Swung (2015) Script

I'm getting wet, pretty wet.

And now it's up to you, David. What are you doing to Alice?

I have a hand on her butt and ...

I'm touching myself.

On a scale of one to ten say what angle which it was your erection at this time?


Although it is said that dysfunction or erectile d.e. is mainly caused by elements organic and vascular, the psychological factor plays a role in most cases.

The E. D can affect the quality of life in general and associated with depression, anxiety and a weak self-esteem.

The medical treatment can be oral or urethral suppository.

Another drastic option It is a penile implant.

An incision is made with the penis and scrotum together.

One of the corpora cavernosa opens and sutures are placed.

A special device used to pull the cylinder penis outside the duct.

To pump a bag is formed, which is placed deep into the scrotum.

Do you think move because Joan is pregnant?

That's how things are. Wedding, kids, kaboom.

Poor dear.

I was thinking about if I lose my job, we must move and create a garden.

But not like hippies. With benefits and Los Angeles.

We rented a house and then grow carrots, leeks and potatoes.

You could probably draw a carrot, but I think cultivate.

I'm sure you could cultivate a carrot.

You are so tense. Your neck It is like a fist.

It feels good?

My God, what is this?

David Johnston, you have ...

A 7.5.

So let's take this therapy.

Do not think or talk, otherwise It does not work, okay?

Agree. It's okay.

Just relax, it You're doing great.

I'm very hot.


Do not sit down dizzy, right?

A little, yes. More or less.


¿Promise me you will not be angry?

It's not your fault, love.

I crushed and took some pills special in your ice cream.


It's what they were blue pieces.

What action did you use? About two.

I'm completely numb. I can not feel anything.

It was supposed to be romantic.

Shit, I feel like robot-penis.

Are not you want to make love?

No, I do not want to.

I did not mean that. Of course I want to make love, but ...

I feel like a have a heart attack.

I am sorry.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Welcome to the vocational assistance, part of the Department of Employment.

We are experiencing a volume unexpected call today.

Your call is on hold and It will be answered shortly.

Well, let's review technique interview with our handy list standards available in the online portal.

Please wait.

Vocational assistance. We are here to help you help yourself.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Listen. Hello, I am applying for a grant unemployment 8 weeks ...

Thank you. Alternatively, You may want to call back later.

For the love of God.





Hi, talk to Chantelle.

Could you give me your number social security, please?


God! Yes, hello, I ...


Hi there. Dan.

How are you? How is art?

If you know someone in the market for director of a company design bankrupt, I am your man.

Here it is.

In concessions.

Who is the girl?

Alice. It had a database for a project of a magazine where he worked and we got along well.

Very good. I see that You lost no time.

For you.

Hi there! Daddy, Daddy, did you bring to Tumshy?

Yes, just let me first.

It's 5:50 pm, David.

Yes, I know. I was delayed. It amused me ... me.

How do you go with the job search?

Well, go resumes all right. The continuous search.

How are your parents?

I sent a check for the mortgage.

Look, take me to the house at 6:30.

Do not let her jump from the slide so it does not get dirty, okay?

We're going out tonight. Goodbye.

Goodbye, my love. Goodbye.


Are we going to slide?

Mom said not to go.

But Mom is not here, right?

Little rascal. Come on, we go to the slide.

As you know, job cuts They depend on our sales. have fallen by 34%.

About 14% more all other competitors.

We need stories vanguard, people in real life.

Universal stories with twists, to be sold internationally.

No distribution is magazine will be withdrawn.

Monday morning I want to hear the first ideas.

Hi, daddy. Today I had a shitty day.

You are here?

Erectile Dysfunction? Than They can women do?

Give Dad a kiss. Goodbye.

Say goodbye to Dad. Good girl, come on.

Okay, there you have it.

Goodbye, Dad. Bye, Dad!


I want Daddy! Goodbye, Dad.

See you, dear. You'll see soon Dad, dear.


Look, let that ready for dinner.

Do you want to get the new dress, baby?

Hello my love. I'm here.

What's up?

Here I am thinking that you were here the last two months, sending your CV.

What are you talking about?

Both are oral and anally bisexual.

What does that even mean?

Not sure How did that happen.

I was bored and wondering ...

I'm boring? I did not say that.

Am I ugly or what the fuck am I? Do not be ridiculous.

Why are you laughing at me?

I do not do it.

At least you could say something. From Indeed, you could have left catch with unknown if that had helped our problem.

I do not want to sleep with unknown women.

I was left waiting at the Center Employment, doing something. I am sorry.

Where are you going? To know normal people.

Alice, I did nothing! Wash the dishes!

Hi, daddy.

Are you sleeping?


You know, people Normal is so strange.

Now go to sleep, Alice.

You're so soft and warm.


I'll tell you a story.

Mr. Diggler, is When a story.

They were kissing.

And she put her hand on his knee.

He stroked her thigh. Do you want to continue?

It's okay. a kiss with tongue were given. Joan and Tom went into the bedroom and we were left alone. you will is stopping, papacito.

Keep going.

He put his hand under her skirt. I tried to leave, but told me He stay where he was and look.

It's okay. I just to say what happened.

She was right ... touching my side.

God, you have it so hard, daddy. If.

Okay, you're fine.

I'm playing now.

You want to hear a bit of my story.


I was afraid, but also excited.

She started sucking his penis in front of me.

Yes, yes.


You are inside me, love.

I'm losing it. You all right, follows.

Has no sense. I am sorry.

It's okay.

Go to sleep.

They did not really in front of you, right?

Tom threw up in the bathroom and I I spent the next half hour filling the dishwasher.

But it was a good story.

In fact we totally.

Well, something like that. so say, about ten seconds.

But it was amazing. Me He liked, a total breakthrough.

A revelation.

A revolution.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Only for one night, I gave a substantial erection.

Anything else?

Is erectile dysfunction It is the woman's fault?

If we make a long series of ... Something stronger?

There has been an increase of 6% in the suicide rate of men.

Since the recession began.

This is a style magazine life, not a socialist pamphlet.

What about sex?

The issue of the Minister of Agriculture is everywhere.

But neither is the Mrs. side.

Yeah, well, an attempt It would be worthwhile.

What there is of exchange partners?

Yes, the parties exchanges of couples.

There are 218 thousand people only on this site.

20% are couples.

60% are single, 10% are single women.

3% are transvestites.

There are 48 sites as well only in the UK.

We are in the midst of the second sexual revolution.

The statistics are very good, but we need emotions.

Why do they do it?

Why a kind of therapy? They are perverts or like us?

You need to be based on interviews real, with real people.

You can do that?


Well, do it.

Do you know a swinger?

MBA. Do you see that has a MBA for you?

Married but available.

It is not true!

You've been doing your homework.

You could do it? Could you share me with someone like that?

Did not you go crazy with jealousy, furious and totally hot?

Alice ...

I already know, I have this urgent, crazy desire ....

Cheese with toast.

No cheese.

Thank you.

Alice, what are you doing?

How about?

Let's see if we can a new answer.

Not really you're going to publish ... that?

Alice! Yes I did it. I am sorry. 2. 3. 4 Wettie Betty.

And Mr. Diggler. A good couple.


You will not believe this.


Steve and Shona. Busty and hot. swinger couple looking like.

They want to know. In a bar, actually.

You're not serious, right?

Yes, unless you forbid me.

Well, I forbid altogether.

Come on, David. The fact is that I have I do or I lose my job.

And then both will be ... working at home.

Well, we need a signal.

¿Fuck you here?

How about "parking meter"? OR...?


A little obvious, perhaps?

God, I'm shaking.

Probably will not work anyway.

I bet it's pretty attractive and will flirt with you.

Well, here it is.

Come on.

So you are married?

No, no, we're not married.

What about you? What are you? Yes .

Well ... what's your favorite football club?

Not really I like soccer.

You could say that I started early.

Yes. David has a small daughter. Lives with his mother.

Do you like any sport? Sport is not my thing.

Do you see some international parties?

Football? If.

Can I ask you a question? Yes of course.

I see. Guys, let's empolvarnos the nose.

It's okay.

Why not They know better?

Just wanted to know: Did he make you do it?

No, not exactly. You see this? It's my third ring, and this time I'm teasing.

It's all the same. Once you have it tied Begin to be unfaithful. Really?

They are all immature. Immature?

Yes A few children, some babies.. If.

No, I do not play. Do not?

Miro, no.

What do you do?

Well, nothing at this time ...

It's okay. Good yes.

I'm unemployed. He had a business.


What is your movie Jet Li favorite?

And I thought, well at least that I can do is choose who you catch.

I can choose some decent.

I do believe you can have it both ways.

Five years have passed and never we have been happier.

Hi guys. Hi there.


Do we put money in the parking meter?

That used to be our safeword.

And what is your word now?

Babysitting. Babysitting.

You can not leave it in secret?

So they would like to money in the parking meter?

I could call the babysitter.

Perhaps we can return home and get in tune.

Well, let heating.

What do you drink? You have to get warm.

Watch your feet ...

What I bring? Something of champagne?

If they do not like, something vodka if they want.

I'd like a vodka. Vodka?

Water only tap for me, thanks.

Tap water? If.

It's okay.

Put some music, love!

David, perhaps you could do that for me. I'll help Stevie back in the kitchen, right?

There it is.

David, really?

Well, how far you're going to wear this?

Just choose music different. That's terrible.

I'll get you a drink.

God, I'll come to me!

No, Stevie, not before do it with her first.

No, do not let me interrupt. Seriously, we're looking at.

It's our first time.

Come on, they are quite away from home.

We have all night.

You have to live a little.

The is great. In reality we just want to talk.

Further waste of time? Bring them out Stevie.

Get out to fuck Now, get out!

Come on, get out of here!

Come on.

On the kitchen table, right in front of us.

Yes. Leaflets Kitty.



It would be shocking to see above the kitchen table as well.


Tell me a story.

When the givest to it, you breasts fell out of her bra.


Her nipples were hard. If.

His penis was huge. If.


I'm crazy about you. I love you.

I'm sorry, but as I explained, the claim is not for you, but for his family. So if your partner is working must evaluate their income as well.

Until then your claim profit is rejected. 3. 4. 5 So if I live alone I'll get the benefits.

Would you like a form to the income of their partner, so we can reevaluate?


Yes please.

"There is a room in which You can see through the mirror which is exactly equal to our bedroom, but everything is upside down. In Alice was one time the other side of the mirror and jumped gently into the room of mirrors. "

Bedtime, Miss.

Dad? Yes darling?

Can you stay here?

It's okay.

Only until you fall asleep.

Hi there. Hi there.

He fell asleep immediately. All right.

He brushed his teeth alone. Go.

So next Thursday at the same time?

In fact, there is something I would like to talk to you.

It's okay.

You can not leave the shoes. It's okay.

I think you should see this.

Our firms need be seen by a lawyer, and then all over.

Agree. Good, I will review this and ...

It is in two weeks maximum.

I would really like Alice to meet someday.

Hello ? Hi there. Do you speak Marcia?

Yes, who is this?

It's Alice Swinger Paradise. He gave me his number.

Yes, very well. We can speak in private?

Very good.

Marcia, hello.

Hi, great accent. Where are you?

Originally from Spain. But always I'm moving, you know.

I never manage to be long in one place.

But I like it Here, Scotland is great. also live in West End?

Yes, W / E guess, yes.

You know, all this still It is very new to us.

Hi, daddy.

Hi, I'm here.

hello It is very early. What are you doing in bed?

Amy okay? Yes, she's fine.

How was your day? All right.

Very exciting to be honest and ...

You could find him interesting too.


What did you do?

You know, I Looks like it's ok.

Okay, looking excited.

If you look at it is what helps us sex, then fine.

This is one kind of test?

Do not.

I meet with another couple ... morning and I do not want to go alone.

Marcia can tell how He took the first time that couple.

My God, it was impossible not to laugh.

The guy made a striptease, really.

If. Yes, really!

Come on, show them the house.


I love your paintings.

David went to school art, you know. He is very talented.

We try to collect local art, maybe we can see something of yours.

That was long ago and it was graphics mostly, to tell the truth.

Is it always so modest?

Well, you drink something?



Lindas windows. Venetian.

This used to be a lounge of games. Horrible.

With walls papered comic books. We had to remove everything.

We will not have children.

A little absinthe? Thank you.

Health. Health.

Health. Health.

You want to look up?

I would say yes. It is part Cutest of the house.



I'll give you a blowjob. Do you want me to do it?


It's so hard.

Watch as we observe.

I want to see her tits.

Kiss Me.

I think he meant to you.

I'll do it if you want it or we can simply look.

Do it.



I love you.

Kiss Me.

I want cogérmelo.

I'm going to do it.


I am sorry.

David ...


Wait for me.

Sorry, I blew it.

To me? This is for both.

Hey, not far from me!

Please, David, do not be jealous. Look...

Why do not you go home? I need to get this out.

I will be right back.


You have it so hard.

You turned off the phone.

You had me worried.

I do not want to talk about what He happened tonight. Never.

It's okay.

I do not know why you're still with me.

I do not know either.

I hate this damn country. It is cold and wet.

And everyone feels like damn miserable.

Why do you think I stay here?

It could just ... take a plane and start again.

It would not be the first Once, you know that.

I am here for you.

You're smart, talented, funny. You just need a little time.

I'm not going anywhere, so that papacito not turn away me of you.

I am sorry. I am sorry.

Come on, you're freezing.

I thought you were going to interviewing young couples?

The key to the new sexy feeling swinger scene of the Internet.

Well, was following a couple, but departed.

How about an overview? Politics exchange sexual partners?

The alternative to marriage.

No, that's boring. We need a face, not thousands.

There was also a woman ...

Not exactly someone young and sexy, right?

He has had sex with more than 2,000 men and women.

Holy God. And you granted an interview?

Yes, I will meet with She later.

It's okay.

Do you want to keep it? I'll take this, do not like. All right.

My father was a Navy officer.

My mother was a typical military wife.

Always after the man with the child in tow.

Why do you want to know that?

It's good that someone is interested in my brain and not only in my body.

Come on, David, you have to admit it's fascinating.

You had to listen over the phone.

He has been a naturopathic therapist tantric couples.

A love of bondage and ... How many women her age?

It's a weirdo, obviously.

She could even the cause of your problems.

I am sorry. Our problems.

Well, if you really can not I do, I'll tell Tony you go.

Who is Tony?

Tony is 28 years old, gifted ...

We work together.

I would not have given click in this stupid website. 5 o'clock Come on.

After you, sir.

You have no idea how many fakers there today trying to get easy sex.

And most tragic of everything is when you have an appointment with a couple and only one of the two appears.

The man. Of course.

You say something like, "My God, what I'm sorry. Simone "- or who sea- had a cold and He could not come, but ...

Why not do a threesome and she joins later?

Men, right?

It is a rogue.

You mean, the Things have changed?

God, yes! Longer life it is more about freedom, but what can get free.

In California it was a polyandrous.

They were Jago and Tom, Sally and Yvette. Yvette was a transsexual Warhol Factory. we live together as a couple for 3 years.

We had a time for everything: Gardening, cooking, even to catch.

Of course. The men rarely they washed the dishes.

Even we agreed to do a diet only water, and he had 30 orgasms tantric day.

He gave you a terrible diarrhea.

Some things never change.


You could tie him up and whip him.

We had weddings and nights dance all year here.

Although now our events are a little different.

Come on up.

So this Motel is a Swinger?

No, that would be illegal.

We are attentive to the swindlers and frauds, but we do nothing to embarrass us.

It happens that the hotel has many people once a month and catch a lot each other like crazy. whole plant takes advantage for our parties.

On party nights all The doors are open.

I do not believe in limits between people.

Men, women, blacks, white, young, old ...

Down the hall it is where we have the dark room.

Is the dark room?

It is an ancient ritual American Indians Shawnee.

Where the blind can see and the ugly become beautiful.

Someone once made me a armpit for half an hour, is divine.

Let me show you my another favorite room.

A call this the honeymoon suite.

Now, my dear, do not be shy.

I've seen hundreds of couples with problems like yours.

Come on, sit down. David, Alice.

Take my hand.

It's okay. Sit well.

Yes, just let yourself down on the bed.

Let yourself fall in bed. So is.

Breathe, that's right. The Laughter is the key to everything.

It really is.

Look at that couple in the mirror.

Breathe together, inhale and exhale.

Breathe in and breathe out.

In and out, inward and outward.

There have thus seen before.

Quiet and beautiful. Breathe in and breathe out.

Inhale and exhale. Fúndanse each other.

Inhale and exhale.


That was...

It's like being in a car accident car. My legs are still shaking me.

Yes, you were so orgasmic.

I know.

I can not believe that we ... We screamed so loud.

Yes me neither.

It was like losing my virginity. How good it was.

That means we are ...

Cured? I do not know if?

Listen, I've been thinking.

Would you like Amy morning?

I'm sure you'll like.

David Johnston, I would love meet your daughter.

How are you going to introduce me? How your girlfriend or your partner?

Companion is terrible.

Yes do not worry. We'll do it as it comes.

It's okay.

Well, Alice, I'm going.

Thank you.

Well, I'll see you in the park that three. When I finish.

Do not get so nervous. Will be fine.

Good luck.

Thank you! Goodbye!

Sign here and here. It's okay.

It was pretty easy.

It is a mere formality really.

All right. I will send the certificates immediately.

Good luck to both of you. Thank you.

Thank you.

Now you're a free man. ¿'ll pick Amy in the park at four?

If it is okay. Today I'll introduce you to Alice.

Seem right. I would like meet her in person.


You want to eat before playing football? If.

Take my hand on the way. Squeeze very strong.

Hello, Tiger. Where did you been hiding? 6 o'clock Who is this beautiful girl? My name is Amy.

Your name is Amy. And you are beautiful as ...

Marcia, we really have to leave, we are behind.

Agree. Good, Alice greets me.

Actually, we'd spend more time with you.

Come on. Where are we going, Dad?

Let's go to the park.

Who was that lady?

Only someone from work.

But mom says you do not have a job.

Mommy should get in their damn business.

Look, we go to the park and see Alice. You like that, right?

I was just passing by pill recipe.

I also want results sexual hygiene control.

Well, I have some news for you.

It may not be waiting for this.

Do not.

The result shows she is pregnant.

I doubt it.

His record shows a history.

Yes, I have had two abortions before.

Yes. Is it safe that is not an error?

It's a lot to digest. I know you are things can be complicated.

Dad dad! It's okay. It's OK darling.

My knee, my knee! It's okay.

Okay, Amy. Put it down.

No, he's scared. Just drop it.

Come here. You're good? All it's okay? It's all right, love.

The good lady did not I wanted to scare you.

Do not those going to say hello? Do not?

Amy! Sweetie! Mommy!

Come to Mama. What did Dad?

What were you thinking?

Wait here.


Hannah, she just It fell in the mud.

It's full of mud, David.

She's fine. That They can be washed. Put it down.

For the love of God. Put it down It's just dirt, it's fine.

Give me your palette, treasure. Alice did not know who was.

So she's Alice.

David, it is always something. why not me like to leave with you.

Children fall.


Why did not you wait presented to you?


They teach all days in the kids room not to talk to strangers. Four years old.

How I am supposed to know who you are?

Do you have any idea how much It has taken me time to negotiate just see it unsupervised in a public space?

But David, fell off! Expected more from you, Alice.

I'm sorry...


You lied about your name. The Most swingers do.

You have an STD, right?

Do not.

Worse, you're a journalist.

If you do not understand do you want to talk to me.

Actually, it's time tell my story. I have cancer.

Sinus and glands.

If it removed, not would be nothing left of me.

I tried to get me this blow away.

Did you ever have children?


You have to understand that it was the principle of the life of a woman, family planning ...

Many of us did things that in retrospect ...


Adoption. I gave my daughter.

My mother told me that was the worst mistake I ever made.

Is a terrible thing what he said. If I were your mother I would be very proud of you.

Alice, long time was a lost soul.

I did not know who he was.

One night a drunk date party and went into a dark room, and I let a stranger me cogiera until disappeared.

There were no names or faces, only touch.

Sometimes when you're lost, when you're totally lost, It is when you you find yourself.

Darkens the eyes of all and write up jobs.

Plumber, IT consultant, Mrs. cleaning, accountant ...

Dolly in part front and in the middle.

"Queen of the swingers" or something like that.

The final at the hotel is the icing on the cake.

You go there as a couple and takes all photos.

Orgies, ugly, sex anal ... all those weird.

Do not.

What do you mean "no"? Much time and money She has been invested in this. We're about to print.

If I do this, I will my way by myself.

Alice, could talk at least?

Where are you going now?

I have to finish my story.

You like stories, right?

What's what you want from me, Alice?

It's very simple.

Are we going to stay together and grow old despite all this shit or not?

Because if not, then we are losing time.

Alice, I love you. Just you and me. And we'll see how it turns out, yes?

Just let me get the hell out.

What, just you going?

Well, turn around.

Hi dear. Nice to see you!


Enjoy the party. Thank you.


Hi. I believe that I'm on the list.

What is your name? Alice Lopez. L.O.P.E.Z.

Just you?

You're a bad boy, I told you. What do you say?

Here! What are you saying ?

Do you know what room is this?

You have to take your clothes off.

Only heels.

You can take it off in there.

Hi, this is Alice. Please, leave a message after the ...

Sorry, no tip.

Sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry friend. private function.

Dolly! Dolly, Hello, I'm David.

Okay, he's coming with me. How wonderful to see you!

I'm looking for Alice.

I have not seen, dear. Why do not you see?

Mrs. Munter, is fantastic. Between.

All come, not stand there in the cold.

Get out of here! No boys allowed!

Female dog!

I am looking for my partner. It's a little high, has a ponytail.

It is called Alice.

No names are used here, friend. There's nothing to see.

You can switch there.

Sorry, I said you could change you there.

Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

Stockings too, please.

Chupa his balls.

Alice, are you here?



Let me, I also want to lick them.

Just be careful what you do. I'll, I'll keep .

Alice, tell me something, please.

Come here, I'll be your Alice.

Please stop touching me.


Please, baby.

More harder, harder!

Turn on the lights!

Turn on the lights! For the love of God, old BANANA-meter! BANANA-parking meter, Alice!

Enough, you have to go!

Put out the fucking lights!

Hey you, out.


Let's stop. God, where were you?

I thought you were someone else.

What are you doing in there?

I'm looking for you!

Listen, can you go from here?

Just get out of there, right?

Let's better sauna.

Well, leave now or I call managers.



Please please. Come, let's go here.

Come here! David, hey!

I will not let you escapes again, Alice.

If you want to start again, then you have to do with me.

Just you and me and Amy. And we'll be fine.

I love you, Alice. I'm pregnant, David.

Jesus Christ, Alice.

I want to have this baby.

Alice ...

Of course we will, Alice.

What about work and money?

I do not know.

We can move the country, so I can grow carrots.

You are not afraid? I'm scared to death.

But you'll be a mom, Alice.

Look at us, Daddy.

Wettie Betty. Bad Dog.

In Memory of Dolly Adams 1952-2012

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