Tarzan (2013) Script

The amazing story I am about to tell you took place in the deepest and darkest parts of Africa.

It is a tale about a young boy from New York who lost everything to become king of the jungle.

But let's start at the beginning.

To be precise, 70 million years earlier When the great dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Tarzan An American named Greystoke set up camp at the edge of the jungle.

He spent weeks in search of the meteor while his family enjoyed the wilderness.

See, Gigira? I told you he'd be back.

J.J.? J.J., where are you?

Yeah, mom. Come on, that's enough fun.

Time to eat. Come on, J.J.

JJ? Who's JJ? My name is Tarzan!

Gigira gave me the name.

It's ape language. It means 'Ape with no fur'.

Oh, that makes sense, little monkey.

Hey, guys, wait for Tarzan!

Greystoke was financing the expedition, and he had become pretty impatient.

Nothing - there's nothing here.

Wow. That wall of fog again.

My instruments are going haywire!

Okay, that's it. Expedition's over.

There's absolutely no sign of your mysterious meteor here, Porter.

Great! Just great.

They would probably never find this meteor which, according to ancient folklore, possesses limitless power.

And is guarded by wild monkeys. And who knows what other amazing secrets

lay deep within that mysterious rock.

The power of the meteor is supposed to be beyond imagination! John, we have to continue our search. Jim, wake up!

That's just a local legend.

We've searched every square inch of this place.

And the reports of the 19th century explorers?

...are the romantic fantasies of treasure hunters.

And this?

A lump of metal from a flea market in Kagali isn't proof.

A word of advice between friends...

Take down your tent and come back to New York with us.

You've got a beautiful wife waiting there, and a beautiful daughter, and they are real, Porter.

If this meteor really exists, it's Not here.


I'm Tarzan!

When I come back, I'm going to be king of the jungle!


Uh-huh. He made it up.

Your son's got quite the imagination, you know that?

It must come from your end of the gene pool.

Incorrigible dreamer, huh?

Is there any other reason why you dragged us to the end of the world?

Mommy, daddy! Look at me!

JJ, What...?


You sure you want to stay?

You still don't get it? The jungle's my life.

You take care.

Kiss Jane for me!

John! Look! Down there!

A loner. A mountain gorilla, looking for a family.

Very, very dangerous.

You don't want to mess with that guy.

At the the waterfall which had carved a deep gorge in the jungle, one of the few remaining families of mountain gorillas lived in peace and harmony.

But even their secluded hideaway could not protect them from the angry loner on the hunt for a family to take as his own.

And so the silverbacks had to fight.

Look at all this volcanic activity.

Wow! This wasn't here 2 days ago.

There's some kind of magnetic interference.

What is this place?

Get us out of here!

We're going to hit the wall!

Pull her up!

Come on... Come on! Hold on, everyone!

Oh, my God. Porter was right! Chris, land the bird. I've got to check this out.

I'll be back in an hour.

One hour.

It's getting late, okay?

This place is - I don't know, it's creepy.

It's other-worldly, huh?

Come on.

Hey, Tarzan, Gigira, you're in charge.

Say 'bye, Gigira.


Gigira told me he had a bad dream last night.

Oh, no. Gigira, what did you dream?

You left him behind in the jungle.

Oh, silly Gigira, we would never leave you behind.

Do you promise?

I promise.

Alice... Alice, I found it.

John ? What is it?

A cave. a cave?

Are you going in there? I have to...

I'll be back soon.

And as John stepped into this most inhospitable world cloaked in fog... the guardian monkeys protecting the meteor for eons became more and more agitated.

This secret which had been dormant for millions of years... was about to be uncovered.

102 00:10:54,827 --> 00:10:59,730 John? Can you hear me? Where are you?

We really have to leave.

The ground shook...

And it seemed as though all the elements were uniting. to avenge the wound that John had cut into the meteor.

John... What happened? Dad! Dad!

Let's go! What happened?

Hand him here.

Something's pulling us down.

...And as the pilot battled with the raging elements, another heart-rending tragedy took place nearby. which would have tremendous consequences on things to come.

You never should have ripped that thing out of the rock.

Did you see that?

Forgive me.


119 00:14:55,668 --> 00:14:59,604 The next morning, nature had calmed down.

Kala, who had lost both husband and baby, wandered, heartbroken, through the jungle. when she came upon a strange object which had fallen from the sky the night before.



And Kala miraculously gained a new child overnight, Tarzan found a caring hand to protect him in the unforgiving wild.


Kara had decided to defend her young by any means.

But from the start, Tarzan had become a thorn in the side of Two-Blood, the new evil leader of the gorilla family.

Something's pulling us down! What's pulling us down?

1, 2, 3... Ready or not, here I come!

Not again.

I know you're here somewhere.

Got you!

Wait for me!

As time passed, the boy once known as J.J. Greystoke, had all but ceased to exist.

And in a world where the survival of a young boy seemed impossible, he sensed a ray of hope.

Now he really was Tarzan, the ape without fur.

144 00:25:20,097 --> 00:25:25,131 Where are the gorillas? This place blows!


Psycho! Bean pole!

Seriously, dad, I don't know how you do this every summer.

They pay well.

And, I guess you develop a few tricks.


Smile, everybody!

Well, here we are.

Welcome to Camp Porter.

The place is a dump!

You got here just in time. The gorillas are getting tired of my jokes.

I've never seen stars like this.

Just imagine, if you were a monkey, you'd get to see this every night.

Makes you wonder which primate got the better deal, huh?

Do you ever think about... coming home, to New York?

Maybe trying things again with Mom?

I'm sorry, sweetheart, but This is my home.

It always was.

Well, in that case, I have to come back.

Jane, my darling, Nothing would make me happier.

Don't stay up too late, sweetheart.

We've got a big day tomorrow. Okay.

Who's there?

Oh, hey. I was just out here looking for birds.

Uh... I think I'm just going to go this way.

I think that's a good idea.


Now remember, everyone, stay on the trail.

If you don't, we may never find you again.

And more importantly, you shouldn't make too much noise.

Unless you want to end up on someone's menu.


Derek, where are you?


Listen to me, Derek.

This is very dangerous.

You're going to walk towards me very slowly.

And whatever you do, don't run.


Hey, hey ..

Over here! Chase me!

Oh, sh...

Aah! It's okay. It's okay...


Who's there?

That's not good.

Oh, come on...

Oh, no!


Jane! Jane!

Jane !

Who are you?



Oh, dad.

You're here.

202 00:33:00,095 --> 00:33:04,930 I'm not sure if he was a boy, or some kind of ape.

He ​​had these long arms and massive shoulders. but the purest green eyes.

Should I be concerned? Dad! It's a jungle, not a pickup bar.

Just asking.

I'm fine, Dad. Really. It may sound wierd, but...

I've never felt safer in my life .

These were just the fantasies of a little girl growing up before her dad's eyes.

And she never dreamt that what she encountered deep in the jungle was the young Greystoke heir, himself.



'It's ape language. It means Ape with no fur.'


Tarzan Tarzan...

'We would never leave you behind'. 'You promise'?



His friends tried everything to make him feel better.

But nothing could fill the void growing deep in Tarzan's heart.

And while Jane flew back home to her mother, Tarzan was tormented by a thousand feelings and questions.

His worls seemed to unravel as a longing arose in him that he had never felt before.

Years passed.

Tarzan became stronger and reached father than any other creature in the jungle.

Mr. Clayton, Two hours ago our communications center received a signal from one of our helicopters.


It's Greystoke's.


After all these years...

My God.

The board's ready for you, sir. Thanks, Amy.

Mr. Clayton, If I could just have a moment of your time.

I'm with the Society for African Wildlife Huh, not again. Mr. Clayton.

20 years ago John Greystoke made a commitment to conservation.

All we're asking is a small grant.

Less than one percent of you annual profit.

What did you say your name was?

Jane. Jane Porter.

I tell you what, Jane.

Can you stick around? I've got a board meeting now.

Give me 30 minutes, okay?

Great. Fine.

70 million years ago, This planet was struck... bu an extraterrestrial object.

But this was not just any meteor.

This was something else.

This was a new energy source unlike anything we had ever seen.

We believe that the meteor is buried in a mantle of cooled lava.

The technologial potential is limitless.

This was the treasure that John Greystoke spent his life attemptimg to find.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, We should follow in the footsteps of John Greystoke himself.

And blaze new paths in energy production... at profits... he could never have dreamed of.

I'm certain That if we find Greystoke, or what's left of him We'll find that meteor. As you know, our competitors are watching our every move.

Now, we need a cover. Some way to get close to the crash without anyone knowing... why we're there.

I know a way.

Ah, Jane, there you are.

Sorry to have kept you waiting. I'm so eager to find out more about your foundation.

And how is your dad?

Hey, I want to take a closer look at that gorge.



I swear you get more beautiful every year.

It's so good to see you again, daddy.

I missed you so much.

Oh, and you must be Mr. Clayton.

I can't tell you how much it means to have your support.

Oh, well, don't thank me. Thank Jane.

She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Yes, and that's my associate, Mr. Smith.

He's environmentally challenged.

Well, I'm going to settle in.

Okay, darling.

Make yourself at home.

So, this is your tent, and watch out for the ants.

Ouch! Oh, and forgot to tell you, chitons bite.

What with global warming, logging and regional conflict this ecosystem has never been more threatened...

...I'll tell you, there's nothing more frustrating than standing around helplessly while the jungle vanishes.

What he's trying to say is, Thank you.

Right, dad?

Of course.


Good night, everyone. Good night, dad.

Good night, sweetheart.

I think I'd better turn in as well.



What do you want, Clayton?

Excuse me? Well, ever since you took over Greystoke Energies, you've ignored this place.

And all of a sudden, after what, 15 years, you decide to pop halfway across the earth for an impromptu safari.


So, what do you want?

The same thing that John Greystoke wanted.

Have you ever considered there was a reason why Greystoke perished?

That perhaps there are some things that are not meant to be discovered.

Proter, you'd better start calming down.

You've hit the jackpot, havent you?

Greystoke Energies is about to start financing... your ridiculous research into the cradle of civilization again.

You'd better cooperate.

That's a very pretty daughter you've got there, Porter.

You wouldn't want anyhing to happen to her, now, would we?

Who's there?



You... you're real.

All these years I wasn't sure it actually happened.

Ah, these mosquitos! Wait, don't go!


What are you doing?

Don't sneak up on me like that.

What is this?

Oh, really, it's just for detecting a highly radioactive meteor.

A What?

There you are!

You lied to me, Clayton, you said you want to support the foundation.

You said there were no strings attached.

Oh, Jane.

Don't you know there are always string attached.

Isn't that right, Porter?

Now I understand.

God, how could I be such an idiot?

You've been lying to me the whole time, dad!

Jane, wait! That's not true!


I hope you're happy. Relax!

We all have to grow up sometime.




Hey, uh...

Oh no no no, thank you.

No, don't, don't!


You can talk.

What is your name?

Name? Yes.


What is your name?

Jane, my name is Jane.

My name... Jane.

No... My name is Jane.

What is your name?

Tarzan. Tarzan?



Me Tarzan ..

You Jane. Yes.

Me Tarzan, you Jane. Me Tarzan, you Jane.

Me Tarzan, you Jane Me tarzan, you Jane.

Me Tarzan, you Jane.



Jane, eat! Yes, Sir!

Whoever you are, whatever riddle's buried inside you, Tarzan...

I feel like I've always known you.

Do you have a name?


Watch over Tarzan when Tarzan sleep.

For me?

It's beautiful.

Wow. My father has one just like it.

Where did you find this?

Smith, may I have the coordinates, please?

It should be right here, sir.


Oh my God, it's Jane!

Greystoke? No, that's impossible.

What did you say?

It is Jane. Some giant ape has her.

No, no, don't shoot!

You might hit Jane!

Come on!

No, no, don't shoot!

On the run from Clayton, they entered a strange world never before seen by man.

A world which had been under the influence of the meteor's mysterious energy for millions of years.

Uh... Thanks!





401 01:01:33,709 --> 01:01:36,743 We'd better get out of here.




This must be what my father and Greystoke were looking for.

Greystoke... you remember this place?

Of course! you're the boy!

You're Greystoke's son!

But, how were you able to survive all these years?

My family told me.

Your family?


Oh, hi!

Nice to meet you too.



Tarzan! Don't!

Oh, no!



Don't, Tarzan!


Oh... Tarzan, I have to go back to the camp.

Jane... is angry with Tarzan?

No, Tarzan! I'm not angry.

But my father will not rest until he finds me.

And Clayton will kill you if he finds out Greystoke's heir is alive.

As long as I'm here... you and your family, and this beautiful paradise are in danger.

Tarzan strong!

Tarzan king of the jungle.

I know, Tarzan.

But we can't fight Clayton's army.

Bring it in! This way!

Meanwhile, the camp had undergone great changes. Keep going!

As Clayton had made good on his threat to find the meteor by any means.

Hurry up, men. We don't have all night!

I love you, Tarzan.

And I always will.

I have to go.


Our little runaway has come back then, hey?

Hello. What have we here?



Young Greystoke.Or do you prefer king of the apes?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Although you have a ways to go in the wardrobe department, don't you?

You stay out of my way, savage.

The only savage here is you, Clayton.

Mr. Greystoke, would you be so kind as to bring us to the meteor?


Then, unfortunately, we'll have to go our separate ways.


Take her to her father.




Just think, the potential energy stored in this one tiny piece... could power the entire east coast for a month.

Think what we would do with a mountain!

I'll tell you what - you take me to the meteor, I'll set you both free.

Like hell I will!

Oh, Jane.

Your time with the monkey man is starting to rub off on you.

Unfortunately, he's managed to escape.

But Miller here, and his friends are going to follow the trail of of your ape, who obviously means so much to you, Jane.

And he is going to take care of both him and his gang.

I'll take you to the place.

But you won't need to look for Tarzan.

He'll find you!

Look out! Incoming.

My Grandma is quicker than you guys.

Hook it up and let's get out of here.

Detonation in ten minutes!

Clear the blast zone!

What the...?

Detonation in eight minutes.

I knew there was a meteor.

Isn't it beautiful?

Like a gigantic diamond.

A mountain of unknown elements from the depths of the universe.

A gift from outer space.

Dad, seriously?

We'll be blown to pieces in a few minutes.

We'd better find a way to get out of here.

Oh, of course. You're right, my love.

Hello, love. I just want to say goodbye.

Don't touch me!


Detonation in six minutes.


Oh, You don't know how much I missed you.

Oh, ah, this is my dad. J.J.? I can't believe it's you.

Look how big you've got!

Boys, when we're done here, can we please stop Clayton?

502 01:20:49,330 --> 01:20:51,161 Dad, come on!

You go, and I'll stay here and cut the cables.

I'm not leaving without you.

It's our only chance.

Don't worry.

Detonation in four minutes.

Dad, hurry!

I'll be there in a minute.

Detonation in two minutes.

Are you ready? Yes, sir.

Do it!


What happened?

You again! I should have known.

What's next, jungle boy?

Don't monkey with me.

Oh, my God! Dad is still down there.

Hurry! Come on!

Go! Go!

Stay on them!

What's wrong?

I don't know.


Please! Don't let me go.


They're getting away!

529 01:25:34,715 --> 01:25:36,307 Let's go home, Tarzan.

Now Tarzan watch over Jane forever.

I know, Tarzan.

And if anyone who threatens this paradise again, they'll have to deal with us.

Right, Rafiki?

And as Tarzan, Jane and rheir friends celebrated the victory over Clayton, Tarzan found the one thing more powerful than all the energy in the universe, the love of a woman.

As for Porter, he is a scientist and adventurer.

What kind of an adventurer would let a simple old rock defeat him?