Taxi (2015) Script


How are you?

Are you going behind the bridge?

This bridge or the next one?

The next one, thank you.

Thank you.

What's that?

What you have mounted there.


Is it an anti-theft device?

You could say that.

It looks like a fine piece of equipment.

Do you recognize it?

It's somewhat my department.

If I may say so, it's a good idea to secure your vehicle.

I have a cousin, and the other day... He had no idea what'd happened to him!

He goes out to work, he sees that someone stole his wheels and placed bricks instead!

What, which vehicle?

A Kia Pride, the poor guy! Stealing the wheels of a caddy.

If I was this country's ruler, I'd hang one or two to calm the others Hang them? And then what? You're being a bit harsh.

Perhaps this person only did this out of necessity.

What if he simply must've, do you hear!

Which necessity? What are you talking about?

Perhaps he was in desperate need.

And those who get screwed by his stealing, Aren't they in need?

What about me!

Is it a reason to steal from others when you're broke?

She's funny!

If it happened to you, what would you do?

Would you love it?

No, of course not! I wouldn't like it if it happened to me.

But killing people is never a solution.

I think you should look for the roots of this misbehaving.

Alright, I said one or two...

We're not born criminals.

What're you trying to say?

If you lay down one or two, the others will step in line.

I see, but you're wrong.

A crime occurs by an interaction of circumstances.

Killing someone for stealing some wheels!

Do you realize what you're saying?

Recently, two guys were hung.

For less than that.

A few people more or less doesn't matter.

You should think carefully.

You don't have the slightest clue.

I know very well...

There have been hangings for a racketeering fraud recently...

And what did it change?

I don't understand you, lady.

It didn't solve anything.

Lady, it's the law and the sharia who decide on that.

If it hasn't been resolved then, it must be because the law hasn't been applied well enough.

So, you're all pumped up about nothing.

According to you, to fully implement the law we have to argue the number of executions?

We already have the world record of hangings after China!

Have we learned our lesson? I'm sure we have not.

I think you're quite a mouthful.

And you should do as I say a little more often The Parsian hospital, which direction is it?

Straight ahead.

Or you'll fall behind.

What do you mean, straight ahead? The Parsian hospital, that's on Sadaat Abad.

Between Kaj and Farhang.

Do I turn around?

Yes, you have to go to Sadaat Abad.

Okay, fine.

Have you gotten it with a Kinder Surprise, your license?


Is it your taxi or what?

You don't even know how to get to the Parsian hospital.

I always go straight ahead.

Are you sure you haven't tricked us by any chance?

We walk there.

What's the story?

I understand well, but since we're having this discussion.

I would like to ask you a question.

I'm listening What is your job?

I don't see the connection.

Oh, but there is a connection;

When you're defending an idea, it's out of belief...

Or a particular interest.

I would like to know what your profession is.

And you? Interrogations aside, what do you do?

If I tell you, will you tell me?

Sure, we'll see.

I am a teacher.

Come on, no kidding!

Probably like Mary Poppins, Spending her time keeping some brats busy with entertainment.

I'd bet on that, anyway.

Fine! Now it's your turn.

I'm independent.

I'm going to tell you in which branch I'm working...

Wait, I have to get out right here.

What do I owe you?

Nothing, it's fine.


You're definitely no taxi driver.

I've figured you out multiple times now.

Independent or not, you must perform an activity.

I'm going to get out, then I'll tell you.

Do you want the truth, little lady?


My specialty is pickpocketing.



But I don't steal from professors like you, or from taxis like these guys.

It's those who have fallen so far they steal tires from underneath a Pride, they cannot fall any lower, they are less than nothing.

Also, an advice! Stop crying for them.

Good luck.


Where does he get off, that one?

Hello, how are you?

I'm arriving in ten minutes.

Yes, ten minutes.

I'm going to get out over there.

Here is fine?

Yes, thank you.

There you are.

Thank you.

Thank you for not taking another passenger.

Can I get in? I'm sorry.

M. Panahi, I've recognized you!

Regardless of the hat.

Do you mind if I come sit in the front?


Thank you very much.

You're doing a film, right?

That man and that woman...

Can you take that one? Thank you, to Shahran please.

They were actors, right?

Do you know how I figured it out?

That last thing he said was very much like that sequence in the café from "Crimson Gold"

You, a taxi driver? Don't fool me.

It's a job like any other.

It is, but it's not your job.

Don't you recognize me?

I seem to have forgotten.

It's me, Omid.

Omid who?

Omid, the film delivery guy!

I delivered those DVD's to you!

To your son, to be precise.

More than once even, you were there.

I asked you how you were doing. You said: "I'm fine, lad."

You asked me to get you "Once Upon A Time In Anatolia".

No sooner said than done.

Why are you sweating so much?

It's very hot.

Guess which other film you wanted.

I don't recall.

"Midnight in Paris", from Woody Allen.

Ah, that was you. Absolutely!

It's not out yet, this one.

And that isn't even everything...

I can get even get you footage from ungoing productions.

Hello. I'll call you back.

Open the door!

Hospital Chamran.

No, you can better go to Milad.

He doesn't have any money, the poor guy.

Where is it? How should we drive?

Go quickly, please!

What happened?

There's been an accident.

I'm dying...

A motorcycle accident.

It's not my fault.

I told you to keep your helmet on.

Paper, please...

Not a paper towel, some paper so I can write my will.

Driver, take some paper and write down what I tell you.

What does he want?

Write down what I tell you.

My wife doesn't understand.

According to the law, she will inherit nothing.

A few turkeys at most.

She'll end up on the street.

Hurry up, please.

A mobile phone, do you have one?

No, not to make a phonecall.

I want the camera.

On me.

I don't any battery left.

The camera...

Turn it towards me.

Film me.

In the name of the great Allah...

I am Mohammad Rabei, born in Ramhormoz.

ID card number 508, Issued in the same city.

Stop crying, they can't hear me like this.

Son of Amin, Healthy in body and mind, I leave to my wife My house at Ghale Hassan Khan, Bahar, rue Izadi, number 34, and all my possesions.

May God forgive me.

I ask of all my brothers, to leave my wife alone.

Do not conspire against her, and respect my final wish To leave her alone.

This will... must not fall into their hands.

Let her guard it.

There is no other God than Allah.

Get him out.

Help me, hold there.

It's not worth it, take leave!


Give me the will please, mister.

I will give it to you later.

Take my card, call me.

The ambulance is here, let's go.


He's dead?

He'll be fine, it was mostly fear.

He was looking really bad.

His eyes were closed.

Yes, it's me.

Is it you?

No, madam.

Rest assured, this is my real number.

Of course.

I'll call you as soon as possible.


Was that her?

The husband died?

She wanted some certainty.

She was verifying if this was really my phone number.

You believe I really don't realize that was all staged, do you?

An empty battery.

Can I use your phone?

Thank you.

I'll unlock it.

Hello, I'll be there in ten minutes.

I assure you. Something'd come up.

I know, but this time it's true.


I'll be there in ten minutes.

Why, thank you.

It's in the sixth street.


The next one on the left.

It's at the end of the impasse.

You can park next to the white car.

Can you open the door?

Yes, hello.

Is this the taxi driver?

Yes, I'm listening.

I had an accident with my husband. You brought us to the hospital.

Yes, I recognized your voice.

Have you changed your number?

It's my husband's...

I wanted to tell you that I'm in town, To come recover it.

Recover what?

The film, of course.

But your husband is better, right?

Yes, he's better.

But we do not know what the future holds.

I prefer to have it, just in case.

As soon as I've made a copy, I'll call you. I Promise.

Don't call this number.

Call my cellphone.

Don't forget, I beg of you.

I won't forget. Don't worry, I'll call you.

God bless you!

Hello, how are you doing?

Don't stay here, go inside the mansion.

Thank you, here will do.

Take a look.

Go, he's one of us.

In the pile, there is season 5 of The Walking Dead.

No zombie movies.

It's what you asked of me. It wasn't for me.

In any case, it's here.

There's 4 Hollywood blockbusters...

One with Mel Gibson...

No commercial movies.

Copyrighted movies?

Yes, what do you have?

I have a Kim Du...

Who's that?

The Korean!

I also have an old Kurosawa.

This is a rare one, there aren't many copies.


That one too, it's great.


This must be a mistake. Who are you looking for?

Hold on.

Omid, it's for you.

Who is it?

I don't know.

One moment.

Continue looking.

M. Panahi...

I'm astounded, I don't know...

It's hard to believe that you are associated to Omid.

Who said we're associates? He did!

I saw most classics.

Are there any new films I should take a look at?

Let's see!

Any film's worth seeing.

The rest is a matter of taste.

I welcome you to my home.

Thank you, that's kind.

This one.

And, that one.

Can I ask you something?

Yes, go ahead.

I study films, and I have to make a short movie.

Which department? Realisation.

At college? Yes.

I'm looking for a good subject.

I've seen many films, and read many novels.

But I can't seem to find a good subject.

Listen to me...

Those films have already been made, those books have already been written.

You have to look elsewhere.

You won't find it by staying at home.

Where do I need to go? What do I need to do?

That's the most difficult part.

No one can help you with that.

It's up to you to find it.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.


I've taken these.

All those?

45 tomans.

I'll have The Big Bang Theory next week.


Same time next week.

Too bad you didn't come in, next time.

Thank you.

Goodbye, good luck.

Since when are we associates?

ANNOUNCER: "Door not closed."

This is not mine.

Take us with you, please.

We're late, our taxi didn't arrive.

Where are you going?

Cheshmeh Ali.

Cheshmeh Ali...

We're late. It's not on our way!

We haven't asked you.

Please, sir.

We have to be there at twelve.

Please take us.

I will take you there. This gentleman is getting out further on.

One moment.

Go to the other side. Let me grab my bag.

I hope we'll be on time.

Move over a little.

Be careful not to spill any water.

Be glad that we ran into this. You're always groaning.

And if we don't arrive in time?

Of course we will. Why wouldn't we make it?

I assure you...

That I didn't want to tell him that.

But usually, he buys around 3 films.

This time he took everything.

And that's because of you.

If you go with me to see my clients, We'll bring the house down!

As a partner, then?

It's a cultural activity, what I do.

These films do not come out in Iran.

How can these college student see them otherwise?

Your son, for example.

And even you!

Without me, say goodbye to Woody Allen!

It's just as at home.

I tell him: "Why do you lock yourself in the bathroom?"

Who is risking to come watch your dream body?

You're much too relaxed.

When you're this calm, it necessarily irritates the others.

You're speaking about yourself? Of course.

You're always on edge. I'm normal at least.

I'm fine just as I am.

My friend, I will ask you to get out over there.


Yes, you can find another taxi.

How much do I owe you?

Save it for your cultural activities, it's okay.

It's closed. I'll open it.

He won't let go.

M. Panahi...

I assure you, I wanted to help you.

I did not mean to disrespect you.

I meant no harm.

Thank you, goodbye.

The time on the display is correct?

Let's see...

It's delayed by a few minutes.

When will we be at Cheshmeh Ali ?

It depends on the traffic.

Will we be there before twelve?

I hope so.

Even if there is traffic?

I don't know.

Accelerate and we'll be there in time, God willing.

God willing? And then what?

We have to be there before twelve!

Excuse me...

People often go there in the afternoon, why the hurry?

We're not going for fun, it's very serious.

We must throw these fish into the fountain at twelve precisely.

You don't seem to understand.

Our lives depend on it.

In the water at twelve, exact!

A matter of life and death.

The fish, they will die.

Sir, hurry!

Faster, they'll die.

Hurry, they're going to die!

Lift your foot.

They're dying.

Don't crush them.


Go ahead, pour!

Quickly, put the fish in.

There's enough water!

Everything's fine.

A minute.

Is it dead?

A moment.

Pick up the pieces of glass.

He's just standing there watching us.

It's nothing.

The fish are fine.


I beg your pardon, I'm sorry.

ANNOUNCER: "The number you called cannot be reached, please try again later."

Aren't they hurt? No.

I am really sorry.

I listened to you and I got distracted.

Why do ordinary fish matter this much to you?

They aren't ordinary at all!

We've taken care of them for a year.

And after a year, you put them back into the water?

Haven't you understood?

It's very simple.

We took them from the well of Chesmeh Ali.

We have been born five years apart, but both at noon.

So, we have to put them into the water at noon, and take two new ones. Otherwise, it's the end of us.

Dead, gone! Do you understand?

Do not talk about misfortune.

It's twelve or death.

Pardon me, I have to make a call.

I'll drop you off after the bridge.

I'll find you another cab. He'll be faster.

We absolutely must...

Because I'll have to pick up my niece from school.

Please, bring us!

We have to be there at twelve!

I would've liked to, but she cannot go home alone.

We will never make it in time!

What is he doing? No idea.

To hell with this incompetence.

He drives like a donky and moreover, he is lost.

What is he doing?

I don't know at all.

Have mercy, we won't make it otherwise.

He knows the way, it will go faster.

We'll never be there at twelve.

I'm sorry.

What a moron!

Thank you, goodbye.

You've come to pick me up in this heap of garbage?

I've told everyone that my uncle is a CEO!

They're going to say I'm a liar! Think of my reputation!

You talk to me about discipline, And you left me hanging around for an hour.

And there you are, bluntly staring at me.

I'm sorry, young lady.

By the way, hello.

Hello, don't change the subject.

What would you have done if somebody abducted me?

Don't worry, I don't believe that would happen.

Nobody would have the nerve to do that.


I have an appointment with an old friend.

And your pretty niece, is she worth nothing?

I'll go. I'll leave you to your appointment.

I'll find my way, like the girl in The Mirror.

Am I going or not going?

As you wish.

You're defintely not funny. It was such a joy for me to see you.

You arrive too late and now you go on, too bad!

I've already said I'm sorry. Why are you making such a scene?

I'm joking.

If I would've wanted to leave, I wouldn't have waited.

Why did you turn off your cellphone?

Should I tell you the truth?

If you're capable of that for once.

When have I ever lied to you.

Go on, I'm listening.

I was sure you were going to call me with lots of excuses not to pick me up.

And what if I would've been worried?

I do like mom.

When you forget her, she pretends to be sick...

And she doesn't reply to your calls. You disembark all the time!

Hello, how are you?

It's me, Panahi.

I'm very sorry for the delay.

No, I'm coming.

Where are you?

Stay there, I'll be there in a few minutes.

Stay there and wait for me.

I'll be there any moment now.

Did he think you were going to let him down?

Never mind.

So, what did you want to talk about?

Not while we're driving.

Why not? We can discuss.

You're impossible, my poor uncle.

When you're out with a lady as distinguished and cultivated as I, One should first intive her to drink an ice coffee, and only then should one engage in conversation.

Alright, tell me what you want, My cultivated and cultured ice coffee lady?

My film teacher has asked us... to shoot a short movie for the upcoming month.

I'm going to film you so I don't lose any of your advice.

In other words, you're looking for a subject.

Bravo, you're smarting than you let on.

By the way...

The other day, mom was home and we heard screaming.

It was the neighbours.

Something was going on at their house.

It was their daughter's suitor!

They'd put their daughter's suitor at the door?

The story, it was the girl that fell in love with an Afghan man.

The father did not know.

When he came to ask her hand, the father caught them.

He took him outside and forbade his daughter to leave.

The guy stayed in the street all his days just to get a glimpse of her.

The brothers of the girl went out to intimidate him, but he did not give up!

And then?

Finally, you're not going to be to keen about this...

I've filmed everything.

You filmed everything.

Absolutely, from A to Z.

So, then you already have your film. Why are you looking for a topic?

Oh, come on!

You're a directer, you have to know that this isn't broadcastable.

That it's not what?


All filmmakers know this. Don't you?

It's not possible.

Do you have the intention to distribute it?


At the school's National Film Festival.

Parents are invited to the screening, and a jury will select the best film.

And so, then we received an idea for another movie, even more uneligible.

Tell me.

Yes, Arash.

I'm just turning on the bridge.

Where are you?

I'm dropping off Divist Dastgah.

The other side...

On the streetcorner...

The white vehicle, that's it?

That's it, I've seen you. I'm coming.

Haven't you seen him for a long time?

Six or seven years.

Can I tell you something?

It doesn't look like a friend of yours.

His father was my Grandpa's friend.

They were our neighbours.


So, lady Hana.

How are you?

Fine, thank you.

It's a hassle to see your uncle.

You see, he's forgotten his old coursins.

Not only does he never call, he also doesn't return my calls ever.

Do you want a juicebox?

An orange juice, an ice-cream?

No, thank you.

She has her uncle's manners.

An ice coffe maybe? I love that!

Let's go.

Sorry I didn't invite you in, I wasn't alone.

I don't want anyone to know.

Have a look, I'll be back in a moment.

What is it?

Look, you'll understand.

He's weird, your friend.

He told me to leave my camera here.

Are you sure he's not going to kidnap me?

Do you want CD's?

I have al the new ones. You can even test them!

I have a CD with Andy, Shamaizadeh, Shahrokh...

I have another one with Farhad Fardin, Mohamad Alizadeh...

It just came out.

They're both Iranien nationals and foreign music.

How much?

Just that.

2 tomans a piece.

There's two.

Have you seen?

Have you been hurt?

Not that bad.

When was it?

It's been about a month.

I recently employed video surveillance.

Can I look again?

I'll show you the images of the other camera.

There, that's the woman.

And that, the man.

He hit me on the head.

That's his wife.

Was it a couple?

When he struck me to the wall and hit me, the mask on his face slipped.

I've seen his eyes and I had recognized him.

His face was familiar.

What did you do?

What could I do?

Have you reported him?

Why not?

It was just after...

All we heard about all the time was the executions of those two racketeers.

I did not have the heart. I tried, but I could not.

That was something else entirely.

The racket had circulated pictures, they wanted to mark the occasion.

It has nothing to do with your story.

It's not that.

I recognized them.

Both of them.

They're familiar to me.


I learned they were desperate, but with what they have stolen from me, they were able to recover.

Knowing this, I could not go denounce them.

But when I see them, I'm furious.

I have a lump in my throat.

I thought it would do me well to tell you.

And even if you, you cannot shoot it, perhaps another filmmaker can make a movie about it someday.

Hold these.

Something else?

It's him.

Who? My attacker.

You should have told me before.

I wanted to see his face.

What for?

Just to see what a thief looks like.

Like you, like me, like all the people around us.

How are you now?


I'm better.

Haven't you moved?

I'm always there.

Faithful to the post.

I passed by once.

I didn't recognize our street.

Everything had changed, the houses were different.

The people have also changed.

Only occasionally, you meet a familiar face.

Everything changed.

Glad to see you again.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time. You're welcome.

Need anything? No, thank you.

Tell Hana to return.

It was a pleasure.

Thank you. It's nothing.


They were really friendly. Especially those who served us.

Tell me, What did he look like?

What do you mean?

He looked normal, like anyone else.

So, you want to make a publishable film?

Yes, I was going to read this to you when you got the call.

There we go.

The teacher told us that to make a broadcastable film, Are you filming or are you reading?

It's one or the other.

She told us that to make a broadcastable film, A film needs to have the following rules:

Respect for the veil and the Muslim decency, no contact between man and woman, no conspiracies, no violence, no tie for protagonists, no Persian names for protagonists, preferance for the first names of Muslim prophets, usage of the sacred names of the prophets, Why aren't you listening?

I'm listening, I was just thinking...

What about?

I was wondering... what was going to happen to my old neighbour.

Is it a positive or a negative character?

He has a Persian name and a tie...

Oh you, that's in real life.

These rules, they're for films.

And what if he should become a protagonist in a movie?

Then everything needs to be altered.


He should firstly be given a Muslim name, his tie should be removed, And also, he should have no beard. It makes him a bit...

May I continue?

Go ahead.

Don't pose policital or economical questions.

That's enough.

But no, it's not yet finished.

She told us to use our common sense, to feel the smaller problems, to masque our own.

"For you to see," she said.

My dear uncle,


Stay here, I'll be back.

Are you going to the toilet?

No questions!

You're not coming out, and you don't open the door for anyone.

"And you don't talk to strangers." What?

Nothing, I'm joking. You don't have any humour.


Hey, you!

Come over here.

Yes, you!

No camera's.

Come here.

Put your camera away.

I saw you take that!


The money.

The money in the trash cans?

No, the money that fell out of the groom's pocket.

Out of the groom's pocket? I haven't seen anything.

I have seen it, and I filmed it too.

So what ? I do not care. It fell.

I found it, now it's mine.

It is the groom who dropped it.

Listen to me, I have a month time to make a broadcastable film.

If you take the money, I won't be able to air it.

Go give it back to him.

In exchange, I'll give you 5 tomans.

Exchange 50 tomans for 5?

You must be stupid.

Don't worry about them.

They're very wealthy, look at how much they paid for clothing the couple.

I don't care about their money, I want to make my film!

Go give the money back, I won't forget about it.

Like this, you will be the hero of my film.

Then it will be a movie on the meaning of self-denial.

I beg of you.

What are you talking about?

I don't care about being your hero. I want to give that money to my father.

Come on, please. Be a little more sympathetic.

Do it for your mother.

I don't have a mother.

Even if you don't have one anymore, You must have loved her right?

Do it to make her happy.

Return the money, please.

Fine, you can go bring it...

No, it's up to you to do it.

You do it, and I'll film you!

Come on, please!

I beg of you.

Are you dumb or something?

Faster, they're leaving.

Give it to them...


Come on, give it back to them!

What's wrong, what is it?


You don't want to tell me?

Out of the question. I don't want to talk about it.

As you wish, young lady.

Have you heard?


The noise, outside...

I was holding my head down. I haven't noticed anything.

I've seen nothing.

Look, there she is!

Who is?

The flower lady!


Can't you see her?

The lady who always comes to see you with a large bouquet of roses!

Good afternoon, get in.

Our very own Jafar Panahi, in person!

Where are you heading?

I'll call you back.

I'll take you.

Get in the front.

You already have a young passenger here.

Thank you, my love.

How are you?

Well, very well!

For you, my treasure.

Thank you.

Are you doing back there?

What's going on? What was that back there?

Where are you heading?

Are you the driver? That's just the job for you...

Are you looking for someone?

I've heard a voice before seeing you.

The voice of a person who I heard when I was imprisoned.

It often happens to my clients.

They focus on voices.

That's the effect of being blindfolded.

The voice chasing you...

So, where may I take you?

To paradise!

To paradise?

I think I know a street...

Oh, that paradise?

Yes, that one.

Unfortunately, I believe that access is restricted to men.

Seriously, where I you going?

I'm going to Vanak.

If it's on the way. Otherwise, I won't bother you.

Let me guess...

This is for someone who has just been released.

Or, who has been arrested?


Ghoncheh Ghavami is imprisoned.

The sports girl?

Like, in your movie, "Offside".

She wanted to watch a game of volleyball.

They were with a group of women, that got arrested.

Everyone else got released, except for her... Since 108 days.

Has she managed to go?

No, they were stopped outside of the stadium.

She went on a hunger strike ten days ago.

Her mother went to see her yesterday, to try to convince her to stop.

I sent her a message, also begging to stop, while also saying that I understood.

It's the same tactic we used, in that situation.

She acted like us.

So, her mother brings her food in hope to convince her.

So, they took her to a closed room with camera's. to make her talk.

A television interview?


They asked her to confirm that her daughter never went on a hunger strike.

She became furious, And went out screaming, thus she can no longer visit her.

She distanced herself from food afterwards.

They asked the same of Ghoncheh in her cell, but in a written format:

"I have never been on a hunger strike"

She tore the paper apart, and lost her guest priviliges.

That's the story.

I'm going to meet the family, To see what we can do for this girl, that, after yesterday, also stopped drinking.

We will try everything.

What to do?

I see.

How is your husband?

He's fine, he's working.

Hasn't he forbidden you to exercise?


I heard you were suspended, for three years!

It's official, the Disciplinary Board, have voted on my suspension.

I haven't had any prior notification.

So, for now... Nothing!

The decision isn't valid.

A disciplinary board, why?

I don't know.

Is it not possible to defend your own rights?

As if the film-makers union would want your ban revoked.

What would you do?

It's wet over here. Who does this wallet belong to?

Show me.


Look if you can find an address inside.

Come on, you can't do that.

That's not the way to go...

Sorry, I forgot.

In any case, whoever dropped it wasn't a young person.

She's not my age, nor my mother's...

It's certain, she's an old one.

More like grandma's age?


Then it must be from... the ladies that wanted to go to Cheshmeh Ali.

Those were my latest passengers.

Cheshmeh Ali?

You have to find them, that's your destination.

I'll drop you off first.

I'm going to get out here.

You have to go down Nawab street, while I have to go the other way.

These are opposite directions.

Do what you have to do.

That is for the love of film.

I put it there for the people of the cinema, on whom you can always count.

Like you.

I put it there, to show you that I see what you're doing.

You know, Jafar.

They make sure, that we know we're being monitored.

Their tactics are clear.

They create a political record, You become a target of Mossad, the CIA, MI5.

Then, they'll add a sex scandal.

They make your life a prison.

You go out, but the outside world, Is nothing but an even larger prison.

They make your besr friends, your worst enemies.

You will have to flee the country, Or leave you praying for a safe return.

So there is nothing else to do: Nothing to do!


Do not put what I've just said in your film.

If not, you will be accused of conspiring.

Then, you will have even more problems.

Quickly, the light is green.

Thank you, it was a pleasure!



She's ingenious.

The flower lady?

By the way, what is it, conspiring?

You had it in your list earlier.

Yes, the teacher told us.

But I haven't understood.

She explained it badly.

She said that you should only show reality.

But when reality is complicated or ugly, one cannot show this.

I do not understand what to show or not, what is supposed to be real or not.

I don't want to fail.

For example, everything that the flower lady just said,

cannot be shown.

However, all she says is real.

There are realities they do not want to show.

They create them, but they do not want to show them?

I don't understand.

It's pretty, that flower.

I'll go see if they're here.

They're here.

Where's the wallet? In my backpack.

He's coming back! I don't have the memory card!

We'll get that later, let's go!

Taxi Teheran

A film of Jafar Panahi

The Ministry of Islamic Guidance rates the quality of "broadcastable" films.

To my regret, This film wasn't found broadcastable.

I express my gratitude to all those who supported me.

Without their valuable contributions,