Teen Titans Go! S1E12 Script

Gorilla (2013)

One, two. One, two.

One, two.

Watch your form, Raven.

Yes, sir, Mr. Bossypants.

Elbows up, Cy!

Oh, my gluteus maximus.

It's killing me.

You don't even have gluts.


Come on, Star! Faster! Faster!

If I go any faster, I may rupture the space-time continuum.

No excuses!

ROBIN: And stop!

(PANTING) Are we done?

Yes, we're done.

Right after we do

900 jump squats.

And by we, do you mean everyone except you?

Someone needs to supervise.

And, as your leader, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

Spare us.

Yo, yo, yo!

What up, Titans?

-Am I late?

-Yes, Beast Boy, you are late.

Well, I'm here now.



You're gonna break the door.

Transform out of that stupid gorilla.

Nah. I got it.


-Didn't I just tell you to transform out of that gorilla.

And I ignored you.



Perhaps we haven't met.

I'm Robin, leader of the Teen Titans.

-You can't ignore me.


Guess I need to teach you a lesson.

You get to do all the Titans' dishes for the rest of the week.


And why not?

Gorillas don't do dishes.

Then I command you to transform out of that gorilla.

(SIGHS) Gorillas don't listen to commands either.


Do not permit him to get below the skin, Robin.

As long as he sees he's bothering you, he's not gonna listen.

(SIGHING) I suppose you're right.


There you are Beast Boy.

I was hoping you could help me...

Sorry, gorillas don't carry boxes.


Mind picking up your mess, Beast Boy?

No can do.

Gorillas don't pick up after themselves.





-Beast Boy, I need you to...

-Gorillas don't help...

-Ah, never mind!


Beast Boy is driving me nuts!

He eats all day and makes stupid noises.

And makes a mess everywhere.

Some things never change.

Have you considered the reason you are upset, is because you are not in control?

I don't have to be in control...

Get your feet off the table!

Sit up straight!

Right. You don't have control issues.


Hey, dudes!

Hey, guy I'm not listening to.

That's it!

Beast Boy, by the power vested in me as leader of the Teen Titans, you are officially grounded.

Wait, what?

Grounded. Ha!

What do you think I am, five years old?

-Don't answer that.

-You heard me. Grounded!

Go to your room!

I don't have to listen to you.

I mean, who even made you leader in the first place?

I did. It was my first action as a leader.

Well, do you know how we gorillas choose our leaders?

-How is that?

-Biggest and strongest is in charge.



Get your butt off me!

It would appear that Robin has been rendered grizzle nubbs.

Yep. Dude is helpless.

By the power invested in me, by myself, I officially declare myself the new leader of the Teen Titans!

(GRUNTING) You can't do that.

I'm the leader.

Sorry, dude, it's the law.

What law?

Law of the jungle, baby.

Guys, come on.

Help me out here.

He's right. It is the law.

Of the jungle, baby.

And now that I'm calling the shots, my first order is...

Let's go somewhere and do something.

Already you show remarkable prowess as a leader.

Titans go!

Hey. That's my line.

Your first mission for us is to keep bullies off the monkey bars?

I must protect them.

The monkey bars are a gorillas natural habitat.

No. I'm pretty sure they're not.

Well, I'm pretty sure they are.

And I'm in charge, so there.


Yay! Monkey bars!

Titans go!



And why are we...

Fighting... crocodiles?

Because crocs are the natural enemies of gorillas.


What are we doing at the zoo?

We're gonna free the captive gorillas.

Oh, brother.

Exactly, my brothers.

Titans go!

Run like the Tamaranian wind.

You can't just let all these gorillas loose.

And I bet I can't do this either.


Hey! Hey, let me down.

I'm a little bit tired of you constantly questioning me.


Okay. Let's just have a reasonable conversation here.

I'm a gorilla.

And gorillas do not conversate reasonably.

In fact, I'm done talking.

Come on, Beast Boy.

There has to be a compromise.


Man! You really let things get out of hand.

Me? How is this my fault?

Because somewhere along the line you got soft and it left you vulnerable.

That doesn't explain why you guys are following him when, clearly, I'm a better leader.

We have no choice.

He's the alpha now.

And being alpha is more important than actually being good at anything.

Lucky for you, there's no place better to get your alpha back than at the zoo.

You mean, you're going to help me?

-But why?


Because I hate bananas!

Now, if you want to be an alpha, you need to start acting like it again.

You mean, act like a gorilla?

Sure, I can hang here all...

No. I mean, act tough.

Never smile. Never laugh.

Those are signs of weakness.


-Stop laughing.


-Quit it!


We have a lot of work to do.

(SIGHS) I think I'm crying.



I'm concerned about Beast Boy.

I fear his leadership style is adversely affecting the Titans.

I don't know. Everything seems pretty much the same to me.





If you want to be an alpha again, you are gonna have to do whatever I tell you.


-Got it!

Now take that kitty cat's dinner.

Uh, this is suppose to toughen me up, right?

Test my agility?

You want be leader again or not?

Do what I tell you.

Yes, sir.



That elephant better be clean enough to eat off of.

Are you sure this is safe?

Just do what I tell ya!



I want you to kiss each and every last one of those.


-How exactly is any of this...

-You wanna be a leader?

Do what I tell ya.

Wait a second.

I'm the leader.

You're supposed to do what I tell you.

Ha! You still have a lot left to learn.

No. I'm the one who decides how much I have left to learn.


Spoken like a true alpha.

You are indeed ready.

Now go!

I'll go when I say so.

Okay, I'm going.


Beast Boy!

I'm here to take back my rightful place as alpha.


You're going down.





Find his weakness, Robin


(LAUGHING) Okay, stop!

Not until you say who your leader is!


No! I can't take it.

I can't, I can't.

Do it. Do it now!


You're my leader.

That's right.

Now, go make me a sandwich.

Yes, sir.

-Glad your back, Robin.


Your leadership skills greatly surpass those of Beast Boy.

Cut the baloney!

The next time your forget who your leader is, you're going to have major problems.

-Got it?


Yes, sir.

(SIGHS) It's good to be the alpha.