Szurke senkik (2016) Script

We've invented telephones and planes...

My dad always told me... there is no faster and safer than pigeon messenger.

When they killed the Prince in Sarajevo and when a great war broke out...

The monarchy sent 100,000 pigeons to the front.

They saved thousands of lives.

My father, who was the most famous poultry breeder in Szeged, he was recruited among the first of his hundred gray birds.

My mother was crying at her knees when we got the news of his death.

And I left the school bench and took the only remaining pigeon...

And I went to the army.

And now I'm here. In Italy, behind the enemy lines.

That's it! -Gun! -Cage! - It is.

Let him go!

If you touch my bag again, I'll beat your throat!

Let him go!

It happened.

Come on, help me.

Come on.

I have three clean targets. Water!

We'll wait.

I'll change direction.

What is his name?


Like that from a flood?

Are you new?

It can be seen.

These three already know each other from before.

Vodnik, Vlah and Labonc.

And you?

I was recently transferred from the eastern front.

Look at him.


It's clean.

We're coming!

We did not sleep for two days. You want a bullet in your ass?


Shake then!

Recently they went.

The question is when it will come back.

We'll stay here.

You have more?

You want to bake it with acid pickles? Of course.

The hell you're going to bake.

Why? - We need that pigeon.

Vodnik, where are we going?

What is the mission?

We need to unveil an Italian messaging center.

On the shores of the Foldina River... from here about 20-25 miles to the west.

So far...

The real miracle we got here right now.

We're just exploring, we will not fight.

Do they know the diggers too?

We observe, record, and send the results of the research to the house.

That's why we need a pigeon.

In 30 minutes he arrives at the headquarters, and we will go after him.

Two days there, three days ago.

That's five days.

How will we stay unnoticed?

I'll know that.

It's not well designed.

I invented the command? I did not invent.

There are also smarter than me who overlook the situation.

You're a scout? Molnar?

You? -Yes.

We are investigating and executing an order.

Well then.

The monarchy is preparing for a comprehensive attack on the entire front line.

And do you think they've considered it well? Water, at least we have ammunition.

Does anyone think normal upsets? Ordering is an order!

If anyone doubted it, I'll blow his head out!

What's that skull?

Ask him.

My son, Klaus, fell to Crafaith last year.

I promised her mother that I would take him home to Feldkirchen.

On the hill... behind the village, there is a chapel.

I'm singing there.

Behind the chapel is a cemetery, we will bury it there.

Your son's name was Klaus?

Both father and son.


Your son will come home!

I know.

When this is over, you will get a month's rest.

How will you regulate it? That was the deal.

That you can go home.

You're not going home?

I'm better here.

You fed a pigeon?

You heard about Lenin already?

That's the bolt that everyone hates.

He hates him for telling the truth.

All my life I had to do what the gentlemen ordered me to do.

Home in the factory... here on the front...

I've had enough...

You did not?

I did not come here because the gentlemen told me so.


I defend my homeland.

In Italy.

This is like Janos Hill.

Been there?

Once, I and wife left, we looked at the city, We talked.

And when I wanted to ask her hand, the storm broke out.

It's a bitter, radiant.

We had to wait for the end under one tree.

I keep thinking about what he's doing now.

Beautiful, young woman, in the city...

Who can be... what works...

I'm going...

I'm going to sleep.

In my opinion, he thought of her husband. I think so too.

Do you hear, kid?

You come with me.


Get out of here.

We go to Switzerland and we wait for the end there.

And what about Janos Hill?

You will not go home, with your wife? Where is this country?

If you stay here, you will not survive.

If you desert, you will not need a guide.

I was joking, soldier.


What are you doing?

Where's Molnar?

He walked in last night...

Check if we have all the things!

My ammo!

And my same!

For God's sake!


Get it! Come on!

Damn! Fuck!




Do you still have ammunition? Two... - Two chargers?

Two! Klaus!


Five bullets! -Kid! Two chargers!

We're back in the cave? Or will we bypass them?

They know about us! - You will be here with a kid and you will cover me!

Shoot alternately every 10-15 seconds, clearly?

Yes! -Klaus! You will attack from afar, and I will be on the side!



I am.

My son.

I am.

Go home with your mother.

I'll go home!


His son fought with us at Carlsfraith.

When he died...

Kramer cut his head off with one big knife and then cooked it in one pot while his skin did not fall off the skull.

They say that the guide was an officer before. - He was a lieutenant.

What happened?

He did not like the army hungry in the trenches, while officers drank champagne in the palace.

He told them in the face.

He did not want to be among them.

Since when do you serve him?

Two years.

The rarity is that the trains agree so well with a master.

Listen, kid...

I do not want anything else to survive this damn war.

But I'd die for this.

1916. godine... when Romania attacked the monarchy... we were told some rums from exadrile what will be with us now...

We did not want to get us to the Romanian front to fight against our own.

The next day they were arrested for plotting a plot.

They arrested us and wore a military court.

The judge asked me if I repented for my sins.

I told him... since I promised my wife and child that I will go home... and if I do not go, that would make me sorry.

But not another.

Fodor was then a lieutenant, the descendant of the famous military family.

He predicted his great future.

He was assigned defense counsel.

When the prosecutor for me, as a Vlaška spy, asked for death by shooting, Fodor just said: "Mr. Judge, watch him, He is not a Vlach spy, but an ordinary stinking peasant who does not know what he's talking about.

It would be a shame to carry a bullet for him, put it under my command, and I will create a man from him.

And after?

We still create each other.

What do you have on you? My uniform was bloody.

You took off the digger?

He certainly does not need him.

Let me not fight you here in the dark...

You found ammo? Judva.

Does the food have a breakthrough?

Thank you.

Maybe it's some warehouse.

What do you think, it's safe?

If they had already heard shots, they would have been here for a long time.

Now I remembered...

These dear comrades left us behind us...

Tickets? You know you're playing?

I know. Water?

We better sleep.

One game while you dine.

Okay. But only one.

Work in!

I'm calling this!

We could get a war with these.

Give me some that drink.

This is a speech already.

Bless you.

He's a good boy!

Kid, do you have a mistress?


How old is he? Three.

If he were a man, he would have years like me.

Vodnik, you have...?

I had.

He's still writing to you.

I wanted to ask her.

But I could not pay the bail.

But now that you're not an officer yet... There is no need to deposit now.

She's free to marry, so you'll visit me at the Ikloda.

Vajbo Rozika.

She usually sits with her mother in the third row...

When I am a minister, I always look at her...

She took me to the station.

I wanted to kiss her... maybe I'll be lucky.

But she did not let go.

Until I threatened to come here and let them kill me.

Then she kissed me... but not on my lips... but on my forehead.

She wanted me luck... and she said I did not run for it.

Then I saw her last time.

Pretty girl?


The guarantor loves well.

Do not let them kill you.


We had a swine at the Icocode.

The pig was so... that the eight of us had to keep her by the foot not to escape.

One of his Italian cousins... he brought five liters of grape...

Then I drank for the first time in my life.

I was hit hard. It was delicious.


Do you know Italian? Latin.

It's similar.

Radu knows something.

I only know: vaffanculo!

Fuck it! Vaffanculo...

Are we heading in the right direction?


We are close.

That's it.

Maybe he's a courier.

And the pigeon we've seen before.

He's carrying a message to the Supreme Headquarters.

Two of them?

Here's another one!

How many ammunition has left us?

One batch. And I got another one.

We're attacking.

We're just on the scout! Naredba has changed.

And who changed it? Yeah.

What? - If we can burn a pigeon, and if they are left without pigeons, communication will be in the collapse. -But. We're going to slaughter the pigeons?

They barely guard them. We must not omit this chance!

This is suicide!

I know it's risky.

But maybe we'll get war here and now!

You really think we can win here?

I'll kneel until the end of my life if I do not try it! - Do you want to please?

To those who degrade you? I have an idea.

How are we gonna go home from here? Trust me in me!


I can not bribe pigeons...

Kid, you will stay here and cover us!

You killed already a man?

Noah's coming with us! Water!

We kill the guards, burn the pigeon, and the way home!

For two weeks...

At Ikloda, we eat a lunch with a chicken liver, you see?

Until I shoot, you will not, do you?


Who are you?

Do not you hear? Who are you?

It's not.

What do you want?

The pigeon was at the manger?

Where did you find it?

He hit you?

What are you looking for here?

He's probably a scout.

You lost yourself?

They were firing from there!

Take him back, so we'll look around!

Do you have friends?



Are others coming?

Will there be an attack?

The last time I ask you!

Where are your friends?

I am alone.


"The war is over. "

"The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy capitulated. "

Dedicated to the victims of the First World War