Taxiwala (2018) Script

Whose is that old car?

I told you about a new deal I have to sell our assets to clinch it Soooper commission I have to dump this rattletrap on someone's head Who will buy this junk nowadays?

If no one wants it I'll gift it to you on your birthday What to do with it? As if I can dry rice fritters on it?

Farm house papers...

Hey wifey!

Get the papers from the car.


'Uncle Car Care'

Shivaaa! Uncle

Oh God!

Wretched fellow! Deaf or what? How many times to call you?

I could have been dead, you good-for-nothing oaf!

Look how he's standing like a grease-stained bandicoot.

Even after 10 years you don't know to fix a tyre.

1 track mind hooked on to English films.

My slippers will speak, lazy lout.

He still hasn't changed, eh?

Some cars are beyond repair, Shiva.

Same with this junk of a jerk!

So it took you 5 long years to battle with your undergrad!

What is your future plan?

What can I do, uncle?

For my own good I must cook my own food!

Means what?

I thought maybe you can find me a job in the city.

Didn't I always want to hire an assistant?

Will he fit the bill, bro?

Acting over smart with me?

What are you drinking? Green tea, bro.

What kind of job do you have in mind?

Anything is fine, uncle.

But my wallet should overflow!

Not just a fat salary. You'll avail a decent bonus too.

Really? True This is the most trending job now. You'll be ideal for it.

Company vehicle and company phone.

You'll attend 25-50 calls a day.

Young girls too.

No one will be able to eat without talking to you! - Wow!

Too good to be true, uncle. This is the kind of job I want.

Hold your breath. I'll ace it.

'Ladies and gentlemen.'

'A spectacular film with wonderful scenes'

'and superb acting by renowned actors.'

'Welcome and be entertained by this fantasy film.'

Bro, do you know this address?

Sir, I've turned left here. I'm at some junction now.

Okay, sir. I'm coming.

'Not right, take the left'

'Make it fast, bro'

'Hello?' Coming, sir.

'I ordered dinner. Not breakfast!'

'How much longer?'

'Where are you?'

'Are you delivering or have you eaten the food?'

'Lift isn't working, bro. Take the steps?'

Which floor, sir. 'Top floor.'

Hyderabad is such a vast city, uncle.

I can't deliver door to door so late at night, uncle.

Okay, you don't have to deliver door-to-door at all.

All you have to do is stand at 1 door People will come to you.

Even the biggest big shot has to raise his hands in front of you.

Do you want such a cushy job?

Get me a job like that please.

"Common man or VIP; he has to greet me I landed such a soooper job luckily"

"No chance will I be by-passed now I’m the center of attention and how!"

"Full stop to hunger Blank check I can sign for sure"

"Lady Luck smiles on me"


"Step by step forward seems wrong A lift in my lifestyle has come along"

"Luck has come on real strong"

"Specifically for me it will prolong"

Namaste, sir.

Namaste, sir.

What's wrong with him?

Nightmare, bro.

Good evening, sir.

'Okay, sir, your car will be ready by tomorrow evening.'

He gives a rattletrap and thinks it is a BMW!

Why haven't you gone to work today?

Give me that pot.


I asked for a job and you made me do gymnastics!

As if with your marks you'll get a collector's job!

If I had bowed that many times in front of God.

I would've become a collector, gawd!

'Hold the other end.'

'Pull with a lot of force.'

What is that? Don't know

'Can cab drivers earn 100000 per month?'

How is this possible, uncle?

Some drivers earn in 5 figures.

Cab drivers earn much more than software engineers, bro.

'A car can change your life.'

How come?

Waiting charges and night charges extra.

Surcharge during prime time.

Too much! Not run of the mill at all.

Cab drivers are happier than their passengers!

They drive in cool comfort in air-conditioned cars.

You made me work like a donkey with such a cool job in hand, huh?

But don't you need a cab to be a cab driver?

What about the capital?

I need money, right?

How much will I need, uncle? Around 5 or 6.

Even if you buy a second hand car you need at least 2 or 3.

2 or 3. That's why I didn't tell you.

2 or 3...!


How are you, Shiva? Good, sis-in-law.

How is your health?

As of now good. Touch wood.

Baby will be fine, sis-in-law. Don't get tense about anything.

Eat well and be happy.

Where's bro?

Cab driver idea sounds good.

But whatever little I've saved is for the delivery.

Last time was tragic, right?

I want to admit her in a hospital with better facilities.

Shouldn't we also think of what we can afford, Shiva?

Take up a small job for now.

Next time somehow...

A woman usually parts with her jewellery only to 2 people.

One is her husband.

The other is her own son.

Even in our most troubled times. I've never utilized her chain.

Use this money carefully.

Okay, bro.

See you, sis-in-law.

Hey! What is this, Shiva?

We are coming next week to Hyderabad for the check up, pick up my call.

I'll take you around in my new cab, please come.


"Sing a song, buddy, in tune"

"Now I’m king of all I survey, dude"

"What people predicted has come true"

"I’m on cloud 9, all is well, dude"

"In my account, no GST"

"No decrease in royalty"

"I am a king without a kingdom"

"I must rule the world with wisdom"

What happened? What is that sound?

With your budget you can get the body of a car.

Or you can get the engine. But not both. - Hey!

Even you were stingy with your bribe to God, huh?

Man's body. Buffalo's brain!

"What happened on the way? Where did Lady Luck stop, I say?"

"I am wondering Where is she hiding?"

"She will hug me face to face may be"

"So many days with no other go I was steeped in sorrow"

Shiva, you'll get something better.

"Why can’t I wait a bit now?"

'Finally, got a decent car.'

'Yes, uncle.'

'The tyre is moving faster than our car!'

'I'll get the tyre. You stay right here.'


Who the hell is this?

'Hello, sir. My name is Murthy.'

So what? 'Heard you are looking for a car.'

'I have a real good car, sir.'

I don't have the budget for a real good car, hang up now.

'I can show you a car well within your budget.'

'Please take a look. Just once, okay, sir?'

'I will share the location in WhatsApp, sir.'

'If you come at 8:00 a.m, I'll show you the car, sir.'

'Just take a look, sir.'

Super condition, sir. Car without any accident.

Costly interior. Owner wants money urgently.

You're the 1st person. I'm showing it to.

Please come.

Looks like a crematorium for cars. Wonder what he'll show us.

That's the car, sir.

This is the car, sir.

Can you move a bit? It is covered in dust.

Good lord!

What a car, uncle!

Hindustan Motors, Contessa.

25 year old relic! What will you do with this?

We'll see some other car, let's go.

We have come all this way. Let me do a test drive.

'Hey, it's a junk of a car.'

Can I test drive? Here's the key.

Don't waste time, Shiva.

We can get a much better car than this.

'I can't hear.'

'How will you hear now?'

It won't start.

Hey...slow down. Don't know if the brake works.

"As I swerve, boy. Right to the left"

"In these days I hustle hard Tryin' to find the car that was meant"

"Switching lanes As I shift gears"

"As I drift thru' the scene Shocking you with your fear"

"With the pedal to the max As the adrenaline lasts"

"I'm so close to a crash God by my side..."

What's this? Broker sir.

Sir. Stop.

What is it, uncle? What?

Do you like the car? Don't you?

Super car, uncle.

Where will you park this big a car?

Don't we have your garage, uncle?

It's a total junk piece.

What about spare parts or service? You'll pitch in, uncle.

I'm telling you it's junk, Shiva. What will you do with it?

Uncle, this car has a character of its own.

There is a perfect match between its interior and my exterior.

I want only this car. I'm fixed on it If he likes it so much let him buy it.

He'll be driving it, right? True.

Stay right here. I'll discuss the price.

Okay What is the price? Rs 450000, sir.

You want this rate for this junk of a car?

I have 169000, ready cash.

Even if you hang us you won't get Re 1 more!

Okay, when do you want the registration?

How is it, you just quoted 450000 and readily agreed to my rate now?

Something fishy in this transaction.

I want to talk to the owner, not you.

Owner? Not possible, sir.

Hey, uncle It's a fantastic deal.

I can't get luckier than this.

If you mess this up. I'll bash you.

Wait, you don't know anything.

Looks like a rattletrap, could be involved in a crime or accident.

Then you'll be in a royal mess. We have to meet the owner, that's final.

Owner is very busy, sir.

He lives far away. I can handle the registration.

No way, I must meet the owner and he should sign in our presence.

Single payment. Otherwise no deal.

Okay, sir Then okay. Yess!

What are you here for if I have to do all this work?

I told them...

I was the one who compelled him because you can also meet me.



What do you do, sir?

None of your business!

Oh! Business, huh?

By the way, may I know why you are selling your car?

I mean I just asked for the sake of asking.


Don't feel sad about selling your car.

Call me whenever you want to see your car, don't hesitate.

I'll give you my uncle's number.

This is his garage number.

Dial 8 instead of 0. Printing mistake!


Leave, sir... please.

Told you, let's go. 'Who is out? Cricket match, huh?'

Please come, sir. I paid over 1.5 lakhs.

'Didn't offer me a cup of coffee.'

'Come along, I'll host you a party for buying this fantastic car.'

'What will you do with this rattletrap?'

'Will anyone in his right mind buy this for a cab?'

'Look at it. Junk model'

'No style, nothing.'

'You made a blunder, Shiva.'

'Grave blunder.'

'Sister-in-law's blessing'

Tea for you, bro.


Who are you?

Your address has changed. Time to move on.


Stuck there like glue.

I'll deal with you later.

'Lucky winner'

Hurray...! My 1st ride, uncle.

All the best. Bye, uncle



Didn't you book a cab?

Are you the cab driver? Yes, madam.

I booked a cab. Come.

I didn't book the driver.

Cab is here. Let's go.

I booked the cab from this spot.

So bring the cab right here. Go.


Cab is right here, let's go.


Have I reached my place?

I have a doubt.

Which way to go?

Go up.

Up...? No, go down.

This isn't an elevator to go up and down, madam.

Tell me if I should turn left or right.


Are you asleep?


Anusha madam...?

This lady is totally tanked.


If you sleep like this, where should I drop you?

Sorry, please don't get me wrong.

'What am I supposed to do now?'

Weather seems dangerous.

Dear God!

Glad I'm basically a good man, otherwise...

Shucks! Not switching on.

Drunken female!

She hasn't even charged her phone.

Where the hell should I take you?

Have you got any sense?

Will you pass out drunk like a skunk?

The state you were in last night...

Your revealing attire had it been any other chap, by this time we would've come in search of you.

Take your phone.

Girls like you will cross all limits.

And then to top it all complain about the police.

Can I charge my phone?

Okay and thank you. Rate 5 stars for me, sir.

Hello. Hi.

It's me, Anu.

Last night. At the pub.

Hi, madam. Woke up?


Never imagined I'll wake up in a police station!

But thank you so much.

Sorry, madam, at that time of night had no clue what else to do.

'By the way, how will you get home?'

Maybe take an auto...


Hey! Hi.

Wow! How did you come lightning speed?

Night duty.

Thought you'll call me when you wake up. So I was cruising around this area.


Didn't I pay you the fare last night?

No, you didn't.

No cash in my purse.

If you drop me at my hostel, I can pay you.

Please come.

Oh no! I didn't come here to ask you to pay.

I came for my jacket.

Bought it for 1000 bucks. Okay.

It's okay. wash it and return it tomorrow.

I can come and get it tomorrow.

You said you came for the jacket?

You said you have no cash in your wallet?!


"No listening to words, not at all"

"No excuses, big or small"

"Clouds hindered in the ensuing speed"

"But no slowing down indeed"

"Destination one and only, paths many"

"Your mission is to continue your journey"

"Unexpected twists and many a turn ordained when you were born"

"Only the windshield will show what life will bless and bestow"

"The wiper will wipe the tears which flow"

How much, sir? 15,000.

Is it correct?

Count the cash.

"No listening to words, not at all" Jacket.

"Hair rising speed; full throttle"

"No pleas, no recall"

I'll wash it and give it back.

"Put pedal to the metal"

"No listening to words, not at all"

"Won't slow down, full throttle"

"Clouds hindered in the ensuing speed"

"But no slowing down indeed"

"Destination one and only, paths many"

"Your mission is to continue your journey"

"Unexpected twists and many a turn ordained when you were born"

"Only the windshield will show what life will bless and bestow"

Uncle, This is Anu. Hi.

"The wiper will wipe" She is a doctor.

Hello. "the tears which flow"

Wow! This place is amazing, Shiva.

What a scene!

Like a pair of wipers made for each other, eh?

"Seeking endearing moments of cheer"

"If that’s what life is all about I hear"

"Whatever little is left over won’t you share it with me, dear?"

"Your mind will show you bonds that matter true"

"Follow me like a shadow dutiful And teach me how to be helpful"

"Many troubles may accost you"

"Your wallet will be empty too"

"Be it doom or gloom this car will zip zap zoom"

"Your path may turn or bend Even the city can change, friend"

"Hard work pays till the very end"

"The cloud tipped upside down on a withered heart all alone"

Give me some peanut.

This car has a character of its own.

Male character or female?

"It rained, what a downpour! Mind got drenched to the core"

"Won't slow down, full throttle"

"Won't stop, will put pedal to the metal"

"No listening to words, not at all"

"Hair rising speed; full throttle"

"No pleas, no recall"

"Put pedal to the metal"

"No excuses, big or small"

"Won't slow down, full throttle"

Go and wash the car.

What is there to clean? It is spic and span.

"No listening to words, not at all"

"Clouds hindered in the ensuing speed"

"But no slowing down indeed"

"Destination one and only, paths many"

"Your mission is to continue your journey"

Take this medicine for 3 weeks without fail.

25,000 sir.


"Introduction into the next birth"

Got my 1st week's salary, bro.

"Endless ecstasy on this earth"

Pay the bill.

"Rainbow drizzle fell on the heart in a love-spell"

My dear brother and sister-in-law.

Both of them have lost a lot in life because of me.

Whenever they were going through troubled times I always wanted to help them somehow.

After so many years only now it has been possible.

When I didn't fit into the groove for any job I had my own doubts as to how I'll be of any use.

This niggling little fear started gnawing inside me.

After that you parked yourself in my life.

After you came, my life has been.

U-turn indeed!

I mean...

Only because my sister-in-law gave me her gold chain with such a golden heart I got a gem like you.

It's all thanks to you.

I love you, darling

Don't think all that flowed in a drunken stupor.

I swear I love you.

I've got a gift for you.



Bloody bandicoots!

How long will it take to get to the airport?

1 hour, sir. 1 hour, huh?

Is this a bullock cart or what?

Why do you waste my time with a rattletrap like this?

Er...I have an idea, sir.

Next time book a flight even up to the airport.

Now we aren't in mid air, right?

It will take an hour because of the traffic.

See, you're talking too much.

Of what use are you on earth? Junk of a jerk!

Wake me up when we reach the airport, I will take a nap.

Thank you, sir.

Next time I should bring my own car.

What is that, man? Why are you yelling like this?

What is in your car? Bunkum!

Were you the one on the bike?

Hey, my money? Stop, scumbag!

Park it near the kerb.

You first move. You bet I will.

I knew when I saw him he was up to no good.

Why did I pick him up? Serves me right!

Hey! What's your problem?

What happened, bro? Mind your business.

Junk of a jerk!

I was so careful not to get even a single scratch!

You know what? For my facial, hair-cut, manicure, pedicure and bikini waxing.

Total parlor bill was Rs 14,000.

Why spend so much when it will vanish if you wander in the sun for 2 days!

What's up with you? Sulking mood?

My 1st pick up today was a junk of a jerk!

My car is dented because of him.

I'm so upset.

When your mood is downhill you should get help from your girlfriend.

Is it set now?

Your mood...?

Just started!

If you show the same interest in your girlfriend as you do in your car you'll get an offer like this quite often!

Why are you getting down?


Anu, you just left me 'high' and dry!

You started something you didn't finish, sadist!

Listen, I'm back to my upset mood, Anu Anu...?

Hey, Anu!

Please, dear.


Hey there!

Playing hard to get, huh?

'I've booked your cab. Where are you?'

Yes, sir, I'm coming.

Driver speaking, sit. I'm waiting at your gate.

'It will take another 30 minutes for me.'

'Please wait, I'll pay the waiting charges.'

Is that okay? Okay, sir.

'Quit smoking or drinking habits in 1 session.'

'Overcome your fears and phobias'

'past life regression through advanced clinical hypnotherapy by Dr K.'

'Certified by the international board of hypnotherapy.'

'To fulfil your true potential.'

"Let's dance to a peppy number"

Watchman, is your 'sir' in?

He has gone to Mumbai. I don't know when he'll be back.

His phone is switched off.

I told you he looks weird. I warned you about this car.

At least now sell this car to someone else.

It will be their problem then.

How can we sell the car knowing it is supernatural.

Won't the buyer suffer like us?

I can think of only one solution.

He seems to have brought some fakir here.

Will we get religious heads for our limited budget?!

Namaste, swami.

Where is the problem?

'Problem' is parked over there!

What is this, uncle?

Does he have any idea what he's pitting himself up against?

I know.

Is this a fabric whitener, bro?

Stretch your hand once.

That ghost seems to have possessed him!

The three of you have been travelling with a very hungry ghost.

Now it has tasted your fear.

If you have to appease it all 3 of you should keep offering drops of blood from your body.

If you don't want the ghost back into the car first this car must be driven to the graveyard.

And the amulet of Lord Veerabadra should be tied over it.

I will pacify that ghost.

And exorcise it. Alright, swami.

Start, Hollywood.

Till I finish reciting the mantra don't stop the blood flow.

Continue offering your blood.

O' Lord, you are our savior!

Your turn, Shiva.

The last was when I tested for HIV, Hollywood.

However hard I press there's no blood flow.

What are you doing?

No space in my fingers. So I'm using my toes.

Hey Hollywood! You're great.

I know. Hey! One minute.

He said he'll be back in half an hour 2 hours and he still hasn't come.

One minute, wait!

This ghost seems to be starving?

It has consumed even oil.

Not starving or craving.

He set up a blood donation camp here and zip zap zoomed with our car.

What a fakir!

Let's go and nab him. I'll drink his blood!

Let's go.

Where are you going, uncle? Why?

Are you mad or what?

He hasn't stolen our car. He has taken away our troubles.

If we claim from Insurance saying our car was stolen, we'll get our money.

Even that jinx of a car will vanish. Soooper idea!

God is being kind to us. For sure.

Good people reap good rewards.

You mean our blood donation wasn't a wasted effort.

Height of brilliance!

Your desination is 10 kilometer. Go straight.

Go straight.

Go straight.

Go straight.

Hey Hollywood?

Won't you answer when I call you?

Why is your jawline wide open like a western toilet?

What has happened to him?

Oh gawd! Shivaa...!

Shiva. What, uncle?

Come down, quick.

God save us.

Our car thief!

Is he dead and gone? Shut up, I say.

He is alive. Give me a hand.

Okay...okay. Come here.


You stole our car and how dare you hit our man?

You'll kill the man who takes your car? What do you mean?

Wait, uncle. Why did you come back?

As if I came back. 'It' brought me back!

Like people keep dogs as pets are you raising a ghost?

If I stay even a minute longer with you, my life is at stake.

Not that side. I'll escape this way.

I was glad we had got rid of this jinx and it is hounding us, uncle.

Till we trace the owner don't touch it with a barge pole, Shiva.

Yes, bro. Shiva.

'We have only 3 days left for the next injection.'

'You said you'll arrange the money.'

That's why I called you.

I'll take care of that, bro.

I'm glad. Talk to you later.

Okay, bro.

You could have told him it isn't possible.

'I gave my word to him for the 1st time.'

'I can't back out.'

'I don't care if it kills me.'

'I don't have any other option.'

"No…no, this is a scary car you know"

Ma'am, I'm waiting at the location.

"Hear the name, you’ll sweat head to toe"

Shall we go?

"Has something spooky caught hold of me?"

"Gripped me by my throat Made me sit; didn’t let me out"

"Did its tyre trample on acacia thorn or lemon?"

"Some fate or blessed curse has got me for better or worse?"

"No…no, this is a scary car you know"

"Hear the name, you’ll sweat head to toe"

"If the car door opened mind gets frightened"

"Fate then somersaulted"

Go get the ball.

"My misfortune had a hearty laugh, is it?"

"Did troubles deafen my ears quite a bit?"

I don't want night shifts, sir. Why?

"This is a scary car you know"

"Hear the name, you’ll sweat head to toe"

Technical problems, sir.

Thank you.

You mean to say it's a good ghost?

Otherwise why should 'it' save me, uncle?

Holy ghost!

That thieving fakir wanted to steal our car.

'It' rattled him to pieces.

I'm roaming in that car 24x7. Why doesn't 'it' harm me?

Listen, uncle.

If I forget to close the door or raise the glass, it will do so for me.

Keeps its interior and exterior shining brand new.

Even the chief minister's car can be stolen.

No one can touch my car.

Security! It behaves like a cleaner.

Providing all these features no one knows where 'it' is seated.

No one can see 'it'. Doesn't even need a chair.

What more can we ask for?

And 'it' has saved my life.

True, Shiva.

We have both come to an understanding We are friends now.

Shiva! That's a ghost. Why befriend it?

What's wrong?

A body is not an impediment to a special bond.

Bro, you're crazy.

Sir, I'm starting my night shift once again.

What's wrong with him?


We can't stand you any longer. Take a leap into the sea!

Thanks, bro.

"Whatta what-ta crazy car!"

"It has brought me luck, I swear"

Okay then, bye. Bye.

They can see you!

No one here. Everyone won't be visible, right?

Of late whatever you say goes right above my head.

If you should be able to understand. I must give you a surprise.

Surprise, huh? What is it?

It is a...

No need now. It's dark already.

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Hey! You've planned something for me, right?

If you know you'll be so thrilled.


Okay, I'll wait then. Bye.


Cab, right? Coming to Kokapet?

Sorry, sir, my trips are over for the day and I'm heading home.

Book a cab through your phone app.

You'll be billed via the app, sorry.

You'll have an idea about the fare, right?

I'll pay you, please.

I'm a doctor. Be considerate.


Okay, get in. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, brother.

Sir, you have to pay late night charges extra.

Sure...sure. You're really smart.

You've selected a wonderful car.

Even my friend has this same model.

Whatever you may say vintage cars are great.

Yes, sir.

Quality those days is something else. Correct, sir.

Good times came hand in hand with this car for me.

If I trusted my undergrad degree I would've only been 'care of roadside'.

Studies and salary have no connection whatsoever.

Anyone can make this statement, sir. But I can't accept a doctor saying so.

Why do you say that? Why not, sir?

For checking the pulse, 200 bucks. For saline I.V Rs 500.

Rs 1000 for an injection.

If it's a surgery that's it, king's ransom!

We have to sell all our assets, sir.

What sir...



'What is happening, sir?'

'Gawd! You are bleeding.


Stop it.

Hey! What are 'you' doing? Leave him alone.


Why are you behaving like a lunatic?

Hey! Stop!

Sir...sir. Hope you're okay.

'It' will close our chapter!

Jinx of a ghost!


Right, bro. Keep moving.

What's this? Shiva is tagging death along with him once again.

If he had left the body there, he would have landed in jail.

Lady Luck favored Shiva as that chap didn't book the ride.

Otherwise by this time our man will be counting bars!

Hey, Shiva.


Bro, close his ears.

Get him a glass of water.

Hey! Why get so tanked and then throw up like this?

Why are you crying now?

I assumed 'it' was my friend.

Without any sympathy or mercy this ghost executed a truly ghastly murder, uncle.

An innocent man died because of me unnecessarily.

Jinxed car!

Hey! Shiva!

Shiva, this is enough.

Forget it, bro.

I am totally to blame, uncle.

Even though you warned me quite often because it saved my life, I thought 'it' was a good spirit.

Keep quiet!

Only now I understand.

'You' didn't save me.

'You' saved yourself.

Dude, this was self preservation!

Why didn't 'you' kill me when I was in your car daily?

Because you needed a man to drive you around, right?

So you used me, huh?

In just one single night you destroyed my whole life.

Why are you looking at me like that?

You lowlife of a heartless ghost!

Hey, listen to me.

I won't let it go, uncle.

Have you gone mad, Shiva? Please sit If Lord Yama comes, do a 'great escape'.

Don't go and grab his robe!

That ghost is still raging after smashing a man to death.

Why are you attacking it now?

Yes, uncle.

My anger shouldn't be aimed at that ghost.

But on that car owner.

Now you're talking.

We'll pounce on him whenever he comes.

Why 'whenever', uncle?

I need my money now. Let's go.

Hey! But he isn't in town.

We have nothing to do with him.

Let's break into his house and take whatever is expensive.

I need my 169000 today I don't care wha...

Hey! Think about the risk involved.

If life has no risk we will only be eating rusk!

You stupid shortie!

Uncle, we take whatever we can lay our hands on tonight.

Start the car.


The night of the hunter!

Hey Shiva. Let go of me, uncle.

I'm so excited.

You bet you are!

Door is locked, uncle.

As if they will leave it open knowing our plan!

I beg you, let's leave.

Uncle, only forward. No backward.

He would've learnt it from some English film.

Let's go in.

Shut the door.

What is it?

I think she's the owner of this house.

She's dead and I think in our car as the ghost now.

Why do they build such a mansion when no one is around?

If you don't see anyone does it mean no one lives here?

Does it mean they are here now?

Be silent and complete our task.


I'll check that room.

I'm literally peeing in my pants. How can you be so bold?

Uncle, you're more scared than me. That's why you think I'm bold.

Even in this tension your clarity is amazing.



My courage will fizz out of this bottle.

Vodka...vintage. Will give me all the courage.

Shopping mall doll?

If I give this to my uncle, he'll be very happy.

No ice? No problem.

Only drinking. Drinking...drinkin...

Who screamed?


Oh gawd! What is this?


Looks like it won't let go of me.

Don't act smart with me!

It's me, uncle? Shiva, is it you?

Is it Hollywood? Lift him up.

Come out.

Hey Hollywood.

Are you a man or beast? Intending to kill me, huh?

Then why did you chase me? You think I chased you?

I peed in my pants hearing that scream.

So I ran out petrified.

You didn't scream in there?

Not you?

Not you, huh?!

Let's go back in, uncle.

Where are you going? Wait.

Someone is in there.

That's why don't go in. Let's leave.

There's a connection between the doctor who died on the track and this house.

This is a life and death matter for me.

I'm going back in there.

Hollywood, you think that high pitched scream was from this room?

Yes, 100%. Only from here.

This room looks worse than our garage.

Hey Shiva.

Shiva, what else is here other than cobwebs and cockroaches?

Let's get out of here.

Shiva...Shiva! Something is there, Shiva Something fell on me.

Where? Look over there.



Uncle. Get up, Holly.

How are you feeling now?

I'm fine.

Thank you!

Were you the guys who saved me?

We did.

Thanks a lot.

Are you fine now?


I'm fine.

Sir, please tell us now. Who are you? Who is that owner?

And why were you there?

I'll tell you.

But at that time...

In that house.

Are you thieves?

Hey, put that back.


Actually that owner sold us a car.


This may sound crazy.

But believe me!

In that car

there is a ghost

'May I know why you are selling this car?'

Not knowing what to do next when we broke into his house, we found you.

Whatever you told me now is true? Yes, sir.

If you help us, we can...

Yes Yes...amazing The experiment worked!

My projection is successful What's wrong with him?

When I shared my problems seriously this chap is rejoicing!

I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

Isn't that car an old model Contessa?


Do you know about the ghost in that car?

She isn't a ghost.

She isn't a spirit.

Her name is Sisira.

She is not dead!


What we know.

Or what we think we know.

Para science.

Para normal science or pseudo science.

What cannot be believed.

Lacking scientific proof.

Physical laws that cannot be justified.

It deals with something beyond.

Beyond the comfort of your belief.

And may be, just maybe beyond this physical world.

Do souls exist? Do you believe in them?

Scaring kids who refuse to eat claiming a monster will grab them.

True or false. It isn't about that.

The belief a mother inserts into her son's head to make him eat.

Fear...! Fear has various names.

Spirits, ghouls and ghosts.

And the absence of these topics in our text books.

Everything we are unaware of turns into a lie.

To wave aside the existence of ghosts as mere superstition is as foolish as refuting their presence.

Today we are going to discuss about a paranormal topic.

Astral projection.

Turn to page number 39.



Physical body.

Astral body.

Don't we say after we die our soul leaves our body?

According to this even when we are alive we can separate our soul from our body.

You know what?

It is said that such a soul alienated from its body can communicate to all other souls in the astral plane.

Interesting, isn't it?

But to try this without proper expert guidance is extremely dangerous.

Recently a youngster in Kerala tried this experiment and killed his own family.

Sad but true.

Tomorrow we'll start chapter 4. You guys can leave now.


Why haven't you left?

Sir, will you carry out that experiment on me?

Whaat? Astral projection.

I'll do it, sir If you guide me.

Sisira, I know it sounds very interesting.

At your age I've tried it too. Please, sir Listen, Sisira.

All this is very good to read.

But not to try personally.

Without getting obsessed about this, go home.

Concentrate on your semester exams, okay?


But didn't you tell us about this experiment, sir?

No harm in trying once, right?

If you guide me through...

Please, sir. Please what?

Do you think this is funny?

Don't waste my time.

Placebo effect is a psychological phenomenon for the patient or recipient.

Feels his condition is improved.

Sorry, guys Will continue this later tomorrow.

Thank you.


This is very important to me, sir Why?

'Few Months Ago'

"When you are with me"

"With sheer joy my eyes sparkle brightly"


I have an emergency board meeting to attend.

Go with Raghu.'s okay, I'll manage, bye.

Okay, move on to the next.

Ma, listen. Whatever it is, I won't.

I'm always trying to tell you things.

You are the one who doesn't understand.

Okay, whatever! What should I do?

"Even if someone pushes me you won't let me fall I can guarantee"

"You won't abandon me You'll treat me like a baby"

Okay, I am sorry.

I apologized, didn't I?

"Even if I'm wrong you'll support me"

"Me and you, you and me Always be 'we' till eternity"

"The word 'love' we share 24x7 even for a moment will never weaken"

'Happy birthday to dear Sisira.'

Happy birthday to you. Thanks, mom.

Great party, huh? Surprise!

What is this? New car.

Your birthday gift.

Thanks but no thanks.

I already have a car, right? I don't need a new car.

Come on, Sisira. Do you call that a car?!

That is not at all safe.

That's why I got you a new car.

With advanced safety technology a brand new BMW car.

Even Greeshma's status requir... Where is my Contessa?

I sent it to the scrap yard.


Sisira, I'm sorry.

How dare you *** touch my car, huh?

You are our manager. Stick to that position.

Don't try to become my dad!

If you step into my space one more time you will lose your self-respect!

Did you get what I said?


Sisira, let go.

What's wrong? That is just a car.

Raghuram is now your new dad. Accept him and move on.

Move on...?

I can't change my dad as easily as you can change your husbands!

Breathing problem due to high blood pressure.

I've administered a tranquilizer, no problem.

Very common for teenagers to over react and get hyper.

Tiffs between you both isn't new, right?

Rest up a bit.

You'll be fine tomorrow morning, okay?

Just relax.

"Is this true? Doesn't seem like you"

"You embedded in me your life so lovingly"

"Come, mother dearest You are now silent at rest"

"Heart to heart I converse My mother precious"

"How can the heart within separate kith and kin?"

"Just once won't you come before me like this, mom?"


"Are you angry with me?"

"Save me, I'm your baby"

"Come, don't you feel sorry for me?"

"You're my protective armor for eternity"

"Why are you breaking free from your duty?"

"You know 'Failure' gets angry too as it has no place within you"

"Even 'Hatred' gets worried undue as it cannot reach you"

"Friendship you gifted My only friend not drifted"

"Just one more time can I see your smile sublime?"

"If your lips move even a little, my dear"

"Won't silence be the words I want to hear?"

"Your gestures to me sing a melody"

"Your name spells harmony"

"You are my world; my symphony"

My obstinate nature killed her, sir.

So close to me.

On the other side of the door.

If I had opened my door she would be alive today.

I wish that wasn't how it ended.

Sir, didn't you say we can talk to the deceased through that experiment?

I'll try astral projection, sir.

I know she won't come back.

But I just want to talk to her once and ask her to forgive me, sir.

One last time.

Sisira, I can totally understand your pain.

But this isn't the solution to your problem.

You have to accept this.

I can't live with this guilty conscience, sir.



Erin Pavlina.

A lady from UK who travelled through astral projection in 1985.

She has recorded her experiment in a blog in great detail.

During her 1st astral travel when her soul left her body she felt a slight electric shock pass through her body.

She heard a deafening noise in her head.

And she was gasping for breath.

Whoever takes on this experiment will be literally paralysed by fear.

When your soul leaves your body the first time you don't see the physical world.

Astral world.

When your mind is in the highest conscious state you will see nothing but the truth.

An important factor to take into account.

There are equal negative results.

Even if the slightest error occurs during this experiment the side effects are quite disastrous.

Trust me, sir.

I can do this.

Brainwave monitoring device.

Only after your soul leaves your body

100% activity of your brain is registered in this device.

Good luck.

In another dimension.

Just relax.

Take deep breath.

You have no other thoughts now.

Your mind is just still and totally calm.

You are in-between wakefulness and sleep.

You're entering the hypnagogic state.

You cannot see anything.

But you can sense everything.


Recollect your last memory of your mother.


Now your soul has left your body.

You are entering a super conscious state.



And slowly.



Just open the door.



After you your daughter.

Enough, Sisira.

Come out of it.


Oh God!

What's wrong?

Sisira. Stop it, Sisira.

Hear me. Don't lose me.

Sisira, listen to me. This is enough.

Enough is enough, stop it!

Hey! What are you doing?



What are you doing to her?

She'll be fine, sir, just a small hitch in the experiment.

If I take her to my lab she should be fine, sir.

Sisira, wake up.

Take her as fast as you can, sir Otherwise her life is in danger.

What happened, sir?

Why did you stop the car?


Mother and daughter 20%.

Poor girl, sir.

She will die, sir.

'She will die.'

No pulse. She's gone.

'She drank too much and since no air-conditioning in the car'

'she asphyxiated to death. Create a story like that.'

'Everyone is aware she was depressed after her mother's death, right?'

'They will believe our story easily.'

'If I am killed they will be suspected.'

'So they kept me captive in the store room.'

'Next day they organized the cremation hastily.'

'But as luck would have it, Sisira had donated her body'

'to the medical institute.'

'But in the last minute when she was being cremated'

'.the hospital authorities took possession of her body.'

She separated her soul from her body because of the experiment.

And stayed in that car.

Moving around with you in the form of a ghost.

When Raghuram was in the process of selling her assets, the broker sold the car to you.

Won't the police arrest him. if you report what you told us now? the police officials get to know about this a postmortem will be performed.

Isn't that a better option? Truth will be known.

No...nothing should happen to the body.

Luckily she donated her body.

A donated body will be preserved.

Since this happened 3 weeks ago if we are lucky and her body is not damaged the experiment can be completed. Means?

If her body and her soul in the car can be brought to the same place reverse projection will take place.

And we can send her soul back into her body.

Will that happen? Of course.

The soul is a non-physical entity.

To exist in the physical world, it needs a physical container called body. Sisira's case astral projection happened in that car.

Looking at all cars around her as possible containers she's eagerly waiting for her body in that same spot.

If we can transport the body safe and sound there's still hope.

Hey Hollywood!

I didn't understand whatever the professor said about astral projection.

I knew you didn't get it, I'll explain.

'Is that girl dead or alive?'

'She is in between life and death.'

'One cannot live without the soul.'

'Without the soul one cannot die.'

'Hey, you...'

In my whole life, I've never behaved so badly with anyone so far.

That too with a girl.

You've never troubled me.

Without knowing I am the one to blame for all my awful actions.

Today I met your professor.

He told me your complete story.

Nothing wrong on your part to want to kill him.

After knowing about you, I feel ashamed of myself when I think of all that I did.


You saved my life.

Now it is my turn.

Come what may, I will transport you back to your body.




'What happened to this city?'

Are you the dead body doctor?

Not 'dead body doctor' Head of Anatomy department.

Who are you? Hollywood.

Head of...Head off, sir!

What do you want?

We need. A dead body!

If he goes out, I'll talk.

Send him out.

Got it.

Sir, 3 weeks ago a body was donated to your hospital, name Sisira.

Er...we need that body.

Donated bodies are not returned.

How are you related to the deceased?

Friends. Friends.

Then a definite no.


Sir, actually she is not dead.

Due to a small mistake her soul and body have got separated.

Body is in your hospital and soul is in my car.

If you return her body, we will...

Take it and join both, huh? Correct, sir Get up. No, sir.

Get out. Sir, please listen to me.

If I see you again in here I'll administer shock treatment.

Please help, sir. - Body lifting has become a big business.

Sir, come down and check.

What happened? Why did he walk away?

I explained clearly and he didn't get it - True that!

No educated fellow will buy our story.

Especially doctors, impossible.

Then what do we do?

No one will listen to words, uncle.

Only one option is left.

The night of the hunter!

'Found the body near the railway track Suicide is likely.'

'Suicide is highly unlikely.'

'If I take her to my lab she should be fine, sir.'

'Poor girl, sir. She will die.'

'Something has happened.'

Hello, I must see. Sisira's body immediately.

'Okay, sir.'

Killing and landing in jail is much more honorable.

Stealing dead bodies is so cheap and degrading, Shiva.

Hey hey...careful.

Don't park wherever you like. At least park properly.

Do me a favor. Wear this.

We are going to the mortuary.

Want to go directly, uncle?

This hospital has costly equipment.

You are a new employee, be alert.

Remember...there are thieves.

Is there any thief I won't know?

Er...I meant...I know all about thieves who prowl around.

You relax, sir. I can handle it.

I'm getting some signal through my antenna!


Uncle, come this way...come.

I'll nab you, bloody thieves!

Listen, I am like James Bond.

You guys want to escape from me? it you?!


You? Our man!

Oh my God!

Leave me. Hey! Let me go Hold him, uncle.

I beg of you. Please let me go.

What are you doing here? Came again to steal here, huh?

Scared whatever I steal will land me in a soup, I put a full stop to it.

I got this job with great difficulty.

Why did you come after me?

We need a favor.

If I 'flavor' you, I'll get fever No chance. Where is the car, Shiva?

Outside, uncle. Dump him in the car.

Get up. Don't take me to the car.

I beg of you, tell me. What is that favor?

Hey, we need a dead body!

Why are you always searching for souls and dead bodies?

Are you normal people or Aghoris?

Will you help us or not? Do I have a choice?

Tell me the number. 9908892462.

Haven't you changed?

I don't want your phone unmber.

Number of the dead body Tell me that number.

We don't know that number.

At least tell me the name, I say. Uncle, Shiva and Hollywood.

I'll make mincemeat out of you.

He bugs me all the time.

Name is Sisira.

Is it this?

This is it. Let's go.

Come on...hurry up.

Quick Come fast.

'Not enough space. Shortie, go away.'

Why are you here in my room all alone?


'Where are they?'

I asked you what you are doing here?

I...I came to get the register, sir.

Why? New dead body has been brought.

I wanted to register it, sir.

Where is the death certificate?'s an unclaimed body, sir.

Found in the trash bin, was brought in by the Municipality workers.

Where is the body? It is there, sir.


He lived this long only because of his quick-wittedness.

Take it to the Cold storage section Okay, sir.

Stop Sir?

First prepare the body in the anatomy lab and then take it.

What is this?

New body. To be stored inside.


Come out...come out.

Wretched fellow! Go and attend to your task.

Let's have some tea, brother.

It's freezing in here.



Go and search.

Uncle, found her.

Got it?

How can she be declared dead?

She is still alive.

If we stay here longer we will freeze to death.

Let's go.

Let's take her out.

Wait, uncle.


Where is he?

Hollywood, come.

Can't do anything properly.

I have to do everything.

Doesn't even know to tie a corpse real tight.

Went away without even locking the door.



Be careful.


Go back...up...up!



Why did you bring us to the general ward, idiot?

Big deal...sorry! Go.

Let's go.

Let's go Doctor!

Doctor...I need your help What happened?

My son consumed poison.

Only you can save him, doctor.

Save him somehow, doctor He is our only son, doctor Only child. Please save him.

We will do our best Take a look, doctor His piston has seized. Engine oil has drained.

Oil needs to be changed. That's a body, not car.

Oh...body it is!

What are you doing? Somehow save him, doctor I'll do, relax

Mixed it too strong.


What if we mess it up and he dies?

Looks like he'll anyway die, doctor.

Correct, doctor.

Praise be to Lord Shiva.


You are the God who saved my son, doctor.

You are truly God in person, doctor.

Queue up. Doctor, emergency.

We must mix soul and body doctor. Move aside.

This was a warm welcome, doctor.

Turn left, then right and take the elevator to go out.


He was the one who brought them, sir.

Who are they? What are you doing here?

He brought a new body, sir But another body is missing, sir.

What have you done to it? Where is the body?

Where are they? What was their plan?

What did you do to the body? I ate it!

I ate it!

Hounding me as if you're the corpse's father!

Don't care about the patients in the general ward.

And you go overboard over corpses!

That's are fired. Yes.

I am the fire!

I am the fire!

Move aside.

Catch him. Hey...stop.

Hey! You there. Stop!

Stop, I say.

Brother. 'Shiva?'

Your sister-in-law is in labor.

I'm bringing her to Hyderabad.

I am worried. Come to the hospital.

Okay, brother, I'll come.

What is the matter?

My sis-in-law is getting admitted in the hospital.

What about this girl?

Anu and you go help my brother I'll take Sisira to the lab.


Come what may this experiment shouldn't stop.


Take care, Shiva.

Hello, I'm in the hospital parking lot now.

'Tell me the ID number in the document.'

One second.

Good evening, sir


'Sir, are you there?'

Be on the line. I'll let you know Okay, sir.

'Hello, sir...ID number'

ID number.

'Cadaver name?' Sisira.

'Fill in the 2nd form with these details.'

'Give it to the security I'll handle it.'


One minute.

Why did the lights go out?

Do you all have a surgical knife? Yes, sir.

I will demonstrate how to dissect the organs in a dead body.

Okay? Okay.

Bloody idiots!

Shouldn't the clothes of a corpse be removed?

What is this, sir?

Formalin cream to apply on the body to prevent it from decaying when kept outside.

Hey, what are you doing?

Direct hand contact will make your skin peel, wear gloves.

Understood? To start dissection...

Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Shiva.

Shiva, can you bring the car please?

It's working now.

Shiva, let's transfer the body into the car.

Come, let's do it.

Professor, go away.

Bloody taxi driver! could you? Why did you do this?


The baby died as soon as she was born.

Chromosome abnormality.

This will happen every time she conceives.

She can never have a baby.

At least cry, dear.

You heart will feel less heavy.

Let us accept this as our destiny.

Forget this.

We have Shiva to do our last rites, right?


What sin have I committed to be cursed like this?

Look at her.