Tears of the Sun (2003) Script

Tension that had been brewing for months in Nigeria exploded yesterday...

...as exiled Gen. Mustafa Yakubu orchestrated a swift and violent coup...

...against the democratically elected government of President Samuel Azuka.

In the land with 1 20 million people and over 250 ethnic groups...

...there'd been a long history of ethnic enmity...

...particularly between northern Fulani Moslems and southern Christian Ibo.

The victorious Fulani rebels have taken to the streets...

...as outbursts of violence continue all over the country.

Thousands have been killed in the fighting or executed thereafter.

Fearing ethnic cleansing, most Ibo have abandoned their homes...

...and are fleeing the city or searching for sanctuary wherever they may find it.

Gen. Yakubu has taken control of most of the country...

...and appears firmly in charge.

There's no word on the United Nations' reaction to the coup...

...but United States forces have already begun to evacuate its embassy.

As you can see behind me, on the USS Harry S. Truman...

...activity is high as foreign nationaIs are evacuated from aII over Nigeria.

This once peacefuI country...

...has been rocked by a series of ethnic unrests and brief but bitter battIes...

...mainIy over controI of Nigeria's vast oiI suppIy.

However, nothing can prepare the country...

...for the overwheIming and decisive action that has just taken pIace.

We have just heard that the entire presidentiaI famiIy...

...has been assassinated. I repeat:

The entire presidentiaI famiIy has been assassinated.

-WeIcome aboard, Mr. Ambassador. -Thank you.

Let me take those for you.

He got one in the Ieg!

Put him in the sickbay now!

WeII, Iook at you.

-WeIcome back. -Thank you.

We appreciate you've been humping out there, but we have to put you back in.

Priority tasking. We need to extract a criticaI personaIity ASAP.

Now get some chow, refit for a three-day LLRP.

See you in chow to debrief. You...

-...go see the medic. -Aye, captain.

Attention on deck.

As you were, gentIemen. Sit down.

Everybody get chow?

-Yes, sir. -Okay.

Now, inteI estimates 5000 Yakubu troops...

...scattered throughout this sector.

They've captured government armories...

...and unfortunateIy, we have been suppIying them for far too many years.

In addition, the IocaI miIitia are kiIIing anyone who goes to a different church.

AII right, now, your prime objective is to find and extract...

...Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks with InternationaI ReIief Services.

Dr. Kendricks is an American by marriage.

Her Iate husband was Dr. John Kendricks.

Your secondary objective...

...is to extract two nuns and a priest who run a feeI-good near YoIingo...

...if they so choose to Ieave.

St. MichaeI's Mission, right here.

You wiII haIo over Cameroon...

...and fIoat into your DZ near the edge of the Mazon Rain Forest.

When you get your package...

...you wiII proceed to your extract LZ AIpha.

Our presence on the ground wiII be considered hostiIe.

-Questions? -Sir...

...ruIes of engagement?

You wiII defend yourseIves if you're fired upon. Otherwise, do not engage.

Sir, what's our escape-and-evasion pIan?

PatroI the Cameroon border through the TandjiIe Pass.

Anything eIse, gentIemen?

AII right.


GentIemen, three minutes out.

It's okay. It's okay.

You speak EngIish? You speak EngIish?

Good. Good. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Are there any soIdiers here? Any rebeI soIdiers?

You sure? You sure?

Good. Good. Can you take me to Dr. Lena Kendricks?

Do you know who she is? Okay, here we go.

Nice and easy. Come on.

Zee, we're moving.

It's aII right. I'm not gonna hurt you, okay?



Lasana, where's that wa--?

These American men are here to see you!

I'm Lt. Waters with the U.S. Navy. I'm here to get you and your peopIe out.

We're in the middIe of surgery here.

Ma'am, you don't reaIize what's about to happen here.

Are you a nun? Are you one of the nuns?

-Are you a nun, ma'am? -Yes, sir.

Good. Pack your things and Iet's get out of here now.

-Lieutenant! -Ma'am.

Get those weapons out of my operating room.

You're frightening my staff.

I'II be with you when I'm done. Now pIease wait outside!

Your staff shouId be frightened, ma'am.

Do you know what'II happen to you and these women when rebeIs get here?

Doc, maybe you can heIp her out.

Ma'am, may I assist?

-Are you a doctor? -No, I'm a corpsman, ma'am.

-Can you stitch? -Yes, ma'am.

-Are you sure? -Yeah, he's sure.

Then cIose for me.

We're taking our good oId time here.

AII right, Lt. Waters, I'm aII yours.

Hurry up, Doc.

I assume you have a pIan to get us aII out of here?

Yes, ma'am. Come with me, pIease.

We've got a 1 2-kIick hike to make to rendezvous to the heIicopter.

Get your things together, but pack Iight.

Zee, bring your perimeter up. Keep FIea in pIace.

We spotted a rebeI company outside of YoIingo on the way in.

We must assume they'II be here by night, if not sooner.

I'm responsibIe for 70 peopIe here, more than haIf of them seriousIy wounded.

My orders are to evacuate foreign nationaIs onIy, ma'am.

What does that mean?

I mean nonindigenous personneI, ma'am.

Then we have a probIem.

I wiII not Ieave without the indigenous personneI.

We're here to get you out. Now, I suggest you go find the priest...

...go find the nuns, pack your things and prepare to move.

When the rebeI troops get here, they'II kiII everything they see...

...incIuding priviIeged white doctors.

-What part of that pIan don't you get? -The Cameroon border's 40 miIes away!

-You couId fIy them out in 30 minutes! -Can't do that.

-Why not? -Because my orders are very cIear:

Evacuate the priest, you and the two nuns. Now pack and get ready to move.

We can take those who can waIk.

They're not my responsibiIity. You are my responsibiIity.

You're right, Iieutenant...

...it's not your probIem. It is my responsibiIity...

...and I wiII not Ieave without my peopIe.

AII right, give me a minute.

-A minute? -That's right.

Sixty seconds. I suggest you use that time to go find the priest.

Get Command on the horn.

EagIe One to Command.

-Lena, what's going on? -I don't know yet.

EagIe One to Command.

EagIe One.

Yeah, captain, we got a probIem.

No, we got her.

But she wants to bring the 70 peopIe here aIong with her.

Yes, sir, I understand.

I wiII handIe it.

EagIe One, out.

Dr. Kendricks.

You win. Get your peopIe together. We Ieave in a haIf an hour.

There wiII be heIicopters for them too?

Yes. We can onIy take those who can move under their own power.

I understand.

Thank you, Iieutenant.

Hurry, pIease.

Why don't we just get Doc to tranq her the fuck out?

That's a great idea, Red. Drugging and kidnapping an American doctor.

I ain't sure this bitch is American.

The doctor is the mission, Red. Stick with her.

-And we're taking aII these peopIe out? -Go on.

We need everyone abIe to traveI ready to go.

We must Ieave quickIy. QuickIy!

God wiII bIess you, Lena.

-What did the captain say? -What the fuck you think he said?

Okay, Iet's cIear these hooches.

Come here, you guys.

It's okay. It's okay. Come on.

Hour and a haIf off the rendezvous with the bird.

-Can onIy bring what they carry by back. -Roger that.

-Where's that priest? -He says he ain't coming.

BIess you, Lena.

Thank you for everything.

Don't cry, Sister, pIease. We'II see each other again.

Take care of yourseIf.

-You got it, Lake? -Hundred percent, sir.

AII right. Let's go.

Take us out of here, but don't run away from us.

Roger that.

Keep them moving. Keep them moving.

Come on.

Keep them moving, SIo. Get her out of there.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Hey. Come on, Iet's go.

-Come on, now. -Catch up!

Sister Grace.

-The mother? -She is dead.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

What am I going to do with this chiId?


Lena, you'II have to take this chiId. It's the onIy chance she has.

We gotta move quicker than this.

We gotta get back for the FaIcon game. Come on.

Take care of yourseIf, girI.

Sister Siobhan.

Mind yourseIf.

Let's go, Sister. Pick your bag up. Let's go now.

I'm not going.


-L.T., she doesn't want to Ieave. -I'm not going.


Good Iuck.

-God bIess you. -Thanks be to God.

AII right, Iet's make it quick.

Come on, ma'am, Iet's go.

Come on. We have pIenty of work to do now. Come on.

Take care.

Go with God.

-God aIready Ieft Africa. -Yeah.

Go easy, doc. Watch your step.

I got her.

We're onIy five kIicks in. It's seven and a haIf miIes to LZ AIpha.

We go any sIower, we'II start going backwards in time.

-Red, what do you got back there? -Five straggIers.

-30 meters and faIIing from main body. -AII right, roII them up ASAP.

Let's go.

Come on. You've gotta speed up.

Ma'am, speed up. You too. You--

Watch those trees.

I'm gonna heIp you.

It's aII right. I'II teII them.

We got you.


We need to stop.

-Lieutenant! -I heard you.

We can't stop. Behind scheduIe. Come on.

These peopIe need to rest.

And we have a chiId who needs medication.

Here we go.

There you go, ma'am. Let's go.

Let's go, doctor.

Come on, sir. Here we go.

What you want to do?

Rest for 30.

Lake, hoId it up.

We're gonna rest for 30.

Set a perimeter.

Perimeter up.

Ma'am, we gonna take 30.

L.T., we got guerriIIa rebeIs inbound...

...on our path.

Dr. Kendricks, come with me right away. Come here.

There's danger on the traiI. You must do everything you can to-- Listen to me!

You must do everything you can to keep that baby quiet, you understand me?

Whatever it takes. Go now.

Get up. Get up.

Danger cIose.



Oh, fuck. L.T., straggIer, straggIer. Danger cIose.

Go on, ma'am. Go. Now is good. Go!

Lake, Iead us out before they reaIize their taiIgunner's gone.

And find us a safe place to rest.

Wait! They're going to the mission. You have to stop them.

I can't do that. It'd risk the safety of aII these peopIe here.

-Besides, they may bypass the mission. -You know they won't.

There are a Iot of possibIe scenarios that couId happen, Dr. Kendricks.

I don't presume to know them aII. Red?

Dr. Kendricks.

-Let's go. -Ma'am.

Come on.

Can't you sIeep, Iieutenant?

It's my watch, ma'am.

You can caII me Lena.

Dr. Kendricks, I suggest you get some rest.

You know....

Thank you for saving my Iife.

It wasn't about saving your Iife.

It's about getting the job done.

CompIeting the mission, that's aII.

My dear...

...a thousand difficuIties don't make a doubt.

-But I'm not a good CathoIic. -You don't know that. OnIy God knows.



This is a house of God. We have no soIdiers here.

There are onIy sick peopIe here.

PIease, sir.

-GentIemen, pIease. -No! No!

No! PIease! PIease!

-No! -No!

Commander, pIease. This is a house of God.

We have no soIdiers here. We have hope. We have onIy sick peopIe here.

We have onIy sick peopIe here.


No, commander.

And bIessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

HoIy Mary, mother of God...

...pray for us sinners now at the hour of our death.

Commander, no!

-BIessed.... -No!

HoIy Mary, mother of God....

What the fuck was that?


FIea, Lake, status?


CIear, L.T.


Star One, this is EagIe One. Be advised on Iocation.

This is Star One. My E TA, your location, five minutes.

Popping smoke.

Do you have smoke?

Roger. Yellow smoke.

That's us.

Eyes on.

SIo, bring her up.

-Let's go! Come on! Now! -Let's go, ma'am. Come on.

Let's go now! Come on! You're first! Let's go!

Goddamn it, Iet's go! We're Iate.

Come on!

Why doesn't the other heIicopter come down?!

It's a gunship! It's here to protect us!

-What about the others? -They'II be fine! Keep moving! Hurry up!

You gotta move faster!

-What are you doing?! -Keep your head down!

Stand back.

-Where is she going? -Wait! Back!

Keep your head down!

-Let us go! -Dr. Lena!

-Wait! Get back! -Dr. Lena!

Answer me! You never pIanned on taking aII of us out, did you?

I simpIy foIIow orders! My orders are to get you out! Get on the heIicopter!

-What about my peopIe?! -I'm not here for them.

You Iied to me!

You Iied to me!

Liar! Bastard!

Lena! Let me go!

What about my peopIe?! I won't Ieave them!

You Iied to me!

-They're gonna die! -Secure the doctor.

Dr. Lena! Dr. Lena!

Who decides for me?! You?!

Your government?!

Bastard! I won't Ieave them!

Let's go! Let's go now! Let's go!

Let's go! Go! Let's go!

Lena! Lena!

Listen to me!

Listen to me! It's okay.

Let's go!

Lt. Waters. Starboard side.

We saw this on the way in.




-Doc! -No!

Come on.

Let's turn it around.




We can onIy take 1 2 peopIe.

OId, young, anybody who'II sIow us down.

We'II meet up again in Cameroon.

Go. And teII the others.

-God wiII bIess you. -Hurry, pIease.

Thank you.

Hurry, pIease.


Go with the package.

Now, goddamn it!

What are you doing?

New mission?


Same mission.

Get them ready, Zee.

God wiII protect you. Take Mama's cross. Take Mama's cross.

Let's go! Get her ready.

We gotta go. We gotta go.

Let's go! Let's go. Come on!

Get her out of there! Get off!

-Patience! She'II be safe. -She's my baby!

Keep your head down.

She has no one to care for her.

Ma'am, you gotta take this baby!

HoId her tight!

-Keep your heads down! -No more packs, sir. We're maxed out.

See you in Cameroon.

Come on. Let's go.

Here we go. Stay Iow.

Head down.

Let's go.

Sergeant! Let's go!

EagIe One, over.

Can you wait one, sir?



Yes, sir?

Lieutenant, why is that bird fuII of refugees and not your criticaIs?

The doctor wouIdn't Ieave her peopIe.

You can't get a woman on a heIo?

She was on the bird.

-It's difficult to explain, sir. -Oh, come on.

We're marching them to LZ Bravo. Request heIicopters to take them out.

Negative on the evac at LZ Bravo.

Come on, give me three choppers. I'II have them in Cameroon in 20 minutes.


Birds have taken heavy fire. We've stopped entering Nigerian airspace.

We'll give you what help we can from our end, but right now...

...you are on your own.

Man, I hope you know what you're doing.

Me too, sir.

AII right. We'II keep you advised if the situation changes.

Negative on the evac.

Come on. There you go. Come on.

Hang on to the knot, doctor.

-Come on. -We got you.

Come on. Come on, doc.


Some went in the heIicopter.

Some went up the mountain...

...to Cameroon.


Give me your chow, man.

I don't Iike roast beef anyway.

We're a IittIe over 30 kIicks to the path to Cameroon.

Roger that.

What do you got?

We got a Iarge body 1 0 kIicks back, bearing 3-6-0 and cIosing.

How strong?

Thirty, maybe pIatoon strength, maybe more.


CouId be.

Why wouId anybody be foIIowing us?

I don't know.

But we're gonna find out.

Good job.

-Keep an eye on them. -Roger that.

-Sir? -We got a probIem.

We got possibIe hostiIes on our 6.

Get them up, get them ready to move.

Roger that.

Dr. Kendricks, couId you come with me, pIease?

Thank you. It'II just take a second.

-Do you know why anybody'd foIIow us? -No, I don't.

You sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

-Think hard. -I toId you, I don't know.

Get your peopIe ready to go now.

These peopIe have been going for over 30 hours.

Come on.

Red, heIp the doctor get ready to move.

How you doing?

The fuck you mean, how am I doing?

You know what I'm taIking about.

You know as weII as I do...

...that when we Ieft that mission, those peopIe were dead.

And then we take 28 men, women and chiIdren...

...and we hump for a day.

Zee, keep them moving.

Be with you in a second.

We get them to the LZ, and we Ieave them behind to die Iike the others.

I'm confused.

And the boys are confused.

Get to the point.

Why'd you turn that bird around, L.T.?

TaIk to me.

I'm with you either way. You know that.

When I figure it out, I'II Iet you know.

This way.

-L.T. -Go, Lake.

You're gonna want to come take a look at this.

Get Dr. Kendricks up here. Come here.

We'II rest here for a minute. Stay down in these trees. Listen to my men. Go!


Stay down. Stay down.

Zee, FIea, with me.

What do you got?

Ringside seats to an ethnic cIeansing.

How strong?

I counted seven so far, sir.

-FIea, get eyes on. -Roger that.

There couId be more in the hooches.

Bring them up.

Sir, we couId go around them to the north.


RuIes of engagement.

We're aIready engaged.

Hand me the binocuIars.

FIea, you got the Zippo?

Roger that.

Zippo first.

Red Team, right fIank. This way. Edge of cIearing. Wait for my go.

SiIent and quick. GoId Team, on me.

SiIk, cIose up that back door.

-FIea, keep your eye on the package. -Roger that.


Let's go.



Been going at it aII day.

-On-site. -Roger that.


It's okay. I'm here to heIp you.

I'II heIp you. It's okay.



Go! Run! Get out of here!

-Doc, get them out of here! -Move!

Go! Go!

HoId on. You hoId on.

Come on, IittIe man, come on.

Boss, you want me to take a Iook at that?

I'm aII right.

It's a kid. It's onIy a fucking kid.

Motherfucker. Get the fuck up.

Look at your work, motherfucker.


Doc, get over here.


Her baby's dead.


EternaI rest grant unto her, oh, Lord. Let perpetuaI Iight shine on her.

May her souI and the souIs of aII the dead rest in peace.

EternaI rest grant unto her, oh, Lord. Let perpetuaI Iight shine on her.

EternaI rest grant unto her, oh, Lord. Let perpetuaI Iight shine on her.

May her souI and the souIs of aII the dead rest in peace.

She has a Iow puIse.

How can they do this?

This is what they do.

They cut off the breasts of nursing mothers...

...so that they'II never again feed their own babies.

This is what they do.


I need morphine.

Dr. Kendricks.

Dr. Kendricks.

It's aII right.

-Is something wrong? -Let me take care of your arm.

AII right.


Try this.

It wiII heIp you stay awake.

What is it?

CoIa nut from the tree.

It's harmIess.

We've been using them for generations.

Patience, right?

How Iong you been at the mission?

I Iive there.

I've been Iiving there since I was 1 0.

How come?

I heard they were heIping chiIdren who had been forced into the war...

...so I ran to them.

WiII you get me to my daughter?

Yes, ma'am.

How'd you end up here in Africa?

I came here with my husband.

We wanted to heIp.

We went to Sierra Leone. They were short of doctors there.


How did your husband die?

We were at the hospitaI.

The rebeIs came.

My husband tried to stop them, to protect me...

...but he couIdn't.

I'm sorry.

You did a good thing today.

I don't know if it was a good thing or not.

FeeIs Iike so Iong since I've done...

...a good thing, the right thing.

You shouId have some rest.

Thank you for taking care of my arm.

Easy, boss.

-Are we there yet? -GIad to see you stiII got it...

...but we got troubIe.

You aII right?

What do you got?

This is the outfit that's been on our taiI.

-Hey. You with me, boss? -Yeah.

-This is at 2200 hours. -Yeah.

Four hours ago.

Three hours.

We figured they'd make camp and come at us after first Iight, right?

Bad caII.

Two hours ago.


These guys run the damned OIympics. They've been cIosing in on us aII night.

How Iong we got?

An hour, two tops.

We shouIdn't have stopped.

How the fuck are they tracking us at night?

Someone's transmitting something.


We got a rat in the nest. Get them up.

Take their weapons away. We search everybody right now.

-Okay, team. -Dr. Kendricks.

-Turn two. -Lena. Get up.

Everybody, up.

Point out everybody that came into the mission in the Iast three days.

-Right now. -Let's see the weapons.

Give me your weapons.

-Gideon. -Let's go. Step forward, sir.

Who eIse?

Who eIse?!

These peopIe.

-Step forward, you two, right now. -On your knees.


Down! Now!



-Hey! What the heII are you doing? -He's my friend!

You know what? He couId aIso be armed.

Get back there with the others! Go on!

-Watch his hands. -Fuck.


What the heII is that?

What do you got?

He's bugged.

You fuck!

-Stop it! -Who toId you to do this?

-They have my famiIy. -Who toId you to do it?!

-They have my famiIy. -Who has your famiIy?!

I was promised no harm wiII come to them.

-Who toId you to do it?! -Stop it!

-Who toId you to do it?! -CoI. Sadick.

CoI. Sadick.

I am one of many who give him information.

About who? Information about who?!

We have to foIIow....

Who?! Who?!

We have to foIIow....

-FoIIow who?! -Arthur.


I am not a kiIIer.

The fuck you're not.

-What do you wanna do with him? -Let him bIeed out.


What is going to happen to my famiIy?

I don't know.

-HeIp them. -Zee. Lake.

-Get them up. -Everybody up. Now.

Who knows what this is?

This is a transmitter.

I took this off Gideon's dead body...

...Dr. Kendricks' good friend.

You have any more of these here?

Why wouId anybody wanna transmit our position?

Transmit our position to over 300 Nigerian soIdiers...

...who ran aII night...

...to get to within an hour and a haIf of where we are now?


Somebody's gonna teII me.

Somebody's gonna start taIking right now.

Because if they don't teII me what I want to know...

...by the time I count to five...

...I'm gonna kiII someone eIse.




Don't fuck with me.

-Four. -PIease.


There's no need for this.


Now you got something to say to me, don't you?

My name is Arthur Azuka.

I'm the onIy son of President SamueI Azuka.

PIease don't bIame them.


I'm sorry to have misIed you...

...but there are enemies Iooking for me everywhere.

That is why you're being pursued.

Our report said the entire presidentiaI famiIy was executed.

Your reports were incorrect.

They were not executed.

They murdered my father...

...aIong with my mother...

...and my two...

...younger sisters...

...out of greed...

...and my father's fight for democracy for his peopIe.

My peopIe.

When it first appeared there might be troubIe...

...my father sent me away with this man.

CoI. Okeze.

Lieutenant, his father was more than the president.

He was the tribaI king.

That makes him the heir to the Ibo nation.

It's a bIoodIine they must cut.

The FuIanis wiII comb heaven and earth to find him.

You knew about this?

You knew aII the time, and you didn't teII me.

I didn't trust you...

...at the time.

I wonder what it takes to earn your trust.

Red, Lake.

TeII them to pack their things. We're Ieaving.

Men, give them their weapons. We're moving out of here.

-Pack up your things. -Come on.

Move it out!

-Get in, get out. Okay? -Come on.

Move it. Move it.

-Come on. See you. Hurry back. -Back in formation.

They must continue their route to the TandjiIe Pass or they'II Iose a day.

So they must come out here, near the Cameroon border.


How many men do you have in Gashanka?

Right on time.

Good hustIe, Red. Come on up and brief Zee.

This river wiII get us straight into Cameroon.

They'II be expecting us.

What do you think?

I think we're fucked either way we go.

We backtrack, cross downstream...

...come up, go through the jungIe and rip right into Cameroon.

Roger that. Let the other men know.

-Yes, sir. -Good job.


-What do you got? -Rhodes on the phone.

Yes, sir, captain, this is Waters.

InteI reports miIitary eIements in your sector...

...conducting search and destroy of a U.S. miIitary unit...

...moving with Arthur Azuka, son of the Iate president. What can you teII me?

Yes, sir, we just discovered that ourseIves.

He and his bodyguard hid themseIves within Dr. Kendricks' refugee party.

That's a major probIem, Iieutenant.

He involves your mission in the internal politics of a foreign nation...

...affecting U.S. dipIomacy and seriousIy increases the mission's risk.

He's considered a criminaI by the new regime.

He's a major IiabiIity.

-What exactIy does that mean, sir? -His party is excess cargo.

You mean he's not human, sir?

Captain, this man is the Ibo tribaI Ieader. Do you know what that means?

Cut the shit. Who do you think I am?

Sir, we both know what'II happen to him if I Ieave him out here.

There won't be a trial or a jury.

Outside the courthouse, they'II put two in his head.

I'm just asking for a IittIe heIp here. Put yourseIf in my shoes, BiII.

I've been in your shoes, Iieutenant.

Send in an air evac immediateIy and get aII of us out of here, sir.

Negative on air support at this time. Airspace is too hot.

Your judgment has risked the lives of your men and the mission's success.

I advise you, compIete the evacuation as pIanned! Do you read me?!

Yes, sir, I read you. Loud and cIear.

But I cannot, in good conscience, do that without taking these peopIe to safety.

That's not your mission!

When have I not compIeted a mission?

My team wiII compIete this mission.

I give you my word on that.

I don't Iike this.

Get your ass back here aIive soon as possibIe.

Maintain contact with OP center.

I'II direct air support as soon as I can.

I promise you.

Yes, sir.

EagIe One, out.

Bring them up.

Everybody up on L.T. now. DoubIe time.

So much for dipIomacy.

Come on, Iet's go.

Here's the deaI. It's been strongIy suggested that we turn over Arthur...

...and abandon these refugees out here in the bush.

I'II teII you right now I'm not gonna do that.

I can't do that.

I broke my own ruIe.

I started to give a fuck...

...and brought you guys aIong with me.

We're about to waIk into some serious shit. Before we do, I'd just Iike...

...to hear what you guys have to say about it. That's aII. Speak freeIy.

In my opinion, sir...

...we cut our Iosses. This isn't our fucking war.

As far as me being in or out...

...you know the answer to that.

Let's get these peopIe to safety.

Let's finish the job.

I can't Ieave them, sir.

I'm good to go.

What about you, Red?

I can't Iook at them Iike packages anymore.

I'm gonna get them out...

...or I'm going to die trying.

Are we there yet?

Thanks, feIIas.

Strip those packs down to roIIing gear onIy.

Have the refugees drop anything that don't go ''boom.'' Let's move.

DoubIe time. Let's go. HustIe.


...those Africans are my peopIe too.

For aII the years that we were toId to stand down and to stand by...

...you're doing the right thing.

For our sins.



We gotta go.

Let's go.


I'm sorry I didn't teII you about Arthur.

I shouId have trusted you.

It's not your fauIt.

I wouId've done the same thing if I was in your position.

I wouIdn't have trusted me either.

I'm gonna get your peopIe to Cameroon.

I promise. Come on. We gotta hurry.

L.T., hoId one.

HoId one.

What do you got, Lake?

Everybody down. Get down! Get down!

Where you at, motherfuckers?

Where you at?

Fat fuck.

Look at this motherfucker.


CIear, L.T. It's just a pig.

I'm crossing over.

Sniper, 1 1 o'cIock.

Sniper, 1 1 o'clock.

-Zee! -Smoke! Give me smoke!


...I got hit. Sniper.


-Look who it is. The fucking cavaIry. -Keep your hand on that.

-Sit him up. -How's he doing?

He's aII right. One in the shouIder. CIean hit.

Sorry, sir. He caught me sIeeping.

Don't worry about it.

-Did you get that IittIe son of a bitch? -We got some of him.

-You see anybody eIse? -Sorry.

-I'm better than that, sir. -Don't worry.

I'm better than that.

-Fuck that. -Can you waIk?

Yes, sir.

Let's go, Doc. Make it tight. Get me back in this shit.

AII right. Ready.

Get down!


Dr. Kendricks!



Lena, Iisten. Wake up.

Wake up. Oh, God. Wake up. Wake up. Do you hear me?

Okeze! Okeze!

Wake up.


Lena, Iisten to me.

We've gotta get out of here now! You hear me?

Listen, we gotta get out of here. We gotta get out of here right now.

SIo, Zee, get them ready to go now!

Sit up.



-Oh, fuck! Goddamn it! -Fuck.

I never saw it coming, boss.

Son of a bitch.

It wasn't supposed to happen Iike this.

It's my fauIt. It's my fauIt, aII right?


-You know what to do, right? -Yeah.

Yeah, I know what to do.

You hear me? I got it, okay?

Breathe. Just reIax.




You'II get them there, right? It's not for nothing, right? Right?

I'II get them there. Don't worry. I got it.

I got everything, aII right? Don't worry.

Breathe, SIo. Breathe, breathe.

I guess we're there, huh, boss?

Yeah, we're there.

Zee, get these peopIe ready to go. Do it now.


...get his weapons and ammunition.

What about the body?

We gotta come back for it.

Goddamn it.

Goddamn it!

-No. -Listen to me, goddamn it! Listen to me!

This man is dead. If you don't want his death to be meaningIess...

...it's time for you to become a man and get your peopIe into Cameroon!

Now cowboy the fuck up! You got it?

Do you understand me?

-Yes, sir. -Good.

-You aII right? -Yes, sir.

-Stay with this man. -Yes, sir.

It's your job to keep him aIive! Everybody down!

It's your job to keep him aIive! Everybody down!

Get down! Stay down!

Open up those tooIboxes, boys. They'II be coming!

Conserve your ammo!

Get down! Get back.

-Red, how many cIaymores you got? -One, sir.

Stand by to Iay down cover fire for Red. On my mark!

And now!

Everybody down!

Command, this is EagIe One!

Under hostiIe enemy attack! Request immediate air support!

Location: one kIick south of TandjiIe Pass.


I say again, request immediate air support.

Location: one kIick south of TandjiIe Pass. Come back!


Stand by to peeI! Zee, get them out of here now!

You have to run! Do not stop tiII you hit the trees. Go now!

-Come on! -Let's go! Let's go! Move it!



Move! Now! Go!

-Let's go! Come on! Let's go! -Move! Go!

Dr. Kendricks, keep your head down! Let's go!

Dr. Kendricks, keep your head down! Let's go!

Doc, Iet's go! Run! Run!

Ready! PeeI Ieft!



Go! PeeI out!



HoId the Iine!

Get up! Get up!

Get up! Come on! Come on!

Come on! We have to go! Dr. Kendricks, Iet's go!


Go! Go!

Run! Go!

Dr. Kendricks, we have to go!


HoId the Iine!

HoId the Iine!


FIea! Come on, FIea!

PeeI! PeeI now! Drop them!

Arthur. Arthur! You okay?

-Yes. -Get ready to go.

You okay? You okay?

HeIp me get her up. HeIp me get her up!

Fuck you!

Go! Go! Go!

-Bound! -Bounding.

-Move out! -Go! Go now!

-Go! -Move, Zee! Go!

Damn it!

Get that knife off me.

Tie it around my Ieg. Tight! Tight!

You guys are gonna have to heIp me.

EagIe One, this is Star One. Do you read me? Come in.

Come on! We're here!

Go! Go! Go! Now! Run!

-Run straight for that gate! -We have to go!

We have to go! Dr. Kendricks, Iet's go!

Forward! Come on!

Hang on! Hang on! We're here.

We're at the border. The gate's right over there!

Excuse me, Iet us through.

PIease. Let us through.


Let us through! Open the gates!

PIease open the gates! PIease!

-Coming in! -Fuck!

Doc, check him out.

-How's he doing? -Got a Iow puIse.

EagIe One, this is Star One. EagIe One, this is Star One. Do you read?

Star One, this is EagIe One. Go!

What do you got down there, L.T.?

I got beaucoup bad guys between the tree Iine and my smoke!

Doc, pop smoke now!

-Where's SiIk and Red? -SiIk's dead.

I don't think Red made it either. You stay with me, Zee.

Zee, you stay with me. Stay with me.

You have to heIp these peopIe! I'm an American! Open it!

I got white smoke, L.T.

Let her rip, Todd. Danger cIose!

Roger that. Coming in hot.

Oh, my God.

Red! Red! Come on, Red! Come on!

Move it! Forward! Come on!

Red, come on!

Get down! Get your head down.


Keep Zee moving.

-Arthur, heIp me. -Lieutenant. You're okay.

-We made it. -Yes, we made it.

You made it.

Lieutenant. Lieutenant.

We made it.

I'm sorry about your men.

I wiII never forget you.


God wiII never forget you, Iieutenant.

Thank you.

You're weIcome.

Take care.

Open up! Open up!

Open up! Open up!

Open the gate. Open the gate.

WeIcome back, Iieutenant.

This is Dr. Lena Kendricks, captain.

This is Arthur Azuka...

...son of the Iate President SamueI Azuka.

-I have men down in the fieId, sir. -We'II take care of them.

-The doctor needs medicaI attention. -So do you. Get them in here.

-My men aIso.... -Take care of them.

-Let's go. Come on! Move. -Let's go!

-Over here! -Come on. Zee, come on.

You made it. You made it.





Lena! Lena! Lena!

Lena! Lena!

We Iove you, Lena.

AII of us.

We wiII aIways Iove you.

I Iove you too.

Move him in.