Take Your Pills (2018) Script


I take it when I wake up.

I leave it next to the toothbrush so as not to forget me.

The effects are felt at 40 minutes.

I begin to sweat.

The heart speeds up quickly.

These are the five that keep you during the day.

If it's Monday, you can take ten.

A blanket of happiness covers me, as if it were a warm light.

I could pay more attention and my handwriting improved.

It was very cool.

I felt that the mind and the body came alive.

When it worked, it was a remarkable effect.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a room with 10,000 doors, and behind each one there is something great.

You want to run faster

and stay awake as much as you can to review them all.

What effect did the Adderall have? When did you play?

I concentrated more and it reacted faster.

The first week I took it, I thought: "I like it, it's good".

Adderall. Caution:

Possible effects of genius in everything.

It's like the ticker from the New York Stock Exchange.

That's how I always feel my mind.

But when I take Adderall, the teletype happens more slowly.

I can focus on something and ignore everything else.

The bankers remember the cocaine boom.

They used it at their desks and about the strippers.

And that is not the case with Adderall.

Who takes Adderall yet?

Many guys in Palo Alto.

- I've tried everything. Adderall.

Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin.

Amphetamine ...

The idea that amphetamine was given to children in the 60s

scandalize everyone.

From now on, only hugs are recommended, fresh air

and the usual Ritalin.

I'm always under the influence of the Adderall.

I do not remember a moment where I have not been.



This is the most ridiculous bathroom.

Everyone has their initiation kit, which reflects his personality.

"Release the nipple."

Jews, because I am Jewish.

"New Jersey", although I say I'm from New York.

I'm from New Jersey. It's something I'm kidding about.

And a Jew smoking marijuana with a menorah This is my favorite.

Every time we go out, we bring something home.

When I started college, my parents said:

"You need a safe."

I asked why.


"For your pills."

And I asked: "Who is going to steal my pills? "

They are worth gold.


They're stolen if they know you have.

Do not know anyone that have been prescribed and do not sell a little.

Here they are used because it is a difficult university.

Many people use Adderall.

SENIOR Why consume something like that?

There is trazodone.

Ativan, for panic attacks.

When I arrived here, I said to myself:

"Wow, everyone takes Adderall, everyone."

It's empty.

I've seen people in class taking out the jars

and giving pills to others.

"Does anyone have Adderall to sell?"

Sometimes I forget that it is illegal.

There is a group on Facebook, that operates like classifieds, to buy and sell.

People publish there that sells 20 Adderall XR, without thinking that they are trafficking in a public forum.

My mom did not hide it, but I did.

You need Adderall and Instagram to be the perfect student.

You have to be slim and beautiful, and have the best grades.

You also have to go out and have fun, and the Adderall serves for that.

There are instant effects and of prolonged effect.

People consume and feel in the cubicles of the library.

They take everything out, so that nothing distracts them.

Program several songs, the headphones are placed and get to work.

Basically, I would say the rules

that motorize the use of drugs for performance They indicate the following: "The goal is to concentrate ...

DOCTOR IN POLITICAL THEORY to perform as much as you can, for as long as possible. "

Be in investment banking, be with homework at home, The idea is to stand out as much as possible.

Obviously, if you have access to something that improves the good things in life, You will want to take advantage of it.

You will want to use it.

Someone once told me about it:

"Is not this like having a good breakfast? before an exam

or have a cup of coffee?

What is immoral or unethical to take advantage of others? "

Let's see. I have five subjects.

If I get 90 in the task and 82 in today's test, that gives 89.77.

It does not work for me, unless that she round up.

I think it's going to be 83, but it's because of pride.

I'd like to finish better than when I started.

For me, the Adderall is for when you're desperate.

When you need it, to be the fastest version and intelligent of yourself.



The problem is not that there are fewer jobs, or less posts in universities, but we live in a world too competitive, where competition is not limited to reach the goal.

Actually, it never ends.

Now every human being must see himself himself

as a piece of human capital.

Parents are very worried, since before your children are born, the value they will have in terms of human capital.

And they deal with that with Mozart music for pregnant women, vacancies at preschools and access to certain sports

and study plans.

That anxiety related with the value in human capital that would be available to children in my opinion it is almost inexorably derived in the consumption of Adderall, either by recommendation from the same parents or from a partner in high school or college.

CHAIR OF NEUROLOGY UNIVERSITY OF PENSILVANIA I remember that in college, they used drugs as evasion.

Now they are used to adapt to reality.

And that says a lot of our current culture.

What does that mean? Because it depresses me.

We have medicines for that.

I had friends who used Adderall in secondary And by using Adderall or Vyvanse, or something similar, they were faster in the admission exams, while I do not I wanted it.

I saw three days with a psychiatrist.

I remember that the test was very stressful, It made you feel silly and that you could not finish the tasks with which others could.

It was the first time I felt I needed to take it.

Attention deficit disorder It limits concentration a lot.

People tend to be distracted ... As there are no defined limits, it is not clear what pictures should we try and what not?


USA - eleven%


The psychiatrist diagnosed me, and that made me happy, because the admission test.

I had not tried it, but the first week I took it, I thought:

"I like it, it's good".

I remember that I was worried because I felt weird.

I was very concentrated and it was not so funny.

I used to think about it.

But I had to choose, and in my case I wanted good grades and do well in the admission exam.

The desire to excel is almost universal.

People like to succeed.

JOURNALIST AUTHOR OF ADHD NATION Do not disappoint others.

And every generation has found a different way to improve its performance.

Currently, drugs are widely used to treat ADHD.

In the demanding environment of academic achievements, there is something that students use more and more to stand out.

How do you do it?

Adderall. I only get good grades.

They say the university crack.

Eating me an Adderall I drink it with alcohol

I write recórcholis Real or factual

Beer and benzedrine

I do not feel the face Adderall use, I feel nauseous.

The good times of university student

The first article about abuse of amphetamine to study

was published in Time magazine in 1937.

This is not new.

Poison pill poisoning

They used to call her the stimulant pill.

A stimulus is sought.

Have desire and ambition. Be productive and hardworking Achieve that sale. Finish the work.

Kellogg's is a stimulus at the table.

Dr. Gordon Alles was a young biochemist

I was looking for something for the allergy.

So it was that, in 1929, synthesized the drug that we know today like amphetamine.

He injected 50 milligrams of salt, which is a high dose.

His laboratory notes are fascinating.

At the minute he said feel a "strong feeling of well-being".

It said: "I like this!"

At the time, Alles noted:

"Feeling of wellbeing, palpitation, sleepless night, accelerated mind that goes from one idea to another ".

It's the first experience with amphetamine.

The experiment of Alles in June of 1929.


It was clear from the beginning that amphetamine was a compound, a chemical substance for medicinal use.

Amphetamine soon became in a prescription medication.

In the 30s, Smith Kline and French He took it to the market as Benzedrine.

You inhaled and decongesting the sinuses.

The bad thing is that to many, Amphetamine makes them feel good.

It stimulates them and makes them perform.

Who put Benzedrina In Mrs. Murphy's Ovomaltina?

Now he wants nothing but to dance

He says that Benzedrine is What gives you the energy

Students, among others, they started opening the inhaler, to chew it and speed up the intake of amphetamine.

I feel like a B-19 Armed with Benzedrine

When I arrive at the place I open a hole in the sky DO YOU WEAR GAS MASK?

At the beginning of World War II, military doctors in Germany They experimented with cadets.

And the students liked it.

The British found pills in downed German planes.

They looked like supermen, perhaps because of the effect of drugs.

The American military, to see that the British had approved the drug, hastened the studies and they adopted it too.

I just want coffee.

Mr. Holden, An executive like you should have lunch.

In agreement. Give me a couple of pills of Benzedrina.

After the war, Benzedrine was used as an antidepressant.

Same as Dexedrine.

It was used to control the weight.


It was also experienced with premenstrual syndrome.

It was a very curious test.

The doctor in charge worked in a factory

operated only by women.

They were asking more and more, but it turned out that the demand It did not depend on your menstrual cycles.

They just wanted drugs.

In the White.

One two...

Amphetamine inhalers won popularity in jazz, especially among the bebop musicians.

Charlie Parker used it regularly.

Several of those that we celebrate now

of the beat writers, like Jack Kerouac, they went to the jazz clubs.

Kerouac admired the sound of bebop

and in his writings he wanted to imitate This free and spontaneous sound flow.


"Come on, boy, go across the earth. Grieve for man. Complain, moan. "

When he discovered the inhaler of amphetamine, he started using it as an aid at the hour of writing.

It was normal to get amphetamine when you wanted.

Many got it

when asking for a recipe to your family doctor.

Pull your pants down. This goes on the gluteus.

What is that?

A stimulating serum.

Max Jacobson, known as Dr. Feelgood for his patients, was one of these medical providers.

For a while, he was the favorite doctor of Kennedy.

What does?

It gives you 24 to 72 hours of concentration, energy and confidence.


And if you listen to The Beatles, you will notice that "Doctor Robert"

it's about a doctor in New York, who prescribed amphetamine to rock stars and celebrities that they loved her

Go, go, go, you feel good

The 60s were the go-go years for several reasons.

This is how Andy Warhol experimented the beginning of that decade, under the effect of amphetamine. And not only him.

Let's see, the right side or the left?

Oh, no, you never did ...

No matter what side it is, or if you fall dead.

Many women and men, Even in Vietnam, they became addicted.

That's why the Law on Controlled Substances.



Hello, do you want to die?

Start to use amphetamines. You have five years left.

It rots your mind, your heart and the kidneys, cockroach.

A public service announcement, Do It Now Foundation.

During the height of the epidemic of amphetamines, the pharmaceutical companies from the USA they made

50 pills per person per year.

These are the ingredients that are used today to treat the attention deficit.



1972 - 400 MILLION PILLS

The Adderall improves performance.

And that is not bad.


When you take the precise dose from Adderall, everything flows easily.

Everything is calm.

Things are there and so are you.

And you only do what you need to do.

My electric unicycle I used it one day to go to Home Depot.

And someone shouted at me from his car: "Fuck you, technophile."

Only in San Francisco does that happen.

Maybe they assumed that when using an electric cycle, I was a technophile.

In technology there is the archetype of a person

that often does not exist.

Someone who works 16 hours a day, and to which the programs sprout impeccably, from start to finish, like Mozart in front of the screen.

And everyone wants to be that person.

I wanted to be, and a part of me He still craves it.

We all want to stand out in what we do If we then include Adderall in the mix, you become the one who can resist until midnight or 1:00

Come on!

You already know how it is. I want a good base. Bend your knees well.

Put your navel in and tighten that core.

This sport has to love you, because you get a bill in your body and the mind.

EXPLORER OF THE NFL Let's go! Do not stop pushing.

Eben Britton is for many

the best offensive tackle in the country.

Arizona wins its first game at home.

I have no words.

It is our first great victory in a while.

You do not get to football of first division ...

EBEN WIFE if you do not try to a superhuman point.

And to the NFL, only 0.1% of the boys arrive that once grabbed a ball.

I do not know if there is a way to reach perfection, but it's what you always look for.

I miss the rookie season, a happy season, without drama.


Wow, I kicked ass. I had health, strength, speed.

I was building on success I had But during a workout, I was doing squats and when I went down, I felt something dripping.

As if they had squeezed a tube of toothpaste.

I did some tests and I had a herniated disc.

Come on, do not step on that.

I resumed my workouts, and they said:

"Friend, what happened to you?"

It does not matter if you're injured. Everyone is.

The idea is to go out and play.

Because there is always someone willing to take your place.

One game Monday, I was on the edge of fatigue and frustration, and a colleague tells me: "I have Adderall".

I took the pills and I felt my life returning.

It was a stream of energy that flowed inside.

I felt that the mind and the body came alive.

I felt I could respond to the first pass, and that I could react faster That the others.

I could see what was happening.

I saw the corners.

A stimulant is a drug that stimulates.

DOCTOR IN COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE It makes you feel more awake and alert.

And it also increases the euphoria.

They are very positive things.

That's why we drink caffeine in the morning.

There are two basic types of stimulants.

Amphetamine and methylphenidate.

Methylphenidate is the basic component of the Ritalin and the Concerta, two commonly used drugs.

Amphetamine, on the other hand, it is the basic component of Adderall.

All these medications considered as stimulants they operate in the catecholamine system.

This system consists of two parts.

One is norepinephrine, colloquially known

as noradrenaline or adrenaline.

And the other one is dopamine.

What these drugs usually do in the brain

is to increase the release of catecholamines

or block its reabsorption.

Increase the reaction time, may increase pain tolerance

during an athletic competition.

A low dose of amphetamine or another similar drug

can make a child or an adult

become more prudent and methodical.

They will tend to stay in an activity, although this is not interesting.

The Adderall had a positive holistic effect in my life, back then.

He helped me in the meetings, to analyze the games, the videos.

It helped me deal with the pain.

That was what encouraged me to think:

"I must have access to this, and do it the right way so as not to fail the doping tests.

I do not want that.

But it's something that can help me. "

If you are a professional athlete in the United States, You can not take stimulants unless you have an exemption.

The doctor must certify that you have a real case of ADHD and that stimulants are not for performance, but a treatment.

I was not that big.

I was happy because it was obvious that when taking it in the day, then in the night I did exactly what I wanted to do.

I took out the trash and washed the dishes without delay.

I organized my DVD collection, by director, alphabetically.

I think I called my mom and said:

"This is great.

Eb was diagnosed with ADD and he's washing the dishes. "

I thought: "This is very good.

I'm making her happy.

I do more than throw myself on the couch. "

The first time I took Adderall, had symptoms of ADHD, I consulted a military doctor, and he prescribed it to me. I did not like.

I concentrated more on my distractions than what he was supposed to do.

I did not use it again until this year.

I worked in an intensive workshop of programming.

Someone offered it to me. It was 1:00 a.m.

I thought: "I was prescribed, so I do not feel bad about it. "

I accepted the offer, and it really helped.

It was like fuel for reactors.

I did not need much. I took 5 or 10 mg a day.

The problems that I used to see as strenuous or perhaps insurmountable, now they seemed interesting challenges.

I could stop work without a problem, go home at 11:00, and in 10 minutes, take something, brush and sleep.

And I thought: "Adderall.

Caution: Possible effects of genius in everything. "

I felt it.

I think many would say or believe, or maybe it's true, who are trying to be the best programmers.

But for most, The real goal is money.

Hi. Thank you. In agreement. Goodbye.


The first time I took Adderall I felt that someone opened the curtain, and now I could see in each member of the public.

Well, tell him that Blue called.

The Adderall makes you a better capitalist.

When I take Adderall, I'm about to solve problems.

They show me a problem and I'll take care of it.

She said 175.

I'm going to tell you.

I have had the fortune to work with Outkast, CeeLo Green and Nick Cannon.

Lidias with different people.

Lidias with managers, stamps, accountants, agents.

When you take Adderall, it's easier to remember others and return the calls.

Hello Mario. Speak Blue.

If I do not take it, It costs me to return calls.

Good representatives are from New York.

We will work on the presentation

for the parties in the pools of Wild 'n Out.

I'm making a deal to share the sponsors with the hotel.

Is there a deadline?

Today is Monday. Wednesday would be ideal.

Puff would want it for Wednesday.

When I come back from Chicago, I want that space.

With a cheesecake. Thank you.


In high school, I had knowledge of the Adderall because it had been prescribed To my brothers.

But nobody took it to study or party.

It is very difficult, despite the ethical problem, Know that it can be obtained easily.

You just ignore it.

You agree to take lower notes by not paying the two dollars per pill.

Nor do you worry about being caught, since you are someone with learning problems.

You are not a drug addict. You did not buy it illegally.

I see that many they are worried about having to buy or sell illegal drugs.

It's like they're buying heroin.

That they understand.

But for people like one, it does not make sense to worry that the police catch you or that the professor tells you, because you just do not see it like a drug.

I forgot to take the medicine.

But not the Adderall. It may be unfair.

I have a strange way to think about it, since she was surrounded by people with much more money than me.

I had to work in high school, and I could not afford the private lessons.

On the one hand, the fact that someone like me take Adderall could do the most balanced situation.

But when it comes to someone like the others, take it only puts them in a more advantageous situation.

I'm from the Midwest, a place that has problems with methamphetamines.

You see it in the news, the juxtaposition

of the addict who lives in a trailer, as seen in DARE, and the kids whose parents win hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

In a certain sense, both are drugged.

Opioid analgesics are heroin in pills ...

PSYCHOTHERAPIST and medicine for ADHD It's methamphetamine.

From the chemical point of view, methamphetamine

and amphetamine, the active component of the Adderall, they only differ

in the additional presence of the methyl group in methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is legal in the US With recipe.

It's a Class II drug, just like the Adderall.

But they do not prescribe it much due to collective hysteria

about the illegal way.

We have an order.

They said that the "goal" was going to help me with the exams.

MINTIERON We think of those who have laboratories and in those who live in rural areas from the USA From a negative perspective.

But on the other hand, we have an amphetamine

with similar effect.

Girls, to take the Adderall.

What time did you come back last night?


And we see that from another perspective.

When they talk to us about people what Adderall takes, we think of students, we think of people that we like.

I took six Adderall pills accidentally.

I did not sleep at all and I immersed myself in the Facebook page by Dilon Davidson.

I found something.

The wealthy young people have access to pharmacy amphetamine, while others consume methamphetamine processed on the street.

While the "goal" in crystals or smoked it's more powerful, the effect on neuroreceptors is the same.

I'm surrounded by privileged people, of the wealthy people of the USA.

We have money for tests and resources to be medicated lifetime, and thus improve performance.

Draw the health system and find the right doctors It is also a matter of money.

Many know how to do it and others do not.

If you have the contacts, If you know who to see, everything becomes easier.

The Adderall is perfect for working in finance or in another job ...

FINANCIAL ANALYST that requires to be retailer, Well, that's the way finances are.

When I was at Goldman, I never told anyone I was more than 25 years old.

You had to think hard before revealing that you were taking Adderall.

I think many fear that by revealing it, some do not know what it is or do not understand it.

Or that they see you as someone weak, someone inferior.

That they think you can not measure up.

When I saw that it cost too much buy it from my friends, I decided to find a doctor in New York.

I communicated by message with some friends

and I ended up going to a luxurious office in Central Park South, where an older man attended.

He barely knew he worked at Goldman Sachs, sure he thought: "Good.

Is someone normal that fits in with my ideal of success.

I can prescribe what you need. "

I think six or seven of my friends they meet with him.

There is a great phrase from the comedy Silicon Valley, where one of the employees needed Adderall and could not get, and they say: "Go out on the street by bicycle.

Many children in Palo Alto take it. "


Do any of you take Adderall and want to earn $ 50?

This is the generation that since the 90s has been exposed to consumption of Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta, between friends

Scribbled in my notebook I never did homework

Little attention Adderall is the best I'm not a doctor, but Ritalin drugs you.

Maybe that's it. It is a new drug.

It's a new drug.

I have to expel your son.

Unless they are willing to try a risky ...

Chocolate bar? No. A drug called Focusyn.

A drug?

I learned about ADD after being medicated, so I never knew what it was like It was for school.

It was to make your job easier to the teachers

and my parents, and to stop being scandalous.

And I guess to concentrate.

However, I was never interested in school.

And I concentrated only on what I wanted.

In my case, art.

And read when I could, which took time.

Let's see. How is everything? How is art?

All right. I have to prepare an exhibition for this year.

So I'm going to be very busy.

And the medicines? All right.

Do you take them?

Yes but not so much.

All right. Then sporadically, like before.

Yes, and I would like Stop taking them soon.

In agreement. Leave them completely.

This has to do with the development of the brain.

And as you grow up, the mature brain and the neurons make their connections.

It will not be necessary anymore.

Yes, I would not need it anymore. Let's see.

I've taken them since the third grade. Yes

Do I make these tomatoes pure?

If I help you?

Yes. With your hands?

Yes, do it with your hands.

You do well.


I studied at Montessori when I was younger, with my sister and my cousins.

Can you cut slices? I will do this.


They did well. Not me.

As a child, everyone knew the alphabet and the numbers.

MOTHER OF JASPER But he did not differentiate the numbers of the letters.

Sorry. Quiet.

We asked to be examined, and they said he had ADD.

FATHER OF JASPER We changed it to another school that was ...

A very good school.

Your third grade teacher He told us something about some medications.

I said, "Well, he does not take anything."

She answered: "Everyone in this class takes something."

"Well, he does not," I said.

She answered: "Then you should try."

After two years there, I was prescribed Adderall.


It was a difficult decision because I thought it was going to affect your creativity

Already since the age of three, It was obvious that he had a talent.

And I did not want to ruin it.

We tried, and the difference was noticed in him.

Now he could concentrate more.

I tried it too, I wanted to see the effect.

Apparently, I also had ADHD, because it worked.

It only helps you concentrate.

Do you think I have ADD or ...?

We will not know until we see if Ritalin helps you concentrate.

Not long ago, the medical guild thought:

"I'm not sure that this girl has ADHD.

There is no conclusive proof. I'm going to prescribe a stimulant.

If it works, you have ADHD. If not, then it does not have ".

An interesting idea, but wrong.

Almost everyone who takes stimulants You can concentrate better.

and work through the night.

I had to take pills.

I do not do it for fun.

I do it because I must.

When I was in ninth grade, I was taking 50 mg a day.

I was coming home still feeling the effects.

I went to bed at 6:00 a.m., after having been painting all night, thanks to the effect.

The only difference between children and adults is that children do not like to use high doses of the medication.

When raising the dose, they say: "I feel nervous, I feel strange."

Something happens in the middle of adolescence that brings young people and the adults to say: "I feel big and powerful."

I felt very embarrassed.

In public school, He said: "Yes, I take medication."

It seemed funny to me to say that I had than taking pills to calm me down I always shouted at him:

"Did you take your pills?".

If he did not pay attention to me or if he behaved badly, I asked him the question. Maybe that's why He used that annoyance as inspiration.


I started writing things like: "Take your pills."

I tried to force myself to feel proud of the fact to concentrate on something and be able to ignore everything else.

I felt pride.

Getting up was the obsession.

Go out with other people and say: "That's me".

They are beautiful. I love what he does.

The paintings do not match with the idea of ​​using Adderall, except for the fact that they are very meticulous and I repeat them again and again.

It is the bond that I perceive between them and the Adderall, Obsessiveness.

Everyone, for some reason, says:

"We all have some ADHD."

That is not true. There are distractions in life, but we do not all have the brain of someone with ADHD.

One of my first memories is to be diagnosed.

I do not think it's positive that people say things like that, because it reduces legitimacy.

It takes legitimacy from the effort and to the power that ADHD I could have someone.

It's a disorder.

It causes many problems and generates a stigma.

I think people downplay it, as if it were nothing and everyone had a little, but it's not like that.

Many people think they have it because you can not concentrate.

But you can not concentrate because society does not teach us how.

It's the minute society.

Everything requires a less prolonged approach.

Society in general has ADD.

Where is the border then? among those born with the disorder and those who have grown in a partnership with ADD?

We are at that point.

I walk away from the pool in the session.

It seems to Nick that it costs him.

A difficult work day What a hard life.

I did not think to take drugs when I went to the doctor.

I knew I had ADHD symptoms.

I saw it in Russell Simmons.

And I placed myself within the spectrum.

I spoke with Russell twice.

And he told me: "I do not take medication. I do yoga. "

I did yoga with him.

And I thought: "I do not think this serves me."


We never talked about his TDA when I was a child.

MOTHER OF BLUE For me it did not require a label.

For me, he had to learn to develop the ability to deal with it.

He never took me to the doctor so they can medicate me She wanted me to learn to function

within what I was going to be as a person.

Rays, did I come back in the shot? It was my fault.

As a special education teacher, I've seen how they prescribe drugs in a systematic way to children of color.

Seeing that, I did not want ...

I have to add Hispanic children too.

I did not want that for my son.

I was not happy when he told me, after so many years without medication, I needed her.

As a child, I believed that Ritalin was for crazy kids.

I did not know that I technically needed it.

Everyone used Ritalin as an instant cure.

For me, it was not an instant cure. That's why I did not like it.

I just started it running a lot.

Ritalin is due to love.

A scientist in Switzerland was playing with certain compounds

and things like amphetamine.

He found something to cheer up his wife

to play tennis better and did not gain weight.

He thought: "This kind of thing does work."

Her name was Marguerite, but they said Rita.

Hence the name Ritaline.

When the Swiss company Ciba he put it on the market, they removed the "E" at the end and it was renamed Ritalin.


At the beginning, we fall in love with the short-term effect.


It was most rewarding that a father came the next day if a pill is prescribed and said: "I can not believe it.

It is really normal.

He is a nice boy. "

Good girl.

Keith Conners is a seminal figure in the history of ADHD.

Developed the first scale

used by doctors to understand

the clinical picture in children.

Worked for pharmaceutical companies evaluating new drugs.

Nobody knew anything about these things.

They really made a difference in mental health.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins they wanted to find out if there was another pill, apart from amphetamine, of bad reputation, that I could help these children.

But how were they going to get methylphenidate?

The only way was with those who sold it, the Swiss company Ciba.

They said: "Ciba, do you give us a million pills? "

They sent a full barrel of Ritalin pills

to Johns Hopkins to do the tests.

In those days you could go to see the director and comment:

"We are trying a new drug."

And I was saying to you: "Oh, God, It would be wonderful to be able to calm to all these brats. "

We organize a study on the site

and we did a two-week test.

The children called them the pills of mathematics, because for the first time They could sit and do sums and learn.

Hyperactivity and lack of attention In the kids They have known each other for a long time.

That's how some children are.

One of the first names it was minimal brain damage.

He was thought to be a guy of brain damage, congenital or by encephalitis.

But then they saw that that was not the case.

They proposed: "How are you? minimal brain dysfunction? "

It was not until 1980 when they started to notice in the concept of lack of attention In the kids.

They proposed "disorder of attention deficit. "

It was given a name that people were willing to accept

and to allow as a cause to be medicated.

In 1996, another company returned to launch the amphetamine

to treat the attention deficit, in the United States, like Adderall.

Since then, the popularity It has grown enormously.



A pharmaceutical entrepreneur saw who were using the Obetrol

for what was known as ADD in English, and from there he was inspired to call it Adderall.

Thus the name arose.

TODAY, STIMULANTS REPRESENT A BUSINESS OF 13 BILLION DOLLARS One of the interesting phenomena is to hear the experts involved in the beginning of this.

As Keith Conners, that now questions the results of what they have done.

Medicate daily life, think that everyone has a potential disorder, that in the end trivializes the whole process, and puts society in the hands of the doctor and the pharmaceutical industry.

Do you consider that it is in the ADHD business?

Or was it at some point?

I think I was in the ADHD business, but I was not aware of the degree in which he was involved.

There is a lot of money for doctors who prescribe medications to his patients in a hurry, without knowing the side effects.

Some are positive, but others are pretty bad.

United States is one of the two developed countries ...


That allow advertising to be done of controlled substances.

With the drugs for ADHD, the goal was not limited to hyperactive children, that they could not concentrate on the class.

They also wanted to provide comfort to mothers.

"My God, my son now takes out the garbage!

What a wonderful World, thanks to Adderall XR. "

Every mother will be seduced for a commercial ...


that promises better grades with a pill and better grades with a diagnosis.

It was grotesque what they did these companies for the sake of money.


Come a hug. Hi. Thanks for coming.

I'm glad to see you. All good?

I'm Dr. Corey Hebert and I do many things.

PEDIATRICIAN First of all, I'm a doctor.

I came back It's me, the village doctor.

You must divest yourself of stress. He is going to kill you.

I consult one patient after another, and at the end of the day I changed the life of 30 people and maybe from their families.

But when I'm in the networks, I communicate with a million people.

Dr. Corey Hebert is a doctor at the LSU Health Sciences Center.

The child's own image and his way of dealing with the world, along with your self-esteem and confidence, It is so important to your success as is your health, since ADHD is a medical problem.


Brother, nice to see you. How have you been?

All right. You look good.

I'm going to make my patients well and succeed with the tools that I have in my arsenal.

It is the goal. It is what I should do.

I know some say:

"Well, you should not use so many medicines."

Come and sit in my chair.

One must make the correct diagnosis, Do not diagnose or overdo it.

How are you doing in school? All right.

HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT What does "good" mean?

Are you getting good grades?

I like that I do not speak to you as a doctor.

It seems to matter.

The other doctors

evaluate everything and make an appointment.

"Come back in a month."

Dr. Hebert is not like that.

And the side effects?

Have you felt tired? Tell me how you felt.

Do not. Do not.

Headache, stomach pain?

Headaches, yes. They give you?


He was diagnosed with ADD at age six.

I knew all the stigma, and how he made that drug feel to children.

For two years, I stopped giving him the medicine.

We try therapy and other things. Nothing worked.

He repeated kindergarten.

Did you take the medicine and then you stopped doing it?


Friend, it can not be.

When they started it again, did they start the headaches?

Yes Very well.

You have to tell me.

The first medicines I did not like.

He did not talk, did not eat or sleep.

In itself, it does not talk much. We got you Adderall.

When I started school, I took it daily and he had an average of 2.53.

But now it's going down, for not taking medicine.

At his age, I'm not going to force him.

He knows the difference and he's already in high school.

He decides if he wants to deal with the consequences.

However, I do not like them either the effects.

They can go.

If a child has ADHD, We do our best to take it to another level.

Whether with medication or therapy or something else.

Something must happen.

I was the first of my family to graduate from high school.

I always tell my children: "Do not be like me.

Be better.

Since I have a master's degree, then they must obtain a PhD, to tell you Dr. King. "

There is.

This is my son.

When you do not take the medication, reacts without thinking and it does not measure the consequences.

He knows he should take it, but he does not like the effects.

Stop taking it between Friday and Sunday.

If you take it on Monday, that makes it slow, as if he were a zombie.

Many of your friends do not deal with that.

And that makes you not feel normal.

That's why he prefers not to take it.

What did you research about the Adderall?

We went to the doctor, we tried a medicine and it did not work.

Then we try this and we noticed the difference immediately.

Come on in.

Did I investigate something?

Unfortunately not.

But he acted under the guidance of ...

The psychologist and his pediatrician.

The teachers of the school.

My sister, who gave Ritalin to her son.

I do not know if I would have done it today. Now I'm looking for how to open a can.

I investigate everything.

But back then, I think it would not have occurred to me.

Now I do not take it that much.

Only when I write.

It's not marijuana or alcohol.

It's methamphetamine. It affects your liver.

During my last year, I was not allowed to drink, for fear he would fail.

Blood tests were not good. Too many enzymes.

I had to check the color of the stool.

If so, it's not worth it.

How safe are these stimulants?

There are cardiovascular risks.

And risk of psychotic disorders.

Even in those who do not have history of psychosis There is a risk of long-term addiction.

These drugs can cause dependence, and that is a terrible situation.

You do not want that or your enemy.

One way or another, wait for one to take Adderall.

The perfect employee in investment banking

or in a technology company He is the one who never says no.

There is a culture that forces you to work 16 hours, seven days in a row.

If those around you can produce these results, you should also be able to.

But if they're taking Adderall, then you should also do it.

I had had a few hard weeks at work.

I worked with someone difficult from Wall Street, that he had me and another analyst working all day.

We stayed two and a half days awake with Adderall.

We introduce you to the main manager what we had done, He checked it and started saying:

"This was not what I asked for. I need this, this and this. "

Being under the effects of the medication I said:

"Fuck you, it's what you asked"

The next day, I went back to the office keeping a low profile, and a colleague comes up and says:

"Did not you know what happened last night?

Two or three hours after you left, the other analyst gave him a seizure due to fatigue, and he's hospitalized. "

I immediately called him.

He answered the phone, and I asked him how he was.

"My parents want me to resign.

They say enough is enough.

Can you send me this file? They're asking me for it. "

In high school I was told:

"At the university

you will see the subjects that you like ".

I like administration, but it does not fill me.

I'm wearing it because it's relevant.

The benefits of stimulants They look long before the damage.

The pilots of war took them.

They give you what you're looking for in the short term, and they make you expect the same result with the next pill.

"The drug helped me study

and I got better grades.

I will do it again. "

Then: "I can not sleep. Does anyone have anything for that? "

Stimulants can be abused.

Young people

in many cases they use them as a drug, and combine them with a sedative, like alcohol.

It is easy to abuse alcohol if you take stimulants, because you can take more, but when it ceases, you are unconscious.

People use it to work, and they think it's okay.

I have friends who have arrived

to the point that they can not work without taking Adderall.

You get used to it, and then you can not work without taking it.

You can not be productive. I have seen it.

Many people can not take amphetamine without becoming addicted.

There are too many people who has become addicted, and it is unacceptable that society put so much amphetamine on the street.

We are in one of those ascending stages.

Those of us in the front notice it for eight or ten years.

At present, the epidemic of prescription opioids it's on the front page, but the Adderall is right below of the threshold of opioids.

Did you attribute your success to Adderall?

It's not that I thought I was cheating, but I did not know if it was still me.

Should I feel good about achieving something, knowing that I took Adderall and that helped me to focus on it, instead of struggling with pain and fatigue?

Particularly after having these injuries.

Dislocated shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, LLI tear, tendon tear of the hamstring, of the quadriceps.

The Adderall helped me with all that.

The problem was that that feeling of productivity, and having conquered the world that day, took me into a depressive spiral and ...

It was a downer.

And before that fall, I took a little more.

One 70 milligrams in the morning, that complemented with two of 20 milligrams throughout the day.

However, the downturn does not go away when you take more.

You rise, but then you fall back.

It was somewhat strenuous.

How to run without the body moving.

I felt like it was floating out of my body.

If you are depressed and you stop taking the Adderall, that can accentuate the depression.

That could be my case.

When you do not take it, It's easy to get lost in thoughts.

I dislike not doing it on my own.

It's because of the Adderall.

It's a competition with myself.

I had an identity crisis when I left it.

Taking it and not taking it made me feel as two different people.

Very different people.

Red three!


For being an amphetamine, it speeds up your metabolism

and it leaves you dry. It dehydrates you the muscles and tissues, and that attracts injuries.

That was a challenge for me, just like staying hydrated when I used it I really believed that I had ADD.

It seemed like a medical problem that required treatment.

But when I used Adderall for study or some acquaintance did the same, for me that was a substance abuse.

However, I did not see it that way but until later, when I saw that he was drinking so much.

Then, when he noticed that he had problems for sleeping and that I was consuming other substances For that, I thought: "This is not a good cycle."

When I no longer had a prescription for the Adderall and the Vyvanse, I immediately started taking Ritalin.

Both serve to treat ADD / ADHD.

For that diagnosis I had permission to take Adderall.

I thought it would be the same.

However, the day I took Ritalin, I failed the doping test.


For them, they were two components very different.

And they suspended me for four games.

The American star in the crosshairs.

It's so strong.

According to leaked documents, methylphenidate was detected in Biles, 19 years old.

Simone admitted that he was taking the substance

and that he had a medical exemption that allowed him to use it.

Another athlete who has fought against the TDA is Michael Phelps.

But some wonder if those drugs gave him an advantage In the olympics.


We have reached the ground of the controversy.

Should everyone have a guardian for study?

That helps, but few families They can afford one.

Should everyone drink coffee?

That transcends psychiatry and psychology.

It goes beyond mental health.

Are there conditions of equality?

Stimulants and ADHD are in the center of those conditions.

To do things right, we're going to have to take out the ADHD, the stigma of mental health and the use of drugs in the public eye and have a debate about what we can afford to increase performance and what things we value in society.

When one spends medicated time, the experience changes.

At first, it was like a fuel, and I did not need much.

I took five or ten milligrams a day and it was good There was a lot of optimism and an obsession to do things.

It was fun, but that's not the case anymore.

Now I take 40 a day.

And I do things to empower him.

When I got up, I prepare a protein merengada.

A glass of orange juice It would be very acid, and that would destroy much of the Adderall before being absorbed.


Brain-hacking is a segment of biohacking.

For example: "I want to alter my organism to run more. "

The Limitless movie

is responsible for carrying the public to believe that there are drugs that can enhance the intelligence.

Information that reaches me like Neo in The Matrix.

Now I know kung fu.

In the last ten years, there has been a lot of debate on cognitive improvement.

Much of what has been debated has turned around the ethical aspect.

Is it cheating?

Or if it's safe.

But everyone seems to take it for granted which is a cognitive improvement.

So we decided to do a test to find out.

There are interesting facts, of Martha Farah and the laboratory from the University of Pennsylvania, about initial tests with students without signs of ADHD who take stimulants or a placebo and perform weekly tests that measure learning.

A varied range of tasks was evaluated.

But, in the end, it was not found Much difference between the Adderall and the placebo, except for one question:

"Do you feel that the pill today? Did you improve cognition? ".

One of the conclusions is that stimulants serve to increase the trust in the ability to learn.

Amphetamines are used for intelligence, but they do not work.

They keep you awake, when you should be asleep, and they help you withstand the boring tasks.

But they do not add anything, no type of cognition.

The most common effect of amphetamine, the Adderall, it is to feel that performance improves.

And that's important, since you feel that one does something better it serves to motivate and strengthen trust.

If you trust your ability and you feel motivated to do something, that could be an improvement, even if your CI has not increased in a concrete way.

Usually, the Adderall is the entry point to find out everything on cognitive enhancers.

As a young adult who studied in a good university, and worked in investment funds and coverage, It is impossible to avoid stimulants.

Or its abuse.

Is that the concept of medication changed.

Before it was to overcome an illness and not to use a technicality and acquire a controlled substance.

Some friends used Adderall for purposes other than recommended, and they were not getting good results.

They believed that with him they could be successful.

Since we did not want that, we look for alternatives with medicines without a prescription.

We did not want to pretend we had ADHD.

I came up with a very simple page.

With three elements.

One question, one "Yes" button and one of "No, thanks, I'm fine."

We could ask: "Do you want to sleep well?"

"Yes" or "No, thank you, I'm fine."

If you choose "No", we go to: "Do you want to concentrate better?"

If you choose "Yes", we go to OptiMind LP.

In that I can help?

Do you think the brain can do more? Yes you can.

Sometimes they put us in the same bag with the prescribed stimulants.

I dislike it, because it's not like that.

We want to help healthy people to achieve its purpose.

I do not have ADHD.

I am a healthy person looking for something Help her to reach the best version of itself.

In the background, I think we all want that better version of ourselves.

We founded AlternaScript and we use studied ingredients by the best institutes of neuroscience.

We asked if they worked.

It was when everything took off.

One day, we appeared in an article from VICE News, about the popularity of the pills for cognition.

The investigation was there.

Now the entrepreneurs had what to look for the way that they were used daily.

The mind is something beautiful. Give him free rein.

Anything else?

You said "excited and dedicated".

I would change that first sentence a little.

And I would choose one or the other, to accentuate the message more.

How about "emodedicado"? "Emodedicado"?

It sounds like a new drug.

The cognitive improvement is here to stay.

It is the future of the human species.

All this is inevitable.

The movement of nootropics and microdoses, the use of modafinil, is leading people to reach the next level, either physically or cognitively.

Many in Silicon Valley are very interested in microdoses

of LSD and psilocybin to improve the performance.

In a culture where priority is given to innovation, I imagine the uses that could have

to further expand the vision of things, and at the same time take advantage of the benefits to focus

It would not be like wine, marijuana or what we use to relax.

ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVERTISING I see it more as a supplement, a tool.

I use a microdose every four days.

I grind the mushrooms until they are pulverized, and I put them in capsules

0.2 grams.

A microdosis is a tenth of a twentieth of the conventional dose of a psychedelic substance.

Classical psychedelic substances like LSD, psilocybin, mushrooms, the mescaline, the peyote.

There is no psychedelic effect.

The stones do not shine in the least, and the flowers are not interested in one.

What's more, if you notice something like that, Then you have to lower the dose.

In college, I bought Adderall to other people.

I did not use my own prescription.

When I graduated, I felt that work He forced me to use my prescription, that was 90 milligrams a day.

The culture here is that everything is for yesterday, and that everything must be done quickly.

I hate that, but they all talk like that.

It's not normal to be 28 or 29 and talk of exhaustion or nervous breakdown.

WHY WOMEN TAKE MICRODOSIS OF LSD AT WORK Are there better, safer substances? that disturb the organism less, and with better side effects?

The substance has no side effects. It has effects.

The idea is to choose them ...

If you sell, you appeal to certain effects.

If you want to help tortured people for your medications, you appeal to other effects.

When using Adderall, there is an urgency

that takes you to work fast.

But with this, you feel that you can take some time

and that you can do things well, calmly.

The key came to me a few years ago, when I knew that Albert Hofmann, the first to synthesize LSD, had said that low doses They almost did not study.

And he said that if Sandoz, his company, I would have been more active, there would be no market for the Ritalin.

Instead, we have this very addictive substance that fills the coffers of companies and the doctors.

LSD and mushrooms do not do that.

Count up to four with me. One two three four.

Start at Disney Junior.

I get it.

What? Why is that face?

I have not felt the need to take Adderall since my career ended.

My mental state has changed.

I used to depend on that energy and that mental chaos.

It's easy to forget that the main thing

is that we are alive and breathe. We may have problems ...

Now meditation has helped me to focus and to seek mental clarity.

There are days when I think: "What the fuck, I was in the NFL."

Being a rookie in the league, Many tell you:

"You will not play forever.

You're in the league for a short time. "

But you're only 21 years old and you have just realized your dream.

All that goes through one ear and out the other.

I did the best I could.

Say everything I had until the day when I could not anymore.

When Eben was about to retire, I said: "What are you going to write? Start writing. "

During high school, I fell in love with the idea of ​​being a writer.

I started reading Less than zero, by Bret Easton Ellis.

It was visceral. I thought that creative writing was for me.

So when my career came to an end, my wife encouraged me to review all those journals in which I wrote about my experience in the league.

"Taking Adderall was like riding the lightning.

I took two that Monday, before the initial play ".


what am I going to do with my life after football.

- Hello, son. Yes, mom.

Do not write me that you are in the game. Listen to me when I call you.

I always show you this picture.

I say, "See, this is what happens when you do not take the medicine. "

He always ended up fighting with others at school.

They broke his nose.

I had to report the other child.

I felt that I could not control it anymore, so I let him live with his father in New Jersey.

That is his older brother. Has 18.

There were number of incidents. When he turned 15, he stole my car.

To do what?

He just stole it.

I went to get the car, and it was gone.

The parents are crying. When they get to the doctor, they are crying They feel pain.

They do not know what to do with these guys who act like that.

There's a lot of negativity around, and it is said that if a child does this a lot or the other, the doctor automatically you are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD just to medicate it.

As a mother of someone who does, I can tell the difference between Rahiem and my first son.

As a mother, sometimes I feel bad,

because I feel like I'm not doing everything I can for my children.

I try to encourage him from here.

I ask him:

"Did you take your medicine?" And he says: "Yes, mom, I took it."

I just hope it was A good decision.

Because I really need it.

Without Adderall, I would not have finished the high school.

Maybe I would have finished it, but I would not have arrived where is it not for that.

I would say he is very upset with me, for giving him the Adderall, but I also think that you appreciate my tenacity, because otherwise ...

Where would we all be?

I'm lucky.

I started this process in the New Year of 2016.

I told my girlfriend, Erin, I wanted to do the workshop.

And then I did everything I had to do

to make it happen.

How to take Adderall.

I have everything I wanted.

The pay is very good, and they want to recruit me on Google.

Is incredible. For me it is.

It would have been impossible to achieve that

without the medication.

Maybe because I have a severe case of ADHD, and it's hard for me to work as I should.

Maybe because it was the fuel that took me where I should.

I do not worry about knowing why.

Have you ever used stimulants?

Once, during the first study of Ritalin.

It was late afternoon.

I felt that the day I surrendered.

In effect, it was a good experience, but thank God I did not put the hand again in the barrel.

Did they give you the results?

Only from the exam I did this morning, at 10:00.

I pulled out an "A."

Stress never goes away completely.

But I hope that, upon graduation, I can do it aside.

I have a feeling

that I'm about to stop using the Adderall.

I hope that, as an adult, I can handle my time better, and that does not have the need to take prescription medications to do what I owe.

Hopefully it's the end.

I do not know where I'm going to be, but when I think about it, I do not see myself taking Adderall.

The Adderall serves to focus me at work.

If I get to the point where my work flowed only and things were fine, I would not take it.

If tomorrow I won $ 200 million, I would not take more Adderall.

But I need it to play, because otherwise, I forgot to play the lottery.

I'm more boring when I'm on medication.

And I'm more upset.

Yesterday I had to study all day, and I took Vyvanse and Adderall. I was medicated all day.

I felt bad, but I did what I had to do.

It is an act of balance what you must define

This of higher education It's disappointing me.

You need a title to be someone.

As twenties, we are drugged with medicine for ADD, competing among us ...

For what? To get good grades?

A dynamic is taking place

where people are taking dangerous drugs, in an inappropriate way.

And it also resembles a little bit to an arms race, in which to see that the competition he is doing it, one feels that he must also do it.

Focus on the use or abuse, depends on who you think, It is a symptom of something bigger.

This highly competitive environment, in which people feel that they should

compete beyond your means to stand out.

This commitment

in material progress and productivity ...

At what price?

Are we willing to pay it?

I would not say I'm happy to have the Adderall, but I'm glad make it an option for him.

Do not use it so much

has allowed me to feel more comfortable with myself.

I would never give Adderall to my son

because I know the effects, and they are not funny at all.

I find it very comfortable give your child something similar to methamphetamine without thinking.

There are alternatives. You can teach him how to concentrate.

The idea was to be the best.

The NFL is a symbol of that level.

Do you regret having taken Ritalin?

No. I did what I had to do.

And I'm glad to have passed to this stage of my life.

It's not a hole you can not get out of.

Adderall, the drug of our time.

I guess if we all took Adderall, we would stop asking: "What's the point of everything?"

I lost the idea One second.

I had an example.

That would also be lost what humans do

when they ponder or reflect, and when the mind wanders.

Now I remember.

What emerges from there?

Creativity, art, extraordinary moments of human contact.

But also intense moments of pain and affliction.

That is part of the experience of being human.