Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) Script

'No, no, no.'

Now, look here.

That's a river. Water. Imagine.

Is that the Mutia escarpment?

'What river is that?'

'No one ever crosses that river'

'because beyond that is the Mutia escarpment.'

I'm afraid you're wasting your time with him, Parker.

He's working himself into a juju.

Alright, Riano. Take him away.

Very helpful, I don't think. Always the same old tales.

Mutia escarpment too strong, too high.

What they mean is if the elephants have a burial place that's the elephants' business, and we've no right to butt in.

Well, perhaps we haven't. What?

And let a million pounds of ivory go to rot under the Earth?

Just how keen are you on this idea?

Well, it means escape from this cursed hole.

I'm keen, alright. So am I.

Excuse me, miss. Can I help you? I'm Mrs. Cutten, Dr. Cutten.

How do you do? Thank you so much.

I...I'm looking for my father.

And I can't see why he isn't here. I cabled him.

My name's Parker. Jane Parker. 'Oh.'

Excuse me, you Ms. Parker? Yes.

'Parker? How exciting. What a good chance we came down here.'

'Why, this is Mr. Holt your father's partner.'

How do you do? What marvelous luck!

How do you do? He's still here, my father?

I mean, he hasn't gone away or anything?

No, he hasn't gone or anything. You caught him just in time.

Shall we walk? Yes.

How about your baggage? Oh, it's-it's here.

I'll take care of it. 'I forgot my sketching paper.'

Mr. Holt, will you bring it? Yes, of course.

Shall we start? It's a few steps along.

You see that building on the right?

'How is my father?' 'Oh, he's very well.'

'He's always well.'

Are you letting your hair grow again?

What? I didn't hear you.

I wonder if I could get that haircut The doctor hates old fashions. Here we are.

You wanna see your father alone?

Yes, I would rather. Oh, I see.

Anything you want don't forget to let me know.

In a community like this-- Thank you so much.

See you this afternoon. Come over to have a cup of tea.



Jane. Whatever!

What on earth? Oh!

Oh, darling. Don't ask questions.

Don't do anything. Just be glad to see me.

What-what does this mean, dear? You're-you're crying.

The nervousness, clearly.

Oh, my baby. You mustn't do that.

No, but-but you're gonna to have to wait until I get through.

There. All through.

Let me look at you.

You're just the same.

Yes, but a bit more grizzled and moth-eaten.

That's only because you've been missing me.

You have been missing me, haven't you?

Missing you, my darling. That's better.

Now say you're glad to see me, or I shall go right back.

I'm afraid you'll have to do that in any case.

Listen, Dad, from now on, I'm through with civilization.

I'm going to be a savage just like you.

We'll talk about that later. Now let me have a look at you.


Mighty attractive.

I don't know how I managed it.

Cable for you. Came in by boat.

Hello, Beamish. See who's arrived.

It isn't. It is.

Knock me for a row at ninepins if it isn't little Miss Jane.

Hello, Beamish, old boy. Hello.

But I say, what brings you to this awful hole?

The perfect criticism of Africa.

What's the cable, darling?

From you, saying you arrive today.

I call that perfect service.

Hello, Holt. What do you say to this for a surprise?

My daughter, Mr. Holt. We have already met.

He was very kind and got my baggage. You found it?

I did. Tell them to bring them in.

Here? Yes. I'll show you where.

Boy, could you help her?

'Boy, put this down here. The dressing case down there'

And put those trunks somewhere around here.

'That's grand.'

'Just pile them up wherever you can find room.'

'Oh. Look, you can just leave those there, anywhere.'

Yeah, that's fine. Good heavens.

Well. I told you I'd come to stay.

But what have you got in there in all that?

Oh. Just the necessaries of life.

Can I get you a nice cup of tea, miss?

Isn't that English?

I come 6,000 miles and all I'm offered is a cup of tea.

What's wrong with a drink?

Alright, I'll get you one.

Shall I send the remaining? What?

I like your Mr. Holt. He's nice. Don't you?

Six big-- What?

Huh? I was talking about Mr. Holt.

Oh. Yes, sure. Sure he's a nice fellow.

We get along splendidly.

He hates Africa, too.

Hates Africa? Oh. Yes.

I don't believe it. Why not?

Well. He's too strong and sturdy-looking, like you.

I don't like Africa, either. I don't believe that, either.

Well, I think I'd better be--

Darling, don't be silly. You're not embarrassed by me.

Why, you've bathed me sometimes. and very nearly spanked me too, several times.

Very nearly.

Perhaps if you actually had, I wouldn't be so obstinate.

And I am very obstinate.

Hey, hey, hey.

What are you trying to do? Clean my face.

But what's wrong with soap and water?

Everything. Must preserve that schoolgirl complexion.


What's that?

Who are they?

Oh. The Wakumbas.

The ones with the big hats, who are they?

'They're Kabaranda.'

'Sometimes there are a couple of hundred ostrich feathers' in each of those headdresses.

What you might call putting a feather in your cap with a vengeance.

What are they doing here? The men have come to trade.

All right, let's trade them.

Heck. You're butting into my business.

Butting in? You're mistaken. I'm managing it.

Beamish, bring me my hat.

Do they always sing like that when they come to trade?

That's not a song.

They're invoking their gods to give them the best of bargains.

Well. I don't blame them.

Darling, you've done far too well out of one small store.

I don't think it's quite nice.

'Look, here, young lady.'

I resent that.

Oh. I must see your lady customers.

It looks as if their shopping's been successful, anyhow.

'How women suffer to be beautiful.'


I see you're breaking into society.

These are our best people.

Yes. I know. I feel quite out of fashion.

Now let me show you what the well-dressed men are wearing.

'Hello boys.'

Those markings on the shield mean they're the foremost warriors of the tribe.

'Not really?'

'Why, that little fellow there, he seems quite harmless.'

On the contrary. Read his shield.

It shows that he's killed five lions.

Really? Or men.

Oh. Yes, over here we have the Wakumbas.

'You'll notice that their dress is entirely different.'

And these ladies here, are they of the same tribe?

Yes, they are.

Here's your hat Mr. Parker. Yes. Thank you.

Bit early for him to start dancing, isn't it?

Who? The baby. Look at him.

Jane, we'll get a move on. You think I'm a child?

No, I've ample proof that you're not.

Oh. Look, every man his own feather duster. Who are they?

'The council of the Aloas.'

Say, Parker, there's old Chief Oomtelli.

'Possibly he can talk something about the Mutia escarpment.'

Not a chance, Holt. I've been trying him for years.

Darling, what is this Mutia escarpment?

Well. When they get through this falderal let's hope they'll be in a mood for substantial trading.

Come on. Let's get along.

Father, you still haven't told me about the Mutia escarpment.

Well. Remember my telling you a fairytale about the elephants?

Hundreds. Which one?

The one why no one never finds a dead elephant in the jungle.

Oh. Let me think.

Why, of course. I remember.

An elephant can always tell when death is coming for him.

And when he hears the call there's a secret place to which he wanders.

A place where he can lay his bones with his ancestors.

A place of rest. That's it.

The secret graveyard of the elephants.

Somewhere to the east, there's a mysterious barrier of mountains.

Called the Mutia escarpment.

And the natives won't say where that Mutia escarpment is.

It's sacred. Taboo.

If one of them is found even to have looked at it.. he's put to death by the witch man of the tribe.

Now. Holt and I believe that beyond that Mutia escarpment somewhere lies the burial place of the elephants.

You do? But why?

Oh. Of course. Ivory.

Enough ivory to supply the world.

There's a £1,000,000 for the man who finds it.

And how much do I get for helping you?

You're not going to help. You can't.

Mr. Holt, I know you'll understand.

I do want to go so terribly.

I think if she wants to go as much as all that she won't be a hindrance.

I think you're probably the nicest man I ever met.

Huh. Anyone's nice who gives in to you.

You disagreeable old darling. I'm mad about you.

'Hey. Leave me alone. I'm not used to this.'

Can you shoot?

Like an angel. Riano, let me have that rifle.

Beamish. Yes, miss?

Hat. Huh?

Satisfied? Quite.

Mmm. I'm tired. I'm gonna turn in.

Good night, Holt. Good night, my girl.

Good night, Dad. Sleep well.

Riano. Come fold my punto.

Tell me, am I a nuisance?

Do I get in the way at all? Not in the least.

You've shaken down to it marvelously.

Put this around. Thanks.

The altitude plays plenty of tricks with the temperature.

I'm not cold.

You may think you're not.

You're very silent. I feel very silent.

You know, Jane I'm not a romantic sort of a person or anything like that.

But if we...if we get through this all right.

Is there any kind of a chance for me?

With me?

I don't know. I haven't thought about it much.

Well, will you?

I thought I hated this country.

Since you're here I almost love it.

Do you, Harry?

I'm very glad. Are you?

Glad you like Africa.

Oh, poof.

Now you're laughing at me.

A little bit, perhaps.

But very tenderly.

Old man hyena sounds pretty lively.

Horrible noise, isn't it?

Yet, I don't know. It's part of it all.

You love it, don't you? Love it. Who wouldn't?


'Isn't it marvelous?'

And the funny part is I feel so completely at home.


Good night, Harry.

Funny little hand.

So capable and so strong.

And yet, so soft and so white.

Don't crush it, Harry. I might want to use it again.

I'm sorry.

Good night, dear. Sleep soundly.

Soundly? With all this noise?

Isn't he grand?

So proud, so fierce, and yet, so infinitely soothing.

Huh. There's another one.

Quite close. Yes, much too close.


Keep a man on the fire. Keep them going.

Yes. Will do.

Hello. Hello.

Must be a village near here somewhere.

That drum doesn't seem stationary.

It seems to be coming closer. It is.

'Help! Bwana.'

What was that? Didn't sound like an animal.

'Help! Bwana!'

'Help, bwana!' 'What is it?'

Bwana, bwana, bwana.

Get him some water.

He say he look at Mutia escarpment.

Mutia escarpment?

No man can look at it. Make him tell which direction.

Where? Where?

Mutia, Mutia. Did you get that?

We have to get him under cover. Head back to your fires.

Why? What's the matter? They're after him.

They're quite close now. Who are they, Harry?

What did he say?

He's looking for someone that's broken the big law of the tribe.

No man's passed here. We should have seen him.

I told him that.

They're like evil ghosts. Those are the Ubangi's.

One of the most feared and yet courageous tribes.

Yet they're afraid of the Mutia escarpment.

It may not be fear. It may be superstition.

To some of tribes, the elephant is sacred even alive.

Have they gone? Far enough.

Well. One good turn deserves another. He'll tell us now.

Come on, get up.

He's dead.

Anyone would die who look at Mutia escarpment.

Poor fellow.

He died too soon. Did he? I wonder.

He was crazy with fear, yet he managed to point.

And that's the direction in which he pointed.

'And that's the Mutia escarpment, eh?'

'Yeah, and all we've got to do now is climb it.'

'Mother Earth must have some particular secret up there.'

Putting up a wall like that.

Yeah. Here.

Is this going to be dangerous? No.

All has to be done according to Hoyle, though.

'Look out back there.'

'It's a bit tricky here.'

'You all right, Jane?'

At the moment.

'Be careful.'

Steady, Jane. Don't lose your nerve.


We're all right. What was in that pack, Parker?

Medicines, trade goods.

Poor devil.

Too bad. I don't suppose it could be helped.

You all right, now?

Yeah, I'm all right.

How are the rest of the boys? All right, bwana.

'All right. Keep on going.'

'Alright. Jane, take it easy.'

'Easy now.'

'Give me your hand.'

Jane. Hold her, Holt!

Parker. Riano. Yes, bwana.

Quiet, now.


Give me your hand. Easy, now.

'Give me your hand, dear.'

'Good girl!'

Aren't I a fool, Harry? I'm sorry.

Well. I'll promise to forgive you if you don't do it again.

Would you like to sit down and rest?

No, really. I'd rather go on.

You're quite sure? Sure.

Good girl. Come on.

How are the rest of the boys. All right, bwana.

I don't think we need this anymore. Let me help you.

Darling, you mind if I flop for a little while?

It'd do us all good to flop for a little while.

Anything you want? Yes, a nice hot bath.

What was that? Can't say.

What do you make of it, Riano? Maybe hyena, bwana.

Maybe. Well, come on.

That was a human cry. Human?

Say, Parker, how do you feel about going on?

I've had enough.

Darling. I know why you're saying that.

And I'm not going to be made an encumbrance of.

I'm not frightened of a few weird cries.

Now let's get that ivory.

Riano, come on. Yes, master.

Alright, Riano, come on. Yes, bwana.

What's the matter? Boys scared, bwana.

You've got your whip. Give them something to think.

Let's be on our way, come on. Quick.

Halt. Another barrier.

Does that mean we lose the elephant tracks?

Yes, but with good luck, we'll pick them up on the other side.

Hold on. My gun.

They may be tough customers.

Father, without prejudice, would you-would you say that was a friendly noise?

I'm afraid, we're intruding.

You better get the boys back. Yes, bwana.

Gently, dear. Slowly.

Look out. We're in for it.

Gently, Jane. The river's alive with them.

The dying elephant has to swim this.

Look there.

'I'll feel much better when we've put all this, behind us.'


Riano. Yes, bwana?

Cut wood for rafts. Two. Yes, bwana.

Father, look.

'How's that for a touching domestic scene?'

You can't tell me she is dangerous.

Dangerous? I'd hate to interfere with that child of hers.

How're they getting on? Alright, I guess.

Come on, Riano. We can't be here all day.

And the long one. There we are. Give me your hand.

Alright, Riano. Push off. Yes, bwana.

Harry, aren't you coming with us?

I'm afraid the boys are gonna need firsthand persuasion, in order to keep going.

We'll be close, all the way across.

Alright, Riano. Come on. Shove off.

'Watch the end here.'

I don't think we'll be able to pull a straight course.

'I'm willing to detour. After all, they live here.'

Get in the middle of the raft. Stay there.


I think, they're just curious. Don't you, Father?

Well, I hope so.

Riano, gun. Yes, master.

Getting nervous, Jane? No. Not a bit.

Don't shoot wildly, Jane.

You gotta get them around the ears otherwise you just tickle them, then they're dangerous.

I know, Harry. I'll try.

Get him? I think so.

I hope so.

We'll take the lead, Riano. Yes, sir.

Come on, boys. Pole faster.

Still like it, Jane? I'm crazy about it.

'No, I'm crazy to have brought you here.'

'Why, Father. They look just like catfish, on a rainy day.'

Good girl.

Kill him, Holt. I missed it.

Stop poling. Hold up, Parker. They're getting too thick.

Stay, boys. Stop poling now.

'What's the matter?' 'Fire Harry, fire.'

I can't. My gun's jammed.

Get him, Holt.

Get going faster, before he comes back.

All right, now. Hurry! Come on, boys. Push this.

Harry! Look out. He's going under your raft.

Watch out, Holt. He's coming up underneath you.

Hurry, boys. Pole quicker. Pole away to the other end.

'Never mind me. Help this boy, here.'

Is he on?



Well, it's too late to do anything about him.

Look out, boys. Here comes the herd.

'Pole for shore. Come on. Pole.'

Let me have your hand, Jane.

Again, Holt. Right.

Here we are now.

Father, come on. Come on.

Give me a hand. Give me a hand.

Get back in there.

Come on, Riano. Let me have a gun.

They're still coming, Parker. Don't shoot. They'll stampede.


That was friendly of someone.

Riano, who else is gone? Musaki gone, bwana.

That cry we heard from the river.

It must have been.

Get the boys to camp. I'll try to pick up the trail.

Oh, Harry. Don't get lost. I'll try not to.

Thanks. Tooch, you come along with me.

Come on, Jane.

We'll get a little bit further from the river.

Make way, boys.

Ah, good. We'll camp here, Riano.

Yes, bwana.

Put one tent there. A couple, here.

You boys, can camp up there. Yes, bwana.

What was that?



White, too.

Father, that cry.

Father, look.

'Hello, there. Hello.'

Come down.

Riano, you speak to him.

'He can't understand.'

Call one of the boys. Try another dialect.

'Come down.'

Come down, I tell you. Or I'll shoot.

I don't think he even knows what a gun is.

After him, Riano, or we'll have the whole tribe on us.

Where'd they go, Riano?

Jane, you'd better stick close to us.



Jane? Where are you?



'Jane! Where are you?'


'Where are you, Jane?'

'Jane! Answer me. Janie!'


'Why don't you answer?'

'Jane. Where are you?'


What's the matter, Parker? Jane. Jane. He's taken her.

What are you talking about? Jane!

Don't let me go.

'Hold onto me.'

He's come to get me! Help!

'Oh, don't let him take me!'

Nigo! Nigo!

Como, Nigo!




Leave me. A-ah!

Nigo! Nigo! Nigo!



Ah, let go, let me go! Let me go!!

Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go, let me go. You wild creature, let me go!

Let me go, let me go, Let me go!

Don't you dare handle me like that. Let..!



Let me go! Let me go! You filth!

Let me go, let me go.

Take your hands off me!


Take him away! Take him away!


Thank you.

Thank you for protecting me. Me?

I said, thank you for protecting me.

Me? No.

I'm only "me" for me. Me.

No. To you, I'm "you".



I'm Jane Parker. Understand?

Jane. Jane.

Jane. Jane.

Yes, Jane. You?

Jane. Jane.

And you?

You? Tarzan, Tarzan.


Jane. Tarzan.

Jane. Tarzan.

Jane. Tarzan.

Jane. Tarzan. Jane Tarzan.

Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan.

Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan.

Jane. Oh, please stop.

Let me go. I can't bear this.

What's the use?





Oh, yes. I am hungry.


Tarzan, Tarzan, where are you going?

Tarzan, Tarzan, don't go without me.

I'm afraid of her.

Tarzan, take me with you.

'Tarzan! Tarzan!'

'Oh, wait. I'm coming.'

Hello. Jane. Hello.


'Father, here I am. Here in the tree. Come here.'

Father. Father, here I am. Here in the tree.

That's her. Alright, Jane. We're coming.

We're coming. Keep still there.

'Don't come down, dear.'

'Stay where you are. We'll help you down.'

Quick, Riano. Get up the tree.

Yes, bwana.


Down, Riano. Look out for that big ape.


Harry, don't shoot.

Harry, don't shoot.

There now, it's alright. It's alright. Don't cry.

Get the boys together. Let's get away from here.

Wait a minute, Parker. He may come back.

No. No no, let's go quickly. Please. Please. Hurry.

Alright. Come on, boys.

You're in a queer mood, Jane.

Oh, yes I know. It must've been a terrible shock.

I've been reproaching myself all the time.

Reproaching yourself? Why? My dear, you don't need to.

Well, what is it? Were you very frightened?

At first.

I thought he was a savage. I find out he wasn't.

That's all.

I can't make it out. How did he get here?

It doesn't matter. He's happy and..

At least he was until... until..

Oh, father. Did you hear his cry when that ape was shot?

He'd probably never been unhappy before.

Oh, my dear. He's not like us.

He's white.

White or not. They're living a life like that.

They've no emotions. Hardly human.

Human. He's human alright.

'Riano, send some of the boys out for firewood.'

Am I interrupting anything serious?

Jane's gotta tell here that you were wrong in killing that ape.

Wrong? 'Well, cruel.'

To whom? 'To...to him.'

Why do you laugh, Harry?

Well, isn't that the best thing to do?

Is it funny?

Funny? Extremely.

That you should be considering the feelings of a man-ape.

It's a pity I didn't put two bullets and finish it.

I wouldn't talk like that.

Don't you think it's being a bit melodramatic and absurd?

Absurd? Extremely.

Bwana, Mohammed dead in water.

How did it happen? Riano find man footprint.

You better call the rest of the boys back to the camp field.

Harry, you don't think he did it.

Well, I don't know.

Oh, Harry, you can't do that. He isn't a wild animal.

He's a murderer.

So were you there when you killed that ape.

We can't stay here and do nothing while he kills us all.

We'll make him understand we mean no harm.

Darling, I can make him listen to me.

You can't even talk to him. I can make him understand.

Please let me try? 'Oh, it's ridiculous.'

Oh, please let me try. It's worth it, Harry.

Shall we risk it?

Perhaps if you think it's alright. Yeah.

Alright. Go on.






Harry! Harry!

You mustn't do that. You promised.

'Harry, let me speak to him.'

Harry, you mustn't.


Blood. I got him.



Tarzan, Tarzan.

Oh, oh.


Tarzan. Tarzan.



I wish you'd knock before you enter my boudoir.

I suppose you know that's going to make your head worse.

Head? Yes, head.

'Head.' Head.

That thick bit under your hair.


'No, Tarzan.'

Tarzan, no.

Oh, dear.

Well, I really can't make you any more bandages.

'You'll get dizzy, you'll fall.'

'You'll hurt yourself!'

'Stop it at once! I'm not a bit amused.'

Oh, Tarzan, you see, you'll fall.

'Tarzan! Tarzan!'

Oh, Tarzan.

Tarzan, where are you?

Tarzan! Tarzan!

Come up. Oh, where are you?

That wasn't a bit charming.

You're just like a nasty little boy.

Boy? Yes.

Oh, Tarzan, please let me go.

Go? Yes, go.

Go? Yes. No.

No, don't let me go. Tarzan, don't.

Don't? No.

I didn't say dunk. I said don't.

Don't. Ah! Tarzan, don't.

Nice Tarzan. Nice Tarzan.

Take Jane bank.

Jane? Yeah, bank.

No, monkey. Stop.

Ha! Fooled you that time.

Tarzan! Tarzan! Wildebeest after me.

Help! Tarzan, save me!

What was that?

Where are you going? Don't take me up. Stop.

Tarzan! Help, Tarzan. Don't.

I think you're the most horrible man I ever knew.

Don't. Tarzan.

What color are your eyes?

Yes, I know.

The color of the forest. Gray-green.

I wonder what you'd look like dressed?

Pretty good.

You'd be a great success in London.

And I believe you'd love it.

Love it. Oh, would you?

Women are such fools.

They'd spoil you.


I don't think you'd better look at me like that.

You're far too attractive.

I love saying things to a man who can't understand.

Who doesn't even know what kisses are.

Love it.

I dare say you would.

I think we'd better land.

Land? Bank. Land.


Let go, Tarzan. Let go.

Go under.

I'll stand out.

Where are my boots?

I do wish you wouldn't be so playful.

Give me those boots.

Tarzan, please give me those boots.


Tarzan, let go. Let go of my foot.

Oh, that hurt me. Hurt me? Hurt me?

Oh, don't be so funny. Now, let go.

Alright, when you've quite finished, I'll put my boots on.

Tarzan, you're tickling. Stop.

Love it? No such thing.


You can't get around me like that.

Yes, there's quite a difference, isn't there?

Do you like that difference?

You've never seen anyone like me before, have you?

Tarzan, where are you going? Don't go.

Oh, Tarzan, please.

What's going on here? Boys tired, bwana.

Tired, huh? Give me that thing.

You tired? Still tired? Tired, huh?

Is anybody else tired? Huh?

Is anybody else tired? Come on!

Tarzan, what am I doing here?

Alone? With you?

Perhaps I better not think too much about that.

Just to be here.

Be happy.

And I am happy.

Not a bit afraid.

Not a bit sorry.

Oh, Tarzan, I wish I could make you understand.

Perhaps I can. Gradually.

Come here.

What are we going to do about us?

Us? You and I.

You and I.

Darling, you got that right.

Tarzan. Jane.

Hurt me. Boy.

Love it. Jane.

Darling, that's quite a sentence.

Tarzan, what is it?

Oh! Parker!

Riano, we'll camp here. Yes, bwana.


We'll camp here. You're not fit to go on.

It's time you rest. I'm the best judge of that.

Rest today. Go on tomorrow. What good is tomorrow to me?

Tomorrow good like today, bwana.

You can do what you like. I'm going on.

Come on now, Parker. Just ten minutes will refresh you.

Come on. Please.

Alright, just ten minutes, but no more.

Riano, get some water. Yes, bwana.

Those are tears, Tarzan.

You've never seen tears before, have you?

You know why they're there?

We must say goodbye.

I must go to him.

Oh, yes, I must.

I can't do it. He loves me.


He loves me too. I'm all he's got.

Goodbye. Goodbye?


Oh, Tarzan, Tarzan. Don't look at me, not like that.

If you do, I shan't be able to go and I must.

Don't you see?

Goodbye, my dear.

Harry! Harry!

Why, he's brought me back. Jane! Jane!

Oh, daddy.

There. There, there.

You're alright, dear. Daddy.

Tarzan! Tarzan!

Don't go!

Come with us. We'll all go back together.


Tarzan! Tarzan.

Jane dear, you belong to us, and he brought you back.

Now, you must let him go.

He belongs to the jungle. Not now.

He belongs to me. Tarzan.

No, no, no. My child, my child.

Stay where you are.

Not a move out of anyone.

'Can't stay here and be taken.'

If we resist, we'll be butchered.

Hand over your gun, Riano. Yes, bwana.

'If we do nothing we stand a better chance of getting away.'

'Perhaps you're right.'

Are these pygmies?

No, they're dwarfs.

Ready, Jane?

Yes, I'm ready.

Drums are getting louder. We're getting nearer.

Near what? I wish I knew.

Cheeta. Cheeta!

'Go to Tarzan, Cheeta! Tarzan!'

Cheeta! Tarzan!

'Tarzan! Cheeta, Tarzan!'

Go to Tarzan, Cheeta.

'Cheeta, go to Tarzan.'

Go to Tarzan, Cheeta! Tarzan!


Give me your hand, dear. It's dark in here.

It is dark, isn't it? Don't show any fear.

I'll try not to.

Father, stay close.

Harry, look, Harry.



Oh, Tarzan.


Why have we stopped? Is something wrong?

Tarzan, what is it? Look, he's wounded.

He wants us to change mounts.

No, no. We must go on.

Oh, but, daddy, he's dying.

I know, our one chance the elephants graveyard.

If he's dying, he'll take us there.

Oh, but, daddy, you can't. You're hurt.

No, no. I'm alright.

He's our one chance.

Oh, Tarzan, Tarzan. We must go too. Understand?

Tarzan, with him.

It's beautiful.

Solemn and beautiful.

We shouldn't be here.

It's riches. Millions.

Parker, it's true.

We knew, didn't we?

Father! Father! Father.

'Father, what is it? Father.'


Father! Father!

Father! Father.


We came this way once before.

There's something sad about retracing.

You've been very brave, Jane.

He found what he was looking for.

I know that somewhere wherever the great hunters go he's happy.

I can't bear to say goodbye like this.


You'll be coming back, Harry.

I can see a huge safari with you at the head bearing ivory down to the coast.

Only this time, there'll be no danger because we'll be there to protect you every step of the way.