Switching Channels (1988) Script

This is Christy Colleran for Satellite News Network here in downtown Chicago, covering stories the world over 24 hours a day.

Here he comes.


State's Attorney Roy Ridnitz today announced that he would challenge Governor Holt in the upcoming Democratic primary.

It's a matter of public record that these two men haven't agreed on almost any issue.

The campaign promises to be a good old Chicago dogfight.


It's over, ma'am. We got him.

The captain just informed me the police have finally captured the infamous Southside sniper.

We'll keep you informed.

Here you go, Christy.

It may look like rain to the rest of you, but on Lake Shore Drive it's sunshine all the way.

Aah! That's right, Chicago!

Hit me! Beat me! I love it!

This is Christy Colleran, Satellite Network News.

MAN: Five, four, three, two, one. Hit it!

It's 4:00 a.m., and here are the fast-breaking stories from around the world.

Today is a red-letter day for the Chicago county jail.

Three hours after the State Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of convicted cop killer Ike Roscoe, the authorities started dusting off this old chair.

Chicago's first electrocution in 27 years is scheduled for July 15th at midnight.

This man is soft on crime.

He's soft on the Soviets.

He's absolutely limp on a voluntary drug-testing system...

Limp? How can you be limp on that?

Governor, please.


We're out of time.

I hate the Russians as much as you.

Shit! Let's go.

So that's what it's like to roll a car at the Cicero stock car racetrack.

For SNN News, this is Christy...


What the hell is my last name?

This just in.

At 12:00 noon today, 15,000 students from all 50 states will be joined electronically to play Darktown Strutters' Ball on the kazoo for the President of the United States.

The President is a former kazoo player and may wish to join in.

Hey, wait a minute!

We're doing a story about 15,000 kazoo players and the President of the United States?

I can't believe...

I think my ex-wife is cracking up.

What do you mean, give her a vacation?

CHRISTY: Ha ha ha!

Give her a vacation.




Oh! It's the fresh air.

Thank you.

Christy Colleran.

Bienvenue, Madame Colleran.

Oh, no! That's Miss Colleran.

Mademoiselle Colleran.

We have a double bed. Is that okay?

I don't care what size... Oh!


I'm--I'm very sorry.

No problem.

You were saying s-something?

We have lots of things here for you to do.

We have sailing.

Beautiful sailboats for one or two.


Need a lift?

Hi. Yes, please.

Hang on.

Here you go. Grab my hand.



Canoes are kind of tricky, huh?


I'll get you a towel.


There you go.

Um... Do you mind if I do my own hair?


Well, uh, I guess I owe you one.

How about if I take you to dinner?

Just be sure you keep your credit card in your pocket.


What do you do when you're not pulling women out of the lake?

I run a sporting goods company in New York.

We make tennis balls, gym equipment and...

Who cares?

God, your hair looks amazing in the moonlight.

So does yours.

Thank you.

Thanks, Henry. We'll just be a minute.

Yes, sir.

She's here, Sully.

Oh. I'm up.



They're taking him to the jail right now!

Hi, Abby.

Christy! Welcome back. How was your vacation?


I brought someone back. I'd like you to meet Mr. Bingham.


Where's the ayatollah?

In the pit.

I'll just be 10 minutes, Blaine.

Anything I can do to help?

I think after eight years in a marriage, I should tell him myself.

I'll just be 10 minutes.

I can't handle being away from you for 10.

I'll make it five.

Uh, we haven't been apart for the last...482 hours.

Yes, sir.

Stand back!

Late show's broadcasting all week from the Summit in Belgium.

How many people are you sending?

One. One?

Nothing happens at summits.

No one knows where the hell Belgium is.

Right. Call on line two.


Jesus, what an airhead!


Yeah. Sully!

Christy, get downtown. They just moved Roscoe from the pen to the jail.

Three weeks in Canada, and this is my welcome?

No! Welcome back! Thank God you're back.

Get down to the jail.

I can't.

This is the story of the century!

I've got news of my own.

MAN ON TV: Get back!

The cameraman fell down!

We got a dog's point of view!

And so, with the clang of the cell doors, and the hiss of 120,000 volts of Illinois power less than 12 hours away...

Nice image, Ludlow.

...now being led to his lonely, private vigil...

What a Twinkie!

...waiting, perhaps eagerly, for his own personal death knell and deliverance.

For Satellite News Network, I'm Karen Ludlow.

Chicago county jail, Chicago.

Dear God!

Save me from reporters that have read a book.

Missed you. Nobody to fight with.

I've never been happier.

You romantics think divorce is a passport to happiness.

If you're unhappy, why didn't you contest the divorce?

Because you didn't ask for a dime, and you accused me of having an affair with Margaret Thatcher.

You're lucky I didn't claim the war in Afghanistan.

We've had great stories, haven't we?

That's your problem.

Everything's a story to you.

There's never been a story more important to me than you.

On our first anniversary, you sent me to cover the 10-second war in Grenada.

Is it my fault a volcano decided to erupt?

It's your fault we had to go cover it.

We're in the news business. You can't experience lava indoors.

I'm quitting the news business.

You're always quitting the news business.

Why is there a fire on channel four, and we don't have it?


Breakfast, boss, and 24-hour ratings.

How are they?

They dropped two points, but Christy's back now.

Oh. Ludlow's not working out, huh?

Yes, she's working out.

It's not her fault the news is lousy.

Same healthy breakfast, I see.

Why don't you relieve Ludlow at the jail?

I told you I'm quitting. Yeah.

I'm tired of space shuttles and trips to Bhopal.


I'd like a nice, normal, relaxed kind of life.

Oh. One other thing. I'm getting married.

I can't leave you alone for a minute.

Boss, I got a tape of that fire you wanted!

I thought you were happy with the divorce.

Who is he?

I met him on vacation.

He's not in the news business.

What are you going to talk about?

Who needs to talk? Yeah, right.

We're getting married the day after tomorrow in New York.

Jesus, why so soon?

I didn't feel like being engaged for four years and eight months again.

Blaine's been married before.

What's his first name?

Blaine is his first name. Blaine Bingham.

Blaine Bingham. Blaine Bingham.

Siegenthaler! Is he rich?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Siegenthaler, kick satellite 11.

How rich?

Well, he owns his own building in New York and he's the country's largest supplier of athletic equipment.

Athletic equipment?

Bowling balls and baseball mitts?


That should make for very snappy pillow talk.

Ha ha ha!



Blaine is a wonderful man.

He is decent and kind and caring.

Sounds like someone I should marry.

You're going to live in an office building?

No. He has an apartment at the UN Plaza, house in Oyster Bay, condo in Nice...


Pinched nerve?

Yeah. Would you...


You're going to become gracious, have power din-dins with the yuppies from the firm.

And lots of babies.

I could have given you all the babies you wanted.

I could have had them without your help, aside from your heavy chores of conceiving.

Blaine wants to nurture them.

No, he doesn't. He wants to make them into angry little lawyers.

Roscoe's behind bars. What about Ludlow?

Keep her there. No food and no water.

This will be a big story.


You're giving up the news business to marry a rowing-machine hustler?

No, just reporting.

I start as the new host on AM Manhattan.

With the overweight weatherman?

And the afternoons off.

Interviewing entertainers, dregs of the world.

And a home life.

Gonna have it all, huh?

Gonna try.

If you want to move to New York and raise little suits, I'm for it 1,000%.

You can fall in love in three weeks.

Took us only two.

Was it that long for you?



I love it when you're sincere.

It's completely transparent, but it's kind of charming.

Well, Sully, I'll see you.

Why don't I take you and Brains to lunch?


Blaine. Tell him to meet us.

We're on our way to the airport.

The little rascal's out there, and you wouldn't let me meet him?

Afraid of the comparison?

After you.

They filed for bankruptcy?



Guess what, Abigail.


My principal competition just collapsed.


They got leveraged too high, couldn't use a rollover, so sharks got them.

Sign in, please, sir.

Bingham, John L. Sullivan IV.

How are you?

I hear you're a terrific racquetball player.

This is not him.

No? That's him.


Ha-ha! Sorry. She said the guy with the tic.

I've heard a lot about you.

Christy, Rinehart Brothers just went belly up.

Blaine, that's wonderful!

You own this network?

No. He's a little guy, looks like Hitler.

Sorry about the hot weather, Bingham.

Glasses tied around your neck in case a basketball game breaks out?

You're marrying a wonderful girl.

Yes, I know.

Don't let her reaction to shellfish put you off.

A lot of people swell up, get blotches all over.

I used to take lotion and put it everywhere.

Anyway, don't worry about it.

The scratching goes away after a week or so.

This girl has a great mouth.

Blaine knows everything about me, Sully.

He does?

Even the, uh...

Just kidding. You're a lucky man.

I mean that in all sincerity.

Thanks. Know what she did the third time we went out?

Do we ever.


I wish you'd let me take you two to lunch as a kind of hail and farewell.

We've got reservations on a 4:00 flight.

Is the corporate jet down?

They're in Texas today.

Blaine, this is Chicago, "Hog butcher to the world."

Planes leaving every hour to New York.

It isn't often a man meets the love of his ex-wife's life.


We were going to eat. An hour wouldn't hurt.

Are you sure, darling?

Sure. Sure.

Me Sully, you darling.

Blaine, I love that jacket. Oh, thanks.

If the lapels were a little wider, it would almost be too post-retro.

Look great with my jodhpurs.

Oh, you ride? Only at night!

What car are we taking?

The Rolls.

Sullivan, I love your town.

Did you know Chicago means the smell of wild onions?

New York just means New York.

I left my computer.

I'll get it.


Book every seat on every airline going to New York in the next 24 hours.

Sully, that'll take all day.

Book the White Sox, the Cubs, every employee at ABC News. I'll be at the restaurant.

Then put me on the election.

This makes the election look like the opening of Al Capone's vault.

I need someone with a strong journalistic background...you!

Sully, I majored in phys. ed.!

Perfect! You won't run out of breath!

Sully, your table's ready.

Christy and I will have the usual.

Two shooters, wild turkey.

A Perrier with lime, and hold the ice. I'll have to send out for it.

Watch this guy.


Whew! I love that fist.

Here you go, babe.

Joe, two shooters, wild turkey! Send out for a Perrier.


I thought you said it was quiet.

It gets very quiet between pitches.

So... So...

So you two are getting married?

Uh-huh. Yes.

Have the results of the blood test yet?

Is there something you've forgotten to tell me?

He's right.

Over the last couple of years, I've had 16 pints of my blood frozen and stored, just in case.

My God, 16 pints?

Day after tomorrow, eight of those pints are yours.

Aw. I don't...

I think that's so thoughtful of you.

What else have you got saved up for a rainy day?

Sully, don't you think that's enough?

The way you drink, maybe he's got a spare liver stored someplace.

Your Perrier's coming.

All right!

MAN: Go! Come on! Four!

So you're what a television newsman looks like.

And you sell jockstraps.

Seventeen million worldwide this year alone.

If I'd invented that little thing, I'd be rich today.

Aren't you rich? A multimillionaire?

What do you mean by multi?

More than one.

Blaine, don't discuss our finances with him.

Our? Our.

Sully! Pastrami's good. Chicken salad.

You do anything grilled? You name it.

A little piece of fresh fish, mesquite-grilled.

Put sauteed baby vegetables on the side.

What did he say?

Three specials and a pitcher of beer. Hearty, but light.

You got it.

Blaine knows everything about food.

That's important, to know everything about food.





American and United, booked.

Working on TWA.

Hell of a reporter. She'll get the Peabody this year.

Talking about Ludlow.

What are you talking about Ludlow for?

She's doing a great job.

Where is he?

She gets over 400 fan letters a week, three proposals of marriage.

I'll call back 6:00 New York time.

Arrives this afternoon? Okay.

Fifty more. Write it down.

I'm doing the best I can!

Ludlow's filling my shoes, huh?


That Twinkie couldn't fill my shoes with an extra pair of feet.

She's covering Ike Roscoe's execution.

Who's Ike Roscoe?

BOTH: You don't know who Ike Roscoe is?

His picture's been in the paper every day the last three months.

He's not in the financial section.

He'll die for a crime he should have committed.

Should have committed?

Ike Roscoe's son died of a drug overdose.

He shot the dealer, who was a cop.

Here you are. They don't like it here when you kill a cop.

That cop was supplying dope for over half the high schools.

The judge wouldn't allow drug evidence and sentenced Ike to death.

He dies tonight at 12:01.

Can't the governor pardon him?

He could, but we're talking politics.

Chicago politics.

In this town, rain is a political deal.

Besides, the state attorney that got the conviction is running against the governor. Excuse me. Oh, yeah.

They're both trying to out law-and-order each other.

Can't something be done?

Yeah. I could fire that hack Ludlow, and your fiancee here could do one last interview.

Maybe it would be so touching that the governor would change his mind.

Come off it, Sully.

It isn't fair to ask anyone to postpone their wedding trip to save a man's life.

Could Christy interviewing Ike Roscoe really change the governor's mind?

Yeah! Thousand to one.

Ten to one.

Twelve to one.

You've got to, honey. We'll take a later plane.

Don't you see what he's doing?

He doesn't care about Ike!

He wants a hot lead on the 6:00!

If it means it could save a man's life...

Do you see what I'm marrying?

A decent human being.

It's a weird adjustment.

Do you really want me to do it, darling?

Yes. Yes.

I got to stop. Me Sully. He darling.

I'd never forgive myself if you didn't try.

How long will it take?

Two hours. You'll be on a plane by 7:00.

No problem.

Three specials!

Fresh from the microwave.

Perrier's coming!

This is light?

Cottage cheese, see?

I'll do the interview on one condition. You got it.

SNN needs a gym.

A what?

With the finest Bingham equipment, rowing machines, bicycles... Solarium, sauna.

Exercise is bad for you!

More people die from exercise than from cancer.

That's not true.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Fill out the order form.

This could cost over $100,000.

Hundred and fifty.

A man's life, Sully, remember?

Do you give, uh...

Discounts? Never.

Okay. Where do I sign?

Well, thank you very much. Pleasure.

Put down that sausage, and get over to the jail!

Christy, I'll meet you at the office in an hour.

Good to have you back.

Don't forget, Blaine, he pays.

Okay. Have fun.


Christy, how you doin'?

Fine. What are you up to?

Here to see the warden.

Hey, Eddie.

I can't let you interview him when I've turned down everyone else.

Yes, you can.


I know about those romantic visits you arranged between prisoners and their girlfriends right in your own office.

Now, who told you about that?

True, isn't it?

You wouldn't understand, being a girl.

A man needs a little release.

Profitable release.

You charge inmates 200 bucks a visit.

All right, now just a minute. That makes you a pimp or a madam.

I'm not a pimp or a madam!

In that case, we can use this on a new feature we're doing on innovative prison techniques tomorrow.

Unless I talk to Ike Roscoe.

BLAINE: Tell Bob I want to order a gym for Chicago right away.

That'll be great.

Hmm? The whole thing.

Yeah. We're just closing now. It's a killer deal.

There's a pen in my briefcase if you need it.


That's ridiculous! They can't all be booked.

What's going on?


That's okay. No problem. We'll go to Plan B.

Yeah. Christy is going to love it.

Wait till I tell her.



Have you booked the, uh...


Just finished.

My girls can't talk.

Can we go home?

Please! Please!

God, you sound awful!


Good work, kids.

Take the day off.

See ya.


Okay? Thanks a lot.

Every seat on every flight from Chicago to New York is booked the next 24 hours.

The garbage strike must be over.

Oh, thanks.

You'll leave in the morning?

No. There's nothing quite so romantic as an overnight train ride.

There's one tonight at 11:00.


Beds are a little short, but it's quaint.

Be back in a minute.

Oh! Don't move!

Book every ticket on the train to New York for the next 24 hours!

Oh, is that all?

Boats, buses, helicopters, too.

We can't!

The network's future is at stake!

Get me the mail room.

We should buy all the sneakers, in case the guy wants to jog to New York.

I'm expecting athletic equipment from Bingham Industries.

Hit a couple of exercise bikes with a hammer and ship the whole shebang back as damaged goods.

Whose names do we use now? Streets!


You did it, Christy! I knew you could.

When are you seeing him?

Not so fast. No interview till you sign the deal.

I signed it!

I'd like to talk to Blaine.

BLAINE: Hi, darling, are you having fun?

Blaine, did he sign it?

Sure did.

Not disappearing ink, is it? He didn't date it 1888?


No nicknames? What do you mean?

Once he signed a reporter's contract "Peter Rabbit."

Ha ha! Ha ha!

No. It's all completely legal, dear.

Sweetheart, I do this every day.


Do you mind?



Darling, all the airlines were booked, but I've got us tickets on the 11:00 train tonight.

It'll be just like North by Northwest.

You already got tickets?

Yes. You didn't tell me.

I didn't think you'd be that interested.

Siegenthaler, cancel what I just said!

What? Sully, you...



She's going to make a great little wife, like another appendage, an extra arm or leg.

She's real concerned about my business, too.

After tomorrow, she'll have half of it and all that blood.

Like community property? No, no.

Our relationship is more profound than that.

We've both made horrible, agonizing mistakes before.

Sorry. No offense.

We don't want to do it again.

But I love her a staggering amount.

Very unusual for me.

You make me very nostalgic for her.

We just had a very physical relationship.

Juices intermingling... You know.

Hardly ever talked.

Sex, sex...


I think she's happier out of the cave.

Course she is!

You're right. Marrying Christy will be like having another leg.

Tell her that. She'll love it!

I have got a great idea.

I'm going to get a picnic for the train.

Champagne, caviar, silver candlesticks.

We met because of a candle.

Say, do you know where I could get some?

Silver candlesticks?



I know a perfect place.

Siegenthaler, I need you.

You are really a good sport.

Christy warned me about you.

Said you'd be a lot different, not so nice.

I'm a hard guy to know.


Where you been?

Take Mr. Bingham to the silver store.

Where is one?

State of Illinois Tower.

The Tower has a silver store?

That's the place.

Siegenthaler, I'm very busy.

Sullivan, did you actually sign a reporter's contract

"Peter Rabbit"?

Yes. What did the reporter do?

Christy laughed her ass off.

Ha ha ha!

Can I ask you a question?


It's slightly personal. It's okay.

Do you streak your hair?

Sure. Tried six different colors.

I had Burnished Peaches, but it was brassy.

Now it's Mellow Sun Tone. I think it works.

Works for me.

Me, too.


Bye, guys. Happy shopping.



If that dildo comes back, search every orifice he has.

Yes, sir!

Hey, everybody!

Hey! Hey!

Tell this guy, if he delivers his ward, he can be city sealer.

And his wife?

We'll put her in charge of...a landmark.

$75,000 a year is easy for her.

Oh. Oh, ho, ho, yes.

I love it.

Hey, everybody, I love these!

If we carry the election, I'll put his whole family in office.

The baby, too?

In charge of parking violations.

Mr. Ridnitz!

What's so urgent?

It's Warden Terwilliger.

What does he want, anyway?

Hey, Twig! How are ya?

You did what?

Hey, listen to me.

I spent two months making sure that nobody got an interview with Ike Roscoe.

Now you're telling me that you gave one to that...

Female reporter on the night of his execution?

I don't care what she's got on you!

Call it off, or you will not be the warden of...


Whatever you do, make sure they don't catch you on camera refusing to be interviewed.

That's how Mike Wallace got me last year.

No! Stop them!

He's changed his mind. Let's roll tape.

We're rolling, Terwilliger.

You're not trying to prevent the public from hearing the final words of a condemned man, are you, Warden?

No. I was... Trying to make sure you got in okay.

Thank you. Let's go.

Are you sure about this?

This is a vicious killer...

Driven absolutely mad with rage.

Hello, Ike.

Hi, Miss Colleran.

Thank you for giving me this interview.

I'd do anything for you.

You're the only one who's been decent to me except for Pamela.

Pamela Farbrother, your lawyer?

How are they treating you here, Ike?

I can't complain.

I mean, I never get to see anybody but the guards, but they're pretty nice fellows.

Would you share your thoughts, Ike?

Now I know what it's like to be without hope.

All those months I kept thinking, "They're not going to kill me."

All I wanted was my boy back, but now I know they are going to kill me.

I know this is painful, but would you go over that horrible night one more time?

Anthony was a quiet kid.

He didn't have many friends.

He wanted to be in the newspaper business.

What that man did to him...

Needle marks along his arm, inside his thigh.

He used to defecate in his bed. That's what the drugs did.

He became a dealer to--to keep his habit going.

That's how I found out the name of the supplier.

Edward Kisinski.

What happened then?

January 18th...

Please, Ike. Go on if you can.

On January 18th, he--he went for a walk completely zonked and just fell off the bridge.

I went downtown to this shop off State Street and bought a .38 special.

I went to Kisinski's house and shot him over and over.

I ran out of bullets.

He was positively the dealer?

I saw him sell Tony the stuff.

I didn't know he was a cop, but I'm not sorry.

He killed Tony and who knows how many other kids.

I--I did it for revenge and nothing more.

Maybe I'm getting what I deserve.

No. You're not.

You don't deserve to be executed.

I'm gonna be.

You know what today is?

It's Houdini's birthday.

I used to practice tricks when I was working as a magician.

Anthony helped me with the inverted water bottle.

Is there a favorite trick of Anthony's you could do here?

It's just a pen.

Very clever.


It's the simplest trick, but it always fooled Tony.

Houdini would be proud.

Not even Houdini could get out of this place.

That's it. Thank you, Ike.

Come on, Ike. Let's go.

Thank you, Miss Colleran.

I'll do everything I can.

Come on, boys.

BLAINE: Some say it's a monkey. Some say a poodle.

It's untitled, but the contrast against the vertical building is really amazing.

I've got one of those.

One of those?

No. A couple paintings.

It's a great town.

After New York, Chicago is the best in the country.



Cute buns.

There's no pen in my pen.

Hold it, Roscoe.

You know the procedure.

Okay. In you go.

Fred, you want a coffee?

Yeah. Okay.

Anything on tonight?

I think the game's on.

All right. What channel?

Uh, two?



It's huge.

So, where's Covalof's?

Seventeenth floor.

I can't go up there.

Okay. Tell you what.

Let me give you my American Express card.

Get two candlesticks for under two grand.

I couldn't, Mr. Bingham.

They check the signature and the I.D.

Don't you want to pick it yourself?

Yeah. Yeah.

I can do it. I can do it.


Stop it! Stop it!

Stop what?

Mr. Bingham.

Please! Stop it! Stop it!

What's the matter, Mr. Bingham?

Uh! Uh!

Mr. Bingham, are you okay?

Is there something...

Uh! Uh!

Don't touch that! Don't! Don't!

Ahh! Ahh!

Ahh! Ahh! That's the emergency button, Mr. Bingham.

Mommy! Mommy! Help me!

Oh! Help me!




So, Ludlow...


Karen, welcome to TV news.

What the hell is she doing here?

Come on, guys. We got action.

Colleran! Geez!

Come on, Bill.

Anybody got hamburger?

The zoo's out, and the pandas are hungry.

Christy! Christy!

What are you doing here?

The governor's going to pardon Ike. You're kidding!

He's going to juice the DA instead.

Beautiful pun.

Come on, Christy.

What were you doing?

Hey, how are you?

Weren't you talking to Ike? Did he say anything?


You don't win Emmys for backstabbing.

That's exactly how you win Emmys.

I'm through with this business.

You, through with the business? Bullshit!

I'm off to the Big Apple and a morning talk show.

An indoor job?

In two days, I will be a happily married woman.

I thought you were happily married.

Sully was the miserable one!

Zaks, that's almost as funny as your series on sexual harassment in the supermarkets.

Low blow. Nice shot.

I've got a tag waiting.

What's the tag?

Tune in at 6:00, Tillinger.

She hasn't got anything.

All talk. She didn't see him.

I'm going back to the truck. Yeah, me, too.

Whatever she tells me, I'll tell you, okay?

I wish you guys would stop following me.

Can she ever walk!

Hey! Let's take the elevator.

Good idea.

You bastards!

Hi, Jessica.

Can I plug in here? My desk is gone.

Christy! How you doing?

Hey, beauty! Welcome back to reality.

What's your hurry?

Television's always in a hurry.

Have no fear. TV's here.

It's the mannequins coming to find out where the nonfiction is.

What have you got? Where did you get this?

I don't have to look pretty.

I work for a newspaper.

Nineteenth-century journalism.

Yeah, Nancy. Jack here.

Come on, Christy.

Dig up your own dirt.

They couldn't dig up flowers.

For hard news, they come here.

My TV's just for my cat.

You'd drop your drawers to be on TV.

I'd drop my drawers to fart on overpaid anchorpersons.


Now, that's a low blow.

Obie, can I use your Xerox?

It's not a Xerox. It's better.

25 cents. It's nothing personal.

I know. I know.

Don't read it. Just print it.

JESSICA: City press room.

Come on, Christy. You interviewed him. Who's going to the post-electrocution party?

You're sick.

Anyone interested in an 82-year-old heart attack victim who drove through a store window?


Nothing here, Al.

They could postpone this goddamn execution until a decent hour.

Nobody watches at 12:14.

Even Ted Koppel's asleep.

Isn't it 12:01?

10 minutes to fry him. Three to get on TV.

You people have no morals or integrity.

The conscience of America.

You make jokes while an undeserving man gets electrocuted.

He's not undeserving. You lost the case.

And the appeals! Give up!

You lost. He killed a drug dealer.

Jury says he killed a cop.

The four cops who swore Kisinski was a dealer got amnesia in court.

Ridnitz bribed the witnesses.

I haven't heard that since you lost.

Another point you never proved.

He did bribe them!

If you weren't preoccupied with eyeliner, you might have reported that.

You just cared about book and TV deals.

I'm surprised you didn't assume we were sleeping together.

My God!

Were you?


We usually save that question for presidential candidates.

A decent man is going to die.

You're doing nothing to prevent it.

Gentlemen of the press.

And that includes you, Jessica.

City press room.


It's for you. Line one.


Yes, Siegenthaler.

What the hell are you doing there?


He won't let go.

The police can't get him loose.

They can't get him away from the emergency button.

He's screaming and kicking them.

Oh, for God's sake!

Tell him I'll be right there.

It's a 555 number.

All right. I'll hold.


She left the press room 20 minutes ago.

Then where the hell is she?



Mr. Berger's in your office.

Sully, we need more fires.

You got a problem, Max?

Nothing some visual action can't cure.

Family visual action. No smut.

There's too much smut, not enough fires.

Every day I got a special unit looking for smutless fires.

You didn't have one Thursday.

In Tokyo and London they don't give a damn about a Chicago fire.

People watch fires, rapes, re-enacted murders, overturned cars in preference to anything else, except maybe a war that's not too boring.

Those boring wars really cut into the ratings.

Don't get sarcastic with me now, Sully.

You're a good newsman, but you've got contempt for the public, and your features are running too long.

After a minute, everyone switches channels.

Max, did you ever think about running for an office like president?

And lose all my influence in Washington?

You got a fire for me tonight at 6:00?

I got something better.

Christy! What's he doing up here?

Buying you a present, but there aren't any stores on the 17th floor.

I don't know why Sully sent him up here.

I do.

I'll sue. I'll sue.


Please, honey. It's okay. It's me.

How are you? They want me to move, but I'm not moving.

What if I take off all my clothes, slip out of my stockings, so I was just in my underwear.

Then you could tear that off with your teeth.

I don't know.


Oh, yes!

What the...

It worked on the plane.

Come on, Christy! Fifteen minutes to air!

Ten minutes to air! Where is she?

Come on, guys.

Come on. Move it.

Take it to editing.

You take it.

I'll take it.

No time to edit.

I forgot. You take it.

I have to deal with Sully.

I'm frisking you.

What are you talking about?

I've gotta frisk you!

No, thanks. Never mind. It's fine.

Where's Blaine?

Hurry, Christy.

Where the hell you been?

Got the tape?

They're racking it up now, you bastard.

How could you do that to Blaine?


Thirty seconds to air!

How could you send him in a glass elevator when you know he's afraid of heights?

How could I know? He's so tall!


What's the lead, Sully?

What's the lead, Christy?

Former reporter slays ex-husband in TV studio.

Twenty seconds.

I swear I wouldn't hurt him.

How's the language?

I never use bad language, you son of a bitch!

Ten seconds!

Go with it!

I've met some lowlifes in this business.

Murderers, pimps, but you are the worst!

You are a ruthless, manipulative bullying asshole...

Good evening.

This is Christy Colleran with the SNN evening news.

And this is Frank Chadman.

I'm gonna miss her.

She ain't gone yet.

Now for our top story of the evening.

In an exclusive interview, the first since his appeal was denied, cop killer dad Ike Roscoe talked to me about the events that tragic night in January when his only son died and he killed an off-duty cop.

IKE: All those months I kept thinking, "They're not going to kill me."

All I wanted was my boy back, but now I know they are going to kill me.

CHRISTY: I know this is painful, but would you go back over that horrible night one more time?

He wanted to be in the newspaper business.

Darling, please!

What that man did to him...

Needle marks along his arm, inside his thigh.

He became a dealer to--to keep his habit going.

That's how I found out the name of the supplier.

Be quiet! Aw!

Please, Ike. Go on if you can.

Here. Have a piece of pizza.


On January 18th...

Stop with that cat!

Anybody else for Coke?

... he--he went for a walk completely zonked... I said quiet.

...and just fell off the bridge.

Maybe I'm getting what I deserve.

No. You're not.

You don't deserve to be executed.

I'm gonna be.

Your Gatorade, Governor. Thank you.

You know what today is?

It's Houdini's birthday.

I used to practice tricks when I was working as a magician.

Anthony helped me with the inverted water bottle.

Is there a favorite trick of Anthony's you could do here?

Not even Houdini could get out of this place.

That's it. Thank you, Ike.

A journalist is supposed to be objective.

There are some things more important than journalism.

Since this is my final story, I'll lay it on the line.

Ike Roscoe should not be executed.

He is being used as a political Ping Pong ball by a creep of a state's attorney and a weakling of a governor.

What this state needs is a chief executive with the guts to forgive, not just a macho hard-ass because his polls tell him to be.

Are you watching, Springfield?

You've got six hours, Governor.

If you pardon Ike Roscoe, you could lose the election, but you might just regain your conscience.

This is Christy Colleran, formerly of Satellite News Network.

Thank you, Christy, and welcome back.

The execution is planned for 12:01 tonight.

Ahem. And as we promised, we planned or expect to have some victims of previous executions for you later on.

Should read, "witnesses of previous executions for you later on."

Christy! Christy!

You were beautiful. "Hard-ass creep."

It was inspiring. We could lose our license.


Blaine! Did you see it? Did you?

No. I couldn't get through security.

That...woman frisked me.

I'm gonna kill you.

Who, me?




What did you expect her to say, "the alleged creep"? He's a creep!

Of course I screened the tape before I ran it.

Mr. Berger objects to the use of the word "ass."

He finds it smutty.

That's all he got out of it?

That's all.

Shit! God! God damn it!

Let me speak to the governor.

I want him to free that little Roscoe man, or I'll blow up the mansion.

Let him go, or every black man will vote for Ridnitz.

You tell the governor if he doesn't pardon him, he is going to lose the yuppie vote.

I wish I knew what to do.

Uh! God!

We've been discussing this thing for months.

I think I'll pardon him.


Shouldn't I?

Well... It depends...

I've had Wayne keep track of your telephone calls.

Here are the numbers.

We have 367 to pardon and two to kill.

Now I'm sure of it. Right?


Get me 15 minutes of airtime at 8:00.

The viewers get mad when you interrupt their favorite shows like that.

Anyways, voters don't watch primetime.

Voters watch the news. 11:00, sir.

I've got a much better idea. Fifteen minutes at 11:00.

Good thinking. And no leaks.

We don't want the press to know until the public does.

Good decision, Governor.

That's a winner.

Actually... Yipes.

If I'm going to be on television, I need sleep.

Crannock, you handle the press.

Tell stations we want the time, but don't tell them why.

I don't agree with this strategy.

Come on, let's move it. There isn't much time.

Johnson, make sure that makeup girl is on time tonight.

Bryce, let's put him in the blue suit.

Blue. Right.

Give me Ridnitz.

It's Crannock.


Oh, no.


The Governor is going to pardon him.

On the 11:00 news!

You know what this means.

If that Roscoe twerp doesn't fry, I don't get elected.

And you all are out of a job.

The governor is a...

Bad person.

Your families will all starve.

What'll we do?

I hate bimbo...


Television reporters.

Wait a minute. Aah! Calm down, Roy.

You don't win billion-dollar personal-injury lawsuits by swearing at bleeding-heart pantyhose reporters.

We're going to kill him anyway.


We're going to move up the execution because of the riots.

What riots?

The riots and the bomb threats scheduled for midnight by the subversive, anti-death penalty left-wing terrorists.

Under advice from Warden Terwilliger, it is deemed necessary to move the execution up by two hours in order to insure the safety of the other mother...

Law-abiding prisoners.

Don't you need a judge to do that?

I've got plenty of judges in my pocket.

How do we keep this from the media?

Invite them.

Invite them to the execution?

The first televised execution in history!

We're going to be the lead on every newscast in this country.

Get down to the prison. Get all the reporters over there by 9:45.

Set up some refreshments.

The media is going to love me for this!

Nobody out law-and-orders Ridnitz.

Jim, Crannock here.

I need some time on the 11:00 news. Yeah.

No, we can't elaborate now. Is he still asleep?

The man could sleep at a hockey game.

Check this speech.

Make sure the press phone calls come through me.

I love you, Christy!

Tomorrow, America will love you.

They will name streets after you.

Want a drink, Blaine?

Huh? No. No, thanks. Not for me.

The switchboard is lit up like Las Vegas!

Here's to the greatest news team since Huntley and Brinkley.

Who, boss?

Never mind.


Thank you. Put that over there.

Maybe we made the news. Yeah!

Police are continuing their investigation.

If we receive word, we will bring it to you.

Chicago's O'Hare Airport reports a record number of no-shows on flights to New York.

Apparently, 6,630 people made reservations and failed to show up.

Authorities suspect a fraternity prank.

The tickets, too?

I'll get it!


Yes, Crannock.

Say again. You got it!

Excuse me. The governor would like 15 minutes on television stations at 11:00 across the state!

Then he's going to pardon him?

Why else would he want the time?

You did it, Christy. You did it!

You both did it!

Who's this?

Themistocles Berger.

He doesn't look like Hitler.

You're fired. That was great journalism.

She's leaving us. What?

I'm marrying this man.

He doesn't have a job.

What do you mean? I fired him.

Time to go, dear.

Hello! Yes, Morkum.

Bomb threats and riots?

What do you mean the judge signed it?

A live execution?

Who's running this state, Pee-wee Herman?

What is it?

Ridnitz moved the execution up to 10:00.


He's invited everybody with an instamatic to come tape it for posterity.

Siegenthaler, get me the governor.

You're not going to tape the electrocution, are you?

Yes, we are.

You people have a hole in your hearts.

SIEGENTHALER: Wake him up.

Maybe I won't have to tape it.

The governor's unavailable. He's taking a nap.

Something's starting to stink here.

You're going to film a man dying?

This is a news station, not The Cosby Show.

That's right.

News is the most important thing in your life, ahead of people, principles, your own love life.

How do I change that?


We have two hours to save this man.

Get over to Ridnitz's office!

We gotta get to a train, thank you.

You'll never forgive yourself if you don't do this.

No. That doesn't work anymore!

Whoa, whoa! Time-out! Let's calm down, okay?

I know this is exciting, but we've got to be in New York.

We made all the plans, remember?

Yes, I know. Okay.

If you want, tomorrow I can have my PR guys write a letter to The Times condemning Ike's death as an act of medieval barbarity, but that's the bottom line.

Sweetheart, it's not your life anymore. Remember?

I know.

Well, I have a train to catch.

I don't want to miss it.

Goodbye, guys.

It's been hot meeting you.

I always thought newspaper people were wimps, flakes, and fruitcakes, but it's not that way at all. I mean that from here.

Well, Sully, I'll see you when I see you.

Have a good life, Christina.

Forget about the girl. Get the story.

The girl is the story.

Come on. Keep moving. Go ahead!

Quit shoving!

Take it easy!

Come on, come on!

Take it easy.

I'm Mrs. Kisinski. Don't push me!

Slow down! Hey, everybody, slow down!

Take it easy!

Clear the way, asshole!


Move it! Come on, pal, move it!

They'll bring him down the stairs.

I won't be able to see a thing.

You don't have to. You're a writer.

"...leadeth me in the paths of righteousness.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, "I will fear no evil for thou art with me.

"Thou preparest a table before me

"in the presence of mine enemies."

I don't care!

Keep your god-damn sound man out of my way!

Don't you have something better to do? I got better things to do than listen to you. Get your butt out of my face!




Okay. Okay. Now get down there.

Boys! Girls!

Are we rolling?

ALL: Yes, we're rolling.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first execution ever opened to our free and uncensored press.

You would never see this in the Soviet Union.

The State of Illinois will be second to none when it comes to the protection of victims.

Especially if they're drug dealers.

Now, all I ask of you, gentlepersons of the media, is that you be tasteful.

"...thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

GUARD: Ma'am! Ma'am!

Ike! Ike!

Oh, my God.

I love you. I'll always love you.

Don't watch this. It's not your fault.

You can't do this! He's innocent!

Ike, please! Say anything! Last words! Ike!

JESSICA: Ike, talk to us!

What was your last meal?

Final thoughts? Would you do it again?

Please, he is about to meet his heavenly Father.

It's okay.

Beets. No.


Only one of these has the juice in it.

♪ Please, let it be mine ♪

"And may God have mercy upon your soul.

"Our Father, who art in heaven, "hallowed be thy name.

"Thy kingdom come..."

Oh, darling. I can't wait.

Oh, that poor man.


That's the jail.


One, two, three.

Wait a minute!

Power feed's out!

"...lead us not into temptation.

"For thine is the kingdom..."

SOUND MAN: Okay, let's go!

"For ever and ever."


One, two, three.





Will you calm down?

Don't panic. Don't panic! Don't panic, anyone!

The perpetrator is well-strapped down.

The warden here is in complete control.

Find out what the hell's going on here!

Yes, sir!

Get the generator working!

Get some light in here!

Well, Warden, I guess you forgot to pay the light bill.

The TV stuff made the electric blow.

JESSICA: He's gone!

BOTH: Who's gone?

Roscoe's gone!

Where is he?

He is gone! He's not gone!

Let's find a phone. Ike's escaped!

What kind of a jail are you running here?

What's burning?


It's Ike!

Wait a minute! Hey, wait! We got a train to catch.

It's the last one!

I'll meet you at the station.


Okay, Henry.


Ike! Ike!

It's me, Christy Colleran!



Aah! Shh!

Where are you going?

I don't know.

I don't even know if I want to escape.

Yes, you do.

See that terrace on the second floor? Get there!


You just escaped from the electric chair, and you're asking me?

Go! Move!


Ollie, how you doing?

Hi, Christy.

Come on, Ike. Come on.

Keep going. Good, good.

All right, you got it. You got it.

Hi. Sully? It's me.

I got Ike Roscoe in the city press room.

He escaped from the chair.

What? Escaped? How?

Never mind. I'll be right there.

She's got Ike! Come on!

Hey, Sully!

We're losing the picture on satellite 11.


Son of a bitch.

Go! Go!

It was a miracle!

The TV equipment blew the circuits.

How did you get away?

My pen? Houdini's birthday?

From the chair?


We got to get you out of here!

I'm so tired.



All right, this way.

Oh, my God! Here they come!

Ha! In there.

Come back. Here!

Get in! Get in! Go on!

Stay out of my way!

Excuse me!

JESSICA: Get out of my way!

Yeah. Boss?

Roscoe escaped! No, from the chair!

Killed two guards! Three guards!

Must know karate! A gun!

There was blood everywhere!

Two accomplices came in!

Two unnamed prison officials!

How many guys helped him? One or two?


A reliable source said three.


I saw it!

They were refrigerators!

Looked like they played for the Bears!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Can I borrow your typewriter?


I left my laptop with...

Oh, my God! Blaine!

Give me that!

What's the number for the train station?


Oh, let me help you.

Do you have to do this now?

I must copy.

What about the heat? I mean, the brown-outs.

You don't want to happen here what happened at the jail.

These circuits won't blow.

MAN OVER PA: Broadway Limited, service to New York, now boarding on Track 12.

All aboard, please.

Uh, oh, ow.

Hey, what was that?

A lot of hacks typing.

No. My machine, it's groaning.

Must have read your column.

Ha ha!


What was that? What?

Who is doing your hair now?

A new guy...

Eeh, aah.

Something ho-ho hilarious going on here?

I'll fix it!

You? It's my baby.


How do you know about copying machines?

Uh, Mother taught me.



Your mother, my ass.

RIDNITZ: Listen up!

Good news, boys.

I have an exclusive for every one of you.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, Roy!

We know all about your cockamamie exclusive.

You figured getting Ike into the electric chair on network television would get you the governor's chair.

Now, look. Killed by your own ambition.

A laughingstock.

Hey, fellas.

I happen to know where the prisoner is.

Exactly and precisely.


Get this!

The craven thug was seen running like a rotten, spineless coward, like a scared, spineless jack rabbit...

Quit the editorial!

Where is he?

He took shots at our brave police.

I knew he had a gun.

Then, crossing an open field on his yellow-bellied way, he... physically assaulted a woman who was picking up welfare checks for her blind mother.


Then... Roy!

Welfare checks at night?

Then, he was seen stealthily climbing onto this very terrace.



Not here, but...

ALL: What?

One flight up.

I want to go back to jail.

No. We'll get you out of here.

Christy, do you know where he is?

You're safe! You're safe!

I thought I'd never see you again. Did they hurt you?

I just want to hold you. Are you safe?

Of course I'm safe. Are you safe? Yes, I'm safe.

We gotta get him out of here!

How about my apartment?

Are you crazy?

That's the first place they'll look.

RIDNITZ: You can quote me.

This is a wily perpetrator.

He will be apprehended.


Get in!

Oh, no. Get him in!

No, no.

Watch your head.

MAN: What do you mean, was I rolling?

What a goddamn waste of time.

A wild-goose chase!

We have eyewitness reports. Give it up.

I personally am going to guarantee...

Get them a new poster.

We're going to take him if we have to search this entire building.

Pillage the area. Follow me!

Come on, Zaks.

Zaks for bum-boy.


Watch the hair.

What are you doing here?

Where's Roscoe?

How should I know?

Why are you here?

To make sure you tell the truth.

Not again.

This is wrong. There were no guns.

You're making him a monster.

We were there! We know how he escaped.

We... Oh.

Where's the camera? Camera!

Roll 'em.

Okay, Roscoe! We know you're in there.

Come on, boys. Open it up.


Follow me.

Oh, you see. He hasn't got a chance.

If you don't kill him, Ridnitz will.

And the poor man doesn't have a friend in the world.

You never saw the gentle side of him.

He likes to read.

He built the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks.


Hey! Huh?

I won't let you do this!

You can't punish the poor man anymore!

I won't let you, even if I have to give up my life.

Did you see that?

What did she do that for?

Is she dead?


Call an ambulance.

What a night! What a story!

Holy smokes! Get out of my way!

Come on, come on!

Roscoe's lawyer tried to kill herself.

She threw herself out the window. There was blood everywhere!

Hey, Sully! You missed all the action.

Morsini, what happened?

That ACLU broad dumped herself out the window, busted the chandelier.


Yes? Interview that woman!

Me? Don't you want the story?

Yes! Come on, guys! Yeah, let's go!

Hey, you guys, move! Go, go, go!

What's your hurry? She's not going anywhere.

Get the door. Why?

Get the door! Eric, shutters!

Come here, Ike.

She did it for me!

We have to get him out.

It's swarming with cops out there.

Why did you do it? Did it hurt?

What were you thinking as you were falling?

Ha ha ha!

She's hysterical.

Are you hysterical?

All aboard!


In one of the most violent prison breaks in Chicago history...

...murderer Ike Roscoe escaped his date with destiny.

Shortly after his jailbreak...

...his attorney and alleged lover, Pamela Farbrother, threw herself...

...from that window.

She suffered massive hemorrhaging, concussions...

...and contusions. She escaped death by a hair's-breadth.

This is a bizarre twist...

...in what will be hailed as the most violent crime...

...of the last 10 days.

State's Attorney Ridnitz has vowed to capture Roscoe...

...dead or alive.

He is armed and decidedly dangerous.

This is Pamela Farbrother.

Pamela, give me a break.

Help me, this is important.

I've always been there for you.

Pamela, we're women in a man's world, sisters.

CHRISTY: And then?

There was a buzz. The lights went out.

What about the buckles?

It was dark.

Don't set the scene. Get the facts!

I am!


You were in the buckles...

Where was Ridnitz? Where was the warden?

Do you want to do this?

I haven't got any makeup on. Well, it wouldn't help.

Please, don't fight.

BOTH: Well?


Well, it was easy.

You turn your fingers and slip your wrist out.

Then I took that pen...

Sully! Not now!

Someone's coming!

I'll take him to the office.

Ridnitz will kill him if he's found in the copier.

He'll kill him anyway.

Hold on, Mr. Sullivan. What?

Will you take care of Pamela?

Yes. If she lives, I'll give her a job.

If she dies, I'll name a foundation after her.

Thanks, Mr. Sullivan. You're welcome.

Get down.

I felt like Ted Koppel.

That broad doesn't know how to jump out of a window.

Wait till that bitch reads my version.

Can we get rid of the electronic parasites?

This is a newspaper office.

ZAKS: Up yours!

I love this machine. I'd like to buy it.

Right now?

We don't have a machine like this, do we, Christy?

Oh, golly, no.

When Sully wants something, there's no stopping him.

Listen to the price. $22,000 new.

I'll give you $20,000 for it. Cash.

It's two years old.

An antique. $20,500.

I'm not authorized to sell this. Besides, it's part of me.

Sentimental value, huh?

All right, another $500.

This is highway robbery, I'm telling you.

I thought you said cash.

Cash, IOU, same thing.


Christy, you missed the train.

There is no flight till 3:00 a.m.

There's been a new development.

Hi! I've had it with you.

Oh, I'm sorry. I don't feel that way about you.

What are you doing?

Sully just bought a Xerox.

What did you pay for it?


$21,000, but I'm not authorized to sell it.

No way for 21 G's.

We bought six 88 Canon NP7550s.

$18,095 each, brand-new.

Who are you? It's this machine or nothing.

Don't be insane.

This is two years old. Look at these insides.


Haven't you got something to do?

We have to get on a 3:00 a.m. flight.

I missed the train.

Don't blame yourself.

I blame you.

Oh. Let's go.

Oh, oh, I can't...

We, uh... Well, I have a...

She's in the middle of a fast-breaking news story.

You what?

My wife hates the news business.

She feels oppressed by it, right?



Christy, I want to take you home.

I want to give you a talk show, and treat you like a woman.

Come on.

Hard to turn that one down.

My apartment overlooks the goddamn United Nations!


Come with me now, or you're not coming!

Treat her rough. She likes that.

I'm not usually like this, but I'm putting my foot down!

Darling. That's you.


Blaine, true love is based on mutual trust.

I'm just asking you to trust me for five minutes.

I don't know.

And sex. It's based on plenty of sex.

Five minutes starting now. Go. I will not! This is my machine!

We bought it!

I've changed my mind!

Can I use this?

ALL: No!



Wait a minute!

Want to work for me making twice what you're making now?

Forget it. He hates television. Remember?

What would I do?

Gain some fat, you'll be a movie critic.

I haven't seen movies in years. Well, they haven't changed.

You like something, you give it 10 bow ties.

If not, five.

I don't know. Fifteen years of print.

Work for him and get long, luxurious luncheons, time to formulate thoughtful opinions.

Millions blindly doing what you ask.

They don't even have to read.

See a movie tonight! You'll be on tomorrow!

But it's so late.

Perfect. There's one down the street.

CHRISTY: Sure, go catch a porno, or go watch cable.

Obregon, from now on, you're our man in the dark.

Yes, sir!

Clean out your desk!


ALL: He's in the copier.

Come on, guys.

Okay. Okay. Far enough.

Ladies, what's the problem?

Are you kidding?

The elevator!

Oh, shit.


We'll take the next one.

Where are you taking this machine?

Getting it fixed.

During Roscoe's escape?

You're trying to get that out of here!

Hiding an escaped criminal?

That's it! He's got Ike Roscoe in there!

Okay, men, get ready to fire.

Blow it open!

You gotta go through me!

Me, too! Her, too.

REPORTERS: Roll 'em! CAMERAMEN: Rolling!


Ha ha ha!

On the count of three!


He won't do it.




It won't look good if you waste two news guys on television.

Half of this country will stand up and cheer.


All right. Get them out of there.

One, two, three!

That was very brave.

This is the outcome when those amongst us would defy law and order.

Geez, Roy, there's nobody in there!


Probably in Indiana by now!

Congratulations, Roy. You just killed a copy machine.

Wait! You can still make the tail end of the news!

He's got to be here somewhere.

Zaks, Tillinger, Carvalho!

What about my IOU?

I don't want that anymore. It's got holes in it.

RIDNITZ: You guys, wait up! I love you guys!

Ha ha ha!


Sullivan! Sully, you know where he is, don't you?

I'm running out of time.

I don't know where he is.

I swear on Edward R. Murrow's grave.

Who? Never mind.

Hey. Hey.

Aiding and abetting is a serious offense.

You are going to jail. And so is that...


I just watched the 11:00 news!

The governor didn't go on TV!

There's no pardon!

SULLY: No pardon?

The governor didn't pardon him.

What are you talking about?

How's he know there was no pardon unless he knew there was a pardon in the first place?

Pardon? He said, "I beg your pardon."

This is the politest warden you'll ever meet.

You moved up the execution because the governor was going to pardon him!

Warden Terwilliger moved it up because he was concerned about bombs and riots.


How does it feel to be a patsy?

I see it now, "Terwilliger charged with obstruction of justice!"

"Distinguished warden accused of murder!"

"Career in ashes!"

Aah! My chest!

We better lie him down! Here?

No. Here.

So you knew about the pardon.

You lied about the riots! And the bomb threats!

You'll go to the chair for what this man did!

Or worse! Life in prison with your own prisoners!

Admit it! You knew about the pardon.

Don't try to speak. Nod your head.



Ha ha!

You have got nothing.

Even if this man lives, who cares?

It's your word against mine.

You are amazing! Isn't he amazing?


You'll be the greatest governor since Machiavelli.

The Italian from New Jersey.


The way you make him do everything you want him to do.

Of course! I worked very hard to get Ike Roscoe electrocuted.

I'm not going to let some pansy governor keep me out of that mansion!


The red light on the camera.

RIDNITZ: Shut up! You'll be lucky to be dogcatcher after this.


Ridnitz, what asshole shot the locks off the doors?

Your Excellency...

Governor, have you pardoned Ike?

I have.

It's time you two met.

Ike, come down. You're a free man.

I don't believe it!

Here's the persecuted man himself!

Thank God you're alive, Mr. Roscoe!

That man needs help!

Saving the life of the man that was going to fry him!

Is Pamela okay?

Yes. The only one in trouble here is Ridnitz.

He's confessed to bribery, attempted murder and about 14 other charges.

What we have is a state's attorney's word against that of a reporter person.

No! A state's attorney's word against an Ampex tape, which I want on television in 15 minutes!

See you in jail, Roy.

You're an accessory after the fact, and you're going to jail!

He's pardoned, you're pardoned, you're pardoned, and you're not.

MAN: No visitors, Roy?

How can I thank you two?

We were just doing our job.

You're not much, Governor, but you're all we got.



You want this story?

Yeah! You've got it, son. Break their chops!

Yes, sir! Ha ha ha!



Blaine, I've got something to tell you.

There's something I've got to tell you.

It's pretty important. Could you excuse us?


I've been thinking, and what we have here is apples and oranges, major apples and oranges.

I don't think this is going to work out.

You don't?

Do you need to sit down?

No. I'm okay.

You don't hate the news.

You don't feel oppressed by it. You love it!

You'd be happier here with him than coming to New York with me.

Mind telling me why?

Well...because here I make a difference.


I'm sorry to have to hurt you, but one day you'll understand.

I'm really quite a complicated person.

Nice guy. Wish I'd got to know him better.

Sully! Great taste in champagne.

I've got his ring!

We'll hock it. Pay for the honeymoon.

Oh, but we can't-- Did you say honeymoon?

Yes, I did. Don't worry.

We'll send the ring back with the gym equipment.


You're not going to get sentimental on me, are you?

Oh, no. No.

Say you love me and that stuff?

Not unless you do.

I want to go someplace nice this time, though.


And no news. No news.


Excuse me.

Your drinks.



Thank you.

You're welcome.



I think we should do this more often.


What? You didn't?

Oh, come on. Please!

Ha ha ha!