Teen Titans Go! S1E2 Script

Pie Bros (2013)

[instrumental music]

What is that?

A birthday gift for Cyborg.

'I'm drawing him as a dog, and me as a robot.'

Okay, and you think he's gonna like it?

As his best friend in the whole world I always know exactly what he wants.

Hey, Beast bud, you hungry?

Watch this.

You know, I kinda feel like having..

Pie, perhaps?

How'd you know?

It's my job to know.

And 'cause I love pie, too!

? When I say I want you say pie ?

? I want

? Pie ?

? I want

? Pie ?

? When I say yummy you say pie ?

? Yummy

? Pie ?

? Yummy

? Pie ?

? Apple rhubarb, peach or pear ?

? Any kind we don't care ?

? I love pie ?

? Yeah I love pie ?

? Oh we love love love love love pie ??

[both chuckles]

Yeah, dude. Warm pie.

I need a slice.

Yup, he is gonna love my gift.

[instrumental music]


Time to get our pie on.

You guys really like pie.

Who doesn't?

Ooh, what you got there?



Oh, wow, blueberry.


Uh, gross.

Relax, I just washed my hands.

And I've lost my appetite.

The Mother Mae-Eye makes the best pies in all of Jump City.

[instrumental music]

I wonder what her secret is.

I hear she bakes people into her pies.

[dramatic music]

[all laughing]

Someone's been reading too many fairy tales.

No, I suspect the secret ingredient is love.

Time we talked about something really important.

This guy's birthday!

Oh, yes, I have decided to plan Cyborg's day of birth festivities myself.

No offense, Starfire, but maybe someone else should plan this party.

Oh, please allow me.

I promise I will learn all of the proper Earth customs.

Well, the party can be lame.

As long as the presents aren't.

And you best believe I know exactly what my best friend wants.

I bet it's not that new video game that a certain cybernetic organism has been dropping hints about?

Video game?

Ah, it's totally the new game.

The really expensive one.

The one you should know I can never afford.

Yup, that's what I got you.

And that's why you're my best friend.

[instrumental music]




And that's why you're my best friend.

But I can't afford the game.

Then get a job, you bum.

I will get a job.

For you, Cyborg window hallucination.

Oh, wow. Bubbles.



And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury is why he is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.


What? I'm supposed to be defending him?

[chuckling nervously]


Oh, gross!

Gross, gross, gross!

What's that squiggly thing?

You mean that's what's inside of people?



'After much research'

I have decided to hold the festivities for Cyborg here.

That's actually a good choice.

Ooh! I also made these for the party.

[cat meowing]


'Ah, balloon animals.'

Correct, and there will be a game called

"Pin the tail on the donkey."

Do you think this spike will be sufficient for tail-pinning?

Uh, yeah.

That's about right.


Hey, you okay, Beast Boy?

Oh, man.

It's just..

I can't afford the present that Cyborg really wants.

Friends don't care about how much money you spend.

Just that you put some thought into it.

[door opens]

What up, Titans?

Which reminds me.

Hey, Cyborg, I thought I'd give you your birthday gift a little early.

Your gift to me is a half-drunk soda?

What? Not expensive enough for you, fancy pants?

You know, I'd like to think it's the thought that counts.

We cheapos need to stick together.

[Mother Mae-Eye humming]

[instrumental music]


[door opens]


Nice hat.

Whew. Comedy gold.

Just trying to make a few extra bucks for something important.

Whatever they're paying you, it's not enough.



Oh! Oh, my goodness!




Oh, my!

Oh my goodness.

Anyways, I'm just making sure my best friend is gonna be at my party.

Not dressed like that, of course.

About that, uh..

I have to work Friday.


It's my birthday.

If I don't work, I can't..

I mean, you won't have..

Look, I just..

I can't be there.

You are making less sense than usual.

What I'm trying to say is that I'll be there, but..

...I'll be working.

Oh, I see.

So basically, making a few extra bucks is more important than your pal.

Well, do not take my quivering lip as a sign of profound disappointment.

[door closes]

[instrumental music]

[horn blowing]

[dog barking]

Duck, duck, goose!



Did I get that right?

That's how I played.


I just wanted to thank you all for coming.

And you know, taking time off from your jobs.

[glass shatters]


Speaking of jobs.

Guess someone is gonna have to pick that up.

Man! I am so clumsy today.

Oh, cleaning crew!

I guess my so-called best friend will have to come over and..

How dumb can you be?!

I'm only working here so I can buy you an expensive present!


I never told you to get a stupid job!

Well, my hallucination of you in the store window did.

And the real you made fun of my pie suit.

[gun cocks]

[firing pies]




Think we should stop them?


This is the first time I've ever actually enjoyed a birthday party.

Oh, wonderful!

Then the celebration is a great success.


Uh. I don't think we need any more pies, granny.

[eerie music]

[Mother Mae-Eye humming]



Since you love gifts so much here is what I was gonna give you when I still liked you!

'This is what you got me?'

I love it! It's well drawn and thoughtful!

Thank you!

I knew you would like it!


Face pie.

Ah, the best kind.

Huh, pie bro.

? When I say I want you say pie ?

? I want

? Pie ?

? I want

? Pie ?

? When I say yummy you say pie ?

? Yummy ?

? Pie ?

? Yummy ?

? Pie ?

? Apple rhubarb peach or pear ?

? Any kind we don't care ?

? I love pie ?

? Yeah I love pie ?

? Oh we love love love love love pie ??


Oh, man, my pie bro.

Oh, why were we ever fighting?

I love pie.

I love you and pie.

Hey, looks like everyone went home.

Just means more pie for us.



Something tells me I just figured out what Mother Mae-Eye's secret ingredient is.

Uh-huh. Mmm.



Oh, mmm, yup.

The secret ingredient is definitely love.



What? What?

[theme music]