Take Point (2018) Script

There's the North Korean leader, also known as King, right there, live on your screen right now, walking into position.

Obviously he is alone, unattended. Coming in.

Here comes the President of the United States.

And here are the two gentlemen. Let's watch the moment.

Yes, that was the beginning.

The moment of peace when the entire world was watching.

As always, they expected something to happen, but it took a while for the agreement to reach fruition.

North Korea will begin a full-scale denuclearization process.

The UN approved removal of sanctions on North Korea, and China immediately...

Chinese car manufactures started a large scale import of North Korean iron ore.

The US economy was suffering due to the prolonged trade protection policy with China.

But China found a solution through its domestic market.

Workers in Detroit will go on strike today.

It is projected that the market for the US automobile industry will decline.

The general strike is spreading to Wisconsin and Ohio.

What's certain is that, lifting of North Korean trade restrictions has weakened US markets.

The 3 states that are the biggest battlegrounds in next year's presidential elections will...

McGregor loses those 3 states, he will lose.

President McGregor seems to be turning back the clock.

According to a military insider, the Pentagon is said to have put a very large bounty on North Korea's Supreme Leader, informally known as 'King'...

The amount is said to be on par with that of Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden.


Because North Korea doesn't help the election at all.

Did the US get into a war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction?

Absolutely not.

President McGregor's approval rating is setting record new low every single day.

The bigger problem is still the yet-to-be disarmed North Korean nuclear weapons.

The North Korean nuclear program...

To sum up if nuclear weapons exist in North Korea, McGregor will not get a second term.

Okay, I've switched to a secured line.

Agent Mackenzie, we ran this op through a simulation, and the president's approval rating will double if it is successful. And that's just within 4 hours.

53%, to be exact. McGregor will win.

And I'll be transferred back to Langley as a part of the deal.

All right, but here's what bothers me.

I understand that for security reasons, you contracted a PMC instead of using our own military.

But looking through these files, these mercenaries are from Latvia, Columbia, Mexico, even Sierra Leone.

They're all illegal aliens.

What I'm trying to say is, can you entrust such a critical operation to these money-hungry thugs?

What if something goes wrong?

That is precisely why.

If something does go wrong, it will be easy to cut any ties to the illegal aliens.

But rest assured, these guys do not make mistakes.

How are you so certain?

Ahab. He is Raptor 1-6's captain, and at the CIA, we all love him.

He has not once failed us in the past 6 years.

He always gets the job done on time. Never leaves a mess.

And of course, today will be no exception.

Wait, 'Ahab'? Is that his real name?

It's a codename.

He got it in the Korean Special Forces, after a parachute accident.

Parachute accident? What happened?

One moment. Mr. Secretary, the target is arriving.

I have to go, and you should work on that victory speech.

So, what did you do?

Here's the question. What would you have done?

Well, will my answer reflect on my evaluation, Captain?

Hey, intern. This is the climax of the story.

So, think carefully before you answer him.

My name is not 'intern'.

It's Logan Smith. I'm from Illinois.

Illinois. He's a Yank?

Hacked a surveillance cam and caught police beating up civilians.

Uploaded the footage on YouTube and got himself a year in the pen.

American ex-cons still have it better than illegal aliens.

Right, Captain?

With this stupid-ass president, being a US citizen isn't what it used to be.

President McGregor falling behind in economy and national defense You're an illegal, Captain? I thought you were an American.

Here we go.

Look alive, guys.

Bogey entering tunnel.

I want this over and done in 10 minutes.

Roger that.

Answer the question.

There's a 100% chance you'll live if you ditch your teammate, but if you hang onto him, survival's a crap shoot.

Yo, intern. Think carefully, huh?

I'd hang onto him, just like you did, Captain.

Fuck you!

You know you just got your ass killed, right?

Then I'll learn from you, Captain.

Find out how we get out of this alive.

Give me the operation brief.

At precisely 18:00 hours, Young-taek Rhee, Minister of the People's Armed Forces of North Korea, will attend a secret talk with the ROK CFC Commander.

Our team, Raptor 1-6, will abduct and transport him.

Safety of the target is first objective, and the mission must be completed within...

Let's say a team member and the target are wounded during the mission.

Who do you secure first?

Per protocol, the target is our main priority, sir.

So, you're going to leave your teammate to die?

No, no, sir. I'd, I'd have to figure out a way...

What if you get shot? Will you still save them?

Run back to Illinois, intern.

You can say you're gonna save someone, but when you got bullets giving you a buzz cut, you only think about your own ass.

But you saved that guy, though, right?

I've peed like 30,000 times today.

It's cancer of the prostrate.

It's prostate, sweetheart.

Did I tell you my wife is pregnant?

Only every time that you piss.

The closer her due date gets, the crazier my bladder gets.

When's she due?

Once this is wrapped up, I'm off to the airport, heading to a hospital in Philly.

She's gonna be induced.

So tomorrow, I'll be a papa!

Thank you, jerks.

Logan, how are we looking?

There's no connected external circuit save a single hotline that the CIA put in, but I can access a channel out via inner circuit bypass and go through the orbital sat.

The connection period is gonna be limited though...


Wanna speak Korean?

Usually, the communication's Satellite orbital period takes 40 min, I may be able to connect to it for 3 minutes once it passes us.

Raptor 1-6, come in. This is Station 1-0.

Mac, where have you been?

We've been looking for you!

Is something wrong? First off, we'd like to thank you for putting us up in this wonderful suite.

We lowly illegals would've never been able to afford anything like this without your assistance.

But can I ask you a couple of questions?

Have you verified the convoy?

One: How does a place like this not have ESPN?

Ahab, verify the convoy.

And two: The op brief originally stated the meeting would take place in a Seoul hotel room, but an hour ago, your team changed it to this underground bunker straddling the MDL.

As much as we love the room, it's got no Wi-Fi, no phone signal, and no sports.

What's up with that?


The bunker is part of a series of tunnels dug by North Korea during the Cold War.

They were designed for invading South Korea.

But upon discovery, were put under 24-hour surveillance.

The whole area has been renovated to serve as a meeting point for secret talks between the two countries.

How the conspiracies mount.

For security purposes, the entire premises, including the VIP suite you admire so much, is restricted from any unauthorized communication.

Call that number when you get a signal.

If you don't do it before the op begins, you're out.

Meaning, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

It's the ideal place for the operation.

Now, show me the venue.

Why keep us in the dark about it?

Ahab, show me the venue!


Raptor 1-6, that is the only angle we have.

ID confirmation negatives. From a better angle.

Mac, you saw the convoy come in. Who else would it be?

Secure a better angle.

I'm beginning to think you don't trust us.

You have always been on point and precise.

But I've been here in Korea for the past 6 years planning this operation and I'm not going to blow it over something like trust.

So, in accordance with professionalism, how about doing me a courtesy?

You mean like you did the courtesy of telling us about the location change?

You've got 5 minutes.

Gerald. Try and find another angle, will you?

This is her last job, so I guess we'll be nice.

Really? Is she quitting?

When McGregor fails to get re-elected, his people will get the boot.

They'll be lucky to work for city halls in the boonies.

Election forecast: Democrats' possible victory Pues mejor. It's better for us, no?

Don't Democrats pardon illegals?

Geez, man! You smell like shit today!

When was the last time you washed your ass?

You better keep following this ass or you gonna get lost, pendejo.

Both of you shut up.

Captain! If the opposition takes control, then we don't need to worry about medical insurance or kids' school no more, right?

No more of this bullshit either, right?

Wake up and smell the sewage, guys.

You think the politicians give a damn about people like us, people who can't vote? It's all bullshit.

No one's gonna help us, here or out there.

It's every man for himself.

You know, you should count one out.

We got a vote-dodger only here for the money.

I cast an early vote.

Hey, Captain?

I got a friend at the embassy, who said a war's coming. I think he might be right.

Why? Because of your president?

On the day of the Super Bowl, a homeless woman and her kid were shot in front of the supermarket in my hometown.

They were begging for help on the sidewalk.

Not a single soul paid any attention.

That's not just one or two people's faults.

That's everyone's, you know?

Fuck that!

Why are you even here?

Go be a damn supermarket security guard.

I was one, until I realized how much it cost to raise a kid.

All right.

Let's say the world's as rotten as you think it is.

What's that got to do with war?

No one would stop one from happening.

People don't give a damn unless it directly affects them.

If that keeps up, it's all gonna build until it finally explodes.

Hey, Captain?

If a war broke out today, would you do the same thing you did with that parachute guy?

War's a bit more complicated than that, son.

But if one does break out, just remember one thing: when you're on a mission, the most important principle to follow is...


We got something!

What the fuck?

Station 1-0, this is Raptor 1-6.

Missile spotted over Seoul, possible SCUD, confirm visual.

I repeat, missile spotted over Seoul, confirm visual.

Raptor 1-6, visual confirmed.

A North Korean SCUD. It was intercepted by a PAC-3.

What the fuck?

We were nearly set up too.

We came all the way here...

Okay, starting evac!

Negative, proceed as planned.

Mac, we're at the Military Demarcation Line and 5 minutes from North Korea.

A war could start at any second, and you want us to...

Older Patriot PAC-3 models have a target interception rate of less than 10%.

This one hit its mark on the second try.

You knew the SCUD was coming?


Because we launched it.

General Rhee knows we're coming in for him.

We told him we'd help him defect on condition that he fire a SCUD over Seoul.

That gives us cause...

Cause for what?

Nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

You gotta be shitting me.

The US Seventh Fleet is stationed in the East Sea, USFJ and the entire US Armed Forces in Korea are standing by.

Once the general gives us coordinates to the North's arsenal, nuclear disarmament will only take minutes, and the North Korean government will be dismantled by the end of the day.

North Korean leader, AKA 'King', making last-ditch effort And the White House approved this?

On a day like today?

Because of a day like today.

...moments ago, a North Korean missile was shot down above Seoul.

Although it's been confirmed the missile was not armed with a nuclear warhead, the attack seems clearly timed with today's presidential election.

The missile was believed to be a SCUD missile, and flew about 121 miles from its launch site at Pyongyang...

This isn't a military op! It's a fucking election campaign!

As things stand, McGregor would never get re-elected.

But, if news of North Korean disarmament airs just before polls open, he's a shoo-in.

Raptor 1-6, I'm getting another angle.

Starting to get facial recognition.

Your safety is still 100% guaranteed, but let's be honest here, you want this war to break out.

It's how you make a living.

So nothing changes.

What changes is McGregor gets 4 more years and you get a promotion.

What the hell do we get?

What're you getting at, Ahab?

That's the situation, right?

We're not the SEALs, and considering the revised op, we should be getting paid more.

So you're just looking out for your own good.

You don't give a shit about us.

This is not the time to ask for a few more bucks.

Didn't you try to save those same few bucks by withholding info from us?

Your company signed a contract.

My hands are tied.

You've got 1 minute.

Well, you better figure out how to untie them, because I'm not moving forward without the right price.

You've got 1 minute, Mac.

Raptor 1-6, we have a situation. Possible jackpot.

I repeat, possible jackpot!

King Supreme Leader of North Korea This changes everything.

Mac, you seeing who I'm seeing?

It's King. I'm sure of it.

He's got his medical staff with him.

Call Langley. Find out what's going on.

Logan, turn down the volume.

Was King included in the op?

No, something's wrong.

Hey, this for real, Captain?


All units stand by for further instructions.

Mac, we have the chance to get the most wanted man in East Asia.

What're you saying? You want to capture King?

What? We're just gonna walk out of here empty handed?

We have no intel yet explaining why he's...

What if King came instead of the general?

If the general's intention was to defect, then King must be after the same thing.

Even so, why did he bring his medical staff with him?

You know his heart condition had worsened recently.

Of course, he needs doctors!

King has shown no signs of wanting to defect for the past 6 months.

Captain, what's happening?

You just hold up.

Get ready to move out.

I mean, think about it from his side.

He knows North Korea is a sinking ship, but instead of going down with it, he's collecting his and jumping.

Gerald, give me a weapon count in the venue and infiltration route.

Are you serious, Captain?

Right now!

Even if you're right, the White House won't authorize this.

If we allow King's defection, the president's approval ratings will plummet.

Re-election will be impossible.

If he accepts King's defection, not only can he assimilate the North, he can also attract the votes of the opposition supporters who are anti-war.

Re-election's a no-brainer.

King $5,000,000 And you get the big reward.

If you caught the general, you'd get a plaque.

If you catch King, you'll be the one handing it out.

It's a win-win.

I know you, Mac.

You can't walk away from something like this.

Can you make it happen?

Raptor 1-6, there are 12 men in the venue.

How many? 12. They're armed.

Happy holidays.

Ahab, I need confirmation.

If you can't get him, I'll call in reinforcements.

Captain, if we're going to do this, we will need back-up.

Standby, Gerald. I'm on my way.

Mac, I'll go get him myself.

I want to make one thing crystal clear.

Officially, this is unauthorized action, which means Raptor 1-6 is deviating from the original op.

The United States Government will not be held responsible for any damages or failures.

Do you acknowledge?

Okay, okay. No need to lecture us.

We'll get it done in a few seconds.

Do not proceed until I give you the green light.

Logan, stop what you're doing. Get your gear on.

Target: Lee Young Tack Target: King

30m below Korean MDL So, how does the story end?

Captain saved the guy, right?

You don't need that. Probably be back in no time.

With his approval rating tumbling, is this McGregor's final chance?

This also means how McGregor responds to this situation will have a huge effect on the impending election.

Listen up, ladies. The operation's been revised.

We are going in after King. I need someone to take point.

No me jodas! We're really taking King today?

Hold on, Cap. 12 armed hostiles are too many.

Why don't we get backup?

When has this job ever been a walk in the park?

Now, who's on point?

Considering the number of men, location, and weapons, odds are against us.

Chances for casualties are very high.

Someone's gonna get hurt...

It'll be divided amongst us according to seniority.

If we get backup, it's divided between us and them.

So... Agreed?


Who's taking point?

What the fuck is with you guys?

Who's going? Should I?

With my leg?

Captain, there is 80% chance point man will go down.

Now is bad timing. We do not want to get in over our heads.

Jose? You game?

If we breach, some hombre goes down.

We need more men.

I know, I know.

But with you up front, we can pull this off.


Is it because illegals don't get KIA?


We're all in the same boat here.

Do you know why I'm going through all this just to get King?

Because I want out just like you.

If you go back to your hometown empty handed, you'll be nothing more than a drug mule all over again.

But if you do this, if you get King, there's no more blood on your hands.

No more shitty military missions.

You can have the farm you've always wanted, an ordinary life.

Dinner with your family every night.

It's a beautiful ending.

If I die, my family eats alone if they eat at all.


Hear me out.

When the President of the United States gives us an order, we have to do it no matter what.

You're the quickest out of all of us, you'll be fine.

But if someone else takes point and goes down, can you sleep with that?

Just trust me.

Get the 2 hostiles closest to the door.

We'll back you the fuck up 100%.


Can I really go home after?

Si, mi hombre.

Thank you.

Okay, Jose's taking point.

We back him up, drop targets fast, confirm kills.

King is the priority.

No single scratch on his body.

They are not the enemies, right?

They're our victims!



You get 3 minutes during every 40-minute cycle.

Did I pass?

Ji-su Not right now...

Baby, I'm working. I'll call you later.

Please, hurry!

Honey, I'm sorry.

I'm not feeling well.

Raptor 1-6, mission status has been revised.

Hold on.

Station 1-0, we're moving in.

Negative. Operation will be handed over to the backup team when they arrive at ETA 5 minutes.

They will capture King.

Wait, wait, Mac! Why are they coming in?

Too many hostiles.

Backup team will assume command.

I got this! Fuck the 5 minutes!

We won't get another shot.

I'm sorry, but we're playing it safe.

That's final.


Langley saw everything!

Do you want the big dogs to come in and strip this from you?

We got the order. We have to go now!

What the hell are they doing here?

No, you're not allowed to be here!

This is my operation!

Stop them! Don't let them in!

Ahab, you said you can make it happen, right?

Go! Now!

Ji-su, I have to go, I'll call you afterwards.

I'm heading to the hospital, I think the baby's coming.

What? Now?

I know you can't make it right away, but promise me one thing.

Quit that job when our baby is born.

Captain! Their dogs have sniffed us out!

Ahab, what are you waiting for? Go!

Captain! It's now or never!

Ji-su, I understand what you're saying.

I'll head there right after the op.

Let's talk then, okay?

Hello? Hello?


Gerald, go!

Let's go! Go!


Guard him!

Bravo team. Now!

Anyone shot?

No! Captain! We're okay!

No need.

Good work, ladies.

Let's go pop bottles, get messed up, buy some rollies.

Jose, great job!

I told you we're gonna be fine!

Gracias! I did good, Captain.

Captain! King's ready!

Station 1-0, target acquired. Please confirm.

Confirmed. Vital signs coming in now.

Pulse and blood pressure stable.

An official statement will be released shortly.

Evac immediately. Copy?

Urgent White House announcement coming soon What about the rest?

Only King comes.

I got this.

Hey, are you sure, lad?

Because you just might see their faces in your nightmares.

Let's finish this and go home.

I told you to confirm your kills!

Cap, he's losing blood fast!

Captain, he's bleeding out fast!

He's hit on the neck.

I don't believe this...

Mac, there are medics in the backup team, right?

We need them ASAP.

I told you to evac.

They're going to make the announcement any minute now.

You said they can get here in 5 minutes, you can spare...

Don't you pull this on me, Ahab!

You wanna wait and split the reward with the backup team?

Stop messing around and get to the extraction point!

You're fine, you're fine, you're fine...


He's not gonna make it anyway. We gotta go now.

Shut the hell up!

Captain, I know what you're thinking, and you believe that is the best way.

But we have got to save him.


Okay, okay...

Everyone move out.

Logan, no medevac today. Help Markus with King.


We can still save him if we request medevac!

Just go!

What are you looking at?

Move! Move!

Why isn't anyone helping?

Aren't we a team?


Captain, he's still breathing!

If you request medevac we can get him out of here alive!


Captain, if you request medevac we can get him out of here!

Stop it!

Assholes like us, we got no insurance, unlike you!

Even if we get him out of here, he'll die on the hospital steps, and when they find out he's illegal, they will come after us and even our family.

You gotta face the reality.

We are actually helping him by leaving him here.


What twisted logic.

Hey, Southie!

You just don't want to split the reward, no?


Hey! Hey! Let me tell you something.

The reason your captain didn't call backup is because he did not want to share the reward...

Who the heck are you?

You Yankee sell-out, can't you see what's going on?

What? Go ahead, shoot.

We're all dead anyway.

What the hell are you talking about?

Do you think we're here of our own free will?

We were kidnapped this morning.

If you don't want to die, then call reinforcements.

This is a trap.

Captain! We've been exposed.

...yet more shocking news from the Korean peninsula.

An emergency report from North Korea's Chosun Central TV states that mercenaries hired by the CIA have killed the North Korean leader, also known as King, 10 hours ago.

Reports say mercenaries were subdued by North Korean soldiers.

What the hell...?

Mercs are waiting nearby.

They'll strike at any moment.

Damn them!

If we stay here, we're gonna end up like them.

We have to do something!

Captain, we have enough C4 to block the enemy's path.

Okay, okay, Gerald, you go!


It is still unclear if the CIA was responsible for this covert operation.

However, North Korea's reprisal has already been set in motion.

According to North Korea, this is their reason for firing a SCUD missile earlier today and it is just the start of their planned retribution.

In one hour, the bodies of these mercenaries, plus King, will be displayed as proof of the insurgency against North Korea.

Everyone get down!

There are incoming hostiles!

It does not look good! They outnumber us!

I repeat, North Korea has declared that they're planning a nuclear attack.

President McGregor still has not made any statement, and his poll is going up...



Move out!

Yo, intern, shoot them and then catch up!


Let's move!

Did you take them out?

Come on, this way.


JP! Stay low! We'll get you out!

Logan, no, no.

Mac! No, Raptor 1-6, get King out first!

What about my team? Backup's on the way for them!

Mac! We're sitting ducks in here! We need backup, right now!

King first! Go!

JP is down!

Cap! We gotta evac!

Captain! You've got to leave!

If the King is dead, there will be no backup!

Logan, you go! You go get King! Now!

Set up C4, set up C4!

Gerald, the backup's on the way!

They don't reward the dead, so don't you dare die on me!

Go! Let's go!

Come on, come on!

Mac! Who the heck are those guys?

They're company-sized with heavy firepower.

They're here on a full mission!

A PMC called First Service.

Unofficial, unapproved by the union, but China recently acquired them.

Move it, move it! Move it!

So China's trying to get North Korea first?

China's using King as bait, which means they already have control of the North.

The issue now is cause.

North Korea has said they will fire a nuke, but China has control of their arsenal.

So they'll fire the nuke under the guise of North Korea, and the country that shoots it down will be...

China. China.

Because they're the ones who launched it.

Yes, North Korea fires a nuke because of the US's mistake, and China intercepts, plays the hero, and uses that as an excuse to take over North Korea.

And the only way to turn the tables is King.


Captain, C4 in position! Fire in the hole!

Pull back! Move!

Okay, leave your team to backup and get to the extraction point.

I'm sorry! It's all my fault!

It's not your fault.

Leave everything and grab the truck keys now!

Truck keys, truck keys...

North Korea declares nuclear attack

Raptor 1-6! What just happened?

Shut it off.

What the hell's going on?

What happened? Shut off that damn radio.

Raptor 1-6, sitrep! What's your status?

Raptor 1-6, Ahab...

Rap... damn...

That stuff, too. Come on!

I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, you know?

That was intense!

Look. This is our location, and this is a B-21 bomber.

It's been waiting for 2 hours.

Do you get it?

Why do you think that woman, she sent us here?

Why didn't she send military?

She never wanted the general.

She just wanted our coordinates. And then boom!

All the evidence goes up in smoke.

Even if we bring her King, you think that she's gonna keep us alive?

No, she'll kill us because we know everything.

Where'd you get that intel?

They contacted me a few days ago, all right?

Promised a big reward for King.

We can split it 50/50.

To Ahab Yeah?

You mean, the same guys out there?

That's exactly what I asked you 2 years ago when you offered me this job.

Let's keep it logical, yeah?


Yeah? OK.

All right.

This company is offering us double the salary, benefits, plus citizenship.

Once this blows over, we take King to them, and then clean our hands of everything.

And waterboarding will make this guy talk.

His secret slush fund is full of money.

If I just disappear, what about my wife?

When you get out of here, you call her, you tell her to go to the airport.

I mean, screw Philly. You said it yourself.

You said it's too dangerous to raise a kid there anyway.

No, no way.

She catches a flight today, everything's fine.

She's giving birth as we speak!

Markus, this is crazy!

If we take off, how romantic...


You're gonna say that if we take off, that they're all gonna die?

You're not yourself today.

It's every man for himself. That's what you said.

Earlier, you said that, yeah?

Now listen to me.

Are you coming with me?

Or are you not?

Markus, come have a seat. And let's talk.


Of course the offered conditions are good.

But what if they just take King and kill us?

As far I see it, it's easier for them to get rid of us than to meet any conditions.

Yeah, money's always good.

But you gotta think this...

King secure.

Any other company?

No other company.


We are mercenaries, we work for money.

What is so damn special about teammates?

Huh? Huh?

I knew your crippled ass would get you in trouble one day.

Look at you.

This is your choice...

not mine.


Logan! Are you all right?

I told you...

I'd save someone if they got shot.


Stay focused, stop the bleeding, don't fall asleep, you hear?


Mac? Do you copy?

King's been hit, can't evac in current state.

Need reinforcement ASAP.

No signal

For goodness' sake!

Mac, talk to me!

Were you really planning to leave us all here to die?


Raptor 1-6, do you hear me?

Come in! Raptor 1-6!

Do you hear me?

There're too many hostiles, we cannot return to the base camp!

We need backup!


Markus sold us out.

Logan and I are shot.

What? How bad are you hit?

King's dead.

A B-21 is on standby to bomb this place!

Ahab, calm down, okay?

Breathe. Okay.

Breathe, breathe.

It's fine, it's fine...

How long has the King been dead?

Hard to say, 5 minutes, maybe.


Then they should've bombed us already, right?


He's still alive!

That's why they haven't bombed us!

They gotta get King no matter what.

If we keep him alive, they'll have to send reinforcements!

But we are not a doctor.

How are we supposed to get him from here?

Gerald, the head doctor was among the hostages, right?

Let's find him!

Watch us get the hell out of here.

Logan! Slide me the first aid kit!

Let's get out of here...


Captain! Here!

Captain! The doctor is long gone.

It is impossible for us to find them.


Pedro, what's the situation there?

Captain, we're behind enemy lines. We can't regroup.

Pedro, you heard me, right?

The doctor might be near you. Find him. Hurry.

We got movement!

We gotta get them! Hurry! Hurry the hell up!

Dr. Yoon, come!

You go on ahead!

What is he doing?

Hey! Don't move!

On the floor! Put your hands up!

Did you hear me? Get on the floor!

I said put your hands up! What is up with you!

Get your hands up when I tell you, malparido!

You know, I'll kill you! You hear me? I'll kill you.

Noh Jung-wook Head Doctor of Supreme Leader Hold that jerk down and put the doctor on.

Don't move.

He's dead.

Damn! - Raptor 1-6, we clean up here, we join you.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Yoon Ji-ui Head Doctor of Supreme Leader That's a doctor. Nelson, put an earpiece on him and show him the monitor!

On your knees, gonorrhea. Come on!

Take this, it's my captain.

Don't look at me. Put your head down!

Head down, gonorrhea.

Yo, Northie, can you hear me?

King's been shot.

With a 9mm from a 5m distance.

And this red screen has to turn green.

Look at the screen and tell me what to do.

And if I revive him?

You're gonna shoot us, no?

If King lives, you live.

How can I trust you?

You toss your comrades away after using them.

They're coming.

Let's just go, forget them.

Cover them! You're going to get us killed.

We finish this! If you shoot, they'll find and kill us.

Let's just go our separate ways, okay?

Pedro, get your knife.

Why do you listen to this guy?

Do you think he'd save you if you were shot?

How you stopped to save that old man?

That's stupid.

Leaving the shot man stops more from getting shot.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

No, no, no, no! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!


5 armed hostiles, 10 seconds out!

Captain, what we do, Captain? What do we do?

I'll treat King, so give us guns.


We gotta fight together to survive. Hurry!

Nelson, Pedro, give them guns!

Captain, we can't trust these guys.

That's an order!

Cono! Here, take it!

Go! Go! Come on! Go!

It's cardiac tamponade caused by internal bleeding.

Stop CPR, drain the pooled blood inside the pericardium.

See the pericardial tap inside the first aid?

No, not that, it's on the top!

On top, it's a syringe!

This? Yes, that one!

Be careful, you got 3 minutes before he's brain dead.

Captain, we secured an escape route!

We gotta move!

Pedro, lay down cover.

Rest of you, retreat through the back door.

Hey! Come on! Come on!

Go, go! Move out!

Go in under the left, fourth rib.

Insert and drain the blood.

Which rib?

4th from the bottom, just below that!

Here! No, the opposite side!

Here! Yes, there, insert!

Hey! Get on with it! Just insert!

Pull the plunger slightly, liquid will fill it up.

Yes, good, you're doing well!

I think I got it.

No, not yet, just a bit more.

How much more? About 50cc.

Slowly and steady.

I think it's enough.

Good! Next! Done?

Can you spot a vein?

Give him saline solution and perform CPR!

What're you doing? Hurry!

Damn about slowly and steady.

Connect saline...

CPR now!

Raptor 1-6, enemy at our 12! We're boxed in!

Carlos, check the rear!

Gerald, the iron door at your 10 o'clock.

It leads to a staircase.

Marcel, give me the shield!

Dimitri, follow me!

Where's Samir?

Damn, he's still out there!

Huh? Crap.

What's wrong? I think I broke his rib.

Doesn't matter, saving him is the priority!

Don't hesitate, just do it!

Time may be up.

Is he dead already?

Didn't you say if he dies, we're all dead too?

Just keep doing it!

Samir! Run!

Die, damn you!

Gerald! What are you waiting for? Throw a grenade and shut the door!

Gerald, it's too late for me!

I'll go! Gerald I said I'll go!


You want us all to die?

Shut the door!

The door! Top of the stairs! Go!

Get to the top. Hurry!

Hey, Southie, what's wrong?

Can you hear me?

He's back!

I got a pulse!

Good, but don't celebrate yet, it'll stop soon again.

See the saline bag? Start squeezing it!

With my hands?

1, 2, 3.

Damn! It's a trap.

Carlos has been hit.

Gerald, we got the doc, I'm treating King.

Backup will be here. Hang in there!

Northie! The monitor's yellow, it changed status!

What's next?

Yo, Northie! What next?

Blood transfusion! Type O!

Transfusion, wait a minute...

Damn, it's no use.

Captain! You gotta do something!

We're all gonna die down here!


Logan! Are you okay?

Wake up! Don't fall asleep!

Don't make me talk... It hurts too much.

Come over here. I'll give you something for the pain.

I'm fine, just look after yourself.

Just do what I said! Hurry!

Sit here.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, Here, makes you feel better.


I don't think I'm cut out for this.

I want to go home, see my family,

spend time with my daughter.

What is this stuff?

What are you doing, Captain?

Is he still alive?


No, Captain, Captain, wait...

No, no, please.

No, no, Cap, no...

Logan, hold still. I only need a little.

No, I've lost a lot of blood already.

Captain, I can't. I can't take it...

Just don't move.

No, cap... I can't do it, Captain, please, I can't do it!

Captain, please!

Don't do this to me!

That's okay. Just don't move. Just don't move.

Logan, if King dies, we all die, and they'll just cover everything up.

I don't want to die, Captain.

I want to get out of here alive...




I will keep you alive.

If you can give just a bit, we can all get out of here together.

That's okay.

Just like you did with that parachute guy, right?

Station 1-0, come in!

King's recovering. Send in reinforcements right now.

Station 1-0? Mac? Can you see us?

My man is giving King a blood transfusion.

Send us medevac. Hurry!

White House has no involvement in King's murder

...while the White House denies involvement, we have incoming reports regarding the man caught on CCTV footage.

According to these news reports, the suspect, who is thought to have been killed during the kidnapping, uses the codename 'Ahab' and is an undocumented alien illegally hired by a private military company...

Alpha 1, requesting sitrep.

Alpha 1, Alpha 1, requesting sitrep.

Alpha 2, situation contained. All clear.

Dong-hee, you with me?

Alpha 1, check your main chute. Alpha 1!

Dong-hee! Wake up!

Alpha 1, you're falling too fast! Is everything okay?

We got a situation.

Alpha 1, you've exceeded safe landing speed!

Captain, you gotta let him go!

You could both die! Let go of him!

Logan, Logan, Logan?

Suspect identified, South Korean Government denies all connections


Can you hear me?

Gerald? Gerald?


Hey, Southie, can you hear me?

Can you see me?

Hey, Southie!

What happened? What's going on?

You're still alive?

What was that bombing?

What's the chairman's status?

King's fine. How are my men?

Everything's collapsed.

Your comrade held on until just now.

Hey, are you injured?

What's that wound? Were you shot?

Put the camera near it, let me check it out.

What's with your right leg? Is that prosthetic?

Come on, what do I do?

Tell me.

The bullet could be on your femoral artery, so go easy.

If you damage it, it'll be a bloodbath.

Use a scalpel to make an incision and get the retractor.


It looks like scissors.

Yeah, that one.

Fasten the wound with it.

Insert the tweezers through the cavity, about the length of your index finger, then you're near the femoral artery.

Okay, that's enough.

Once you begin extracting it, you'll feel pain.

That's a good thing.

It means blood's circulating again.

Why is a Southie doing this type of work?

Is it for the money?

Buddy, I'm not chatty just for the hell of it.

You feel dizzy, right? Vision's blurry?

It's due to blood loss.

Southie, you need to keep talking.

Or you'll go into shock.

I got it, I got something!

Wait, wait!

You tore the artery.

Cover it for now, or it'll be dangerous.

Get proper medical attention when you get out of here.

Damn you, you mean after they cut off my damn leg?

What are you doing?

If you take it out, you'll bleed to death!

Hey, Southie! Can you hear me?

Hey, Southie!

Are you listening?

Hey, Southie!

Do you hear me?

See the compression bandage and styptic?

Use them. You gotta stop the bleeding.


Yeah, the duct tape, wrap it with that!

Good, take the painkiller.

Take the shot!


Are you dumb? Are you that thick?

Why don't you listen to the doctor?

You got a death wish?

What the hell's wrong with you?

Yo, Northie...

6 years ago, I was conducting an airborne training mission,

when a dimwit's parachute failed.

He landed on me mid-jump.

A single chute couldn't hold 2 people at that speed.

I knew I'd survive if I let him go.

But I couldn't do it.


you held onto him to the end?

When my men were after you... you were trying to save the head doctor.

You could've left without him.

What were you thinking?

What are you talking about?

I'm sure you considered it. Leave him or stay.

No, you should've left him.

After I hit the ground... that asshole ended up dying, and I lost my leg.

Everyone treats me like crap, but I don't care.

There was no other choice.


Logan, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry...

So, let's get out of here, let's leave, please...

Hey, Southie.

Can't you hear the gunshots?

Your comrades are still fighting, still believing in you.

But you're bitching and moaning because you want to survive alone?

That's why this war started.

Everyone's just fending for themselves.

Yeah, the thought crossed my mind.

You asked yourself too, but you'd still do that again.

Do you need a reason to save a life?

No, right?

Hold steady. We can get out alive.

Raptor 1-6!

This is Alpha 1-0! Gerald...

Gerald... Come in!


Raptor 1-6!

I need for you to hear me!


What the hell is this?

Ahab, are you looking alive?

I need for you to hear me!

Gerald, it's me. What's your situation?

Carlos is dead. There are only 4 of us left.

We cannot last much longer.

Gerald, ammo?

Without reinforcements, 3 minutes, tops.

Logan, you were right.

We can save everyone.

Gerald, did you pack the night vision goggles?

You said we didn't need them.

Of course, I packed them.

Are we going home today, Captain?

Be ready. I'll find you an escape route.

Copy that!

Yo, Northie!

Talk to me.

I need your help.

With your help, we can all get out alive.

I'll get reinforcements no matter what.

You go to the control room and turn off the lights in B2, C13.

When they're off, my team will escape, and you can exit with them, got that?

Just tell me where to go.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You see that opening behind you?

You gotta go down a level. It's the last room on the left.

I got it!

Follow me.



You're alive!

I'm alive, no thanks to you.

You bombed us!

We don't have much time, so I'll be brief.

You knew King was alive!

Why'd you bomb us?

This phone, we've only got a couple of minutes.

Answer my damn question!

Why'd you bomb us?

Did you really want to kill us all?


We tried to bury your team, King, and all the evidence in the bunker, so we could deny China's claim.

But it didn't work. The public is not buying it.

Ongoing public criticism. McGregor in crisis.

Mac, okay.

Mac, I promise.

We heard and saw nothing.

Just send backup and more guns...

McGregor's already ordered a second bombing.

He'll get rid of the evidence no matter what.

After they re-load, we'll have only 15 minutes.

And my command's been stripped. I can't give official orders.

Agent Mackenzie, you no longer have authority here.

Get your hands off me!

I can walk out on my own. Mac?

Protocol dictates we'll take that phone.

Captain, I'm down to my last mag!

Northie, did you find it?

Not yet!

Listen Ahab, I am not walking away from this.

From now on, if you do as I say, there is a way through this for us.

Not just you?

Both of us, I didn't need you before, but I do now.

You've seen your face all over the news, right?

As the suspect for King's murder, right?

Well, if you walk out of there with him, that changes everything.

I'll take you to the press.


So the story is we were sent to rescue King, but we were ambushed...

The White House didn't abandon you they rescued you in the end.

I think 'used' is the more precise word.

Whatever the word, if you do this, we'll flip public opinion, I'll get McGregor re-elected, and you'll get out of there alive.

It's a win-win.

Southie, I found it!

Gerald, we're pulling out.

Good to go, Cap.

Yo, Northie, switch it off!


Northie, turn right outside, and go straight, you'll join my men.

Got it.

What's ETA on reinforcements?

How's King? I can't see his vitals.

Ballistic trauma to the chest, but the North Korean doctor saved him.

Yo, Northie! Your other right!

The blood bags. King can't make it without them!

Mac, we are running out of time.

We need those reinforcements right now.

I'll convince McGregor no matter what.

You just keep King alive until backup gets there.

They'll bring you out with him.

No, no, wait, wait!

Mac, what about my men and the doc?

What took place can never reach the outside world.

The reinforcements will eliminate your men.

You can take care of the doctor yourself.

And when you get out, you will have an interview with the press.

For the sake of appearances, we'll make you an American citizen.

There will be new documents...

Mac, Mac, I'm not coming alone.

We're fighting through hell to get out of here alive and together.

I don't believe this...

Hey, Southie! Check these out!

I was afraid there wouldn't be any but we're in luck.

Fine. Grab them and leave.

Okay, see you soon.

They're coming, hide!

Team 1-3, beginning dispensary sweep.

Yo, Northie.

Grab that gun.

Grab it.

Don't think and shoot. Hurry!


The clip's empty. Look through the mag holder.

There may be more.

Hurry, hurry!

Hurry up!

Put it down, now! Drop the gun!

All right, hands up!

Hey, get out!

Get out of there!


Get up! Move!

This is Team 1-3, we found someone here.

We'll take care of him.

Wait! His badge. He's a medic.

Where's King? And the Raptor 1-6 captain? Are they together?

Trust me, if you don't talk, he can't shoot you.

Tell me where they are, and we'll protect you.

Do not say anything.


How can I trust you?

Go first. I'll handle this.

Come on.

Without those blood bags, we're all dead.

Take my gun.

I'll send my men, so buy us some time.

We didn't know you were a doctor.

Hello, I'm Choi Yi-hyun.

Relax, don't be alarmed.

We're not after you, we just want King and the captain.

Where is he?

Did he say you can all get out alive?

That's what he always says.

How do you know that?

Raptor 1-6. I was one of them.

Don't trust him.

He's only in it for the money.

His team won't get out alive.

Tell me where he is, and I'll let you out of here.

If I tell you, I'll live?

Of course.

Where do I go?

It's not too far. Follow me.

Wait, don't shoot. I wasn't going to kill you!

Stop the bleeding. We can all get out alive.

Raptor 1-6! We've reached the D-sector.

Gerald, two more corners, you'll find a staircase right before the venue entrance.

The doc will be there. Bring him out with you.

Roger that!

This way.

Get down! Ambush!

Engaging! 5 hostiles!


Damn, no ammo!

Captain, we need a way behind them! Let me know!

Follow me.

Bao, cover me.

We are engaging four enemy hostiles at the main tunnel.

In pursuit of a North Korean doctor.

We will kill him on site.

Let's go home!

Gerald, hurry!

Captain! We're at the stairs. Where's the doctor?

Wait, wait! He's coming!

Northie, take a right and you'll see a staircase!

Go down and you'll reach my men.

Turn right, staircase. Gotcha.

Gerald, Doc's path is blocked.

You'll find extra mags in the venue.

Load up and go back for him.

Roger that!

Bao. Go!

Captain, we have reached the venue!

What's the doctor's 20?



It's too late.

We cannot get everyone out.

You and I can get out of here.

I don't...

I don't want to die in here.

I don't want to die in here.

Let me ask you something.

When the new guy comes, you tell the story about the parachute, right?

What has always confused me about the logic is, you should've let go. But you did not, right?

That way you would've landed with no problem and still had your leg.

Why did you not let go, Ahab?

Ahab, why did you not let go?

Because you wanted to save him, right?

This is my parachute.

I will no longer let go!

That is a damn tank!




Raptor 1-6, this is Station 1-0.


Raptor 1-6, do you copy?

Raptor 1-6, do you copy?

Mac, I'm here. Can you hear me? Ahab, do you copy?

I'm here!

Okay Ahab. We have McGregor's full support.

Reinforcements are moving in! Are you in position?

Gerald, backup's coming!

Hang in there just a little longer...

Station 1-0, cannot enter due to cardiac arrest.

Immediate response needed.

Ahab, what's happening?

Ahab! Ahab!

Yo, Northie!


You were alive, Northie.

Were you hit?

It's not me.

How is he?

Hey, Southie.

If his blood pressure drops, give him a shot, okay?

I'm sick of this.

If I get out of here, I'll be a supermarket security guard.

Who's going to hire a crippled security guard?

Hey, Southie.

Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.

Hey, Northie, you okay?

Delta Team, engaging enemies.

Affirmative. Echo Team securing Ahab and King.

Ahab, are you okay?

I'm okay.. This...

King is alive.

While the United States was carrying out a secret operation, the enemy state falsely accused us and attempted to damage the balance of our peaceful world order.

Our soldiers were thrust into a life-or-death situation.

Emergency Statement from President McGregor Yes, I just leaked highly classified military information.

I'm hoping my presidential status will keep me from being indicted... for now.

But I know what comes next, I'll be criticized politically until the end of my term.

Not even to mention the results of the upcoming election.

But for those that would criticize me, please do so.

Because my political life is not what's important right now.

What is important is the life of each soldier who throws him or herself into battle for our country.

And it is my solemn duty as President of the United States to protect them.

I can confirm again, Ahab is alive.

Today, he fought for our country. And I'll do everything in my power to see that he makes it back home safely.

God bless Ahab, and God bless the United States of America.

Thank you.

From Kindred Hospital South Philadelphia Lee Ji-su, difficulties expected during birth, call ASAP

Get King first and move quickly!

Careful. Careful.

All right, let's get you started on the IV.

Copy that. Checking vitals.

He lost a lot of blood.

Let's get this patched up. We gotta move quick.

1, 2, 3, lift!

Let's get that bandage cut. Got it.

We gotta wrap this tight.

Ahab, it's me. King is safe.

We'll soon be arriving to the Seventh Fleet stationed in the East Sea.

A TV crew will be filming your return live.

You have a printout of the interview guidelines.

You know what you can and cannot say, right?

All right. King is stabilizing.

I can't believe this is happening.

When this goes live, you're gonna be a hero.

Ahab, are you listening?

What about the doc?

Forget him. He'll never make it.

Hey, sit down, take it easy.

Hey, I thought I told you to calm down!

Treat him now! Treat him!

Everyone, stand down! Lower your weapons!

I repeat, lower your weapons!

Of course you gotta save him. No matter what.

But when you feel the ground rushing up at you, you have to use whoever's there, be it as a blood bag or whatever...


I gotta save him.

Enemy aircraft changing course.

Squadron Super 8. We are under attack.

King secured!

I repeat. We are under attack by the Chinese Airforce.

Station 1-0, we are engaging the enemy.

Open the hatch! Get a parachute on King!


Both sides failed to intercept the missile, but the trajectory is now off.

It will fall into the sea and there won't be any damage done.

Look below you, 300m.

Can you see King?

Grab him!

Now we need him more than ever. You have to keep ahold...

Hey! Hey!

Yo, Northie!

Hey, wake up!

Northie, wake up...

Thank you.

Thank you, Northie.

Come home and meet our baby

Take Point