Teen Titans Go! S1E10 Script

La Larva Amor (2013)



What? What?

You call that a milk mustache?


Oh, yeah!


You will be okay in care taking of the Silky while I am away?

We can handle it.

You will make sure he's fed?

No problem-o.

-And watered?

-On it.

And you'll bathe him every night?

Can't wait.

He especially needs to be licked behind the ears.

We'll take good care of Silky.

Now just go.


Game on.

Ten-year-old soy milk.


Been saving it for a special occasion.

That's cheating.

All's fair in milk and war, buddy.


No fair.

All's fair...





Hey, has anyone seen Silky?

I thought he was with you, dude.

This can't be good.

Relax, Silky couldn't have gotten very far.

We better find him.

Titans, go!












I checked every last box.

No luck.

I bet he's outside.

Titans, go!

Uh, you know you don't need to say that every time we go somewhere.

Here, Silky, Silky.

I'm not picking up any of Silky's biorhythms.

Ah, where on earth could Silky be?


WOMAN: Do you mind if I sit here?

I am Sonia Conchita Hernandez.

And you are?

Mmm. Do not speak.

Your eyes speak for you.

I can tell someone like you knows how to treat a beautiful woman, no?

You would never tell her her dress was too short or call her mother a donkey.

You are so different from my ex-fiancÚ, Carlos.

You know how to really listen.

He would not like me talking to you.


No sign of Silky.

What're we gonna do when Starfire gets back?


No worries, I'll just hang with Starfire until we find the real Silky.

Huh? Huh?

Sure. Genius.

She'll never notice that you're missing and Silky's turned green.

Oh, good.

'Cause I really wasn't looking forward to getting licked behind the ears.

Ah! Guys.

Did you find Silky?

Sort of.




I just never really got to know him.

And he...

He was just learning how to talk.

And he said that we were gonna do a movie night.


It's just a molted shell.

Which means Silky is still out there somewhere.

Maybe Starfire will understand.

We'll just tell her that Silky got out.


You are such a good dancer.



Let's go.

You will not get away with this.

My new boyfriend will stop you.



I would rather die in your arms than live one day with that bad man.

Yes, my love. Hurry!







My hero.

You have saved me from that tyrant.

Must you leave so soon?

No one will ever be as special as you are to me.

We will always the day, and the night, and the dawn we spent together.

We must be strong.

No, I cannot.


I can not live without you.

Please, come back.


Greetings, fellow Titans.

I have returned.

I will tell you of my travels but first I must give the Silky a hug.


Silky is asleep.

Wouldn't wanna wake him from his nap.

Then I shall just kiss the Silky's sleeping forehead.

Uh, Starfire, there's something we have to tell you.

(GRUNTS) Hi, Starfire.

It's me, Silky.

And I love you.

The Silky can talk?

Uh, no.

We have no idea where Silky is.

I am not understanding.

-We'll help you find...

-Is the Silky not here with you?

We're not sure where he is.

But you have promised to take care of Silky.

You gave me your oath.

We can handle it.

"No problem-o!"

Well, we have the big problem-o.

I trusted you.




How does one lose the Silky?




There you are.

Now, who would care to see the images of my travels?