Tampopo (1985) Script

An Itami Productions Film Produced by New Century Producers

You're at the movies too, huh?

Whatcha eating?

You know how during movies some people eat potato chips and crinkle wrappers?

I really can't stand -


Yeah. Curry flavor.

Make that noise after the film starts and I might kill you.

You hear me?

I also won't tolerate watch alarms beeping.

But here's what I really don't want interrupted:

They say that at the moment of death you see a sort of short film, your whole life kaleidoscoped before your eyes.

I'm really looking forward to that.

A person's last film.

And I don't want it interrupted!

"Darling, please don't die!" Stuff like that.

None of that, you hear?

Looks like our movie's starting.

Tsutomu Yamazaki Nobuko Miyamoto, Koji Yakusho

A Film By Juzo Itami

Tampopo (Dandelion)

One fine day... an old man and I went out for a bite.

He'd studied ramen for 40 years and said he'd initiate me into the art.

Sensei, broth or noodles first?

First contemplate the ramen.

Carefully observe the entire bowl while savoring the aroma.

The jewels of fat twinkling on the surface... the menma shoots glistening with fat... the nori darkening with moisture... the scallions floating on top.

Above all, the stars of the show: three slices of roast pork, modestly half submerged.

Now then, with the tips of your chopsticks... smooth out the surface and caress the ramen.

What for?

To express affection.

Then point your chopsticks at the roast pork.

Go straight for the pork?

No, at this stage merely tap it.

Nudge it lovingly with the tips.

Slowly pick it up and nestle it in the broth to the right.

This next part is very important. l want you quietly to apologize to the pork.

"Until we meet again."

"Until we meet again"?

Stupid book!

Makes me hungry for ramen. Hang tough.

We'll be there in two hours. We can chow down afterwards.


Keep reading.

At last we begin eating, starting with the noodles.

At this point... while slurping the noodles, be sure never to take your eyes off the pork.

Gaze at it with affection.

The old man took a bite of menma and chewed it awhile.

Then he took a mouthful of noodles.

Then, still chewing the noodles, he took some more menma.

Only then did he sip the broth.

Three times in succession.

Then he slowly sat up straight.

He sighed and then, as if making a momentous decision, took the first slice of pork and tapped it lightly on the side of the bowl.

Does that have some special meaning?

What meaning? Just draining the liquid off.

Let's stop. Why?

Your stupid book's making me hungry too.

LAI LAI RAMEN SHOP I'm guessing naruto and nori. Yeah, in shoyu stock.

Right, not too heavy.

What's going on here?

You okay?

You live around here?

Cheer up.

Is this your place?


Pork ramen. Make mine a special.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

The water isn't boiling.

Hey, you'll catch cold over there.

Ah, Tabo, you're back.

What's wrong?

Get beat up again?

Who was it this time?


You're soaked.

Hurry up and change.

I'll say it again: Close this dump.

Move in with me and that bullying will stop.

Come with me to Paris.

I'll buy you jewelry and furs!

Don't be so damn stubborn!

Pork for you.

And here's your special.

Special! Like hell!

Packed with stinky naruto.

You're behind the times.

That's why business is bad.

Call it quits or I'll force you out!

Just shut up!

I'll use naruto if I want.

What's it to you if business is bad?

Dumb broad!

I'm offering to help by buying you out of this flop.

Would you keep it down? We're trying to eat.

Shut your trap! Ken!

I'm sorry.

Pis-Ken, enough! Don't offend my customers.

I'm not bowing down to a couple of sweaty truckers.

Ken! Shut up!

You itching for a fight, pal? Just ask.

Okay, I'm asking.

Here I am.

Gun, take the truck on ahead. But -

I'll be okay. Go on ahead.

The customer's waiting.

Okay, then. Thanks for the meal.

No need to bust up the shop. Let's take it outside.

Good morning.


Are you all right? I think so.

How'd I end up here?

Don't you remember?

The doctor and I tried to take you in back, but you said, "I'm fine here!"

You're tough.

Nah, I got my ass kicked.

But you took it well.

There were five of them. It wasn't fair.

Are you tough? Not me.

You lose sometimes?

Always. There are three of them:

Ryuta, Yohei, and Uchida.

That's not fair.

No, but I don't run.

My dad always said a man should never run.

Your dad was tough.

Yeah, but Mom's awesome too. Isn't her cooking good?

Yes. I haven't had such good pickles in years.

Best pickles in Japan.

Best ramen too, right?

The ramen? Well, uh...

I gotta go.

Got your practice book? Yes.

For kanji? Yes. ls the numerator on top or bottom?

Give me a break! Bottom, of course.

No, wait. It's on top. Bye.

His hat!

Was my ramen that bad?

I didn't mean that.

Please be honest.

After my husband died, I tried to learn by watching others, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Please give me your honest opinion.

Oh! I haven't even introduced myself!

I'm Tampopo.

I'm Goro. I'm Gun.

So... how was my ramen?

Well... it has some solid, honest flavor... but it lacks pizzazz.

Basically it sucks.

Now, Miss Tampopo - Just Tampopo.

Okay. Go make some ramen.

Gun, you're the customer. No, come in the door.

Ready? Let's try it.



Welcome! Hold it.

If you greet him, look at him. Otherwise just keep working.

Go on.

I'll have ramen.

Quick, observe him now, while he isn't looking!

Hold it!

What did you see? He's young and cute -

Not that!

Is he hungry? In a hurry? First time here?

Foot traffic? Word of mouth? Has he been drinking?

Will he take to your ramen?

Now make the ramen.

Good place to cut it. That's how my husband did it.

But it's too thick. It's generous!

Thicker isn't better. Three slices, 3 mm each.

That's too thin! Sorry.

Now's the time to look at him!

If you care about your ramen, you want to see how he reacts!


What's he doing? Sipping the broth.

Isn't that odd?

It's very odd!

It should be too hot to sip, yet he's slurping it down!

That's a fatal flaw! Lukewarm ramen isn't ramen!

Please wait!

Please make me your disciple.

Disciple? I beg you!

I'll give it 110%!

Talking with the two of you made me want to turn this into a real ramen shop.

For Tabo's sake too.

I'll do anything.

Please teach me! I'm begging you.

We're just truck-

In your free time.

I'll be waiting, pickles always at the ready.

One, two!


You'll never be a real ramen cook at this rate!


On to ladling. Fill those six bowls.

Get set... go!


What's this? Put it back.

We'll do this till you get it right!

Get set... go!

Close! Three minutes, 15 seconds.

Gotta beat three minutes.

Faster! Ramen takes stamina!

Don't give up!

You'll be no match for male cooks.


All right, time to cool down.

Why the hell am I doing this?

Mr. Senior Director, Mr. Executive Director, please.

This place is famous for its seafood.

Please have a seat.

What would you like, sir?

Mr. Senior Director? Well, let me see...

Mr. Executive Director?

I'm not all that hungry yet.

Something light.


I'll have the sole meunière.

Soup or salad, sir?

Consommé. No salad.

To drink, sir? Beer. Heineken.

Very good, sir.

For you, sir?

I'll have the sole too.

Soup or salad, sir?

Consommé. No salad.

To drink, sir? Beer for me too.

For you, sir?

Maybe I'll try the sole as well.

Soup or salad, sir?

Maybe I'll try the consommé.

To drink, sir? Maybe I'll have a beer.

Same for me.

Me too.

For you, sir?

And you, sir? Just a moment.

Should I have the quenelles?

The boudin-style quenelles - are they in a sausage shape?

Yes, sir.

As I recall, Taillevent in Paris serves them that way.

You're well-informed, sir.

Our chef trained at Taillevent.

So it's a caviar sauce? That's correct, sir.

I'll start with that.

For the main course, escargot pastry.

That's in fond de veau sauce?

Yes, it's escargots and shimeji mushrooms simmered in Madeira and stewed in fond de veau, sir.

I'll have that... and your apple-and-walnut salad.

Excellent choice, sir.

What about to drink, sir?

You know, I've been craving Corton Charlemagne all day.

Do you have a 1981 ?

I'll call the sommelier.

Yes, do that.

Next we'll discuss the proper way to eat spaghetti.

Grated cheese is used only on certain spaghetti dishes.

This is spaghetti alle vongole.

Does it take cheese?

That's right. It does not.

Now, please pick up your fork and spoon.

Hold your spoon in your left hand.

With the fork in your right hand, take three or four strands of spaghetti.

Pressing them against the spoon, gently wind them around the fork.

How is everyone doing?

Very well.

Now, I'd like you to eat without making a sound.

The most important thing is not to make any noise.

You absolutely must not make any noise!

To avoid doing so, listen very carefully to yourself.

Surprisingly, many people don't realize they're making noise.

Let's try it.

Please listen carefully.

Even the faintest sound, such as this...

... is absolutely taboo abroad!


This shop's just minutes from yours.

Now look at this line.

There's no shortage of customers for good ramen.

It's true.

And their ramen isn't even that good.

You've eaten here before?

I can tell by looking.

Too much wasted motion.

Lots of chatter.

Only their "Welcome!" has any punch.

Who ordered pork and wonton ramen?

They can't remember who ordered what.

You can beat them in a month.

Tampopo, come look.

Watch closely.

See how they change the water and trade places?

No wasted motion.

Not a word, either.

Good shops are like this.

They convey that focus to their customers.

Look how the customer drinks the broth down to the last drop.

He's about to hand the bowl back.

Watch closely.

Watch how the old man inspects every bowl.

Did the customer finish the broth?

You see?

The broth is the soul of ramen.

That's why he nonchalantly checks.

The thing to watch here is how the owner remembers who ordered what and when.

Right? That's how you do business.

A train pulled in. Here they come.

Pork ramen. Coming up.

Plain, no bean sprouts, light on the menma.

Wonton ramen.

Large ramen.

Menma ramen.

Garlic ramen with soft noodles.

How much?

480 yen.

Thanks. 650 yen.

He's great, huh?

Keep watching. You'll learn a lot.

Pork ramen, with plenty of fat.

Here's my money.

Plain with firm noodles.

Plain, no menma.

All I remember is... the pork noodles are next, then plain, no bean sprouts, light on the menma, and then... that guy wants a large.

Actually... this gentleman with the wonton comes before the large ramen.

Is that right? Yes.

Wonton, then large.

Then menma, then garlic with soft noodles, fatty pork, plain with firm noodles, plain no menma!

This is it.

This is it!

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Please tell me the recipe for this broth.

The recipe for my broth? Never!

You're a pro. I can tell by the look in your eyes. l can't give a competitor my secrets!

Please! I'll pay!

How much?

Say... 50,000 yen? Forget it! lf you want to pay, loan me one million yen to be paid back in a year, interest-free.

Then I'll give you the recipe for free.

A million yen...

Listen to me!

Don't lend him that million.

He bets on speedboats.

You'll never get it back.

Give me 30,000 yen and I'll give you his recipe.

My shop's next door.

Come back late tonight with the money.


This way.

Where are we going? This way.

Where are you taking me? Keep going.

What are you doing? l can't learn how to make broth in here!

Look through there.

How much is that?

What the hell?

Why didn't you finish it?

Sorry. I'm just full.

Don't give me that shit!

Who orders ramen when they aren't hungry?

Wait a minute.

You run the Lai Lai shop!

Why are you here?

Slinking around, trying to steal our business!

We've been here since the postwar black-market days!

We won't be insulted by a couple of rank beginners!

Bow down and apologize, or finish every last drop!

If you put it that way, I'll have to spell it out.

I couldn't finish it because it's inedible.

How dare you!

The broth stinks of overcooked pork bones.

The vegetables hiding the stink are too sweet, and the kombu's too heavy.

And you use anchovies in the broth, but anchovy guts are too stinky for ramen.


As if you amateurs could appreciate our ramen!

Pops, people who eat ramen are all amateurs.

Why make ramen they can't appreciate?

And you let the noodles sit too long in the lye.

They stink of it.

Go easy on the lye after a rain.

And the overcooked pork is like cardboard.

Your menma is boiled, not pickled, so it's soggy and bland.

Goddamn you!

All right!

You think your ramen's so special?

No, we just make normal ramen the normal way.


We'll come try your "normal" ramen.

Be ready tomorrow morning.

It better be good... or else!

The pork's ready. Water's boiling?

Yes. How's the broth?

Oh no! What?

I let it boil! It's cloudy!

What do we do?

They're on their way!

Mom, they're here!

We're here for your "normal ramen made the normal way"!

Just wait a minute. Bastard!

It won't be long.

Cut the crap! We had an agreement!

Too late for excuses!

What's that smell?

Hey! Let me see that broth!

Please wait a minute! I'm sorry -

What are you doing to my mom?


Stop! Don't!


Goro, help!

Damn it!

CLOSED TODAY Closed again today, huh?

You're doing that way too often.

Still can't get the broth right, huh?

Looks like it's time to call on Sensei.

Hey, Goro!

We're over here!

There they are.

Come on.

Come join us!

Great to see you! Sit over here.

Come on.


Come share our meal.

This is Sensei.

He used to be an OB/GYN.

While he was busy making ramen as a hobby, his wife and manager stole his clinic from him.

Now he's our resident gourmet.


Your timing's perfect!

We just scored some boeuf bourguignon from the Carlton Hotel!

It's a bit burnt, so you can't call it perfect.

Burning is always a risk with French cuisine.

It's good!

How's the sake? Pretty good, isn't it?

It is.

But I can't make out the brand.

That's because it's a blend.

The base is a rather dry Nada, but we added a few other things!

He's been studying sake for 1 5 years.

This a pork cutlet from Kitaro.

But I can't recommend it. Their quality's plummeted.

They used to source good pork from Kagoshima, but now it's no good.

Now they even shred cabbage with a machine!

Their hearts aren't in it.

Ah, the good old days!

You guys are so picky!

What was the story with that wine we had last time?

You mean the Medoc, a 1980 Château Pichon Lalande.

As you know... the weather in 1980 was unseasonable, and it was a bad year for Bordeaux.

The other day I was in the alley behind Le Chat Qui Pêche and saw some empty wine bottles.

One of them was a 1980 Château Pichon Lalande.

It was still a quarter full.

I brought it back, carefully decanted it, and gave it a try.

That 1 980 vintage that should have been awful?

It was splendid!

Very light... yet full-bodied!

The finish going down seemed to go on and on...

These guys live life to the full.

You're not eating much, sonny.

Shall I fix you something? What do you like?

Rice omelets. Rice omelets?

Okay, follow me.

We need to borrow Sensei a while. See you later.

Thank you, Sensei!

Good luck!

Let's sing a song to see him off!

How precious Our teacher's kind favor

How swiftly the years have passed ln this garden of learning

As we look back On the years so quickly gone by Knowing that we must now part

Hearts full, we say farewell

What are you catching?


Show me.

Will you sell me one?


Shall I open it?

You can eat it out of my hand.

That tickles!


You had pulp gangrene. What a stench!

Didn't you smell it?

A little bit.

I thought I'd die from the smell.

You can eat anything now, but start with something soft.

"He only eats natural food. Don't give him sweets or snacks.

His mother."

Want it?

It's really good.

Take it.

Now listen: Ramen is a fascinating thing.

Prepare it well and you're always rewarded with good ramen.

Don't forget that.

Let's review the basics of broth.

Fowl spoils quickly, so buy fresh chicken and use it quickly.

Chicken and pork have strong odors, so parboil them first, then rinse well in water.

You can leave the vegetables whole.

The tricky part is the heat.

You need enough to release the flavor, but never allow the stock to come to a full boil like that. lf it boils, the broth will cloud over.

Most important of all is to carefully skim the scum off the top.

Today I brought a most interesting ingredient.

Let's take a close look.



I'm sorry.

It's just the way it looked at me.

Here are your 14 orders of noodles.


Welcome, Sensei!

Please come this way.

Sensei, no adzuki bean soup, no duck-meat soba, and no tempura soba.

They nearly did you in before. Be a good boy.

I'm off to the bank. Shohei, let's go.

Duck-meat soba... tempura soba, and adzuki bean soup.


Gun, flip him upside down!

Excuse me! Make way!

We did it!

In appreciation for saving my life today, I'd like to treat you all... to some softshell turtle.

Shohei, just a touch more salt today.

Shall we watch?

Is it from Lake Hamana?

No, the Kuma River. I finally caught a wild one.

Careful, ma'am!

They have teeth like razors.

It could bite your finger clean off.

See that? Unless you kill it in one stroke, the muscles contract, the blood congeals, and it loses its flavor.

I hear that my rescuer is struggling with her ramen shop.

I can't just sit by and do nothing!

Please allow this old man to help.


You might laugh at my attempt, but I thought I'd make a bit of ramen.

Where did you get this recipe?

When I was in middle school, the old man at our local stand taught me, and I got hooked.

If he'd be of help, please borrow him.

Today we start turning this place into the best ramen shop in town.

Sensei, you'll remain in charge of the broth.

And as of today...

Shohei joins our team to upgrade our noodles.

Gun and I will give the shop some flair.

We'll be like the directors of the film.

The foundation will be a clear shoyu broth, but with body and punch.

Only roast pork, menma, and scallions as toppings.

Just two items on the menu: plain ramen and pork ramen.

Agreed? Agreed!

What about the name of the shop?

The food's changing. Maybe it's time for a new name.

Let's change it! Yes!

Yes, let's.

Any good ideas?

Something unique. Easy to remember.

Feminine... And appetizing!

I think it should be "Tampopo."

"Tampopo"! Yes!


Yup. "Tampopo Ramen."

TAMPOPO Come look!

Chicken, pork, kombu, and dried sardines.

Look at this! They use fish heads too.

These noodles are tops.

Smooth but chewy.

It's true.

Smooth but chewy.

Noodles can vary so much.

You have to give your noodle maker a precise recipe for everything from flour ratios to kneading the dough.

For example, for noodles this smooth, they probably run the dough through the roller an extra time, and they probably let it sit before that.

But the question is: For how long?

They probably use special lye water too.

I'll go ask. They'll never tell you.

Can't hurt to try.

Hey you, did you make these? Yes.

They weren't as good as usual.

Are you sure?

Tastes the same to me!

No way! Maybe the dough didn't sit long enough.

Kneaded it yesterday and let it sit in plastic wrap overnight, as usual.

That's strange. Maybe you skipped a rolling.

No! Three times, like always.

I've got it! Different lye water!

No! I use the very best, from back home in Guangxi.

100% Pure Lye Water.

Really? Maybe it's just me.

Must be. Thank you.

I hear you're hanging out at Tampopo's joint.

Ah, you're that drunkard.

It's none of your business where I hang out.

I'm not saying it is. But we need to talk.

The other night...

I was too drunk to stop my boys from ganging up on you.

You probably thought we fought dirty.

I felt bad about it.

So what do you say... we go one-on-one now?

Hey, your noodles are different.

The broth's different too.

You guys are sharp. How is it?

Pretty good. It is, isn't it?

You okay?


You did some fighting before, huh?

A long time ago.

Sasazaki Gym. Welterweight.

Dirty bastard!

No wonder your hook is so good.

You're good too for being self-taught.

Are you... in love with Tampopo?

I'm just turning her place into a real ramen shop.

Let me help.

What can you do?

I'm a contractor.

I do interiors.

My specialty is bars.

Okay, you handle the interior.

All right.

Just make sure she pays you.


The name's Pis-Ken.



Not another fight!

No, you've got it wrong!

He's going to do the interiors. That's why I brought him.

You are?

The name "Tampopo" will bring in business.

You and I grew up together. I'll do my best.

Thank you.

You got any savings?

A million yen.

This place is about 200 square feet.

It'll take about two million.

That's more than I have.

Don't worry. At 200 bowls netting 200 yen each, you'll clear 40,000 a day.

That's a million a month. You can pay me in no time.

I'll rebuild the cooking area to match Tampopo's height.

Goro, give me a bowl.

This is too high.

The counter's too shallow, yet it butts out too far.

Feels too cramped for ramen.

You need at least 16 inches.

I'd say at least 18.

Out of the way.

Tampopo's fine as she is, you idiot!

You just don't get it.

She's a diamond, but she needs polishing -

Shut up! She's fine as she is.

She's more than pretty enough!

She may be pretty but only in your eyes, because you're in love with her.

Don't be ridiculous!

It's true. You may think she's pretty, but to others she looks middle-aged and frumpy.

I'll be blunt: She's mousy.

You asshole!

Leave this to the young folks.

Let's get started.

Tampopo, we're ready.

Goro, she's ready!

I don't need to look. Come on!

Damn fool!

We're all done. Hurry up!

That's all right. Come on!

Get over here!


How do I look?

Like something out of a French film.

I feel like calling you "Jeanne."

Next look!

How about this? No good?

It's just... now you look hard to talk to.

Come on.

Let's go out.

Am I working hard enough?

Sure. You approve?

Sure. Really?

Yeah. I'm glad.

Tell me:

Why are you doing all this for me?

I don't know.

Why are you working so hard?

Good question.

How can I explain?

Everyone has their own ladder.

Some do their best to climb to the top, while others don't even realize they have a ladder.

You came along... and helped me find my ladder.

What was your husband like?

He was a good man.

He liked his liquor. Always in a hurry.

In a soba shop he'd be ordering sake as he took off one shoe and soba as he took off the other.

What about your wife?

She left with the kids.

Why? I don't know.

I grew up in a miserable family... so I wanted to make my own home the warmest there was.

I got married. We had kids.

And we had a warm home.

But I never felt comfortable there.

I don't know how to act in a happy home.

Before I knew it, my wife was gone.

Maybe I'm just a cold-hearted guy.


It was raining the night I met you.

Cigarette... Coming up.

I'll run a bath!

Not only have you helped me greatly, but now you're treating me to this feast.

I couldn't be happier.

Not at all, Professor.

It's an honor to do business with you.

Have a bit more.

That investment opportunity you described...

I'm very interested.

I don't understand the details, but if you recommend it, it must be a sure thing.

I'll leave everything in your hands.

Thank you, sir.

I'm honored to help a man such as yourself.

But it's a popular investment.

I'd sign soon if I were you.

I understand.

Tomorrow is Sunday, but I'll withdraw all my funds first thing Monday.

Mind you, it's the paltry savings of a mere professor at Tohoku University.

I understand.

If you'll excuse me, I need to call my office.

We're on for Monday.

He's withdrawing everything.

Wait in the car behind the bank.

A professor at Tohoku University.

He's retired. He's here lecturing -


A real sucker!

Kumada... playing the university professor again?

You really need to vary your routine.

Give me your other hand.

Do me a favor.

Please, before we go... just one more.

Make it quick.

That's odd.

Where'd your victim run off to?

What's going to happen to me?

Darling, hold on!

You can't die! What'll we do without you?

Don't fall asleep or you'll die!

Say something! Sing!

Do something!

I've got it: Cook! Go make dinner!

It's ready.

Thank you, Mom.

It's good.

Really good.

I'm very sorry.

Time of death: 9:22.

Keep eating!

It's the last meal your mother cooked!

Eat while it's hot!


How is it?

When do we try this again?

How can you be so heartless?

Can't you taste the difference?

It's a lot better than before.

Give her some credit! We know all that.

But we want customers lining up.

It's starting to have some body, but it isn't smooth going down.

It's got body, but no punch.

And the flavor lacks depth, or maybe breadth.

I'm sorry.

Don't look so sad, Tampopo.

What you're making is good.

You should look happy.

You're right.

That's the spirit! Here's a recipe from my own repertoire.

Slice the scallions diagonally.

Chop the pork very thin.

Lightly stir-fry, then place on noodles and add sesame oil.

This is good.

Very good. This'll sell!

Add it to the menu! What to call it?

Scallion Ramen? Scallion Soba!

That's good.

Our signature dish! Hear that?

Pork ramen.

Thank you very much.


Mom, you're scaring me.

Today's the day!

If they eat my ramen... and drink all the broth, I win.

Let's begin.

Please enjoy.

This is it! She finally did it.

She really did it!

Tampopo... congratulations.


Hold on!

Try to hold on!


Did I ever tell you?

About what?

About hunting wild boar.

In winter... there's nothing for boar to eat... so they root for yams.

All they eat are yams.

So when a hunter shoots one... he has to quickly slit its belly, pull out the guts, and grill them over a fire.

The intestines... are stuffed with yams.

Yam sausages, you see?

You grill them... slice them, and eat them hot.

Sounds good, huh?

Yes... perfect with soy sauce and wasabi.

Darling, what is it?

Please hold on!

I wanted so much... to eat them with you.

You will!

You'll get better soon... and we'll go hunt wild boar.


Please don't die!

Hush now.

My final movie is starting...

Good morning.

You finally did it. Congratulations.

Thank you.

This is awesome! It really happened!

What a nice counter!

The lighting's great too!

Tabo, I hear you wrote up the menu.


It's great.

Hey, Tabo!

Hi, Ryuta, Yohei, Uchida. Let's go.

Bye, Mom! See you later.

How's the new setup feel?

Unreal. Like I'm a master chef!

To be honest...

I never thought a woman could make a great ramen cook, but now I see how wrong I was!

You're a superstar!

And awfully pretty too!

We'll slip out as customers start arriving.

Makes me want to be a ramen chef again!


Here they come. Welcome!

Tampopo Ramen for me. Lots of scallions.


Plain ramen, please.

Same for me. Pile on the menma.

Thank you for all your help.

He can't have roast pork. Just plain ramen.

I'll be at the bank.

Shohei, let's go.


Scallion Soba.

Pork ramen for me.

We did it, huh?

We sure did.

So long, partner.

Written and Directed by Juzo Itami Cinematography By Masaki Tamura Production Design By Takeo Kimura

Produced By Yasushi Tamaoki And Shogo Hosogoe Starring Tsutomu Yamazaki Nobuko Miyamoto Koji Yakusho Ken Watanabe Rikiya Yasuoka Kinzo Sakura Manpei Ikeuchi Kenso Kato Hideji Otaki Fukumi Kuroda Setsuko Shinoi Yoriko Doguchi Masahiko Tsugawa Zenpei Saga Tsugiho Narita Akio Tanaka Choei Takahashi Kenso Kato Isao Hashizume

Akira Kubo Saburo Satoki Hitoshi Takagi Tadao Futami Akio Yokoyama Mahito Tsujimura Gilyak Amagasaki Tadaichi Kitami Mihoko Shibata

Wolf Otsuki

Toshiya Fujita Izumi Hara Hisashi Igawa Kazuyo Mita Nobuo Nakamura Kenzo Tabu Naritoshi Hayashi Ryutaro Otomo