Tanu Weds Manu (2011) Script

Brothers and sisters..

..your radio friend Ameen Sayani is very happy today.

Today's first request is a song which is also..

..a personal favorite of mine.

Manoj Sharma or Manu from Delhi.

Tanuja Trivedi or Tanu from Kanpur.

And our old friend Raja Avasthi from Lucknow.

And many more have requested for this song.

Like Pappi Tiwari from Azamghar, Payal Sinha from Patna.

Jaspreet Singh or Jassi from Kapurtala..

..other than them Kishan Sharma..

..Rajendra Trivedi, Radha Trivedi.. ..Anju Sharma..

Friends, for all of you..

..we present the 1972 song which dispels gloom..

"Darkness has finally receded."

"There's light in the entire world."

Sister-in-law, you took a bath.

But did brother take a bath?

I will go take a look. Okay.

Cut them quickly.

Brother-in-law is in a bad mood.

What are you here for?

Attend to him.

Come on. Leave it.

No, not here. - Don't worry, sister. Everything will be fine.

Nothing is happening. Look at the time. What should l do now?

Sister-in-law, what time should l call the priest?

Ask mother. Okay.

Sister. Come down, sister. Come on.

Look aunt, she took my clip.

Coming. Stand straight. - Hurry up.

Seema. Yes? - Seema.

Where is your uncle? Upstairs.


Are you listening?

Stop playing the radio.

You should be considerate.

The groom's family will be arriving any moment now.

At least take a bath on time today.

There is much time left now.

He must not have reached Delhi yet.

My buddy..


You are just..

How are you? How are you? - Fine, fine, fine.


What's wrong with your coat? Did you fall down in the bathroom?

Nothing. - No. A woman vomited on the flight..

..and this mishap occurred. l see.

Spectacles. Yes.

Since when? Two weeks.

Papa. Hi. How are you? Fine, son.

The glasses suit you. Thank you.

How are you, mummy? - Bless you. You have changed so much.

How is your leg? Forget about me.

He has put on glasses.

It's minus, aunt. Oh, minus.

Then it's fine.

It's almost time..

Let's go quickly. The train will leave. - Hurry up.

Or else aunt will spend half an hour arguing with the porters.

Quiet. You speak too much.

Manu. Yes.

Look here. She is a very beautiful girl.

She is the only child. No problem at all.

And Mr. Trivedi has many properties in Kanpur.

Will l have to go right now? Yes. l just returned today. - Yes, your mother has seen many girls.

And we have to begin from Kanpur.

Brother Manu, now quickly get me a sister-in-law. l'm fed up of having food cooked by mother.

"Your sights pierced my heart."

Come on, hurry up. l don't have time. Gather everyone around.

Brother, l couldn't reach at night.

You will never change.

Listen. Everyone take a look at this photo.

You will get to see it only once.

He is coming to see sister-in-law.. for marriage.

They will be affectionately parceled back. - Yes, brother.

Forget about the marriage..

First let's show them some hospitality. - Yes, brother.

Uncle gets lost at the right moment.

The luggage is right there.

That's exactly what I am saying..

That we have the luggage.

I suggest that you stand at the side.

I'll attend her. You look for it. You stand at the side.

The train..

Excuse me. Yes.

The entire family is strange.

Brother Manu. What happened?

Who did this?

Thieves? No, l don't know.

Must be the girl's family?

Girl's family? Yes.

Was it them? Yes.

Hey! Stop!

Leave it. What do you mean, "leave it"? lt is okay. They blackened your eye.

It's okay.


Brother-in-law is here.

Listen to me. Have you gone crazy..

Brother-in-law is here.

Come in, come in, come in, come in.

Mr. Sharma, 'Samosas' taste good only..

..when they are cooked in refined oil.

Here. By the way, sister-in-law, l must admit..

..that all of you are very lucky.

Your son has been living in London for so long..

..but he still listens to his parents.

Wants to marry an Indian girl.

What are you doing?

It is alright, mother.

Have some. Have this.

Eat this. This one.

This. Feed him properly.

She has won this gold medal. Yes.

No, no, no. Have it.

Later. Later. Okay.

A little more. - The cups, sir. Have a look at them.

I don't want to eat it.

Manu wasn't ready to get married.

He finally agreed after constant persuasion.

He said "This is a task as well".

"So let's get it over with this time."

Sense of humor.

The girls there don't have such values.

Isn't it, Sister?

Our Tanu is.. simply unique.

She knows all the chores around the house.

All the food that you see before you..

..has been cooked by Tanu.

She has studied in Delhi..

..but she has all the values of UP.

Come on, let me read your palm.

Here, the apple has come from Himachal. l must say that your lines are.. truly amazing Shall we show you our dance?

We learnt it from 'Nach Baliye'. Yes, yes.

She has done a course on the Nagina dance.

Neetu, serve it.

I was saying let us see the girl.

It has been a long time.

Let Manu eat something and then he can see.

But.. l was saying, Mr. Sharma..

God-willing if these children like each other..

..then let's leave for Vaishno Devi tonight.

Really? Yes. -

We have around 20 tickets.

One of my office colleagues was supposed to come..

..along with his family but his hand was fractured..

..so he was just discharged today.

Maybe Goddess didn't summon him yet.

Under that pretext we'll visit the Goddess's temple..

..and complete the rituals.

I don't have any.. l mean, it is a good idea. Right?

And then we can leave for Delhi straight away.

Won't that be right? Yes.

Actually.. Tanu isn't feeling well since yesterday.

That is why she isn't coming down.

If Manu could come up..

..then both the children could see each other.

Then let's go up and take a look.

What will we do up there?

They are sensible children.

They will be able to converse in privacy. - Yes.

Otherwise they won't be able to speak out of hesitation.

Isn't it?

"My heart sways."

"My body sways." Don't bite anyone, snake-lady.

"l am getting restless." Manu.

Manu. Please come up.

Tanu's room is up there.

Yes, go ahead.

Yes, yes, yes, go.

Please come.

Brother-in-law, are you scared?

Should I come along? Come on.

Sit here comfortably.

I will go call her. Okay.

'I love you. I love you.'

Careful, sister.

Careful. Hello.

Actually, she has been suffering from viral fever..

..for the past three to four days. Okay.

So the doctor has given her sedatives.

So she is slightly drowsy. That's why..

The viral fever is a common disease in Kanpur.

The climate is changing.

Take a seat, son. Why are you standing?

Sit down.

You two can talk to each other.

We are just outside.

Let's go. Come.

No, I.. Talk..

Actually, you shouldn't take sedatives with viral fever.

I wonder if the doctors here..

..use secure treatment methods.

Look. You don't have to be too shy.

I am slightly nervous as well.

But what can be done?

We will have to talk.

The truth is l wasn't ready for this marriage.

But what can I do.. it's family pressure, you know.

Your father must have told you that l am a doctor.

I work with a pharma company in London. l.. I have done my graduation from Delhi.

And there is a photo of Shakira in my room as well.



lf you don't want to talk then l will go down.


Excuse me.


Are you fine?


What is wrong?


She's gone to sleep.

He is here.

What happened? How did you like our sister?

What did she say? Tell us.

Did you like the girl?

How is she?

Brother Manu..

What happened?

So, son.

I like the girl.

What is all this commotion?

Tell me about it.

Aunt, now you will have to gift me gold bracelets. - Why?

The marriage has been fixed. The marriage's been fixed? - Yes.

"The goldsmith of Sardar."

"Will melt and mould his pure gold into anklets."

"lt will be adorned around her fair legs."

"When these anklets will tinkle in Delhi's neighborhood."

"Night and day."

"The neighbors."

"Will hear."

"The gold tinkling, jingling all the time."

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"Mango, cardamom, cinnamon and saffron."

"Tanu will dry all these on the roofs of Karol Baug."

"Then dry fruits and seeds.."

"..will be grinded."

"Then dry fruits and seeds will be grinded."

"lt will give rise to a rumor."

When following the kites when they will come on the roof..

..they will eat up all that Tanu has made.

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"When the mixers of Delhi grind the thorn apples of Kanpur."

"When Delhi is completely immersed in the colors of Kanpur."

"When the kites of Kanpur soar higher than the Qutub."

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"When the love of Kanpur.."

"When Kanpur's moon shines on Delhi's horizon.."

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"

"What will brother Manu do?"

"Then what will brother Manu do?"


Come, come, come, come.

You are so desperate.

You selected a sleeping girl.

I hate you and the likes of you who come to see me. - What?

I swallowed five sleeping pills with a quarter of vodka..

..because of you.

Wonder what my parents said to you.

It's a lie.

It is all a lie.

Now that you have had your share of sweets and snacks.

Let me tell you to go to hell.

I have a boyfriend and he is a railway contractor.

And this black-eye of yours is because of him.

Look. l have even tattooed his name.

It's like this.. Mr. Sharma.

You have created this mess so you will have to clear it.

Tomorrow morning you will refuse this marriage.

Wonder where they come from? London-returned!

Say it louder. Hail Goddess.

Say it louder.. Hail Goddess.

Everyone says.. Hail Goddess.

Listen. Yes.

Everything went wrong last night. What happened?

Did you have sex? No. I was raped.

Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess.

What do you mean?

I mean she was standing at the door and smoking a cigarette.

Hail Goddess. Yes.

And she was saying, "Everything is a lie".

And she doesn't want to marry me.

Hail Goddess. Oh no!

Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess.

And she was saying "l love someone else".

And she wants me to break this alliance.

And.. Hail Goddess.

Hail Goddess. - And she has tattooed her boyfriend's name..

..on her chest. Hail Goddess.

Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess.

But she must have said yes for the marriage yesterday?

Yes.. No.

That's where everything went wrong.

Hail Goddess. What?

They fooled us in broad daylight.

Why the.. l will set her straight first. No, no, listen to me first.

Hail Goddess! No.

Listen to me, listen to me. What?

Not now.

I'll tell you. Come with me. Hail Goddess.

Sir, five rupees. Five rupees, for what?

You used the toilet. l couldn't do it. What are you saying?

I couldn't do it and that's it. Forget him.

Should l pay you even though I didn't use it?

What are you saying? What should I do?

Let me think.

Let me think of an idea.

Men become ghosts after they die.

But women always remain witches.

What a wretch.

Her father has brought everyone to Vaishno Devi..

..and the daughter says l don't want to get married.

I don't know how to say no.

These people will beat me.

What? They can't beat you.

This is not a game.

Go and tell them your daughter has refused.

Go to sister-in-law. Go.

No, I don't want to do that. "Don't want to do that."

No. Why don't you want to do it?

What do you mean to say?

Look. Don't try to be a hero.

Or else you will surely get beaten up.

If not them then mother will surely do it.

Pappi, you tell me what I should do?

How do l refuse them?

Pappi. l am feeling thirsty.

Pappi isn't listening.

Pappi. You tell me how l should say no.

Pappi. Yes, yes, l am coming.

Rascal, will you refuse to this alliance..

..on the day of the marriage?

Why don't you say that you don't want to get married?

Yesterday l explained it to you in English..

Seems like you didn't understand.

Tanu.. Coming.

Manu, we're preparing fried flatbreads. Please join us.

Right away. l will join you soon.

Did you say it? No.

Why? Why not? What for?

Look. Don't be too confused by "To be or not to be".

Understand. l am saying it.

Or else they won't spare you and neither will your mother. l am saying it. And you'll be stuck in between.

I am saying it. Understand.

Shall l say it? - l am saying it l am already so tensed.

Or else they won't spare you. Only you were left to abuse me.

Serve them when it's still hot.

Serve two fried flatbreads to everyone. - Want some?

Papa, come here. But son..

Leave that and come here.

Please. Okay.. Is it something important?

This way. - What is it? Is it something important?

Massage properly, dear.

Do it properly.

What? But..

Please go and talk to him.

Come and eat something. Yes, l'm coming.

Mr. Trivedi.

Manu is refusing to the marriage.

I knew it.

It has failed.. scoundrel.

Scoundrel? No.. Flatbreads.


Yes, that boy from Delhi.

He left empty-handed.

"My beloved no longer dwells in my heart."

"Tears trickle down like the monsoon rain."

"There isn't a moment of peace."

"Tears trickle down like the monsoon rain."

"There isn't a moment of peace."

"He left breaking my heart."

"He left a void in my heart."

"My beloved no longer dwells in my heart."

"No longer dwells in my heart."

Be careful!

She is my daughter Ayushi.

Hello. Hello. - Hello.

And she is Sapna. My would-be daughter-in-law.

I see.

She lives next to our house.

She is doing a beauty parlor course from Punjab.

Last week she got engaged to my son, Raja.

Something's wrong with her hand. Yes, fine.

How did you get hurt?

This is my son, Raja.

You have troubled us a lot.

At least think about the guests.

Mr. Sharma, he was born During a curfew.

Since then he's always been brawling.

Beating someone.

That's his only job.


Excuse me. Can l go up to the terrace? - Sure.

This way. Thank you.

Raja, you are hurt.

I told you to go down. But..

I am saying something to you. Don't you understand?

Come on, go. Go downstairs.

Here are some medicines.

Apply it before you go to sleep at night.

You will get better in two days.

Doctor, don't think that we wanted to deceive you.

But what can we do?

No one comes here after hearing about the hand.

My sister is very nice.

She does all the household chores.

It is not a problem for her.

She must have prepared tea in front of you.

Did she face any problems? No.

Doctors say that she will get better..

..if given proper treatment?

Please say yes to this alliance.

It will be a big favor.

Don't think like that.

Believe me. Your sister is really very nice.

And I would've married her if I was in my right senses.

Sorry. I am helpless.

What are you doing here?

Parents. We need to keep them happy as well.

I have many other reasons as well.

You are a helpless person.

Fine. What can be done?

But at least have meal with us.

My sister has cooked it very affectionately.

She will be upset if it gets wasted.

Are you going to embarrass me some more?

No matter what, Doctor, you are an honest man.

I enjoyed meeting you. lt felt like we have an old connection.

Otherwise London people don't normally..

..meet people from Haminabad.

Come down when you feel like it.

They must be waiting for you.

That's the limit.

There seems to be a shortage of good girls. - What are you doing?

What do you mean by "What are you doing"?

Why would anyone marry a girl that doesn't have a hand?

She did have a hand. Yes, she did.

But it was as good as not having it..

..when its of no use.

I can't find a single descent girl.

By the way, Aunt. Yes.

Mr. Trivedi's girl in Kanpur was really nice.

You.. lf we could fix the alliance there it would've been really nice.

What nice?

That girl is completely spoilt.

She eloped from home three times.

She doesn't listen to Mr. Trivedi at all.

These days she is having an affair with a contractor.

How would we know about her qualities?

But his uncle's son is from Kanpur.

He told me everything about her.

Papa, I am not seeing anymore girls.

I have to go back next week.

My vacations are ending.

Fine, son.

Uncle. Yes.

Do something.

What can we do?

lf he gets married we'll attend it wearing suits.

And if he doesn't then at least I am doing my job.

"There is nothing better than your eyes in this world."

Great. How nice?

Even after living in London for so many years..

..you are listening to Surender's songs.

That's great. l thought you must only listen to English songs now.

Jiggy-wiggy type.

Here. No.

It's a small one. No.

It's sweet.

Just one sip of this..

..and then you will see Tanu on the moon.

No. No.


Tell me one thing, brother Manu.

Did you really fall in love with Tanu?


You know something, brother Manu.

Destiny plays..

..a big role in marriages.

Now.. if Tanu is your destiny..

..then you will take her along to London.

And if not.. then no matter how many Momd. Rafi songs you hear..

..nothing is going to happen.


That's why l say.. have a sip and chill.

And let's go to Punjab.


Brother Jassi is getting married.

Jassi is getting married. On the 25th.

What are you saying? Yes.

So what do you say?

Are we going to Punjab..

..or will you have to take Tanu's permission for that?

"You mingle and have fun with the girls."

"Your plait sways like a snake."

"You mingle and have fun with the girls."

"You go to college. lt sways like a snake."

Welcome, welcome.

Hello. Hello.

Hariya, hurry up.

Bring it here. Bring two quickly.

What? Bring what? Horses.


Uncle, we just have to go inside.

Every guest in this house..

..goes to the bungalow from the gate on a horse.

"Boys whistle whenever you pass by them."

"They make gestures. They seek your attention."

"Don't trouble your admirer so much."

"Do come to my lane sometimes, by mistake."

"To my lane sometimes, by mistake."

Where is Pappi? Pappi. Pappi.

"God blessed you with beauty, you shouldn't be proud of it."

"You shouldn't be arrogant about it."

"You should shower some love sometimes."

"Do come to my lane sometimes, by mistake."

Why are you playing the drums? Let them come out?

Yes. lt's a demo.

Brother Jassi, tell us one thing.

Where did you bump into this Bihari family? - Yes.

You are from Kapurthala..

..and sister-in-law is from Patna.

What can l say, Pappi?

In the freezing weather of Dehli..

..l bumped into her at my friend's marriage. - l see.

And we fell in love in 3.5 hours.

Truly, madly, deeply.

Weren't there any disputes? Of course there were.

Then? Jassi convinced everyone.

Look, there she comes.

Play the drums.

"Jugni is naughty. She has a lot of attitude. Jugni is naughty."

"Jugni is naughty. She has a lot of attitude."

"She has been pampered by all villagers."

"She has a lot love in her heart but she abuses a lot."

"My dear, Jugni.. - Just go for it.. - My dear, Jugni is here."

"She has taken over my heart."

Here. She is Payal.

Take a good look at your sister-in-law.

Manoj, my childhood friend. Hello.


She is Tanuja, my college friend.

Jassi. Hello.

The one in half sleeves.

Isn't she cute?

The problem is, brother Jassi, that he is still stuck on her.

He likes her.

Pappi, stay quiet.


And that's why, brother, he is bound to go crazy..

..every time he sees her.

He has calmed down so difficultly.

So that's the case.

Right, Manu?

Look lt's the ambience of marriage.

Cajole her.

Take the opportunity when you have it.


Come with me. Come. Where?

You can meet Tanu and l will meet Payal.

Come on.

I don't want to meet anyone.

You.. you.. you go ahead, understand. lf she has a boyfriend she will leave him.

If she's in love she'll breakup. What!

You have grown up.

Get out of the school. Be a man. Man.

I don't want to be a man.

I am fine the way l am. Get it.

You go ahead.

I will make you a man. Come on, come.

Jassi, what are you doing? Come on.

Listen to me. Jassi.. Come. Give her a try once.

I am coming as well.


They left.


What is your name? What?

Name? Komal.

Komal, that's a nice name.

And you? Mine.

Will you take it or give it? What do you mean?

My name. Pappi (kiss).

My name is Pappi.


What can l do? That's my name.

Shall I change it?

Should I change it to Pappa?

What are you doing?

Are you looking for Bihar in Punjab?

"I feel l should keep looking at you."

You arrange that and l will take care of the rest.

Are you mad, Tanu?

Have you lost your mind?

Are you sure you want to do this?

Her family must be at home.

So what's to fear? No.

You can meet her as well.

I just need the right thing.

What happened? What are you going to buy?

I'll go and get it. Hey, Jassi..

Often after the copulation..

..the male starts searching for other females.

Horses are like humans.

Look. Men are such rascals.

Great emotional depths can be seen in them.

Men? Not men, they are horses.

They are talking about horses.

It's the same thing.

How can it be the same thing?

Men are men and horses are horses.

Men have brains, horses don't have brains.

Then think about it yourself.

They behave like this even though they don't have brains.

So men that have brains must be such scoundrels.

Is Jassi a horse?

The car..

What? What are you doing?

What am l doing?

Jassi, you went inside the medical store and..

Medical store?

What medical store?

What have l done?

I bought chocolates. Chocolates.

You bought chocolates?


I should've bought it, right? - No, no, l wasn't talking about that.

But l understood.

We'll buy it from the next medical store.

Can only horses have multiple partners..

..and not women?

Yes. Like you did.

Every week a new one. Correct.

And what is wrong with it? But there is one thing, Tanu.

Every week a new boyfriend.

And then you plan to run away with half of them.

How can anyone fall in love every week?

How is it possible? l didn't study at Delhi University so that..

..l could get married wherever father says.

I have a heart. Values, principles.

And anyway, what is love?

What is love?

Hormones. Testosterone. Estrogens.

Who is honking?

Payal, your horse is here. Let me see.

He has brought another horse along.

Coming, coming.

Come. l am coming too. I am coming too.

Why? What will you do? Two things.

Firstly, your brother will be able to sleep peacefully..

..who has been listening to romantic songs on the radio..

..for so long and staring..

And secondly when your horse sees two girls together..

..he will be confused for a while.

Come on, come on. Shut up.

"Yesterday, my beloved bowled in such a way.."

"..l couldn't last an over."

"Yesterday, my beloved..

"l had great fun with my beloved.."

"..under the blanket."

"My glass bangles broke."

"My heart races when l hear a bed creak."

What are you doing, Payal?

Let one station play? These.. these are songs.

They are so.. What?

They are like..


Vulgar songs.

"Our eyes met and we fell in love."

"l have found my life-companion."

"Our eyes met and we fell in love."

"l have found my life-companion."

Payal. Come with me.

Why? l need to speak to you.

What do you want to say?

Say it here.

Try to understand.

I cannot tell you over here.

Come. Come on.

Tanu, l will just be back.

You two can surely go into the fields.

You two are getting married.

Will you please shut up?

Mr. Sharma, what are you a doctor of?

The heart.

I mean, l am not like..

Actually, it involves surgery and engineering.

I basically deal with pacemakers.

What is a pacemaker?

A machine that increases the heart beat.

I can do that as well.


Mr. Sharma, this lonely jungle, the fire.

In this ambience do you feel that..

..you are Anil Kapoor and l am Sri Devi from 'Lamhaa'..

..and l will do the peacock dance right now?


I don't have any such misconception.


How is your boyfriend? Which one?

The one for whom you yelled at me on the train.

lt's like this, Mr. Sharma. Boyfriends come and go.

That's why l don't think too much about them.

I like anyone.

In fact, even girls which my father doesn't like.

Then.. what about the tattoo?


The tattoo is just his surname.

There is nothing to be worried about. l will find someone else with the same surname.

How dare you?

Sorry, Payal. - How dare you? What do you think I am?

Sorry? l'll teach you a lesson.

We are getting married but he isn't satisfied.

He is getting very desperate.

Do you want to kill me? l was so stupid.

If l tell my brothers they will beat you to a pulp.

Wait, wait, wait, what happened?

What happened? Relax.

Don't you dare talk to me..

Let's go, Tanu. What happened?

What happened? Don't talk to me.

He's telling me "to be fun, darling."

What happened?

The same thing.. which l bought from the other medical store.

Are they going to stay here?

Let them stay here.

It was your idea.

Die here. Sorry.

Payal, stop. Stop.

Oh, no.

The horse was racing..

What was the doctor saying?

What will he say?

He is dreaming. l see.

Hello, sweety.

By the way, the doctor is very interesting.

Shall I tell that to sweety?


Sometimes the dreams of a poor man..

..get him punched in the eye.

That was a nice meeting you had.

What did she say?

"Boyfriends keep changing."

So if you make an attempt.. then we can still get her for you. l feel so. What do you mean feel? l am sure.

Who can harm us?

Oh poor man's Shah Rukh Khan! You do everything discreetly.

"The heart said it so many times."

"l obeyed my heart so many times."

"l found a reason to be happy even in your denial."

"lf you say yes it will be really great."

"l found a reason to be happy even in your denial."

"lf you say yes it will be really great."

"Just say yes.. just to keep my heart."

"Just say it like that."

Come on, sing. Sing a song from 'A'.

Hurry up. Tell me a song which starts with 'A'.

'Abhi Na Jao Chhod Ke' (Don't leave just now).

What are you doing? What..

Are you with them or with us?

They are our people as well.

No. Go and sit with them. Go.

Okay. I'm sorry. - Go. - Forgive me. I'm going from here. - Go.

"Don't leave just now."

"l am not satisfied yet."

'What happened with Anand and Sangeeta has hurt you.'

'I had never..'

'You are right to think so.'

'Can we be happy?'

'And there is Vinod's career to think about.'

"l was surprised to think so many times."

"Why does my love have a color of devotion?"

"As soon as l speak your name.."

"lt feels like l uttered a prayer in your devotion."

"Forsake the heavens, come down to earth again."

"Don't go anywhere else, stay with me."

"The heart said it so many times."

"l listened to my heart so many times."

"l found a reason to be happy even in your denial."

"lf you say yes it will be really great."

"Just say yes.. just to keep my heart."

That's great.

"Just say it like that."

Mr. Sharma, thank you for the earrings.

You are most welcome.


She is going around with the doctor.

Why don't you do something?

Till when will you endure insults like this?


Mr. Trivedi. Speaking.

I am speaking.. from Kapurthala.

I wanted to talk to you.

Hello, uncle.

This is Jassi speaking. Yes, son.

How are you?

Uncle, l had good news for you.

Your daughter is attending a marriage here in Kapurthala.

But there is a boy here, Manu.

Manu Sharma from Delhi.

He is after her.

And they fell in love here. lt's the truth.

Come here quickly. l am informing you because I mean you good.

Who.. who are you?

Consider me your well-wisher.

We'll get him engaged and married before he knows it.

Come here quickly.

Are you listening, madam? Yes.

We will have to go to Punjab. Punjab?

Whose call was it?

Prepare to go to Patiyala.

Why have you worn black?

Trying to cast an evil eye.

Tried to do the same last time..

Everyone is drinking upstairs.

Yes, so.. lf you don't drink in your own marriage then what's the fun?

Have you gone crazy? Have it.

Leave me, mother.

Do you want to drink and make a mess in my marriage?

Shall I ask Bhopu for it?

Look, Tanu, don't make a mess.

Bhopu. Tanu, l will slap you.


Tanu. Please listen.

Oh, no. Tanu, you..

Yes, Tanu. Bhopu, do you have something?

What do you mean?

I mean alcohol. Alcohol?

I have a bottle. Then shell it out.

Let's have a peg. What are you saying, Tanu?

You are going to drink? Yes, so?

Give it or else l will buy it from the bar myself.

Wait, wait.

Why will you go to the bar?


Wait, wait.

Do you want it with soda or cold drink?

Didn't you ever drink neat?

You can have the rest.

I do eat. I do eat chicken.

But it doesn't make a difference.

Doesn't make a difference. Get it.

I was tensed when l was in UP.

But l am not tensed here. Mr. Manu.

Mr. Manu.

I owe you a hug.

Mr. Sharma, you are a very sweet man.

Tanu, l thought there would be a lot of fun over here..

..but there is complete silence.

Come on, dance for us. Something like Hrithik. - No..

I don't know how to dance.

You don't know how to dance.

He will dance if you play.

Go on.

Jassi, you go.

You go.

You can see, can't you? Yes.

Then let me teach you Kanpur's dance.

That is great.

Kanpur's dance.

"The eyeliner of love.. adorned in your eyes."

"Your eyeliner pierced my heart."

"l am floored by you."

"The world's after me."

"But l am crazy after you."

"Make me yours, beloved."

"l am floored over you."

"Where did you come with love in your eyes?"

"With this bustling youthfulness."

"Adorned with the entire market of Mina."

"The earrings of Barelee.. dangling in your ears."

"Your earrings pierced my heart."

"l am floored by you."

"I didn't ask for a car or a bungalow."

"Nor necklace nor earrings."

"I didn't ask for a car or a bungalow."

"Nor necklace nor earrings."

"l just want peace of heart."

"My cruel beloved, l just ask for some love."

"Make me lucky."

"Settle me down."

"Betroth me, my love."

"l am floored over you."

Marriage. Marriage. Marriage again.

What are you guys doing here?

Manu called all of you here, right?

Why should I tell you?


You go on. l'll stay here.

Manu, you are acting strange. l have some work with Payal's brother. Come on.

So what l Tanu is inside?

Are you scared of anyone?

Will you stop coming to Kapurthala?

Manu, you are my friend. My buddy.

You have come to attend my wedding.

You will go wherever you please.

Come on, get up now. Let's go.

Brother-in-law is here. Brother-in-law is here.

l seek your blessings. What are you doing?

Hello. How are you?

You had called? - Yes, everything is fine, except catering..

Hi! - Father had called. He was saying..

Listen. Take me to the beauty parlor.

No, you go yourself.

Come on.

Payal, he doesn't listen to you now..

What will he do later?

Take a look.

We'll see who listens to whom.

Let's go, please.

I said l am busy. You go.

Have a seat. What were you saying?

Yes, father had called.

I will take you.

Go on. Go with him.

He has all the time in the world.

And he's a foolish man too. Go. Shut up.

Manu, you take us there. Let's go.

I am not coming. l don't want anything special to be done.

You go. Listen. Now don't make excuses.

Come with me quietly or else l will slap you.

Payal, l.. Come on. Come.

Let's go.

Sister Payal.. The gray one.

No this one. You are looking very nice.

You too will get a chance. Give her the nail paint.

Do you want to get it done?

Do it for her as well. Get two facial done and get one free.

You guys are getting ready as if it is your wedding.

Sister Payal, come sit at the back.

Hey, you have completely changed.

But you didn't change at all, Mr. Sharma.

Come on. Hey, come and sit here.

Just a minute.

You girls sit properly.

Don't climb over me. Your drape.

Move this side. You guys are trouble.

Come. Come.

You are looking pretty.

Brother Manu.

Pappi. Yes.

Everyone's worried here because of me.

Poor Jassi can't do anything though he wants to.

Payal is sad.

Tanu.. is upset.

I was saying.. let's leave.

That will be right.

What are you saying?

Why would you leave?

What has it got to do with you?

It is not your fault.

Tanu was angry to see her parents here, nothing else.

That's all.

And don't worry. We know what to do now.

No, Pappi.

There's nothing left to say nor hear.

There is nothing left now.

Let's leave.

Now be happy, Tanuja Trivedi.

What happened?

I hope you know what you are doing with your life, Tanu.

There is a boy who is head over heels in love with you.

He's a doctor settled in London. So?

You are in love with a useless contractor.

Payal, don't talk nonsense.

Why? What is nonsense?

Uncle has told me everything. Your tales.

Your praises.

Tanu, college is over.

And you're so-called rebel attitude..

..has no meaning. lt's completely meaningless. Payal, don't talk nonsense. l don't like anyone advising me about my life.

Of course you don't. You want to be the queen.


What happened? Why are you concerned?

Then go and wash you face. Go.

Look, Tanu.

Manu is a very nice boy. l don't know who nor how your new, current boyfriend is.

Maybe he is very nice.

He will keep you happy.

But l am telling you what l feel.

You won't get anything out of abusing your parents, Tanu.

It's just what you like to do.

The rest, of course, is your will.

My will?

Did l say, "Call my parents"?

Did I say, "Call his parents"?

Everyone is thinking as they want.

Everyone is doing what they want.

Troubling for no reason. Oh, madam. Hello, hello, hello!

No one called anyone here.

Jassi called his parents.

And uncle and aunt received some random, unknown call.

And you aren't Madhubala..

..that the entire world runs behind you for your love.

She's just..

She likes you.

But he is not crazy like you.

It's useless to talk to you.

But this conversation is useless anyway..

..because he is leaving. Leaving?

Where? Back to Delhi.

And then London.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Madam, where are you going?

Station. l have to tell him something.

He must have left by now.

Oh, no. Listen..

Bhopu, will you drop me to the station?

It is very urgent.

Please. Yes, Tanu. Let's go. - Let's go.

"Oh, my beloved.."

"l cannot live without you. I'm telling the truth."

"Day and night l take your name."

"Oh, my beloved. Please don't leave."

"Oh, my sweetheart, don't go away."

"l cannot live without you. I belong to you."

"You are my God. You are my life."

"l don't have anyone else other than you."

"l am alive only because you, my love."

"lt's true that l am crazy about you."

"Come back, my beloved. l beg of you."

"l cannot live without you even for a moment."

The train is about to come.

Here. No.

Brother Manu, you are still tense.

Forget it. lf not you then someone else will do.

If not that person, then l'll find someone else.

l am leaving behind my love for your sake.

I was having so much fun. lf you wanted to remain tense then we were better off back there.




Pappi, don't joke. You aren't looking.

Take a look.

Mr. Sharma.

You made me run around a lot.

Are you angry with me?


Look. I am wearing the earrings you gave me.

They look nice, don't they?


l was slightly scared to see my parents.

l didn't tell anyone, but l am telling just you.

My boyfriend is arriving tomorrow..

..and we are getting married the day after.

Please stay back until my marriage.

"Doesn't stay with the soul."

"Once separated from the heart.."

You are so strange, Manu.

After everything that happened..

..you were thinking of staying back there.

Did you wish to perform the rituals too?

Excuse me, brother. Just a minute.

I have an unconfirmed ticket.. We'll see.

Please get it confirmed. We shall see.

Even one will do.. I said we'll see. l have been saying for the past one hour..

..that l boarded the wrong train. Stop it.

Don't you understand?

And what are these chains for?

The train runs faster when I pull it.


Doctor, you.. l told you. We have an old relationship.

Otherwise those who travel by plane..

..don't normally bump into people that travel by train.

Are you two coming or going?

We were attending a friend's marriage in Kapurthala.

We are returning from there.

See. l was on my way to Kapurthala as well.

But l boarded the wrong train from Chandigarh. l see. Yes.

Seems like you didn't get a place to sit.

I was requesting him to confirm the seat, so..

Whose call is it?

Why are you putting it on silent?

What shall l say, brother Raja?

It's a long story.

It's a very sad story. Which one?

There's a girl. Brother Manu likes her a lot.

Pappi, be quiet.

He likes her very much. l see. But he has been betrayed.

That girl kept toying with his emotions. - l see.

It's not a good thing to hurt your friend..

..for the sake of a girl.

If you want, I can help you. No, no.

Look. It's nothing like that.

She's a nice girl. She has a boyfriend.

They love each other.

They want to get married.

What else do we want?

Everyone has their own choice.

We'll take care of the boyfriend as well. l am from UP. Doctor, it doesn't take us long to persuade.

You said a nice thing. There is no need for that.

I mean, it's nothing like that.

He's calling again.

Talk to him.

Your friend's getting married, go and attend. l am going to Kapurthala for an urgent job.

You will be there, so will l, and the girl too.

We'll find a solution.

No, no.. Talk to him. Give him the phone.

One minute.

Yes, brother Jassi. Talk to him.

Talk to him. Hello.

Listen, Manu Sharma, l have told daddy. - Jassi..

Until Manu doesn't return finishing his visa work..

..l won't get married.

Jassi, listen to me. Go, go. Forget about me..

..and my marriage. Hello, Jassi.

Jassi, it's your marriage.

Why aren't you getting ready? l will.

Hurry up, son.

Kulwinder, are you inspecting all the preparations?

You never listen to me.

The auspicious hour is near.

Brother Raja, we met you at the right time.

Look. That's brother Jassi.

Daddy, bring the palanquin.


This is my friend.

Raja. Raja, Tanu.


Manu, have you seen sister Tanu around? - No, why?

I was searching for her..

..but I haven't been able to find her for a long time.

Just a minute.


Doctor. That was wonderful.

I found my bride right here.

I couldn't even tell you that she is the one..

..for whom I came to Kapurthala.

The marriage is at five o'clock.

Come to the registrar's office quietly.

And listen.

Don't be late at all.

Once l get married..

..then I will see to it that you do too.

I will arrange everything.

That's my promise.

And, doctor, bring two garlands.

Shall I say something, brother?

I am destined to commit a murder.

This time l will surely stab Raja.

Pappi, don't say such nonsensical things.

Nonsense? I am..

You are still being so generous.

You think it's a sensible thing..

..to buy garlands for someone else that's marrying your bride?

Look, brother. Either go and create a riot..

..or else go and catch a train back to Delhi.


Pappi, get the garlands and let's go to the registrar's office.

"Tears washed away my eyeliner."

"The henna was washed away."

"The flowery veil dried."

"Tears washed away my eyeliner."

"The henna was washed away."

"The flowery veil dried."

Come Doctor. "lt feels like.."

"..the season of sadness."

Her own children are still unmarried.

And she wants me to remarry.

Come quickly.

Come quickly. Come quickly.

Mother, why don't you listen to me?

Your name. Name. Name. Name. Raja.

Mother, why are you.. Her name? Tanuja Trivedi.

What? Tanuja Trivedi.

Mother, I suggest that you let me talk to him.

Father's name. Awasthi. H.N. Awashti.

Mother, let me talk to aunt.


Mother, why.. Let me talk to aunt.

Hello, aunt. Hello.

Aunt, please explain it to mother.

I just got divorced recently.

I recently got over the problem..

..and you are thinking of getting me married again.

Father's name. Father's name.

Trivedi. Awasthi.

Tell me her father's name.

She just said.. Rajendra Trivedi.

Aunt, please explain it to mother.

Please explain it to her.

I cannot make it, aunt.

I cannot make it until six o'clock.

I cannot make it.

Pen. Give me a pen.

Aunt, l will call you tomorrow. Mr. Sharma, do you have a pen?

Give me a pen. No.

Aunt, l am trying.

Six o'clock. That's not possible. Get a pen. - I don't have it.

Try to understand.

Aunt, try to understand.

Strange. You are all trying to make me upset.

Fine, l am coming. I am coming. Did you get the pen?

Look, there are no pens available here..

Then l cannot do anything. This is a government office.

You two are late.

The office closes at five o'clock and it is six now.

I am coming, l am coming.

Come back in the morning..

..l will get you two married first.

Tomorrow morning.

Mother, you go to the bus stand. l'll see you there.

You are great.

Mr. Awasthi, congratulations for the marriage.

I was so happy..

..that l fired two rounds at Akbari gate.

No. Everything went wrong. l see.

Should I come there?

Or send his photo and I will take care of it.

Who is he? l am going through a bad phase. lf l tell you what happened then you will laugh.

I will call you later. Okay, fine.

Listen. Do tell me if you need to get anything done.

I am disconnecting. Take care.

It was a big blunder.

What happened? How did it happen?

Where will we spend the night?

I don't understand anything.

I suggest that we go to Jaipur.

I have a few friends there. They will get us married.



Actually, doctor, no one will refer my name to Tanu's father.

Otherwise l would've done this with everyone's permission.

But what can I do?

We have to elope.

I didn't see you. Where were you?

I ran away to get married.

But l couldn't.

Take this. Apply this.

Achen. Yes.

You go. I will get her ready.

And close the door. Okay.

Where were you?

I searched all over for you.

Yes. Hello.

Hello. Will you call Mr. Trivedi? - Yes.

Whose idea was it to spend the wedding night at the Marriot?

Couldn't be your horse.

Shut up. He's my husband now, okay.

It was your doctor's idea.

Marriage gift.

Payal. One drag. Don't bother me.

You won't.

Take it. Take it. No.

I don't understand anything, son.

But if you are saying it then it's fine.

But you stay back.

Because after dealing with all this..

..l would surely want to know..

..why you are doing all this.

Just once.. Okay..

Leave. Go.

Look, there's a call. Must be your lover's phone. Answer it.

I am leaving.

Doctor. Listen.

At least say best of luck. All the best, darling.

Okay, bye!

Hello. Hello, it's me speaking.

Mr. Sharma.

Tanu, l have talked to your father.

He has agreed to your marriage with Raja.


"lt moves away."

We're fools. Your parents are fools.

Manu is a fool. The entire world is a fool.

And who is the only sensible one? Tanuja Trivedi.

She is 'Jhansi Ki Rani', she is 'Sarojini Naidu'..

Give me your hand.

First she had to fall in love.

Then run away and get married.

Now when everything is happening smoothly..

..she is upset that everything can go so smoothly.

She cannot see any charm in it, right?

You're a wandering soul, Tanu.

You will attain peace.

You want to marry Raja.

So go ahead, marry him.

You want to runaway and get married.

How can that happen?

I can't understand your problem. Open your mouth.

A person can try to help if he understands the problem.

A nice man got her married fixed..

..but she is angry with him as well.

Why? Because he snatched her right.

But no.

She can't see the love in his eyes for her.

Payal, you.. Shut up.

Just shut up, Tanu. l am not a fool to come here, leaving our honeymoon for you. lf you utter a single word l will leave right now.

Anybody there?

She is ready now. Take her downstairs.

Best of luck.

Yes, hello. Yes, son. You called. - Yes.

I couldn't answer it because I was in court.

Tell me. No, just like that.

I was saying that..

..book me a ticket for London for next Wednesday.

I will stay here until Tuesday..

..and l want to return to London after l return.


Okay, dear. Okay, look after yourself.

Son, l wanted to say something. Yes.

I wanted to say that one needs lots of courage..

..for doing what you are doing.

I always wanted to do something..

..for which l can say "Yes, I have done this."

But nothing like that ever happened.

But what you are doing is very nice.

Everyone doesn't have such courage.

Bless you. Yes.

"l can't stay without my beloved."

"Days seem bitter."

"And the moon.. the moon turned against me as well."

"The moon turned against me as well."

"It turned my nights into moonless ones."

"Made my heart gloomy."

"My beloved took away all the colors of my life."

Pinky, quickly go and see where Manu is.

Go. "My beloved one.."

Why didn't you apply henna?

What's wrong with her?

Who gave this gift?

You seem to be hiding yourself.

Mr. Sharma, everyone gave me gifts.

But you didn't shell out anything.

Otherwise you show that you're very generous.

I did. It's in your room. l see.

Go and take a look.

Let's go, Payal.

Let's go see whether Mr. Sharma has given something..

..or is he simply..

Come on, let's go.

Remove the paper.

What happened?

Was there a sudden burst of estrogens, testosterone..

..in your mind?

It's not too late yet, Tanu.. that you can't think about it.


"O Lord.."

"What sort of emotions have you.."

"..filled a heart with?"

Mr. Sharma.

You are not as you seem to be.

Surprising! You're the only one in this world..

..who understands that.

"O Lord!"

You are still arranging the flowers? - l'm almost done, Brother.

Manu. There's urgent work that has come up in Allahabad.

I will have to leave right now..

..and I won't be back until tomorrow morning.

You will have to do something for me.

In our custom, the groom's family..

..gives the wedding dress to the girl.

But l am leaving now.

Keep this 10,000.

And get Tanu the dress.

Do it. l would've done it if I had stayed back.

We'll meet in the morning.

And listen. Buy it from Lucknow.

This is Kanpur. You only get leather here.

Sister Tanu, brother Manu is calling you."

"Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord."

"Tell me, my Lord."

"Which color did you color my heart with?"

"The heart's turned selfish."

"My heart's turned green."

"What can I say to You?"

"Because l told You to color me with a faint color."

"Color me in my own color."

"Color my veil."

"But you didn't stop coloring me."

"Colored me so profoundly that my heart's colored too."

"Color my heart too."

"Oh, Lord, are you under the influence?"

"That you are asking me which color l want?"

"You're the one that plays with colors."

"You know which color l want."

"The color of my beloved, the color of my love."

"The color of passion, the color of fury."

"The color of spring, the color of monsoon."

"Color me. Color me. Color me all day with my favorite color."

"Why should there be two houses?"

"Color both houses with the same color."

"Color my moments."

"While coloring my moments."

"Color my courtyard."

"While coloring my moments."

"Color my moments with my favorite color."

"Color my bitterness."

"Color the crease in my dreams."

"Color my surprises."

"Color my ambience."

"Come, color my desires."

"If You can't make it then color my free moments."

"With this pain in my heart."

"l want to live with this pain in my heart."

"Color my courage."

"Oh Lord. Oh Lord."

"Why are You like this?"

"Show me now."

"You're my beloved. You're my life."

"You're my color. You're my Lord."

"You're the boat. You're the whirlpool."

"l sink in You, l emerge from You."

"l will obey everything You say."

"You are my Lord. You're beloved."

"My life.. my life is in your hands."

"You are my destroyer, you're my protector."

"I can't think of anything without you."

"You're my destiny, you're my companion."

"You're sage, you're my king."

"You're sunrise, you're my sunset."

"Where can l go without You?"

Mr. Sharma, can l ask something?


That day in the registrar's office you did have a pen, didn't you?


Then why did you lie?

You know, Tanu..

For the past 12 years l have been living alone in London.

Every morning l get up and make breakfast. l eat alone and also leave for office alone.

I don't have any close friends.

I have lived a very unromantic life.

Then my parents were after me to get me married.

I came to lndia from London.

I reached Kanpur.. and fell in love with you.

Was it my fault?

You said, "You don't want to get married" and I left.

You came back in my life again. l tried very hard to stay away from you..

..but l couldn't do it. What can l do?

That day in the court l couldn't muster the courage..

What can l do?

I thought that.. that you won't get married if you don't get a pen.

I was a fool.

l have been listening since childhood..

..but now I think what did l benefit from it?

First engineering, then studied medicine at London..

..make pacemakers.

Worked harder during recessions..

..or else I'd lose my job.

Invest in shares now, don't do it now.

Send email, facebook..


"Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord."

"Tell me, my Lord."

"Which color did you color my heart with?"

"The heart's turned selfish."

"My heart's turned green."

I don't see any difference between me and that monkey as well.

Raja, after I met you..

..I got Awasthi tattooed the next day.

I am a fool. And you know that.

I make mistakes. At least you understand.

After meeting Manu I felt that he's the one.

And l felt it so strongly like I never felt it before.

He never customizes me.

He lets me be as l am.

Raja, he likes me with all my misdeeds.

You have been making mistakes all your life.

And you will keep doing it.

Stay with me and do it.

The world is very simple, Tanu.

Either things are wrong or right for them.

And you know why we get along.

Because either things are wrong for me or they are mine.

I sent that rascal doctor to buy a dress.. - But..

I am paying for it.

Everything is opposite for you.

If the world says white you will say black. lf your father says Haridwar for you it will be Nepal.

Why are you ruining that poor man's life?

Marry me.

Few days later either you will change or I will change.

And if l say that l have changed..

I am not a fool.

"Oh, Lord."

"Tell me, my Lord."

"Which color did you color my heart with?"

"The heart's turned selfish."

"My heart's turned green."

"Color my heart.."


There's a big difference between you and him.

"Color my heart.."

Give it to her. Come on.

Brother, next time we will stay longer in Punjab.


I had told you, we won't be able to stay on.

Two minutes.

Just two minutes.

I have just made a big mess.

Tell me, Mr. Sharma, do you love me or not?

Tell me. Do you love me or not?

Then how will l know?

You cried so much in the car..

..but did you hold my hands, or my cheeks and say it?

You are still thinking.

Hold me and say it or else it's of no use.

I love you.

You love me.

Pinki, l like the boy.

Uncle, she likes the boy.

Thanks, buddy.

What will we say to Raja?

At one o'clock in the night..

..you are here to tell me that this marriage isn't possible.

Uncle, what will you do..

..when the girl isn't willing? Calm down.

What can you do? Look how he's talking.

What if the girl runs away?

You will have to visit the court and police station.

Uncle, l was saying..

..what's the guarantee that she won't elope from the marriage dais?

You explain it to her.

Why should we explain it to her?

This matter has gone out of hand.

Raja, l..

Look, Mr. Trivedi, l am explaining it properly..

..and for the last time.

We've distributed the cards, stitched the clothes..

..we've booked the first shift band.

So we're coming with the wedding procession tomorrow.

So you better leave.. and make arrangements for the marriage.

There should not be anything left out in tomorrow's marriage.

Understand? Yes.


Get everyone out quickly.

Get out.

Out, out.

Brother Manu.

Just a minute.


Let's go buy you a suit.

For your marriage.


Sure? Yes.

Just a minute.

Uncle, it's like this.

I have 2,000 and you pay 10,000.

We'll give it to the inspector..

..and get Raja jailed.

You cannot fly a kite. Your string is not proper. l won't give it. lt's completely entangled.

Your string is not proper. lt's entangled.

Pappi. Yes.

Did you cut anyone's or did everyone cut yours?

They don't let it fly. They cut it down quickly.

Your neighbourhood is very mischievous.

Can I say something?

Thank you.


Uncle, call the police. Police.

Where did this other band come from?

Please, please. Please stay back.

Call the police. Call them now.

I'm ready to die today.

Pappi. Pappi, this is wrong. Uncle, you stay back.

This is wrong. You stay back.

Aunt, make him understand.

Inspector, where are you?

Brother Manu.. There is chaos over here.

You stay here. Why are you going there?

You.. - Jassi, stop. - Manu.. Jassi, stop.

Jassi, listen to me. l won't spare him. Let go of me.

Listen, you are under my oath. Jassi. Jassi, you come here.

Tanu, do something.

Why are you crying? What now?

That's fine, but why are you crying?

I know how to ride a bike. But l don't.

And anyway, Tanu, this isn't the time to sit at the back.

What should l do with you?

Anything you feel is right.

That day you took Tanu away and l kept quiet.

Because l felt that was right, Today I am taking her away.

You do whatever you feel is right.

Is this a joke, doctor?

What do you think?

You will make a mockery out of me..

..in front of half the city.

And I will do nothing.

Try to take her. l will shoot you.


Theoretically I should be scared.

But practically I am not scared.

Because l feel that whatever l am doing is absolutely right.

I am taking Tanu away today.

Because if l am scared.. l will be shot.

And if I don't.. l will be still shot.

And you, Tanu.

You feel that I won't shoot.

Raja, l was scared for Manu.

Otherwise I am not scared of anyone.

That's great.

Just great.

In this story you're the Ram, she's Sita..

..and me, Ravan.

If l am Ravan.. then so be it.

"Where shall l go?"


"Where shall l go?"


"Where shall l go?"

Doctor, when l got ready and stepped out of my house..

..even my mother didn't come and bless me.


No one wanted this marriage to take place.

But what can I do?

I have promised.

l am coming with the wedding procession.

But at the last turn.. l remembered another promise.

"l will get you married to the girl you love."

And, Tanu, l might be a joker..

.. but not a betrayer.

And then if he wasn't such a nice person..

..if you didn't love him so deeply..

..and if l.. wasn't slightly bad..

.. and if wasn't a Monday today..

..then l swear on Bholenath.

I would've shot him.

Didn't I say it, doctor?

We have an old connection.

My best wishes for your wedding.

Play the drums.

"Just go for it."

"She has a lot of attitude. Jugni is naughty."

"Jugni is naughty. She has a lot of attitude."

"She has been pampered by all the villagers."

"She has a lot of love in her heart but she abuses a lot."

"My dear, Jugni.."

"My brother, Jugni.."

"My dear, Jugni is here. She has taken over everyone's heart."

"Jugni dances in western style."

"Jugni dances in western style. Come on."

"Jugni dances in western style."

"She romances with a gentleman."

"Boys always impatiently wait for a chance."

"My dear, Jugni.."

"My brother, Jugni.."

"My dear, Jugni is educated in English. She speaks.."

"She speaks well in English."

"Listen to me, dear."

"God alone can save you."

"Now God alone can save you."

"She is sensational."

"She fights. She is fearless."

"She stands with a stick. Just go for it."

"She goes to a degree college. She is very fashionable."

"She fights with the bad guys."

"She rides a red bullet."

"My dear, Jugni.."

"My brother, Jugni.."

"There is no tension. Life is set."

"Jugni is a favorite amongst the kids."

"She wants to stand on a motorbike."

"She wants to fly an aeroplane as well."

"She drives heavy vehicles and buses as well."

"She boards a moving bus."

"She is extra smart for those who are over smart. - Come on."

"But to tell you the truth she is a Juliet."

"She mingles with good people."

"Then she goes abroad."

"Jugni has seen the world."

"She is very smart now."

"She finally found true love."

"Don't ask me what happened next."

"My dear, Jugni.. Just go for it."

"My brother, Jugni says.."

"She stays in London."

"She stays in.. she stays in London."