Tahalka (1992) Script

This beautiful valley, these snow-born peaks..

...are the borders of the nation that the world calls India.

After this border begins the border of those nations..

...whose greed penetrates into ours and crosses its limits.

They wish to colour the ground of India red..

...with the blood of Indians themselves..

...and shatter India into a million pieces.

Such a nation is Dongri-La, which was once..

...made prosperous by India itself, nurtured and nourished.

Today it has a dictator, General Dong..

...who has become an enemy of India.

Just a few days back, in order to renew that enmity..

...he had sent a troop of 2000 trained militants.

But before they could put their devious feet on our soil..

...our Indian soldiers annihilated them.

But the commander of those militants managed to save..

...himself somehow and at this moment..

...he is going back to his country Dongri-La.

Long live Dong!

Welcome to Dongri-La, Mr. Commander. - Thank you.

And congratulations, you escaped the clutches of death.

General Dong is awaiting you. Make haste.

You are already 30 seconds late.

Long live Dong!

How are you Jhalu?

Fine, thank you. Hurry up sir. You are already 40 seconds late.

40 seconds?

Mr. D'Costa, you are extremely lucky.

You have saved your life for the second time.

Second time?

Because you are just 59 seconds late.

If you were late by 1 minute more..

...we had order to shoot you.

Better relax now. General Dong is waiting for you..

...In Rangshala.

God may be wrong, but Dong can never be wrong.

Come on, come, come--.

See what all we have made for you.

You must have got the habit of eating Indian food..

...as you have drunk the water there.

See, we have made Indian food for you.

Look at these puri, rasgulla, gulab jamun, jalebi, laddoo..

Imarti? Where is the imarti?

Here it comes.

Seen the 'mam'! Yes sh.

How delicious the imarti is that's prepared for you!

Sit. Me, sir?

Yes, yes, sit.

What all happened there?

General, as soon as we entered Kashmir..

...the Indian army ambushed us and at the orders of..

...General Sinha all the soldiers were shot.

On General Sinha's orders, all soldiers were shot! - Yes, sir.

We prepare each of these soldiers with so much effort..

...and on General Sinha's orders all were shot.

But General, the top secret file that I had taken with me..

...which contains the names of all our agents in lndia..

...I did not let that file fall into their hands.

Secret file! For this job, you should get a reward.

A promotion! A promotion! You are dismissed from the post..

...of Dongri-La's Secret Force Chief.

Sit down, sit down.

You will be the made the Home Minister here.

Hey, Home Minister. Salute!

Thank you, general. Thank you very much.

I forgot. The food, the food is waiting for you.

Wait, a big mistake was to be committed! A great sin!

This food is not for you. This is for the Brahmins.

Today is your mourning feast. Mourning feast.

People celebrate the mourning feast after death.

We are celebrating yours one day before death.

General, I..

Mr. D'Costa, tomorrow is Dongri-La's annual day.

There in front of all, you'll commit suicide.

Long live Dong!

Dong is never wrong.

No, you cannot leave us and go.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, the greatest..

...reward of Dongri-La is the Gun of Honour.

And this year, the recipient of this honour..

...Is our new Home Minister, Mr. Wilson D'Costa.

Jenny, Jenny, promise me that you'll make my son a soldier.

Not Dong's soldier, but a soldier of Dongri-La.

Promise me. This photo. Okay soldier, bye.

This Gun of Honour is the privilege of that soldier..

...who brings glory to Dongri-La, or of he who..

...gives up his life for the honour of Dongri-La.

I give my life not to the king, but for the honour of Dongri-La.

Your husband had definitely forgotten the duty of a soldier..

...while dying because he had anger in his eyes for me.

But I am General Dong. I shall not forget my duty.

I will respect the widow of my soldier.

I will avenge the death of your husband.

Let this message be sent to General Sinha of India.

So General Dong has sent me the message that..

...our Army Annual Day will be the last day of my life!

Read that again, Mr. lyengar.

General Sinha, if you wanted, you could have arrested..

...those 2000 soldiers of mine. But no!

In order to become a national hero, you gunned them down.

L, being the leader of Dongri-La, am coming there myself..

...to pay tribute to those 2000 soldiers of mine.

I will be there to terminate you in front of your own soldiers..

...on the Annual Day at precisely 8:30.

Nonsense, absolutely nonsense.

General, I suggest that..

That I get scared of Dong's threat, not go to the parade..

...and break an age-old tradition of this country.

Not just your life, sir, but the pride of the whole nation..

...Is at stake.

What if something happens to you, sir?

Then what?

Then what? There will be one more assassination.

But this time, this country and the 80 crore people in it..

...may be aroused of their slumber.

Perhaps, this time we shall answer their havoc with ours.

I'll go to the parade.


Already it is 8:25. I think it is a blank threat.

Nothing can be said. The man is from Dongri-La. Be alert.

Yes, yes, yes, hold. I am sending him.

Go to south belt, south belt. Yes.

Hold it there, hold it!

How did you dare to come here?

Dong is never wrong. You are wrong.

I am not the real, but the fake Dong.

That is the real Dong.

I too am not the real Dong.

Then where is the real one?

See there.

Aren't you trapped in Dong's web?

You are all fools. Running hither-thither.

The real Dong is there on the parade ground.

Sir, welcome home. Even after living for 11 years in America..

...there is no change in you. Looking same as ever.

I am not a thing that can change.

I am a man, not a shirt.

Krishna my boy, come in, come in.

Meet our defence secretary Mr. lyengar.

Mr. lyengar, this is Major Krishna Rao. The one and only.

Yes, yes. Who doesn't know him?

The recipient of the Param Veer Charkra..

"Major Krishna Rao.

My boy, is everything all right? What was the urgency..

...that you wanted to meet me?

Sir, I have heard that to finish Dong and his soldiers..

...you are dispatching a mission to Dongri-La.

That is right.

Well, because of diplomatic angles, we cannot..

...attack Dongri-La. And in its populace, there are lndians..

...also in large numbers. To kill one Dong..

...we cannot kill thousands of our Indian brothers.

But even then, we have to avenge the death of General Sinha.

Sir, then give me the responsibility of this mission.

Talk practically, Krishna Rao. You cannot be given..

...this responsibility under any circumstances..

...and you know it. Your transfer has been done..

...to the peace centre. Go and take charge.

Please try to understand me, sir.

You know that killing Dong is the aim of my life.

In the past eleven months in America, if I have thought..

"Anything, then it is about how to reach Dongri-La.

Today I have only one month left.

I know, I know, my boy. But I have some restrictions also.

I can't.. I can't give you this permission.

Please, sir. You have given me all these medals..

...for my heroisms. Today in the name of these medals..

...I seek permission from you, sir.

You will hear of Dong's death from Dongri-La..

...whether Major Krishna Rao returns alive or not.

You are wasting my time, Major Krishna Rao.

We've to go to a conference. Please excuse me.

So excuse me, sir. Do not think that Krishna Rao..

...Is so weak that he cannot go to Dongri-La on his own.

Krishna Rae can give his resignation here..

...and before you send your mission he can reach there..

...and he can kill Dong also. If that happens..

...then with Dong, once again will perish the pride..

...of Indian soldiers. Therefore, give the permission, sir.

Dong has killed a soldier of the Indian army.

Therefore, his death shouldn't be at the hands of..

...any Krishna Rao, but at the hands of an Indian soldier.


I haven't asked anything for my selfish means..

...I've only asked for the pride of my nation, not for a throne.

This is my plan, sir.

So, you have a team also?

Yes sir, one of them is from the Tibetan border force..

...Himalayan range expert Black cat commander..

...Anju Sinha, and the other three are from the..

...army intelligence.

Who are they?

Hey friends, these girls!

Before Major Krishna Rao's orders come..

...let us bathe in the Ganges.

What Ganges? I am prepared to bathe in the Jamuna also.

But brother, this time is only for the girls.

Brother, I have the remedy for this.

These beautiful girls!


Hello, how are you? Are you from Switzerland?

No, I am from Mudh Island.

Oh, Mudh Island.

Boys don't come here, do they? Boys?

Yes, I am very scared of boys.


Yes, you know, uncle, boys are very aggressive.

They are loafers!

Sweethearts, there is no need to be scared of boys.

Boys are good. You meet them everyday.

How sweet! How interesting!

May we go now?

Hi girls!

Hi everybody!

Come on, have fun with us.

We have come for that only.

But I do not know how to swim.

If I drown, I'll die unmarried.

No, we'll not allow you to drown. Come on, now.

What an item this is! What quantity!

What has happened to your eyes suddenly!

The heat! The heat! The heat of youth!

Really, I'll get a hero? But where will I get him?

This is a forecast from the lovers' radio.

This is a forecast from the lovers' radio.

Today the weather will be colourful.

It will be a monsoon of love. The girl who will go alone..

...In the lovers' park will get her hero there. You'll go?

Yes. But what will I tell?

You won't have to tell. He'll tell.

But what?

Under my umbrella..

Come under my umbrella..

Why do you get wet, Kama?

Under my umbrella..

Come under my umbrella..

Why do you get wet, Bimla?

Under my umbrella..

Come under my umbrella..

Why do you get wet, Salma?

Come, settle in my heart.

What are you thinking there?

Come under my umbrella..

Why getting wet, Kama?

Why getting wet, Bimla?

Why getting wet, Salma?

Hey girl, why are you going there?

Come here.

Are you coming, or should I go there?

You are a Marathi girl like a serpent wet in the tide.

You are a Marathi girl like a serpent wet in the tide.

I am your snake-charmer, I shall hold your dress.

I am your snake-charmer, I shall hold your dress.

I'll play the music of the heart..

You dance again and again.

Under my umbrella..

Come under my umbrella..

Why getting wet, Kama?

Why getting wet, Bimla?

Why getting wet, Salma?

It is morning; give me something in the name of Allah.

Give me two ripe mangoes; take five ripe ones.

This is give and take. You also give me something.

Give, take.. give, take..

God will look after you; he'll fill your womb.

God will look after you; he'll fill your womb.

If you give us little; God will give you much more.

If you give us little; God will give you much more.

These blind..

Give charity to these blind, you have lot of wealth.

Come under my umbrella..

Why are you getting wet, Karma?

Come inside my hut..

Why are you running like this?

Come inside my hut..

Why are you running like this?

Brother, till when will you keep doodling like this on paper?

Saying 'Your chapeau, your spectacles'?

Allah has not made such a girl for you till today.

If God has given me the imagination..

...then see, one day I shall get my flower amidst flowers.

Allah forbid!

Your face is ungainly; at least speak nice things.

It may not be good to hear, but it is true.

I do not see your mission getting accomplished.

What are you telling?

Pardon my impudence, sir. But aren't you going with..

...Major Krishna Rao to Dongri-La on a secret mission?

But you won't be able to go, sir?


Those going to Dongri-La will now go to Death.

You have shot a lot of bullets; now loosen your tongue also.

Who has sent you?


She is threatening us.

Whether you are capable of going to Dongri-La or not..

Hence, on the orders of General Kapoor..

...we came to test you.

That old man does not even understand that..

...negative to positive, positive to negative..

...east to west, west to east, female to male..

...should not be sent. That brings a danger of short circuit.

What does that mean?

I'll explain the meaning.

It means that he is my elder brother, and he is my younger..

...but I am of your age.

And it's his season nowadays.

Season? What do you mean?

When it is my season, heat is generated within me.

...and when heat is generated, I begin to sniff nice fragrances..

...and when I sniff nice fragrances, my pulse rises..

...and when my pulse rises, my eye begins to flap..

...and when my eyes begin to flap, I feel like kissing someone.

Shut up! If you come ahead even one more step..

...then your libido will be the cause of your death.

I am Black Cat Commando from the Tibetan Force..

...Captain Anju Sinha.

And I am Allah Rakha.

Okay now, move, will you? Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Rao..

...are waiting for you.

Where are you going? What about my kiss?

You take it later with fun.

Allah forbid!

Hello, Dongri-La, Prince Kao..

I see.. I see. Good, very good. Great! Great!

Finito.. finish!

Captain Chauhan, courage.

Captain Rakesh, determination Captain Javed, intelligence.

Captain Anju Sinha, strategy. Very good.

Major Krishna Rao, you have the perfect team.

And thanks to Defence Secretary Mr. lyengar..

...you have the permission of the ministry also.

But this permission means only that if it is successful..

...then it is the victory of the Indian government..

...of the Indian people and the Indian army..

...and if this mission is unsuccessful..

...then it will be your, your, your, your and your defeat..

...the government will not be involved in this.

To prove Dong wrong, on the Annual Day..

...Force Five is coming from India?

Seal all borders of Dongri-La and keep strict vigil..

...on all the airports. Please sit down, sit down, sit down.

Under any circumstances, I need to send..

...50000 infiltrators and 5000 human bombs to lndia..

...after the snow melts. Begin their training for that quickly.

Yes sir-.

Excuse me, general. What is a human bomb?

I'll demonstrate it to you, Colonel Jack.

Dong is your god. His voice is the voice of your soul.

His order is your religion. General Dong is your god.

Girls brought from the world over are hypnotised here.

Whenever any of Dong's orders fall on their ears..

...then they obey it like a machine. Look.

Number 12, number 12, come forth.

Now go on that platform.


Tie that belt with the bomb to your waist.

Now press the button in front of the belt.

General Dong is your god. These are my human bombs.

This is that part of the Himalayan range..

...where the border of our nation comes to an end.

This is China and this is Pakistan.

And this is the danger valley. No man's land.

You mean, Mount Xinjhang? Right.

And above this, here is situated Dongri-La.

That means, we shall all have to descend on..

...Mount Xinjhang with the aid of parachutes?

No, that's out of the question.

There are cannons and radars on Mount Xinjhang..

...which we cannot escape. There is only one way out..

...and that is mountain trekking. We shall go trekking from here.

But, this is impossible. Most of the valley's cliffs are..

...snow-covered in these days. In most of the areas..

...of the valley, there is not even sunlight.

Okay, okay, don't get panicky. We have provision for this.

There will be a man there to give us light..

...who can see in darkness and in find his path in snow.

Who's that?

The lion of the Himalayas, Dharam Singh.

Major Dharam Singh? That infamous Dharam Singh..

...who was court-martialled and expelled from the army?


That is impossible, sir. Major Dharam Singh..

...will not work for us. He hates the Indian army.

This is not possible, sir. He was insulted and removed..

...from the army.

Then buy him with money.

Now he's a professional private detective.

This will also be difficult. Sir, his way of working is different.

He works for six months and loafs for six months.

When he loafs, there is no wealth in the world..

...that can make him do any work.

This is his time for loafing.

I want him by all means. If not by money or love..

...then overpower him and bring him here.

I want him anyhow.

Okay, sir.

Impossible! I tell you it is impossible.

Using strength, nobody can take Dharam Singh with him.

What did you say?

I meant, brother, that you can take him if you want.

Did you understand?

Then sir, you tell us, where is this elder brother of ours now?

Give me some booze..

Call some girl..

Drop the curtains..

Turn off the lights..

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

I will dance and sing; there will be chaos here.

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

I will dance and sing; there will be chaos here.

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

Number fifty four..

House with the bamboo door..

Bamboo roof and a bamboo top..

Bamboo roof and a bamboo top..

The ceiling's got a bamboo floor.

Number fifty four..

One two three.. four o' clock.. rock rock rock..

...around the clock.

One two three.. four o' clock.. rock rock rock..

...around the clock.

I will dance and you will dance.

The whole world will dance.

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I rule even today.

I speak to the angels.

See. I proclaim war, I will show the world.

Even we know it, nobody has won against you.

See. I proclaim war, I will show the world.

Even we know it, nobody has won against you.

Whether it is twenty, thirty, forty or fifty, I am not lesser to anyone.

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

Put the anklets on my feet and watch my drama.

I will dance and sing; there will be chaos here.

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

I am the sizzling Dharam, I have no shame!

Why are you people wasting your time?

I will tell you finally. I have no interest..

...In your mission and your money.

Just leave and please leave me alone.

Just a minute.

We agree that we cannot incite..

...you with money during your rest period.

Will you come with us according to your own free will..

...or should we take you there under the army rules?

Well, the army rules can take me there..

But it cannot put anything in my mind and soul.

I will have you trapped in the Danger valley..

...In such a way, you will have proper amnesia.

You will forget everything about yourself.

We know it. And therefore, we are being patient with you.

The army needs you today.

What nonsense? The army needs me today?

This Dharam Singh. This undisciplined major Dharam Singh.

I was insulted and chucked out of the army.

Brother.. please forget all that now..

Forget it?

Should I forget that bitterness?

It is easy for you to say so.

How can I forget it?

This good for nothing drunkard..

How can I forget that Indian army had capable officers.

He had some dreams about the army too.

He had dreams. He wanted a house and family.

Those dreams, now shattered, are piercing my soul..

...they are ripping apart my very veins.

Before the spark of anger that is in my chest..

...explodes like a volcano, you go from here. Get out from here.

Today's news, today's news.. The soldier who killed..

...thousands of the enemy, Major Dharam Singh..

...Is court-martialled. Major Dharam Singh is court-martialled.

Major Dharam Singh is court-martialled.

Major Dharam Singh is court-martialled.

Major Dharam Singh is court-martialled.

The lion of the Himalayan ranges, the winner of the..

...Mahavir Chakra Award, IC number 7986F..

...Major Dharam Singh, the allegation upon you is that..

...on 4 January 1982 you refused to obey the orders..

...of your senior officer Briagdier Kapoor..

...and without any permission, you attacked the enemy..

...Infiltrators at Karimulla sector in Kashipur..

...even when the responsibility of this was not in the hands..

...of the army but of the police of that area.

Major Dharam Singh, do you have to say anything about this?

Being a soldier, I am also a citizen, sir.

If I had waited for the police of Brigadier Kapoor..

...to thwart the attack of those infiltrators..

...then I don't know how many innocent people would have died.

And the responsibility of those deaths would not..

...have been mine, nor yours, nor Brigadier Kapoor's.

Major Dharam Singh, being a civilian what you did..

...Is praiseworthy. But the foundation of the army is..

...on discipline. You've broken the discipline of the army.

This court holds you guilty and expels you from the..

--Indian army for ever- That's all-.

Sir, one is not punished so severely for taking a life..

...as you have punished me for saving thousands of lives.

This decision of yours has shattered all the dreams..

...all the hopes of a soldier. How easily you said..

...Mr. Judge that it cannot be, that's all!

It cannot be, that's all!

Why did they do this with you?

Take it easy, Seema, take it easy.

At this juncture of life, I need you. I need your support.

Love? Support? I want to give you so much love..

...as much as no one in this world must have give to anyone.

But now this cannot happen. It is not possible.


Yes, Dharam Singh. My brother and father are in the army.

All their dreams are related to the army.

Will they permit me to marry any court-martialled person?

Today a daughter is sacrificing her love..

...for the sake of her brother and her father.

Forgive me, if possible. Please forgive me.

Neither did I get god, nor my lover.

Dharam Singh, you can shed your blood..

...In the memory of your past bitterness..

...but you cannot wash away the stains of court-martial..

...with this blood of yours.

Major, this is a very good opportunity when..

...you can wash away those satins. Just think.

When people will come to know that despite so much..

...being done against you, you have helped the army, then..

Okay, Dharam Singh, tell us one thing.

Were you just a soldier of the Indian army, not a citizen?

I just want to know, is Dharam Singh only a soldier..

...of the Indian army? Is he not a citizen along with it?

Has Dong shamed only the Indian army by killing..

...General Sinha, not the entire nation?

By entering our country, these infiltrators will cause havoc..

...will only the police be responsible for that..

...not the army?

Dharam Singh, this struggle is not only of the army..

...but of every Indian.

The responsibility of finishing these infiltrators..

...Is not only of the army and the police..

...but of every citizen of India.

Big brother, not as soldiers of the Indian army..

...but as citizens of India, we beg you for your help.

Sir, not as a Major, but as an Indian citizen, I beg of you.


No! It's enough.

What a destiny!

Today I have seen that Dharam Singh in you..

...who was once an officer in the army.

Okay, I'll take you there. But I have one condition.

No commander, no officer will order me.

I will do everything myself. Agreed.


Welcome, Major Dharam Singh, I am..

Major Krishna Rao, commander of Force Five..

...and you are Anju.. Sinha!


So how is life in Bangkok? After discipline in the army..

...how do you like the life of a private detective?

Life is to be lived, Major. Make it as colourful as you want.

Well said, Major.

Where are you going?

She is angry. The matter is hot, go on.

She is your sister-in-law.

Again I must say, Dharam Singh, I am really..

...obliged to you. By your joining this mission..

...I feel that we are half successful.

Major, I have not joined your mission.

I have promised to leave you till the border of Dongri-La.

That much is enough for us. Now what next?

This is the Danger Valley and this is

...which opens up in the mouth of death.

We will first cross the Danger Valley.

After trekking for about 30 km, we shall reach a region..

...where even the sunlight doesn't reach.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

I colored..

I colored my veil saffron, for my beloved.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

I colored..

I colored my veil saffron, for my love.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

This love is a sickness, I lost all my shame and shyness.

This love is a sickness, I lost all my shame and shyness.

The whole world says that I am crazy.

The whole world says that I am crazy.

My body and soul..

My body and soul yearns for my beloved.

The crazy heart yearned for the beloved.

Whatever happened.. will not return.

Whatever happened.. will not return..

Nobody else will come in this heart other than you.

Whatever happened.. will not return.

If you don't support me, I know how to walk.

I know fire, I know how to burn.

This life is a doll, what if it burns?

This life is a doll, what if it burns?

There will be no special time to die too.

Whatever happened.. will not return.

Nobody else will come in this heart other than you.

Whatever happened.. will not return.

That is Dongri La's boundary.

Mount Jinjiyar.

The enemy and their radars cannot..

...thrust in the water and reach us.

Therefore, we will have to go up through this waterfall.


Hold my hand..

Long live Dong!

Long live Dong!

You bloody Indians. Do you think we are foolish like you?

You thought that you will come to Dongrila from this path?

And we will not find it out too? Stupid!

We have prepared this water trap for fools like you.

Now, get ready to die.

Stop looking at me, damn it, I am all right. Move.. move.. move..

Come on.

This is..

Oh my.. oh my!

It bit me.. honey bee.. It bit me.. oh..

Sir.. give us your hand.. Come on.. come on.. major.. give us your hand..

Careful Are you all right?

Yes, I am all right.

Captain, get the medical first aid kit. - Yes, sir. - Okay.

Careful. Okay.

Sir, he is bleeding, sir. Give him an injection.

Don't panic.. don't worry. Nothing will happen to me.

The one who has taken wounds on his heart..

...what will happen to them with this wound?

The one who has drunk tears of blood..

...will he die of this blood? Tears of blood?

Yes, major. I had a daughter. Eleven months, fourteen days ago..

...I had taken her for a picnic in the middle of the sea..

...at the country's boundary.

Papa, look at that.. it seems that there is some island there.

Help me..

Shetty. Sir?

See that island? Sir.

Take us there.

Oh my god. She's dead.

Shetty. Yes, sir?

Take Dolly to the launch. I will see in the jungle.

Sir, you have done a good deed by..

...coming to this desolate island.

It will be so easy to bring girls here from all..

"Places, like India, Pakistan Bangladesh and Burma.

And sir, it can be turned into a human bomb training center.

Sir, you will have to come here regularly.

They are beautiful, very beautiful.

Export them to Dongrila and start training them.

How sweet. Send her to our harem.

These girls seem to be very weak.

Their faces are so pale.

We cannot have our commission on selling them too.

Their eyes, kidneys and hearts. Sell them in the markets.

But sir, what about their bones?

There are so many already.

Donate them to the medical schools.

Hey, you illegitimate son of Karna.

What a donation.

Indian army major.


Krishna.. has come to save the maidens from Kansa.

Dong, you think that you are Kansa?

People will laugh if they hear it.

Kansa was evil and bad. He wasn't a pimp.

He didn't take the commission of selling women.

He wasn't a butcher who sold female flesh.

There are so many tyrants in this world.

But no body has been praised so much.

Did you see my patriotism? I tolerate so much for Dongrila.

Dongrila.. for the people of Dongrila.. to feed them.

God has given everyone two hands to feed themselves, Dong.

You don't need those hands too.

Because the almighty has given you such a face..

...you will get work as a joker in any circus.

Foolish major"

...you have already done a mistake by coming here alone.

You committed the second mistake..

...by saying that Dong is a joker.

If you think that you are a hero..

Then o you Indian Hero, show me your magic.

Save these women from this joker, here.

This Indian needs just his hands to fight against jokers.

Shoot.. shoot.. Dong's dogs.. shoot..

But remember.. if even one bullet hits me..

...your leader's neck will be slashed too.

If My neck is tortured, you will be dead too.

I have risked my death, Dong.

If you have the guts, risk your death too.

Tell your dogs to shoot. Shoot!

Children.. run!


Come on, joker. I will take you to an Indian circus.

Shetty.. why are you staring at me? Go with the children.

Sir, you? Don't worry about me. I will cover you in another boat.

It is necessary for the children to leave.

But papa-- Dolly, go" 90--

Very good.. children.. go.. go..

Come on.. Dong.. come on..

Krishnrao, you will pay for this!

I have not ruined the engine, I ruined your life too.

Gorilla couldn't risk general Dong's life..

...by stopping all the girls. But stopping..

...one girl, he has put your life to risk.

Dong is never wrong.


Dong.. if anything happens to my daughter..

Nothing will happen to your daughter.

Stop those girls.. stop them.

Stop them.. No.. - Stop them.. - No.

Or else.. your daughter. Papa..

You are dealing with an Indian soldier.

Not only a father.

To save so many daughters..

I can sacrifice one daughter.

Wow, Indian solider.. wow..

You have really proved Dong to be a joker today.

I will not kill your daughter now.

I will take her to Dongrila with me.

I will train her. I will make her such..

...that she will dance in the open market..

...after one year, on the occasion of Dongrila's annual day.


Dong is never wrong.

You are very proud of being an India solider, isn't it?

Save your daughter if you can.

Not a day, a month I give you time for a year.

In between this time, if you cannot take your daughter..

...come to Dongrila on your knees..

I will make you a pimp for your daughter.

You rascal!

Major, can I join your mission?


Force five receiving, come in, please.. over.

Hello, headquarters, report.. over.

Sir, we have reached Dongrila's base.

But sir, it seems that our mission has been leaked to Dong.

Any encounter? Over.

Yes, sir. There was a lot of gunfire.

But all of us are safe, over.

You can enter into Dongrila only from Bongla pass.

Only from Bongla pass.

Over. Message received.

God bless you, be alert. Over.

Three code four one one. Miss Cynthia.

Yes, Mr. Kapoor.

They escaped from there, even after..

...I gave such accurate information.. How?

If this is Dongrila's security, I think..

...that force five will be successful.. And me..

You will be exposed in your country.

Mr. Kapoor, isn't it? Yes.

Don't worry, Mr. Kapoor. I have taken the charge now.

By the way, they will come through Bongla pass.

Keep that in mind.

Thank you, Mr. Kapoor. There is some good news.

The information price, has been changed..

...from five lakh dollars to ten lakh dollars.

Thank you.

Thank you. Give me regards to General Dong.

God forbid.

What I have found out today, what if someone else finds out?

Tell me the prize.

You must have sold your conscience in crores, sir.

Tell me the cost.

Just a rupee.

A rupee?

A rupee for every Indian. Therefore..

It is one eighty crores for eighty crore Indians.

You must have taken this amount from general Dong.

Or did you sell your compatriots for cheaper than this?

People like us are defamed.

And faces, people like you.

Allahrakha.. - Hey, whom are you scaring with your shouts?

The person in your presence, is not your servant Allahrakha.

He is someone who has a conscience, a Muslim.

A patriotic Allahrakha!

My soldier.. you are a very small soldier.

You work for me. Nobody will believe you.

It is better for you, if you make a deal with me.

Tell me how much do you want?

If a person sells his conscience and earns..

"Money, he isn't human. If a Muslim..

...Is a betrayer to the country he lives, he isn't a Muslim!

I swear to the martyrs of Karbala.

Allahrakha will not tell anyone that you are a betrayer.

Or else, people will lose their belief in the army.

This Allahrakha, this small man..

...this small man, your worker, will kill you, today.

Allah! Allah!

Nothing personal, my friend. This is purely business.

Just business.

Control room, this is general Kapoor speaking.

My servant, Allahrakha, was a traitor.

He attacked me, his dead body is in my office. Come and take it away.

Nothing personal. Business.

Long live Dong!

Long live Dong!

The almighty can be wrong.

But Dong is never wrong.

General Dong is your Almighty.

His voice, is the voice of your soul.

Look at her, she moves twelve hours in twenty four hours.

And she.. she moves sixteen hours.

And general..

These girls have been punished to move eighteen hours everyday.

But these wretched Indian girls..

...they don't get ready at all.


Papa“ MY Papa.

Your papa--

MY Papa.

Papa, when will you come to take me?

Your papa has come.. yes..

That lame has climbed all mountains.

He has come to take you.

I gave him time for a year.

But he has come in eleven months and sixteen days.

He has come..

Then you start counting your days.

Or run away. Because if my papa has come..

...then these two weeks will be very difficult for you.

Very difficult.

Make her move the whole day!

Major Krishnarao will find these fourteen days very difficult.

Let them follow us.

There they are. Go and catch them.

Don't worry about me.. shoot them!

Damn it!

Give me your hand, major.

He is going alla lone. If I get him, I will get his friends too.

I swear to God.. I will fly from this today.

Look at this now.

You idiot bastard, leave me alone.

You English chicken. When you have called Indian bastards..

I swear.. see what kind of bastards we are.

This is just the beginning.

We will take you below the umbrella some other day.

Finito.. finish.. come on.. come on.. follow me.

He is Prince Karl.

He is the brother of the dead king.

Dong has left him thinking that he..

...Is a drunkard and a good for nothing.

But in reality, he is the president..

...of a underground revolutionary party.

And he wishes to free Dongrila from Dong's tyranny.

Therefore, he will help us secretly.

But you didn't speak about prince Karl..

...In the plan that you gave at the headquarters.

Just like how I hadn't mentioned major Dharamsingh too.

I want to play safe.

Even then, Dong knows all our steps.

Because one of his agent is in your security.

But that's impossible.

It is possible. And therefore..

We will have to get the secret file first.

It has the names of all the agents of King Dong all over India.

Mrs. D'Costa will help you in this matter.

Hi. Hi.

She is the general secretary of our party.

She will take you to some safe place here, away from here.

We haven't come here to go to some safe place.

Dong is staying in the cantonment..

...residency outside the city at this time.

And the only mode of transport there..

...Is a trolley, we can only go through a trolley.

But even a bird can go there without Dong's permission.

Therefore, I suggest..

You stay out of the city for your further plans.

The military has prepared traps for you inside the city.

Mr. Karl, your stop has arrived.

Okay, friends, all the best to you.

Please go with Mrs. D'Costa after this.

Finite" finite" finish"

This farm belongs to an officer of Dong, Jello.

Don't worry. He lives in the cantonment.

He comes here only for eight days in a year, for holidays.

None will suspect a military officer's house.

But someone must be living in this farmhouse.

Some servant, or some gardener.

Some Juley lives near the river.

This Juley.. is it some woman's name? - Yes.

She is a important member of our party.

Dong's officer and a revolutionary, very strange.

Her brother doesn't know about this.

We profit a lot with this.

We come to know about Dong's actions before.

Why don't you go and change?

I will bring Juley.

Shall I come along, to call Juley?

No, please go inside. I will call her.


Juley.. Juley..

It seems that she must be parading the new children.

I will teach you the salute now.

When you will be told to salute..

...then you will raise your hand like this and salute.


So.. salute!

The real soldiers can give their life..

...for their commander's orders too.


Juley.. Juley..

Mrs. D'Costa!


Mrs. D'Costa.. you have arrived..

I thought that you wouldn't come.

Shall I tell you? I heard that there will be a storm today.

The storm didn't come, and you arrived.

Yes.. your guests..

They have arrived.

They have?

Juley. Thanks.

Juley. Thanks.

Juley. Thanks.

Juley. Thank you.

Juley. Thank you, pretty girl.

Juley. Javed.


Will you feel bad if I give you the flower in my hair?

You will give me something and I won't like it?

Am I such a fool?

Juley. Thank you.

That's a wonderful name.

Welcome. Then this for me.

There is some different meaning for that. That is bye, bye.

Then this will be for him.

We will make for you. - I will accompany you..

Sir.. it is important to keep an eye.. - Okay. - Yes, sir.

Okay, boys. Let us get the positions please.

Captain Rakesh.Go behind.

Captain Javed, look at the gates. - Yes, sir.

Captain Anju, you check the signals. - Yes, sir.

Major Dharamsingh.. I will check the ammunition.

Damn it.

What? Does that mean you did not like me?

No. I liked all, especially the one with blonde eyes.

No, no, he is a number one playboy.

Then the one with the gangster type body?

He does not know anything except walking like models.

The other two then. First the one with a beard.

He is very boring.

Okay, that muscle man. He looks like your uncle.

But I liked all.

Okay, so you liked all but not me.

All others are heroes and am I a villain?

Do I not look like a hero? Do I not?

You look. You do look like a hero, but of art films.

What? Do I look like an art film hero to you?

Does my face resemble Salim the lame one?

Do I have a flowing beard? Do I have a bag on my shoulder?

Do I wear kurtas? Do I smoke beedis?

Do I wear broken slippers? Art film! I'll make you laugh..

...In the style of commercial film heroes. - Captain Ranveer!

How did you voice become so heavy?

Did you forget that my voice is heavy since..

...the time of Mahabharat? Sir.

Tell me one thing. You have come here to Dongri-La..

...to become a hero or a comedian? - Comedian.

Your friend is a better comedian than you.

He made me laugh instantly. Friend? Who?


Oh my God, what has happened?

Do not ask. He has got a seizure.

You take care of him. I shall bring the doctor rightaway.

God please, save him. Please God.

Juley, just tell that you love me and I look like a hero.

You look like a hero.

Juley, where are my children?

Oh my God!

Oh God!

Keep your hands down. Why did you not lower your hands?

You only had told till the commander does not instruct..

...the soldier must not keep his hands down.

Good, good, good.


Mother, mother!

Okay, then salute them.

Enough, you'll get tired.

Mother, has he come to sister to become a soldier?

No, he's already a big soldier of India.

Sister has told us many stories of India.

We'll become brave when we grow up like these soldiers..

...and free our nation from Dong.

Good, my little soldiers! But if Dong remains alive..

...till you grow up, then your nation wouldn't survive.

I promise that I will free your nation from Dong.

Rocky, Javed, Captain Ranveer, come quickly.

What happened?

Sir, Major Kishan Nath's doctor has said..

...that gangrene is spreading in his foot.

The poison is quickly spreading all over his body.

It is necessary to operate upon him quickly.

Gangrene! The terrorists of lndia..

...shall be very soon presented before you journalists.


Hey Major, what happened? Checking, checking.

Hello, Colonel Richard, what is happening? Checking?

Mrs. D'Costa, who is that man?

He is my new man.

He is my new man.

When did you marry? Why did you not invite me?

I meant he is my servant.

Oh, I am sorry. Servant.

Sir, I am madam's new servant.

Okay, okay, what is in this tanker?

Colonel Richard, I forgot to tell you..

...I have begun the business of supplying water to the city.

Water to the city? There is no water shortage in the city.

Sir, this is not ordinary water. This is special rose water..

...from the rose lake. People have stomach problems..

...we have brought this water to cleanse those stomachs.

This is water of the rose lake. Yes, sir.

Rose lake?

For your Dog sir.

Dog? . Dug.

Dog? . Dug.

Dog? - Dog. Not that barking dog. Your Dog.

That means you provide water to General Dong.

Okay, okay, I'll check it myself.

Open, open.

Open, open.

Hey sir, check it leisurely. Remove less water from it.

Good, good, nice water. Okay Miss D'Costa, you can go now.

Let them go.


Hold it!

Lift this.


It stung me, it stung me. A bumblebee, it stung me.

Where is it?

This is the cure, sir. When a bumblebee stings, this is the cure.

Cure? Cure?

Did a bumblebee bite you? Yes, many times.

Did you get it treated? No, no.

So, I'll treat it. I'll treat you. The marks will go..

...the swellings will go.

Okay, beat me, beat me.

I have to go. You do one thing, keep the boot..

...and continue hitting yourself. Okay, bye, sir.


I also want a bottle of water of the rose lake.

Sir, we are taking this water for Mr. Dong.

Why are you troubling us? How can we give you water?

One bottle.

One glass. Okay, one glass. Take it.

Take it, but it will be a little warm.

Open the lower tap and take it.

You see there. You do not look here.

Rose lake!

Very tasty, very tasty. Yes, have some more.

It's good for you.

Sir, did you find it nice? This was absolutely pure water.

That's why you liked it. Next time I'll give you better water.

You try some more, sir.

Can I go, sir? Go, go.

Goodbye sir.

Let them go.

There is very strict checking here.

But we'll have to face this. Because this is the only route..

...to reach the city till evening.

Is there no hospital outside the city?

Only the hospital in the city has operation facilities.

You understand. Today the authorities have..

...cordoned off all routes leading to the city.

You will have to go there on foot only.

On foot? Till today, we have not even gone..

...to the loo on foot. Why Mr. Hardy?

Yes Mr. Laurel. And never together.

Did you hear that? And you want that we should..

...walk so far to the city from here?

Instead of performing in the hotel..

...we must perform in the hospital..

...which I think is near your hotel? - Near the hospital?

But sir, we have called the head office for permission.

Perhaps, your vehicle will get permission to enter the city.

Save us, save us!

Who are you? Laurel and Hardy.

And you? Lambu and Chum.

But they are having a show today?

A show?

It's party time, it's party time, it's party, party, party time.

It's party time, it's party time, it's party,.

Party. party time I am Laurel, you're Hardy; let's begin the party.

I'm Lambu, you're Chutki; give me a playful pinch.

Your heart is my heart..

My heart is yours.

See, do not change; do not go afar from me.

Your heart is my heart..

My heart is yours.

How lovely you are! Tell me you are mine.

You are in my dreams.

You are in thoughts, all days and nights..

You are a part of my life.

How lovely you are! Tell me you are mine.

You are in my dreams.

You are in thoughts, all days and nights..

You are a part of my life.

Your sorrow is mine..

My sorrow is yours..

See, do not change; do not go afar from me.

Your heart is my heart..

My heart is yours.

Hey, you wanna have some fun? Look at me.

Leave that girl alone.

Let me come ahead, let my love be felt..

I shall wipe away these tears..

We have come in this world with a gift of love..

We shall remove these fears.

Your pain is mine..

My pain is yours.

See, do not change; do not go afar from me.

Your heart is my heart..

My heart is yours.


Did you see General Dong's arrangement?

He emptied the whole hospital. We knew that poison has..

...spread in Major Rao's body and that you would..

...surely bring him here for an operation.

Go, bring their other companions.

Wait! There is no need to call. Our men are here itself.

You stooge of Dong!

Javed, oxygen.

You people are surrounded from all sides.

Surrender to my men and come out of the hospital.

I give you time till I count up to 5.













Keep counting, baby, as far as you know.

Purring of cats does not tame lions.

Go and tell your Dong that to make him wrong..

...along with Major Kishan Rao, Dharam Singh has also come.

Javed, I'll try to bring the Major into consciousness..

...so that blood clotting does not take place.

But as soon as possible, you should arrange for lights.

Now there is only one way to arrange for lights.

That generator!

But for that we shall have to finish all these soldiers..

...and control this entire area.

And that is impossible. Sheer madness!

Sir, please. Major!

Get aside. Take the Major inside.

I am not important, the mission is important.

And to save me, you have put the mission into danger.

You do not worry about the mission.

Such dangers are commonplace to me.

If you have called me, have faith in me.

I'll gun all these dogs down to death.

I agree, Dharam Singh, that you will finish all of them.

But do not forget that Dong does not have..

...only these many men. He has many more men.

If you kill me, more will come.

Your bullets will be exhausted, but these soldiers won't stop.

This is not a war, but a suicide.

What have you done to save me?

Sir, there is a valley here.

Major, this valley is safe. You all go here and..

...save yourselves. What? Major, you are so weak!

More than a soldier's reputation..

...you have begun to value your life?

Let our lives go today, but not our reputations.

I'll put down so many corpses of these dogs here today..

...that there will no earth left to burn their pyres.

Dong will remain alive, though. His crime will be alive.

But brothers, if we die and Dong remains alive..

...then along with us will die the pride of those Indians who..

...know that their soldiers do not protect just their borders..

...but who can show to the whole world that..

...whenever a bastard like Dong can wreak havoc..

...In the world with his sword of terrorism..

...then Indians can also go into his country and..

...answer his havoc with ours.

Okay, commander. You take these people and..

...enter into the valley. Till then, I'll stop these people here.

You call me commander and teach me the wrong way also.

Have you forgotten that a commander first..

...extracts his people from danger?

After that he extracts himself.

How can we leave you in this condition?

I agree that my destiny has failed me, friend..

...but I am not such a big criminal that..

...I should not get the privilege to dying a soldier's death.

From today, I appoint you the commander of my small army.

My friend, my mission is yours from today.

Dong has challenged me; you have to fulfil that now.

In front of Dong, this father may be shamed..

...but not this soldier.

Major Kishan Rao, neither will a soldier be shamed..

...nor will a father. Along with it, we shall not forget..

...to take your daughter Dolly with us. This is a promise.

O Mother India, I have come to put my head in your feet..

Whatever breath I have left, I have come to give it to you.

O Mother India, I have come to put my head in your feet..

Whatever breath I have left, I have come to give it to you.

With our lives in our hands, we have come to show..

...the whole nation shall see, I have come here to die.

I have come to die for my friends.

My heart is touched by those who care for me.

My heart is touched by those who care for me.

The surrounding buildings will collapse, sir.

Many innocent people will die.

I say, blast the hospital.

Blast the hospital.

Headquarters here, Code 5 come in.

No Rakesh, the enemy is coming to know..

...of all our movements. It may be that all information..

...through this transmitter may be intercepted..

...by the enemy's transmitter. It can also be that..

...there is some traitor sitting in General Kapoor's office.

That means we should not send any news..

...to the headquarters?

No, we'll send the news. The final news.

Hello, Mr. Kapoor, this is me. Did you recognise my voice?

I am Dharam Singh, who was court-martialled due to you.

I'll tell you later why I am here. Now there is a message..

...not for you, but for that cur of Dong who is relaying all..

...our messages to Dong. If he is listening now..

...then let him listen with cocked ears that..

...Dongri-La's annual day will be the last day of Dong's life.

This is not a prediction, but Dharam Singh's challenge.

Dong is never wrong.

Come, come, Cynthia. I was waiting for you.

See what all I have ordered for your dinner.

See these fruits. See these breads and these sweets.

These are very important. Come here.

Call the Brahmins. Today is your mourning dinner, isn't it?


Madam Cynthia, you were unsuccessful in killing..

...all other Indians except Major Kishan Rao.

For that General Dyer sentences you to death.

In the annual day to be celebrated four days from now..

...you shall commit suicide.

For that, my beautiful intelligent chief Miss Cynthia..

...within these four days if you find and tell us..

...where these Indians are hidden, then the annual day..

...will not be day for you to commit suicide..

...but it will be the most happy day for you.

Make haste, Miss Cynthia.

Today we need you for in the fight against Dong.

This fight is not just yours, but also of the people of Dongri-La.

We can even give up our lives for it. You give the orders.

Great! Look, anyhow you have to enter the cantonment..

...tomorrow and there is only one route for that.

Your brother Jaylu.


Yes, Juley. Your brother lives in the soldier barracks..

...In the cantonment area. Behind those barracks..

...there is a valley that has no guard over it.

If we manage to put a in the barracks..

...then we can enter the barracks from the other side..

...of the valley through a rope trolley.

All right.

You cannot do this work alone. The barrack wall is..

...made of stones and is four feet high.

To break it, it'll take about 4 to 5 hours and 2 people.

It's the job of a specialist. So Ranveer will go with you.

But that's impossible. Without special permission..

...no one can enter the cantonment area.

And then what will I tell Jaylu?

Why will he leave us alone in his barrack for such a long time?

Juley, the Major has a remedy for this problem.

Tomorrow, you'll have to pretend to marry Ranveer..

...In front of the village folk.

Papers, please.

Aha, you are the husband? Congratulations.

Your husband is a colourful guy. Happy honeymoon.

Juley is coming to the barracks for her honeymoon.

Okay, let her come, brother.

Your face, your magic..

Your face, your magic..

Allah is my benefactor..

Allah is my benefactor..

Your chapeau, your sunglasses..

Your chapeau, your sunglasses..

Allah is my benefactor..

Allah is my benefactor..

The kohl in your eyes is fragrant..

The flowers in your braid are fragrant.

The kohl in your eyes is fragrant..

The flowers in your braid are fragrant.

You bumblebee, don't come near..

You're flirting with me.

Your smile is my doom..

It's a nuisance to meet you.

Allah is my benefactor..

Allah is my benefactor..

The weather today is lovely..

I have got your company..

The weather today is lovely..

I have got your company..

Let it be night..

Leave my hand, let me go.

I have found my Juleyt..

Your condition is like that of Romeo.

Allah is my benefactor..

Allah is my benefactor..

Welcome, sir.

One moment. Come on, darling. My husband.


Juley, my beautiful little sister. Congratulations.

I was waiting for you.

Brother, this is my husband.

Hello, what a handsome man.

Touch my brother's feet.

Stupid girl, if you wanted him, you should have told me.

I would have got you both married amidst great pomp.

You can have the pomp now also. Better late than never.

No brother, we are too tired now.

Jaylu, understand now. Let them have their honeymoon.

Definitely. Let us go now.

We could not do anything. Doesn't matter.

Come on.

Quickly remove all the tools from in here.

Give me.

Quickly, time is short.

Oh, my God. Honeymoon doesn't mean that you leave..

...the door open. - then you close the door please.

Tell me if you felt as if a wall was being cut. Drilling?

On honeymoon, walls are cut only.

Oh, keep it up! But remember, whatever you do..

...do it with the door closed.

Oh, you please close the door.

Okay, right.

Hello, Ran reporting. Over.

Operation B successful.

Hello Over.

Operation C begins. Over and out.


Follow me.

Before everything, we have to get Dong's secret file..

...which has the names of all his agents in India.

Rakesh, Dong's voice. Dong's voice.

Yes, sir-.

I have just been informed that they those Indians".

...have entered into the barracks.

You take all your guards from here to behind the barracks.

But sir?

Dong is never wrong. Get out from here and..

...await my orders.

Captain, reach behind the barracks with your guards.

Okay, Colonel, okay. Come on, follow me.

Listen Juley, you reach Mrs. D'Costa's house.

We shall also reach there with the secret file.

Yes sir-.

Hurry "P!

Ranveer, I want to tell you something.

I saw that in your eyes without you having to tell me.


Major, Major, we got the file.

Defence Secretary lyengar, Dong's agent? Oh, no!

Rakesh, you transmit this message to India immediately.

Good, my love. Oh, my darling.

Now not only in this life, but in every life..

...I shall make you my empress.

You have not only found out who is the helper of these..

--Indians like Prince Kao, but also according to my plan--.

...gave them a fake file with fake names.

Sir, those foolish Indians, at that very moment..

...Instead of you and Mr. Kapoor sent the names..

...of your enemies to India via their transmitters.

And now, when India will hang patriots like lyengar..

...taking them to be my stooges, then how the souls..

...of my 2000 men who died in the hospital disaster..

...will find their peace. Good Cynthia, good.

Sir, I am not the sole deserver of this credit.

There is a part of my confidante in this..

...Jaylu's sister, Juley.

Long live Dong!

General, Indian terrorists are hiding right now..

...In Mrs. D'Costa's house. An attack there will mean..

...another disaster like the hospital..

...because they still have a lot of ammunition yet.

Jaylu, your sister is very clever. Till the time..

...they have ammunition it is difficult to kill them..

...so we'll have to do another thing.

Come on Juley. Your first task when you get the chance.

To swap their real ammunition with this fake ammunition.


So that they could be terminated easily.

Okay. Thanks and all the best.

Juley, it seems someone has seen us.

You hold the bag behind. I'll be right back. - Okay.

Kao uncle, Kao uncle, Juley aunty is a traitor.

Why are you silent?

Speak, speak, speak!

Oh my God! Young Master, hello, hello..

Oh my God, no!


This cannot be! This cannot be!

This has happened, Mrs. D'Costa. This has happened.

The enemy is not anyone else, but our own friend..

...a member of our own party, our Juley.

Yes, she is Cynthia's stooge.

In fact, even your coming here is not your plan..

...but it is a dangerous plan hatched by..

...her and Cynthia.

What are you saying?

Ask her if this is true or not?

This is true that I'm Cynthia's stooge.

In order to take your messages to them..

...I even pretended to befriend you.

But I do not know how Vicky died.

Mrs. D'Costa, please believe me. Please believe me.

Stop this playacting, you traitor!

We have been deceived in such a bitter manner..

...because we believed you. Was this the reason..

...why you taught this small child lessons of heroism?

Traitor! Your deceit has made this little soldier of Dongri-La..

...Immortal even after death. But you have died..

...even when you are alive.

Anyway sir, now what do we do of Juley?

Juley, there is only one punishment of deceit.

Ranveer, Ranveer, listen to me.

Please Ranveer..

Ranveer, what is this you have done?

I tried to tell you before also. Before I could tell you..

...you did this. It is true that as per Cynthia's plan..

...I wanted to trap you in Dong's cantonment.

But, since I got your love, since you put vermillion..

...In my head, the pretence of friendship turned into love.

I realised the difference between good and evil.

Dong wanted to attack you here. But before that..

...he wanted to swap your ammunition with fake ones.

But I thought of duping General Dong.

I will not change your ammunition.

If I'd changed, then this bullet would also have been fake.

So I have shown my loyalty. You too show your loyalty.

Win this war! Win this war, Ranveer.


Don't stop me, let me go home.

Don't take my hand, let me go now.

Become crazy today..

You will have to pay for Juley's deceitfulness.

This is unfair. Leave me.




Did you see the reward of being loyal to Dong?

Now shall we go under the umbrella?

They have released Cynthia and taken her with them.

Now they can reach the function at any time.

Put your guards at every nook of the cantonment..

...seal all the routes leading to the cantonment.

As soon as you see them, shoot them all.

Shoot them at sight!

General sir, I advise you to cancel the function itself.

This is the new security plan prepared for the mission.

Take a look.

Through this tunnel, we can easily reach the water tank..

...but from there to reach the function ground..

...It will be very difficult.

You do not worry about that.

Let the function begin!


General sir, general sir, there's a big problem.

They were successful in breaking the barrier.

Dong.. you are wrong, isn't it? Tell me.. you dog.. tell me!

Dong is never wrong. You are wrong, Dharamsingh.

You think that you are a great spy?

You didn't even think..

The Dong who can come to India and give birth to a duplicate Dong..

...he can prepare his duplicate in Dongrlia too.

The one who is lying half dead there..

...he isn't me, he is the duplicate Dong.

Dongrila's emperor. The real Dong is here.

Have you brought any bomb or cannon..

...which can reach till the Dong!

Your lame major had a mission..

...to kill Dong today and show the world.

Then show the world. The annual day is over.


In some time, the sun of India's respect will drown.

You think that you are great by vanquishing..

...just a demonstration of my security?

The real trap of my security is here!



And look at this! Did you see how Dong changes the air?

You think that you are the peak.

The air is on your side?

It doesn't take much time for the air to change face.

Bomb as much as you want. They won't reach me.

They will not be able to reach me!

Run! Run! There is fire! Run!

Fire! Run!

Run.. till where can you run? Run!

Why are you going back? Come, you wretch!

Break his bones!

Did you see us Indians? Did you?

Why? You were barking like a dog.

What did you say?

India's respect's sun was about to drown?

Your life's sun is about to drown today.

Listen to this before you die.

Just six Indians have shown this.


If eighty crore get up..

What about you.. even the biggest..

...of despotic rulers will have to run.

Rascal! Dog!

Did you know the power of Indian soldiers?

Hit him!

After this, Major Krishnarao's small..

...army didn't have just Dolly released..

...but it released all the innocent girls..

...and gave them a new life, who were imprisoned by Dong.

Boys.. so you have the top secret file.


Did you look at the first page?

Is my name there? Yes, sir.

And if that is printed in the papers..

...there will really be a ruckus in the country, isn't it?


So, this message shouldn't be printed, isn't it?

Yes, sir-.

Get ready to die.

Nothing personal. Just business.

If you want to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.

It's just business. Nothing personal.


The traitor.

If Major Krishnarao's force five..

...gave the country of Dong a gift of death..

...the Indian army gave the highest..

...level of to him after his death.

And Dharamsingh got his lost pride.