Te3n (2016) Script

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What did you steal old man?

Then why are you sitting here?

Madam, I cannot handle this old man anymore.

He's here again.

You go, I'll take care of it. Okay, madam.

Look. The bitch is coming.

Let's go there.

How are you?


Did you find anything?

For the past 8 years. You've been asking the same question.

I don't have anything else to ask.

What's the point of coming here every day?

I will inform you if I find anything.

Instead of spending your time with your beautiful wife..

...you're wasting your time here.

I come here for my wife.

Unless I visit the police station once a day..

...she doesn't feel at peace.

Okay, you go home now, John uncle.

I let you know as soon as I find something.


Thank you. I'll come back tomorrow then.

Oh God!

John, what dish is this?

I don't know what it's called, saw it on TV.

You remember the recipe. but you don't remember the name Really?

There's always another way to find out.

Looks like you remember only half the recipe.

It seems I've invented a new dish.

Have you paid the bills, John?

They had sent a message.


It was too late by the time I left the Police Station.

I'll do it tomorrow.

You remember to go to the Police Station..

...but not the household chores.

How long will you keep going to the Police Station?

How long will you keep sitting there all day?

When will this all end?

Until I get justice.

The sound of your laughter, like a Xylophone .

I hear it even today..

Your fragrance lingers on..

Though you're long gone...

Your place in the house...

Your barren bed..

I sense you everywhere, despite your absence..

Why.. o why?

Why did you leave me alone?

Why.. o why?

The shards of memories are all that remain.

We don't want the police here. You can go.

Please come.. Please come with me.

All this"

All this is their fault!

It's your fault.

Stop this charade.

If you loved her so much, then you should've taken care of her.

The reason my daughter is dead is because of you, John.

Only your fault.

I continue to keep your things in their place..

In silence, I stare at them..

I'll wait for your return..

Nothing more than that I can do..

Let me untangle once again, your curly locks of hair.

I was going to get this earlier.

I troubled your grandma..to finish this quickly.

Our Angela is growing up pretty fast.

Why.. o why?

I'll take the old one back.

The shards of memories are all that remain.

We love you, sweetheart.

And we miss you.

Hello. Hello.

Can you please call him. Who? Martin?

Sure. Thank you.

Lord, We expect your blessings.


One minute.

Lord, We expect your blessings.

And request that the departed soul..

Father, I am getting married.

It's not a funeral.

Doesn't make a difference.

There is not much of a difference. What?

Soon you will realize that.

Take a good look at her and imagine..

...how will she look when she grows old, Think and decide.

I've decided father.

I do.

It can only warn you.

Ms. Kaveri Paul, you ready.


John Uncle.. I am sorry, he can't meet you today.

He had to leave urgently.

Go inside and tell him..

...just by changing uniforms a policeman cannot become a Priest.

If he was a real priest he wouldn't have lied just to avoid me.

"Grandpa...! Grandpa...!"

"I am sorry, grandpa."

"I made a mistake."

"I should have listened to you.."

"I should have listened to you.." "I should have listened to you.."

"I should have listened to you."

"I shouldn't have taken the other route."

Last time she was seen in her school uniform..

...with a cap on her head.


During the afternoons Rippon Street is almost empty.

At around 2pm she was abducted from there.

There was an eye-witness who saw that black van.

Who is it? Martin.

How are you?


I hope John is giving you the medicines on time?

What brings you here today?

Where is that crazy guy. I don't see him here.

He's gone to the market.


Do I look like a fool?

Last week I bought the same fish from you.

How can it suddenly become so expensive?

Sir, the elections are round the corner.

That's why..

...the party-workers are distributing fish amongst the people to encash votes.

So the prices have soared.

Last week you had said the 'prawns' have become expensive..

...due to the earthquake in Japan.

What can I do? I didn't cause the earthquake.



How many kilograms do you want? I don't want any.

Now I'll only eat fish after the elections are over.

Last evening your husband had come to meet me at the church.

And he left behind half a kilogram of guilt.

Couldn't sleep all night. Kept thinking about it...

So I came here.

So you managed to dodge him again?

I had to literally sneak away.

What happened?

Even John makes better tea than this. Yes.. but..

Something must be wrong with the milk.

Who brought it? John? Yes.

No wonder.

Martin, John needs your help.

He keeps listening to the same tape every night, over and over again.

He thinks I am asleep, and I don't know anything.


"No..no..Angela, you didn't make any mistake."

"You will be fine.. you will be fine, dear! Don't worry."

"Grandpa! Grandpa!"

"Are you assured now?"

"I will tell you where to bring the money."

"I will tell you."

I will talk to him.

Dear, where did you get this cap from?

This..this cap?

Who gave you?

Who is this?

Excuse me, sir. I don't want to disturb you.

I just want to know from where did the girl get the cap?

It belongs to her. But...

Sir. Sir. That's not her cap.

My wife made that cap for...

This cap..

Isn't it illegal to make them work like this?

The cap was donated.

Who, who donated it? I don't know.

You must have some records.

Maybe, but I don't have the time for all that.

Please, it's very important. It's really very important.

Please leave, I've other things to do.

If you want I can make a donation to the orphanage.

Here you go.

- We got it from lmambara. Huh! lmambara. lmambara.

The one in Hooghly?

How much are you going to donate?

Where were you, John?

The fan has stopped working again.

Where are the groceries? Huh?

Where are the groceries?

I forgot.

Are you alright? Yeah.

Oh God..

John! Huh!

Father Martin had come to see you in the morning.


How are you, John?

Won't you come inside?

I seek justice from the Law, not God.


It's the same cap.

She was wearing this when she was kidnapped.


A.. R..

Angela Roy..

Where did you..

A little girl from the..

...'Little Flowers Deaf'n'Dumb' Orphanage was wearing it.

You know the lmambara at Hooghly.

It was donated to the orphanage by them.

How did it get there?

Who gave it to them?

We must follow this trail?

We can find the kidnapper.

John, it's been 8 years.

Why don't you forget it..

And find another way to attain peace.

Martin. Martin.

lam not going to run away from the situation like you..

Inspector Martin.

You are trying to shy away from your responsibilities..

...by becoming a priest now.

You're only trying to hide behind those white robes.

You had promised me.

You forgot, but I didn't.

You always fail to understand.

That crime was never repeated again.

Criminals are creatures of mind..

...they can change their location but not their habits.

I am sure he left the city.

It's almost impossible to find him.

My heart says .l'll surely find something.

"Justice? How will you get justice?"

For that we need to get to the lmambara.

Your scooter is a piece of junk. How about my bike?

- Do you know anyone at the lmambara? No.


Little Flowers Orphanage.

Yes, here it is.

We had sent them these items.

In the month of December..

...the graveyard wall was extended.

We found an aluminum box, during the dig that time.

And this cap was one of the items we found in it.

Was there anything else in that trunk?

I don't remember clearly.

Items that were still usable were donated to the orphanage..

...and other items were thrown away.

God knows since how long it was lying there.

Since 8 years!

How do you know? Thanks for your help.

No, no, wait.. we need some more help.

Can you show me the exact spot where you found this trunk?

We might find something buried there.

Now there are only graves there.

Only dead bodies buried in. Nothing more.

Before it became a part of the Imambara..

...who did this land belong to?

I'll have to check the records.

Uncle John. What are you doing here?

I am looking for..

Still looking for a property for your son-in-law.

We needed some information about the Shah family.

But they are settled in USA.

It's been more than 25 years.

I handle all their paperwork.

It's not easy to deal with the NRl's.

But we had heard that they..

"Donated a part of their property to the lmambara.

Yes, they did. So?

That's why Mr. Shah himself had come here last year.

He donated the land to the lmambara..

...and gave me the job to find a buyer for the house.

8 years ago..in October".

Was anyone from his family here? No.

There was no one.

You must start coming to the church again.

Instead of clawing at your wounds..

...find a way to heal them.

Did your wounds heal.. Father Martin?

It's common belief that life is nothing but few lines of fate..

Unfortunate I am, to have witnessed this day.

The many dreams I had for you.

How do I let go of them?

Gasps of anguish escape my ageing heart..

...for the many unfulfilled desires.

Why.. o why?

Why did you leave me alone?

Why.. o why?

The shards of memories are all that remain

Mom! Mom! Open the door, mom!

Mom! Open the door! What happened?

He was coming to catch me.

Come on, grandpa, you can do it.

Yes.. yes.. goal.

Oh no!

Come on, Ronnie. Once again.

No, grandpa. You don't know how to play.

Can I go play on the ground?

No, play here. Not on the ground.







Who's speaking?

I was playing football with my grandson there..

...right where the car is parked.

Just then my landline started ringing.

I came upstairs to answer the phone.

But. By the time I could answer, the call got disconnected.

After that when I went down, I couldn't see Ronnie anywhere.

I called for him, but..


After that, I received a call on my mobile phone.

I don't know who he was, but he said..

"If you want Ronnie back, then do as I say."

Neeta, no.. Why my son, papa?

No, dear. You will fall sick.

Found anything?

The call was made from a prepaid number.

Tell the service provider to track the number.


Send it to all the stations? Yes.

Excuse me.

Yeah. Done.

Mr. Sinha.

He may call again.

We're tapping your calls on the mobile..even your landline.

Thank you.

But what is your plan?

Is there a threat to Ronnie's life if you stay here?

What if the kidnapper finds out that I've informed the police..

...then, he might do something.

If you want to save the child, then the police are your only hope.

I need details of the kidnapping reported last week.

Immediately. Okay, madam.

And listen..

I also want the case files of John Biswas.

The 8 year old kidnapping case.

Okay, madam.

I am deeply shocked about his death.

May the almighty grant him salvation!

That's all I can say.


Sir, if I couldn't remember anything yesterday..

...how can you expect a miracle to happen today!

What's the point in coming here every day?

This is the first clue in 8 years.

I can't ignore it so easily.


What are you doing here?

Getting married.



That's bad news.. I mean a big news.

Why do you look so surprised?

I am not that bad looking. No, I mean..

You are..

I am what, father?

I mean, you are..

Come on, father.

Say what's on your mind.

There's no one here except for you, me and God.

Are you really getting married?


A child has been kidnapped.

What now?

Please get back to your work.

My scooter is giving me some trouble.

Do you have a spare wire or something?

The spark-plug has got choked, I'll have to clean it.

Sometimes it gives me trouble.

Otherwise it flies like an airplane.

Wait here, I will check. Sure.

I read your case files .. It looks like the same criminal is back.

What's the connection with the 8 year old case?

No, no, you're thinking in the wrong direction.

Both the cases are completely different.

Think about it.

You couldn't catch him last time.

So this time he's giving you another opportunity.

I don't want a second chance.

Thank you very much.

Even to tell him that, you've to catch him first.

Please help me.

I've never dealt with a kidnapping case before.

And you have been an expert on this.

Was that a joke or a taunt?

I am asking for your help?

You can take all the help from the old case files.

I came here because I have already read them.

What's your problem, Martin?


Father Martin!

There's no harm if you read the current case file once.

I've forgotten everything.

That's why.. Leave everything to God..

We try to give ourselves undue importance.

I see.. so now that's the solution to all your problems.

Those who can't help themselves, can never be of any help to God.

Now it's God's turn.

You've already disappointed everyone else.

John, the police department..

...and me!

See, maybe you can find something useful in this.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. It's fixed.

Thanks to this this pen and this wire.

Great. My job's done.

Thank you. Thank you.


Wait. Wait, sir. Wait.

It took two months, but the finally a miracle has happened.

This incident reminded me of something else.

I didn't understand.

This pen was in that trunk as well.

It completely slipped out of my mind.



We can't find her father.

Let him be.

Maybe he doesn't want to talk to the kidnapper in front of us.

He's concerned about Ronnie's safety.


Father Martin! You?

How did you leave God alone today?

Sister.. What happened?

She had a heart surgery many years ago.

Her heart is weak.

And she can't handle too much stress.

Call the doctor. Yes, ma'am.


Give her some water.

Where's her husband? In the army.

He's posted in the North East.

He's been informed and will be here by evening.

But madam, what if the kidnapper calls now?

I'll pretend to be the mother and talk to him.

Yes, what if..

If he finds out that I am not the mother..

...then we'll know that he knows the family really well.

But why isn't he calling?


Grandpa! Help!

Ronnie. How are you son? Please save me.

Grandpa won't let anything happen to you.

Just don't worry.

Grandpa! Help...!


Why did you call the police?

Your grandchild is in my custody.

So stop wasting my time.

If you want him back alive then arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.

I will call again.

Hello, I am his mother speaking.

Is my son alright?

I want evidence that he's alright.

Hello.. Hello..

Find anything?

No, madam. We had very little time.

But yes, we have tracked a 2-3 kilometer radius around his location.

Send details to all the police units. Yes.

Where's Manohar? Call him.

Yes, madam.

He left his mobile here and disappeared.

It's okay.

Leave a message for him at home.

The other units have already left for the location..

I am going there but you stay here. Yes, madam.

John. What is this paper? Huh!

It's just a logo, that's all.

Seems like a bird.

I've seen it before.

John!! When you were buying the property for Peter..

...those documents had the same symbol. Remember..

The property papers were right here.

Where are they? I don't know.

Maybe Peter took it with him.

Where are you going?

There's something I need to do. What?

I've finally got my hands on something concrete, Nancy.

Something which the police.. Enough John.

That's enough.

When will this end?

I couldn't do anything for my daughter.

And after she was gone, I couldn't take care of our Angela also.

I can't sleep at night.

I have to find the man who took Angela away from us.

And I promise you.. I will find him.

Tell me John uncle.

Do you want to sell or buy a property this time?


When we were buying the property for Peter..

...this logo was on one of the papers.

Which company does it belong to? This.

It's logo of the government office.

This symbol belongs to the Land Measurement Office.

What happened?

Can you give me the address of that office?

Tell me what you need uncle.

I can get your job done.

I've many contacts.

But if you want to deal with some other agent, then that's different.

No, no, just give me the address.

A friend of mine needs it.. he's got some personal work there.



Sarita, there's one thing that is bothering me.

The ransom call that was made...

We found no fingerprints on the phone.

He cleaned everything.

No, No..l am saying something else here.

The ransom call that we received..

...we could hear traffic at the back.

But. There was no traffic around the PCO from where the call was made.

But the service provider confirmed the location.

...that's where the call came from.

Let's wait for the lab reports on the cigarette butt.

This was a corporate gift.

Given by a big builder in the year 2006-2007.

To all the employees.

How many people worked here back then?

Around 2000 people.. 2000?

That's a rough figure. Could be more.

Can I get a list of their names?

Go to the Administrative Department, and find out yourself.

Go on.

This way. Yes.

I've come from very far, son.

I want to sell my land before my daughter's marriage.

That's not my problem.

There are so many old cases still pending.

You will have to wait for at least a month.

Please go.


What happened, uncle?

He said it will take a month.

One month.. that's nonsense.

Give me your phone number.

The manager is my cousin.

But... I'll call him and get your job done.

You see, this is not the way to get things done..

Who is John Biswas?

Please come with me.

Come with me, I'll solve your problem.

Look, sir, I am really surprised by your request.

You want our 8-9 year old employee records for some kidnapping investigation.

Not only kidnapping.. also murder.

The child who was kidnapped didn't survive.

But we didn't received any such requests from the police.

The case isn't closed yet. It's still being investigated.

And the kidnapper is roaming free.

And you know..

Sir, why you don't understand what I am saying.

Why didn't the police send us an official request?

Well l..can get a written order from the police if you want..

...but you know, these things take time.

If you can help me out, I'll be..

Look sir, when you have waited for 8-9 years..

...so a few more weeks shouldn't matter.

I suggest you to get the police to send us a request..

...and we'll do the rest.

Sir, maybe you can treat this case as an exception and help me out.

This list is very important for me.

A new lead will really help me a lot.

Please..l am busy. You may go now..

Hello sir, am I late? No.. no.

Would you like something to eat? No, sir. I am fine.

Here you go.

These are the entire records you had asked for..

...l think this will be useful to you.

Sir, is there fuel in the tank? Huh?

Is there fuel in the tank? - Yes.

There should be around 1-2 liters.

Okay fine. Thank you, sir.

I came directly from work.

Give it to me.

Sir, I always dreamt of buying a scooter.

Sir, the helmet..

Okay, sir. Thank you.

Please start.

Guess it's out of fuel.

You keep it.

I didn't hear your scooter.

It's in the garage.

Leave it on. I haven't finished yet.

I'll sleep once I'm done reading this.

Don't stay up too late.

Merry Christmas, John.

She turned 16, an hour ago.

She was born on this day..

Christmas eve.

That's why we named her Angela.


I will pray for her.. and for you too.

Let God grant you peace.

I neither want peace nor your prayers.

What's this? Some names.

If you've ever heard about anyone from the list..

...maybe with some criminal record.

The Land Measurement Office knew that I was buying a property for Peter.

And I have money.

The police never paid attention to this detail.

Soon after this incident..

...few people quit their job.

This is a list of those people.

If you've ever heard about them, or have any records ..

This isn't the time to talk about all this.

Take a look, maybe.. Father.

My daughter made this card for you.

My God!

You made this?

It's really beautiful.

I'll always keep it with me.



You wanted proof of life, didn't you?

A garbage truck will pass by your house in less than three minutes.

Hey stop! Stop!

It's the same kidnapper.

He's back.

You were right.

So this is exactly how..

...he had sent you evidence that the child is alive.


He has asked you to keep the bag near the pillar.

So keep it there and don't wait.

The police will have covered the entire railway station by then.

So don't worry about it.

I am scared.

He kept saying. Don't involve the police.

I hope there won't be a problem.

No, no, there won't be any problem.

We'll arrest him and save Angela.

So don't worry.

Bhaskar, listen..

You should talk to Peter once.

Angela is his daughter.

He has all the right to know.

I'll tell him once Angela is back home safely.

Or else he'll get scared and will panic.


I must go now.

All units are ready?

Hey, shut the station.

Nobody should get out.

It was all in vain.

We couldn't catch him.

If it's the same guy..

...do you think he'll plan something similar?

I can bet on it.

You may have stopped wearing the uniform, but..

...you still sound like a policeman.

Whom are you trying to deceive? Your God ..or your own self..

Father Martin...?


Did you get proof of life? Yes.

But I want to talk to Ronnie.

You will get your chance.

But right now, collect your parcel from the entrance.


What happened after the station incident?

I want the file immediately. Yes, sir.


Have you lost your mind?

You lost 20 lakhs of police money.

Sorry sir, but we have the serial numbers of the notes.

Means what? Until he doesn't spend the money we cannot trace him..

Till then we'll be sitting idle.

With our hands in our pockets.

And now you want the kidnapper to do your job for you..

...he has made a fool out of all of you.

Shame on you.

Extremely sorry, sir, but we..

I am taking over this case!

Put the entire unit to trace the money back.

Raise an alert in the city..sniff the money out... like dogs.

You have made us all look like a piece of shit.

Extremely sorry, sir, but we should have a unit at John's home.

What if the kidnapper...

Have you lost your mind, Martin?

The kidnapper has the money now.

Will he call back to say thank you?


Martin, just do as you're told. Got it?

What are you guys doing here?

Who is at John's home?

Chief on the wireless asked us to come back..

You should have waited for my order.

Who's there now?

There's no one, we just left the recorder at his home.

Left the recorder..

What happened, sir?

There's a difference between a recorder and an order, idiots.

What can the recorder do?

What happened?


You shouldn't have betrayed me.

You shouldn't have called the police. I'm sorry!

Now I'll do exactly as you say.

Please. Don't hurt Angela.

Fine, I'll give you another chance.

Grandpa.. Grandpa... Angela... Angela...

I'm sorry Grandpa.

It was my fault.

I should have listened to you.

I shouldn't have taken the shortcut.

No, Angela. You didn't make any mistake.

You will be fine. You'll be fine.

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Are you assured now?

I will tell you where to bring the money.

John, this is Peter's money.

We cannot take it.

This was meant for buying that property for him.

Peter would've done the same thing if he was in my place.

There's a 12 hour time difference between here and there.

He must be sleeping now.

It will take time to explain everything to him, Nancy.

And I don't have time.

We should've told him when this happened in the first place.

It's not right to keep him in the dark.

It's not right, John.

At least talk to Martin once.

Do you see any policeman here?

Do you?

This is their fault.

And now they have left us alone.

We must do this on our own, Nancy.

On our own.


Where's John? Martin, the kidnapper called again.

John went alone.


"Are you convinced now?"

"I will tell you where to bring the money."

As you drive out of the city..

...you'll come across a dirt track on your right.

Drive down that path, through the jungle.

Then you will find a signboard..

...that reads, Kalikapur 5 kms.

Just wait there.

Hello. Yes, Martin speaking.

I've some new information.

Send all teams to Kalikapur.

Sir.. we have tracked the marked notes in a mobile shop at New Market.

The kidnapper is misleading you.

The exchange is happening near Kalikapur, got it?

Sir, you please speak to our Chief. He is leading the units.

Wear the garbage bag over your head.

After that?

I think we have reached.

We will board the train two stations ahead of the main station..

This time we will have to catch him inside the train.

Last time we didn't focus on the train.

This time we know.

So that has to be covered.

I am coming with you.

Then who will go with the ransom bag?

The real mother has to go and deliver the bag.

He may not recognize her voice, but maybe he knows her face.

We can't take that risk.

He is in that compartment. Let's go there.

Mrs. Neeta, don't be scared.

We have placed a tracker inside the bag.

Leave the bag near the pillar.

Tracker is on mark Sir.

The train is reaching on platform number 1.

All teams alert.

The train is approaching platform no. 1.

Platform team, be alert.. and take your positions?

Phone booth unit is ready.

Platform is full of army cadets.

There are army cadets everywhere.

The bag isn't visible!

The bag's moving! The bag's moving!

It's heading towards platform no.2.

Keep watching. Keep watching. Okay, sir.

They can't find the bag.

I should go to my team.

I'll look on the other side, I missed that last time.



The bag's heading towards platform no. 3.

The tracker is static.

Madam, signal is lost.

What? - Signal is lost, madam.


He's here.

Leave me.

I have already told you..

He called me and told me to do this.

Why don't you believe me?

Actually, I haven't slept properly since the last few days.

So it's hard to put everything together in my head.

Will you repeat that again, please?

You're making me repeat again and again..

...so that I make a mistake and you nail me.

But that won't happen, ma'am.. because I am telling the truth.

It won't change no matter how many times I say it.

You seem quite familiar with interrogation methods.


By the way, you don't need to worry.

This time I will write it down.

Bablu, get me a pen and a paper.

So you received a call from him?



Yeah, okay.

Yes, I am here.

I can see the road.

Grandpa help! Grandpa, where are you?


Grandpa, where are you? Grandpa help!

Grandpa, where are you? Grandpa help!

Ronnie! Ronnie!

Grandpa help!

Grandpa, where are you? Grandpa help!

Ronnie When will you come, grandpa?

Grandpa, come fast. Grandpa help!

Grandpa help! Please.

When will you come, grandpa?

Grandpa help! Please!

Hey stop! Where is Ronnie?

Open the door.

I kept yelling for help, but no one came.

I don't know how long I was locked up in there.

There was no way to escape.

I kept looking around in the dark for a while.

And then sat down.

The paper had an information for me..

It read, wear the uniform..

...and go to the place, programmed in the GPS in 30 minutes Even a delay of one minute, will cost the child's life.

Am I allowed to smoke in here?


But there's no one to complain either.

Thank you.

Please believe me.

He still has Ronnie with him.

You're wasting your time. You can still save Ronnie.

Where's your car?

Don't know..

I left it outside the railway station.

And your mobile?

When I was crossing the Hooghly bridge, he called again.

He told me to throw away my phone.

I asked him where will I find Ronnie?

And he said there's a bag in the boot of the car..

...which I must exchange at the railway platform.

Later I must run to the end of the station..

...and throw it across the wall on the other side.

I was about to throw the bag, when you caught me.

He also said that. If I succeed in throwing the bag..

...l will find Ronnie on the other side of the wall.

And you believed him.

Did I have a choice?

You can cry later.

First finish your cigarette.

My officers will be here soon..

...and they are not as generous as me.

Seems like the same brand.

You should be happy, Father Martin.

We finally found your kidnapper.

I am happy-

I am quite happy the way you handled it.

But I feel something's wrong.

The shining sun of joy...

The radiant dome of bliss..

It submerged the envious glances..total eclipse!

Effective was his ploy...

...in ill-fated times...

...it spread like venom" total eclipse!

The shining sun of joy".

The radiant dome of bliss..

It submerged the envious glances..total eclipse!

A woe unexpected..

Like termite...

It gnawed away, bit by bit..total eclipse!

The vision is foggy..

All the doors are shut...

Every assurance sounds false...

The voice quivers...

A secret behind the curtain..

Why isn't it being revealed?

Excuse me. Mister.

Manager? Manager? Yes, that's me. Tell me.

I am a..journalist.

I am writing an article..

...on the dying mill industry..

...and the abandoned ones that are still functioning.

The mill owner, Mr. Hari Prakash.

I want to talk to him. Where is he?

He hasn't arrived yet. Huh?

He hasn't arrived yet. I see.

Where's his office? First floor.

Huh? First floor.

Okay, where is first floor?

Father Martin, we've a warrant.

We're going to search Manoher's house.

Will you come along?

I don't know.

Did you ever feel that your father could do..

He loved Ronnie a lot.

I just can't believe this.

Why will he do such a thing?

Honestly, I've seen stranger cases than this in my career.

But are you sure he's the one?

Because I just don't get it.

Although..since I got here, everyone pointed out..

...that he's been missing from the moment you came here.

Just a minute.

What is your opinion about him?

Honestly, I don't know him too well.

All I know is that he worked somewhere in the Gulf.

He didn't attend our wedding either.

But yes, he did come when Neeta was pregnant.

By then I was already posted in the North-east..

...and I would only come home during holidays.

There was not much interaction.

When Neeta told me that he'll stay with us.

I thought it's okay.

Because I hardly stay here.

If someone stays with Neeta in my absence..

...it will be good for her.

There's one thing though, we didn't get along on certain issues.

Is this your house?

Yeah, this is a family house.

So..where did Neeta and Manohar live before your wedding?

They had a small house in Barrackpur.

Did you check here?

Sarita. - Yeah.


Same wall. Same marks.

So this is where the picture was taken?

You mean to say that someone from the Land Measurement Division..

...was involved in the kidnapping.

Because the people in your office knew..

...that I am buying a land, and the amount of money I had.

The police focused on every aspect, but left this one out.

Didn't you ever suspect him?


He was thrown out for fraudulence and mishandling of money.


Sir, Manohar also worked in a government office.

Back then he had a steady income. Yes.

Then suddenly one day he quit.

So he never got pension or retirement benefits.

Before his wife's death, she..

...transferred her village property in the name of her daughter.

Oh, I see.

The same property, which his son-in-law..

...Neeta's husband wanted to sell.

Because he couldn't maintain the place.

If he had sold the house, then Manohar would've been left with nothing.

He would've been dependent on his son-in-law.

And they don't get along, Sir.

So according to me, this kidnapping was Manohar's retirement plan?

Then, what about the media?

Sir, we have matched his DNA with the cigarette butt found outside the PCO.

We already have a prime suspect.

But I suggest that we shouldn't go to the media..

...Till we find Ronnie.

We're looking for Manohar's car.

Okay Sarita, find it as soon as you can.

Because I don't think I can hold back the media for long.

Understand? - Yes, sir.

So what's the Commissioner saying?

He's asked me to find Ronnie as soon as possible.

But he's also in a hurry to inform the press about Manohar's arrest.



What's bothering you?

You've seen all the evidence. Why don't you accept it?

You answered his ransom call.

Wouldn't he have recognized your voice?

But he kept talking to you as Neeta.


Maybe I sound like Neeta over the phone?

Or maybe the line wasn't clear?

Bad connection..every time?

That's your argument.

Where is Ronnie?

I told you I don't know. I didn't kidnap him?

You know your daughter has a heart problem. Right.

Do you want to give her more stress?

She must be suffering every moment.

The longer her son stays away from her..

...the more she will suffer.

What kind of a father are you?

Your own daughter is suffering and you..

Where is Ronnie?

I told you, I didn't kidnap him.

Why will l..


Munna is a drug-lord of this area.

I owe him a lot of money.

They are after me.

During the time-period you're inquiring about..

...l was in prison for drunk-driving.

You can confirm with the police.

And that black van?

Belongs to me.

I used to hire it out.

To clients who had to shift furniture, cupboards etc.. while shifting houses.

Like movers and packers you know..

Mostly to them.

There are pictures of army personnel in your home.

Where did that come from?

Someone or the other from my family has always been in the army.

There are many institutions..

...who hires ex-army men for security services.

Was there anyone else in the Land Measurement Office..

...who was an ex-army man?

Anyone from this list?

Did you get it?

No water, no fan, nothing for him.. Sarita, I want to speak to you.


Sarita.. - Just a minute.

You stay there. - Yes.

I want to talk to you.

Sarita. - Yes.

We haven't found Ronnie yet..

We're making a mistake.

What mistake?

It's an open and shut case.

After looking at the wall in his house..

...there is no room for any doubt.

He's just pretending, we'll break him.

The yellow wall?

What is so unique about it?

You can paint any wall, take a picture.. that's it.

See, even if we believe that it is the same house..

...but Manohar is claiming that he was locked up in some other place.

The real kidnapper could have taken the child there..

...and clicked his picture.

If Manohar was locked up..

...then, how can he make the ransom call?

Only if Manohar is speaking the truth?

What if he's telling the truth?

See, the kidnapper called from a PCO.

Then he wiped his own fingerprints.

But he left behind the cigarette butt.

So under the circumstances he did two things.

One, he showed his clever side.. and the other, very foolish.

Isn't that strange?

Now, we must think from a different angle.

If he was wearing a pair of gloves..

...everything would have changed easily.

Then he would've never wiped the phone.

In that situation, you would've found..

...many fingerprints on the phone..

...and you would've wasted precious time in finding a single match.

And yet you wouldn't have found your suspect.

When we caught him, he was trying to..

...throw the bag of money on the other side of the wall.


After taking such a big risk to get this money..

...why would he would throw the bag on the other side? He would only do it if..

...he had a partner on the other side.. or if someone had threatened him to do it.

Your theory about the partner might be right.

But his story about locking him up and threatening him..is bullshit.

What are you thinking?

He repeated his 8 years old plan again.

And this time..to perfection.

I need you to check a CD. Come on.

Help Grandpa!! Save me!! Where are you?

Help.. Save me Grandpa.. Where are you? Come and help me.

Save me.. Come fast Grandpa..

Please Grandpa!! Help me!!

This means Manohar was telling the truth.

Who? - No, nothing.

Was that the only voice on the CD?

That's the main audio. - Main Audio?

Is there something else?

Look..there's a soft voice here.

Say "Help Grandpa.." Say "Help me.."

Grandpa help!! Help me..

Be loud.. Say 'Help Grandpa.."..

Help Grandpa..Help me!!

Be loud.. Say 'Help Grandpa..".. Be loud..

Help Grandpa..Help me!!

Help Grandpa..Help me!!

So this is that kidnapper who hasn't let me sleep for all these years.

I haven't done anything.

I am being framed. - Go inside.

Believe me.


You're making a big mistake.

He didn't commit this crime.

He was locked in the warehouse.

I gave you that CD.

What do you mean?

Who said this to you? Manohar?

He wants this to happen.

And the other voice on the CD could be Manohar's as well.

You're making a mistake.

He did it. - So where's Ronnie?

You looked everywhere.

He kidnapped the child, and was apprehended as well..

...yet we have no clue, this doesn't make any sense?

I think he's killed the child and hid the body.


What do you mean?

If the body isn't found..

...he knows he cannot be charged with kidnapping.

And if the body's found..

...then he'll be charged with kidnapping and murder.

That's why he isn't confessing.

You're making a mistake.

The kidnapper didn't kill Angela.

Her death..

Her death..was an accident.

This isn't Angela's case..nor is it yours.

Maybe Angela's kidnapper was someone else.

Maybe I was wrong.

He could've gathered these details from the police files as well.

Maybe he's trying to confuse us.

Don't try to mix both the cases.

You are not trying to understand.

Both the cases are the same.. they are linked.

Manohar isn't your kidnapper, it's someone else.

Take a look at the voice analysis report..

...of the ransom call that was made to Manohar's home.

Ronnie's ransom call.

It's Manohar's voice.

It's a perfect match.

A voice-print is as full proof an evidence, as a fingerprint.

And you know, it's impossible to fake one's voice.

It's absolutely clear, Manohar is the kidnapper.

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

"I will call again."

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

"I will call again."

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

"I will call again."

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

"I will call again."

Angelina..8 year..


Angela..A N G E L A.

Found it!

It will take time to digitize the old tape and listen to it.

But what do you want to prove, Martin?

This CD has the current ransom call.

Match the voice and see.. does it match with my case?

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

Why is the voice so muffled?

Must be the recording.

No, no..

Hear this.

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

The cycle bell is so clear.

How can the voice be so muffled..

...if the mouth-piece is so close to him?

Let me just enhance the audio clip..

"Hello, I am his mother speaking?"

Her voice sounds normal.

But why isn't both the voices seem to balance?

"Hello? Hello?"

Let's check.

Even if the kidnapper used a filter..

...his voice quality can't be so bad.

"Why did you call the police?"

"I have your grandchild."



I have matched the old and the new calls.

Find anything?

It's the same call.



This is the current kidnapper's waveform.

And this is the kidnapper from your case.

"Why did you call the police?"

I'll play them simultaneously.

"L have your grandchild."

So it's the same kidnapper in both cases.

That I don't know whether the kidnapper's same or not..

...but the ransom call is definitely the same.

Exact same.

How can a man speak in the same way..choosing the same words..

...pause in the same places, even after 8 years?

That's not possible.


What's that sound?

"Why did you call the police?"

I guess it's a switch.

"Why did you call the police?"

Someone's playing the same ransom call over the phone.

Maybe it's the switch of an old Walkman.

"L have your grandchild."

"So stop wasting my time."

"And arrange for two million by tomorrow morning.."

"..if you want to see him alive."

There is a difference in quality in both the calls.

Is it because the tape is too old?

No, no, quality of tapes do not deteriorate due to storage..

...but it might if you keep playing them time and again.

Someone is constantly telling the child to say grandpa.

See if the voice matches with anyone on the system.

There's a match.

With what?

No one on the system.

But with the voice on the old tape.

The kidnapper?


The person who's asking the kid to say grandpa.

It's the same guy who..

...received the ransom call in the earlier kidnapping case.


Grandpa help.

Grandpa help!


'He keeps hearing the same old tape every night.'

"Grandpa...! Grandpa...!"

"I am sorry, grandpa."

"I made a mistake."

"I will tell you."

This is a list of them.

Have you ever heard anything about them, or any records?


My daughter's made this card for you.

You made this?

It's really beautiful.

I'll always keep it with me.

Manohar Sinha.

Hey welcome. - Hello, papa.

Hello, Neeta. How are you? Hi, grandpa.

I love you, grandpa.

How are you, Ronnie? - I'm fine.

Good to see you.

Okay, let's play football - Ready Mom.

Ronnie, head butt.

Good one.

You have become a pro.


Did you find anything?

We have found the location.

The phone is not moving.

Come on pass.. come on, pass me.

Come on pass.. come on, pass me.

Kick the ball.

come on pass.. come on, pass me.

Yes.. yes.. goal!

Good to see you, Father Martin.

I knew you would find me.

Ronnie dear.. - Yes.

Go get ready, son.

This uncle will take you home.

No, I don't want to go home.

I want to stay here and play football with you.

So you knew that Manohar had kidnapped Angela.

And you've been planning this ever since, right?

I found the kidnapper, not you.

That day, after we visited the lmambara..

...you deserted me.

But I couldn't desert Angela.

So I continued my search.

The day I found him I could have killed him but..

...that wouldn't have been justice.

I would've had my revenge, but not justice.

And so I intentionally started this story.

Because I always knew that the police will come to you.

I took special care to make the kidnapping seem like the earlier one.

"Why did you call the police?"

"Your grandchild is in my custody."

"If you want him back alive then arrange for two million by tomorrow morning."

What do you want?

What are you going to do?

I want a meeting with Manohar.

No, I can't do that.

It's not my call.


No one else can arrange this meeting other than you..

Do it..

...and take Ronnie home.

John uncle come on, we'll play football together.


Except for you, only one other man knew..

...that 8 years ago you kidnapped my Angela.

And that is me.

So you fled with the money.

But you weren't sure whether she's dead or not.

That's why you erased all the evidence.

You just removed.. all evidence.

It was clever of you to borrow Kumar's black van.

The van couldn't have led anyone directly to you..

...because many people would hire it.


...one day..

...you ran out of luck

Your trunk was found.

Then the pen.

The.. pen!

This pen..

This pen led me to you.

I didn't want to kill her.

I only wanted to save my daughter Neeta.

She needed immediate surgery, and I didn't have the money..

...and so I did it.

Back then I was in a desperate condition..

...l couldn't decide what's right or wrong.. Didn't know what to do?

And even after 8 years..

...you didn't know what to do?

The police thinks you have killed Ronnie.

They are never going to look for him anymore.

But you want him to return safely, don't you?


I admit I wronged you.

So tell me.. how can I rectify my mistake?

What must I do?

Manoher has confessed.

Sarita.. Manoher has confessed to both the kidnappings..

...and he also gave us Ronnie's location.

The star..neither relented nor feared..

A ray of light kept him alive..kept him alive...

Clinging to the few strands of life, he kept saying...

I have the right to burn..

I have the right to live...

I have a right to the skies...

I'll take what's my right.

I'll take what's my right.

I promise!

Drops of my blood..

"are still warm.

I have an unfinished duty.

I've been counting each passing day, year after year.

I've been counting them...

I've been clinging to twigs of courage...

...and kept saying .

I've the right to burn.

I've the right to live.

I've the right to the sky.

I will take what's mine.

I will take what's mine.

I promise.

I know that I'll die one day.. I'll die..

But until I die, I decide how I live...

Steely is the resolve of this mortal frame of dust..

I have the right to burn..

I have the right to live...

I have a right to the skies...

I will take what's mine.

I will take what's mine.

Wait and watch!