Yeah.


I seen a couple of stray pigs rooting around.

Yeah, laugh it up, smart mouth. Your turn will come.

Look, get something straight, honey.

I don't care if you blow each other's guts out.

Hell, I'm glad. You save me the trouble.

But somebody clean gets hurt, and I'll squash ya.

You understand?

Come on, Donut.

It's beginning to stink around here.

I've had it.

We sit around here any longer, and we'll have to crawl back to school.

Crabs has taken over and nobody is lifting a finger to stop him!

Shit. Half our guys are still out of commission.

Look, the cops are on to us now. They're gonna be watching.

That's all they'll be doing. Long as it ain't their throats that get cut.

The time ain't right. We gotta lay low.

Look it, I am fed up with waiting.

We got our asses whipped last time. I don't want to go back for seconds.

Yeah, it was your crazy plan, Maggie.

We had a chance if you'd have stuck around and fought.

The only one of you guys that had a backbone was Dom and you left him to die.

Shut up! I've heard enough! Who you telling what to do, greasehead?

Look! Dominic is gone, and I'm taking charge. I got the right.

We want Maggie. Yeah, we want Maggie.

You shut up and sit down.

You're a chicken. Say it!

I'm... Come on!

I'm... chicken.

I'm a big, fat, yellow chicken.

I'm a big, fat, yellow chicken.

I ain't following no chicken.

Well, I ain't following no broad.

Then hit the road.

Come on, Bunny. Let's go.

Not this time, cripple dick.

Goddamn it, Bunny. I told you never to call me that.

It ain't true. Come on, Hook.

Everybody knows your crank can hook a tuna.

Are you coming or not?

Shove off!

You broads don't have a chance.

Get out! Go on!

Beat it. Get out.

Move it! Get out.

You cows are freaks! You'll never make it.

Nice going, Mag. We just lost half our muscle.

Lace would be pleased.

Okay. Now I say we need a new name.

We ain't gonna be anybody's "Debs" anymore.

We are gonna be us.

You girls know what a jezebel is?

I found it the other day in the dictionary.

It says, "an immoral, shameless impudent woman."

And from now on that's gonna be us. The Jezebels, yeah!

Terrific. That'll scare Crabs to death.

You got another big plan up your sleeve, Maggie?


Donut, Bunny, we're gonna take a trip across town.

Maggie. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Yeah, I think we oughta go back.

Hold it right there, whitey.

Frisk 'em!

Now inside, nice and easy..

Well, looka here.

I thought it was you, Maggie.

Hello, Muff.

It's been a long time. Oh, too long.

You'll have to excuse my girls, but outsiders are not welcome here.

Even the cops split.

Moved to a healthier climate, as they say.

Nice layout. Yeah.

So what do you want? We need some help.

Me and my girls here were the Dagger Debs, and now, we're the Jezebels.

No men?


We kicked them out.


Now that's real good.

You know, sooner or later every woman's bound to find out.

The only thing a man's got below his belt is clay feet.

Come on. Let's talk about it.

These are my girls.

Toby, Java, Cheryl, Hench.

We got kind of a political discussion group going.

You know what I mean. Yeah.

You know how to read?

Oh, you're into some heavy stuff.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Dig? Yeah, we dig.

Well, that's science, but they don't teach it in the schools.

They will when we run them.

This a sample of your sisters?

They can fight. There just ain't enough of us.

Now some people are leaning on us pretty bad.

Mao says don't waste time on personal grudges.

Yeah. What's in it for us?

You need guns?

We can always use more.

Well, this guy's got an arsenal.

And who might that be?

The one they call Crabs.

That capitalist gangster. Well, why didn't you say so?

Yeah, we know him. That bastard drives around in his Teen Post truck like he's giving away free food to the poor. Meanwhile, he's dealing dope on the side.

Yeah, he gets little kids hooked on those vitamin pills he's pushing so he can lay some smack on them later.

Yeah. We're in for old times' sake.

I'm really gonna enjoy this.

He's well organized, Muff.

It won't be easy.

Yeah? Well, we got a surprise for old Crabs.

A great big motherfucking surprise.

Like what?

You'll see. Right now it's training time.

I'm gonna scrounge up a couple of M-16s courtesy of the National Guard.

Come on, baby.

Where do you know her from?

Used to go with her brother once till the cops offed him.


Be ready to kill her, or don't go in that door.

Back off, Patch. Let me handle it my way.

Lace, she's cutting you from the inside.

The girls listen to her. Nobody takes what's mine.

If Maggie wants blood, she'll get it.

I spread the word on Crabs' turf.

They'll be staying clear of his truck. Okay. Cool.

Hi, Lace. Where've you been? We've missed you.

Been busy, huh? Another one of your big plans?

No sense wasting time, Lace.

Me and the girls were just getting things ready for you.

Muff, this is Lace.

She's the leader of the Jezebels.

If you say so, Maggie.

Okay, listen.

Everybody, I've got just one thing I want to say.

Those lousy murderers killed my Dom, and each one of you got burned.

And I want you to remember that tomorrow, 'cause we're gonna carve our names in those bastards' chests!

They're looking good, Maggie.

You can count on them, Lace.

But I got a favor to ask you. I want Crabs alive.

Oh, yeah? Why?

Dominic's dead 'cause somebody tipped Crabs off about the roller rink, and I'm gonna find out who.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's a good idea, Maggie, yeah.

Come on, Maggie. We got things to do, man. We got a lot of work to do.

You heard. She's not gonna stop till we're screwed.

You've gotta take care of her now.

Yeah, I guess so.

Be sad if Maggie had an accident tomorrow with all those bullets flying around.

Yeah. You just make damn sure you don't miss.

Here. Pour it.

Good for the kiddies.

Where is everybody? It's too quiet around here.

Get the drugs.

What's all this garbage?

Leave the food alone.

What's the matter, girls? Looks like you're back for more, huh?

Hey, Lace. You hear something?

Yeah. It sounds like a furry little rat.

Hey, where'd you get this stuff?

Hey, put that down. And you, get away from the donuts.

It's for the kids, not you. Where'd you get this stuff? In a sewer?

Yeah, it's good stuff. Now put the donuts away.

All right, ladies. Tear up the truck!

Those crazy chicks, they got the truck all over the ground.

Look what they done to me. Look at you?

I got a meeting with the mayor in 25 minutes!

God, why does this always happen to me?

They got guns! Guns!

Get the guns!

Get away from that truck!

Get away from the truck!

All right! Come on! Come on!

We need help! Come on! Down that way!

Get behind them!

Remember, I want him alive.

Wait a minute. What the hell is that?

Holy shit!

Let's go get 'em, girls, for the revolution.

That's for Angela. Power to the people.

Wait a minute. Somebody call the goddamn cops.

Pin him against the wall.


Where's Maggie at?


Lace, what're you waiting for?

It's gotta look like an accident.

Yeah, but it's gotta happen now.

Goddamn it!

Hello Crabs.

Just gotta ask you a couple of questions.

Has he talked yet?

We're just getting acquainted.

Come on, Lace. We gotta go.

No time!

Not before we get some information.

No! Wait! Don't shoot! Please!

I'll tell you anything...

You son of a bitch!

He was gonna talk!

He was going for his gun. He could've killed you.

Yeah. Pretty convenient.

What do you mean, convenient?

Task squad, Maggie. Let's get the hell out of here.

Yeah, I'll be there.

No reason to hang around now.

Oh, that's nice. Now cut it.

Use this one.

Lace, come on. Everything is all set.

What're you doing?

Funny how things turn out, isn't it?

What's the matter with you?

You losing your nerve?

Ever since Dom went, I feel all empty inside.

Listen, Lace. Lace!

Maggie is out there setting me up for a fall.

But I ain't going down alone.

Look, babe, I...

I know how you must feel, man.

You've been through so damn much lately.

And here I am, your best friend, yelling at you.

I'm sorry, all right?


Now, listen. Both of them are ready.

All you have to do is make your move, and the rest'll go along once they see you're on top again.

That's right.

Oh. Here.

Let me... help you fix your hair.

You gotta look good for this.

Have some of this cake.

Yeah, isn't that fantastic?

Hey, here comes Lace. Hi, Lace.

It's about time. Join the party.

We've been waiting for you.

Hi, Lace. You feeling better?

Feeling just fine, Bunny.

Well, good. We've been waiting for you.

Hey, did you see our cake?

Hey, Donut. How you been?

Hi, Lace. Still friends?

Yeah, yeah, sure. Still friends.

What's that for?

Oh, I was just getting this for Maggie.

Uh-huh. Well, get me one!

You heard me.

Okay. You can have this one.

Hey, hero. Why so glum?

Just thinking about something. Yeah?


Patch didn't shoot Crabs by mistake.

She had another reason.

Such as? I don't know.

Do you?

Hey, listen up, everybody.

I've got a surprise for you.

Me and Maggie here have been through a lot of scrapes in the past few weeks, and she's mean and she's tough and she's bad.

And each of us owe her something in our own special way.

And me, I owe her more than any of you.

And that's why I have this surprise that I just found out about for sure last night.

Our own little Maggie here is a fucking traitor!

What're you doing, Lace?

She spilled our attack plan to Crabs and got Dominic killed.

Then she tried to take over the gang.

It was an ambush, man. She set the whole thing up.

That can't be true. Nobody fought better than her.

Yeah. She even saved your ass, Lace.

Yeah. She did that to cover herself, man.

She was Crabs' girl all along. We checked.

I don't believe it.

You knew it, too. Didn't you, Donut?

Maggie told you all about it, didn't she?


I guess so, Lace.

I mean, I think I remember something like that.

And that's how she got the medallion so easy, wasn't it?

Crabs gave it to her so Dominic would fall for the whole story.

Ain't that so?

Um... yeah.

I guess so. That's not true.

Let me up.

Let her talk.

She'll talk, all right.

And she'll tell the truth.

It was you, wasn't it?

You and Patch.

Why, Lace?



When I say so! It won't work anymore, Lace.

Walk soft, honey. What was that?

She said it's no good. We're not buying it.

Not from you or Donut, either.

I didn't mean it. They made me say it. I'm sorry.

You're through, Lace. You're out.

I'm out? That's what I said!

Okay, you want me out, you're gonna have to fight me.

Or anybody else who's got enough guts to take me on.

What about you, Ginny?

You got a pretty face. It'd look real good with a big scar.

What about you, Donut?

Want me to slice off some of that extra blubber?

I'm sorry!

Come on! Who's got the guts to try it?

Come on! I will.

Okay, Maggie.

Don't be shy.

You were never shy with Dom, were you?

So, that's it, ain't it?

You got your man killed because you couldn't hold him.

And I'd kill him again to keep him from you.

You know something funny, Lace?

You were wrong. There was nothing between me and Dom.

It was all you.


You've had it!

Verifying the DLB as 1105.

The exits are covered. Let's bust them.

Now wait a minute. They're fighting among themselves.

If someone gets killed, we'll finally have a charge that'll stick.

You're all heart, aren't you, Rizzo?

I'll kill you!


This is the police.

Throw down your weapons and put your hands above your head.

Keep away from the body.

This time it's murder, honey.

You play by my rules.

You're nobody now.

We're the Jezebels, fatso.

I thought there were no gangs around here.

What about you? Jezebels.

And you? Jezebel.


What about you?

She ain't with us.

Sure I am. I always been.

I don't know her. That's right. Don't know her.

She's not one of us. Never seen her before.

She ain't one of us. Okay, Jezebels.

All right. Let's go.

You're hurting me!

Leave me alone. I'm coming.

Goddamn it! Leave me alone.

Let me give you some advice.

No. Let me give you some advice, cop.

You can beat us, chain us, lock us up.

But we're gonna be back! Understand?

And when we do, cop, you better keep your ass off our turf, or we'll blow it off!

You dig?

We're Jezebels, Cop!

Remember that name.

We'll be back!