Teen Titans Go! S1E1 Script

Legendary Sandwich (2013)

? Go ?

[theme music]

? T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S ?

? Teen Titans let's go ?

? Teen Teen ?

? Teen Titans Go ?


It's no use, Sparkleface.

We'll be trapped in this candy dungeon forever!

Don't give up, Butterbean.


Great, right in the middle of the best part of "Pretty Pretty Pegasus."


And so I kicked another dirt monster into a furnace and then I was all

"I bet that really burns you up."


It's like a metaphor.



That's too much, dude.

He didn't hear me though.

He was on fire.



Ah, boo-yah!

Uh, seriously?

You guys eat like animals.


Oh, it's so good.

What, Raven?

Well, I guess you get a pass.

But you two, are disgusting.

Hmm, sorry.

It's just Robin makes the best sandwiches.

It's true, I've developed a sandwich design that will take your mouth on a flavor journey.

A flavor journey worth a journey of its own.

Oh, yeah, I'd crawl over a hundred miles of broken glass for this sandwich.

I'd drive across the country in a car that smelled like Cyborg's BO for this sandwich. Ha-ha!

Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me away from this sandwich.

Well, yeah, I'd do some, uh, incredibly difficult stuff for that sandwich, actually.

So, you're saying, you'd leave this tower if I told you where to find a good sandwich?

Sure, but it would have to be a legendary sandwich, like mine.

There is, an ancient sandwich of power hidden away from those who would use its power for evil.


Okay, first of all, that's dumb and you made it up.

Second, even if it is true my sandwiches are the best, period.

Oh, but it is true.


Oh, is it story time?


'In an age long forgotten'

'an old king summoned his Sandwich Wizard.'

'The King commanded him to create a sandwich of power.'

'The Sandwich Wizard labored in his tower for six days.'

'On the seventh, he brought the sandwich before the king'

'and it was glorious.'

'It would grant him eternal life.'

'So he could rule his kingdom forever.'

It was also delicious.





'One night, the prince betrayed the king'

'and tried to steal the sandwich.'

'The old king was heart-broken.'

'He realized the sandwich was too powerful.'

'It had to be destroyed.'

'So the ingredients were hidden away'

'in the far corners of the world'

'watched by the fierce Sandwich Guardians.'

Legend says, it can be reforged if all the ingredients are brought together.

We got to get that sandwich.

Oh, man.

I want to eat it twice.

The sandwich will look beautiful in my hair.

No way can it top my sandwich science.

What are we waiting for?

Titans, go!

[upbeat music]


We have to get the candy keys from Gumdrop Goblin.

Or we'll never make it to Princess Puffball's birthday party.


Hey, Raven.

Uh, I thought you were making a sandwich.

We have no idea where to look.

There are four ingredients.

The mystical bacon is here, on the Lava Lake.

I got the heat resistance, baby.


I'm on it.


'The next ingredient'

'is the king's lettuce'

'buried deep underground.'

I can dig it.


'The next ingredient is the stellar tomato'

'hidden among the stars.'

I shall retrieve the tomato.


Okay, let's do this.

I assume you saved the most dangerous ingredient for the leader of the Titans.

Oh, yes, the last ingredient is pretzel bread.

It can be found..

...at the supermarket.

'Here is a coupon.'


With the candy keys, we'll be able to make Princess Puffball's birthday where all dreams come true.

You rock, Butterbean.

Let's see.

'According to that ancient map'

'it should be right around here.'




Too easy, baby!


Sandwich Guardian.


Uh-huh, I'm diggin', I'm diggin' diggin' like a pro, yo, diggin', dig..


Oh, yeah! Lettuce!

I'm so close I can smell it.




Sandwich Guardian dude.



[instrumental music]

This must be the containment vessel for the tomato.

How did anyone manage to transport this Earth fruit to the Lilap System?


This is an excessive use of force, sir.




Ah! Ugh!




I need some pretzel bread, the freshest you've got.

Make it quick. This place is really bumming me out.


You're gonna need a drink of water with this hot sauce, baby.




Oh, it's on now.

Give me that bacon!


Looks, you're pretty angry, huh?


Hey, be cool, man!



Okay, dude, let's talk about this face to fist! b-a-m



I am thinking perhaps this is too much trouble for a tomato!

I mean, you know, some people prefer swords or, like, lasers.

But I like to use this staff.

See? Just..

Huh! Ha!


Right on the head!

The knee, crack!

Clavicle, whatever!

Really gets the job done.



My arm!


My hair!

[teeth clatters]

My teeth!

[instrumental music]


[laser gun firing]












Oh, look, Sparkleface.

It's Licorice Forest.

'But isn't that place full of trolls?'

Don't be silly, Sparkleface.

It's the home of our new friend.

Princess Silkiesoft.

Nice to meet you, Princess Silkiesoft.

Your hair sure is..

Bad, Silkie.


[elevator bell dings]

You're back already?

Dude, those Sandwich Guardians were way tougher than we thought.

Yeah, no kidding.

But look.

You mean, the legend's actually true?

This sandwich better be worth it.

You know how long it's gonna take me to build a new hand with one hand?

Wow, the supermarket was brutal.

I barely made it out of there alive.

Hey, Starfire, I like what you did with your hair.


Now I will speak the ancient legendary sandwich words of power.

[chanting in foreign language]


The key to immortality, and a delicious lunch.

Eh, my sandwiches still look better.

Well, as team leader, and sandwich expert I should get the first bite.


Hold on now.

I lost an arm for this sandwich, I get first dibs.

But I lost my hair.

Surely that is more important than an a hand.

I should get the first of bites.

Dudes, I should get the first bite.

I got the worst of it.

Look at this.

How are you gonna eat with no teeth?

You gonna gum the sandwich down?

[all bickering]

Silkie, stop.

Mama's little Bumgorf, no!

That's not for you!

[choir music]


I told you that sandwich wasn't great.

So, anyone wanna watch "Pretty Pretty Pegasus?"

[Beast Boy growling]