Szaffi (1985) Script

timing: Wearwolfff translation: swatura

The tale I am about to tell you happened long ago, and bits of it might have even been true.

The Muslim half-moon that had occupied the mid-lands of Hungary was torn into a tiny croissant by the mighty Eugene.

The last bite of this croissant was none other, than Temesvar.

This small castle was the only thing that was still in the way of the Emperor... be able to rule over the whole country instead of the Turkish Sultan.

But this small bite turned out to be hard to swallow, since the walls were defended by the valiant pasha Ahmed himself.

The Savoyan Lion of the Armies.

Every innocent souls were fleeing from this war that was raging both in heaven and on earth.

Grabbing their modest belongings they all wandered towards more peaceful lands.

But the animals of the forests and fields were fleeing just as well.

And so did the imps, elves and fairies of the swamps and groves disappear, too. Probably forever...

And then, the mighty Eugene gave the order:

"And once again... Fire!" "Understood! And once again fire!"

And once...




Pull baaack!

"Forward!" "Understood! Forward. "


It is cold.


Bring in the Brunnhilde!

Look at that! Run! Let's go!


It is the valiant Ahmed talking to you, true believers!

Hold on, brave soldiers! Although I am leaving now...

...but the help is on its way.

And thus pasha Ahmed and his only baby-daughter...

...carrying his most precious treasures...

...also fled to his friend...

...Gaspar Botsinkay...

...on the secret pathway.

Don't cry, little Sophie!

And I will have to marry such a cry-baby, then?!

We don't have too much time left, Gaspar!

We must escape!



But I am a Hungarian!

Nooo. I am not going anywhere.

But you can hide your treasure here if you want.

I will safe-keep it even at the risk of my own life.

When the war will finally get here, and it will, Gaspar, it will, soon...

...your own head might become loose on your neck, too!

The Emperor will never forgive you that you befriended us before.

But then, so many other Hungarians lived at peace with your folks, too.

True. But you, my friend also got quite wealthy at the same time.

And that is a much bigger sin, than simply just making friends with the Turks.

That might be true.

But the castle, the estate!

Listen to me, Gaspar!

Mad times are coming very-very soon!

My brave soldiers won't hold the castle for too long either.

Life is much more important now! Your life and your son's.

Donnerwetter. What did Montecuccoli teach?

If the victory is barred by a dam, you must explode it!


The dam.

Explode the dam!


Reporting that the dam is set for the purpose of explosion!

Explode it, then!

And now...

"Charge!" "Charge!"


Water! Bring some water!

Water! Quickly! Oh, great heaven!

Oh, the water has flooded the whole area!


Hold the directiooon!

Watch ooout!

Waterfall approaching!

"Dad, help me!" "Jonaaas... "

...hold on!

Dad, Sophie was taken by the flood!

My daughter!

After her!

My child!

My dear daughter is lost!

Where are you little Sophie?

My daughter!


My little Sophie!


Just do it!


Hang on!

And where did you leave your little brothers and sisters?

Come, my little!

You just keep on swimming, if the heavens gave you a boat!

What is it, Saffi? Oh..

I can see that now, too!

Here! Here! Little one!


My little tear-drop, calm down!

What is it? Oh my dear!

"So you are the little... " "saffi... (sneezes)"

Well, if that's how you would like it, I don't mind.

Let your name be Saffi as well.

We are gonna have two Saffis from now on!

And we will raise them together... good health!

My only little daughter!

Don't cry, my friend!

We will find her!

Calm down, please!

In our new home, in Turkey...

...we did not receive a warm welcome.

The Sultan beheaded the pasha.

And the death of our only supporter was quickly followed by my own father's.

God be with you, then. My dear son.

I have to leave you here, in a foreign land.

In a foreign country.

My time is soon over.

Be an honest and faithful son of your homeland!

One, who well deserves...

...the Botsinkay family name!

Defend the weak!

Give bread to the poor, and to the homeless!

Return to Hungary, as soon as you can!

Reclaim our ancient home!



...the pasha's treasure...

I was helped out by the goodwill of gypsies, and so later on I joined them.

They shared with me all the joys and sorrows of the wandering life.

And thus we roamed the land together. I owe them...

...I mean, I owe you, my life and everything I learnt ever since.

But then word got out that the Emperor pardoned every political immigrant.

I can get back my home, too. And everything all I ever wished for!

Don't you worry!

I won't be ungrateful!

You will always find a home and safe haven on my estate!

"Oh! Don't you believe the lords, Jonas!" "But, I myself is a lord, too, Uncle Gazsi!"

Here I have the writing...

...that says that I can reclaim the castle and the estate as well.

I will only believe that, if I will see it!

Well, you will be seeing it, then!

And you will all be surprised!

Here is the junction! You will surely find your way from here.

But then send a word for us, Jonas...

Lord Jonas!

God be with you, Jonas! Come back to us soon, Jonas!

Well, God be with you...

...and have a good luck!

Come back to us, and stay with us, Jonas!


...we are at home, buddy.

I wish my poor father could have lived to see this day!

First we report to the governor that we wish to accept the general pardon...

...and reclaim my estate, and then... we go! I am off into my fabulous castle, and you into your stable full of fresh straw!

Don't be afraid! You will have your own servant, who will feed you from a golden goblet and a silver bucket!

And tomorrow, we will have a great celebration to make everybody remember...

...the return of...

...lord Jonas Botsinkay!

And then...

And then...

We will look for the treasure of the pasha even if it was hidden at the very bottom of Hell by the old ones!

Uncle Gazsi will be surprised, then!

They will have nothing to worry about until their dying day!

The arrows of Cupid have pierced me...

...thus my heart will belong to her forever.

To her, or to you, my beautiful Venus...

...I am dreaming about you even when I am awake.

Now, so far so good.

Oh, please accept it gracefully, beautiful Arsena...


What the thundering hell-hole rhymes with this god-damn Arsena?

Oh, forgive me, my love!

Stop! Who are you?

My name is Jonas, de genere Botsinka.

I wish to talk to the governor.

How come not directly to the Heavenly Father, himself?

Now, clear away from here, you...

...dirty gypsy bastard!

How dare you talk to the lord of Botsinka like that?

Hahahaha! A lord of what?

Don't make me laugh or I will miss the target!

Let me in, valiant Captain! I will give you a plentiful reward!

You! That's enough of your jokes!

"Are you an honest man?" "Yes. "

Then, go away from here, quickly! You! Ein, Zwei!

Ooh! A gold piece!

What an old...

Arsena... Musket... No, that's not good.

Why are you not called Greti or Lisy?

I could find so many beautiful words to rhyme with it.

Lisy, busy, pussy...


But Arsena?!

This name is just another doing of your greedy father. He wanted to save on the rhymes, too!

I am honoured to introduce myself, lord governor.

My name is Jonas de genere Botsinka.

Botsinka... Arsena...

It rhymes!



Jonas Botsinkay, as you can see it stated on this dog-skin parchment.

Please reinstate me into the charge of my rightful inheritance, lord governor! The law states...

...that all those who take the option of the Emperor's pardon until the first of July...

...will be reinstated into their lost lands and titles!

Well, I myself...

...thus wish to take this option.

According to... the law.

"And today is the 30th of June. " "It is. "

One more day.

One more god-damn day!

Well, come, you filthy...

...I mean, come, your grace, Jonas de genere Botsinka! genere Botsinka...

Listen to me, lad!

I mean, take my fatherly advice, your grace!

Just leave that forsaken estate!

The war has pretty much destroyed it anyway!

All your lands are just swamps now. You won't be able to grow on it nothing else, but...

...mosquitoes and cold fever!

I will just rebuild everything! I am not afraid of hard work, my lord!

Yet, still, the Imperial Treasury, as a sign of its good intention towards the returning ex-patriots...

...would like to offer in return of the estate, let's say, fifty...

...a hundred gold pieces!

Think about it, my dear friend! A hundred gold pieces!

Thank you very much, lord governor, for your kindness...

...but I can't just sell the land of my ancestors for money.

Two hundred gold pieces!

I rather hope, that as you are such a fatherly good friend to me, I can soon welcome you as my guest in my castle!

Until then, just kindly keep me in your memory, Your Grace. Au Revoir!

Two hundred and eleven... seventeen!

Two hundred and seventeen gold pieces!

Thirty-eight piculas!

This is it! It's all over!


Where the Hell were you hiding?

You know, that you are only allowed to leave the castle with my permission?

Oh, well, si... maestro.

I was just mixing a new elixir.

And with your permission, I was just checking upon the excavations this morning.

The search is almost over!

Have you found the pasha's treasure?

Bravo, Puzzola! We are saved!

This is yours for the good news!

We have the treasure at last!

Well... the... errr... the treasure we have...

...I just don't know where, yet.


I didn't know it is that urgent.

What do you mean, you didn't know? You are killing me, you brigand!

But before that, it will be your head that will be pulled on a spear!

But what happened, my lord?

I had taken a thousand gold pieces from the Imperial Treasury.

And I also owe the soldiers six month's wages...

And almost the same amount to that old pig, Loncsar, too...

But if he will add double interest then twice the amount.

The Court's Inspector could be here at any minute...

...and now the devil brought here this gypsy bastard as well... that...

Bobshi.. or Pachni...

You mean Botsinkay?

Don't be so surprised, or I'll have you quartered!

The damn-fool have just left.

If he would have come only but one more day later...

...his estate would have been given to the Crown, under our supervision!

Up until we could finally find the pasha's treasure!

Then I could have paid back everybody!

I could maybe even have bought myself the title of a Baron...

...without which my Arsena will never offer me her pretty hands full of her rich dowry!

Oh, that thundering hell-hole!

"And? And?" "What and?"

You just don't ask questions to me or I will have you roped in front of a cannon!

Oh, did you then make the enormous mistake of...

...reinstating that Botsinkay-kid into his estate?

Well, what the hell I could do, if it was already declared so... that cursed law?

Ooh, Madonna mia de colore la mobile...

Ooh, why did I not have guessed this before! Damn it!

Because whoever doesn't exist anymore, cannot be reinstated.

Nobody would have looked for him.

It was very foolish to let him go, my lord.

And you are only telling this to me now, you brigand?

If it is not up to us, he must be in the swamplands by now.

Then you just stalk after him, and stab him in the back!

No, nononono. I am an intellectual!

Forgery, making poisons, money laundering, film critiques, and sorts... yes.

But murder??? No.

I can't stand seeing blood.

What did you promise me two years ago in Bologna, when I saved you from execution?

Is it already two years? Oh, time just flies by...

A soldier lasts for this long.

You swore to me that you will blindly follow all of my orders from then on!

"Do you want me to poke your eyes out?" "Oh, no. No, my lord!"

I will do as told without that too.

Then get out, and take care of this!

I just don't know what my mama...

...will say to this.

I don't understand.

Well, I could see it with my own eyes that he put it in.

It is nowhere.

My father told me so long ago...

...that when coming from Temesvar we could first see the castle from that small hill...

...with the old willow-tree on it.

This must be it!

I can't see any other tree around here.

Hey, Djinn, listen!

Let's close our eyes, and only open it on the top of the hill, okay?


Well, now you are really beautiful, Bundash!

You know, what?

Come, let's swim to that log!

Let's go!

I won! I won, Bundash!


Where are you?



But you were cheating!

Just wait, you rascal! Yes, you were cheating! You know that!

Thank you, Bundash!

This is really beautiful.



Come on, Bundash! Shame on you! What kind of behaviour is this?

Just give it back! Well, I don't mind.

For once, I forgive you.

But if you will ever be envy again, I won't talk to you for a whole week!

Wow! So you are here as well? pipipipipipipipip pipipipipi Bendeguz!

All right, Bendeguz.

Here, don't you miss a thing!

A stranger!

Run, Bundash!

Saffi! Saffi!

Come and let's hide! A stranger!

Do you see, buddy? They must have been looking for the treasure here.

They might have even found it. No. That can't be.

The governor would have told me that for sure.

Don't you give me that look!

Yes, he is a noble-hearted gentleman. He addressed me as:

"My dear friend. "

He recognized the noble blood in me.

Just come, we are at home after all.


Well, this must have been the dining room.

Or maybe the library.

This house is a bit windy.

Where could I sleep?

What the heck? Are we not alone?

All right! It is only you!

Easy for you! You can just hang from the ceiling while sleeping!

This must have been the kitchen.


...we won't have no dinner here tonight.

I fooled you, Djinn!

There is no golden mine here, nor silver river.

Believe me, this is not how I expected to return home, either!

Let's just find a place for ourselves for the night and then tomorrow we will go after the caravan.

I will be the laughing stock of everybody.

Shining castle, an army of servants to greet me, nice stable for you...

Poor Djinn.

Let's go, before the whole place would collapse!

There is one more thing I am looking for.

You see, Djinn?

She was my mother.

What am I gonna do with this lonely gold piece? And it is not even real.

It would have been much better to listen to the governor.

Castle, estate, the whole thing doesn't worth a dime!

But then...

...we will still be good friends, right?

Basti... ajajajaj.

We must find the treasure of the pasha, unless that's just another legend, too.

But even if it exists, by the time I would find it on my own, I would have starved to death already.

Djinn, can you smell it too? Smoke!

There is a fire somewhere close!

And where there is a fire, there must be some dinner as well!

And where is some dinner, they would surely invite the lord of Botsinka! Am I right, my friend?

Maybe my father might have left behind a single peasant in hiding?

My friend, for this one more time only, but look after yourself, now!

I wish all of you a lucky good evening!

Damn it!

May all good souls praise the lord!

Black cat, death bird, toad?

This must be the hut of some sort of hag of the swamps!


What did I say?

It looks like you are the lord of the house.

I myself is the lord of the land. Jonas Botsinkay, in person.

Jonas... Well, so you are back, after all!

Look... We have a guest!

Welcome, little lord, to the humble home of the lonely, poor Cafrinka.

Good evening, Mam.

Don't be afraid, you will also find your home here!

Some hunter must have killed the mother of this poor orphan.

Madame, my name is Jonas de genere Botsinka.

And I am the lord of the whole estate, I am...

I know, my dear, my dream has already told me that I am to expect you soon...

And are you hungry then?

Well, truth to be told...

I know, my little bug. You haven't eaten anything for two days now.

Move, Saffi!

If you are envy, you won't get dinner!

Come, dinner is here!

Full of tasty bites, enough for every guests!

No, I am not a guest, I am the owner of these lands!

Saffi! Where are you hiding?

Set the table for the hungry wanderer!

At least she didn't call me a beggar!

Magic! Witchcraft! Saffi?! But she was still a cat just a moment ago!

Jonas, just be careful! They might even bewitch you at the end!

Hurry up, my little bug!

You will have the chance to gaze at him later on!

"Bring some fresh water from the spring!" "Yes, dear mama!"

This silly girl forgot about the plates.

Hey, Saffi!


Let that fish back into the water at once!

Sipirc! Sicc!

Now she turned into a cat again!

Now she is again a girl. Sipirc?

This must be the magic word!

Yet she is so beautiful!

Saffi, you sit next to the guest.

Where is the light?

Shining lamp with a hundred flames, give us light, bugs of saint John!

Serve our guest!

Plate, plate, full plate, it all turns stone what you haven't ate.

Just eat, Jonas, have good meal!

Relax, Jonas!

Come on! Well, I really...

Khm... Jonas, keep silent!

Well, time flies, my dear little lord.

You too have grown up, yet I can still remember... that you were just a young boy when your father had saved you from misery.

My poor father died in emigration.

I was taken in by gypsies.

I was hoping I will be able to show my gratitude towards them...

...but instead of a shining castle and an army of servants...

...only ruins and utter destruction welcomed me back home. What a sad homecoming!

I only have one hope left...

I know, my son, I know.

You seem to know a lot about me, woman. Were you one of our servants maybe?

I have always been in my own service only...


But as I can see, you also have some servants here!

We simply just serve each other around here.

We feed, protect and look after each other, just like a family.

Because you must learn, little lord...

...the real lord is the one who can rule over himself.

And never has to rely on servants.

That's an antique wisdom, old woman.

Of course, I will have servants. Maybe a whole army of them.

Especially, if I would find the pasha's treasure.

Wish you would know, what the real treasure is, my son!

Of course, I know! Glittering gold and sparkling diamonds!

Just mud.

And stones.

There is something that worths more than any gold or diamonds.

But I can see now, that you must still do a lot of stupid deeds in the future to become wise!

Well, if you can see the future as well, grandma', why don't you just tell me, where to find that treasure?

And if I will find it after all, or not?

Or even though you are a witch, you are unable to foretell?

Thank you, little lord, for the honour. So, just show me your hands!

Oooh, it is written here, that fortune will become your companion soon!

Unless you would run away from it!

And that from one house you will run...

"... but then from the other you would get married. " "Married???"

Well, that can be, but I am not gonna marry the cat of a nobody!

But tell me, will I find my treasure?

Yes, you will. And it will be your wife who will lead you to it.

On your wedding day!

Well, then, I am gonna get married tomorrow.

I will start looking for my bride in the morning, but I will be picky about the house!

And if you told the truth, old woman, I will reward you!

And you just clean up a room in the castle for my bride tomorrow!

Pff. Miaoo! Yes, little lord.

What is this? Sipirc!


"I think, it is about time to sleep. " "Sipirc!"

Bravo, Puzzola! Everything is clear!

We wed the young man, he finds the treasure and then... krrrr...

We will have all that gold for ourselves!

First I will kill the knight, then Loncsar...

Quattropoli vecchio!!! So much work!

Jonas, you sleep outside!

Saffi, you stay at your place.

"Sweet dreams, little lord. Miaoo!" "Good night!"

Don't worry grandma', I will rather just sleep outside. We would be too crowded in here!

And thank you for the dinner!

Next time with the rest!

Youngsters are such fools, am I right, Saffi?

But we will look after them, OK?

What takes so long for this vermin, Puzzola?

Did he kill the kid, or was he killed by him?

If he was killed by the kid, I am gonna kill the kid!

But if the kid did not kill him, I am gonna kill him, too... I am...

I am gonna kill everybody...


"Yes!" "Have you seen Puzzola anywhere?"

And if not, where?

Report, I haven't seen him since noon!

My gun, and my horse!

No! A boat! I am off hunting!

"Now? At the darkest hour of the night?" "Yes, now! Dismissed!"

I am gonna kill everyone, just to be sure.

God bless you, grandma'! We'll be back for dinner. And don't forget about the room in my castle!

"It will be done, little lord, as you ordered!" "And say hi to your cat, too!"

I am gonna tell her!

"Is he gone?" "He is. "

And you had some wild pears for breakfast?

"He will never come back!" "No? You heard him. "

"He will be back in the evening, with his wife!" "I am gonna drown myself by then!"

Well, Bundash and Tobiash would pull you out of water by your hair for sure!

Come on! Little lord Windy has the Spring Shower as his bride?

I waited for him in vain! He didn't choose me!

This fool would deserve a big kick in the arse!

But he will get it... from somebody else!

"Help him, dear sweet Caffrinka!" "But that's exactly what I am doing!"

Where he asks for what he cannot get, he will get what didn't ask for!

Let him run after someone from his own class...

"I wouldn't mind that either, if he won't get hurt!" "So, you like him that much already?"

A handsome young lad, just like his father was in his own time.

He thought I am a cat...

...and then chased me away.

You deserved it, if you let him!

"Was I to jump all over him then?" "Enough of the crying!"

The lad is still green, but he will ripe by the time evening comes.

Dear Mama...

...wouldn't you have some...

...some enchantment?

Love took away your right mind!

Two such fools!

Here you have the enchantment!

If you don't believe me...

...look into the water of the lake!

She says... some enchantment.

Saffi! You go after him, and stay with him at all times!

Understood? Go, then!

Reporting, from the right... err... from the left...

I mean... from that way, some ducks!

"Reporting, from this way some geese!" "We expect a different kind of bird, son. "


Damn it, Miss Saffi! What kind of surprise is this?



"Swamp-man!" "What???"

He is coming here. AAAAhh!

My lord.


You should be ashamed of yourself for running after men like this!

And it doesn't matter that you have again changed your skirt to cat-skin...

...decent girls don't do such things still!

Saffi, sipirc!

Indeed, it seems like somebody just shot near me.

But who dares to hunt on my estate?

You let the boy get away, you...!

My lord, only to let him show us the great secret.

"The treasure... " "Where is the treasure?"

In a safe place. Thank God, he doesn't know yet where is it, either.


But the swamp's hag foretold him that his wife will dream up the location.

But he doesn't even have a wife yet!

That's exactly why we must wed him immediately, dead or alive!

I swear on the tilted virgin of Pisa, my lord, that I can take care of everything!

But where should get him a bride?

There isn't a decent girl around here for a hundred miles at least!

All of them were taken under the war.

"And the ones that were left behind... " "There is at least one... "

What do you want with that tap?

I am not upset now!

But you certainly will be soon, my lord, you will be!

Come on, governor!

It is not nice to hunt on somebody else's estate.

Oh, the mighty knight is begging for your pardon, my lord!

You must be the young and noble sir, Jonas Botskinkay, if I am right!

"I am. " "We simply just got lost in this endless swampland. "

We were only shooting as an emergency signal, when, thanks to the Heavenly Madonna...

...your Lordship just showed up.

But now we will surely find the way out.

I forgive you, of course, my good lord governor...

...and what's more, I hereby authorize you to hunt on my estate...

"... whenever you just want. " "Grazie. Thank you, my lord. "

But... now, that we have just met due to our good luck...

...let me ask for your advice. I intend to get married.

But where could I find a suitable, charming young lady, you think?

A beautiful, noble young lady, with a nice dowry, of course.

I don't care about no dowry. I am gonna be rich on my wedding day anyway!

Oh, of course! Me, stupid.

I forgot that your Lordship was away until now.

Therefore you couldn't have heard about the county's richest nobleman's daughter...

...the beautiful Arsena Loncsar.

Arsena Loncsar?

"Well, I am gonna visit Miss Arsena, then. " "You just go straight that way, my lord... "

...and you will surely find the Loncsar estate. Just follow the smell!

The gentlemen will be invited to the wedding party, of course.

Well, let's go, Djinn!


What did you just do, you brigand!

I couldn't do anything else, my lord.

Miss Arsena is the only suitable girl in the area.

But I want to marry her, you idiot!

You want to, my lord, you want to, but you can't.

Since Miss Arsena will only say yes to a Baron, nothing less...

Therefore my lord must find the treasure first... be able to buy the rank of a Baron. But to get the treasure...

...Arsena needs to dream up the hiding place of the treasure on their wedding day.

But then we will be the ones to dig out the treasure, and to bury the lad instead.

Your Lordship, as governor will just take the treasure as the property of the state...

...just as a precaution.

You pay back your debts, some of it you send to the Treasury, of course...

...and in return, my lord will be raised to the rank of a Baron.

And then, as a rich landowner and nobleman, you can ask for the hand of Miss Arsena...

...which will be happily offered to you by the the sad widow.

And then, there will be no more problems left to solve, therefore... you, my lord could let me, I mean, me, Puzzola... go on my way, with a plentiful reward.

Do you understand it now, my lord?

All I know is that if your plan goes wrong... will be begging me to bring you back to the torture chambers of Bologna!

Jodas de gedere Botsonka.


The neighbour?

Welcome to Hell, my dear lord.

Hey, painter!

How dare you to hurt the lord of Yorkshire?

Come, my dear lord, come!

Let us see, what did this fool make here?

This smile looks idiotic to me. Correct it!

No, no, not mine! The Mother Queen's!

Hey, you rascal!

Get out!

My dear lord?

Kiss, kiss.

Well, so, the general pardon has brought you home, too?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to hurt you, but... seem very thin!

No problems!

The good-old Loncsar will feed you up!

Feeding time, my friend! Drink!

No, thank you. I don't drink palinka!

That's not acceptable, my dear lord!

You have to drink when you are with Papa Loncsar!


Or you look down on a simply pig- merchant, like me, maybe?

Me? Of course, not. Especially, since the intention of my visit is to...

That's what I mean...

God Bless you!

Bottoms up!

This to my health, now!

Bottoms up!

This to our friendship!

Bottoms up!

Just stay seated, my friend, then it won't reach to your legs!

Now, tell me!

Why did you come here?

Me... errr...

I want to get married.

Me and my wi... I mean your ... daughter... marry...


You want Arsena! Brave! Very, very brave!

And then the lord governor...

Does he know about your noble intentions?

He does.

He does. He recomm...

He recko...

He recommended her.

This thing stinks of that filthy Puzzola to me.

Whatat... what... whats... did you say?

No-no-no-no. No-no-nothing. And then...

Do you have enough money... give a decent life to my spoiled daughter according to her rank?

I do.

I do.

"I have the pasha's treasure. " "What?"

You have found the pasha's treasure? Where?

In my hand.

It is written there...

It was foretold... the wise... wits...

...fortoon... telllerr...

"Witch. " "Aha!!!"

Well, after all, it must be on your estate, therefore it is yours.

It is just a matter of time before you find it!

It is!

Take the young lord... wa... wait, I will just tell it to Arsena myself...

...that somebody is here to marry her.

Take the young lord to the salluna... the saloon!

At once!

This way, please!

I don't understand.

How come the governor didn't kill this lad?

But then...

If Arsena would marry him...

...I will get the treasure...

...and his estate as well...

Now is the time to be smart, Loncsar! Now is the time to be smart, Loncsar!

# "La la la la la la!" "Wha... What is this?"

# "La la la la la la!" "Do you skin the pigs alive here?"

Miss Arsena is taking singing lessons at the moment.

She must ha... have a strong...

...strong throat.

# La la la la la la la la la la la!

I can't take it, this is terrible!

Bravo! Bravo!

You can leave now! Enough of the whining for today!

But father!

You must have manners in the temple of the muses!

Good, good, good! Go and put on some make up, my daughter!

You have a visitor.

So my father has forgot about it again, that only poor people talk down on their children?

Is it that common man with no manners, again?

The one who cannot make a distinction between a violin string and a violent sting?

No-no-no. It is not the knight.

It is a young and noble man from good blood. And if you still love your old hairy father...

How many times should I warn you, Father, that this tone...

Good, good, good. So, if you love yo... yo... your...

...your sweet father...

Oh, surely, since that is my responsibility.

Well, then, will...

...will you please... re... receive that man?

I don't know, father.

I have already offered myself to Apollo.

Apol...! I didn't even know about him!

Who is this brigand?

Is he rich at least?

But, father!

He is the god of muses and poetry in Greek Mythology.

Let it go, you bastard, or I will kick you in the bones!

She is my blood. There will be no problems here!

Jodas de genere Botsonka.


Good eve...

You, my dear... to... to... my wife...

This is unheard of!

What is so funny, my lord?

This demands blood!

Where is my sword?

"Where is my sword?" "You are so entertaining, my lord. "

But marriage is not a joke.

As it was sang by a Latin poet before.

It is required that the two sides must be of similar ranks and wealth.

The Loncsars of the Swine House can only accept high-nobility as a husband.

Therefore it is my definite intention, that my future husband must be at least a Baron!

I said, a Baron!


"But I am not a Baron. " "Well, then, better hurry up... "

...because the gates of my heart will be closed in front of you until you become one!

And now... God be with you...

But, sir! What kind of intervention is this?


Miss, stop this now, or I am gonna skin you alive!

He wants to skin me alive! Heeelp!

No, not you, but that other cat!

Wait, you witch!

My things!

Saffi, damn you!

She is gone wild!

I can't take it! I can't take it!

My altar cloth!

Put it down! It is not even finished yet!

I will just chase off this...

Bon Jourrr, nice birrrd...

I am gonna faint.


Miss, your tea.

The lord outlaw...!

Azil... animal. Ooh!


The lord... wishes to lea...


God bless you, Miss.

Don't be sad, though...

I will return to you soon... a Baron!

Au revoir.

My Piggy...

How did you like him?

May the Devla take me, if I will ever drink again!

Is it nice to behave like that in a noble house, Miss?

Hey, come here!

Let's go, Saffi!

Oh, my head!


Djinn, my dear stallion!

Oh, pardon me.

May I, Miss?

Now, let's go, buddy!

The boyo is not Arsena's type.

He must be killed as soon as possible.

So, I must become a Baron first before I can ask for a bride.

But of course, the Emperor would gladly give me the title, if I would give him half of the pasha's treasure...

...but that I can only find, if will marry first!

And there we are again at the beginning of this wicked circle.

How about marrying someone who wouldn't care about noble titles?


Evil girl! Leave that bird alone!

Take him here, now!

Poor little birdy!

That little devil almost ate you.

Turn back into your human form for my sake! Come on!



It looks like you don't listen to my commands. No problems.

What is this? "to Sir Feuerstein, personally!"

The knight!

My fatherly old friend!

He will surely give an advice on how to become a Baron!

Fly home, birdy, fly home! I will deliver this letter myself!

I don't understand. I can't see it. I have gone blind. Or it is magic!

I don't understand.

My dear Arsena!

Careful! It is still fresh!

Oh! May that thundering...

"Oh, how beautiful!" "Yes, yes, a real piece of art!"

"The artist asks for 10 gold pieces for it. " "What?"

For this crap?

"Of course he wasn't given a dime. " "That sounds better. "

And now am I to let this diamond... marry that gypsy vagabond?

You are only lending her to him for a while, my lord!

And just think about the interests you will receive soon, due to this loan!

This is like an amputation.

It hurts, while the doctor uses the saw, but after that the patient has no legs anymore.

Wouldn't it be much simpler to kill him? That always works!

But only if Miss Arsena will marry him, or if she will say no to him.

Come in!

Reporting, that a sort of gypsy wishes to enter... personally deliver an important letter.

Is that him?

He just walked into our trap.

"What is this, if a not heavenly sign?" "Just play it smart, my lord!"

If you would simply just stab him in the back, we would have an ugly inspection upon us!

At your service, lord governor!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your fatherly advice.

Everything went according to plan.

What??? Now, you die!

The lord governor means that now is the right time for some more dire advices.

I hope I won't insult you by asking, but what is that at my lord's skull?

That... Nothing.

Just a little tap to let out some heat if the pressure builds up in the head.

The doctors made it, when a Turkish cannonball...

"... broke the skull of my lord. " "Enough of this gibberish!"

The governor means that it is enough of this gibberish, so...

...did Miss Arsena say yes, then?

Well... not yes, but then she didn't say no either.

She said, she will only marry a Baron!

"So, I decided to become a Baron!" "Baron??? You will become soon a... "

The governor means that you will become a Baron sooner than you would think!

Thank you very much, governor, for your trust. And what's to way to become one?

Now comes the smarties!

It is simple!

You highness must take the Baron-exam here, in front of the governor!

"Would you?" "Gladly. "


And then you will just have to send a letter to His Majesty.

The letter! I almost forgot! Here you are!

The boy is not Arsena's type. He must be killed, as soon as possible!


What? To kill me?

How does the young lord know, what is written in the letter?

But you have just read it out loud!

That's different!

I can read it!

Since I am a trusted servant of the governor!

Answer me, on your honour! Did you break this stamp or not?

I didn't. But let me ask one question as well!

"Who is on this picture?" "Don't you recognize her?"

You said, you have seen Miss Arsena in person.

Or did you lie about that?

Good Heavens!

It looks like the drink took away my sights!


I hereby give up on my plan to marry Miss Arsena!

Bravo! Bravo!

Let's... let's drink on this one!

And this will also be the first part of the exam!

A test of manhood!

Prove us that you are a man, my lord! Bottoms up!

If this is required for becoming a Baron, then I rather just give up that too!

Drink, or I am gonna stab you with my sword!

Don't stab him, think about the inspection! The poison will show the signs of a stroke!

What an excellent poison! It's a pity we don't have any more left!

But I still have my sword!

"But what did I do to upset you so much?" "Foolish talk!"

This is just the second test. Test of Valour!

Now, you are gonna have a friendly duel with the governor!


This must be a joke! I don't even have a sword!

Equipment must be supplied by the applicant himself!

Here you are, you bastard!

So you won't complain after your death that you were killed by an assassin!

Another good example of knightly honour.

Defend yourself!

You are gonna die, kid! Because I want the pasha's treasure for myself!

He is enduring like a worm!

I could have already killed you in the swamp if this idiot wouldn't have intervened.

I am gonna kill you first, then I will torture that swamp-hag until she tells me where the treasure is!

And then I am gonna burn her together with her daughter!

Did you hear that, Saffi? Run!

Keep jumping, till you can, boy! You won't live for too long anymore!

I am gonna find the treasure, become a Baron, and win the hand of my pretty Arsena!


I am gonna cut you to pieces for this!

Brigand! Wretched pariah!

Thanks, Saffi! You did it right!

Your luck has turned, my governor!

Have I passed the Test of Valour?

You have. Way too much!

Then why don't you just write a letter about all your evil deeds for His Majesty...

...and then disappears from this area unless you want me to cut your head off?

Hoho! Let us see the Test of Bravery, first!


I sent him on a visit to the Bear-cage! Brumm!

You deserve the grand prize! I almost thought this guy is gonna put me in!

At least even Goliath can have some dinner tonight. Poor bear has been starving for a week, now!

Drink, Puzzola! You earned it!

"Can't you just give me some cash?" "Of course... "

"... as soon as you will find me the treasure, then I will give you loads of gold... "

"... and your safe pass, too. "

"I swear on my knightly honour!" "Grazie. "

May that heavenly...

Saffi, my dear little kitten.

So, you came after me even here, you, brave little girl?

But from here, there is no escape!

This will be our Fate, to be killed by this criminal.

The governor. The knight.

I was such a fool, to believe him!

It is silent down there.

He probably just smells him, and tastes him first.

I should have suspected, that your Mum turned you into a cat to protect me from the governor and his aids!

Wish I could be free again!

I wouldn't need no treasure, nor ranks!


Only you.

We could have lived in peace and happiness in that little hut.

Your Mother!

The knight wants to burn her, too! Saffi! Run! Run!

Try to get there somehow...

It's too late!

He is killing him now, my lord!

Don't be afraid, Saffi... We are not gonna give in that easily!

I am gonna try to distract him, while you run to your Mother and escape!

Now, come!

Come, you vermin, if you want a bite!

Look, it is Jonas! Hey, you, fool! What are you doing here?

Have I been cursed by the old hag, too? Or do I understand the tongue of bears?

Only the tongue of the gypsy bear!

Menyush! My Menyush, what a surprise!

How did you end up in this garment?

The governor had declared that he needed a bear-trainer.

And since none of his soldiers wanted the job...

...and I was always good at making the bears dance at the market squares...

...I accepted the offer.

My Menyush! My Menyush!

Let me just jump out of my skin to see you!

And thing would have been quite all right but this evil governor didn't pay me.

Not even for the bear's food!

I would surely have starved to death by now, if I wouldn't have switched with the bear.

What do you mean?

Well, I mean that he came into me, like I ate him...

And me, look at it, I came into him. Just to get his food, at least.

But it's almost a week now, that neither bear, nor bear food.

So, I was about to start thinking how to escape.

Well, is it possible to get out of this cage?

Of course, especially since I have the keys.

But where did you fall into this pit? You and the cat?

She is not cat. She is Saffi, and she is my bride.

That's something!

"Well, this must be sorcery then!" "It is. "

I am gonna tell you everything once we are out of here...

...because the governor wants to kill us for the pasha's treasure!

I see! Don't you worry, brother! All three of us will get out safely!

Listen to me!

Go down, and check what's left of him! Then clean up, and throw the remains into the swamp!


Who else? Or do you want to involve the whole garrison?


Where is this lazy gypsy?

Hey, you! Where are you taking Goliath?

I am just gonna take him to have some fresh air outside!

All right! But be back in an hour, or I will have you whipped!

Of course, my dear sergeant!



Are you asleep, you bastard?

Where in the hell...?

Oooh, no! This is the end. They are gone. The have disappeared!

Sergeant! Have you seen Menyhert anywhere?

And if I did, what business is that to you?

I gave him permission to take the bear for some fresh air outside.

Did they have a cat with them too?

Only a black one.


The hounds! Release the blood hounds!

They have noticed that are gone! To the back-wall!

Stop! Goliath?! Ouch!!!

I can't. This skin is too... heavy.

This way!

Catch him!

Tear him to pieces!

This way! This way, quickly!

"Come!" "I can't!"

Throw that damn skin away!

"I am coming, Saffi!" "Have you gone mad?"

Don't you understand? She is my bride, Saffi!

The black cat.

"Let me go, I must go back!" "Come to your senses! It's about our lives now!"

"But Saffi!" "Don't you worry about that cat!"

Or girl. She will fool the dogs, too! She will be at home sooner than you!

At home? The mother! These cursed brigands want to burn her hut, too!

"I must warn her!" "She will hide in the swamp!"

Don't be a fool, Jonas!

We will just steal two horses from the soldiers, and then off we go...

"They will never catch us. " "No, I can't do that!"

But you just run, Menyush! God bless you, and thank you for saving me from this mess!

"... and hurry!" "Oh my! Oh my!"

Run, Menyush!

Jonas, this is not good!

Oh, Madonna!

"What happened to you?" "Oh, my lord... "

Ooh, maestro.

The cat... the dog...

The bear... the bea...

What are you mumbling about?

The man... oh, the dog...

Oh, the dog, and the cat... Oh...


Yes, sir!

What the hell is that in your hand?

Reporting, this is a bear-skin. As far as I can judge, it is the Goliath.


And where is the trainer... that gypsy?

He took Goliath for a walk.

Without a skin???


...surely it must be very hot outside.

Last time I saw the bear, it wore its own skin, still.

Then if you want your skin to remain where it is...

...find them within the hour!

He must have escaped towards the borders, that gypsy!

Yes, sir!

The Botsinkay... That bastard...

...escaped. Oh, my...

What are you talking about??

My horse!

Mother! Hey, old mother!

Good to see you, little lord.

And where is the bride?

Run! Run, now, old woman! The governor wants to burn you!

"Did Saffi come home?" "Which Saffi?"

Don't play games on me now, when evil forces are upon us!

"Your daughter. " "I don't have no daughter... "

...except for this wandering cat.


My dear little kitten, are you alive, then?

My sweet, dear mother... please... let me marry your Saffi!

"So you don't want a noblewoman anymore?" "I don't want anybody else on Earth... "

...except her.

Well, if you want her so much... Be happy together.

But then, what I am gonna do with this other one?



"An-Another enchantment?" "Again with this foolish talk... "

There is no enchantment. But there are two Saffis. I mean not Saffi, but Sophie.

The only daughter of the late pasha Ahmed, long awaiting... her Jonas to find her, and marry her... it was already planned by your fathers.

She will stay Saffi for me, forever, my little cat-bride.

"Where did the governor go?" "To hell with you, you rat-eater!"

Can't you see I am on duty?


This is yours if you tell me where did my lord go.

That way, towards the Botsinkay estate.

Good. I am gonna treat you well.

I can't find him, mein Gott. I am blind. I can't see him!

I don't understand where did the gold disappear. Mein Gott.

"Is this that famous treasure, then?" "Saffi's dowry. "

Now it is yours.

Take off your dirty hands from it, you vagabond!

Jonas, we are doomed.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

You have waited in vain. According to the law, the treasure belongs to us.

Yes, it belongs to us!

Hahahaha! The law?

I have the law in my hands.

The three of you will die! And the treasure...

...the treasure...

Puzzola! Just on time!

Of course. Hahaha!

Puzzola is always on time.

Don't move!

Bring the treasure into my boat, and then...


Well, we thought we would give you a hand here, after all, my dear Jonas.


Uncle Gazsi!

Well... no wedding is complete without us, gypsies, after all...

This is the end of the tale, then!

The troop settled down on the Botsinkay estate. They rebuilt the castle...

...and made some new houses, too.

Of course, the evil ones got their punishments too... it is to be expected in a fairy-tale.

The knight...

...was relieved from his duties as governor...

...due to his failing health.

He worked for Mr. Loncsar till his death... pay off his enormous debts.

While Puzzola was sent back to the prison of Bologna, where...

...he was warmly welcomed.

Ouch! Ahh! Mummy!

Ouch! This hurt!

No problems, Giuseppe.

You caused a lot of heartache to my motherly heart, too.

And soon little lord, Jonas could love not just two, but three Saffis.

Thus understanding what did the prediction really mean:

"You will win... "

"... the real treasure. "