Tango Charlie (2005) Script

Thousands of soldiers kill each other..

...in every corner of the world. Whether..

...it is Israel or Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya..

Pakistan, or if it is India.

All of them have the same story.

We shouldn't be proud of their death.

We should be embarrassed of it.

Because the soul of every dead soldier cries out..

War is meaningless. Hatred is useless.

Life is precious.

Delta three fox zero.

Report your position. Over.

Delta three fox zero reporting.

We are going towards the north east.

The target is 45 kilometer far.

Squadron leader Vikram Rathore.

You are going very near the Line of Control.

The enemy has stinger missiles. Be careful, over.

Did you hear that Shehzaad? Yes. Sir.

Keep your eyes open. They have stinger missiles.

Doesn't matter, sir. The enemies will have some hundred..

...or two hundred bunkers in these..

...mountains which are some thousand miles long.

As soon as the enemy shoots a missile towards us..

...I will inform you about it immediately.

Missile.. missile.. run..

Did you hear about yesterday?

They blast a MIG 27 a bit farther from here.

The pilot bailed out, but fell towards them.

They caught him alive.

Thank you, sir. Thank you for the good news.

Compared to the speed of that MIG 27..

...the speed of our helicopter is just..

...like a chicken without wings, sir.

You joke very well.

Come on.. we will earn our salary now.

The target is near.

Delta three fox zero to command.

We have reached near the target.

Deploy camera and confirm.

Camera deployed and operating, sir.

Delta three fox zero. According to the satellite reports..

...there has been a big blast here last night.

Request visual confirmation, over.

There are a lot of dead bodies here.

Looking at the white and Khaki uniforms..

...we can gauge that all of them are the enemies.

That is good news.

Delta three fox zero, return immediately.

It isn't safe to stay in this area for a long time. Over.

Roger, sir. We are returning.

There is an Indian soldier there. He is wounded.

Permission to land and rescue, sir.

Permission denied. What the..

You know that you are in the missile range of the enemies.

We will send a rescue team in some way..

You return.

Sir, till the time the rescue team reaches here..

It will be too late.

The soldier will die, sir.

Yes. What shall we do?

Let's land..

Yes, sir.

Please confirm..

Sir, if we do like this..

I understand. We will say that radio conked out.

Right, sir.

Base command.

We have rescued that solider. We are returning.

Why did you land against the orders?

Base command..

We didn't get your order. Maybe the radio signals had conked out.

There will be an enquiry on this as soon as you reach base.

No problem, sir. Over and out.

Check his wounds. Yes, sir.

He has something here, sir.

It is a diary.

It seems that the person is a writer.

He has been shot, the wound is deep.

There is a lot of blood loss.

Who is he?

Tarun Chauhan. What?

Tarun Tango. Chauhan Charlie, sir.

His id is solider Tarun Chauhan, Tango Charlie.

101 battalion, BSF, over.

Copy that.

Tarun Chauhan, Tango Charlie, 101 battalion, BSF.

How is he now?

I did what I could, sir.

Will he survive?

I cannot say, sir. The wound is deep.

And there is a lot of blood loss too.

Listen to this, sir. The diary.

This is the diary of Tarun Chauhan.

If anyone else gets it, please return it to me without reading.

If we have found a diary, I will have to read it.

There will be a lot of secrets in it.

Shall I read it, sir? Yes.

Manipur, 10th September.

I killed a person for the first time in my life. - What?

It was a very terrible experience.

Read it properly, from the beginning.

Yes. Sir.

Manipurjungle, my first field posting.

Six kilometers north from here..

You have to join constable Muhammad Ali's..

...section platoon. He will give you the further orders.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Because the terrorist Bodos here are very dangerous.

Any doubts? No, sir.

And yes.. give these letters of the platoon to them.

All the best.

Thank you, sir.

Manipur. I saw such a dense forest for the first time.

I felt as if I had stepped in some other world.

It is such a beautiful place.

Who are you?

Tell me. Or else I will shoot you.

Don't shoot me. I am the solider Tarun Chauhan.

101 battalion, BSF.

Wrong. You are not a soldier. You are a fool.

Who has been trapped so easily.

Tell me, who are you?

I am a fool.

And I am your platoon commander.

Constable Muhammad Ali. Sir!

And this is your biggest mistake.

What were you taught during your platoon?

Not to let go of your weapons under any circumstances.

Fool. Come down.


Actually.. sir..

You set such a nice trap. Or else..

I would never have been trapped.

I learnt this from the Bodo enemies.

I trap them using their own trap now.

Using a gun and ration bags.

They have a lot of Chinese weapons.

But they enjoy capturing Indian weapons.

Do you know how many I hanged and killed like this?

How many, sir?


The enemy knows this land and forest better than us.

If he catches you alive.. he will cut your ears first.

He will make a necklace out of it..

...and present it to his beloved.

See, darling, what I have brought for you!

Jail Singh..

The enemy speaks with the voice of the birds too.

He will say something like this.

If his tone is a bit lower, he is asking something.

If he uses a higher tone, he is ordering an attack.

And the soldiers of the enemy will call their commander in this tone.

Did you understand?

That noise?

Not only Bodos, there are birds here too.

This is the base camp. You have to do two tasks here.

First, you have to survive. And secondly, you have to cook.

And for today, we will make do..

...with chicken tandoori, alu gobhi, and dal and rumali roti.

We are telling him seriously, and he is smiling?

Sir, I will prepare the food. But I have a condition too.

I will tell you about that condition.

If we don't like it, you will have to eat the food for eleven people.


Come. We will meet everyone.

Friends.. he is our new man, Tarun.

He has come in place of Jaspal.

Has Jaspal been transferred?

Yes. To the almighty.

The orders were passed so quickly..

...he didn't leave anything behind.

Except a bloodied shirt.

I had brought these letters.


Wow.. Letters.

Hold this.


Solanki.. take this.

There is one for you too.

Josef.. Thank you.



This is mine..


Come.. come. Have a seat.

He is like this. He loves his wife a lot.

Therefore, he cannot answer her letters.


And when he answers them after six months..

He writes..

My beloved wife..

I have got your complain number 2433.

And I will be taking action on it immediately.

Josef.. silent..

Actually, I do answer a couple of months later.

The problem solves out itself.

Why should I take unnecessary tensions?

Dixit.. Tarun.. come..

Girls.. fairies.. women.

He is a bachelor. Hasn't done anything till now.

He is still stuck in the books.

I had taken him there once.

He was embarrassed and he ran away.

Along with his hands.. hail to our hand!

One has to fall in love first.

This sex and all is useless without love.

Silent.. all you people are a blot on youth.

My son is of your age. He moves around with thirteen girls.

And my son! He isn't less too!

Okay, my son was telling me the..

...difference between physics and chemistry.

He told me that love has chemistry.

And sex has physics!!

These boys today..

Do you people only talk about sex?

Do you have any other topic than this?

This jungle, these valleys..

This beauty..

You will forget everything when you meet reality.

Nothing happens here for weeks.

And then suddenly, there are rivulets of blood.

Some of their people die and some of ours.

You have to see the pieces of friends.

Who wants the truth?

Therefore we wish to live in our fake world till we can.

Did you heart break a bit?

Come on, we will scatter it.

Why have you come here?

For the security of the country, with patriotism.

The ones who come for patriotism.

...runs away the very next day, because..

...when there is a spray of bullets..

...nobody thinks about the country.

Every body worries for their dear life.

The truth is that you have taken a loan from hundred million Indians.

Therefore, you cannot escape the battle field.

Your fate, your gun, your uniform.

All of them are a loan, which you have to repay.

As you kill the enemies, you will repay your loan.

And the day that you are dead, the interest is paid too.

Shall we talk about sex now?

Show it to him.

Don't think now. This is your quarter from today.

These are your vessels and this is your ration.

I am very hungry, come on.. buck up.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

Whether we are here or there.

God knows where we are.

Whether we are here or there.

God knows where we are.

The next moment.. what do we know about it?

Whatever is fated, will happen.

Sing as you wish.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

Ten twenty thirty forty five sixty..

Seventy eighty.. ninety hundred.

One doesn't win wars with death.

One wins wars with killing.

Bravery isn't the only thing needed to win a war.

The right trick at the right time is everything.


The war starts from here.. and ends here.

We have to live together and die together.

Whatever we have to do, we have to do it together.

If we have to drown, we will drown together.

We have to come up together.

What is life and heart, in comparison to a friend?

Whatever is fated, will happen.

Sing as you wish.

Break the jungle.

The combing operation.

We moved around in the jungle all through the clay and night.

We had just one objective.

To search the Bodo enemy and kill them.

Base command.The Mike Alpha platoon has reached sector three.

We will camp here today. Over and out.

Base command, come in.

Please carry on.

Mike alpha reporting, sector four is clear.

We have cleared the area here.

Over and out.

What is all this?

Why did they kill them?

What do they want?

They want freedom.

Freedom from what? This is their country.

These are their people. From what do they want freedom?

There enemies on all sides of the country.

They don't want to see us happy.

I didn't understand.

Viju. Yes, sir.

Stand like Maneka. Sir.. - Like this.

Think that this is our India.

The head is Kashmir, all kinds of terrorists in it.

The left hand and shoulder is Pakistan.

If it is our friend today, it is our enemy tomorrow.

We cannot have faith.

The right shoulder is China, we have fought thrice with them.

Sri Lanka down below.

The ones who killed Rajiv Gandhi.

There are the Naxalitesm Ranvir Sena, Maoists in the middle.

And the farthest, near this finger, Manipur.

You are standing here. Relax. Yes, sir.

There are a few groups here too.

Bodo, Miso and Ulfa.

They cry for freedom with the help of China.

And shed the blood of innocent people.

There are fights everyday. Our soldiers die everyday.

But the common Indian public doesn't find out.

If something happens tomorrow..

...the news will be printed in some small..

...corner of the twelfth page of the newspaper.

That some constable Muhammad Ali..

...and his colleagues were killed in the firing.

Nobody reads and nobody worries.

And we.. we don't have any pain too.

Tarun and Solanki will wait here.

The rest of us will wait here.

We have got the message the enemy is nearby.

If the base command contacts you..

...send the proper message. You do know..

...that during war, one doesn't use their real names?

But only the code is used? Sir..

What is your code?

Tango Charlie. And mine?

Mike Alpha.

Yes, sir. Mike Alpha.



The platoon will wait here.

Bravo Delta, come with me.

Look there..

Come on!

I won't spare him today! I will kill him! I won't spare him!

His ears were cut. His hands were tied.

He couldn't hold himself.

He fell.. this side.. and then that side.

Who, sir?

Whoever. It can't be their man.

Come on. This is some trap.

Before our boys don't do something crazy.

There is nobody here, sir.

Get up.

Jaspal was killed at their hands.

All guards went mad.

The enemy had kidnapped and kept Jaspal alive.

And now, to fool us, they had made him..

...wear their uniform, had tied his hands and gagged him..

...and had him killed at our hands.

I had told them.. I had told them to stay there.

Indian.. I will kill you!

Sir! Sir.. Solanki was killed.

Tarun, Jail Singh Freddy and lshani was killed too.

And the rest two aren't to be seen.

How did all this happen so suddenly?

When it happens, it happens suddenly.

Sir.. this is his voice..

Nobody will try to go near him.

We will have to understand all their positions.

Only then will we move ahead. But sir..

Nobody will go ahead till I don't return.

Stop your breaths too. Come on, follow me.

See him die sitting here? Not at all.

See. The constable has ordered us.

There can be some enemy's trick in this.

We cannot move from here.

Viju is a child. He is like my son.

How can I see my son die, hiding in the trees here?

Like a coward? No..

See.. see.. we will have to go according to the plan.

I can understand, but we cannot move from here.

To hell with your order and your plan.

Don't you see? There is no Bodo there.

There is just our Viju there, I will go and bring him.

He needs morphine, Tarun.

At least his pain will decrease.


Tarun.. don't stop me..


Tarun.. don't stop me..

Viju.. I am here..


lam coming. Son..

Yes.. son.. I am coming..




Take his injection. The pain will decrease.

You wretch. You hide and shoot.

Don't worry, I will come.

No.. no..


I am..

I apologize. I couldn't save you.

He said.. Viju is like my son.

I stopped him a lot.

He didn't listen.

This is the real face of war.

It cannot be seen by the outside world.

Do you want to avenge this?

Then forget Viju.

Viju is dead.

Take your positions. And till I don't tell you..

...become stone. Come on.

We waited for two hours that day.

The most dangerous two hours of my life.

Viju embraced death slowly in front of our eyes.

According to the constable's orders, we became stone.

But how could we make our hearts into stone?

Neither me and nor my constable was so stone hearted.

The right trick at the right time. That is the principle of war.

The right trick at the right time.

And we.. Waiting for it..

Viju's shrieks turned into moans.

He left this world of pain.

It was our turn now..

Either to give or accept death.

Come fast.

Sir, I am all right, don't worry about me. Please go.

It is necessary to kill him.- Don't shout. Don't try to be a hero.

Sir.. Shut up!

We will have to think of some other way to kill them.

What do you say, Tango? The platoon is over.

Do you want to fight or go back? They cannot stay alive till we are.

You will become a very good solider. Come on. We will wait for the night.

If the pain increases, drink a bit. And give it back to me.

This is very precious for me.

Thank you, sir.

If my wife saw me in this condition today, she'd change!

She would never complain any more in this life.

Who knows? She would cry and she would curse!

I am ruined in my youth! What use is this lame husband now?

Sex and other's wives.

The boy has grown up.

Tarun, give it to me, I will apply it to you.

This is for Viju. Fie to the enemy.

This is for Dev. This is for brother Zail Singh.

This is for Solanki. This is for Eeshwar.

The enemy shouldn't be able to see the sun rise.

Oh.. Careful.

Move fast.

Get in.

I saw the face of the enemy for the first time in life.

That enemy is a sixteen year old boy.

He doesn't even have a moustache.

And he is begging for mercy from me.

Sir, we will have mercy on him.

We will not kill him.

You spoke about mercy at sunrise.

God tell me.. why is this going on in my country?

Till when will people die?

Till when will we burn in the fire of hatred?

Till today, I just asked these questions.

But today, it is necessary for me to know these answers.

God.. please tell me.

God.. tell me.. why didn't you make..

...me a fighter pilot even after I passed the examination?

Why did you make me sit in this chicken without wings?

Allah, you tell me.

Why didn't I become the squadron leader..

...in place of the opposite officer?

Why was my promotion stopped?

If God would fulfill everyone's wishes..

...this world would be so much happier.

And people like us will be jobless. Yes, sir.

This Tango Charlie is a simple man.

But his bravery, hats off.

Come on, read ahead. Sir.

Medical leave. It is time for me to return home.


Tarun! Tarun has come! My friend!

Stop.. stop the bus..

Tarun.. Quickly.. come on.

Yes, we have entered.

What has happened to your hand?

He has come from the war, he must have been shot.

Thousands of bullets are shot during war.

You must have shot a lot of bullets too, isn't it?

Yes.. - How many people did you kill? A dozen?

Forget about me. I hear that you have married?

Bhola has been married too!

Is it_? Two marrigges after my going? Where ls the party?

We are the party! Yes, advance party.



Come.. my lion.. my dear..

Bless you.

Tatum. - What happened to your hand? - Nothing.

Come on, take our photograph quickly. Come on.

It is your turn now. Come on.

Brother.. come closer, please.

Come.. Brother, bow your head.

No. my son can sever his head, he cannot bow it.

You take the photo.

I will try. Everyone smile.. smile..

What are you thinking about? You are very silent.

I am thinking about marriage.

He wants to marry! We should get some nice girl now too.

Where do we get good girls nowadays?

How did you get one?

Yes.. tell us..

See, it happens sometimes.. Tell us..

Not see, listen. The pagans wait near the old fort, isn't it?

He used to sing Julie movie's song with them.

False. Hey.. behind the railway lines.

Her mustachioed father came home.

Told you to marry her within ten minutes.

We will cut you up!

He had indigestion.

He called the priest within ten minutes and married.

Does the wife hit or not? Sometimes..

It seems that you had a lot of fun after I have gone.

Him.. him.. Shut up! Listen about him.

Listen about him too. Tell me.

Do you know what happened on his wedding night? - Not that!

You drink..

During is wedding night. Tell me. - Nothing happened!

Did I give you money or not?

And do you know what happened after the wedding night?

After the wedding night too.. nothing happened!

Will you talk about my marriage!

What will happed to me.? See, you should marry.

You are the lone military hero of our village. Why don't you marry?

Yes. - Any father will give his daughter and half his money to you.

Who is the most beautiful girl in this village?

Present her to me.

I am ready to marry.

Come on. We will go and speak to Lachhi's father.

Yes. - Who is this Lachhi?

She has come from the city.

She has studied in the English medium, she is stylish.

She is a physician's daughter. You will not be able to stand her.

She will just speak English from morn to evening.

So what? I know English too.

Where did you learn English? You were with us in school!

In the training. I spoke in English with my officers.

I don't believe you. Why don't you believe me?

If you do know, speak and prove it.

Shall I? Yes.

Thank you, lieutenant.

Madam, what will you have?

This is red wine, this is white wine.

This is hard drink, this is soft drink.

Orderly! - Yes, sir! - Get me a large brandy with soda! - Yes, sir!

What happened? Why are you making such a noise?

Uncle has come.. shall we tell him? Shall we?

We will tell him. Yes, we will tell him.

Uncle.. Tarun wants to marry. So?

It is find that he will marry Lachhi.

Lachhi? Listen to me.. He is calling us.

Lachhi.. the daughter of the physician Ram Narain? - Yes.

Who had decided upon this? Tarun..

On what basis?

She is the most beautiful and stylish girl of the village.

On that basis.

That proud Ram Narain will not give a penny in dowry.

Not a new house, nor a Baja'; scooter, nor a TV and no fridge.

And I will have to spend the rest of the cost too.

Ask him.. is he ready? Ask him! He has decided.

Papa is asking whether you agree to it?

Tell my clad. We are ready to tolerate everything for love.

Love? Look at the girl first too.

Yes.. please have it..

My daughter has prepared it herself.

So this is the soldier, who is called Tango Charlie?

You are fortunate, Lachhi. The boy is very handsome.

Come on.. let me see.

Come on, we will see how it isn't finalized.



How do you do? I also, how do you do?

I am fine, thank you.

Say son.. say..

Thank you. thank you.

They have talked, they like each other.

We will talk to each other too, isn't it?

What is there to be talked about? I will call the priest.

We will set the date of the engagement.

I will handle all the expense of the marriage.

That is all right.

But we do give and take something. Yes.


I have educated my daughter, made her a computer engineer.

She earns five thousand rupees.

What else can I give you more than that?

My son is a worker of the central government.

With PA, DA and HRA, he brings in ten thousand rupees.

I have heard that you are getting some medal for bravery?

Yes, I think so.

Look at both of them.

They are educated and earn money. There is no question of any dowry.

Like that.. even I am not that bad.

Did you hear what he said? No dowry.

For love. See now.

Uncle.. you seem intelligent. Isn't it? - Yes.

If not dowry, you will give something of your daughter's likes?

Isn't it?

Actually, it is against his principle to give dowry.

When my elder brother was married..

...he didn't take anything from sister -in-law's family. Isn't it, papa?

But what is wrong in taking dowry?

Why should only the girls give?

If there isn't any wrong.. the boys side should give it too.

Will you give dowry to marry a girl? No, isn't it?

Where are girls equal to men?

Men are so much more..

They are...? What are they?

Do you know everything that I do?

Of course. What do you know?

Do you know Microsoft Word? Yes.. who is he?

Did you see. - This is wrong. You should ask what he knows.

Okay. What do you know? I know how to shoot.

Even I know that.


Will you challenge me? We will target practice with bullets.

If I win..

You will not take the word of dowry.

And if I lose, I will lose.

Agreed? Agreed.

But where are the weapons? - At my friend's house. She has everything.

Come on..

But what about our talks? Nothing, uncle.

This is what goes on nowadays.

I will keep informing you.

This is your gun. This is mine. We both are enemies..

Your task is to kill me, my task is to destroy you.

Hold the joystick.

This is up. This is down. This is right. This is left. Everyone ready?

Just a minute.. - ready, let's go. - Come on. We are late.

Come on.

Just a minute.

Come on..

We won.

Don't leave them now.



Come on..

Won! Won!

Won! Won! Won!

He has gone. Come on.

And I defeated him.

Give me those computer notes.

He is Tarun's friend. Yes, I know.

She has come.

Yes. Move. Come on.. No, I am embarrassed.

Okay, I will go in your stead. I can do anything for a friend.

Tango Charlie, why are you chasing me?

Maybe I have fallen in love with you.

Think well before speaking about love.

My father will not be giving anything.

Why do you always make fun of me?

What do you think I am? - That you work for the central government.

With TA, DA and HRA.. I earn ten thousand.

I don't care what you are.

I want to know who you are?

Who I am and what I am, I don't know all that.

Tell me, who am I?

I will tell you.

I will tell you.

You have a long nose, you have less brains.

You are too tall.

But you are very strong.

Just like the bullock in the house.

You just don't have a bone in your nose.

But you are very good at heart.

You will never hurt a woman.

You are strong.

Lovely eyes. A smile like children.

And the one who will make his wife the light of his house.

One shouldn't talk so soon about marriage, We will become friends, have fun.

Then, the heart will tell us that we love each other.

We will wait for that.

Friendship, the heart telling us.

All this has happened with me. But it hasn't happened to me.

When will it happen?

Wait, I will ask my heart.

What did you say?

He is a fool.

What did the heart say?

It says.. that.. How can you marry this fool?

A crazy girl told me.

She told me and then told again.

A crazy girl told me.

She told me and then told again.

Looking at her, I don't know why I felt..

I looked at the first sight of love!

A crazy boy told me..

He saw me and said..

Doing it once.. he told me again.. I don't know why I felt..

...that I saw the love for the first time!

Get lost!

I saw you and was lost in your intoxication.

What is it if the heart was lost in love?

The yearning is increasing, there is no peace.

My heart tells me not to wander a lot.

I have given my heart to you from today.

I have given my heart to you from today.

Looking at him..

I don't know why I felt.

I have sent the first scenes of love.

Your love echoes in my heart beats.

Beloved, who has controlled their hearts till now?

I love you, come closer and see.

You too, beloved, try me and see.

I believe you.

I believe you.

God knows why I felt when I saw her..

I have seen the scene of first love.

Tarun.. do you know why I like you so much? - Why?

Because you will not make me change after marriage.

You will keep my free heart free And do you know why I like you so much? - Why?

Because even if I die in war..

You will not cry and finish your life.

Your courage will stop me from dying.

I love you, Taran. Me too.

What does your heart say now?

Fool, the heart doesn't speak, it just beats.

It is the lips that speak.

Come on, kiss me like the English movies.


Yes. I will tell our grand children..

...that he had kissed me.

You didn't brush! Lachhi!

Tarun, brush twice in a day.

Become a bit stylish. Wear jeans and t shirt.

If you don't have it, I will get if for you from the internet.

It will reach home directly. Tarun something has come for you.

I am coming.. mother..

Wait.. this is a jeans pant.

Whose letter is it? it is the Regiment.

I have to go there in the next week.

I have been posted in the extremist patrol.

What is that, Tarun?

This means.. I will have to go to the North with my patrol.

To fight against the Naxalites. Oh God!

What happened, mother?

Mother, don't tell anyone. I don't like this farewell drama.

I will take your blessings and go away silently when the time comes.

Mother.. what is so bad in this? They are so good.

Sister-in-law.. see.. she doesn't know anything about today's fashion.

They will look very good. I think that it will good on you too.

Hey" you didn't wear my jeans?

I am going back with the train today in the evening.

I don't know when I will return.

Come. Let me see you closely once.

Yes, it is true that I have fallen deeply in love with Lachhi.

Her attitude and excitement owned my love.

She sent me to another world, full of happiness..

...away from human religions and customs.

I am late. I have to go. Lachhi me..

Yes, I feel like stopping in this world.

But how can I tell her? I am not the one who stops.

My destination is somewhere else.

Because I am the soldier of this country. And I always'll remain one.

The northern area. Full of stones.

The people here are still very poor.

And terrorists come wherever there is poverty.

And we behind them.

We are going to drop the CO and his family to Hyderabad.

Be agile!

What will you show me the moon?

You will return to your house in the morning.

You are a foreigner.. what will you show me the moon?

You will go back in the first train of the morning.


Everyone will run till that tent when I count three.

One.. two. Three!

It's okay.

Tango.. come back.. I am dead.. I am dead..

Why are you shouting so much?


We are trapped from all four sides.

If we stay here, the enemy will blast us with the rocket launchers, If we try to escape the enemy will kill us will bullets.

RPG. This Launcher doesn't have a large range.

We will be out of it's range..

...if we reach till that rock. Move!

Move.. move.. move..


Tango Shera. You get ready to go ahead.

I will give you cover fire.


They are out of the launcher's range.

Muhammad Ali, we are out of the range of the bomb.

They will have to climb down from the mountain.

Come on, follow them!

Take your positions, all of you.

And remember.. every bullet is costly.

Kill them, sir. Leave me here, You leave, sir.

It seems that all of them have run away.

Come on, we will go ahead.

We will show them how we win wars now.

Tango Shera.. follow. - Yes sir.

Rag hav.

What happened? One is finished.

You come here.

You are from here, isn't it? Yes, sir.

What is the most common name here? Cinu.

Cinu! Yes?

Go as a decoy.

Sir.. Believe me, come on. - Yes, sir.

We know where you have hidden.

And all your men have died too. If you wish to survive..

Then come out before I count three.

One.. two.



You have got a lot of excitement, isn't it?

Go and tell Mike Alpha that all the targets are over here.

I will interrogate her till then.

Come on. Come on.. - Sir..

This is my order, Go.

Sir.. sir.. I tell you, open the door.

Open the door. - Let me go.

Open the door.

Sir.. this is wrong.

These are beasts. Didn't you see..

...the dead bodies of the CO's family?

We should do this with them!

Your one mistake will..

...remove the dignity of the whole army forever.

Open the door!

He was trying to rape that girl.

I tried to convince him a lot.

He took out this dagger.

What could I do?

I surrender, sir. I agree to any punishment that I get.

Come in Mike Alpha, come in Mike Alpha, what is the condition there?

Come on, over. Mike Alpha, Mike Alpha, report.. over.

Command, this is Mike Alpha reporting.

Our first report was wrong.

Nine soldiers died with the CO and his family, Not eight.

Over and out.

If I were in your place, I would have done this too.

So that girl died?

Yes, she died.

It is all about fate.

Every bullet has our name written on it.

Nobody can do anything when the time comes.

Base command to All aircrafts. The weather is worsening. Be alert.

Shit! The avalanche! Did it have to come at this time!

Has our name been written on this storm, sir?

Sir, it will be better if we try to land somewhere.

Prepare for landing, Lieutenant. I am taking down the chopper.


In that cave.

Bring the petrol from the chopper.

He feels a bit alive now.

I think that he will survive now.

Have you brought the diary? Yes.

Read it. - Yes, read it.

The soldier Tarun Chauhan reporting, sir.

Learn the language of the place where you have to go.

Are we going to Gujarat?

Yes. - What is going in there? Every road is burning. See.

Around one fifty people have died in the past five days of riots.

We will get a lot of target practice.

The police have told that.. Will we kill civilians?

What difference does it make?

It does.. it makes a difference.

Please be calm.. please be calm..

Please be calm..

Help us..

Help the law.


Come to your senses.

Or we will have to shoot.

Please don't take the law in your hands.

Or else.. we will have to fire. Platoon, firing positions.

Tango.. shoot!

This is my Gujarat.

It has been cursed.

This is my Gujarat.

My Gujarat!

Please listen..


He lives there.

Deepak.. brace yourself.

You are the one who has to take care of it now.

You are the one who has to take care of all now.

It is your responsibility.

Father was not at fault. The riots started all of a sudden.

He was trying to come back from office.

Some soldier shot him.

What will happen of us now?

Sir.. did you know my father?

I had a small meeting with him.

Are you a soldier?

Yes. - Were you a part of yesterday's shoot out?

Yes. So.. did you kill my father?

I aimed at someone else.

I shot him by mistake in the crowd.

I have come to ask for an apology.

Have you come till here to drink our blood?

Kill him.

Nobody will touch him.

We don't come here according to our wishes.

Your riots bring us here. If we didn't come here.

You would have ruined the whole city.

I agree that innocents were killed by us.

But you are the ones who are responsible for that.

I never saw a bigger fool than you.

He has a clean heart. Therefore he came to repent.

Sir. Soldier Tarun Chauhan.

You are foolish, certainly.

But it true..

That you are the first solider who listened..

...to his heart and went to repent.

I salute your bravery.

Sir, it will be better if we call him just foolish.

Or else he will keep doing like this..

...and we will have a extra duty of saving his life.

Sir, I don't agree to the CO.

Because every soldier is a human.

And every human has a heart.

In every soldier's life.. there is such a time..

...when he has to hear his soul instead of his duty.

Did this happen with you too, sir?

I committed a bigger stupidity than you.

What was it about, sir?

Love. - Love.

West Bengal. The Naxalites were spreading in every village.

They were trying to uproot the concept of landlords.

We reached in Nandipur under disguise in this matter.

Come on, act.

Sister.. sister..

It is me.. open the door.

Open the door.

Sister.. sister.. that cloth merchant from Calcutta has come.

He has brought many things in big boxes.

I'll show him the fun. Tell him to come to me immediately.

I want to complain.

Shamuli madam has called you inside.

Shamuli madam? - Yes.

But we have come to meet the landlord.

But she has called you inside.

Please come. Please come.. Search for the landlord.

Please come.

Look at this blouse, it is so loose.

It seems that you didn't bring it for me, but my grandma.

Is this the Mughal era?

Didn't I tell you that I want the modern style?

You are smiling?

Listening to my t_rouble, you are laughing?

I wasn't laughing on your trouble. Actually.

Don't talk and do your work.

Come on.. take my proper measurement now.

I meant to say.. Did you bring the tape?

No? Oh God! What kind of a tailor are you?

Let it be. I will give it to you. here.

Measure my waist first.


24. - Yes 24.

And now measure my breast.

Can I meet your father first? Why?

Oh! Will you sew my blouse according to his size?

Come on!

Thirty five.

Thirty six.

Now tell me..

Thirty five or thirty six? That's what I don't understand.

There is difference of life and death between thirty five and six.

You are correct.

If you breathe it, it is thirty five, take it out, it's thirty six.

Oh.. Constable Muhammad..

Yes, sir. - Why are you standing with the tape in your hands?

Because of some misunderstanding.


Father.. what is all this?

Child.. he is not what you are thinking.

They are soldiers, from the BSF.


Understood. How can a soldier tailor make clothes of marriage?

You are correct. But lam not a tailor.

I am a soldier of war. Because the situation is tense here..

...we were told to wear civilian clothes. - Then those boxes?

Which were full of clothes? What is there in that?


What about my marriage?

Please don't worry, madam. We have come for your security.

Till the time we are here, we won't let anything happen to you.

This is Muhammad Ali's promise.

You didn't understand the danger properly.

All of us won't get anything except death if we face the fury.

There is still time.

Postpone the marriage and come with us to Calcutta.

The Rai Choudhury family has ruled Nandipur..

...since the times of Wazid Ali Shah.

What do you think? Scared of their threats..

...and leaving our family respect..

...and will run away like a coward?

The face of a coward is better than the brains of a brave man sometimes.

This is a concept of war too.

One has to lose sometimes to win.

You speak about victory and defeat.

But you don't think that if I run away from here..

...I will never be able to come back.

My property, my wealth, they will usurp everything.

And will distribute it to the villagers.

But you will survive. If you daughter dies, can you bring her back?

When the storm arises, even the biggest tree falls down.

You speak just like a communist.


You are all these things. lam just a soldier.

Who has seen death so closely..

...that I know the cost of every moment of life.

Is it? And what about the promise you gave to my daughter?

What was that?

I told her to be rest assured, which were lies.

But my other promise is real.

Till the time Muhammad Ali and his colleagues are alive..

They will continue guarding your family.

And after that.. Allah knows.

Think about your food sometimes at least.

Forget your work and rest now.

I would have come to the kitchen if you told me..

I had a lot of fun today.

That real tailor came in the afternoon today.

What did you do?

And he came with me with great pride.

I taught him such a lesson, his ghost escaped too.

I mean.. his ghost escaped too.

This is great.

That you talk so freely with your friends.. it is loaded.. - I know.

And I can use it when the time comes too.

Give me. Leave it.

Keep three people on the first floor with snipers.

And secondly.

Why don't you see and walk?

They have broken everything.

Excuse me.

Sorry. I committed a mistake.

What is the matter, constable?

Your house is teeming with spies.

They know everything that we do.

So let them see. We are ready for attack, isn't it?

You don't understand. If the enemy is inside the house..

...none of our plans will work.

So.. do you have any other plan?

It will be better for you not to know it. - What?

Listen, o brave soldiers of the landlord.

I will order you to run..

“You people..

...will jump and run like rabbits.

Understood, brave people?


Sit down..


They are running with great interest.

I think it will be useful for us too.

Do the work quickly.

We have to make two more fake door still morning. - it will be clone.

Just a minute. Go.

I didn't think that you would come so quickly.

Go quickly! Yes..

Go on the stage.


Run.. run..

Plan B.

Plan B.


All of them have run away.

Come here. Com.

See upstairs, search.

Come on.. come on.

Let me go! Let me go!

Look at all the dead bodies.

Remove these dead bodies.


Leave me. Call the villagers.

Shut up, Leave me.

This court will now try Debasish Roychoudhury.

The erstwhile landlord of Nandipur.

It is ordered that Debasish Roychoudhury and his daughter..

...be produced before this court.

We give you a last chance, do you want to say anything? - Say?

What should I say? Leave me.

What do you want to hear from me.

I'm the land lord of Nandipur.

You have entered my house forcibly and..

...killed my son in law and others one by one.

The revolution does not permit that some one has more..

...wealth than what he normally needs.

You've amassed your wealth..

...illegally by sucking the blood of the society.

I want justice.

The real justice.

Do you have the courage to go to a real court?

What will be pronounced here will be the real justice.

You want to go to a real court?

There is no court bigger than the people's court.

Come fast.

Come on.. come on quickly.

Where are you going? The teacher has been shot. Come here.


Long live the resolution.

Long live the resolution.

Send message to every village.

The landlord's daughter shouldn't escape. Go.


The daughter of the landlord of Nandipur has ran away.

Remember this banyan tree and snake's pit.

I know this place.

Do you know some place to hide till darkness?

This is the place. Wait. Go there.

Come on!

Look that side.

We have to reach the river and Calcutta from there.

You should change your clothes.

They have trapped us from all sides.

It is impossible to survive.

They only want me.

Nobody recognizes you.

If you go with me, you will not survive.

If you don't go with me.. maybe.. We will stay together. - But why?

Duty has some limits too. You did what you could.

Staying with me any longer is madness.

Can I tell you a truth, madam?

Madam? She is dead. Shyamuli survives now.

Who knows..

Whether she will be alive tomorrow.

Tell me. Why don't you just go away?

I think.. l..



I have worn it.. the veil of your name.

I have worn it.. the veil of your name.

I have worn it.. the veil of your name.

I have become yours in such a way.

Just like Radha was with Shyam.

I have worn it.. the veil of your name.

I have worn it.. the veil of your name.

I lost all sense in love.

When the storm of emotions engulfs someone, people forget the world.

I should have left from there before.

The enemy recognised me.

How long do we wait? Let it be morning.

The dog should not escape in the darkness of the night.

They were waiting for morning.

They knew that this darkness was my friend.

Not theirs. This water was my friend, not theirs.

There was just one way for me now.

Wait. Two of you go that side.

For the first time in life.. I heard my heart, not my brains.

Maybe therefore..

Therefore I tell you, the war is always won from here.

Tarun, here, it is for you.

Lachhi sent her wedding invitation to me.

She was marrying some Nityen.

This marriage.. this marriage can't happen!

Marriage? Whose marriage?


I just wanted to see how much you love me.

Hey Tarun, solider Tango Charlie! Where are you going?


He came to meet me from so far and left just like that!?

Father.. where are you?

Come out, father!

Father, today, right now, at once, it should happen.

It should just happen, father. What?

That.. that.. That? - That father!

That father!

Congratulations, son! The engagement is done, right?

Yes. Permanentlyl? Forever?

No one can change it now in the whole world!



Buck up, brother Tarun. Eleven..

...twelve.. thirteen..

...fourteen.. fifteen..

The trunk is open!

My diary! She has taken it!

Lachhi! Stop!

Lachhi! Wait! Halt!


Fast.. hurry up!


You have undergone so much!

Still how could you stay so untouched?

She is the mother to us all..

...who keeps showering her love to all of us.

And asks for nothing in return.

That son would be really fortunate from whom she asks for anything!

I pray to the Lord to give me courage to sacrifice everything, ...if my mother comes to me asking for something.

Today I've realized how wrong I was.

I had thought my innocent Tarun has a big heart..

...but is a little foolish.

But it is I who turned out to be foolish.

Today, for the first time..

...I could realize the depths of your thoughts and feelings.

Tarun, am I worthy of your love?

The Kargil war had erupted again.

Our battalion was posted in the Himalayas.

We hoped to encounter the enemy there.

But we were posted to guard a bridge.

Thought of showing our mettle at Kargil.

And here we are, guarding this inconsequential bridge!

We would've to rot here for months. No chance of winning any medals!

Platoon! Come Tarun.

Promise from your heart that you'd prefer to die in a confrontation..

...but won't let the enemy cross over.

You fool! I am talking with so much seriousness..

...and you dare to pee over there!

Couldn't stop it, sir!

Go, have your food.

Pay attention, all of you.

There is only one road to Kargil which passes through our bridge.

If the bridge is destroyed the passage is closed..

...and our soldiers will not get any supplies.

And no one can fight on an empty stomach and empty barrels.

I have now acquired excellent knowledge of this area.

Look at this map. Gogi Pass passes from between these two mountains.

The natives have spotted terrorists moving through. .

...this passage a few months back.

Had I been the enemy and wished to change the fate..

...of the Kargil battle in one stroke..

...I would have descended from Gogi Pass with..

...my Fidayeens (suicidal squad)..

...and blown this bridge off in one go. Do you understand?

An engineering team arrived from Delhi..

...to inspect the bridge.

Mohammad Ali started following them with his questionnaire.

Am I permitted to ask a few questions? - Go ahead.

How can I blow this bridge off, if I wished so?

What? Please tell me, sir.

Come with me.

And then we were told the ways to blow the bridge off.

Only 5 kgs. of plastic explosive or even the RDX will do.

And a remote pencil timer.

The starting of the bridge is known as the pinion joint.

The bomb needs to be planted here.

And the bridge will blow off in a single stroke.

Everyone understood the point.

He told us how an enemy could plot.

And the way to counter it.

And we became extremely cautious since that day.

Everyday Constable used to make us practice.


What is the password, buddy? Password!

Yeah, telling you. Password! - Yeah, telling you.

Tarun is dead. Take over the bridge!

Sir, but I am alive, sir.

So you are dead now.

Sir.. - Thank your stars that it has only blanks.

Or else you would've died twice. No, sir.

This is unfair. You are a senior..

You will ask for the password only thrice..

...and shoot immediately no matter how senior an officer is.

This is my order.

Is the jacket ready?

Don't know what material this is. More than a dozen of needles are gone.

It is bulletproof material.

Only the American army used to have it.

Now even the terrorists have it.

Careful, we stripped it off from a corpse.

What was the need to strip it off from a corpse?

So this was our life!

Hundreds of army trucks used to pass through towards Kargil.

And we used to conduct new rehearsals everyday.

We divided ourselves in two teams.

Team A which had a 12 hour duty under the bridge.

Which neither had a place to stand nor to sit.

And Team B which was supposed to rush to help..

...Team A at the time of any attack.

And attack.. it used to happen everyday.

At least 4-5 times. My back is gone.

Team B, another attack. Retaliate immediately.

Team B? I am not Team B.. you are. Go.

Team B! Fast, hurry up.

Report immediately if Team B has left or not?

Team B has already left, sir. And I'm going to have my food.

Since I was a senior, I was appointed at the opening..

...of the bridge, with a bulletproof jacket.

Don't where will be.

But where?

Oh! No attack will be done here! That's for sure!

No attack will ever be made on this bridge!

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.. Come.. come


Let is pass. It is the brigadier's vehicle.

Password? Password?

It is meant only for the routine exercise of the soldiers.

Did you not hear, this is the brigadier's vehicle?

Password! Don't argue, soldier.

You shot at my ADC? - Gone mad? You fired at an unarmed person?

You are a murderer! A murderer!

Password or bullet? I need to talk to your constable.

Right now.

Tell me the password or you will be shot at!

You needed the password, right?

Come, I will give you the password!

Tango! Position!

Fidayeens! Attack! Fast!

Base command! We've an enemy attack. Send the relief team, fast.

Team B reporting sir.

Mike, Shera and Alpha are no more. I too have received bullet wounds.

Tango will take charge.

Keep fighting till the last bullet! We will win!

Heavens await you! Go! As you order, sir.

Rasool, go and defuse that bomb, fast.

Base control to team command.

We are sending the relief team. Report your position.

We have made the first attack unsuccessful.

And bridge? In whose possession is the bridge?

Till such time Constable Major Mohammad Ali is alive..

...the bridge will remain in our possession.

Constable.. sir.. are you alright?

You didn't believe me..

...that an attack can happen! Isn't it? - Even you didn't believe..

...that we can retaliate!

I was a bit worried.

But.. you upheld the prestige of the BSF and mine as well.

Just see the way they are running like cowards!

Order me, sir! I will follow them and finish each one off.

All my debts are paid with interest. it is your turn now. Go.

We are here with the relief team. What happened here?

Password! Password? What was the password?

Password! - Just a minute. I remember it now. 'Rainfall'.

Killed him?

Here, take this. Climb up.

What are you thinking, Tarun? Must be a minimum of 50 people.

And you? You are all alone.

Escape from here, Tarun.

Only valour is not everything to win a war.

The right move at the right time is what matters.

Remember, the war starts from the head..

...and ends at the heart.

Around 4-5 chaps. Firing out of range, like madmen.

Finish them off the moment their guns go empty.

Go and tell your friends to leave my India and go.

Or else none of you will live.

Go.. run.

What happened? What is going on there?

Someone give him some brandy.

Go inside.


Hope my constable's soul is pleased to see my deeds.

The truth is that, there is no other country as great as my India.

And no other army as great as my BSF.

Mother.. the amount of love that you showered upon me..

...is unmatched and I couldn't repay it.

And now I've nothing else left to offer.

I am tired, mother! I am tired!

Take me in your lap, mother.

Seems he is dead. Can't get the pulse sir.

He can't die.

Make him smell the Amid liquid.

Profuse bleeding, sir. He needs an emergency operation.

There's a village below. I might get a doctor there. I'm landing, ok?

Yes, sir.

Call the doctor. Immediate surgery is needed.

Bring the cot, someone.

Are you the doctor? One of our soldiers is wounded.

He needs an emergency operation.

I can't take such a huge risk. Don't make me do it.

The cartridge is 9 mm in diameter.

Do you know what happens when it enters a human body?

God helps those who are courageous!

You just remove the bullet. God will take care of the rest.

He will survive now.

Why didn't you marry Lachhi? - What is this 'permanent engagement?'

How much can a girl wait?

And that episode was great! Very dangerous.

It wasn't my fault. He got the diary.

Had nothing to do so he started reading the diary.

Sir.. I just heard it.

What? - Is it good to read someone's diary, sir?

Let's go now, sir. Yes, sir.

This is how Tango Charlie was saved.

But thousand of soldiers die all around the world, even today.

Saving them is in the hands of humanity.

Tango's diary didn't let Mohammad Ali remain an unknown martyr.

The government awarded him with the Ashok Chakra..

...and brought glory to the entire army.

Tango went ahead from his 'permanent engagement' and married Lachhi.

Now he is in the process of turning himself modern.

But his scooter fails him even now.

Tarun still gets immersed in..

...trying to capture his feelings in words.

Sq. Leader Vikram Rathod and Fl. Lt. Shehzaad Khan..

...continue to guard the borders in their chopper.

You are approaching the range of the enemy missile. Beware!

Afraid of death? - No sir, when you are there, who will fear death?

We will die together, go to the Lord and salute Him!

And that will make our souls also to fly together.

You seem to get good jokes!

C'mon, let's earn our salaries now. The target is approaching near.

Who knows they might get another chance..

...to save some Tango Charlie's life.