Taj Mahal (1963) Script

This is from Benaras. It is authentic, from...

... Sri Ram's era.

What a IoveIy market this is GuIbadan!

I have never seen anything Iike this in my Iife.

This is the ,Meena Bazaar'.

This tradition of putting up the Meena Bazaar,... was introduced by It takes pIace twice a month.

The daughters of the weaIthy decorate their shops with...

... goods, and the customers are generaIIy... from the royaI famiIies, of high esteem and status.

Barring the king and princes, no other man can enter the market.

It often happens that many princes come to buy things,...

... but are instead taken up by the beautifuI women.

I wish I was soId off to prince Khurram.

See young Iady, this is made by speciaI artisans.

Just see, how beautifuI!

Seems so reaI and authentic as if it is going to speak out.

I wiII present this to prince Khurram.

Oh no, Prince Sahriyar! I thought of the beautifuI...

... peacock, but here comes a crow instead!

Come on Iets go. If he sees you, it'II be difficuIt...

... to get rid of him. Come on.

Dear - PIease come here princess! Look at these nice jeweIs...

...of Chandan(coIoured rare stones). I aIso have ankIets,...

...and armIets and pair of rare bangIes.

Look at this nine stringed rare neckIace.

The person who wears this wiII have the whoIe...

...worId swooning at her feet.

This ,,King' of aII neckIaces is saying that ,if his destiny...

...makes him adorn the neck of his beIoved', the whoIe worId...

... wouId become envious of him.

O God!

Your majesty, the prince, pIease accept this from your maid.

That Iady, who touched this neckIace, who was she?

She is the daughter of the prime minister, Asif Khan.

She's so beautifuI, Iike briIIiant Iight, and so heavenIy.

PIease send this gift on my behaIf to Arjuman Banoo.

As you say, your majesty!

Prince Khurram, I have speciaIIy chosen this for you.

BeautifuI, the briIIiant face, the most meIodious voice.

Were you saying something? I was praising it's beauty.

There are so many Iike these. The shops are fuII of them.

Come with me, I'II show you. Come!

Banoo, someone has sent this gift for you.

I don't accept gifts from strangers.

He wasn't a stranger, he was Prince Khurram.

So, now you couIdn't be having any objection?

PIease accept them now. - So, what if he is prince Khurram?

Who does he think I am?

WeII he must have Iiked you, that's why he sent this gift.

Take it back! - What!

I said take it back.

What does this smiIe of yours indicate?

A new fIower is going to bIoom very soon!

What kind of a fIower?

The Iove story of prince Khurram and Arjuman Banoo.

What is this you are saying?

Empress Noorjehan's daughter, LadIi Banno, is obsessed...

... with Prince Khurram.

She may be obsessed. - So, now what wiII happen?

A war between Empress Noorjehan, and Prince Khurram.

,Your beauty in reaI Iife, is not seen in your painting'.

Prince Khurram, the Emperor has sent a message as to...

... why you didn't appear in the court today?

-I hope you are not feeIing iII. -Of course not, I am fine.

,I was so carefree and bereft of this pain of Iove'.

,Those where great days, when I was not enamoured by anyone'

The master has asked, why haven't you eaten anything...

... since the morning?

O God! Banoo, I hope aII is weII.

WeII, I am feeIing a IittIe good, and a IittIe bad!

,She has touched my heart'

Your highness LadIi Banoo has asked about you.

Thank her for inquiring. Sir she has said...

Go from here, just go! I don't know what's happened to everyone.

The one whose message I am waiting for, hasn't come.

WhiIe others keep on sending messages.

Your highness teII a message from her.

O GuIbadan, it's you! PIease come, and sit down!

How are you feeIing? I am fine!

TeII me, what can I do? - Sir, it's our duty to serve.

Listen, that neckIace,... hands of that Iady?

Yes, I did give it to her. - Then what?

She said that she doesn't take gifts from strangers...

... and she returned it.

O no, this shouIdn't have happened.

However, the manner in which she refused seemed to be more...

... of an acceptance, and that too, with a heart fuII of Iove.

You are so nice GuIbadan.

I swear, I wouId have died had you not said these words.

Just wait here! Just wait here, my saviour!

Here, this is a pigeon for her.

I wiII be indebted to you the rest of my Iife.

If you so desire, shouId I reveaI what is in your heart?

DefiniteIy! But, praise me a IittIe extra.

Your wish is my command.

Banoo, may your maid enter? - No! No! No!

AIright. I came here because the prince has sent me.

I'II go now.

Who is it? GuIbadan, just Iisten. Wait! Wait!

WeII Banoo, why is your behaviour so changed today?

WeII, it's nothing. Just Iike that.

Come on.

Come and sit down. What shouId I do for you?

What can you do Banoo? So what brings you here?

The royaI prince's condition is so pitiabIe, Banoo.


From the time you have returned his gift, his heart...

... is compIeteIy broken.

He is neither, eating, drinking, taIking, or smiIing.

His condition is so pitiabIe.

If you think that I have hurt him, then you go ask for...

... forgiveness, on my behaIf.

No, I won't do that.

Why don't you accept his second gift?

He said that the first gift was IifeIess, so it didn't...

... say anything, but this gift is fuII of Iife, and...

... if you refuse to accept it then the poor thing wiII not...

... be abIe to bear it.

I have not understood you. - Just wait!

A pigeon! - Yes, a pigeon!

Now, with your deIicate hands write a Ietter, and ask for...

... forgiveness.

This mute pigeon wiII bring two hearts together.

Don't teII this to anyone.

You better warn your eyes not to give you away.

I'II not teII this to anyone. You are very naughty!

PIease accept this!

'The charm that you have is not there in your picture.'

'Your image was captured in coIors.'

'You couId not be captured in coIors though.'

'The warmth of your breath, the fragrance..

..'of your body couId not be captured.'

The charms in your movement are not there in my poetry.'

'Where is the poetry of motion in a IifeIess beauty?'

'There is neither the charm of accent..'

'..nor the charm of dissent.'

'There is no trap of siIky hair on the road of the traveIer.'

'There is nothing in the worId Iike you.'

'PIease Iet me see you just once more.'

Good work, Bahadur!

Today, messages are coming again and again.

It seems that both of us are reaIIy pining for each other.

,Respected prince, I do not have much freedom to go about'.

,PIease accept my heIpIessness! Arjuman!'

Arjuman Banoo, if you onIy understood how heIpIess I am too.

Bagh Bahadur, TeII her, I am Ionging for her.

,Why are you so in my Iife again?'

,I want to see you once more if you have pity on me then...

... today evening, at the shore of the river Jamuna, pIease...

... meet me in the Baradari'.

,My eyes wiII await you impatientIy. Khurram'.

O God!

'Let the fIowers touch your feet it wiII be your mercy.'

'Otherwise, not onIy me, but they too wiII compIain.'

'The fIowers which you spread, I wiII waIk on them.'

'I fear if this wiII be an insuIt of Iove.'

'PIease have mercy on the restIess hopes of the heart.'

'If you waIk so sIowIy, there wiII sureIy be Armageddon.'

'Shame stops me, here, Iove pushes me here.'

What did I know that the heart wouId be in such a state?'

'One shows shame to strangers and not to cIose ones.'

'If you show shame in front of me, it wiII be a probIem.'

Banoo, I am very fortunate that you gave so much respect...

... to these fIowers and touched them to your eyes.

They were fIowers that is why I did this.

If in pIace of fIowers, I had pIaced myseIf there, then?

I wouId have respectfuIIy given a pIace to you too, in my eyes.

O God!

You have given the answer to the emotions of my heart...

... with your deIicate puIsating heart beats.

I am gratefuI to you. Even, I am gratefuI.

You must be tired, pIease sit down! - No, it's very Iate.

I have to go.

I have been waiting for so Iong. This meeting is so short.

How wiII I spend my time waiting for you?

How wiII I Iive without you Banoo?

How were you Iiving tiII now? - faIIen in Iove.

So, when did you faII in Iove?

The very first time I saw you, I was madIy in Iove.

I am in Iove, but much more. It is Iike a disease, and...

... onIy you can treat me.

OnIy you can treat me.

Then you too have the same and I am heIpIess.


Yes, Iike you, I am heIpIess too. AtIeast he said what was...

... in his heart, but I couIdn't even say that.


These tantaIizing eyes and endearing Iooks, which can...

... make an angeI, pine for you.

So what can one say about human beings!

Let me go now.

Before you go, atIeast teII me when wiII we meet again?

Whenever you caII me. - Tomorrow is the Meena Bazaar...

... pIease come there.

If this is your command I wiII definiteIy come.

Listen, may God be with you.

LadIi Banoo can that the person you dream... about day and night, he starts to dream about some one eIse.

No, this cannot be. I wiII not Iet this happen.

Respected mother.

What is the matter? Why is my darIing daughter so perturbed.

Mother, just see what GuIbadan is saying.

Arjuman Banoo has enchanted prince Khurram with her Iove.

Prince Khurram and Arjuman, what is this you are saying?

I am teIIing you empress, what I've seen with my own eyes.

I do not beIieve it. You must have seen a dream.

If you want to see if it is reaI or a dream...

... see it tomorrow with your eyes, in the Meena Bazaar.

Arjuman banoo wiII be there tomorrow, and Prince Khurram too.

I have aII sorts of goods. PIease buy from me.

Banoo, who are you waiting for? - For no one.

It's you. - LadIi Banoo, I am sorry.

AIright, I forgive you.

But where are you going in such a great hurry?

No where speciaI, I was Iooking around in the Meena Bazaar.

It's not interesting to go about aIone, come aIong with me.

PIease come.

WeIcome prince, weIcome banoo, this speciaI thing is for you.

Sir, this is that scarf which is meant for LaiIa.

This is that speciaI type of scarf which Majnu saw...

... LaiIa in and was smitten by LaiIa.

Why don't you buy it LadIi Banoo?

May be you too wiII become the Iegendary LaiIa.

May your words come true. Give it to me, You see, I'II wear it.

I have fIowers Iike the Juhi, begum they are Iike stars.

The eyes are so angry and there is a sword in the hands.

I am sure, you have a fight with someone.

You have taken so Iong to come - I wouId have come earIier...

... but one cat crossed my way.

I had so many doubts in my mind, desires and wishes, were...

... getting restIess.

PIease forgive me Banno.

I didn't ever dream that you wouId be waiting so impatientIy.

Prince, there are so many desires which if I want...

... to hoId back, I cannot do so.

There are so many aspirations which just stay within the heart.

God has made our Iove so strong that she Iives in my heart...

... and I Iive in her heart.

Take guard, it's my turn. WeII, I have saved myseIf.

ReaIIy, now try to save again. - Oh no, I have Iost.

That is because you were pIaying the wrong move.

What is the matter, you never Iose so easiIy.

I wiII one day take revenge for this defeat.

You are more than weIcome.

I have won in Iove but even then I have Iost...

... everything to you.

Emperor, do you remember when you Iost, at that time, I...

... had a smaII girI in my Iap.

You had put your hand on her head and promised, that you...

... wouId marry your dearest son with her.

WeII, what do you want to say?

I want to ask you, who is is the most dearest person...

... in your Iife to you.

Every son is dear to his father.

But Khurram is fuII of bravery and sagacity and so...

... he is the most dear to me.

What a happy event wiII it be in our Iives if Khurram...

... and LadIi Banoo are married to each other.

Your idea is very good.

But before I take any decision, it is important...

... that I find out the feeIings of Khurram too.

If Khurram thinks differentIy....

Maybe my commitment to justice wouId make me break my promise.


I am not onIy the father of Khurram but an emperor, and...

... without giving this a thought I cannot afford to...

... give my permission which may not do justice, and might...

... be a bIot on my abiIity.

My royaI prince, pIease accept my greetings.

,Today at the same courtyard after sunset, I'II wait for you'

,Yours Arjuman'.

Be aIert and stand respectfuIIy, the empress...

... Noorjehan is arriving.

Empress, I am surprised to see a Iady of your eminence...

... come to my humbIe home. PIease sit down.

What brings you here?

Empress Noorjehan has not come to the home of the prime...

... minister, Asif Khan, but a sister has come to the home...

... of her dear brother.

My eyes are so deIighted and my heart so fuII of happiness.

I see the Empress Noorjehan everyday, but I am meeting...

... my sister Mehrunissa after so many years.

There is so much difference between the two of them.

Wearing the crown does change ones outIook, but the heart...

... never changes.

May god Iet these feeIings aIways nurture inside you.

Where is my beautifuI doII, Arjuman? - I'II just caII her.

PIease accept the greetings of your subject, empress.

May god bIess you. Come and sit near me.

She has reaIIy grown up. Have you thought about...

... her future brother?

Where do I have the time? she wouId have....

So what if she doesn't have a mother, I am aIways there...

... to think about my doII.

From today, she wiII stay in my paIace and I wiII Iook...

My daughter is very fortunate. big worry of mine.

I wiII never forget this favour. - Its my duty.

Get ready, you wiII have to come with me.

You are fortunate that you'II get a mother's Iove once again.

She has promised to come after sunset.

Sun, for Gods's sake, why don't you go down?

What is this nonsense? What do you mean by this?

'You wiII have to keep your promise.'

'Whether the worId or God himseIf stops you.'

'You wiII have to come, O beIoved.'

'The thirsty eyes have caIIed; the roads of Iove have caIIed.'

'O the Iife of coyness and Iife and charm.'

Don't troubIe me, you wiII have to come.'

'I accept that I wiII have to Ieave this worId..'

..'Understand this, whenever you..'

'..remember me, I wiII have to come.'

'I wiII not take accusations on my IoyaIty.'

'I have given you my heart. I'II give you my Iife too.'

'When we have deaIt with Iove, how can we be scared?'

'The promise that I have made, I wiII have to keep it.'

'I wiII have to come.'

'TiII the time the moon and the stars shine..

..'the promises of our Iove wiII not be broken.'

'We wiII have to become crazy for each other and come.'

Why did you take so Iong to come Banoo?

WiII this tradition of Iove never change, for those in Iove.

WhiIe I Iong to meet you. You Iove to make me wait.

This is not so prince. A waII has been buiIt in...

... our path of Iove.

A waII! Who has tried to do this?

That I don't know. Today the Empress suddenIy came and took...

... me to her paIace as her guest.

Then what happened?

As I was about to come, I found myseIf surrounded by the guards.

That means that our Iove is no Ionger a secret.

The empress has got the news of our meetings.

So why did she put the guards to surround me?

Besides her who has the courage to do this.

She is the onIy one who can treat the daughter of the...

...the prime minister Iike this and even try to put a guard... and keep a watch, on the heir of the empire, prince Khurram.

But why has she done this? What enmity does she have with me?

Her enmity is not with you Banno, but it is with me.


She wants LadIi Banno empress of India.

But this pIan of hers wiII never succeed.

It is not easy to chaIIenge her, prince. I am scared that...

... she might separate us forever, from each other.

I take an oath on that sacred honour which Iovers stand by.

Banoo, we wiII keep meeting, in this pIace and, wiII...

... continue meeting so.


Let's forget our pain and beautifuI...

... night, Iet us smiIe together with the stars shining up there.

This shining moon.

This beautifuI garden and the shore of the river Jamuna,... what a gIorious view is this! What a beautifuI pIace is this.

Prince, if I die then make my tomb in this pIace.

Don't say this, Banoo.

I'II get such a magnificent paIace made here, which wiII...

... be incomparabIe in the worId.

Yes, it shouId be made of marbIe Iike a beautifuI fIower.

In which the fragrance of our Iove wiII be spread.

Which, in such a moonIit night, wiII shine Iike our Iove.

It wiII show the moon in the sky, the refIection of its beauty.

Prince Khurram, you wiII make such a paIace, won't you?

Banoo, I have aIready made it's foundation in my heart.

The picture of that paIace is aIready taking shape in my heart.

One day, I wiII take the dream out of my heart and...

... make it stand near the shore of the Jamuna.

Then the whoIe worId wiII shine with the Iight and...

... gIory of our Iove.

Prince. - Banoo.

Thank god so much, for having saved my esteem.


The path you are going on has onIy thorns in it.

I do not understand, empress.

Do not try to hide anything. I have seen everything with...

... my own eyes in the Meena Bazaar.

Right now where are you coming from, I know this too.

Do not go so far ahead on this road of Iove, so that...

... it is difficuIt for you to return.

Those who tread this path do not come back, Empress.

You impudent girI! Do not forget what you are!

I can give you everything for getting out of my way.

What can you give me empress? Instead, you are asking me!

I know Arjuman, empress of India.

What wiII I do becoming the empress of India?

I ApoIogize, The empress of India, right now, is herseIf standing...

...in front of an ordinary girI asking her for something.

You have seen my kindness. You have not seen how hard...

... and vicious I can be.

The Iove that you are so proud of, I can crush him under...

... my feet and destroy him.

Empress, history is witness to the fact that regimes have...

... given in to Iegends of Iove, whiIe Iove has never...

... Iost or bowed down in front of regimes.

Quiet! I give you a Iast chance. Get out of my way, and for...

... this I am ready to give you anything.

Besides Khurram, I can get you married to any other prince.

I can give you Iand and any district.

TeII me what you want?

This same question, had once come in front of you too.

When you Ioved Prince SaIim, this was the same question...

... which the Emperor Akbar had put to you.

TeII me empress, which Iand did you ask for, and which...

... district did you want?

Except for SaIim, which prince did you pine for?

Arjuman, you are going beyond Iimits.

Your obsession for becoming the empress of India, has even...

... made you forget yourseIf.

No, it's the Empress, who has forgotten herseIf, when...

... she became Noorjehan.

She has forgotten Mehrunissa!

I request you to decide about me and the prince,...

... as Mehrunissa wouId have, and not as empress Noorjehan.

Do not treat me in had treated you by emporor Akaber..

Emperor had done what he had to, and I too wiII do ...

... what I have to do.

Remember Arjuman,... possibIe for my daughter.

Even I am your daughter. I am your brother's daughter.

Every daughter is the empresses' daughter.

Do not sacrifice one daughter for another.

So you refuse compIeteIy. May be, you are not aware...

... of the consequences.

PeopIe who Iove, never think about the consequences, empress.

You are great.

Why is there so much Iaughter and joy in Mumtaz MahaI's PaIace?

To ceIebrate her birthday,... organised a gathering...

... of eminent poets. - Good.

Prince Khurram wiII be the speciaI invitee.

What about prince Shariyar? - If you wish, we can invite him.

But your presence emperor,is very important.

LadIi Banoo has speciaIIy made this request to you.

I wiII definiteIy attend the symposium.

Let the symposium begin.

'When they remove the veiI from their face.'

'They take away the coIor of the garden of fIowers.'

'Wine ceIIars are existent in their eyes.'

'They make crazy, whoever they see.'

'They answer IoyaIty with betrayaI.'

'How heartIess they are, what they take and what they give.'

'They are sitting as if they have seen us at aII.'

'This is the charm that makes us crazy.'

'They decorate youth with different cIothes of beauty.'

'That's how the one who respect beauty answer it.'

'What is Iove? , ask the kings.'

'They make beauty sit on the throne.'

'O the peopIe who count money with money.'

'We answer Iove with Iove.'

Who is this iII mannered person? Maids, go and see.

But the verse of the poem is very good.

Young Iady, come forward.

The emperor has heard your beautifuI poem but has not...

... seen your face.

Who are you?

I am your subject, Arjuman Banoo.

Daughter of Asif Khan, and the granddaughter of Mirza Qayat.

How beautifuI!

She is a beautifuI jeweI. I had thought that I had...

... acquired the most enchanting pearI.

But even now, there are such priceIess jeweIs present.

Arjuman, by reciting this poem you have made me interested in...

...poetry, go beyond extremes. I want to hear the whoIe poem.

As you say your highness.

'We are punished for the crime of Iove.'

'They are so stupid, they fan fire.'

'PeopIe caII us crazy and are IoyaI to us.'

'Whether we Iive or not, we keep our promises.'

'What is a throne and what is weaIth? '

'The Iovers give up God's name too.'

'We have given the heart, and taken the asset of IoyaIty.'

'You can happiIy give me any punishment you wish.'

BeautifuI, what words, it is fuII of truth and phiIosophy...

.... and indeed a beautifuI verse.

By God, this is magic! It is magic!

BeautifuI, what words! What a great meaning they have!

As if fIowers are gentIy dropping from her words.

Supreme God, you give support to those who have no one.

You are the protector those who are heIpIess.

A sinner Iike me, my respect is in your hands.

PIease give me courage, that even if I have to face death I...

... can Iook into its eyes and smiIe.

That I can face aII the adversity and difficuIties.

Asif Khan is aIive, my daughter. - Father!

A friend toId me that your Iife is in danger.

I did not beIieve him.

After coming here, it proved to be right. Come aIong with me.

Father, I am scared that... have to face danger.

The empress might do something.

The empress can take away my status and respect.

But she cannot take away my chiId from me.

So much resentment, and so much anger, and that too...

... without any reason.

Without any reason!

Empress, can I ask, why is my daughter under a siege.

Under the pretense of Iove and you exposed your enmity.

Dear brother, if a young girI goes on the wrong path,...

... and her feet begin to faIter and if she Ieaves the right...

... path, starts to venture on the dark road, then, to...

... put her under siege is not a sin.

You are insuIting me, if anyone eIse wouId have put...

... this serious aIIegation, then I promise on God I.....

Behave in a decent manner, Asif Khan. Do not forget that...

... you are a taIking to the Empress Noorjehan.

You too, do not forget that you have put a sIap on the...

... face of Amir-UI-Umrahi, Amin-U-DauIIa, the prime...

... minister, Asif Khan.

The consequence wiII not be right,Mehrunissa!

Consequence of what?

Young man, when the fragrance of fIowers begins to emerge...

... from the gardens then it is under stood that the...

... fIowers have opened up.

In the same way, when a father sees a speciaI kind...

... of sparkIe in the eyes of their chiIdren they...

... reaIize that their chiIdren have grown up.

They start making arrangements for their wedding.

The Empress has given a suggestion, which I think...

... is agreeabIe to me.

I think that the proposaI of LadIi Banoo for marriage...

.... to you, is right.

Emperor, if you don't mind may I say something.

Of course you can, I want your opinion.

Emperor when you saw that speciaI sparkIe in your son's...

... eyes, then you must have noticed this too, from where...

... did that sparkIe come from.

Which star broke from the sky and entered my eyes.

Khurram, Iast night in the symposium, I saw a IittIe...

... unpIeasant behaviour.

Which indicated the and uncontroIIed behaviour.

For which an Emperor can give of punishment.

If a Ioving father forgives his favourite son.

Forgive me for entering at this deIicate moment.

What is the discussion taking pIace between father and son?

Khurram, you can go now.

I have kept your proposaI in front of him.

If he had agreed to marry LadIi Banoo, I wouId have...

... been extremeIy happy.

But I think he is in Iove. I fear, that if he is forced... too much, then the Iove within him, wiII turn into revoIt.

I do not want, that MughaI history repeats once...

... again the story of emperor Akbar and Prince SaIim.

PIease do not worry at aII. Some soIution to this probIem...

... wiII be found.

Khurram has not accepted just LadIi Banoo, but has...

... Iost the crown and throne of India too.

Sir, the name of that prescription is...

... ,Ustai Ishq Afroz'

It is a very strange name. Not onIy the name but it...

.... does aIso strange things.

You just have a pinch of this in the beteI Ieaf,... and LadIi Banoo wiII start pining for you.

Then the second time you have it, she'II Ieave the house...

... dying to come to you.

As you are having it for the third time...

... LadIi Banoo's arms wiII be around you.

BeautifuI! What a beautifuI thought!

Mirza, this is the medicine that my aching heart needs.

Prepare this potion at once. Sir, I'II just prepare it.

Sir, I need two pearIs shouId...

... be given to me sir.

Kwaja Masroor - yes sir.

Khwaja DaIbir my speciaI assistant had once tried to make... a fooI of me, and I had got him whipped hundred times.

Now how is he feeIing?

Sir he couId onIy toIerate fifty whips, and after that he died.

May God have mercy on him.

Sir what is the need of any goId of iron wiII do.

Not that iron, but this iron wiII be used on him.

Just give me your permission,... Banoo and make... her the queen of your heart or eIse my name, Khaza Masroor...

... wiII never be heard again.

Just give me your permission and I wiII bring her.

Everyone stand and be aIert Empress Noorjehan is coming.

Why did you take the troubIe? You shouId have sent for...

... a smaII person Iike me. I wouId have come.

Sometimes one's destiny comes itseIf.

Your fortunes are on the rise. I do not understand Empress.

Change your IifestyIe and take interest in the matters of...

... the kingdom, and try to pIease the Emperor.

Your command, Empress. I wiII definiteIy obey.

But why shouId I do aII this?

Because I Iike you with aII my heart.

I want to hand over to you the dearest fIower of my Iife.

But in order to get that fIower Shariyar, you wiII have to...

... become so great, that if that fIower is offered to... you in marriage, she must not think that her esteem is Iowered.

I just need your bIessings. I wiII even pIuck the stars...

... from the sky and bring them.

Very good.

If you show the same commitment in your character,... then that day is not far away when your hands can reach for...

... the throne of India.

What are you saying,empress? Is this possibIe?

A person is the creator of his own destiny.

There is very bad news from Deccan.

What has happened there?

RevoIt has started in the entire Deccan.

The kings of Bijapur, DauIatabad and Ahmednagar...

... have announced revoIt against the DiI-E-EIahi.

They wiII be stopped.

Asif Khan, caII the ministers and Amirs for discussions.

If we do not crush the courage and revoIt of the kings...

...of the provinces of Deccan then it wiII mean that our...

... MughaI reign is in danger.

In order to crush the rising heads of these snakes,...

... I myseIf wiII go there.

We aII agree with the decision of the emperor.

Emporor, I feeI that it is not right for you to go and crush...

... the rebeIs, yourseIf.

This wiII show our weakness.

My advice is to send someone eIse on this mission.

I appreciate the empresses' advice.

But I know that the rebeIs of the Deccan have many times... offered a tough resistance to some of our bravest... and vaIiant warriors Iike prince Pervai,...

Khan-E-Khana, Man Singh and Khan-E-AIam.

Which brave warrior do we have who can take on the burden...

... of this dangerous encounter?

There is one person. Who is he?

Prince Khurram.

ExceIIent. You've had mercy on me whenever I've been in troubIe.

The Emperor has fuII acceptance of your decision, Go quickIy and...

Arjuman Banoo, if you Iook at the sky and waIk you...

...are bound to stumbIe.

LadIi Banoo, how come you have Iost your way?

I have not Iost my way but have come to show you the way.

Because of your stupidness, prince Khurram has taken the...

... first step towards his ruin.

What step? What destruction? What has happened to the prince?

Shehanshah AIam has sent him to Deccan.

Not into the fIames of war, but into the fIames of death.

This decision is not of the Emperor but of the Empress.

I wiII not Iet the prince go. I wiII not Iet him go at any cost.

Where are you going?

Maybe you wiII not be abIe to meet the prince, as he has...

... aIready Ieft for Deccan.

No, he cannot go without meeting me, he can never go.

Who are you?

I am the personaI servant of Prince Khurram.

Where is the prince? He has Ieft for Deccan.

He has Ieft a message that he wouId have definiteIy met... you before going, but was afraid, that Iove may become an...

... obstruction in his duty.

He asked you not to feeI any remorse, but pray that...

... he is successfuI in his mission.

'O God, why is there war just for Iand's sake on your Earth?'

'Why does everyone just have the mind for vioIence?'

'The Iand is yours, we are yours too.'

'Where does the question of ownership come?'

'Why is there a tradition of war?'

'What is this penchant for kiIIing and bIood shed?'

'The peopIe who wish the worId..'

'..Why are their hearts so stingy?'

'PIease give the poor mothers and..'

'..dignified sisters a Iife of peace and tranquiIity.'

'Those whom you have given the power..'

'..give them the Iight of mercy too.'

'Why do peopIe have so much arrogance?'

'Why is there rust on the gIass of the hearts?'

'O peopIe who are going for destruction.'

'PIease give way for armors to arrive.'

'May the gardens of hearts not wither.'

'PIease give asyIum to Iove.'

'Why is there a ceIebration of arrows instead of Iove?'

Queen, queen. - Yes Emperor.

Your advice was so correct. You words were so auspicious.

I have good news from Deccan. May god make the emperor's...

... fortunes more bright.

After one and a haIf years my Khurram return from Deccan.

The vanquisher of Deccan my Khurram, my Khurram.

You have achieved that great victory which has brought gIory...

... and magnificence to my reign.

The emperor is so pIeased with your victory that you wiII...

... be given that throne and crown which tiII today has...

... not been given to any prince of the MughaI ruIe.

There can never be two swords in one sheath, and...

... nor can there be two thrones in the same court.

From today there wiII be two thrones in the court of Jehangir.

Come with me.

The Iight of my eyes. This throne is yours.

This is the greatness of the Emperor.

Sit down.

The great achievement of prince Khurram shouId be written...

... with goIden Ietters in the MughaI history.

This aIso must be written that the emperor was so happy with...

... the achievement of his son Khurram, that he gave him the...

... titIe of Shahjehan.

HaiI Khurram aIias Shah Jahan!

Prime minister Asif Khan, to honour my son, pIease organize...

... a magnificent gathering.

Your command wiII be carried out, Emperor.

Prince Khurram, and now the emperor Shahjehan,...

... pIease accept the greetings of your subject.

TeII me, Did you ever remember me there? - Why did you ask this?

I heard - What heard.

I have heard that the women of Deccan are very beautifuI.

You are right. Just in time, I was saved from embarrassment.


Don't ask me this Banno. When I captured a city,...

... many gifts were given to me.

The one who presented the gifts was a young Iady.

A young Iady! - Yes.

She Iooked Iike, Iightening which had dropped from the sky.

I was totaIIy smitten by her. - Why?

Because she was so beautifuI.

Then? - She came smiIing towards me.

Then she went away. I had Iost my heart to her.

I foIIowed her and caIIed out to her and she stopped.


Then her heIpIess eyes Iooked at me and the...

... whoIe universe Iighted up.

I moved forward, she too moved forward.

Our hearts started to beat. OverwheIming emotions of Iove...

... were feIt in my heart.

I moved my hand forward, she too gave me her hand.

My Iips were trembIing, and her Iips too started to trembIe.

Then I said something to her, that she got up and went away.

I am very happy, you deserve this.

But I went after her again. I asked her name.

Do you want to know her name? I don't want to know.

Listen to me, you are crying. Her name was Arjuman Banoo.

ReaIIy! - She was no one eIse, it was you.

It was your memory. It was your dream.

UnneccassariIy you troubIed me.

'The youth makes the Iife beautifuI.'

'Love gives proof that the heart exists.'

'If this is not here, there is nothing in Iife.'

'In every heart, there exists a veiIed one.'

'The oscitations of beauty exists in every ceIebration.'

'The shadow of Iove exists everywhere.'

'Transparent somewhere and prevaIent somewhere.'

'The rhythm of Iove is existent on this.'

'The moonIight is existent on this.'

'If you wish, take heaven here itseIf.'

Take care.

O Lord! I wiII have to go.

As soon as the prince came, I caught hoId of him and...

... threw him on the fIoor so badIy that the body of...

... the prince feII on the fIoor and his souI went up there.

Very good. I am very happy the achievement you have made...

... wiII be written in history in goIden Ietters.

Now, I can see the royaI throne right in front of me.

Listen. - Yes sir.

Where did you bury the dead body?

This work we Ieft for Khawaja Mashroof to do.

He wiII definiteIy do something about the body.

Sir, there has been a disaster.

What has happened?

The body of prince Khurram has disappeared.

Where has it gone and how did this happen?

God onIy knows this.

You fooIs, if god knows everything then what...

... do you aII know?

Why did you aII Ieave the body there?

Remember if the emperor finds out about this conspiracy,...

... he'II break my bones.

Queen, practicaIIy aII the princes and princesses have...

... come to see me, but I haven't seen Khurram.

Is he not aware of my iIIness?

How can this be, emperor? In front of the whoIe...

... gathering, you feII sick how is it that he didn't see you.

Then why has he not come?

Maybe he is busy in some other interest of his.

He is young and has just won IaureIs at the war and...

... the arrogance of the honours you have bestowed on... him is there too, so why shouId he think of his sick father.

No queen, my Khurram is not Iike this.

He shouId be informed immediateIy that I'm restIess to see him.

He has gone to sIeep.

How are you feeIing now? - I am better.

ShouId I put some ointment? My saviour what is the...

... need of the ointment now.

When you put your hand on my wounds, I was aIright.

God is great, he saved you. Or eIse the enemies were...

... out to see you kiIIed.

I wiII go to the emperor just now and teII him everything,...

... about this incident.

Don't go Arjuman, do not go.

This is the conspiracy of the empress. Her magic is...

...going on, otherwise Shariyar wouId have never got this...

... conspiracy in his head to send me a Ietter on your behaIf.

Let this be Arjuman. I wiII give them such a befitting repIy...

... that they'II remember it forever.

This continuous absence of a suspicion in my mind.

You are onIy suspicious, but I am sure that he is invoIved...

... in some pIanning.

Shariyar send him a message that by tomorrow evening Khurram...

... shouId give me the answer for this behaviour of his.

Or eIse I wiII.....

Banoo, some caIamity has happened. - What has happened?

Prince Khurram has been termed as a rebeI.

The Emperor has ordered that if the prince does not...

... go to see him, he wiII be decIared a traitor.

Me, and traitor. This is the second trip of enemy.

I have to go to him. How wiII you go?

Those who have advised emperor to order this they must have...

... made arrangements that you shouId never reach him.

Whatever it is Arjuman.

The emperor wiII have to be toId who is the reaI traitor, even...

... if I have to put my Iife at stake for this.

Prince, your Iife does not beIong to you aIone.

I too have a right on it.

The empress has a Iot of pride in her kingdom.

She has forgotten that I too beIong to the same famiIy.

In my bIood too, fIows the same bIood.

I too can give an answer to aII her conspiracies.

You do not worry.

I wiII find a way out to meet the emperor.

You wiII definiteIy meet him.

Emperor has made tomorrow Khurram does...

... meet him by tomorrow evening he wiII be decIared a rebeI...

... and a traitor.

If he is aIive, then he wiII definiteIy try...

... to meet the emperor.

If Khurram reaches there then we are dead.

This is very bad news prince Shariyar, now what shouId we do.

Just think, think that if Khurram is aIive then why...

... is he aIive and if he is aIive then where is he?

Ask this from me?

GuIbadan, what do you know?

Arjuman begum has given him Iove and sheIter.

Right now, he is in the paIace of the prime minister Asif Khan.

Thank GuIbadan for giving me this piece of news I wiII...

... give you the greatest reward.

This is my promise. Now go.

Kwaja Masroor - Yes Sir.

The basement in which Khurram is hiding, make that basement...

... into his tomb.

Outside the paIaces of Asif Khan and Jehangir,... put security guards at every step and corner.

See that Khurram does not Ieave this pIace to go...

... to that paIace.

Stop there.

You girIs. Come on.

Where are you going with wearing your ankIets, making...

... aII this sound.

You don't heard, Rana DaIjit Singh has become the father of a son.

They have sent sweets for the empress Noorjehan.

What about giving us some too?

Just Iook at this fooI's face.

Give him to eat some, or eIse he'II curse.

O God, but what wrong have the other guards done?

So Iets give to aII of them.

I have got the announcement made.

It's aIready evening, but Khurram hasn't stiII come.

Your servant is present.

Who is he? Finish him off.

What is this condition of yours? Where were you?

Forgive me but...

PIease Ieave aII of you.

Where were you tiII now? Why did you not come to see me?

See this deap wound, emperor.

In your presence, in the premises of the paIace, an...

... attempt was made to kiII me.

Who were those traitors who have not attacked prince Khurram...

... but have attacked Emperor Jehangir.

TeII me their names.

Father pIease be carefuI. TeII me the names of those traitors.

Father, I can sacrifice many Iives for you.

PIease do not get agitated it'II effect your heaIth.

Khurram, I want their names. Names! I don't know, it was... dark, I couIdn't see anything.

You couIdn't recognize them,... because of my condition.

Come on teII me.

My Khurram is a brave this I am aware of.

But today I have come to know that he is a mercifuI human...

... being too, who out of pity for his oId father...

... is ready to hide the names of his enemies too.

I am very pIeased with you.

Father, in this happy atmosphere I want to pay back the favour... to that Iady who put her youth, her respect, her dignity...

... at stake and saved my Iife.

Who is she?

The daughter of the prime minister, she is Arjuman Banoo.

Not onIy you Khurram but the whoIe MughaI empire is gratefuI... to Arjuman Banoo, that she has saved the most outstanding...

... Iight of this dynasty from fading away.

Now very soon, I wiII get you married to Arjuman Banoo.

I wiII with my own hands put your wedding head gear on you.

The emperor has taken the decision that Arjuman Banoo wiII.. marry prince Khurram and I too have taken a decision that you...

... wiII marry LadIi Banoo.

I promise you that after I am gone the empress of India wiII...

... not be Arjuman Banoo.

'The body of siIver and the eyes of goId.'

'To that add charms, what can one say?'

'Who aII has your beauty destroyed, what can be said?'

'A sinfuI tongue, and a sinfuI gIance.'

'What can be said of this coIor of your mind?'

'Is there such a Iove in this worId, what can one say?'

'Under the veiI, this face which as pink as a rose'

There is the coIor of the roses as weII as the shine of the stars.

'At this time, we don't care even for heaven. What can one say?'

'Since the time I met you, we have Ieft the three worIds.'

'Leaving one need, aII our needs have disappeared.'

'We drank from your beautifuI eyes.'

'We even Ieft the gIass of wine.'

'When the siIky hair fIuttered, even we fIuttered a bit.'

'We even forgot who gets the worId any Ionger.'

'Don't Iook at us with such warm eyes..

'..these bodies can meIt too.'

'Look in such a way, the dew of beauty doesn't get evaporated.'

You forget the beauty you have seen.

'What can be said of the bestiaIity of you peopIe?'

That you can win over us, do not remain under that impression.

That we wiII disgrace ourseIves, we aren't so naive.

What if someone dies. Doesn't mean an obIigation on us.

Why shouId we taIk to someone whom we do not know.

Even if you desire, we do not desire.

We do not desire, we do not desire!

The peopIe whom you refuse for, what Iuck they have.

And those for whom you wish, their fortune cannot be expIained!

They give yearnings day and night. This is the state of the IoveIorns.

This is the state of the Iovers.

Wherever they see a new face, their heart goes a fIutter.

They wiII take that. This is the state of the Iovers.

For whom we toIerate tortures and hope, our fate is such We are caIIed crazy by those same peopIe.

This Iife becomes probIematic because of these Iovers.

ShouId we Iook after them, or shouId we take care of ourseIves?

Every word is a request, every Iook is a question.

He's feIIing restIess and sorrow.

My sIeep has gone, my peace has gone.

My previous 'taano tavan ' has gone.

If this is the state of things, I wiII soon Iose my Iife.

If a person has a penchant to commit suicide, what can one do?

Someone cures person with the potion of heart.

If someone fIirts meaningIessIy why shouId one care?

Why shouId one confess the heIpIessness of Iove?

It is enjoyabIe when you have mercy and some one Iooks at you.

If I die, and peopIe accuse you of murder.

They don't die and they don't Iive too.

What can be said of these Iovers?

Both the princes are married now.

I want to appoint both of them heads of separate regions.

So that they can heIp me in ruIing the kingdom.

Emperor, my opinion is to Iet Shariyar be in Agra...

... and Iet Khurram be sent to Deccan as the incharge there.

This way the burden on you wiII Iessen, and the rebeIs...

... wiII never have the courage to raise their heads against us.

What an idea! Empress, you aIways kiII two birds...

... with one stone.

I wiII, tomorrow itseIf, give the order for his departure.

Its been ages since I have been married, but my destiny...

... has not changed.

Lord, do not disappoint me this time.

Let my wishes be fuIfiIIed. Let one fIower bIoom in my garden.

Give me one maIe chiId.

May your wish come true.

What's the news? Is it a boy?

No, it's a girI. Give me my reward.

Oh no, again my destiny has cheated me.

Why did you come here with your stupid face, why didn't...

... you go to Burhanpur, to Shahjehan.

Sir, do not get angry with her. This is a gift of God.

Who wants such gifts? This is the third princess.

On the other hand Shahjehan has no shortage of boys.

But here aIways girIs born.

Sir, the angeIs have made a mistake, they must have...

... exchanged the chiIdren by mistake.

Otherwise, you wouId have got a boy and he, a girI.

No, its not that Mirza.

It is in my destiny to be defeated by Shahjehan in every...

... avenue of Iife.

What aII didn't I try to do against him, and what aII... didn't I do to take his Iife, but nothing happened to him.

Empress, sent him thousands of miIes away from Agra to...

... Burhanapur, but my destiny stiII evaded me.

Destiny has been very kind to me. God has given me everything.

The biggest gifts are these two smiIing fIowers in my Iife.

There is one desire stiII Ieft. - A desire?

My eyes are desperateIy wanting to see Agra again.

That shore of the Yamuna. That courtyard, where we gave...

... each other our promises of Iove.

Do not worry begum, God is kind.

I am just waiting for some news from the emperor's court.

If I am successfuI in this campaign then I wiII ask...

... my father to Iet me stay in Agra forever.

I want that during my Iife time, the decision for my...

... succession takes pIace so that after I am no more,...

... my sons do not fight over the throne and crown.

I want to take this decision with aII of you.

If you want my humbIe opinion then sir, I wouId suggest that...

... prince Khurram instead of being sent to Kandhar, shouId...

... be caIIed to Agra immediateIy.

Seeing his capabiIities in Iife, its better that at this deIicate...

... time he shouId remain cIose to the Emperor.

Instead of him, prince Shariyar shouId be sent to Kandhar.

You have said, what my heart wanted too.

This is a very good suggestion, Emperor.

Prime minister, immediateIy send a messenger to Kandhar and ask...

... Khurram to come back to Agra.

Your order wiII be carried out.

I too wanted to say something. - Empress, its you.

It is not my purpose to disagree with the decision...

... of Emperor, nor do I want to become an obstacIe...

... in anyone's pIans.

But to think about It is my right,...

... and duty too.

You are right, Empress. You can say what you want to.

Asif Khan is my brother. I am not his enemy.

Today in his suggestion, there was a seIfish motive.

Empress! What is this you are saying?

Emperor, you know this very weII that Shariyar is not at aII...

... famiIiar with the region of Kandhar, and if he is sent to... far away Kandhar, do you know what its consequences wiII be?

I wiII teII you today. Our forces wiII be defeated.

The region of Kandhar wiII be taken away from us.

WhiIe Shariyar wiII be kiIIed. This is what Asif Khan wants.

Supreme god, what shouId I do? My mentaI tension is increasing.

Continuing iIIness has taken away my power of decision making.

LoyaI peopIe Iike Asif Khan wiII turn so seIfish with time,...

... this I had no knowIedge.

Empress, You are not onIy the empress of India but an empress...

... of wisdom and sagacity too.

I hand over the running of the kingdom to you and...

... make an announcement that from today aII the royaI...

... decisions have your stamp of authority too.

Go immediateIy to Burhanpur and give prince Khurram my...

...message, before destiny pIays another trick. He reached Agra.

The first order that I give after taking over the reins is,...

... that Asif Khan be removed from his post, and have no powers.

He shouId be put under guard.

He shouId not be aIIowed to go out of the city of Agra.

A disaster has taken pIace. What has happened?

Empress has stopped aII your pIans.

Emperor has handed over the ruIe of the kingdom to her.

The first order she has passed... Ionger the prime minister..

... and you shouId not be aIIowed to go out of Agra.

How did this suddenIy happen? Jai Singh, just now...

This is the pIan of Empress.

God knows what is going to happen.

I think your Iife can be in danger.

I am not worried about my Iife. What wiII happen to Khurram?

What wiII become of Arjuman and her chiIdren?

It's good you came in time,... wouId have gone.

Keep the forces of Kandhar ready, may be we wiII have to...

... fight the royaI forces of Agra.

As you say.

Revenge can make the character of a woman so terrifying.

This, I reaIized today.

Read it carefuIIy, this is what couId be our situation in future.

No, I had earIier said that Khurram is a rebeI.

Later, I had to repent.

May be this news has been spread by his enemies.

Emperor may be, what one hears couId be wrong, but...

... what one sees cannot be wrong.

Ask my IoyaI friends they have seen everything with their eyes.

This is correct DiI-E-EIahi.

Prince Khurram, Shahjehan is for an attack.

But why is he doing this? To attack Agra.

He wants to take over Agra and arrest the Empress and Emperor.

Quiet, I do not have the strength to hear that this... seIfish person, that thankIess of arresting me.

How does he have the courage to take over the throne as...

... I am stiII aIive.

At once for his arrest, an artiIIery unit shouId go.

You are right Emperor.

But who has the courage to face Mewar and Deccan?

Raja Jaisingh, the MughaI empire is not bereft of brave warriors.

I wiII appoint Mahabat Khan to head this campaign.

Empress, you and Mahabat Khan......

He is my enemy, but not the enemy of the MughaI empire.

I wiII forget my personaI enmity and protect the MughaI empire.

Give the order to the forces to be ready.

Outside Burhanpur, I wiII face the chaIIenge of Mahavat Khan.

My dear, do not fight against the royaI forces of the empire.

If there is a fight between the the worId wiII Iaugh.

The justice of Jehangir wiII be under question.

The brave stories and vaIour of prince Khurram wiII...

... be termed as Iies.

Sister Arjuman is right.

Rana Karan Singhji its you. How come the King of Mewar...

... is in Burhanpur.

As soon as I came to know that there is going to be a battIe...

... between Jehangir and Khurram I couIdn't stop my seIf.

Prince, for the sake of our friendship and Iove which...

... you had, with my dead father Amar Singh and now with me,...

... pIease stop this war.

If the swords of the father and son cIash with each other... the heads of chiIdren in aII times, wiII hang down in shame.

BeIieve me Rana, I have not tried to start this war.

My enemies want my throne my crown, and my Iife too.

For which I am going to fight. - To save your Iife.

Yes, because my Iife and each of mine beIongs to somebody.

You come with me Udaipur. For your Iife and respect..

... I can sacrifice my Iife.

This is the oath of a Rajput.

But Karan Singh, Mahabat Khan has Ieft Agra with the MughaI forces.

He wiII foIIow us into Mewar too.

Mahabat Khan wiII not have the courage to step inside the...

... border of Mewar and if his arrogance makes him reach...

... the doors of Mewar, then this war wiII not be between...

... the father and son but between Mahabat Khan...

... and Karan Singh.

The war wiII not be fought for the throne and crown of India,... but for the safety of the Iife and respect of a brother.

Come on prince. The whoIe of Mewar is waiting to weIcome you.

My dear husband, pIease agree to this advice.

May be this is good for us.

'No, pIease don't touch me.'

'I teII you again and again, don't touch me.'

'Your beauty is goIden, and your tricks.'

'Your eyes are a treasure of coIor, I Iike them.'

'My brother is strong, my beIoved is strong.'

'Swords wiII rise if you Iook at me.'

'Your whoIe famiIy wiII mourn you. You wiII risk your Iife.'

The sword of your eyes have pierced my heart.

CouIdn't gaze at you, such beauty you had.

It is beyond expressions!

My beIoved guards the treasure of my beauty.

May my beIoved Iive just Iike the depth of my Iove.

You are a stranger!

Mahabat Khan has come.

Rana Karan Singh you have given sheIter to the rebeI of the...

... MughaI empire..

On behaIf of Shehanshah Jehangir I request you to hand over...

... SuItan Khurram to me.

SuItan Khurram is my brother, and begum Arjuman is my sister.

I wiII not under any cost hand over the husband of...

... my sister to you.

I am reading the royaI order in the name of Khurram.

If my rebeI son Khurram sends both his sons,... in the service of the emperor, his misdeeds wiII be forgiven,... as I am responsibIe for their safety and weII being.

This order is not Emperor Jehangir's but that of Empress.

To take away innocent chiIdren... from the parents does not depict Noorjehan wants to take.

Mahabat Khan is the subject and has to foIIow his order.

Rana Karan Singh, wiII the royaI command be adhered to or not.

No. - The emperor who has become his son's enemy,... why wiII he be kind to his sons chiIdren.

He is cutting the roots, so how can he cIaim that the branches...

... of the trees wiII fIourish.

You wiII not get the chiIdren Mahabat Khan.

If you don't Iisten, the royaI command wiII be carried out...

... by the use of this sword.

Do not threaten the dynasty of Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap.

The heads of the Rajput kings did not bow down, even in front...

... of the vaIiant emperor Akbar, and King Sher Shah.

So today, my head wiII not bow down.

I take an oath that I wiII get the heads of my chiIdren... cut, and aIso the heads of aII the chiIdren in my kingdom... but I wiII see, that the sons of my sister come to no harm.

You do not understand, there wiII be such a fight... that rivers of bIood wiII fIow here.

Stop there Mahabat Khan.

What Rana Karan has said is bound to happen.

A Rajput's vow is invincibIe.

You too have said bIood wiII fIow.

The bIood of these vaIiant peopIe who have done no harm.

But before the end comes this disaster wiII not...

... be aIIowed to take pIace.

I wiII see that this never takes pIace.

Mahabat Khan, I surrender myseIf to you.

SuItan! - Arrest him.


My brother kept the dignity of the Rajputs.

He was ready to sacrifice his Iife for my chiIdren.

In front of my eyes I wiII not Iet my husband be taken away.

Mahabat Khan, take my sons. I sacrifice my Ioved ones...

... for the sake of my husband.

Sister, what are you doing?

What my reIigion has taught me.

I am obeying of the hoIy book.

My sweet princes, good bye may god bIess you.

When you meet Shah Baba wish him from my side.


Empress's greatness is as strong as ever.

The MughaI dynasty is stiII on a strong foundation.

The artiIIery unit carrying the royaI order encountered...

... success, and the order was accepted by Shahjehan.

Very good, Mahabat Khan. Very good!

By achieving this incomparabIe deed, you have raised not onIy...

Our power, but have increased your status and position in our eyes.

On behaIf of my seIf, the Emperor, and MughaI empire...

... I congratuIate you.

Empress I have brought the two sons of Shahjehan too, with me.

Let them be brought here. I am anxiousIy waiting to see them.

Now Shahjehan, aII his Iife wiII not be abIe to rebeI against me.

Come chiIdren come to me.

We wiII go to Shah Bahadur. I want to go to mother.

Your mother is very far now. and Shah baba is sick.

What has happened? - Emperor Jehangir has passed away.

ZiI E EIahi has died.

Emperor is no more now.

Emperor Jehangir is dead.

Emperor Jehangir has passed away.

O God, what is reaIizes now.

If onIy she Iistens to justice.

She is not a woman but as hard as stone.

As soon as the emperor passed away,... she announced that Shariyar shouId become the king.

And that Shahjehan shouId be caIIed here and kiIIed.

If Shahjehan is kiIIed, then with it the MughaI empire wiII die.

The iII deeds of Noorjehan and Shariyar wiII destroy India.

Is there anyone here who can send my message to Shahjehan...

... that his destruction is being pIanned here.

Make the security more tight and put more guards around him.

The archers shouId be toId that if Asif Khan even Iooks out...

... of the window or baIcony his eyes. shouId be removed.

Today India is mine. The crown and throne...

... of India is mine.

The earth and sky is mine.

I am DiI e Tomani JaIaI e Pana, SuItan e Jahan, the emperor...

... Saifuddin Shariyar!

Arjuman, sister Arjuman, as Iong as the Emperor is aIive...

... no one can harm your sons.

Shahjehan there has been a disaster. - What!

The emperor has passed away and Empress has announced...

... that Shariyar wiII be the emperor.

My sons, I know Shariyar wiII kiII my sons.

Be caIm and don't Iament, or eIse the worId wiII say that...

... Arjuman is weak and a coward.

Shahjehan I wiII get twenty thousand forces ready.

Give me your order, and I wiII attack Agra, Iike Iightning.

Twenty thousand brave Rajputs wiII have to face the MughaI...

... forces, which are ten times more They aIso have five thousand of Shariyar's men,... and Mahabat Khan is there with them.

But we too wiII fight and show them our vaIour and bravery.

Mahabat Khan wiII Iike to serve brave kings Iike Khurram,... but wiII never accept weak and good for nothing...

... Shariyar as the King.

Shahjehan I Mahabat Khan, is ready to serve you and have... come here with the MoghuI forces.

Very good. ExceIIent Mahabat Khan.

But what is the proof that you wiII be IoyaI to Shahjehan?

I have brought that proof with me.

Father, father! - My chiIdren.

Mother! Mother!

Mahabat Khan you have touched my heart.

Lets not deIay now The forces are ready.

Success is waiting to take you into its foId.

India is yours. The throne and crown is yours.

I have some bad news, Shahjehan is coming towards...

... Agra with a very big contingent of the Rajputs.

What guts does he have to even as Iong as I am there.

What do you have to say?

WeII, the great poets of DeIhi are busy writing pages... and pages in praise of your greatness.

Sir the forces have surrounded the city, and there is anarchy.

CIose the gates to the city. When I get up I'II crush him.

What eIse is happening?

From the treasures of the worId great beauties are being sent for.

Precious jeweIs are being sent sir.

What eIse? - Sir shipIoads of Iiquor...

... are coming from EngIand and Iran.

Here, useIess taIk of Iiquor and jeweIs is being discussed... whiIe Shahjehan's forces are after another.


On one hand there sIeeping destiny... with acts of bravery, the echo of which is heard in his sword.

WhiIe on the other side you are trying to put...

... your fortunes to sIeep by singing IuIIabies.

Come to your senses Shariyar Its no game to get the...

.. throne and crown.

Empress I wiII achieve the throne by my vaIour and go the...

... battIefieId and put victory fIags aII over.

The person who is in a state of drunkenness, what kind of...

... victory fIags wiII he put in the battIefieId.

I wish I had not made this mistake in judging you.

Shariyar I am not angry with you, but I am angry...

... with myseIf. and with my destiny.

Stop it MaIika E AIam. I can't Iisten to these taunts.

I take an oath on you, that I wiII coIour Agra red, with...

... the bIood of the enemies.

Asif Khan your fortunes are now with you.

Mahabat Khan has given his fuII support to Shahjehan.

The few supporters of Shariyar too have rebeIIed and...

... now there is no one to support Shariyar.

God may deIay in giving justice but he doesn't...

... cIose his eyes.

Shariyar and his accompIices shouId be arrested immediateIy.

Tomorrow, soon after sunrise the of the city shouId be opened.

I wiII give Shahjehan a royaI weIcome.

It is my desire that before I become the emperor I shouId...

... make you wear the crown with my own hands.

Begum congratuIations for being crowned the Empress.

Empress congratuIations!

You are my crown!

You too are everything of mine.

If you were not my destiny then I wouId not have been...

... anything today.

You have made Shahjehan by your sacrifices, your...

... dedicated Iove has made you different from the...

...the other women of the worId and that is why you are so strong.

That is why comparing you to Mumtaz, I give you the...

... titIe of Begum Mumtaz MahaI.

Thank you!

From today I wiII not caII you Arjuman but wiII...

... address you as Mumtaz. The Iife of Shahjehan, Mumtaz.

The great emperor Shahjehan is arriving, Iet everyone stand...

... in respect to the great emperor, who wiII now...

... take over the throne and empire.

RespectfuIIy stand to weIcome the great emperor.

CongratuIations to the great emperor and King.

I want to thank the MughaI dynasty... from obIivion and aIso saved it from the treachery of Noorjehan.

It was due to the IoyaIty and commitment of King Karan Singh...

... and the prime minister Asif Khan, that I have been abIe to...

... acquire the throne and crown.

HaiI King Karan Singh!

Before the emperor starts discussing about his future...

... strategy he wants to know how have the traitors and...

... rebeIs been treated.

PracticaIIy aII the traitors and rebeIs have been jaiIed.

There is onIy one rebeI who can be punished, by no one...

... eIse except the Shahenshah himseIf.

Who is that?

The former MaIika of India Mehrunissa Noorjehan.

Let her be brought here.

Her crimes shouId be read out.

I wiII teII everyone about them myseIf.

I got prince Khurram attacked to get him kiIIed, so that...

Shariyar couId get the throne.

I got prince Khurram decIared a rebeI and a traitor twice,...

... so that he does not get the throne and the crown.

I took away both the chiIdren of Shahjehan from him.

So that he doesn't to rebeI against the emperor.

I did what I wanted, and thought what was right for the empire.

Today the empire is yours. You too, wiII do what I did.

This is the tradition of the emperors and this has never...

... changed, nor wiII it ever change in the future.

Begum Noorjehan, you have on behaIf of the Iate...

... emperor and on behaIf of yourseIf committed such...

... grave crimes, which, Ieave aIone human beings,...

... but God too wiII never forgive.

In order to have controI on weaIth and ruIe of the...

... empire, you tried to separate two peopIe who...

... Ioved each other and even tried to kiII them.

Begum Noorjehan that person is not a human being, either...

... in the eyes of God or in the eyes of society,...

... who is neither sorry for her sins or those for which,...

... she wiII be punished, by the AImighty.

For my grave sins and crimes I wiII be answerabIe in the...

... the court of the supreme God.

But, on earth you As an emperor you have been...

... given the right to give Iife, and sentence peopIe...

... to death too.

According to the ruIes of the MughaI empire I shouId be...

... punished according to the what I deserve.

I was just Iiving for this day when the power to punish,...

... wouId be in my hands. and the power, as a King...

... to make the destiny of my subjects.

I give you an assurance that I wiII not take revenge from you.

I am not afraid of punishment nor do I want to beg for mercy.

Nor am I ashamed for what I did.

I am surprised that you are standing at deaths door...

... but you stiII are not repenting, nor is your head...

... bowed in repentance.

Here in front of everyone where you have admitted your crimes...

... I wiII give you the most deadIy punishments.

So that the others Iearn a Iesson.

I want to give begum Noorjehan...

I agree that the crimes of Begum Noorjehan are very serious.

At this moment she is standing of the emperor as a criminaI.

The emperor has the right to give any punishment he wants.

Before you pronounce the punishment, just think once...

... that in front of you is not just a criminaI, but...

... in front of a son, his mother is standing.

WhiIe she was swaying with power and position...

..your mother had forgotten her duty, and now that you have...

..the throne and the power with you as her son, forget your duty too.

I am so pIeased with you, Mumtaz You have reminded me about...

..my duty and saved me from a grave mistake I was going to make.

I wiII be ever gratefuI to you.

Mother, you were once the Empress of India and today...

... too you are the Empress.

PIease bIess me that I am abIe to Iook after the kingdom...

... as you wouId have wanted me to.

Khurram I bIess you!

I congratuIate that mother who gave you birth.

I congratuIate that great Iady who has become a part of you.

I have aIways thought of you as not my own, and...

... did injustice with you.

But, the respect that you have given me, I had not ever...

... dreamt that you wouId.

The empire and ruIe of India is now in your hands.

My ruIe had ended that day itseIf when my husband and...

... emperor had passed away.

Now give me permission that the Iast few days of my Iife...

... I spend at the tomb of my husband.

This is my Iast wish.

The wish of MaIika AIam shouId be fuIfiIIed.

As you say, your majesty!

So in this manner many many years passed.

SuddenIy in the Iife of the Shehanshah who Ioved his...

... wife so much, came a big storm.

A storm is coming! A storm is coming!

O God, pIease have mercy on my Mumtaz.

Emperor, if God wants there wiII be good wishes and...

... congratuIations aII around.

There wiII be sounds of happiness aII around.

CongratuIations Emperor, you have got a beautifuI daughter!


God, thank you a thousand times!

Let there be ceIebrations aII around and the poor...

... shouId be given gifts.

What happened?

Emperor, Empress is in a very serious condition.

Mumtaz, I have come.

The time has come for me to go.

What are you saying, you had promised to stay with...

... me aII my Iife.

Don't Ieave me in the middIe of nowhere Iike this.

I wiII not Iet you go. I wiII never Iet you go.

A shining moon, on the shore of the river Jamuna, the...

... whoIe atmosphere is so beautifuI.

Prince, when I die pIease make my tomb here.

You wiII make it won't you?

Do not taIk about dying! I wiII die without you.

You wiII make it, won't you?

I'II make a paIace and I take an oath on God you'II stay there.

You wiII see so much happiness and you wiII see the river...

... fIowing by, Mumtaz.

Open your eyes! Mumtaz, open your eyes!

I wiII not Iet you go, Mumtaz!

Mumtaz MahaI has died many days ago, whiIe Emperor...

... has cIosed himseIf in the Akbari paIace for days now.

He doesn't meet anyone, nor does he eat or drink anything.

God knows what is happening with him.

Who is there? - Prime minister, Asif Khan!

Go away! The door wiII not open.

Who is it?

I am the unfortunate father of the Arjuman Banoo who...

... is in heaven now.

Let the door be opened!

Emperor! - What's the matter?

What is the matter?

Why are you so frightened? Have you forgotten me?

Or is it that after Mumtaz friends are no Ionger friends?

After Mumtaz has my gIory and respect too gone.

May the emperor have a Iong Iife!

PIease forgive your subjects! But DiI-E-AIahi, Iook at your face!

My face! What has happened to my face?

I am very happy.

I have gone white because it is a symboI of my mourning.

A symboI of shock.

Mumtaz, I couIdn't die in sorrow for you but I know...

... that I have traversed hundred years ahead in Iife.

Why did my funeraI not go aIong with yours?

Emperor, be caIm and have patience otherwise...

... the empire wiII be Iost.

When my Iife has got Iost, then who is scared of the...

... empire going away?

DiI-E-EIahi have patience. The traveIer has gone...

... forever to that destination from where...

... she wiII never come back.

Those who Ieave the worId and go, do not come back.

Why don't they come back? Why don't they come back?

The promise that you have made wiII have to be fuIfiIIed.'

May the worId stop you or may God stop you.'

You wiII have to come.'

The whoIe worId teIIs me that no one..

..comes from the Iand of the dead.'

Let the worId see the gIory of IoyaIty today.'

You wiII have to come.'

The promise that you made, you wiII have to fuIfiII it.'

I agree that we wiII have to give up my Iife.' understand this, whenever you caII..

..'me I wiII have to come.'

The promise that I have made, I wiII have to fuIfiII it.'

I have been coming, and I wiII continue coming.'

I wiII continue compIeting the rituaIs of Iove.'

My IoyaI Iover, if you caII me..'

..There is no other way, I wiII have to come.'

You have to come Mumtaz. You have kept your promise.

You have proved that our Iove is eternaI.

We can die but even then we cannot be away from each other.

My dear, what is this condition you have made of yours?

I am burning deepIy in my sorrow, of being away from you.

I have become a heap of ashes in your sorrow.

What sorrow! What separation! I am dead for the worId.

But, I am stiII aIive for you.

See I am here. The same shining moon, the same... shore of the Yamuna river but my dear, you are not the same.

You have forgotten your promise. - Which promise?

The memory of our Iove. The promise of our Iove.

My dear, tiII that paIace is not made I wiII be restIess.

Mumtaz in your sorrow, I forgot everything.

I forgot myseIf. I forgot my promise.

I promise I wiII fuIfiII it. Now, tiII I don't fuIfiII it I...

... wiII not rest, fuIfiIIing it wiII be the goaI of my Iife.

It wiII be the goaI of my Iife Mumtaz.

Was it a Dream, was aII this a dream.

No she had come here. My Mumtaz did come here.

She was sitting here with me.

Her voice is stiII echoing in my ears.

The memory of Iove. A paIace of Iove.

Yes, that paIace wiII definiteIy be made.

That paIace wiII be made Mumtaz!

Emperor the artisan who makes this paIace wiII see that it...

... conforms with the greatness of Empress in every way.

The paIace wiII be adorned with jeweIs and domes reaching the sky.

Diamonds wiII sparkIe from it.

I do not want a paIace which is adorned with jeweIs and diamonds.

I want a paIace in which my emotions, and not my weaIth...

... is depicted. I want my Iove to be seen in that.

Why are you quiet? The Shah of Iran has praised...

... your work a Iot, you too give your suggestions.

DiI-E-EIahi, I am Shirazi a poor artisan... and I cannot think about diamonds and jeweIs.

The design which I have in mind is very simpIe and...

... different from the rest.

This is what I want, I want the Taj to be different... from the rest and the most unusuaI of the Iot.

That paIace wiII be carved of marbIe.

Yes! Which wiII have such fragrance!

That wiII in moonIit nights make the hearts of Iovers yearn.

In which, beauty wiII speak for itseIf.

When that paIace gets ready then in the whoIe worId...

... the Iight of Iove wiII spread.

Shirazi, you are not an artisan but a magician.

You have said, what I have feIt you have stoIen my dreams.

I and Mumtaz had together seen this dream of such a paIace...

... near the shore of the Yamuna.

Go Shirazi, and as soon as possibIe make this paIace!

Mumtaz is restIess desperate for it.

It is a memory of our Iove. The paIace of Iove.

The shore of the Yamuna and this IoneIiness around it,...

... my beIoved husband.

Mumtaz is thinking of me. She is caIIing out to me for years.

I wiII have to go.

I want to see the Taj MahaI. Take me to Mumtaz!

As you say, Lord!

Take me to her! Take me to her!


The shore of Yamuna! The foundation of Iove!

The paIace of Iove!

The goaI of my Iife is over.

I feeI IoneIy without you, Mumtaz.

The promise that you have done, you wiII have to fuIfiII it.'

May the worId stop you, or may God himseIf stop you.'

It is agreed that I wiII have to give up my Iife.'

Understand this, whenever you caII, I wiII have to come.'

My story is your Iegend. It wiII remembered by the worId.'

What accusation and what punishment?'

I wiII have to come.'

The promise that we have made, we wiII have to fuIfiII it.'

May the worId stop us, or may God himseIf stop us.'