Tai-Chi Master (1993) Script

My hands do not have strength and power My heart embraces peace and calm Resigning myself to avoid adversity. Seeing richness out of the void.

Violence be turned to peace. There are always guiding fates.

Dynamic or still. Divide or multiple.

Follow fate to go in and out of the mortal world. Merciless is mercy.

Follow neart and not be aggressive. Merciless is mercy.

Dynamic or still. Divide or multiple.

Follow fate to go in and out of the mortal world. Merciless is mercy.

Follow neart and not be aggressive. Merciless is mercy.

TEMPLE FER FOLLFILLING YEOR WISH Tian Bao, now that you are a monK, you must obey the rules.

You mustn't Kill or eat meat.

Master, l nave never eaten any meat.

You were born to be a monK. ltjs just that my familyjs too poor to afford meat.

I have always wanted to try it. What?

Master. This is our new student named Tian Bao.

Tnis is Jun Bao.

He will be your senior. The Shaolin Temple nas very strict rules.

He'll teacn you. You must always obey your senior.

Jun Bao, teach him how to recite tne BooK of Buddha.

Wnicn part, master? I thought you onIy knew one part.

I'll teach you everything, my junior. l'm taller and older than you. Why do l have to call you "Senior?"

I don't know. Just do it. Tnese are Master1s wishes.

Eh, yeah? Well, I'll only call you "Senior" in front of otners, but wnen no one's around and they can't hear you, you call me "Senior," understand?

Do you want to be senior or not? Sure!

Tnere's no one around, so call me senior.

EKay, senior.

Good boy.

Let's study. Let's play!

Let's practice the 36 stances of Shaolin Fist.

"Tne Hands!"

"Dance of the Phoenix"!"

"Benold, the Golden Rooster"!"

"Tne Dragon's Sword"!

Jun Bao, my junior, come nere.

Hey, don't call me "Junior" in front of the otners.

Tney're way over tnere. Tney can't even near what we're saying.

I guess you're right.

"Tne Wild Goose Glides Along the Beacn."

"The Leopard Leaps"... Wow, if I were given tne cnance to try Kung fu, I'd be a wnoIe Iot better than that.

We'd nave to get permission from our master.

"Tne Ectagon Transforms Itself."

What did you hit us for, idiot?

Wnat are you two doing Iooking around here?

I'm senior to you both. I can hit you any time l like.

Eh no, you can't.

Tian Bao, are you okay?

You can't spy on our secret kung fu!"

Hey, come on, let's go. We'll tell our master!

Go anead. It's no big deal.

My master's senior to yours.

Master, this will Keep tne sunshine off your head.

Everything has a life including the plants.

We mustn't damage tne life of another just for our own gain.

Tnis is too selfish.

Do you understand? Yes, Master.

I understand perfectly.

Even if the sun is burning down on you, I won't do anything at all.

Master, l want to learn Kung fu.

Why do you want to learn?

To have a neaItny body!" To learn to fignt!

Be certain that this is what you really want. lt's what we want. lt's what I want.

You must use kung fu only for helping otners.

Do you understand? I understand, Master.

Take tnat! Wno's there?

What are you doing? I'll teach you a good lesson!

Come on, give me a nand!

I'll Keep him covered.

Go to nell!"

I Know who you are!

How do you know I'm Jun Bao? Because you just told me.

TEMPLE FER THE STODY EF TAEISM Real smooth move. This is all your fault.

You're a stupid idiot, you know tnat?

Well, he said he knew who I was. How did I know he was lying?

How could you believe him?

Now you see the mess you've dragged me into?

l'm really hungry. So am l. l'm starving.

Tnis is really too much. Master!

I toId you to practice Kung fu to help others.

Instead, you've used it to fight. You have shamed me!

Beating a senior student. But, Master--

You keep quiet. I'll teach you a good lesson.

Master is too lenient, making you Kneel for only three hours.

Confess your transgression! Can I have a red bean bun?

A plain bun will be good enougn.

After this, you still have to clean up Luo Han Hall.

Tnis is your fault too. Master nad to give us a punishment, so now we have to clean Luo Han Hall by ourselves.

Just tnink of it as punisnment for the time you burned tnat rat and didn't get caugnt.

"Tne Fairy Cometn!""

"Tne Dragon Shows Its Might!"

I'd liKe to see how you do your kung fu moves fignting with a pole now. Can you snow me?

It's very simple.

"Tne Fairy Cometn!""

"Tne Dragon Shows Its Might!"

"Tne Invincible Move!"

And this one's called "KnocKing Your Head!"

Hey! Now you're playing your damn tricKs on me again!

You're too slow. Watch your nead!

Jun Bao, well done. Tian Bao, you gave in to me.

Master always says we should help others with our kung fu.

Who can we help nere? We can help ourseIves.

I want to be number one at Shaolin.

When will l ever acnieve tnat? You're being too naive.

You need a lot more skill and training to be number one.

You have to learn how to beat the 1 8 Bronze Men.

And then there are the wooden warriors.

Remember that.

Hey, you'd better get up from there! Don't Iet anyone see.

Don't worry about it. No one's gonna see me.

Well, I don't care. Don't just sit there.

Just get off and sit on tne ground-- Hey!

Now looK, you messed up Master's seat!

You're the one messing around witn it.

I'll have to tell on you.

Wnat, you tninK you can get away witn tnat?

Every blow of the Shaolin Fist must be forceful.

Each move is a surprise to tne enemy.

It must be swift as the wind.

These are the basics of tne Snaolin Fist.

You must be steadfast in every situation.

What? Look!

What's going on? Who did that?

Why is that? I told you before, it must be infected with termites, rignt?

Careful, don't eat them in the rice.

To achieve the highest level, your body must be as hard as steel.

What's that? Is the bed collapsing now? Calm down.

Go to sleep. We have to practice iron palms tomorrow.

Watch my sword, Jun Bao!

You need more practice. Your arm's not strong enougn.

StriKe first to prevent attacK.

So mucn for practicing.

LooK, our clothes are tattered.

The Luo Han monks will laugn at us.

Well, we'll just tell tnem tnat we over-washed them.

I told you we should wasn tnem ourselves.

Ours are okay. I saved the best for us.

Good morning.

Wnat nappened to the others?

I believe that the rats did it.

So many rats and termites these days.

Go do something about tnem.

Where can we find termites and rats? We'll say the birds ate tnem.

Your kung fu is great!"

TnanK you. It's notning.

Here you go.

Tian Bao, you're the greatest of us all!

Tnat's right, you're sure to win. You're great too. Enougn?

Yean. Here's the rice.

Eh, yeah! Wow!


Maintain a steady stance!

Got it! You eat first!

He tnrew rice at me!"

Well, I slipped, that's all.

I'm tne one wno did it. Go and tell your master.

My master is the judge of the Kung fu contest.

I'll maKe sure you won't get promoted to Da Mor HaII.

Let me go!

I swear, I'll beat that guy.

1 2, 1 3-- l did that one. The competition for promotion into Da Mor Hall will be soon. Do you thinK you'll maKe it?

I'm not worried. l've practiced. It's up to fate to decide.

Fate to decide? l want to maKe sure tnat l'm number one.

Tnat's wny I practice so nard.

Hey, how many bricks have you cracked?

1 7. 1 8!

Have you practiced cracKing bricKs on tne bacK of your head?

No, I haven't.

Tneir movements are different.

Buddnist Palm!

The key is in how you breatne.

Today, we are going to decide who is going to be promoted.

The four best will be promoted to Da Mor Hall to further tneir studies of advanced martial arts tecnniques.

Remember, the purpose of kung fu and practice is to help people.

Contestants must restrain themselves during the contest.

Now, is that clear?

Tne first round-- Tian Bao... and Xin Bao!

I'll teach him a lesson.

Greetings and respect.


Try tnis one!

Xin Bao, you'll lose.

Try my fist!"

You cneated!


StriKe me? How dare you?

I'm sorry, Master.

You are not fit to practice kung fu due to your ferocious intent.

Therefore, you are expelled.

No, Master. Sir, it was Xin Bao who cheated.

Are you saying I'm unfair?

No, Master. Are you blind?

You saw what ne did! You insult a master?

He didn't mean it! Away!

l'll destroy your sKill. Master, please, don't!

Stay away!

Buddnist Palm!

How do you know about Buddnist Palm?

You are blind, aren't you? l learned it from you!

Tian Bao! He just snucK a little looK.

I want tnese two detained, now.

Luo Han Poles!

Yes sir!

AII rignt, guys. We're aII brotners nere.

Let's talk tnis over. Now wnat?

Tne Buddha has come. Surrender, all ye devils!

Tian Bao, breaK the formation witn their own poles!

Rignt!" I'll break tnem up!

Try as you might, you'll never escape from here.

LooK out!

Keep the formation! lt's too slippery!

Invincible Move!

Hey, we're aII brotners nere. Let's talk tnis over.

Hey, wait up!"

Don't Iet tnem get away!

Master! Get out!


You defend your students when tney nave done wrong?

So wnat are you going to tell the Abbot?

It was unfair. Everyone saw that bastard cneat.

And wnen I tried to defend myself, I was tne villain.

What did I do wrong?

To top it off, they were trying to kiII us. What is Master up to now?

Rignt or wrong, who can ever teII?

Master, we were wrong.

Fate nas decreed that we must part.

I cannot be your master anymore.

Go into tne outside world and try to learn from it.

Tne roots of trouble are also the roots of Buddnism.

Jun Bao, you nave a Kind heart.

I don't worry for you.

Tian Bao, you are aggressive.

This book doesn't deal with any martial arts skill.

But wnen your heart is restless, it will bring you peace.

It deals with the flow of cni, the life force.

Practice it often, and remember... keep your mind and neart always at peace.

A temple is not the only place to study.

Now go.

Yes, Master, we're going now.

Tney're so pretty!"

Ladies and gentlemen, step rignt up and gatner 'round.

Wnat scnool do they belong to? They're only entertainers.

Wny do tney have such strange haircuts? l thinK they're from Khitan.

Well, I'm really hungry.

Me too! We'll beg for alms.

No one pays any attention to us.

Are tney aII tnat poor?

No, we have to try narder.

Hey, l'll bet that girl won't turn us down. lf she had money, she wouldn't perform on tne streets.

Let's go try tnese guys over here.

May you all live long and prosper, gentlemen.

You stupid monks!

No wonder l've had bad lucK all day.

May you live long and prosper, gentlemen.

Don't say tnat. You should say he will win each bet.

Cut the crap! Whoa! l'm sorry. Sorry. That's all right.

Excuse me, Brother, but do you know somebody named Murong Bai?

No, sorry.

TnanK you anyway.

Sne's looking for someone. We're looking for food.

What we need is a job so we don't have to beg for money.

Let's go. I'd rather go back to the temple.

Pay your protection! I've paid you all l can.

Well, maybe that's just not enough.

Pay or die! It's your cnoice. But really, l have no more money!"

Don't beat me--

He should pay. Beat nim up.

I'll report you to the police!

Don't you Know I'm tne governor's cousin?

Hey, little lady. Buzz off!

You want to go for a drink witn me?

How about it?

Eh, she's too shy.

Oh, God, no.

Here, friend, taKe this cash.

It belongs to tnat jerk. Thank you so mucn.

Hun? My money!"

The girl took it! I've gotta go now.

Get ner!"

Performers? No, fighting.

Tney're ganging up on her.

Should we nelp ner? Of course.

Hey, don't nit ner, nit me.

With pleasure!

You nit me first.

Miss, are you all rignt?

Is something wrong?

The 1 5th move! The 1 6tn move!

Tnere. l'm okay now. The 1 7tn move!

Tne 1 8th move!

Tne 20th move!

Tne 35th move!

Tne 36th move!

36 moves! Are you done?

Just one more. . . I made it up!"

Will you... Won't you ever do that move liKe I taught you?

Master Liu, wno did this?

Run quick, the troops are nere!

Arrest those monks! Let's go!

They went that way! After tnem!


Paper, rocK, scissors. Paper, rocK, scissors.

Paper, rocK, scissors.

Paper, rocK, scissors--

You looK liKe you're from Knitan. You too!

What game were you playing?

It's one we made up wnen we were Kids.

Teacn it to me.

Tne winner was senior. Tne loser was junior.

But ne always won.

It's simple. You were too slow.

You must nave been cneating in that case.

If you play against me, I'II be your godmother.


Governor Liu comes to pay respects to tne Buddha.

Clear the way!

Wow! How privileged!

Why is a Buddhist so cruel?

He's Liu Jin, tne royaI eunuch. He's Iike a snake inside.

He's Killed fewer people than usual today.

I wisn I could be as privileged as he is.

Then just become a eunucn.

Why not?

Eighth Master, you're early today. BUDDHA'S LAUGH RESTAURANT I'll prepare some nice dishes for you. Enjoy yourself.

TnanK you.

Mister, there's a darK mist on your forehead.

Piss off! I'm eating.

Lady, tnere's a dark mist on your forehead. I know your fortune.

Are you looKing for someone? Finding tnem may not be good.

Would you like to buy a cnarm? Con man.

You don't have to take it.

The most famous dish here is roast pigeon.

What? Don't they nave vegetarian food here?

Tne rice is oKay. Hey, Jun Bao, we must adapt ourseIves.

Remember what the master said-- we must discover the spirit of Buddnism in the secular world.

Hey, I wiII try if first.


Here, nave some bean curd. Otherwise you nave nothing to eat.

TnanK you.

You too.

Right this way, my lady. We've reserved your table for you.

My dear, what wish did Master maKe at the shrine?

Tnat's none of your business.

Yes, dear.

Please. Please.

What would you like to eat, dear? Oh, anytning.

All right. Murong Bai?

Is it really you?

Qiu Xue, wnat are you doing here? Quiet!

AII tnis way to find your nusband. How toucning!

Too bad his name's no longer Murong, but Liu after my family.

He would've starved to death if I hadn't deigned to save him.

Men have no sname and they're so predictable.

Tney'II aIways stay beside you. Tney will never stray if you Keep them warm and happy.

Don't you find that to be true?

Qiu Xue, go home.

That man has no neart.

Murong Bai, you're no longer a man.

You've become a dog. l used to play tnis instrument every night.

I would never sell it for tne money I needed.

Now, everytning nas cnanged.

TaKe it bacK.


I tninK you need it more than l do.

Do you know wno l am?

She's Governor Liu's sister. Don't get involved.

That's enough. I don't want to have to hurt you.

Are you all rignt, dear? You dog!

Just go away. I'm tnrougn witn you!"

What are you staring at? Piss off.

Now, go!

Do you hear? Go on.

Go on!"

I'll help you!

Lady, you're bleeding.

I'm sorry.

Wait, I can't touch her.

Stand up!

Eh, God!

Snameless cur!

Don't worry, I'm nere.

Who's fighting in here? Nobody move!

Hold it! The troops are nere!

QuicK, let's go!

Why are the troops always after us?

Don't Iet tnose Khitans go!

Yes, my lady!

FoIIow me!"

Hurry!" Tne troops are gaining!

Come on, quick! Go to hell!

Heavy Ioad.

Ef course it's neavy. She's a woman.

Oh, Buddna forgive me for being lustful.

Are you okay?

Come on, get 'em! Hurry up!

Hurry it up!" Come on!

Where'd they go?

Back at the restaurant? Oh, yean.

Why did we come back nere? Well--

Maybe it's anotner brancn. On, no.

This is the only restaurant in town.

WeII, you two go anead and sleep on the floor.

I'll taKe care of her. Go on.

I feIt better being a monK.

Jun Bao, you can't go on reIying on others liKe that guy Murong Bai.

We won't rely on others. We can go to work for the restaurant.

We can only stay here the nignt.

Tney're not gonna let us stay nere forever.

I'll be an official one day.

Well, it doesn't matter to me what you are as long as you're honest in what you do and trust your fate to guide you rignt.

Hey, Iet's go to sleep now.

My fate.

I swear that l'll be rich and powerful someday.

Governor Liu would never imagine tnat nis bribe money would be stoIen back from nim.

Hey. We should give it back to those wno lost it. It's obvious we snouId give it back to tne poor.

That's right. He's collecting this tax money from the people. So long as he lives, we'll keep stealing it bacK!

These people are underground rebels.

It's none of our business. Let's get out of here.

I can't pretend I didn't near wnat I overneard.

Never mind. Go to sleep.

LooK, another masKed thief.

How dare he steal from Governor Liu?

Tne more, the better!

Tney1re offering more rewards to catcn tnem than yesterday.

Wow, they're worth 500 teals of gold a piece.

Tnat restaurant--

Mind your own business.

Delicious buns. Yean.

Human meat bun -What? Human meat bun!?

May l nave your attention?

Wnat are you going to perform then, lifting heavy weights?

No, I'm a Iiving sandbag, liKe a human meat bun.

What's that? Well... one cent will allow you one puncn.

What do we gain from tnat? Right, what do tney gain?

If your punch makes me yell in pain, I'll give you three cents!

And if tney maKe you throw up blood? lf anybody can maKe me do that, l'll pay you six! And what if l kill ya?

Well, in tnat case-- you'll nave my life, tnat's wnat.

Wow! That's 50c at least.

Rignt. Tnat's 50 punches.

Well, that's' all. Would you like to continue, sir?

Here. Go on.

I'll Kill you!

46, 47, 48...

Tian Bao, are you aIrignt? l'm only pretending, so we can string tnem aIong. I'm okay.

Hey, mister, ne's faIIing apart. He's aImost finisned.

Go on, now. Don't you want to beat him?

Wnere are my servants? Beat tnem to deatn!

I'll pay you all!

Wnat an easy way to earn money, huh?

Yean, well, I want to get ricn.

Well, all l want is to nave enough to eat.

I want to buy a house and be a boss.

Tnat'd be a Iot of punches.

Give me tne money.

But why? For a tax.

50 cents for profits tax, another 50 for using government Iand, 50 cents for entertainment tax, and that's a total of 1 50 cents.

We won't pay. Wait.

Tax evasion, hun? Think twice before you do tnat.

I shall arrest you.

Good sir, we're just common foIk.

Heaven and earth as our witness, we wouldn't argue with you.

Here, we'II pay you.

You're a smart one.

TnanK you, sir. The fact is, we're new around here.

Only thing we Know now to do is fight.

We want to work for you, sir.

Tnen fight against yourself. Do it now.

Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!

TnanK you, sir!

Tnis is my pleasure, sir.

You really are a smart one.

The Royal Eunucn Governor Liu is recruiting now.

AII rignt. Follow me.

TnanK you, sir. Jun Bao, let's go.

You're really going?

I'm not going.

When l'm an official, I'll come find you.

Tian Bao!

TaKe care of yourself.

I wish you good luck.

You snouId not trasn yourseIf liKe tnat.

Hey, don't drink anymore. Just forget it.

Little Melon, tnere are some tnings you can never forget.

You're so young, you wouldn't understand.

Is Tian Bao with you?

Look at me, dear. You still want a man?

I didn't say that I liked him.

I can see right through you.

DrinK up, now.

Hey, tnis is wine, not tea.

No one can drinK liKe this and live.

AII rignt, tnat's enougn.

Hey, give tnat bacK to me! Hey!

Sorry. Hey, Kid.

Everyone should enjoy their life. She's oKay and you're oKay, so here's to ya.

Yean, well, I don't need your advice.

Stop drinKing!

What's wrong with you? You'll Kill yourself!

Mind your own business!

No! Hey, leave him alone.

He'Il stop wnen ne's tired.

Even I can't leave nim alone.

I still have wine nere. Who should we neIp?

Stop it! l don't care!

Go ahead, go on. Do anotner.

That's rignt, do them all. Tnen there won't be any wine left.

Will you please calm down?

Zhang Jun Bao, just let go of me.

Stop this!

Wow, you--

Will you calm down?

The past creates who you are.

It shouldn't be your burden. lf you go on liKe this, you'll only be nurting yourself.


Hey, wnat's witn tne baII?

I'm trying to understand the Tao.

Everytning is round in nature-- tne sun is round and so is the moon.

So watch and learn how to be round and smooth.

Who's in charge here?

Snow your face.

Sirs, you're early. We haven't opened for business yet, but you're welcome to join us.

Your taxes-- pay now.

We paid a few days ago.

You ate a few days ago too, isn't tnat true?

Tne army's being expanded.

You nave to pay a uniform tax, an arms manufacturing tax, and this restaurant has to pay 500 teals.

Well, that's extortion, that is.

You're not a rebeI activist, are you? The government snouId be reasonable.

Easy, easy, take it easy. Just be patient now.

Wnoever nas a sword in his hand can raise nis voice.

Now, eat this.

Be strong. lf you don't, I'll arrest everyone.

Your face sure Iooks stupid.

No, you mustn't.

It's just much too dangerous.

Have no money? All right.

Then just bow to me 30 times and I'II consider granting you an exemption.

Go on. Bow down.

Do it! Kneel!

You tnink you're tougn, do you? lf you don't Kneel, tnat means you're a rebel and l'll execute you!

Tnis is too much! Go to hell!

You eat tnis and bow down!"

You rebels, I'll kill you all.


Tney can't leave!" Snut the doors and windows to Keep them in!

What sins we have committed here.

Blacksmith, you go get rid of the corpses, okay?

Don't Iet nim get away!

We'll be dead if he tells the others!

Wait, something's not right here.

Hey, we're both vegetarians. Do me a favor and let's get going!

Snit. He's almost reacned his camp.

Come on, hurry up, will ya?


What happened, sir? Rebels at the restaurant.

I'll report to Master Liu. Here comes one now, you stop nim.

I'll handle it.

I killed him for you.

Tnose people at the restaurant aren't good.

You mustn't go around witn tnem.

I think they're pretty nice.

You're a criminal and l'm a soldier. We're on opposite sides.

Nah. Oh, hey, now that you're a soldier how's your life in the barracks?

You Know me, I aIways could taKe care of myself.

And you? Well, I think l like the old days.

We were so carefree.

If I could only have a red bean bun now. That's what I would liKe.

Jun Bao, don't tnink of tne past.

LooK to the future.

Tnat's tne reaIity.

And one day I'll nave it all.

Tian Bao, can you give me any pointers on riding this horse?

It's real easy.

Hey, tnat's too fast!"

I am the master of my own destiny.

Tne purpose of today's contest is to choose from among the best combatants the person witn tne best martial arts skill to be general.

Now let the contest begin.

Master, tnis is too easy.

So to dispel any doubts, I invite anyone to come challenge me.

Master, Tian Bao here to serve you.

With pleasure.

Very vicious.

I'll warn him, Master.



You went too far. Not worthy of a soldier.

By your actions, you've brougnt shame to me.

Tne first rule in the army is that you mustn't offend the majority.

LucKily, tne governor is lenient.

Wait, sir. Sir, I know l did wrong.

I just wanted to advance. Give me anotner chance.

I'll show you what I can do!

I'll wait to see how you perform.

An, Qiu Xue, I Know what you could do nere. You could be a bartender.

EKay. Where there's wine, you won't find me too far away.

And Jun Bao can earn his Keep by being a waiter.

Mm, yeah! Mmn!

And you can clean tne toilet. Sure, no probIem.

And will you wasn my undercIotnes? Sure.

I don1t even know if you have ever washed your underpants.

You've never washed your underpants? Wnat's so funny?

Tian Bao, what are you doing bacK here?

You must go. Get out of nere!"

They found out everytning-- all the taxes you stole and tne kiIIings.

Tne troops are on their way. Tney're going to arrest you.

We've got to get going right away.

You go on ahead. I'll destroy the evidence.

You follow quickly! Go on!

Go and arrest tnem! Yes, sir!


Did you kill my tax officer? Yes, l did.

And I'll kill you, you impudent tyrant!"

May you rest in piece, boss.

Bless us, tnere in heaven.

"Heaven?" We must avenge the boss!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to storm tne barracKs and KiII tne governor.

Hey, we need a plan. Don't be in such a rush.

He killed them all last time without a plan.

We can't fight the whole army, but tnere must be something we can do.

There is strength in numbers.

You must Know tne otner rebel organizations. lf you contact them, you could join forces.

I'll organize it.

Good. I'II work on tne inside.

Day after tomorrow, most of the army will be out on maneuvers.

Tnat would be the perfect time. We'II get rignt to Liu.

You join with the otners and we'll destroy the governor.

All right! Good.

We'll go and Kill them all.

Great! All right. We'd better get ready.

All right. Tian Bao.

TaKe care.

Get down!"

Tnat way.

Who's there?

Eh, sorry.

I just nad to taKe a piss back there.

Well, okay. All right, men. Let's go.

AII rignt.

Well, that was close. I gotta piss.

It's all right. I'll hold on.

Wnere's Governor Liu? He's in tnat tent witn just a few guards.

Tnis is our cnance. Rignt.

Hey, what's going on? Where is Tian Bao?


Come on, lads, Kill him!

Five so far!"

Oh, what a tragedy!

Life is for living. To live is to die.

To die is to live.

Tian Bao.

Gotta do something.


Wno betrayed us? BlacKsmitn, nang on!

Who betrayed us?

Who betrayed us?!

Tian Bao.

Let's go!

Qiu Xue! Jun Bao, come on!

I overestimated the strengtn of those miserable rebels.

Nevertheless, I must admit that your clever setup did save me a lot of trouble.

I'm loyal to you, Master.

You betrayed your friends.

What's to say you won't betray me in the future?

My wnole career depends on you. Would l destroy my own career?

WeII, tnen I snould have promoted you to general last time, Tian Bao, but you were only a soldier.

Your promotion would have caused jealousy among your fellow soldiers.

But from now on, you shall be Royal Lieutenant.

TnanK you, Master.

The one who escaped has great martial arts skill.

I need the best people.

Recruit nim if you can and we'II worK together for his majesty the Emperor.

If you can't, then destroy him.

Get up. Let me carry you.

You are a traitor. You lured tnem aII to tneir deatns!"

They took you in when you were poor and in need.

Oh, my brothers, how you have died!

It's your fault, you bastard!

I'll Kill you!

No! Don't!"

He doesn't feel any better about this than you do!

He was betrayed by the one ne trusted the most.

We mustn't blame him!

I don't give a damn how he feels.

It's still his fault!

Let's go!

Jun Bao.

I'll go save the survivors myself!

I know you're angry, but I just wanted to save you.

Those rebels would have met their fate sooner or later.

The most important tning is we'll always be together now.

I thought that you were a rutnless and ambitious person. l didn't realize that you couldn't nandle a woman.

Master, I was too impulsive. Forgive me.

I'll Kill you!

How can you keep a rebel in your quarters?

Are you an officer or not?

I am successful because I nave no need of women. lf women aren't for you, tnen tney won't be for me either, sir.

I didn't ask you to kill her, but you were smart!

TnanK you, Master.

Jun Bao, I've opened the door to great wealth.

You just nave to come in.

I don't want your wealth. Release ner!

We've Known each other for 20 years!

Isn't it a fact tnat we always snared everytning?

Master Liu will promote us. I've created a lot of opportunity.

Let us worK together and we'll be great men.

Tian Bao, I don't know who you are any Ionger.

I don't want to know anyone who would cnoose wealtn over nis friends.

Wnat do you Know about that?!

Those rebels deserved everything they got.

They died because l trusted you.

Now release tne one remaining.

Anyone wno tries to go against me nas cnosen a fate of death.

Attack! Sir!

I'll asK you one more time.

I'm inviting you to join me.

I wiII never join with the liKes of you.

Jun Bao, I don't want to nave to Kill you!"

You nave made tnis situation what it is.

Jun Bao, your kung fu is inferior.

I fight for all the innocents you killed. Is tnat so?

You snouId know I kiIIed LittIe Melon too!

I strike, Jun Bao!

I'll teach you!

StriKe before the enemy!

Jun Bao!

Put this on his wound. It's very effective.

HoId on. Tnis could hurt.

Why doesn't he seem to feel anything?

I'll see.

No feeling at all! Ow!

Does it hurt? Yes, it hurts!

HoId on.

WeII now, wnat do you thinK about this?

He's received tne worst snocK of his life.

He was betrayed by tne one he most trusted.

Because of that, many good people were killed.

This accounts for his benavior.

Will he recover?

Well, maybe, in a couple of days.

You're a sacred man. You know wnat nappened to Tian Bao.

You snake your nead and you sigh.

You are an admirable gentleman.

Tnen again, it might take two or tnree years for him to recover.

An admirabIe man.

No! I didn't betray you! lt's all right! lt's all my fault! Calm down. lt's only a dream!

It's all right!

But it's true.

It's all true.

They were sitting right there, our friends.

There-- Have some wine. A little.

A IittIe?

I Know I made you all worry about me.

But l just couldn't nelp myself.


So sorry.

Hey, do you thinK this will worK?

It's worth a try. lf we can stimulate tne rignt meridian points...

Jun Bao?

Brother? What?

Now trust me, tnis'll be good for you.

Yeah, good for you. I don't want anything good.

You take it!

Tnat's all rignt, you don't nave to cry.

But he got me on my crying nerve points.

LooK, ne got you too...

on your laugning nerve points.

You're a pile of shit!

He Kun, did you train tnese men?

I can't believe you're so inept.

You needn't insult me and my training technique.

The way you abuse the men, mark my words, they'll rebel one day.

Tnese are soldiers. Only the best will be able to survive.

And tnat goes for you too.

Tian Bao, you may control the army now, but you should remember I'm the one wno gave you your chance.


He Kun, we don't have any friendsnip.

I'll put a stop to your arrogance. I'll go see Governor Liu.

Those who disobey must die.

Now continue.

Jun Bao? Jun Bao?

Now where is he? Jun Bao? Where could ne nide?

Hun? Jun Bao!


Stay cool. Stay cool.

You stay cooI!" Jun Bao, you looK IiKe snit!"

You must be carefuI of your wounds.

I wasn't hurt.


Now you two need to get cool.

Get out of tnere.

Oh, that nurts.

A good sign of recovery.


My master, I'm scared.

I don't want to learn kung fu. I don't want to fight.

I just want a red bean bun. Let's see wnat ne's doing.

Master, you've lost weignt and grown taller.

A few more wrinkIes. You're still a handsome man, tnougn.

Jun Bao, come on. It's just a wooden pole.

It is not your master.

Come on.

You all right? Yep.


What? You say you're okay?

No problem.

I just gotta get him to taKe a rest.


Go to sIeep. TaKe a rest.

Go to sIeep. TaKe a rest!

Tne sneet's too small. How can I sIeep?

Is it going to worK? Well, it'd better work.

If it doesn't work, I'll slap myself 1 0 times.

Try to rest. And you'II recover soon.

Oh my God, l deserve tnis!

One, two, tnree, four, five, six, seven, eignt, nine, 1 0. You helped me wnen I was nurting.

Now l'm going to nelp you. And 1 0 times more. Ew!

We mustn't let down the Lieutenant! Yes!

Whoever doesn't try his hardest... is going to suffer!

Ready, and start!

Yes! ln order to practice kung fu, you must have a body as hard as steel!

Keep going! Don't stop!

Zhang Jun Bao, you Killed those people.

It's your fault. You did it.

You did. You deserve to die.

You did it! You did it!" It's your fauIt!

You should die! Ow!

He almost killed me. He does this almost every morning.

Do you understand?

What's that?

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Oh, now l get it.

And ne's Iike tnis at noon.

And in tne evening he's bad too.

He gets crazy like that three times a day.

He should not be called Jun Bao but San Feng (Thrice crazy)!


Jun Bao, time to eat.

You naven't eaten for days now.

Hey, you eat rice with your mouth and not with your nose.

Eat it!"

Crazy again? Right on schedule, San Feng.

Lord Master Liu, tnese are the rebels I have arrested and the taxes l've collected.

You nave done my job for me. l have notning to do.

I am learning from you, Master. It's a joy to serve you. l simply want to make your duties easier for you.

AII across tne entire country tnere are rebellions that have erupted, except in my province.

And tne tax returns are very high.

His highness has asked me to report to the royal court.

We'll be loyaI to you wniIe you're away to repay all tne kindness you have given to us.

Tne other officials should take a lesson from you.

Why don't you come with me there?

We'll see the emperor.

TnanK you, Master.

But until tnat time, I do not want to near of any rebeIIion in my province or of any discontent in my court!

Yes, Master!

We wish all the best of luck to our beloved Lieutenant.

Jun Bao, don't do tnat. It's very dirty.

Here, tnis water's cIean.

Oh, very good.

My nands are dirty from too much Killing.

Thanks. Jun Bao, don't do that.

Come on, stop it now.

Oh, l get it. I'll wash my face.

No, Jun Bao, no! Let me wasn...

WaIking out in tne sunshine and fresn air will nelp you.

I nope you don't get a sunburn.

Look around. Everytning in nature nas its true purpose.

This tree has withered and died, and yet new life continues on it.

You could be Iike tnat.

Brotner! Brother!

What is it? Sister-in-law has just given birtn!

Hurry home now! Really?

Yes, let's go!

What shall we call the baby?

That load of firewood is too neavy.

Your child is waiting for you.

Now put down that firewood or you are too greedy.

You're right. Hurry! Hey, wait for me!

Lower your burden.

Run towards new life. Right.

I nope that he gets home quickly.

Lower your burden.

Run towards new life.

Lower your burden. Run towards new life.

Lower your burden. Run towards new life!

This is the book of tne cni life energy, not a manual of martial arts.

When you are confused, it can bring you peace.

This book of the cni is so refined that it teacnes to avoid killing tne enemy, but maKe best use of every opportunity.

Gatner togetner, but don't use force.

Force wiII not breaK it.

But now can l breaK it without force?

No fancy tricks or tne flow will cease.

Tne air current should matcn tne universe.

No desire. No lust.

Wnat else nave you learned from tnat booK?!

No immovable roots. No stirring of dust.

Only the way of nature.

Tnis is called Tai Chi.

Hey, I'm aII rignt now.

It's just that l feel a little sad.

Hey, your past creates who you are.

It shouldn't become your burden.

Come eat, Jun Bao.

You've just recovered, so you snouId eat plenty.

Don1t go crazy now. San Feng. Hey!

San Fong? Zhang San Fong?

Tnat's not mucn of a cnoice.


Jun Bao, forget tne past.

Why doesn't this lie down?

It's not sleepy yet, that's all.

Come on. Stop fooling around.

WeII, tnere's a piece of iron in tne bottom of it.

Breatning liKe nature.

Oniversal wind.

Keep your center of gravity and utilize tne attacKer's force.

A spinning ball repels other objects it touches, yet itself stands steady and firm.

Damned ball ruined dinner!

Shit! Hey!

Even in movement, tnere is always stillness.

He's understanding something.

No matter how hard l pusn, the water springs it back.

Tne stronger you are, tne stronger your opponent.

I can't even defeat still water.

Jun Bao, now are you?

Have you gone crazy again?

I finally understand what is natural.

Everytning's in nature.

I IooK tnat bad now?

What is it? What's wrong? Come on, out!

Come on, get out.


Where's Zhang Jun Bao? I think you know.

Who? Who is Zhang Jun Bao?

Kill nis wife!

Kill nis daughter if he won't talK.

No, don't Kill her! She's innocent.


You are a kiIIer! You are a rutnIess murderer!"

You're notning. Wnoever defends Zhang Jun Bao declares he's an enemy of mine and will die like nim!

Brother Ling! Brother Ling!

Brother Ling! What is it?

Tian Bao is getting crazier.

He's more rutnIess tnan Governor Liu.

He killed the grocer and his whole family right in the street! Yeah, that's right.

He said he's gonna kill even more people if we don't tell him where you are.

TaKe care of yourselves. We're going.

And you taKe care as well.

Taoism teacnes us to avoid disaster. Let's go.

Taoism also teaches us to nelp other people.

You should Know the importance of doing nothing.

If you have a heart, now can you do nothing?

In order to avoid the deatns of more innocents I must stop him by doing anything that l can.

But wnat if something happens to you?

If so, it's fate.

Tnen I'll go witn you.

I tninK you had better stay.

I know. I'd only get in the way.

Tnese good-lucK charms don't usually worK, but I nope they do now.

I've studied Taoism all my Iife and I still don't get it, but you realize its truth in an instant.

You'll be a master of masters. l'm gonna retire.

Congratulations on your invitation to the palace.

I'm sure you'll nave a Iong life and great wealtn.


Why have you come here?

Do you want to die?

We've come to deliver that fate to you.

You cannot escape from it anymore.

God is benevolent.

Why fight with swords and spears?

Don't kiII me. PIease don't.

I won't kiII you. You nave a job to do.

Get up.

Keep away! Be careful! Master Liu!

Get bacK!"

Jun Bao, you're clever taKing Master Liu as hostage.

I've been clever all my life, but l would never empIoy such tactics just to be cIever.

What do you want? I'll tell you what I want.

You're on an evil path and I want to stop you.

Don't you realize? You've always been inferior to me in your martial arts and your strategy.

I will stop you.

TeII nim to Kneel.

Kneel down.


You're on your knees in front of me now.

How will you defeat me?

Jun Bao, you like to help people, rignt?

I earned my power with a lot of effort. I won't give it up.

Why don't you just do me a favor?

Why not release Governor Liu?

Wealth and fame are temporary.

I am acting for heaven.

I'm god in my own heaven.

What fighting style is tnat? Nature is the origin of everything.

Tai Cni!"

Jun Bao, I'll never aIIow myseIf to be defeated by you!"

You're obsessed with lust and witn desire.

I'll beat you.

Jun Bao, if you can't stand firm, how can you attack?

Ose tne attacKer's force to striKe!

Attack!" Kill nim!"

Attack! No one move!

Stay wnere you are!

Kill anyone who moves.

Attack!" Wny don't you attack?

No, you nold it!

Of course. Of course.

Why don't you attack? Master Liu said not to!

Tian Bao, if I lose a single hair, I'II see tnat you lose your head!

Master Liu! Master Liu!

Master Liu is dead now!

I'm the leader! Attack!

He's kiIIed your Ieader!" He wiIl kill aII of you too.

You'll obey him?! BacK!

Move bacK.

Everyone's deserted you. No one's going to nelp you now.

HeIp me, you fools!

Going against me?! You deserve it!

Yes, you deserve it! You don't treat us like human beings!"

We'd be afraid of wnat you'd do wnen you were finisned!"

Tnat's rignt!"

Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim! Kill nim! Kill nim!

Kill nim.

Please forgive me before l die.

I wronged you.

Jun Bao.

TninK of our times together.

Please forgive me.

You always defended me when we were small.

Don't trust nim.

Go to nell!"

Kill nim! Kill nim!

You all can go now.

So wnere will you go?

I'll taKe Tian Bao's ashes to our master.

I see. WiII we see each other again?

Fate wiII tell.

Bye, Znang San Fong.