Teen Titans Go! S1E15 Script

Super Robin (2013)





Time to teach H.I.V.E. how to play nice, Titans.

Oh, and since Mammoth is the biggest and baddest, he's all mine.

Titans, go!


Robin, could I assist you with an eye blast?

(GRUNTS) No way, Star.

Mammoth is all mine!


Are you sure you don't need a hand, bro?

I've got two very small ones to lend.



I want to make this last.

(GRUNTS) You know...

To teach him a lesson!


Let me guess, we're waiting on Robin again.




So, who's carrying him home this time?

(GROANING) Great job, Titans!

Bet you're all as exhausted as I am!

Uh, not particularly.

All I really did was stare in the enemy's general direction.

Love the attitude.


But I know your every muscle is screaming in excruciating pain.

Nope, don't have muscles.

And mine are all like, "It's all good, dude.

"Peace and L-O-V-E."

So, basically, thanks to your superpowers, taking down one of the deadliest threats to the planet is no big deal?



-Pretty much.


Huh, that's cool.


Problem, Robin?

It's not fair, I do just as much as all of you, but because you have superpowers, you get to be super lazy.

Super lazy? You're crazy!

It was so far away!

Sure, Robin, powers make some things easier, but mostly they're a curse.

Curse? Please.

Well, look at me. who wants to be your friend when you're basically the spawn of an intergalactic demon?

She's right, Robin.

All my life everyone has always looked at me like a freak.

And it's been so long since I felt the sweet sensation of knee skin.

I am going to make the meatloaf for dinner.

The only curse would be how bad I'd make you look.

Guess we'll never know. since the only way guys like you get super powers is through super horrible freak accidents.

Super horrible freak accidents.

That's it!

All right. Ready, buddy?

Just going to merge our DNA.

No big deal.


What are the superpowers of a robin?

Well, uh, good question.

Flight, picking things up off the ground with your mouth.

Your crazy old bird feet.

Stuff like that.

Nothing like a little lab disaster to give you superpowers.



(SCREAMING) Bad idea!

Bad idea! Bad idea!



I can't believe my luck!

I just washed my car and it's all ready covered in bird dookie.

Sorry, my bad.


What happened to you?

And what are you doing pooping on my car?


I tried to give myself superpowers.

By turning yourself into "The Chicken"?

(SIGHS) Guess it didn't really work out like I was hoping.

Does this mean you finally realized superpowers are a curse?

No way!

This doesn't count...

(GASPS) Wait...

One sec!


This doesn't count since I didn't get any powers.

I almost want to give you superpowers.

Just to teach you a lesson.

You can give me powers?

Of course I can, but you'd have to be sure this is something you really want.



That was a yes.

Okay, but before I can there's something you need to do.


Don't play dumb, you know exactly what.

I'm not doing the chicken dance for you.

-Chicken dance!


-Chicken dance!


Dance of the chicken!

Dance of the chicken!




You almost made me smile.


Now, don't say we didn't warn you.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!


Heat vision!

Stop it!

-Freeze breath!

-Come on!

-Super speed!




Move things with your mind powers!


This is awesome!

Just remember, with great power comes greater responsibility.

The burden you'll be asked to carry will be even bigger.

You'll definitely be different than all of your friends, dude.

Did I mention we are having the meatloaf for dinner?

Yes, Robin, you will be forever a stranger in a world that can never truly understand you.

-A curse.

-A curse!

-A curse.



This is going to be great!

Wait till he sees what it's really like.

He won't be smiling then.

I almost feel sorry for the guy.

I'm back!

You were gone for less than a blurtbot!

Super speed! Thanks, Raven!


So you know the pain of having super powers, the agony?

Nope. It was great!

I rounded up every super villain and put them in jail.

In three seconds?

I also used my powers to grow crops and solve world hunger.

I ended all wars too.

Oh, is that all?

And I made meatloaf for dinner.


So you're saying you solved all the world's problems?


And there are no more super villains to battle?

You know it!

Then I guess we don't have to be Teen Titans anymore.

That's right... Wait! What?

Nice going, Robin.

You just put us all out of a job.

Guess this is goodbye.

-See ya!

-RAVEN: Later.

I will miss you all.

Wait. What am I gonna do?

Get a new job, I guess.

Let's see.

It says here, you worked for the Teen Titans.

Yes, sir. Uh, we were a team of superheroes.

Were? You were fired?

Well, no. Not fired.

Just disbanded.

I kind of solved all the world's problems.


And under special skills you listed X-ray vision.


You start Monday.






What happened?

Where did it go wrong?

Where did I lose my purpose?

Ah! It was when I got my powers.


They were right.

These powers were a curse.

In your face, Robin.



Uh-huh! That's right.

Super powers are a curse, curse, curse, cursity, curse, curse, curse!

See, told you so.