Te shu shen fen (2013) Script

Yesterday morning, there was a gang fight among the cleaners in Mong Kok.

Three property management companies were involved in a violent confrontation.

At the same time, a fight using weapons occurred between transport workers in Yau Ma Tei fruit market.

According to the witnesses, it was chaos.

Eyes witness accounts detail the following: The cleaning business has long been controlled by an underworld gang which has resulted in problems.

The above three cases are initially suspected to be the result of manipulation by the gangs.

However, the specific reason and details are under careful investigation by the police.

Bamboo One! Anybody need this tile?

Zilong Chen you listen, your three boys made trouble in my place.

Today, if you don't win this round, don't even mention that you want them back!

Pong! Circle One!

Brother Long, help me!

What a big mouth!

Since you like eating other people's food go ahead then!


You know, the garbage dump in Mong Kok has been always in my charge.

Your boys have gone so far as to occupy my place, and have even caused me trouble at the police station!

You really want to eat my business so much, uh? Eat your fucking fill!

Everybody knows, in Yau Ma Tei, the whole street from Yung Shue Tau to Fruit Market is totally mine.

Now, obviously, somebody is confused about the rules makes a mess here!


Bamboos Three!

If you want my place, you can go to hell!

Well, Zi Long!

We three have won respectively.

But you haven't until now.

If you do not win the final round, please don't blame us!

Circles Eight - Pong!

I don't know how many tiles your boys could chow.

And I would discard my final tile now. Please believe me.

They are dying because you are never gonna win!

Arlong whoever among us three wins, your boys must eat up all these Mahjong tiles!

Well, well, who would be the luckiest one? You?

Him? Or the yellow-hair guy?

Arlong would you like to call your big Brother Changmaoxiong?

Alright! The last tile.

Circles Nine!

Circles Nine! It is indeed what I want!

Haw-haw! You should discard Circles Nine!

Thirteen orphans!

I know you are in collusion but I win now!

Set my boys free!

Set them free!

Sorry, I have an appointment for meal and must go now.

None of you! I will see you later!

Thank you, all three big brothers.

Brother Long, so sorry to 'cause you this trouble. You three bastard!

Here is not your place!

Get out and see a doctor then! Thanks so much, Brother Long...

Wait, I didn't say that I would let you go!

Ok, wanna play four rounds more?

Zilong Chen! You couldn't leave here unless you defeat me.

Come! Come!

Free fight! Hello!

Are you ok? Shit! Bull shit!

Stand up! Up!

Come! Stand up!

Come! Come! Come! Down!

You stand up! Up!


Brother Bao!

Please open the door!

Cut him up!

Come down! Stop! Don't let him go!

Chop him!

Go! That way!

Hey! Jie! Kim Mao!

Wake up, please!

Go now!

Do not stay here! Hurry up!

Go! Let them go!

Let me handle this! - Ok, please help me to take them to the hospital!

Ok, no problem. Wait for me in our usual place.

Oh shit, it is like a hell!

Please take this money to see a doctor.

Get your fucking money!

You better keep them for your house loan!

Well, you are never late for your private affairs but always late for official tasks!

Had I relied on you, I should have died already!

What could I do with the traffic jam?

Anything I could use on the way has been tried!

Please do not tell me, you hope me hit every car away from my way in order to rescue you?

I bet, you would never imagine how dangerous I am today! I was almost cut up by them!

Okay, I just do not understand why do you put yourself into such risky situations every time? Why?


Help? Help those rascals?

Why do you waste your time in saving rascals?

What? You mean, rascals are not worth our rescue? They are human beings too!

Zilong Chen, don't forget, I sent you undercover to investigate the underworld gangs.

Don't screw it up!

Look at what you have done.

I don't know how to help you any more!

Ah! I really don't know how to explain!

This gang of younger brothers, they also want to be on top.

But they make trouble.

Of course it's my duty to make it up for them! Right?

I am their Big Brother! You have regarded yourself as a rascal even the Big Brother now?

Oh, God! You are a police man!

Happy Birthday to you...

Sister Amy!

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday.

Thank you!

Don't date my Mum!

It is ok with me, There's really no need to let your boys follow me.

Uh, Brother Xiong would be no good to you.

That is what I am afraid of, if I do not stay with you.

I need someone to protect you for me.


Why not we retire together and then run a bar by the sea?

Of course, it is terrific if we could retire together.

But... I understand.

Zilong, you can't always do what you want in this world.


Do you know who I am?

Of course I know.

You aren't being reckless, are you?

How do you know that?

Although you have little knowledge.

But mom still understand you.

I know you are a good man.

You secretly examine the police. Do you think mama don't know?

Since you've always wanted to be a policeman, you mother knows what you get up to.

But why not reveal my real identity?

Since you have made up your mind, you must have your own consideration.

Do you know, ma?

Over these years with you, I do not want you to protect me.

And actually I want to protect you!

Give this box to him when Brother Kun comes in a while.

You know, he is lunatic and I'm very afraid of him.

Brother Kun? What the hell will he do?

I know him.

I've long known what he's really like.

I'm sure we can handle him this time! - Here comes Brother Kun.

You're afraid, aren't you?

Get out, you asshole!

Why drive the car this way?

Why are you taking the rough side roads instead of the main road!

You know I have piles and this makes my ass hurt! Fucking hurt.

Why do I have to pay you tens of thousands as salary and buy you leather shoes!

Fuck you!

Go and get the shoes and come back, NOW!

Hi! Terry!

Brother Kun.

Cops have been watching closely.

So I have to invite you to meet here. Sorry!

Where's Sunny?

He had a stomach ache and stayed in the car.

Hey, Brother Sunny!

Never mind! Never mind!

If you have the money, everything will be OK.

I'm just after the money, I'm not after anyone.

Here it is. But where are the documents?


Ah? How can it be like this? He said the money was put inside!

How dare you fool me?

Give me the newspaper!

It's none of my business! None of my business!

Sunny! Sunny! Help me!

Fool me?

Don't you believe I can easily bury you?


Come on to me!

Bury them!

Bury you! You dare!

You bastard! What are you saying, I'm your Uncle.

There are rules. Our gang has rules; Don't you know the fucking rules?

My rules are the fucking rules!

You think I'm confused? Fucking confused? You weren't even fucking born...!

Me, scared of you? Bastard!

Stop! Stop!

Brother Sunny! You are the boss and can take everything!

I don't care.

However, when Changmaoxiong knows you'll be in great trouble.

You threaten me?

Once Changmaoxiong knows you helped others to destroy us!

OK, go and tell Changmaoxiong!

He will never let you go!

Fuck you!

Are you threatening me?

Yes? You want to tell Changmaoxiong?

My brother will revenge me!

Now prove it to me!

Hit him on the head.

Watch out, don't hit me, OK?

Here, do it quickly!


We can let two men know it, of course one man is OK as well.

Sunny, I shall keep it to myself.

You have known me well. I'm the one who values friendship the most.

Wow! Brother Xiong! Arlong!

Why did you cut your long hair?

Long hair's already out of date these days!



Oh, Brother Xiong said he wants to cut my hair for me.

Here, take your seat.

I used to be a hair dresser.

So, what I held was scissors but now I hold guns and sticks.

Brother Xiong, the two of us will talk about it.

For she has to go to work.

Mum, don't have your hair cut. Let's go!

It's OK to go to work after having my hair cut, isn't it?

That's right, we're just having a hair cut.

No need to be so nervous!

No one is worth trusting in this society.

I only trust myself.

So, I always cut my own hair.

This time, I specially came here to help your mum cut her hair.

But my scissors may go wrong.

I haven't been cutting hair for very long.

How can you explain injuring the elder brothers at the mahjong parlor?

The bastards tried to collude together and play tricks on me.

My men are still in a coma.

Hadn't I fought with them, I'll be lying in hospital now.

You sent 3 of your men to make trouble with them.

And now the three elder brothers have come to me to sort it out.

They are all against me.

While internal conflict may happen inside the gang.

Outside, fortunately, we're tightly united.

Where there any fights, the cops will always be the winner.

It's you that have made so much trouble!

You're a traitor!

Brother Xiong, believe it or not everything I've done is for everyone's benefit.

Over the years, from your muscle to your right hand man.

I've always fought for you and faced the greatest dangers.

Hasn't each problem been sorted out by me?

Stop arguing! I'm cutting a hair!

Shut up!

The scissors might slip.

OK, just cut it.

Very well, doesn't it?

Mum, let's go. You'll be late. - Thank you.

See you, Brother Xiong! Hey, Arlong!

Should I discover you're really a traitor it wouldn't be as simple as hair cutting.

Ha-ha, just kidding.

Let's have the morning tea tomorrow.

You almost fucked me up!

Brother Long!

Today's newspaper! Thank you!

Brother Xiong, what's the matter?

I met a guy called Sunny in America.

And I had planned to ask him to work with Brother Kun but now I doubt whether he has taken my goods.

He used to be in your team.

Now go and check his detailed background.

Six years ago.

I get along all by myself! Anything wrong with you?

Lean against the wall! Watch out!

Left! Why are you so stupid?

Head down! That's right!

Arlong! It's none of your business! Go to mind your fucking business!

Is it OK for you three to fight with only one?


Apply ice, or tomorrow your head will be swollen like a pig.

Al right.

I'd like to resume my post, to be a cop.

You've always been a policeman. You're just an undercover now!

You've been doing well by inquiring about their internal information.

Aren't you used to it?

I'll quit.


You've been doing well, so why do you want to quit?

I'll never find another man to replace you once you quit.

Changmaoxiong begins to distrust me.

I'm afraid I may not withdraw from it.

And I don't want to get my mum involved!

I see, but you are getting me involved now.

Does it mean I'll have to replace you if you quit?

I will get retired soon.

Get your fucking retirement! Aren't you human!

After using me to have promotions you want to ignore me now!

For all the severe troubles you've made, who have been cleaning them up for you?

It is I myself that help you with the clean-up!

Don't you want to quit? All right! No problem!

No trouble for the letter of resignation!

I'll erase all your data in no time! - Do it now!

Zilong Chen!

Hey! Help me for the last time! Then I'll help you resume your post!

Well, word just came that a rich man had been blackmailed.

And now we suspect one guy.

He may get involved in the murder of Brother Kun.

Just keep on.

The suspect? He is called Zhiwei Luo.

He used to be one of your guys, nicknamed Sunny.

So it's your job now.

Oh! Changmaoxiong has asked me to look into Sunny as well.

What a coincidence?

That's better.

Try to fulfill your duties soon.

Then we may have adequate evidence to change this criminal syndicate.

And after that, you can knock it off with all missions accomplished.

You must help me to resume my post after I finish all these.

Or I'll give you a lash!

OK! It's even all right for your lash by hanging me up!

Zilong Chen, however, you'll have to go to the mainland.

Do not worry. The mainland police will work with you at the time.

So, just behave yourself! - Hey, what the hell is the situation?

Aren't you the only one to know my identity?

Now you just tell me to work with the police in the mainland.

I am a hooligan, and they are the police.

How do you want me to do my job? What identity will I be in?

In a special identity.

What on earth do you mean?

Just think it by yourself!



What do you want? - Don't you want to make friend with me?

Are you sick! How can you think I wanted to be your friend I'm just following you!

Are you doing this for revenge?

Such a beauty as you will not meant for revenge, aren't you?

Why not is a friend to me? Er? What's your name?

You, just listen carefully!

Of course, I know you are surely Comrade Jing Fang.

Do you think I'm an idiot!

Hey, go to the hell to chase after girls.

Hasn't anyone told you the rules! Is this road built by your family?

Mother fuck!

Aha? How can you know it's built by my mother?

This is indeed my mother's.

Ah... Oh! A rich boy! What about investing some of your fortune?

My mother will help you build one like this.

Building road is what my mother does, but not me.

I can only fix up humans!

Now let me check it for you!

Something is wrong with the wheel!

I also can cut the hair for you! - Alas! It's our fault to be in the way!

Get away now!

Zilong Chen, do you always do things like this?

Can things be settled?

Get into my car!

Time for lunch now?

Ah... Hello Kitty.

What do you want?

Er? This girl looks so familiar, as if I've just met her!

These things are my friend's. - Oh, your friend's name is Jing Fang.

Just like yours.

Why are you so boring! Go and look through the suspect's data.

No need for me! They are all in my mind.

Zilong Chen, I now warn you! Next time, I'll kick you out of the car!

Personal privacy, understood?

Yes, Madam!

This guy acts so inappropriately.

I'll have to inform the superior and send someone to watch him closely.

Here it is.

This is the place for you to live during this time.

If necessary, it will also be our temporary office.

Is it for you to work or for me to live?

Er? What about the place to eat? And to wash clothes?

Mr. Chen, please make clear of it.

You are here to carry out a task, cooperating with us for investigating, understood?


Why there is still someone here?

He's the superior.


This is our Captain Lei. Captain Lei I'm Zilong Chen. Thanks for your attention and concern.

How do you do? I'm very happy to meet you.

We will ensure you of security. - All right.

Zhiwei Luo. Earn some fame at China Towns in America.

Two years ago, he and his men returned to the mainland for business.

Most often, they stay in the mainland with no crime records left.

However, they may be related to the murder of Brother Kun and the blackmail of the millionaire in Hong Kong.

Oh, Zhiwei Luo. Zhiwei Luo.

Sunny. He used to be one of my men!

You must have known it, we were brotherly.

But there has been no contact between us since he went to America.

That is to say he was let astray by you.

And you committed crimes indirectly?

Watch your tongue, OK?

Zilong, what's your plan with this case?

Very simple. I'll invite him and chat over dinner.

And then?

How can I know that?

I can only know what to do after I invite him out.

I'll inform you as soon as there is some information.

What kind of plan is this?

I've been doing things like this. Is there any problem?

You've been doing things like this!

Does that mean you yourself don't know what to do?

You have known it, haven't you?

Captain. I think we must send someone to watch him closely in actual operations in case he'll act inappropriately.

It's no use watching me.

Tell you what, I'll do what I think is right, OK?

How long have you been a policeman? - 8 years.

I mean formal identity as policeman rather than your current identity.

Forget it.

I'll do it in my own way.

And I'll never mind what you'll do.

Zilong Chen... I'll go to sleep!

How can you conduct yourself like this?


Get away!

Brother, the seat has been taken.

I'm not the person? Am I, or am I not the person?

Is everything all right with you?

Don't you know whose pace is this?

It's very different for you and me to eat here.

You pay for what you eat, while I've never paid for it.

He asked whether you have money or not!

What's wrong with you?

All right, I'll step aside, OK?

What are you doing?

My good brother!

Brother Sunny! Just call me Sunny!

You're Brother Sunny! Or whatever you want to call!

Introduce. This is my partner, Brother Cheng.

Brother Cheng.

And this is...

Noise Fa! Brother Long! Brother Long!

Brother Long! You just deserve the name!

My benefactor! My mentor!

Never mention mention again, we're friends.

All of you meet Brother Long.

He taught me a lot, and he is good at fighting!

Woa, Brother Long, you're a fighter, a good one!

Well, though he's a little fatter.


You know, I'm still practicing.

Do not turn your back to others, will you? You may easily be attacked!

I've taught you!

Eat too much hamburger? Eat dump!

Aha! Almost strangled by you!

Brother Xiong has sent you here, hasn't he?

You can ask whatever you want. Er?

All right, I'll put it frankly.

Is it you that has taken the goods belonging to Brother Xiong?

Give me an answer now!

Do you always speak without thinking!

Are you always inquiring about fucking things as told?

Do you even know what's going on? Do you?

I don't think so.

Now that you're in a mood.

Let's talk about it later.

Wait! Wait!

You're my mentor.


Come here, let's drink together.

There's nothing meaningful by drinking so little.

Let's drink, drink a pot!

Yes, nothing meaningful...

Let's drink a pot! That serves better!

Have Guts!

I like to eat hot, you know.

Ha, I feel so good!

I'll go to pee.

Never thinking of fleeing away! - Shut up!

No gossips!

Brother Cheng...!

It's really you! Beat him!

Go and beat!

Go after him!




You guys go there!


Get out!

If you have any guts!

Get out!

If you have any guts!

Stop it! Stop the car!

Don't run!

Get off the car! Get off!

Stop it! Stop the car!

Be quick!

Beat him!



Fight with me!


Come in join us!

Come on! If you have any guts!

Come on!

Chick, come on! Shut your fucking mouths!

Is it Changmaoxiong who sent you here to kill me?

Is that right?

You're here to kill me by his order! - Bullshit!

You stop farting, and will I tell you!

You were trying to kill me!

I also want to know who did it!

You listen to him! You just follow his orders!

Why is that! Tell me why!

Stop it!

Don't take action on your own! The main force will be here any minute!

Repeat! Don't take action on your own!

Stop it!

Who the hell are you?


Everybody down!


Everybody down! Hands on your head! Don't move!

You! Don't move!

Go there.

Put your legs here!


Cell number?

Sit properly! Cell number?

Officer, will you please turn off the air-conditioner?

And, can you give me a towel?

I'm afraid I may catch a cold.

Turn the temperature lower once again.

I'll ask you for one last time.

What on earth is your relationship with the dead guy?

My partner is dead.

I'm so sad.

Sincerely hope you can help me.

Help me please.


If you are determined not to cooperate with us and to play your own game.

We shall record it one time after another.

However, please don't forget, you'll be as frozen as ice.

I will surely tell you the truth.

But the truth is I've no idea of what has happened.

I've no idea.

One of my friends was killed tonight.

Can you understand how I feel now?

Drink up all the water here.

Then bring him to have a urinalysis.

To see whether he is a drug addict.

I'm sorry, sorry.

No need for me to drink.

I can urinate now.

Is this cup available? Er? Hum.

Take him to have the test.

Such a simple errand I don't know where you are.

Now there came a killer and one man died.

He has his own plan.

For any action, you should have communicated thoroughly with him in advance.

I've told you a hundred times.

It was not anyone of our men who shot it!

Anything wrong with your ears or your brains!

I said someone had shot it with no intention to say you hired a guy for the shot!

Aren't you always saying that I hired a guy for the shot!

Can you analyze at all.

Zhiwei Luo should never have been let go of.

He must have known everything about the events!

On which evidence are you to arrest him?

On which evidence?

You would surely have arrested him for any evidence! OK?

You have long known he is committing crimes.

So you should stand up to charge against him.

Are there enough data to charge against him?

Brother, have you had any idea what undercover means?

Whoever has the knowledge to keep others from knowing his target has been arrested!

She just wants to send me to hell by asking me to accuse other people.

Please speak Mandarin.

What he wants to say is that you just want him to die by doing this.

I want him to die?

You even didn't die with the cuff and kick of dozens of men, and will you die by saying a word outside?

Is it for you to cooperate with me or for me to cooperate with you?

Have you made it understood by yourself?

Now, the murder happened on the mainland, so it is definitely my issue.

I cooperate with you! Why should I be obliged to cooperate with you?

You're such a brainless arsehole?

You are the one to cooperate with me. Is that clear? Idiot!

What did you say? Have you got water on the brain!

You can check it if you are skilled at it! Are you sick?

Affected bitch!

I'll beat you!

Zilong Chen!

You should apologize to me! You owe me!

Don't be impetuous! And no fights at all!

I'll accuse her of police attacking.

Go ahead!

Do you know that you'll never be a policeman!

You're just a hooligan, a rascal!

Stop accusation.

Go away! Just go away! Do not leave!

Zilong Chen, I tell you that you are not even a policeman!

Cultural differences.

It's the difference between being educated or uneducated.


Wait a minute. Let me have a look.

To see what?

Ahh! Don't keep dazzling me, my head is confused.

Is it good-looking or not?

Very beautiful!

Hey. Do you still remember?

I used to ride on your shoulders when I was young?

You said I would see clearly the whole world like this.


Son! You're calling just to say this?

I don't get along well with my new partner.

Arlong, in this world, if you cannot change it, it shall get you changed some day.

Do you understand it?

You've chosen your own way.

Then you must believe yourself.

Only in this way can you work through it.

Mum, do I act like a hooligan or not?

No, nothing else! You are my boy!

Of course, of course.

Do you really think I have a mental derangement?

Good morning, sir.

Take everything!

Brother Kun.

I'll surely kill Sunny, and revenge for you.

Er! Miss again.


I've never shot again since I graduated from the PTS.

Unless I practice them enough well, my shooting skills will make people laugh a lot when I become a cop again.

Don't you know why you can't hit the bull's eye?

It's your position of gun holding.

You must hold it tightly with no relaxation at wrists.

The eye must be connected with the gun and the target in a straight line.

Will you have another try?

I used to be a shooter and had been enlisted in the national team for one grade missed.

Though missing such a little I'll precisely shoot at my target.

How can you seize the whole forest now that you only fix your attention on one specific tree?

Not such a little miss, you'll miss so much.

At least I'm targeted for one point fixed by me.

I'll never be like you, with no plans, no directions, and even worse, no targets.

No use talking so violently.

Now show your goods and let's see we will take the gun away.

Can you run?

It's called "adapt yourself to changing circumstances".

There will surely be something happen to you unless you know how to "adapt".

Where are you running?

Something bad for you now.

It's prohibited to use any air rifle by the laws in the mainland.

Now that you committed a crime, this time it shall be confiscated.

I'll have to see it next time!

I've every chance to arrest you.

Remember it, OK?

You've taken my gun!

Bye bye!


Brother Xiong.


Come here and sit!

Sit here! Sit!

My partner has been killed by someone.

Are you an idiot?

Do you really believe it was done by Arlong?

You are just making excuses to get him into trouble.

We are reliably informed that it was done by a killer named Daofeng.

In any case, one of his friends was killed.

You find someone to have it settled to return what you owe him.

So that's the end of this event.

Here is his picture and address.

I'll do my best.

We are good brothers again after drinking this wine.

OK, everyone?

Cheers! All right, that's the end of it.

I've got to leave a little earlier, Brother Xiong.

Last time Sunny was lucky enough to find a scapegoat for himself. To tell you the truth, I've informed Sunny intentionally and now he knows where to find you.

He will come here after you to take revenge for Brother Kun.

This is your last chance.

When all is settled, I'll send you away, OK?

What are you doing here?

Let's get started!

You think this is your home?

Really busy.

Anything new?

Room No. 204 of Shunfeng Hotel.

Where do you get the information?

Changmaoxiong gave it to me!

OK, let's seize the clue!


Hello, Captain.

I've got something new and now we know where the killer is. - Hey wait!

I hereby ask to be involved in the investigation.

OK, I'll go and arrange it now!

Contact relevant department now.

This information may not be right. - You set it off in no time.

It might be wrong.

Why would you like to give me the fake information?

There is one thing in common among killers and gangsters, and that is "hooliganship".

Therefore, it may be right, or it may be fake. No more talking!

Quick, let's move it.

OK, I'll go along with you.

You listen to me, Good, are you okay?

No matter how real or fake the information is, we must go there.

And as for you, there's no need for you to go.

What do you mean by saying that?

Sorry, but you're not in the policeman identity.

It'll be really in trouble. So wait here for any news.

Don't be impetuous. I've gained much more experience than you.


Watch out for every exit.

Group A, what about you?

Roger That!

Why are you so stupid? I've told you of it, haven't I?

There they were!


Never mind.

Fire it.

Fire it.


Here you are, take it.

Take it.

It's your own cup.

Why, to tell the truth, you're doing it very well!

Yes, that's right.

I shot it full marks.

That will be very good!

Very good! Well done!

Anything wrong?

Do not cry again.


Come, let's have a contest.

Come, come and come.

You were to come here.


I show you.

Come here, come on! Shoot it!

With the target fixed.

Another gun for you? Just leave it alone!

Just an air rifle! Here it is.

What the hell are you doing?

Don't you know how sad I am now?

I've just...

You've just killed a man.

Now, let me tell you something.

Hadn't you killed him, more men may be killed!

If he killed me today, will it be a little help to you now?

Say it!

No more words!

You don't even understand how I felt.

How can you say I don't know it?

How can you say that?

I want to tell you, this is only one experience in your whole life.

We're meant to experience to live the life.

There will be no experience for any wasters!

Do you understand it, you such a fool?

Come here!

Now hold your head high.

Take away your own gun! Take it!

Target it at the red heart!

That's it! Full marks.

OK! Very good!

Just remember, life is here to be experienced.

Er? Hey, do not cry!

Forget those that can be forgotten, and never regard it as an experience.

Don't cry any more.

Well, I'll still be obliged to confiscate your rifle again.



Was it you that leaked the information to the police to arrest him?

As for the assignment os seeking someone, the hooligans shall never match the police?

Is there anything wrong with you?

How can I trust you?

You just want to talk about this?

Such a waste of time!

Hum! Do you really want to make troubles?

Do you know what the biggest failure is?

It's the "righteousness" which I have ever been taught by you.

For anyone who lives in this society, is there any character more valuable than "righteousness"?

Hadn't I saved you bastard, you may have been beaten to death much earlier!

It's fucking no use to value "righteousness" in the current society!

I've seen it clearly.

Changmaoxiong sent one of Brother Kun's men to kill me, and then asked you to kill that killer.

No matter who dies, either of them will make him happy!

Zilong Chen!

You were never meant to be the boss.

This is your level.

However, if you follow me, I assure you that no one shall look down on you.

We're talking about collaboration.

And you can help me!

For any higher postion, you've to depend on me.

Think about it!

Is that the goods wanted back by Changmaoxiong?

The data were exchanged with four lives in Brother Kun.

You cannot underestimate them!

What's the use of these data?

All are the bad errands that those millionaires are afraid to expose to the public.

They will give me whatever amount of money if I ask.

All the things they had done were illegal.

Dare they tell the police if I want to blackmail any of them?

Such a cool plan!

Easier said than done.

Have you done anything like this before?

Of course, I have.

Look at me now.

I earned a large fortune.

And now, I'm a legitimate businessman.

No one knows what I'm doing behind,

except you and you.

I'll keep it secret, so will you!

Let's collaborate and earn our fortune.

If I find there's something wrong with you some day.

All your family will be dead meat.

How shall we collaborate?

Changmaoxiong sent you here to take hold of these data.

I'll give you part of the list, which you can bring to him.

So that he can blackmail part of them on the street journal.

We'll divide the money among others then.

If the thing became uncovered, we'll impose the accusation on Changmaoxiong.

And we can earn our money neat and clean.

Come and fetch the data tomorrow.

Does your mother know you're an undercover?

At the beginning I thought she didn't know.

In fact, she knows everything.

The relationship between us is quite interesting.

We too are just like friends.

Look at this tattoo.

Specially made for my mum.

This tattoo is just like a symbol to protect her.

Why are you so fond of tattoos?

You know, I'm supposed to act like a hooligan.

If I don't look like a hooligan, how can I act it out?

I have to live in the gang, haven't I?

I must look like the boss!

Then with more tattoos, it doesn't matter to me.

Which one is your favorite?

The one on my back.


How do you know that? When did you see it?

I know everything of you.

You've known so much about tattoos! Excellent!

But what does it really mean by recurrence?

To be a cop again.

Is it still OK to be a cop again with so many tattoos in Hong Kong?

Out of the question normally.

When you had these tattoos, did you forget maybe one day, there will still be chances for you to be a cop again?

When the time comes, I'll erase all the tattoos.

Erase them with laser. I don't care about scars.

Is that OK?

What matters most is that I can be a cop again.

What will you want to do most when you are a cop?

To arrest bad guys of course!

What about you?

Nonsense, of course to arrest bad guys.

We can arrest those bad guys very, very soon.

Leave as soon as you've got the data.

Zilong Chen thought I had fainted, but I could clearly see he was talking with a cop.

Zilong Chen is an undercover!

Zilong Chen thought I had fainted, but I could clearly see he was talking with a cop.

Zilong Chen is an undercover!

Zilong Chen thought I had fainted, but I could clearly see he was talking with a cop.

Zilong Chen is an undercover!

We'll not let them run away by all means.

Now that there is evidence, they must be arrested to face justice.

You don't need to do anything at all.

Just hide somewhere, and then I'll try to find you.

Zilong Chen!

How can you hit him in a coma by running after a thief?

Now he has come to complain about you.

Sorry, sir!

You are badly educated! And even do not know any English!

What you only know is to fight! Are you a slacker or a policeman?

Does being a policeman mean knowing English or knowing how to arrest thieves?

Zilong Chen!

There's one way for you to go now to be an undercover!

Being in great danger, I can't let you stay with me.

Brother Sunny! I'll never betray you, really!

Brother Sunny, please believe me.

Terry, throw them into the sea.

Brother Sunny!

Sunny is out of mind!

He killed all the people related.

I have all the evidence for his murder.

I'm willing to hand them in to you in exchange for my safety.

This way.

I can walk all by myself!

You are that Changmaoxiong!

I know you are a cop.

Why did you intentionally ask Sunny back and reunite with him?

That's a good question.

They two are clever enough.

I intend them to kill each other, of course!

You inglorious bastard!

There will be only dead-end for you!

I designed all the things on purpose.

And I've long known that he's a cop.

I once visited one of his little brothers, who told me.

Zilong Chen thought I had fainted, but I could clearly see he was talking with a cop.

Zilong Chen is an undercover!

So I know he is the undercover!

I'd like to bet!

If he is a cop and willing to help me, then the whole world will be in my hand!

Not everything goes as you expect.

He's been trying to arrest you at proper time.

Do it quickly if you want to arrest me!

Or I'll go to pee.

Why the hell are you standing there? To watch me pee?

OK, just have a look!

You whore, how dare you to hit me?

Stop it! We're the police!

Stop it!

Stop it! Sir! She's beating me!

Just have a look! I'm just defending myself!

I've seen nothing at all.

Madam, are you all right?

Officer, I was beaten by him, and now I feel so faint.

Wow, you're badly injured.

Go quickly and take her to have an examination.

Quick please!

Hey! You!

What do you want to say?

All of your men have been arrested by us outside.

You're the only one here.


We have enough evidence to prove you are in the gang.

We the police are suspecting you are related to multiple crime activities.

Please come with me back to the police office for further investigation.

I think Zilong Chen has given all the data to you.

I've been psychologically prepared.

But I've never thought it out that I was beaten by a woman before departure.

This is our plot for you to help you with a good beat!

Take him back!


Oh, dear me, Officer Zhang.

Hey, there might be something wrong in the House of your men.


If I find there's something wrong with you someday, all your family will be dead meat.

Don't you know your son is an undercover?

Do you know what'll happen to an undercover?

Sunny, he is my only son.

He reads little and always makes troubles with others.

For any errors between them, I'll shoulder the responsibility.

OK, shoulder it for your son now.

It's your son that puts you in such a situation!

Of course, I'll shoulder it.

But I warn you first.

If you dare to hurt my son, you and I shall perish together!

I'll beat you to death!

He is the man who taught me loyalty.

He is the only one that I used to trust.

But now he betrays me!

Sunny! My son has no family.

I'll shoulder it. Whatever!

Mum, take it easy.

Everything will be all right.

I can hold it by myself.

Mum, take it easy.

Everything will be all right.

Everything will be all right.

Zilong, just calm down.

I know there's an accident in your family.

Never be impetuous!

Besides, your reappointment application has been handed over.

You've finished all your missions.

Try not to act recklessly at this time.

For one wrong step, all your efforts in these eight years will be wasted.

Zilong Chen, although we haven't been working together long, I know you've suffered from so much injustice, and you've been tolerating it.

However, you can be a policeman again in no time.

How can you be so reckless?

All the justice will return.


My mum was beaten by them.

Aren't you brought up by your mother?

Officer Zhang! Officer Zhang! The injured awakes!

You bastard.

That's my money!

Where are you going?

I couldn't find you when I went back, so I took the money with me thinking to return it when we met again.

Do you think we wanted to run away?

Did you think I'd take it all for myself?

That's not my style!

Every time I do something for you, I lead from the front.

Why do you always miss-understand me?

I've heard you had called the police, saying you're holding the evidence against me.

Son of a bitch!

How could you fix the bug for me!

You've never trusted me.

Are you making fool of me?

How can I ever trust you?

How can I even trust a dog!

You bastard!

Trust me please. We're still brothers, and I will never betray you.

In any case, we had been working together so long in America.

For three years.

We'll still be friends even when we part.

Trust me!

I've never haggled with you.

I'll live or die as you wish!

You bastard!

Even fucking animals don't like you!

We're brothers and I've helped you kill so many.

You can never run away, nor can I!

Then let me see you off first!

How can you be such a guy with no shame at all!

I'm not the one to blame. You betrayed me first!

You son of a bitch!

You can do anything with me in any way, but how dare you beat my mother like this?

You yourself get your mother involved!

None of my business.

There's no loyalty from you! Not a bit!

What fucking loyalty should I treat you with?

Go away! Go!


Zilong Chen!

You uncovered yourself as an undercover!

So you want to be a cop again?

Can you catch me?

You cannot even beat me in fights!

You're such a loser!

Brother! There's much for you to learn!

After half a year.

Sorry! Hey! Late again!

I just went to pay my mortgage!

As for your reappointment...

How does it go?

My superior does not approve.

Are you mistaken?

I paid for my English.

The Hong Kong police force ensures a safe and stable society by maintain law and order.

Now I know about the law!

Are you fucking mad?

English is not necessarily needed for a cop.

We all speak Mandarin!

I've triven my utmost for you.

Zhang Jianlong!

It's no use calling out my name. I'll give you a good lashing!

I've done all that I can do!

A good lashing!

Stop it! A good lashing!


Oh, are you here?

Why? Are you obliged to do the housework?

Just trying to help mum.

I'm still not used to your current work.

You'll get used to it gradually.

I'm coming here for work.

There is one thing but I'm not sure whether to tell you or not.

Say it.

There is no place for you in the police office.

What did you say?

I will be taking your place.


Just kidding.

Officer Chen, congratulations on your promotion!

I'm reappointed!

Hmm, I'm reappointed!

I'm reappointed!

Thank you!

So you have realized your dream to return.

I'll help Sister Amy with the clean-up.

Jing Fang!

I shall need someone to protect me when I am an undercover!

Ney! Your mum wants to know whether you've bought the sauce for her!

Oh! I'm going now!

When I was young, my mum used to put me on her shoulders.

Saying we can only see the best side of this world by flying freely in the sky.

The first day when I became an undercover, I've known that one day I'll see the best side of this world.