Tapped Out (2014) Script

Feet together, bow.

Osu! Yoi!

A little bit of exercise, a little bit of basics here today, guys. Ready?

Let's go. Jumping jacks to start. Go, jumping jacks!

That's it, that's the one. Pop and snap.

Good stuff. Push-ups! Go, push-ups!

That's it, nice and low.

Try to get that chin all the way down.

Good stuff. Nice push-up.

Now let's get everyone standing up.

Feet together. Bow.


Okay, ready, guys? Single punches.





Five! Six!





Feet together! Bow!

Osu. Osu!


Ready? Put that one foot forward.

Ready? We'll face this way. Feet together. Bow!

Grab that bo. Here we go, nice and strong.

Step, punch, one! Hah!

Up-down! Side-to-side!

Big reverse! And lift it up.

Big punch! Kiai! Hah!

Excellent. Back to steep.

And give these guys a hand, nice work.

Next belt: black.

Keep training as hard as you did in blue, you'll be taking my job some day.

There you go, ready. Feet together.

Bow. Osu.

Let's give Michael a hand, guys, our newest brown belt.

Congratulations, buddy. I'm so proud of you.

You know... we did all right with this one.

Yeah, we did.

Open the door.

Open the fuckin' door!

Michael, Michael, get down, get down!

Stay here, stay here. Open the fuckin' door!

Open the fuckin' door! Open the fuckin' door!

Hey! Phil!

Okay okay okay. Move it!

Phil, Phil! Listen, I'll blow your head off.

Please, don't hurt us, okay? I have money in my wallet.

Tell this bitch to unlock the door!

Unlock it! Credit cards.

Open the fucking door. No, Carol, no no!

No no, Carol!

Unlock it right now! No!

No no no no!



What did you do, man?

What the fuck did you do?

Take her out.

Kill her right now! Take her out!

Fuck that! I didn't sign up for this. Get off me!

Please don't kill me. Don't look at me.

I don't want to die. Don't look at me.

Please please, I don't want to die. Shut the fuck up!

Hold on.

Where the fuck you guys been?

Sorry for party rockin'


Go after him.

And models in the VIP...

There he is! There he is!

Out for the whole damn club to see

Sorry for party rockin'

When they talk shit, we just be like Sorry for party rockin'

People always say that my music's loud Sorry for party rockin'

Neighbors complain, saying "Turn it down"

Sorry for party...

Morris. Len.

There was a disturbance call.

House party. Hmm.

The ringleader here gave us some flak.

A couple of the kids say that the booze came from him.

I don't know what to say.

He's just lucky he didn't get picked up by one of the other patrols.

Morris, I'm doing all I can here.

I know it hasn't been easy for him, but I can't keep getting him off the hook.

He gets picked up again, he's gonna have to go through the system.

You've done more than enough, Len, and I appreciate it.

You have yourself a good night.

Can't you see my heart is breaking...

I don't even know why I show up to school, man.

It's a waste of my time. Guess who got some after the party.

Dude, jerking off a cop to let you go doesn't count, man.

Yeah yeah.

Remember that chick?

No way. Way, dude.

She got separated from her friends and she needed a ride home. You don't even have a car.

I know. We wandered around forever trying to find it.

Dude, smell my fingers. Aw, you're sick, man.

Dude, a brother's gotta eat, right?

Michael Shaw, please come to the office.

Oh. Shit.


Man, I'm sorry. Yeah, I gotta go.

Let's go, guys.

Whoo, oh, that's nice.

Oh ho, sorry, dude.

Nice hat.

Principal Vanhorne is ready to see you now.

Ah, Mr. Shaw.

Join us please.

I can understand your frustration.

I mean, it must be very difficult having all your friends in college and you're still here.

But that falls on you.

Your grandfather and I are very concerned about your extracurricular activities.

Well, you don't need to be. Really?

Yeah. What'd you do this weekend?

Go go go go!

According to this you're barely passing, Michael, and you haven't even started your community service hours.

You can't take a third victory lap, son.

Your grandfather and I have a possible solution.

Your father's old friend Reggie runs that doji...

Dojo. He's agreed to let you do your community service hours there.

You'll go there every day after school starting tomorrow.

Keep up a passing grade average and you could walk out of here having earned a diploma.

You have an opportunity here, Michael.

And we are willing to help you.

But only if you're willing to help yourself.

No shoes on the floor.

Michael, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

You look like him.

This is the main dojo floor.

The only time you'll be on it is when you're cleaning it.

The mirrors need to be wiped down every night.

You're not a narcissist, are ya?


And right here, that's the master.

He looks over the place.

Your arsenal.

What'd you expect, wax on, wax off?

The kids have a hard time hitting the bowl, so you'll probably spend a lot of time in here.

Hey, where're you going? Home.

So I'm your janitor.

Look, kid, I'm doing you a favor.

Oh, uh, I almost forgot.

You might need those to lock up.

You actually trust me?

What's there to steal, the mirrors?

He's watching.

This is bullshit.


Tough guy, are you?

Come here.

He really isn't our chi...

So how was it? Great.

Now there was a time When you loved me so

I couldn't do wrong Now you need to know See, I've been a bad bad bad bad man And I'm in deep Yeah And I found a brand-new love for this man...

Oh. And can't wait till you see How you like me now?

How you like me now?

How you like me now?

How you like me now?

I know.

How you like me now?

How you like me now?

Remember the time When I eat you up?

Yeah, I was a line That you can't give up... Oh man.

I've asked you all to reread pages 62 to 65 because your test scores were very low.

So we are going to review this information.

Come on, people. It's on the board.

Come on, people, it's on the board.


H-C-N? Yes.

So how you like me now?

How you like me now?

How you like me now?

How you like me now?

Does that make you love me, baby?

Does that make you want me, baby?

Oh mercy Yeah Oh yeah Oh yes, I said Oh yeah, hey Oooh yeah Oh yeah, oh Oh yeah Oh so All right.

Higher. Attagirl.

Calf... that's great.



Hai! Hai!



Make sure when you punch you gotta take it out, okay?

Okay. Up here, you don't wanna get it caught

'cause otherwise you're gonna break it.

You don't wanna break it, right? No.

Let's try it.

Here, hit it.

Hi. Hey, how are you?

Good. Nice to see you.

How is school going?

I know.

Good job.

Bye Bye. Hey, thank you.

Bye. Goodbye. Goodbye, sensei.

Bye. Jimmy!


See you tomorrow.

Bye. Bye. Thank you.


You work well with kids.

Looks like you remember a thing or two.

That was a long time ago.

I'll tell you what, you divide your time between keeping this place spotless and helping me with the kids, and let's see if we can get you back into a gi.

Look, I'm just here to finish my hours, okay?

Yeah, I can see that.

Look, this isn't... it's not me anymore.

Well, when it is you, I'll see you on the floor.

Oh, and don't even think about it... she's my niece.

Hyah... ya!

Get changed.

Gotta earn it.

You look good. How does it feel?

It feels pretty good.

Let's see your front stance.

Needs a little work.



All right. Shoulders back, chest out, chin up.

Okay, let's see a front punch.

Okay, this... chamber hand?

Always even with the belt.

All right? Again.

Good. Breathe.

You're not breathing.

Breathe. Go!


From your gut. Never mind how it sounds.

It's gonna protect you, all right? Again.

Hyah! There you go. Again.


Good. Keep working on it.


Not bad.

I didn't think anybody was watching.

You can just pretend I'm not.

You'll get in trouble.

I'm Jen.


You're Reggie's niece, right? Uh, yeah.

Is he around? Nah, he just took off.


Is there something I can help you with?

I don't think so.

Wait, you came all the way here for nothing?

How do you know I don't live across the street?

A girl like you? Oh, smooth.

Does that normally work?

So is this what you're gonna be doing all night?

You mean standing in front of a mirror making an ass out of myself?

Yeah, pretty much.

Get changed.

I wanna show you something.

Do me a favor? Don't tell my uncle I brought you here.

He's old school.


Buckle up, get strapped in We're getting wild in Moscow now We'll keep it cool like Aspen, trans-Siberian And off the tracks... Hey.

How's it going? Good.

Hi sweetie.

Ladies, this is Michael. Hey, Michael, how's it going?

He's a janitor.

Come on.

Okay, let's go.

Everybody get your hands in the Soviet dance Now drop, keep it moving, man...

We've been doin' this for three hours.

What time are we gonna get in?

The fights are gonna be over. Come on, man.

Come on.


What is this place?

You'll see.

Who's that guy? Come on.

You'll get your turn. That was our turn.

We're freezing our asses off out here.

We'll meet you guys inside. Okay.

I guess we're taking two.

Fighting? Yeah. It's awesome, right?

Might drop like blocks in Tetris Man, I'm purple in the eye 'cause we're rockin' it Sing it, sunrise in the a.m....


Hey, thanks. No worries.

Oh my God, who's winning so far?

This is insane.

Hang on, tighten it!

Don't lose him now. Tighten!


Yo, how crazy was that fight, y'all?

What's up?

All right, y'all. All right, yo!

All right, check this out.

Yo, this next match is balls to the walls.

No holds barred.

This... yo, this is what you are all here for.

What? He's crazy.

First we got Nick Maynar-rrrrd!

Go home, go home! Whoo!

This guy's huge.

And his opponent Dominic Motherfuckin' Gray-yyy!


He is the sickest fighter. Oh my God.

Go to your corner.

Stop it, no! Stop it, no!

Stop... no no no! No no no!


Now I know you're ready. Let's do this, baby.

Hey, what's up?

Are you okay?


Come on! Get off him.

Oh shit, Dom-ination, baby! Whoo!

Dominic Gray, a bad bad man.

Hey. Ahem, I wanna report a crime.

I mean, I have some information about a crime.

Okay, sir. Can you tell me exactly what happened?

It was a... it was a carjacking, but there was a murder involved.

And where was this? Well, it was a long time ago.

I don't really remember. Why are you only coming forward now?

No no, because... because I got new information, okay?

Do you... do you have a case number or a reference?

The victims were my parents.

It was a carjacking and...

I saw the guy tonight! Okay?

I need one of you guys to go down there and arrest this guy right fucking now!

As you know, we can't just go out there and arrest him, okay?

We need a warrant for that. Now if you'd just calm down for a minute and properly explain the situa... sir? Sir?

You, uh, forgetting something?

When you step into this dojo you leave everything else outside.

The only thing you bring in here is your concentration.

Where are you right now? Leaving.

40, 60, 80, 100.

Oh man, I'm losing count, man.

I need a bigger drawer, Big D.

Woo! Man, we made a killing last night, yo.

Hey, boss.

It's all right, man.

Is there somethin' I can do for you?

I wanna fight.

And you are...?

Michael Shaw.

And I care why?

'Cause I have an interest in one of your fighters.

Look, a fan.


I don't have time for this, man.

Hey! Hey, man, I'm serious.

I wanna fight. It's cool, man.

Okay, Michael Shaw, let's start with this.

Where do you train? What's your record?

That's what I thought.

Man, I'll fight anybody, okay?

Listen, pretty boy, I'm pretty sure you got all kind of reasons why you wanna become a fighter, man.

But if I let every kid who walked up in that office a shot in the cage?

Man, I'd be on a street corner somewhere begging for change from people like you.

And I know you ain't got none. Yeah, but you don't understand...

Look, kid! It's brave of you, but the answer is simply no.

I'll tell you what though, since you did take the trouble of coming all the way down here, man, here's two tickets to tonight's fight.

It's gonna be a good one.

Bring one of your girlfriends or something.


Hell yeah, man.

He really knows how to put on a fucking show.

He really knows how to put on a fucking show.

Man, great fights, great eye candy.

You just gotta understand.

I'm sorry, boys, let's go. See you at my place.

Follow us. Absolutely. Let's go.

Let's go inside.

It's my jam!

Motherfuck's my jam, man!

All right, three. It's Jaeger.

Everybody, everybody,


What are you doing?

You snooping around here or somethin'?

I asked you a question, kid.

Yo, get Dom out here.

The kid was snooping around out back.

Look at me, kid.

You know you're trespassing, right?

Do you know what that means?

Do you?

Do you wanna know something funny?

I can cut your eye out right here, right now and nobody would think twice.

I can kill you and nobody would care.

Remember that.

And get the fuck off my property.

Stupid-ass kid.

Hey, keep it moving.


This is the address of the man that I saw kill my parents.

And there's my number.

Give me a call when somebody decides to do their job around here.



What did he want?

Uh, it's his second time in here.

The kid's all over the place.

Wants us to go pick up some guy on a seven-year-old murder charge.

Here, he gave me this.


Look, I know I lost my cool the other day and I shouldn't have.

This place means a lot to me.

I want to help you.

I wanna help the kids.

And I want to keep on training, you know, provided that's okay with you. Okay.

That's it?

Look, I said I'm sorry.

I thought this place was supposed to be about honor and respect.

Hit this. What?

Hit this.

Deep breath, focus and strike.


The makiwara defines the essence of karate.

Your punch can bounce off just as easily as it can puncture.

The only thing that factors into it is you... your mind, your focus and your form.

You wanna get angry, you wanna hit something, hit this.

4:00 every day, same as before.

Keep at it.

Osu, stand, yoi.

All right, jumping jacks, 10 fast... go!

Other hand here, punching.

Here we go, ready? And... watch out, guys. One, two... as fast as you can. Five... six...

Hi, Jen. Hi.

Oh, how you doing?

Good. Good.

Come on in.

Here we go!

Don't, no no no no no!

One, two, three, karate!

Good job last night. Good job.

What's that there? Oh! What?

Good job.

Good job.

And it's on!


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for another crazy one.

Right about now we got my man Bullet inside the cage.

My dude is quick, but yo!

His opponent, the undefeated Dominic Gray-yyy!

Go to your corner. Whoo!

Yo, I know my man got some speed on him, but I'm telling you, I don't know how he's gonna get himself outta this one.

I hope he can respond.

Dominic Gray is a bad bad man, y'all.

You all know how he does it.

Y'all ready for this one or what?

You ready? Excuse me.

All right, let's do this.

This gonna be crazy 'cause you know it always is!

Get ready to fight, baby!

Let's go! Come on!

Here we go!

Whoo, middle of the war, y'all! Whoo!

Off him. Come on, come on, come on.

Dominic Gray, people, 13 and 0.

It's for this reason and out of popular demand, that your kind promoter and our sponsors have decided to host a tournament starting May 15th.

We want the best fighters inside this cage.

No weight class. And the awarded prize?

$50,000 cash!

Oh shit. Hey, and to get it?

Fight your way through to this motherfucker and try knockin' him out!

Dominic Gray, y'all!


Yeah, man, I was just tellin' Big D, man, this is gonna be our wildest one yet, man.

Oh, it's gonna be crazy. Dom can't wait.

He's just ready to kill motherfuckers, man.

You should've seen him tonight, man... 10 seconds.

I don't even think it was 10 seconds, man.

Yo, it's gonna be off the hook, man. It's the best tournament...

I'll call you back, man. I gotta call you back.

It's all right. Cool, man, it's cool.

I gotta call you back.

Jesus Christ, man, you again?

Didn't I comp you already? I wanna fight in the tournament.

Yeah, let me guess:

You hear five sexy numbers and all of a sudden you're seeing a nice little hatchback and affordable girlfriend, right?

It's not about the money.

I just wanna fight.

Look, I appreciate your dedication here, man, but the shit's wearing thin. It's not cute no more, man.

Now get outta my office. I don't think you're listening.

Apparently neither are you.

Oh shit!

All right. Ha ha!

Cool. But I can't throw you in just like that, man.

You need some crowd time and at least one win.

You gotta be likeable.

Ahem. Okay, I got one fighter who just backed out last minute at one of the other circuits. Street match... amateur hour.

Fine. When is it?

Tomorrow night.

Don't make me regret this, kid.


Get your ass up, man.




Thanks for meeting up.

I was kind of a dick before.

I figured, um... maybe I was too forward and scared you off.

No. No, not at all.


Yeah, it's... it's refreshing.

Mm, interesting.


You're a part-time janitor, a part-time karate instructor and full-time...?

I'm a student.

Mmm. What school do you go to?

Crescent Valley.

Isn't that a...


You're not, like, 15, are you? No.

Oh, right on.

So you're just a perfectionist with your grades.

So are you ever going to move out of your parents' basement or are you gonna be that guy that stays there till he's 30?

Uh, my parents died when I was 12, so I...

I live with my grandfather.

Shit, I'm...

I'm sorry.

So looks like you got me all figured out.

How about you?

I grew up out west.

Um, I came here a few years ago just to visit my uncle and kind of fell in love with the city.

So I took a year off after high school and applied for some programs here in criminology.

And soon as I got in I was on the first plane out.

So you're looking to catch the bad guys, huh?

Oh well, you know, I do live in the student ghetto so I am looking to catch the perp who stole my bike in freshman year and subjecting him to the full power of the criminal justice system.

Your parents must be proud.

Mm, yeah. Reg is even prouder.

You know, he can be pretty over-protective, so I think he likes the fact that I'll be able to stand up for myself.


So I got this thing tonight.

I've got a fight.



Like a fight fight? Yeah, like a fight fight.

Oh, I didn't even know you were into that kind of thing.

Is there a lot of money on it?

It's not really about the money.

Does my uncle know?

I keep your secret, you keep mine?


Reggie's Karate.

Leave a message.

Hey, Reg, it's... it's Michael.

Uh, I'm not gonna be able to make it in today, man.

I'm... I think I'm coming down with something.

I'll see you Monday.


Go ahead.

Every Friday night just like that.

Oh, he gets...


Come on, man.

Come on, man!

Gotta keep your eyes open, brother.

He's too fast for you.

Oh, bitch, you just got head-butted.

Oh oh, and another one. Kid!

Yo, come on, man, you're next.

You can do better than that. What the hell is this for?

Dawg, the only thing you're gonna need are your fists and a heavy sack... Get up, come on!

It's over, it is over! and a fucking prayer.

All right, all right, bring it in.

Give it up, give it up!

Squaring off against Jimmy D-DDD!

Come on, give it up!

Ha ha!

Michael Shaw.

All right, check it, check it.

No biting, no groin shots, no eye gouges.

You can't get up, you lose.

You tap, you lose.

You ready?


Let's do this.

Yeah, Jimmy, knock this kid the fuck out.

I got shit to do. Oh!

Send this kid home, man!

Ha ha! Oh...

Sorry, Mike!

Oh, don't kill him, Jimmy.

Stay down, man.

Oh oh...


The boy got some moves.

Come on, Jimmy.


Give it up for the kid, Michael Shaw!

Yo yo!

That was fucking incredible, kid!

So am I in or not? Yeah, you're in. You got six weeks.




Did you win? Yeah, but my hand's gonna look like a watermelon tomorrow.

Look, I don't want to overstep my bounds or anything, but...

I know what happened to your parents.

The carjacking... and how they never found the guy.

Michael, why do you really want to fight in this thing?

You didn't see it, did you?

The way they looked at him it was like they think he's some hero.

They don't even know.

It was him, wasn't it?

Look, I gotta get on a better sleeping schedule.

Yeah yeah, of course.

I'll let you go. How about dinner though?


Dinner's good.

Good night. Good night.

What are you doing here?

Just thought I'd come a little bit early.

You think I'm gonna let you teach the kids looking like that?

I had an accident. Honor!


That's what this is all about, right?

Well, I thought forgiveness was a part of it too.

Not if you take advantage of it.

What are you really training for, Michael?

If you wanna dance around in a cage and hurt people for money, you're in the wrong place.

Yeah well, you know what?

These... these mind games, all this bowing and shit, nobody wants to see this stuff anymore, man.

Then what are you still doing here?

You could've walked away any time.

You're here because you made the wrong choices and you chose to stay because you're looking for something more.

You're right. You know what?

I can leave whenever I want.

Then go right ahead. You finished your hours weeks ago.

I'm not training you so you can go out and fight in some circus. you understand me? Well, it's too late for that.

Then get out, Michael.

Your choice. Fine.



Uncle Reg!

Why don't you just tell him? Tell him what?

Why you're fighting. Just tell him the truth.

I-I know he can be a hard-ass, but at least he'd understand.

You know I'm right.

Why do you care so much anyways?

Mr. Shaw.

Come in, come in.

You're a very difficult man to find these days.

I've been reviewing your, uh... your grades as of recent.

You could use some improvement in some areas.

But they are exemplary in comparison to last semester's.

And as promised... here's your letter of recommendation and a few suggestions for some schools that would be good for you to look at.

Applications go out this month.

If there's anything there that you want me to change, just let me know.


I wish I could.

Best of luck.

Thank you.

Michael, this is fantastic.


And I was wondering if you could help me out with something.

You know, Len Riley paid me a visit a few days ago.

Oh, yeah?

It looks like he's reopening the case.

Do you know anything about that?

Hit that board any harder and the other wrist is gonna burst.

What are you doing here? Came to see how you were... and where you've gone with my dinner plans.

I'm sorry, I've been... It's fine.

It's not like I stopped eating.

So your grandfather gave me the grand tour.

Oh, he did?

Looks like you've got your own place to train now.

How's Reg doing? That's why I'm here.

Let's take a walk.

You know, kid, sometimes it helps to let people in instead of coming across like you don't care.

Would it have mattered?

Probably not.

But at least we could've gone about it in a different way.

Reggie, the man killed my parents.

A man that I finally found after seven years, standing within a few feet.

Now I have my chance at him. A chance at doing what?

You gonna kill this guy in front of a couple of hundred people?

I've thought about it.

Sit down, man.

You know when I was your age...

I was in the military.

There's a reason those poor bastards don't sleep at night.

Killing a guy lets him off easy.

But letting him live with what he's done... that's torture.

After I got back...

I started drinking.

Your father's the one who saved my life.

And the whiskey you saw in the drawer?

Yeah, I saw you looking.

It's a reminder.

It tests my will.

I haven't taken a sip in 15 years.

Your father was my friend, Michael.

And I think he turned you into a damn good kid.

You want a shot at this guy?

I can't stop you.

But when you step in there, everything else goes out the window.

It's about survival.

And that's how we're gonna train you for it.

I'm not doin' this to help you win.

In fact, I don't care if you do.

I just don't want to see you get hurt, especially not by him.

Wait, I thought you said that...

Shut up... before I change my mind.

We start training tomorrow, 6:00 a.m.

We've only got three weeks.

I can't teach you to be better than these guys, but I do have time to teach you how to beat 'em.

The fighters you're going up against are strong.

They're athletic and they know how to take a punch.

You can't afford to miss.

You need to rely on your speed and distance, and take as little damage as possible.

With the right timing and the right placement, you can end it with a single punch.

Your karate's there. But after watching these guys, I can tell that won't be enough.

We're gonna mix it up a bit. This way, when you're in close range you can open up like a son of a bitch.

In the beginning moments of that fight, you need to study him, learn his range, know what his next move will be.

Harder! Double kick!

When you step in there, nothing else matters.

Focus on your opponent.

You gotta watch out for the legs. Okay.

'Cause if you can't stand, you can't fight, right? Yeah.

Okay, so watch. Ready? Yeah.

You all right?

Yeah. All right.

When these guys get tired they start swinging for the fences.

So I want you... bang! Right down the pike.

Okay. Right down the pike, all right?

Yeah. All right.

Keep your hands up, all right?

Keep your hands up. Okay.


All right, you know that control I've been teaching you?

Lose it.



Now there's these guys I want you to meet.

They'll be able to help you with your ground game.

Hi. Hi.

If you got a fighting chance, it's because of them.

Just try to keep up with them.

Good, bud.

Are you Reggie's guy?

Yeah. Michael.


What's up?

Hey, Lyoto. This is the kid.

You can't be serious. He's tiny and looks malnourished.

I know.

It's impossible. He doesn't stand a chance.

Well, we've seen worse. Impossible is what we do.

Guess we can try.

You ready? Yeah.

All right then.

Let's do it.

All right. Your first lesson today is the sprawl. This is very very important.


Okay. Let me introduce you to my little friend, the medicine ball.

Let's go, sprawl.

Go, sprawl!

Go! Fast!

Come on, boy.

This is bad position for you.

You need to change faster.

You need to move your hips like this, and you put your arm inside and... choke.


One more.

Let's go! Fast!


For this kick, you have to bring your knee up like a fake and kick with the other leg. Like that.

Try it.

No no, you need more force.

So you need to put your arms in here... Okay.

Put your legs here. Uh-huh.

You have a lot of position here for the choking.

First one.

And this one.

No no, you have to... more force.

You need to keep your working more.

Great job.

Dentists love this kick.




Nice. Good job.

You ready for the real test?

Okay. Okay, let's go.

Okay. Up your hands.

Keep moving.

I like this kick.

I like it. Good job, buddy.

Good. I love it.

Oof! Aw.

So, uh, I think he might be ready.


Thank you. Good job.


We'll see.

Oh no. No no.


Let's go, huh? Let's go.

Oh me, oh my, man Didn't hesitate At all...

Not a fool for fate At all He'd just take my hand I didn't understand Oh me, oh my, guy Oh, it's sportswear for you But I've got one or two... Hold on.

One second, one second.

What are you doing? Shh.

He's watching.

Maybe if it all works out We can get a two-bedroom house With a king-size bed And a spare room there for guests

Oh, but it didn't last.

This place is really falling apart.


It's been pretty tough on Reg.

He can't afford the repairs, so he insists on fixing it up himself.

He just works so hard, you know?

And people don't want karate anymore.

They want what they see on TV.

Which is a shame because I see what my uncle does for these kids... and for you.

How do I look?

I know you think that you need to do this, and that's fine.

But after tomorrow I really hope that you can make peace with everything that you've been holding onto.

You've earned that.

Shake it off.

Wait here. I got something for you.

If I'm not mistaken, your father said that you were just a few months away from earning... this.

Tomorrow is what it all comes down to.

Don't lose your focus.

You're there for one purpose.

Whatever you choose to do... don't forget what they'd expect of you.

Go home, get a good night's sleep.

I'll see you there.

I'm not gonna let you coach yourself, am I?

All right, y'all. All right, yo!

Today is the day!

We've got a sweet lineup of fights comin' atcha that are sure not to disappoint.

This is the tournament of all tournaments, baby.

Woo! This is gonna be crazy.

This is gonna be live! This is gonna be wild!

All right, ladies and gentlemen, now this is how it works.

Once the preliminaries are outta the way, we'll break and reconvene for the final match-up at 6:00.

The fighter who manages to keep himself in the game until then will get his shot at the $50,000 against our very own undefeated champ Dominic Gray!

Let's go to war-rrr!

All right, y'all, this is our first fight of the night!

We got Chino-ooo!

And his opponent...

Rotansky. Make some noise!

Corner, sir.

Thank you. Mouthpiece?

Cup? Good to go.

Are you ready, sir?

You ready?

Fight! Let's get it on, y'all!

Oh, this is crazy already!

Oh, damn, oh!

Oh oh!

Oh, that's big trouble now... oh!



Come over here, guys.

Protect yourself at all time. Obey my command at all time.

If you wanna touch gloves, do it now and go back to your corner.

You ready?


See, look at him. See him?

Yeah yeah!


Yo, this next match is gonna be real interesting, man!

We got a newcomer to the cage!

Check it out, y'all! We got Michael Shaw!

Taking on Abraham the Firearm!


Come on in, guys.

Protect yourself at all times. Obey my command at all times.

If you wanna touch gloves, do it now and go back to your corners.

Let's go, guys. Step back, step back.

A'ight, karate boy. Whatever, man. I hope that helps you!

Nice and relaxed, Michael!

Make sure you keep your hands up!

Ooh, you gotta watch that firearm. It might burn!

Attaboy! Focus on the gameplan.

Who's got it goin' on, man? Let's brawl, let's brawl!

Bring him out, around!


Don't just stand there, move!


Michael Shaw, y'all! Make some noise!


God damn, where did that come from? Yes!



I'm telling you, we got some round-two action for y'all! Check this out!

You wanna slap me and call me out and flatter me I hope you won't, but that'll be a joke But let's go...

Go for broke, crazy mind...

Slam slap... Go go!

Straight out of the adrenaline gym, my man Stone takin' on Shaw! Fight!

I don't know how he's gonna walk after that.

Don't check the kick, come into it!

Use... cover up! Cover up!

Ow! You're gonna feel that in the morning, homie!

Over-powered! Where did that come from?

Left-foot triangle!

There you go!

That's right!

Yo, are you seeing this?

Let him go! Oh ho! Unbelievable!

It's all over, baby! Michael Shaw does it again!

Yo, our next fight pits Chino versus Michael Shaw!

Are you ready, sir? Are you ready? Fight!

Here we go, y'all!

Stay on him! Stay on him!

Got some high kicks there! Oooh!

Elbows in! Oh, you in trouble now.

Whoo, Chino's mad with it tonight.

Go to the body! Go to the body!

He's got a strong chin! Go to the body!

Attaboy! Attaboy!

Wow! We got a fight here, ladies and gentlemen!

Put your weight down on him!

No, that's too much, man. He ain't gonna get outta that.

He's about to tap! I know he's ready to!

Yes! Go! Wow, man, he's got life, y'all!

You gotta hand it to him!

Set up your kicks, Michael!

Yo, you wakin' up tomorrow mornin' with a headache, homie.

Ahhh oooh!

Don't let go!

Nice, Michael, nice!

Michael, go go!

Man, that's the heart of a fighter right there!



Really?! What?

I don't know how he pulled it off again, y'all, but give it up! Yes!

That right there is Michael Shaw!

Looks like we got ourselves an underdog up in here, y'all!

Can you believe this?

All right, y'all. All right, yo.

We are down to our final fight of the day, one hour to go, and the only thing coming in between karate boy here and 50,000 big ones is this motherfucker.

Get up here, homie.

Yeah, this... is what you've all been waiting for... a new contender to challenge the undefeated reign.

All right, so yo. Y'all can grab your snacks, all right, grab some beers. Hey, make sure y'all tweet about how crazy these fights have been, all right?

That karate shit?

Ain't workin' on me, kid.

Costume's cute.

But this right here?

This right here is the real deal.

Love you!

Luck got you through those other guys.

It's gonna take God to get you through me.

Just try it, kid!

I'm gonna destroy you.

Whoo-hoo! Yeah, let's fight!

Bring it on, turn it up! What's he gonna say?

Hey, man, you gotta say something.

Say something!

When I was 12 years old, I watched my parents die.

A man walked up to our car, waving his gun in my father's face.

And he shot him.

My mother was sitting there, just crying, pleading for her life.

But that didn't make a difference.

And he shot her too.

And he never saw me.

But I saw him.

Remember that.

Well, hey! Whatever makes the fight more exciting, right?

Ha ha ha, kid!

Yo, I don't know where that deep shit came from, man, but people are goin' nuts to watch you fight this guy.

Hey, we can all walk away with some serious dough tonight.

I never doubted you, man.

I swear, from the moment I met you... Would you excuse us?

No problem. Do whatcha gotta do, man.

This is it.

How do you feel?


Look at me, man.

I don't care how big this guy is.

I don't care how mean he is.

I don't care about his reputation.

You're gonna beat this guy.

You're gonna do it for them.

Right? Right.

All right.

Look, I don't know what this is about and I don't care.

But if there's even a hint of truth to what that kid is saying, when you hit, you hit to put him down... for good.

You understand what I'm tellin' you?

I gotcha.

Dominic! Dominic!

Dominic! Dominic! Dominic!

All right, y'all. This is it.

This is the one you've been waiting for, y'all!

$50,000 is on the line!

The final match-up!

We got Michael Shaw takin' on your champion, the undefeated Dominic Gray!

We've got a real David vs. Goliath here tonight, baby!

Okay, gentlemen, come over here, please.

Both of you.

Protect yourself at all time. Obey my command at all time.

If you wanna touch gloves, do it now and go back to your corners.

Okay, step back, guys. Let's do this.

Stay on your toes, man, and watch your chin.

Are you ready, sir? You ready?


Move, Michael, move!

A lotta movement. Attaboy!

Stick and move! Stick and move!

Yo, kid, you might as well just tap out now, man.

Circle away from the power hand!

For a guy who saw his mother get shot in the face, you hit like a little bitch.

Don't stand in front of this guy, Michael!

Hang in there! Hang in there!

Get up! Get up, Michael! Get up!

Stay with him, Michael. Hold him!

Hold him down!

Stop. Step aside. Don't do that shit.

Dominic Gray is a bad man!

Next time you do that I will disqualify you.

Sit down, Michael.


Deep breaths.

Michael, look at me. What are you doing out there, man?

You fighting out of anger?

Where's your technique, huh?

Where's your technique? Everything we worked on in the gym.

Remember that, right?

Punch and move! Punch and move!

Stay away from him! Don't get into those clinches.

Look at me.

You can beat this guy. All right?

Okay, gentlemen, seconds out.

All right? Relax.

Let's go, guys. Stay away from him.


Watch the spacing!

Attaboy! Attaboy!




Oh! Watch the knees, baby!

Those things will crack your skull open, y'all.



Go to his legs!

Good! Do it again!


Get his legs!


Go back to your corner, sir.

Sit down, man, sit down. It's beautiful, Michael. Beautiful.

Why the fuck haven't you finished this kid already, Dom?

This guy's hurt. He's tired.

You can beat this guy. Talk to me, Dom.

What the fuck is going on?

How's the knee? Fuck the knee.

Fuck this kid. Stay on his legs.

You can beat this guy.

Look at me!

You're Dominic fuckin' Gray. Finish this kid right fuckin' now!

Make him know what it feels like to lose everything.

All right? Now go out there, finish him!

Let's go! Seconds out! Put pressure on him.

Use your power. Use your power.

Make it quick. Let's go go go.

Go, sir. You have to get outta here. Get outta here.

Let's go. Don't worry about it.

Get outta here. Yeah yeah.

Stay in your corner, sir. Stay in your corner.

Your stool.

Hey! He fucking grabbed my hand.

I'm okay. Hey, he's locking the gate.

Give me the key. Get the fuck outta here!

Hey, watch it! Back off, back off.


Michael, what are you doing? What the fuck's he doing?

He's staying in the cage.

Take your time!

You see this kid?

Nobody escapes.

Don't fight it.

Don't fight it.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep.



Don't worry.

You'll be with your Mommy and Daddy soon.

He ain't gonna wake up. Yeah, that's it, man.

Grab your right leg, Michael! Grab your right leg!

No way! No way!

No way. I don't know what I'm seeing, but I like it.


Oh shit.

Oh fuck!

Yeah yeah!


Hey, go ahead. Do your thing.




Hey yo!

We have ourselves a winner, y'all!

Ha ha!

Hey, $50,000, y'all!

Every penny, man. I'm a man of my word.

It's just like I said, "If it comes from Lou, you know it's true." Hey hey, look, but don't touch, baby. Yeah, hey, this is all you, kid.

You earned it, man.

It's all you, baby.

For the dojo.

But, Michael... Shut up before I change my mind.

Thank you.

All the flowers fade And the stars pale...

Michael! Michael! Michael!

As this bitter beauty...

Michael! Michael! Michael!

Grabs you by the tail How long will you hesitate

Halfway up the trail?

Yeah, it's dark in the trees

And some wounds never heal But you're dreaming With eyes wide open Your heart has spoken For the first time...

All right, everyone, line up.

Fall in, guys. Feet together.

All the penny wishes...


One... two... three...

Splitting at the seams And you're standing in the doorway With your hair all in a mess

You in all your glory Wondering what comes next And you're dreaming With eyes wide open Your heart has spoken For the first time

Yeah, you're dreaming With eyes wide open Your heart has spoken...

You think they'd be proud?

They've always been proud.