T-34 (2018) Script

Give me an axe.

Hurry! It's dangerous here!

Tanker younger lieutenant...

That's better.


Move yourself over!

Are you completely insane?! He must first turn the turret...

Come on!

Once the turret stops, count to four!

One two three four...



Two ... Three, four!

It's gonna hit us!

One....Two ... Three ... Four ...

He is waiting for us ...

Hold on!

That was close!!!

That was driving!!


Birch - here's your orders!

You have to stop them I understand, I understand ...

Repeat! Prepare for combat!

Any Tanks ... I have one tank left.....

Where are the rest from the battalion .. ?

Half of them are broken, half I gave to the infantry division ...

Ihere are no commanders to put in the tanks, they moved everyone!

I would like to ... Stand until death!

That is ... Stand until death ... Give them fire.

The Germans are approaching Niefiedowo ...

Our orders are to cover the withdrawal of the brigade and hospital staff.

Greetings, Captain! The young lieutenant Iwuszkin reporting for duty, at your disposal!


Along the way, our field kitchen trailer reverberated with the attack of an enemy tank!

But, hot meals are delivered!

Is that so!


Look at me... I have waited for you like Stalin.

Tankers! Assemble!


I present to you your new tank commander.

Younger lieutenant Iwuszkin I trust there will be co-operation.

I also wish you well, all things considered. Commander, we welcome you ...

Iwuszkin will formulate a battle plan for you. In you, is all our hope, my boys.

At ease.

I see that there is despondency, Yes?

Just give us a task, commander ...

The Germans are approaching Niefiedowo. We have an order to protect the village.

Oversee the evacuation of the staff of the brigade and the hospital.

Are there any Germans, Lieutenant? Reconnaissance data indicates no less than a platoon.

Infantry? Tanks

Are you for real? One tank without any support?! With support.

An Infantry platoon.

Better than nothing! Lets hope there are no stupid ones!

Give me a revolver! I'm going to shoot myself!

Tank commander ... We have been fighting for a week already ...

We have had no sleep! It is a miracle that were still alive!

We are all that's left off the battalion! Are we going to slaughter now also?!

Has Lieutenant seen the front? And what will you order us?

Has everyone spoken?

Now listen to me.

I have not seen the front yet, That I will not deny ...

But I finished the commanders course with distinction.

Stop this now.

Why have you not rested during this time? Organized guard duty in the tank?

Are you at a pleasure resort ?!

These trenches are half a meter - and it should be a minimum of two!

I can see you have been lazing around?!

What ammunition do we have here ?!

Im not interested in your answer!

So spare me your response! I'm sure you dont have one....

Tank Mechanic - Name?

Tanker Wasilonok, engine is warmed up That's good.

And why is it leaking?

Fix it!, right now!

We have an order to fulfill ...

I'm warning you, I will not tolerate this cowardice!

And I will act in accordance with the law of war! We explained ourselves?!

The enemy is at the walls of Moscow ...

And you are falling apart here! Do not be ashamed?!

Even one tank is a force! If the crew is prepared and knows their job.

Tanker younger lieutenant. Starosta Gabula has arrived!

I will talk to you in a moment.

Tankers do as I instructed!


Follow my orders!

Get yourselves under control and prepare the tank for battle!

Load half the ammo quota. Throw away everything that is unnecessary!

Tank Commander. Can you please calm down?

Do you play well with others? Normally.

I will set the tone.

The sun will be low in the morning, in their eyes ... I will prepare an ambush over here.

And here.

The road runs here, Infantry will support you from here.

Are you're a strategist now Gabula? I have experience.

Need any help? We're fine, Comrade commander.

Dear mummy, Do not worry. Everything is fine.

We are so busy you can't believe it!

Greetings to Aunt Mana.

Your son.

The Russians are up to something. You think?

It looks calm. Save your breath Gunner ...

Russians always think of something!

Shit cold ...

You can't get used to it! Vodka will help.

When will you shave yor beard? You look like Ivan!

Weekly, once we get to Moscow.

I bet you this watch, That we will be the first on Red Square.

First you have to get there!

Start your engines!

Prepare the tanks! A distance of 25 meters!

Vorwärts! Marsch!

Forward! Forward!

Contact! They have broken through the treeline

Three... Four, five! Lots of them!

It's beautiful...Like ducklings in a row!

I see them ...

Well, what about the infantry ...

We'll hit them too!

Crew get ready to fight! Yes, commander Load! Armour Piercing!


Take your time Commander! Because I cannot not smoke now!

You can light one up, you may! Don't start your driver bullshit!

Show me your side..... bastard!

Roll up ... Roll ...

Stop Tanks!

Damn it!

Switch off the motors!

He sensed something ...

Come on? What's up?! Too calm this village! I have an uneasy feeling!


Too quiet.

Even the dogs don't bark.

Come on...In us lies all hope.

Attention! A cannon in the barn at eleven o'clock!

Its Our decoy cannon! They've taken the bait!

Come on! Come on! Run! they'll shoot you!

Tanks:22nd and 33rd! Destroy the cannon!

They have taken the bait! We're running away!

Masyczkin! You idiot! I said come were leaving!

Well, commander! What are we waiting for?! Too early, Tank mechanic!

Come on, line up!

Oh, mother! Two with one shot!

Hostile tank in the stack at one o'clock! Fourteenth and fifteenth destroy him!

Minus three! This is how we attack!

Start the tank! Right now!

Wasilonok! What are you doing?! Reverse! You slow woman!

Only because I can't see anything.... You little prick!!!

Gunner! What the hell! What are you waiting for?! I know what I'm doing...

Fire!! Facing the front? I wont pierce it ...

Congratulations, comrade commander!

Damn youre good! For a man who has not seen the front!

Wasilonok, we are going to fall back some more!

I cant see them! Stop firing!

Tank visible ... must I shoot? No don't!

We are waiting for the flame-throwers.

Another one! Minus four!

Come on!

Align the gun! Goal is in the stable! Traversing!

Line up your sights!

Ready! Fire!


Infantry! Eject the tank from its hiding place!

Wasilonok! Grenade! The Nazis are outside!

Should have known!

Good, Makeyev! Keep your position here!

I will!

Until the end! I will!

Greetings and goodbye from Amur!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Przeciwpancerny! Step on it! I am!

Fire! Fire!

Forward! We'll hide behind the stable!

How are we doing?! Were deaf!

Mechanic! Sharp right!

Idiot! Right to the right!

This is not a ship!

We're going to hide behind the stable!

The Germans are on the right! Let's find out!

We are flanked by them!

Stop observe!

Turret to 1 o clock!

Kobsarien, load anti-tank!

Weve got him!

The tank is destroyed!

Yjecie ?!

Vanya !!!


Vanya is no longer with us!

Everybody calm down!

Are you still alive!

Infantry Starszyna! Grenades ...

Kobsarien! Load Piercing!

Wasilonok! Start her up! Get us out of here!

I am!! Sweet, love!



Well, load it!


Shoot without my order!

He is good...

Well wait for the Germans at the stable gate!

Turn right!


Get us back! Get away! Fast, now!

Holy shit! Calm!

Keep calm, Gunner ...

Tank Mechanic! Yes!

Youre named after your father? I am Stiepan Sawielicz!

Good driving of you, Stiepan Sawielicz! Thank you for your service!

I serve the working people!

Well, good ... Now serve only you and me.

And what, German? We will leave and not talk ?!

Drive, Stiepanie Sawielicz!

You want a miracle - it will be a miracle!



Kobsarien! Load Piercing!

Wasilonok! Reverse!

Shoot without my order!

To hell! I am injured!

Gunner! I'm hurt! Do you want to die here today ?!

Turn left by 90 degrees!


I can not do it ...


Prepare for the shot, soldier!

Kierowco! drive between the houses, march!



Load again! Aim for fuel tank!

1944 THIRD REICH Thuringia Concentration camp S III

Herzlich willkommen in unseren Resort!

Diese ist ganz besondere Resort!

Wir werden Lämmer von den Böcken getrennt!

Welcome to the resort! This is a special resort!

Here, we separate lambs from rams!

And let everyone who come in here remember! Your thoughts are not here, your feelings are not there!

Germany is your Lord!

Germany decides your death!


Lie down!

Look at me! Are you Russian?

Lord, commander, This is a so-called Russian tanker!

His name and rank have not been established yet!

He has attempted to escape seven times!

Name und rank!

Name, rank ...

I said: name and rank!

Please answer! Do not be silent!

Do you think that you are the special one? Do you want to die here for standing?

To the Special Block! Jawohl!

Name and rank!

Take care that he does not die. He will start talking.

They are already there.

Gentlemen... Reichs Führer ...

General Guderian debriefed me on the report in Poland, Standard Jäger.

It's a good idea!

Reich Jäger ... Soon, the Russian tanks will hit our borders ...

If we do not take the appropriate steps The Reich will be lost!

I would like to train a new generation of super-tankers that can stop the invasion.

The Jäger hates the Russians?

I am a soldier ...

For me, emotions are irrelevant. My duty is to serve the Fatherland!

Herr General Inspector ...

I'm appointing Standartenführer-Jäger to head research on Russian tank tactics for the Hitlerjugend SS Armored Division.

At your command, Reich Führer.

The fate of the Reich lies in your hands, Standard Jäger!

Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler!

There are 24 tank crews in general, Standard Jäger.

But there is a problem ... There are no commanders.

Let me explain ...

To avoid detection in captivitythey pretend to be privates and non-commissioned officers ...

And thats good.... The person who is hiding wants to live.

I need a commander who wants to live!

A Tank commander ...

Who is this?!

I am afraid that he is the opposite case!

That Ivan is looking for death!

He has been in captivity since '41 but so far he has not revealed his name and rank.

He has attempted to escape seven times!

Deported here for liquidation.

Jäger ... Are you okay?

Weve found who we need.

Hauptsturmführer! It's a secret mission!

I need a qualified Russian translator!

Someone from the camp ... Exploitation material.

Hurry !!!

We have not seen each other for a long time ...

Do you remember November 27 1941?

The village of Niefiedowo ...

I cut you down to size ...

It was I who shot you.

You look good ...

Unable to extract information ...

No progress with prisoner ...

This here is your death warrant.

I'll give you a chance!

You will choose and prepare a crew of Russian tankers for me ...

On the appointed day you will go to the range and you'll show my trainees your ability ...

You will not have live rounds.

Only your championship skills ...

If you die then ... Rather like a soldier on the battlefield ...

If you survive ...

You will choose a new crew for me.

I have already lost one ...

My first crew ...

You fought worthily.

We fought on our land, Franc!

I am waiting for an answer.

Well hurry up ...

I will count to five!

-Eins. -One!

-Zwei. -Two!



OK! Don't do it! I agree!

So it will be.

A very good decision soldier.

Name and rank ...

Younger lieutenant Iwuszkin.

Stand up!

Take him out!

Shoes No. 28 slightly used.

Re-use acceptable.

Camp ready for roll call!

18 382 prisoners ...

385 patients, 32 people died at night!

Very well!

Camp on roll call!

18 382 prisoners!

Call up!












3-2-1-2 Commander!

This good man will now make some choices!

I want these boys.

They suit you.


Mother ... And what is this before us ?!

Like T34 ... But not quite ...

It is, it is ...Different from the front. New 85mm calibre gun.



Your task is to renew the tank.

End of this week, you should be ready for the exercises.

This is the latest Russian tank. It has only just come from the Eastern Front.

It is said that this can destroy our Panthers.


Crew, assemble.

From now on I am your commander, you carry out all my orders without question.

"Allow me, Comrade Commander?" Go ahead.

What is our combat mission?

Our first task is to beat the enemy ...

We are temporarily at the disposal of this reptile.

Listen, my friend ... I am a commander too, I also outrank you ...

You never asked us if we want to be at your disposal, am I mistaken?

Nicolai ... Here nobody wants to die for nothing ...

Chopaki ...

We will have to fight in this tank.

German students will be against us.

They will be firing at us.

If we want to survive, we must prepare this machine and do our job ...

Any questions?

Are we going to be gladiators?

I read about that..

If someone does not agree ... I agree!

If someone disagrees, speak up and you will return to the camp ...

I've gotten so bored with recharging cars! It's much better to fight!

Well, what do you say?

Well, let's survive ... And then whats next?

And then there will be another fight, Tank mechanic!

Or maybe you forgot that we are still in a war?

I remember!

Well, commander ...

Tank Commander!

I cant do this ... We need disinfection fluid!

Inside the tank is the dead crew, in a full state of decomposition.

I am asking permission to bury the tankers' remains. A worthy act for my fallen brothers.

I am not opposed to that.

Carry the bodies carefully, easy with the ammunition!

We will get our revenge, boys!


Boys ... how are were doing?

We are stressing!

What? They rattled you - deal with it!



Leonov! Let me explain it like this!

Here is a spatial, tactical plan of the range!

We approach this thing slowly and learn!

Everyone will know were champions!

And if in the third verse, I'm wrong?

You won't be wrong!

Teach him ... Help the poor!


What's this?

It is...


Dowódco .. Yes.

Help me ...

Let's fix the lamp.

What have you come up with ?!

I've had a look ...

Were going to escape from the tank range. What?

It is 300 km to the Czech Republic ...

We have a new T-34!

Thats 6 hours of driving on the Autobahn! It's all ... Over Sam ...

Help Stephen ...

We have 6 rounds, if you want a chance this is it ...

The more so because we have the best mechanics in the Red Army.

Dont talk...

And remember how it was in Moscow we blew Niemczur tanks to powder!

Yes! What a time it was ?!

It would have been the same if we had been chewing on a wolf!


There is freedom, Stepan ...

Are you with me?

You want a miracle , it will be a miracle ...

I'm with you, commander ... With you!

Create a machine for us, Stiopa.

Iwuszkin, youre wanted by the boss!

And our boss is in the Kremlin, girl!

Come in!


How is the renewal of the tank going?

A few more days ...

Sit down!

We will start the excersizes soon. I must set a task to you.

Ivushkin is your real name?

Iwuszkin ... Will it be okay If I call you that?

My name is Nikolai.

And my name is Klaus - it's like Nikolaus!

Understand me?!

Nicolai - Nikolaus ... Klaus!


Listen, Nicolai ...

You will stand ...

You will stand here ...

Behind the barricade ...

And my Panthers ...

My Panthers will come to meet you ...

Are you listening to me carefully?

I will manouvre the tank to the exit here... And avoid getting shot.


There, near Moscow ... You were hiding in a straw stack?

Where else ?! I went to that position one hour before sunrise.

You almost caught up with us.

What if I noticed you?

If I called in artillery ... You did not notice us!

Aber du hast mich nicht bemerkt ...

Zum Wohl!

May your liver crumble! Long and happy life!


Crew, attention!


Cub Scout. You did not waste any time here.

Show me practical manouvres!

Crew ... to your places!

This is it!!

Crew! Combat readiness status!

Ready! Ready...

Always ready!


This is it!

This is a machine! A good horse!

Show them the ballet, Stiepanie Sawielicz!

Ballet, commander-in-chief it will be! Lake abędzie! Hold on!

It gives me a hard one!

Like on a carousel!

Moscow, catch up!

What now?! Have you heard ?!

Learn, Quasimodo!

Thuleke ...

PLay minefields around the training range.

I understand.

Hi, gorgeous! Come, I'll show you something !

What happened?

Jäger announced combat readiness. Around the range, he has set mines ...

Will you still go in anyway?

Go where?

Break through.

After all, I'm not deaf or blind ...

If we get the map.

I will take Jäger's map from the office ...

No! You will be the first suspect!

Then take me with you ...


Kola, It better I die with you than to live in captivity!

Here is the imprint ... Make a key.

I will not be left behind alone here ...

Death is better!


Today there is a battle test before you!

I'm sure you will fully display Germanic spirit!


If you learn to beat Russians ... The Anglo-Saxons will be nothing for you!

The Reich will rule the world!

Good luck!

Sieg! Heil!!

Guys ...

There are mines around the range!

We will have to break through the main gate.

Three panthers are against us.

We have 6 rounds and 30 kilometers of fuel.

I will say this once ...

The time has come ...

For which we have been waiting a long time!

With fury and hatred for the enemy, give them a despicable death ...

I swear to kill the fascist reptile in his own lair!

I swear!

I swear!

Crew ...

To battle.

Forgive us boys ... Sleep with God!

Four anti-tank, two-fragmentation ...

Pray, Klaus!

The Russians are at the starting position.

Indeed ...

The trainees follow the lines!


The Russians are setting up an ambush. Well. Carry on.

Oh, my God!

There is no common sense in his head.

Security breach and racial defilement?

Our tanks approach the ambush.

Standard Jäger ... your pipe.

Where are you going?

According to Regulation No. 11 ...

General Plenipotentiary of Forced Labor Thuringia Obergruppenführer Saubknecht ...

I have the right to pass outside the camp.

You should come back not later than eight o'clock!


Farewell ...



Good idea with smoke. Did you expect it?

The commander is not stupid ...

God bless you!

Mechanic! start her up ... This is it!

Observe carefully.

Come on, give me a target! Give us a pig!

Wilczek! Your turn!

Sight from the left! Yes ... Extreme left ...



And what is this, Jäger?!

It's on fire! It's on fire! Take that, bitch!

Lady Wilczek! Go forward!

It's only Wilczek!

Now he has unleashed the tomcatt!

Because of his mouth!!

Why do they have rounds ?!

Hurry! Hurry!

To the battle! Go towards the hill!

Connect me with the tank crews!

Attention everyone! Full combat readiness! Full combat readiness!

We have established a connection!

Jäger speaking. Tank 2:report on the situation!

Tank 3:what do you see ?!

Go now! Give it gas my dear!

Troops to retreat! Tank 2:runs for ten o'clock!

Well, where is he ?!

Commander! The staff tower!

Leonow, load fragmentation! This is it!


Stop and sight!

To hell ...

The enemy tank is at ten o'clock!

It's a souvenir, bitches!

They are baking! Drive mechanic! Shoot!

Where must I go ?! Turn right, Stiopa!

Stiopa, to the right !!!

This is it!

Hurry! Faster!

Please go take a shower and clean yourself!

Prepare for the battle!

Hold on, boys!

Were going to fly..

What was that?! German car industry!

It was !!!

Go to the gate, Stiopa!


Machine gun! This is a bust for us!

You're trailing them, gunner!

I am! They encourage me to shoot!

At the gate, Sawielicz!


Huuurrraaa !!!

Stop filming!

Good morning ladies!

And where are you off to gorgeous?!

Well done... Comrade Jarekwa!

Good luck Get in, don't be afraid of the tank!

Move over down there!

Make space!

Good morning! Good morning friends!

Auf Wiedersehen, Madame!

Please! This is your seat here!

Welcome to our tank!

Connect with staff! Report on losses!

Send a report about the situation to the District 1A Management Board!

Alert artillery and anti-tank subunits!

Close the roads within a radius of 50 km!

I will get you!

Go fast while Klaus is composing himself!

Peace will be over soon, commander!

Our engine is like a dragon!

The next town is 20km away

We will replenish diesel there!

Hey! Franc!

Fill this with diesel! Understand?!

Stiepan! What?!

Why are you not scraping against the wall ?! As usual ...

Człowieku! We are in the back and the city is small ...

The sun is high, and we're thirsty!

Give orders to grab supplies!

Grab what you need it is not ours!

And you do not want to ?!

Want! Ask!

You have 5 minutes for everything!

The obedient town leader!

Give me your rifle!


He was thinking about the chicken from Sunday ...

And they have to cut the bow on Saturday!

Thank you!

Girls ...Do you eat bats?

I ate! And what? Pretty nutritious!

This is just happiness!

Bitte, danke! Auf Wiedersehen!

We'll hide there!


Everyone ok ?!

Jarcewa! What?!

What the hell ?! It's a 88mm!

Anti-aircraft gun! Autobahn seems to be blocked!

Stiopa! We will be able to catch it if we loop around?! Not sure!



It was a miracle that Iwana broke out from under the fire anti-aircraft operations is under Jäger Weimar!

Wonderful Iwan!

I thought so ...

We pushed them from the Autobahn ...

Now they will commute on smaller roads.

What will you do next? They are already in a trap!

Thuleke. Ask for support from the air.


And observers!

I authorise you to contact Ahnenerbe!

I'm going to Berlin!

Jäger, if you do not catch the fugitives by morning ...

I can not defend you!

Those mountains in the distance are Czechoslovakia!

One more lap! I know they're here!

Herr Standartenführer! The fuel is low!

We're flying round again!

Herr Standartenführer! We must return immediately!

We're flying again!

I am repeating,! We must come back ... They are here !!!

Please, stay calm. We are becoming smaller.

Jawohl ...

Commander! The machine is good ... But soon it will overheat!

Stiopa! You have to reach the mountains ...

We will spend the night there! This is it!

Is beautifull! And I thought we would go to Berlin!

We're going in the opposite direction!

Fly as low as possible! To the left of this road!

Even lower!


Stiepanie Sawielicz ...

Thats me!

You know what to do!

We will not go through the forest at night. We're waiting for the dawn.

Leonow! Here I am!

Go get the wood!

Wołczok - look around. With pleasure!

Jarcewa ... Yes?

Prepare dinner. This I will do.

Tank commander ... Can I say something?

Speak Over there we have a natural swimming pool!

I suggest you arrange a swim then!

Only without screaming!

Huuuraaaa !!!!


We're in position!

The Russians are in the area of:Klingenthal Chemnitz, Annaberg .

Send out the first squad there! Jawohl!

Radio Berlin. Berlin! Fast! As commanded!

Here Standartenführer Jäger! I found them!

By eight o'clock in the morning, the escapees will be dead!

Yes, boys ...

There are 50 km left to the Sławkowski Forest ... I consider our task to be done.

I order we submerge the tank in the lake, rest and disperse in separate groups ...

Mykola ... I am with you in command but I went along with good faith ...

Let my cessation leave no pity ...

Tank Commander ... I will not go anywhere without you!

We are soldiers of the Red Army!

We made a vow to beat the enemy to the last drop of blood!

This horse is a disgrace! Wilczku!

It's not just your eyesight but your hearing that's back!

You could be a clown!

And you come with my taiga ...

In the cold ?!


Who wants to, maybe after 50 ...

In 5 minutes we go sleep, about 4am wake up , we will leave with the first light.

Change of guards every hour.

Oh, look!

Shooting star!

Quick ...

You made a wish?

Of course.

To always love you ...

Embrace me ...

I have been waiting for you ...

Aneczka ... I'll wake up ...

Wake up ... Danger!

Wakeup crew! Hunter is here.


You can not stay in the tank! I will not be alone without you!

I will not go without you! Ania, listen ...

They dragged us to the corner, but we will break through!

We will divert their attention! And you have to go east!


We are here.

Next is the city of Klingenthal ...

You must continue to the left, and then you will see a great glade ...

Wait there for us!

Go only at night , only to the east! Understand!?

Yes... Aneczko ...

Yes, my love ...

Do not be afraid ... The forest is so dark ... He will not find you!

Thank you!

Take this sister! It will be of more use to you ... I'll see you again!

I'll see you!

See you, love!

Okay ... Go now ... Stop!

Its a Trap!

Abandoned suitcase in the road ... Trolley ...

There are Germans...

It looks like the city has been evacuated ...

Stiepan! Yes...

Reverse go through the ditch we'll go around the side.

Prepare yourself!

Drive to the left!

Second! Ah, lift up!

We will not take one from the front!

Aim for the seam under the turret!

Loader! This is it!

Set the delay!

I can't shoot on the move! Damn!

Stiopa, keep her steady!

It's on target! Fire!

You Bear cub, Wilczek!

Now rest in peace!

Czeple 114 hit!

The Russians are entering the square!

Take defensive positions!

Be vigilant!

Wait! I will look around.

The width of the street is 8 meters ...

At 20 km per hour, the tank is moving ...

5.5 meters per second ...

Klaus has a half-second to shoot ...

You have to distract them.

When he appears ... Do not miss the opportunity.


We are in a trap, there are three panthers around us ...

The plan is thus ...

Who is the bravest with us?

Who is what? Give me the order, commander ...

Look ... This is us ...

It's dark now and the commanders have open hatches, so there is a chance!

This tank is yours! You'll distract them. Do you understand?

I understand ... perfectly .


Good luck!

Same, Serafim!

You too...

Once you hear the explosion, go right ahead at full throttle!

Do you see the gate?

There should be an alley behind. What's it going to be?

It's for us!

Come on, Wilczku!


112 and 115 to the square! We'll clamp him!

There is an exit!

Panther straight ahead !!!

Traverse 180 degrees!

They are also travering! Krea!




Were out of time!

We ok?

Stop aim!

115! Prepare for the shot!

Say your prayers, brothers!


Who did that?!

Mincer! No one else!

And how?! He took over a Panther?

Now we have two tanks!

Prepare to open fire! Fast!

I can not shoot! My colleague is in that tank!

Your friends are dead!The enemy is in 112, and they will soon defeat us!

Out of the way! Move! Fast!

Load! The one with sharp horns!

Diemian ... Thats a bitch!

Wait a minute, Ill get you for that!

Well then...

Come on ...

Oh, you are an amateur!

Five minutes, Nikolaus!

Thats all it wil take my friend.

I'm here, Nikolai ...

The plan is as such ...

Stiopa.. We are going across the bridge at top speed ...

Maneuver on my commands!

Serafim ... Load ...

Last round. Ready!

We must come as close as possible!

We have one chance in a thousand!

Think ahead! You clown ...

We're here!

How will we live ...

Gunner ... Up the tail!


Our Father, who are in heaven ...

Hallowed be thy name I will not kill you ...

But I will take your turret ... Stop!


Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ...

I will take your armor ...




And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us!

And lead us not into temptation ...

Ive got you now, bitch!

But deliver us from evil!



Come on? We amost ended up down there with Frycami?

We have been through enough.

What will we do with the tank? There is a half tank of fuel ...

We will not give it back to the enemy! Bring the gunner...

Continue on foot!

This film is dedicated to the sons of mother Russia, both unhonored and unknown.

Those who came back home, were no longer boys.

We were like brothers in the army,

With the war, we paid our dues, With the war, we paid our dues,

Put gas, let's go home.

The war bent and shaped us, The end has come .

Four years a mother was without a son, Four years a mother was without a son, Four years a mother was without a son,

In the ashes and ruins of our streets Again, my companions,

The captured starlings return, The captured starlings return, Put gas, let's go home!

And you that looked the other way

Get up, get up, comrade bear a weapon, Get up, get up, comrade bear a weapon, Get up, get up, comrade bear a weapon, Put gas, let's go home!

What will I tell your loved ones, When I stand before the widow?

Should I look back at yesterday, Should I look back at yesterday, Should I look back at yesterday, Put gas, let's go home!

We are all war orphans, General, and private alike.

Its spring again in the white world, Its spring again in the white world, Its spring again in the white world...

Put gas, let's go home!