Teen Titans Go! S1E13 Script

Girl's Night Out (2013)


Beast Boy!

The dude is taking forever!

Well, he'd better hurry, or he's gonna miss out on

"Boys Night Out"!



Look at you dressed up. Nice.

(SNIFFS) And smelling slightly better than usual.

Ah, so swag.

'Cause you never know what can happen on "Boys Night Out"!


We did that already.

My bad.

Beast Boy, you have combed your hairs.

Have you plans for this evening?

No. Tonight is not about plans.

We go where the night takes us!

Isn't that crazy?

Oh, how exciting!

I would like very much to join you.

Oh, well.

You see, we're, uh...

BOTH: It's a boys night out.

But I am more than capable in joining in with the boy evening of revelry.

No. Uh-uh. No way.

No girls allowed.

But why?

Because you are not crazy enough for the crazy night we're about to go and do.


I have forgotten.


We are having our own boys night out.

Ah, you're girls.

Then we're having a boys night out for girls.

-You mean a girls night out?


-We are?


And you are not enough of the crazy to come with us!


(CHUCKLES) Whatevs.

Gentlemen, shall we?


-BEAST BOY: Ladies!

What is a boys night out?

Oh, you know, they hang out, make lame jokes, eat, burp, boy stuff.

Okay. See ya.

But I can do the making of the jokes and having the gaseous emissions.

Uh, boys need time to be boys, without girls.

We do not have gender specific rituals on my planet.

Tell, what do females do on a girls night?

Ah, I've never been on one.

I could only imagine how horrible it would be.

Then we must do the bonding ritual of females.

Okay. Yeah...

Well, you see, I was gonna watch a movie tonight...

...by myself.

You also do not think I am enough of the crazy to devote a night of gender specific activities with, do you?

Fine. But don't expect me to bring the crazy.

Do not worry.

I know exactly who will bring the proper amount of crazy.

We're going to have the night of the girls.


Greetings, Jinx.

My least favorite Titans.

Here to gloat again about putting me in prison?


Yeah, I do that when I'm bored sometimes.


Look at you.

You're in prison.

I hate you.

We are here to invite you out on a crazy night on the town!

I hope I said crazy with enough of the crazy.

Excuse me?

As an expert of the criminal brand of crazy and also a female, you can be a great resource for us.

Hold on, crazy.

We're not here to break her out of jail, are we?

Of course not.

We are merely borrowing her.

Just imagine all the fun you will have.

Oh, please, oh, please.

Say you will join us.

Not like I have better plans.

Oh, I have the joy!



Of course, if you try to escape, I will obliterate you into microscopic particles.

-Sounds like a blast.


Eye blast. That is how I will obliterate you.

According to the commercial advertisements, this will be the perfect place for our girls night to commence.

Oh! Wacka! Wacka! Wacka!

Welcome to Wacka Doodles.


The funnest place in the galaxy.


Oh, this is indeed the crazy!

You really do need my help, don't you?


-Oh! Oh!


I just wanted to watch a movie by myself.

Wait. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I know I'm thinking what you're thinking.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

There is no way you could be thinking what I am thinking!

It's just too crazy!

ALL: Hat Party!

WOMAN: Hats.

Oh, no! The long lines will prevent any of the fun.

Well, we could just go home.

You are such a drip.

There's free kittens in the parking lot!


-BOTH: Free kittens?


Look. No more lines.

Wow! You really know how to bring the fun.

She does indeed.

I wish to ride the cars that bump into each other.

The boys were correct about me lacking enough of the crazy.

You just need a little guidance.

If you let me out, I might be able to help.

Yeah, right. There is no way in a million years we're letting you out of that...

There you go.

Just remember what I said about obliterating you.

Yeah. Eye beams. Got it.

Now let's get crazy.

-Follow me.




And we're all going to jail.

Will you try to have fun?




Can we please pull over?

No way, Mom.

Yeah! No way, Mom!




Oh! First time I ever rode a building.


ALL: Crazy fries! Crazy fries!

Crazy fries!

Crazy fries!

Crazy fries! Crazy fries!

Those fries are absolutely insane!



Guys! Crazy idea.

What if we eat the crazy fries in crazy ways?


Crazy Fry Chowdown! Go!


Fry Fist!

Crazy Catch!

Potato Slam!

Mega Fry!


(YAWNS) Yep.

These were some crazy fries.

Crazy, man. Crazy.



I was just thinking about the look on your face when the cops started chasing us.

Yeah. That was pretty...


Yeah. It was.

(GIGGLES) And then remember when we rode that building we demolished, as if it were a surf board?

You've got more of the crazy than even me, Starfire.

Tonight was fun.

Definitely the most I've had since being locked up.

Then who says the fun cannot continue?

(SIGHS) Best boys night ever!

(CHUCKLES) I bet the girls stayed home and watched movies with vampires that kiss all the time.



Oh, hello, boys!


We have you surrounded.

-We must go.



Nice try, ladies, but...