Swordfish (2001) Script

You know the problem with Hollywood?

They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit.

I'm not some wannabe filmmaker...

...searching for existentialism through a haze of bong smoke.

No, it's easy to pick apart bad acting, shortsighted directing...

...and a moronic stringing together of words the studios term as prose.

No, I'm talking about the lack of realism. Realism.

Not a pervasive element in modern American cinematic vision.

Take Dog Day Afternoon, for example. Arguably Pacino's best work.

Short of Scarface and Godfather Part I, of course.

Masterpiece of directing, easily Lumet's best.

The cinematography, the acting, the screenplay, all topnotch. But...

...they didn't push the envelope.

What if, in Dog Day Sonny wanted to get away with it? Really wanted that.

Now this is the tricky part. What if he started killing hostages right away?

No mercy, no quarter.

"Meet our demands or the pretty blond gets it in the head." Bam, splat.

What, still no bus? Come on.

How many innocent victims would it take for the city...

...to reverse its policy on hostages?

And this is 1976. There's no CNN. There's no CNBC. There's no Internet.

Fast-forward to today. Present time, same situation.

How quickly would the media make a frenzy? In hours.

It would be the biggest story from Boston to Budapest.

Ten hostages die.

Twenty, thirty.

Relentless. Bam, bim. One after another.

All on hi-def, computer-enhanced. You can almost taste the brain matter.

All for what? A bus, a plane?

A couple million dollars that's federally insured?

I don't think so, but...

...just a thought.

I mean, it's not...

...within the realm of conventional cinema, but...

...what if?

-There's a problem with that movie. -Really?

-It wouldn't work. -How come?

-Audiences love happy endings. -Pacino escapes with the money.

Boyfriend gets a sex change. Live happily ever after.

-No? -No.


Bad guy can't win. It's a morality tale.

One way or the other, he's gotta go down.

Well, life is stranger than fiction sometimes.

You know, guys, I gotta go.

Gotta jet.

Thanks for the coffee.

Stan. Time to go to work. You coming?

Move. I won't say it again.

I have a clear shot.

Shooters, stand by.

Okay. Now what?

Don't worry, folks, it's almost over. Is she done?

-She's done. -Move her out.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. You'll be back before you know it.

Turn the fuck around.

Rescue team, let's go. Who's on the roof?

All shooters, you are holding for command.

You're doing good. Behave yourself. Look over there, and there.

All prepare their shot.

-What are you doing? -I'm handling this!

Don't fuck with this guy! You'll get these people killed !

We got two teams on the roof. We got a team over there.

Double this team up. That's your best angle.

Don't talk. Just listen.

Each of the 22 hostages is wrapped with 20 pounds of C-4 explosives.

They're also taped with 15 pounds of stainless steel ball bearings.

Which makes them the world's largest claymore mines.

They got the green light.

I got this guy on the phone!

I'm done playing with this asshole!

Around their necks are radio-frequency electronic dog collars.

Dog walks out of the yard, gets the shit shocked out of him. Same here.

This bank is their yard, so don't fuck with me.

Johnson, you and your partner move up between those vehicles.

-Stand down ! -Get back!

-Get back! -Officer, stand down now!

He's gonna shoot! He's gonna shoot!


Get her!


No! Release the hostage!

No! Release the hostage!

She's gone. Take cover!

No, no! Let her go! Let her go!

Release the hostage!

Help me!

Let her go. Let her go!

-Jesus. -Shit! You guys, come on !

-How long will you be here? -One week.

-Business or pleasure? -Hopefully both.

-What type of work do you do? -I'm a consultant.

Excuse me.

Could you be careful with that? That's expensive equipment.

-How long will this take? -A few minutes.

Sit down, relax. I'll be right back.

A few minutes, huh?

Hey, where's he going?

It's going up. Stairs.

Sir, could you please--?

Easy, easy.

This better be important.

Wouldn't have asked you otherwise, senator.

We just received word that Axl Torvalds was intercepted entering the U.S.

-When was this? -Within the last two hours.

According to my FBI source, he was nabbed in customs at LAX.

-They know he's working for us? -It's unlikely.

It was a routine check. Torvalds freaked out. They got lucky.

This ain't good. What do the feds know?

Nothing yet. He's refusing to speak English.

The Finnish consulate has contacted the State Department.

-So we haven't been compromised? -I'm not sure. I'm working on that.

You better get sure because someone's cock will end up on the block...

...and it won't be mine.

I understand, senator.

There you go.

Well, well, well.

Who are you supposed to be?

-I'm Ginger. -Ginger, huh?

Where's Gilligan?

For someone the NSA once listed as the most dangerous hacker in America...

...you sure don't look like much.


I know everything about you, Stan.

What are you selling again?

My employer wants to meet you.

-Shit. -You're not too good at golf.

You're fucking up my chi.

Let me have that.

This is not a nice place you got here, Stan.

Here 5 minutes, and I already feel sorry for myself.

You're wasting your time. I touch a computer, I go back to Leavenworth.

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

If I knew you were coming, I might have cleaned up.

I'm not here to suck your dick, Stanley.

He'll pay you just to meet you.

I gotta go to work.


Great work greasing pump jacks.


...spoke to Holly lately?



Melissa. Is Holly home?

Why are you calling here?

-I just want to talk with Holly. -It's Saturday. She's at soccer.

It's illegal for you to talk to her.

Don't do this, Mel. It's not good for Holly.

How would you know what's good for my daughter?

You spent the last two years in prison.

-Mel. -Stop calling me that, Stanley.

Look, I just... I just want to see my baby.

Well, she doesn't want to see you, Stanley.

And I swear, if you try to contact her...

...I'll have you thrown in a hole so dark...

...Leavenworth will seem like two weeks in Vegas...

...during which I will personally...

...pay two skinheads to make a playground out of your ass.

You can take the girl out of the trailer park...

...but can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

I will not let myself be manipulated by you, Stanley.

Larry's her father now.

Larry's the porn king of Southern Calif--

Larry is a film financier.

The films he chooses are for profit and none of your business.

Get help. Get into a program, get a therapist, get a dog.

But whatever you do, stay away from my child.

-Your child? She's our child. -She will never be your child.

Forget Holly.

What are you still doing here?

Look, I'm beginning to lose my sense of humor.

Then I'll cut to the chase.

If you want your daughter back, you better listen up.

Unless you want to stay here in this loser existence...

...while your daughter grows up to be a fluffer in her new daddy's videos.

Please don't confuse your own childhood with my daughter's.

And look at your situation, Stanley.

For the past 20 months, you've been in and out of court 6 times?

Each time your case was thrown out.

Situation doesn't look good, sweetheart.

How much money would it cost to hire the best family lawyer in the country?

A lot. Come here.

Come here.


That should get you started.

Hundred grand.

What do you got to lose? He just wants to meet you.

One time. You don't like the situation...

...walk away.

-And that's it? -That's it. And you keep the money.

What did he say?

All right, look, look.

Your client is wanted on 24 counts of electronic crimes...

... in 7 different countries.

He has a Finnish passport.

These allegations are not recognized as crimes. Your laws don't apply.

Do you see a Finnish flag hanging on the wall, IKEA boy?

-What did he say? -He said IKEA is Swedish.

He understands English, huh?

-Let me talk to him. -He's all yours.

You're fucked up now, Hamlet.

The thing is, they have you put the furniture together yourself.

My client has reserved his right not to answer any questions.

Why would the best hacker in the world...

... risk life imprisonment by coming into the continental U.S.?

Okay, what did he just say?

He never misses an episode of Survivor.

Did he really say that?

You're funny.

-How much do you weigh? -How much do I weigh?

We'll call you if we need you.

Eat a dick.

Wipe that smile off your face.

A year ago, I was head of the largest cyber-criminal task force in the world.

But I burned out.

I snapped.

I shot a suspect in the hand.

You know how difficult it is to work a keyboard with one hand?

You don't understand. Whatever you want to do to me, he'll do worse.

I'm already dead.

My only chance is back in Europe. I have friends there.

Tell me what I want to know.

You'll be on the first thing smoking. First class.

Courtesy of the U.S. government.

Who is he?

-I don't know his name. -You work for him. You don't know?

Tell me something.

I'll tell you what I know.

He exists in a world beyond your world.

What we only fantasize, he does.

He lives a life where nothing is beyond him.

But you know what? It's all a façade.

For all his charm and charisma, his wealth, his expensive toys...

...he is a driven, unflinching, calculating machine.

He takes what he wants, when he wants...

...and disappears.

So how do I find him?

You don't find him. He finds you.

Here's how it works.

His people pick me up. Take me to him.

He tells me what he wants me to do. l do the job right there. l get paid, and l leave.

That's a really nice story, but you haven't told me shit, have you?

-Excuse me, sir. You have a call. -Take a message.

It's assistant director Joy. He said it's important.

I can only tell you what I've done for him.

Well, that's a start.

Thank you. You've just let my client go free.

-You denied his right to counsel-- -Excuse me.

Yeah, and you eat the dick!

Yes, I got a call from A. D. Joy. This is Roberts.

Hold for just one moment, sir.

-Joy. -Yeah, Roberts. You needed me.

You didn't call?

No, Roberts. What do you want?

You should've let me buy you a suit, Stanley.

I'm happy with what I'm wearing.

Ignorance is bliss.

Miss me?

-Stanley, Gabriel. -Big Stan.

-Nice suit. -Thanks.

-They say the clothes make the man. -You buy it?

Hope not. Drink?

I flew 1500 miles for this meeting. How about we get to the point?

No. Actually, you flew 1500 miles for 100 grand.

But that's not the point. Helga. Meet Stanley.

-Hello, Stanley. -Helga.

Look, I don't have a lot of patience, Gabriel.

Maybe you can help me with something.

Take a look at this.

What do you think?

You know I can't touch that.

Do you like tequila, Stanley?

This is bullshit.

You want something from me, and I from you.

DOD d-base, 128-bit encryption. What do you think?

-Impossible? -Nothing's impossible.

Good. Maybe slide in a Trojan horse hiding a worm?

-Is this an interview? -Sort of. Marco.

Give him some incentive.

-Hey, what are you doing? -Relax, Stanley.

I have been told that the best crackers in the world...

...can do this in 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, I need someone to do it in 60 seconds.

You're kidding.

Afraid not. Go.

Get up, get up!

-Fifty-five. -Get on with it.

-What the hell is this? -Time's a-wasting, big guy.

Oh, Jesus.

Forty-five seconds.

Oh, she's good, isn't she?

What's going on here? Jesus Christ.

-More time, more time! -Come on, Stan !

Twenty. Nineteen.


Come on.

Ten. Nine.


Two. One.

-Too bad. You gotta die. -No, wait!

I was just fucking with you, Stan.

That's our guy.

-Get away from me. -I really want to help you, Stan.

Like you helped me in there?

-That was a test, Stan. -A test.

And you passed.

I don't know why I let you talk me into this.

You're saving your daughter.

I'd do anything for her, but if I end up in a box or in jail...

...then I really can't help her.

I'm taking my money and going back to court!

With your little $100,000?

Melissa will throw $500,000 back at you. Think!

I'm thinking that you'll put a gun to my head just to see if I can--

I can't pee in front of an audience.

Let me break it down to you, Stanley, one last time.

You live in a trailer.

You're a felon. You work a dead-end job.

And you desperately want your daughter back.

Gabriel is your only shot.

Take it.

-I'm concerned about our new friend. -Oh, now, don't be jealous.

I don't see him dragging his sorry arse over the finish line.

-Thought we lost you. -Tell me what the deal is.

The deal is that we're having a little gathering at the house.

Come and I'll explain it to you there.

Gentlemen, if it's not good news, don't say it.

Actually, we have a ray of hope in the darkness of your life.

When we grabbed Torvalds at the airport, these two guys were there.

Check this out.

Recognize those two same guys, a few hours later.

And then...

...guess who shows up.

Stanley Jobson.

Wired magazine's 1996 Man of the Year.

A burnout now, but the hacker Zeitgeist then.

Yeah, I know Jobson, I arrested him.

Why are you in L.A. , Stan?

His ex-wife and daughter live in Malibu.

The new husband owns Backdoor Films, a shady porn production house.

The production value's good, considering that they shoot on video.

-His wife is in some of the videos. -I know. She's like an actress.

That's great. Are you done?

Who's the girl?

Actually, sir, we don't know yet.

-She's a serious piece of talent. -Man, she's way out of his league.

Find out who she is.

-Sit on the ex-wife's house. -You got it.

Stanley, you want to get wet?

-I don't have a suit. -You don't need one.

-Come on, Stan. -Later.

-Some view. Let's get a drink. -Pool lights on.

-So how did you do it? -Do what?

Break the code.

I dropped a logic bomb through the trap door.

No, you didn't. You didn't have time.

-What'll you have? -Scotch.

-You can do better than that. -I used a password sniffer.

How did you do it?

I don't know exactly. I see the code in my head. I can't explain it.

Let me show you something.

Pretty impressive, huh?

So, what we need from you is a worm. A hydra, actually.

A multiheaded worm to sniff out digital footprints across an encrypted network.

-What kind of cipher? -A Vernam encryption.

The key code is destroyed upon implementation.

And it's a true 128-bit encryption.

Well, actually, we're talking a 512-bit.

-That's definitely not possible. -What if I give you 10 million dollars?

That would cover all your problems. Yes?

Unless, of course, it's not possible.

But you think about it.

It won't bite you. I promise.

This is not just a multi-screen system. It has a DS-3 connection.

We can access 7 different networks simultaneously.

It has a central encryption you have to crack to utilize the system.

Try it.

It'll be hard without a gun to my head.

Maybe I should put a gun to your head.

I thought you were Gabriel's.

-I'm not what you think I am. -Ginger.

You surprised that a girl with an IQ over 70 can give you a hard-on?

So is it impossible?

Nothing's impossible.

Good. So we have a deal.

-Morning. -You mean afternoon?

Can I borrow your car for something?


-There you go. -Thank you.

Hey, Stan, if you're going to see Holly...

... I suggest you re-evaluate the way you look.

Just a thought.

Just a thought.

Come on, Mom, pick up.

-Mom late again? -She'll be here in a minute.

Hi. Can I have the phone number for Yellow Cab?

Need a lift?


Oh, what are you doing here?

-I missed you so much. -Oh, I missed you too, baby.

-I brought you something. -Oh, my gosh. It's so cute.

Oh, Dad. If Mom finds out, she'll have you thrown in jail.

It's okay, baby. You want a lift home?

-Of course I do. -Come here. All right.

You are heavy.

-Nice car. -Hey, thanks.

Is that Mommy's car? Is she home?

That's my stepdad's car.

So listen to me.

I found a way for us to be together.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

Everything's going to be fine.

Everything's going to be okay. Just trust me.

-I love you, Daddy. -I love you. Come here.

Oh, God.

You go home. Okay? Bye.

-I miss you. -I miss you too. Go.

Oh, sweetheart.


Come here.

It's okay. Go. Go.


Who the hell are you?

-A friend of a friend. -Shit.

Oh, fuck. Fuck!

Hold it! Stanley!


Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck!

Don't move!

Don't move.

Come here.

Look at this.

What were you running for?

You arresting me?

For violating your parole by leaving Texas without permission?

Or evading an officer and almost getting me killed in the process?!

No, I'm not arresting you.

Then why are we talking?

-What are you doing in L.A.? -Vacationing.

Vacationing, right.

The judge is allowing you to see your daughter?

-Fuck you. -Fuck you? Oh?

You just want to get right down to it? Okay, fine.

I can help you with your daughter.

You help me, I'll help you.

You'll have to forgive me. The fact that...

...you put me in jail doesn't inspire trust.

You put a virus in an FBI program and set it back two years.

They were reading ISP subscribers' e-mail. It was illegal.

-I did what the judges wouldn't do! -You broke the law!

We both did what we had to do. And your program is back in full swing.

Nice trip down memory lane, but if you aren't arresting me--

Not getting a lot of cooperation here.

I ran into your friend Torvalds the other day.

He was vacationing too.

What are the odds of the two best hackers being in L.A. at the same time?

I'm just a sucker for Disneyland.

We done?


Tell Torvalds I said hello.

You can tell him yourself if you're not careful. He's dead.

Give me a card.

You think of anything to say, call me.

Sorry about your nose.

-You're in way over your head. -I know.

-You want me to watch him? -Yeah, set it up.

I've had a shitty day so far, but I think it just got worse.

Either shoot me, or tell me why you're wearing that wire.

Can't do that.

Who are you, Ginger?

I can't tell you.

Who are you?

He'll kill me if he finds out.

That's not my problem, is it?

You're asking for a lot of faith without giving me any.

You brought me into this mess.

I deserve to know who's playing me.

Who are you?

I'm DEA, Stanley.

Holy shit.

We're after Gabriel. Give him the worm...

...take the money and get out of here. That's all.

This looks friendly.

You know me, I'm a friendly girl.

Come on, Stanley. Let's get coffee.

-Here you go. -Thank you.

-Ever heard of Operation Swordfish? -No.

Then you'll appreciate the irony.

Triple espresso.

-Two. -Okay.

In the '80s, the DEA set up a network of dummy corporations...

...as a front to launder drug money and gather evidence.

But these companies started to make a lot of money.

In 1986, when it was terminated, $400 million was in these accounts.

Money that just sort of disappeared.

It didn't disappear. It sat, earning interest.

That's 15 years ago. You know how much money that is today?

Nine and a half billion.

This is a sweet deal. We go in over the phone lines, pop the firewall...

...drop in the hydra and wait for the money.

Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?

To access the cluster, you need a bank on the backbone of the network.

-Know how long that'll take to find? -Not a problem. Look behind you.


These fellows might wear Armani...

... but they have the swagger of ex-military.

Maybe bodyguards, but they look like mercs to me.

Something's going on. They have two DS-3 trucks. That's serious bandwidth.

Thermal scopes show a huge heat load. Could be mainframes.

The house was listed by Celebrity Estates.

It was leased two weeks ago by a blind corporation.

No other info on them yet.

Wait a minute, Joe.

Blue shirt, pinstripe.

Oh, yeah, that's him.

That's our man right there.

Just in time to watch Stanley find our worm.

In college, I created the source code for the worm I use.

In the basement is the only PDP-10 still active and on the Internet.

Not many people know it.

It's an ITS machine, kept online for historical sake.

I hid my worm there, where no one would ever look.


Good man. Good man.

Senator, we have a problem.

-Senator. -Seems you're in a predicament. ls that right?

-I don't follow. -Download your file.

-Senator-- -You know where I got these?

From the deputy director of the FBI. He thought I might be interested.

Sir, do you think there is any aspect of this operation I am not aware of?

We are aborting the operation. Take a vacation.

A vacation? Have I ever failed you, sir?

-That's not really the point, is it? -It's my point.

You're losing sight of our objective.

The risks are too great.

We'll seek alternative means of finance.

This operation is moving ahead. Everything is under control.


... let's just say you've got a 200-pound Rottweiler.

Now, he loves you.

It's his job to protect you.

But if he bites you, you got to put him down.

Can never tell who he might bite next. You understand?

Yes, I do understand, senator.

I think we got a team on the West Coast. Fort MacArthur.

Maybe they should pay our friend a visit.

Come on.

Network IP range. Confirmed.

Please confirm. Confirm. Confirm.

We are cruising !

Oh, yeah.

Next. And next.

Too easy.

No, don't. No, no, no. Yes!

Three percent, please. Oh, fuck. I'm fucked.

No, no, no. Fuck you !

Shit, there's no fucking way.

I'm rusty. Rusty.

Come on, come on.

Okay. Time to disguise you...

...as an internal destruction.

Quick, quick. Thank you. Return.

Three, two, one, go. Come on.

Come on. Yeah.



Oh, baby.

Now I've just got to modify the code.

The bank's IDS logs every packer...

...that go to any port other than the 22 or 80 TCP.

Holy shit.

Okay, Château Attigue 1996. White, white.


Come on, come on.

Here we go.

Twenty-six. Ninety-six. Nine--

Oh, shit!

What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.

-We gotta talk. -Let's take a drive.

-Can't we talk here? -We shouldn't.

Ever heard of Harry Houdini?

He wasn't like today's magicians, only interested in television ratings.

He was an artist. He could make an elephant disappear in a full theater.

You know how he did that?

-Misdirection. -What are you talking about?

Misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.

-What's going on? -We've got a tail. Hold on.


Jesus. Jesus!

Take the wheel.

-What? -Take the wheel !

Holy shit!

Who are those guys?


What the fuck are you doing?


Drive, Stan.


-I can't drive this thing. -Learn !

-Move it. -Come on !

Hard left! Hard left!

Keep going !


Get in the car.

Not until you tell me what I'm involved in.

Look, Stanley, I like you.

You're on my good side. But don't confuse kindness with weakness.

You have 12 hours to get the hydra. So get in the car.

Stanley, are you okay?

I just saw that maniac murder people in the street. I'm fucking great.

You can't leave. It'll all work out. You gotta trust me.

Trust you? Yeah.

You're DEA, I got the feds up my ass and I don't know what's going on here.

If we don't find out who he works for, we'll have to start over.

That's not my problem. I don't care who he works for.

What about Holly? Do you give a shit about her?

Finish the job. We'll get your daughter back.

I promise.

The great American outdoors.

Yet I never understood the appeal of fly-fishing.

A bit too much like masturbation for me without the payoff.

This is a catch-and-release stream, isn't it?

Yeah, I believe it is.

You must see the irony in that, senator.

Chairman of the subcommittee on crime fishing in a catch-and-release stream.

How could you do it to me, Jim? After all we suffered.

I've changed my identity so often I don't know who I am anymore.

How could you do it? We were so close to our goal !

The FBI was watching you.

You tried to kill me.

You've misplaced your loyalty, senator. You've sold out America.

Patriotism does not have a four-year shelf life.

But politicians do.

What are you doing with that?

Thomas Jefferson once shot a man for treason.

Hold the phone. Thomas Jeff--

-Stan. How are you? -Fine.


ls this Stanley Jobson, social security number 669547311 ?

I'm calling from Credit Suisse to notify you...

...that $10 million was transferred into your new account.

-As promised. -Thanks.

So I'm done, then.

Soon. Walk with me.

Against my better judgment, I'm going to tell you who I am.

-I know who you are. -Do you?

I think you think I'm a bank robber.

But the truth is, I'm just like you.

Like me? No. Because you're a murderer.

That I am, and worse. But I do have ethics. Rules I adhere to.

-Why are you telling me this? -Well, if you listen, then you'll know.

You asked who those men were. I'll tell you.

Hoover started a secret organization in the '50s, called Black Cell.

To protect our freedoms.

I don't care. All I care about is my daughter.

I'm talking about your daughter. You, your daughter...

...and 200 million Americans who take their freedoms for granted.

I see.

You don't know what it takes to protect our freedoms. That's my job.

To protect your way of life.

So you're really stealing all this money just to protect little old me.

That's right, Stanley. Because wars cost money.


Who are we at war with?

Anyone who impinges on America's freedom.

Terrorist states, Stanley.

Someone must bring their war to them.

They bomb a church, we bomb 10.

They hijack a plane, we take out an airport.

They execute American tourists, we nuke an entire city.

We make terrorism so horrific that it's unthinkable to attack Americans.

You're not using the phone lines. You're going into the bank.

And you're coming with us. It'll all be over in 24 hours.

You're a rich man, Stanley.

Soon you'll be on a yacht with your daughter, eating bonbons.

The American dream. And just think:

You'll have done your small part in ensuring America's way of life.

You're a hero, Stan.

Stay there!

Don't worry. Let him go.

He'll be back.

Okay, load them up. Let's move out. Let's go!


Move it, move it! Let's move!

Let's go. Hands behind your head. Let's go!

Key, please.

What key? I don't know about any key.


Let's move! Back of the bank. Now!

Let's go, let's go!

Down. Everyone down !

Just wait here.




Oh, God. Holly!


Baby. Baby. Shit!

No! Release the hostage!

-Help me! -Let her go!

Let her go!

-Nick. -Yeah.

-You all right? -I'm good.

-That was your decision ! -No, you did that!

How many people die is up to you !

I want that plane on the runway in 25 minutes!

He wants a plane on the runway in 25 minutes.

My suggestion, sir? You give it to him !

He wants a plane? I'll give him a goddamn plane.

-Finish the job. -Not until I see my daughter!

You want to see her? Get him his daughter!

-Dad ! -Oh, Jesus. Baby, are you okay?

It's okay, it's okay.

You son of a bitch.

You think I wanted it to come to this?

I'll sacrifice any lives I have to to protect this country.

Including my own.

Let her go. And I'll get your money.

You finish the job, and you both go. Come on, Stanley.

-I need the disc. -Disc.

-How do you want it allocated? -Spread evenly over the accounts.

Come on. Done. Give me my daughter.

-Verify this. -Good.

Get her.

You okay? Okay, come on.

Stanley, hold up.

Good job.

-See you around. -I doubt it.

What's happening? What's happening?

-The money's gone. -Stop her!

Go! Run !


She's coming out.

Come here, come here!

What happened, Stan?

The explosion scrambled the internal clock.

No, it didn't. You fucked me.

You kill me, you'll never get a dollar.

The money jumps every 60 seconds from one account to another.

It'll do so for the next 10 years.

It wasn't supposed to happen for another six hours, but hey.

-Fix it. -Unfortunately, I can't.

The accounts are encrypted with a 1024-bit cipher.

Even I can't get through the firewall. So here's the deal:

Let the hostages go and I'll tell you how to get the money.

We all walk away. Nobody gets hurt.


I'm thinking.

No deal. Get Ginger.

Move out.

-What are you doing? -String her up.

-No. Don't do this. -No! Wait, Wait!

Hey, stay still ! It'll feel real good.

No, don't do this!

-How long will she live? 60 seconds? -You're insane!

-Fifty-five. -Okay, okay.

-Hope you built in a back door. -Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.


Plane's on the runway in a half-hour.



-She's dying. -Shut the fuck up!

Ten. Nine. Eight.

Accounts, accounts.

-That's it. -Three. Two.

There it is. Get her down !

-Check. -Verified.

Bring her down.


She was DEA, Stan. Move them out!

Let's move. Quickly and quietly.

-Go, go! -Move it. Come on, people.

Move. Move.

No one wants a repeat of this morning.

Keep your distance. Clear the air space for five miles.

They're on the move.

Move, move.


I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking:

If that launcher was a suppository...

...would that bad man stick it up my ass?

Well, you eyeball me once more, boy...

... I'll stick it so far up your ass...

...you'll be begging me for this bullet.

This bus is your new holding area.

If you don't test your collars, this will all be over soon.

Let's get this son of a bitch.

-How can you justify all this? -You're not looking at the big picture.

Here's a scenario:

You can cure all diseases, but the price...

... is that you must kill one innocent child. Could you do it?


You disappoint me. It's the greatest good.

-How about 10 innocents? -Now you get it. How about 100? 1000?

To preserve our way of life.

No man has the right to make that decision. You're just a terrorist.

You're wrong, Stanley.

Thousands die every day for no reason. Where's your bleeding heart for them?

You give $20 to Greenpeace thinking you change the world.

What country will harbor terrorists when they see the consequences?

Did you know I can buy nuclear warheads in Minsk for 40 million?

Hell, I buy half a dozen, I even get a discount.

Advise Joy 20 minutes ETA at the airport.

Control, please let A. D. Joy know we're 20 minutes from the airport.

-Ready? -Bird's fueled, ready to go.

-What about your pilot? -He's in the works now.

All right. Let's do it.

Okay, I need a team over here. The rest of you, let's go outside.


Jesus. What the fuck is he thinking?

-Aren't we going to the airport? -Misdirection, Stan.

What are you doing? Where are you taking the thing?

You see Sugarland Express? Didn't like the way it ended.

Pull over before you get--

They can't be serious.

Hold on !

Attention control, this has now become an aerial pursuit.

I've also got people across the tarmac.

Sir, I've just been informed that the bus is no longer en route to LAX.

-What happened? -It broke through the vehicles...

-...and turned onto First Street. -All right. Let's go.

Sir, the bus is no longer on First Street.

Then where is it?


-What's he doing? -We have a strong wind condition.

Tell him to climb! Climb, goddamn it! Climb!

Down ! Everybody down !

Add action or excitement, or change the direction of the entire campaign.

Maybe we ought to rethink the visuals.

Holy shit.

Secure a perimeter around the building.

I want everybody out of this lobby right now.

Secure the elevators and stairs! Anybody coming out, detain them !

-What's going on? -The elevators to the roof?

-Up there. -And the freight elevator?

-Rear of the building. -That way.


Take care of your girl. Maybe I'll see you around.

No! It's not going to end like this.

Come on, Stan.

Not everything ends as you think it should.


...audiences love happy endings.

Stay here!

Shit! Come on.

Move, move!

-No, Stanley! -Come on.

Get him out of here.

Secure that weapon.

Let's go.


You here to identify the body?

The dentals match those the Israeli government sent us...

...for an ex-Mossad agent named Gabriel Shear.

Excuse me, sir.

The DEA has no record of any Ginger Knowles working for them.

I checked all the hospitals and morgues, and I can't find her body.

Look again. Bodies just don't disappear.


He could make an elephant disappear...

...in a full theater. You know how he did that?


I'm DEA, Stanley.

Give him the worm, take the money and get out of here.

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.

Misdirection, Stan.

This is a bad guy. Nobody's going to miss him.

-You all right? -Yeah, I'm good.

Why don't you get out of here? Go see your daughter.

Yeah, thanks.

We'll be in touch.

You son of a bitch.

-Thank you. You're done? -Yes, I'm full.

Good. Let's go.

So, navigator, where's our next stop?

-Holbrook. -Holbrook.

-So what's in Holbrook? -The Petrified Forest, Dad.

-I think you take the I-40 to the 180. -Cool.


-Are you okay, Dad? -Yeah, I'm fine, sweetheart.


Don't worry, Dad. It's going to be okay.

-We're going to be fine. -I know, honey.

I'd like to transfer money from my employer's account.

May I have your account number and password, please?

356127G. Password: Swordfish.

How much would you like to transfer?

All of it. Evenly over these accounts.

It's done.

In international news, terrorist Allal bin-Hazzad...

...was killed today in an unexplained explosion...

...on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

The elusive bin-Hazzad was thought responsible for...

...the U.S. embassy bombing in Istanbul earlier this month.

This is the third killing of a terrorist leader in as many weeks.