Teen Titans Go! S1E26 Script

The Left Leg (2013)

Oh, man, wait till you see, what I've been working on.

As much as we love your mechanical creations, we should be using the time to work on training drills.

Dude, trust me. This is good.

Well, show us, bro! Come on!



Impressive, but what is it?

-It's a...

-A multiple weapon, nuclear powered, giant robot.

What he said.

CYBORG: Each of us controls a different piece of the robot.

Five Titans coming together to form a giant force for good.

I've always dreamed about this.

We have got to take it out, right now!

The robot is designed only to be used on special occasions.


Sorry, bro. When there is a world-threatening danger, then we can use it.

(SIGHS) A waste of perfectly good machinery and awesomeness.



-Titans, crime alert!

This is the fight we've been preparing for our whole lives!

Blorg! What is the crime?

Oh, no! Is it an attack of giant space cannibals?


-I wish that's was all we were dealing with!

Zombie demons vaporizing entire cities?

-If only!


Well, what is it?


-That's right!

Bank robbery in progress!


And that's a huge threat why?



Don't you care about money?

And change?

-And pennies?


Perhaps it is the villain who is making this crime so dangerous.

Yes! A fiendish villain we've tangled with before.



Kitten, fiendish?

Pretty... pretty fiendish, I'd say.

I don't know how we're going to handle this.

Uh, the same way, we handle much bigger threats?

Wait, there's one thing that might save the world.

We have to take the robot.

So, that's what this is about.

I already said that the robot is supposed to be used for big stuff only.

This is big stuff.

It's a bank robbery.

-By Kitten?

-That's right!

Robot, now, please!

-You going to pay for gas?

-Uh-huh, uh-huh.

-Fine, we'll take the robot.



Right leg, power on.

Right arm, power on.

Left arm, power on!

Head, power...


Oh, no, you don't.

I form the head.

But I'm the leader.

The leader is the head.

This is my robot and I drive.

-Then, what am I?

-You're the left leg.


-Left leg?

I don't wanna be the left leg!

Legs are lame!

Would you two hurry up?

Smells like celery in here.

(SIGHS) Fine.


Left leg, power on.

Head, power on!

ALL: Titan robot, go!




-KITTEN: It's not fair.

Those mean bank people made me carry my own stolen money!


So, maybe this was a bad idea.

Okay, guys, make sure to follow my lead.

"Sure to follow my lead.

Look at me, I'm the head, I'm so important."

I heard that, left leg.

Right arm, left arm, show her what you've got.

Uh, hmm, how about this one?

That was my car!

Now how am I supposed to get home?

-Whoa! My turn. Yeah! Oh!


Hey, I've got an idea.

Why don't I just take the money back?

Legs, walk forward.

-Aye, aye.

-Walk forward? Lame!

-Might I suggest, a power kick? Yeah!


-Whoa, whoa!




CYBORG: Robin, cut it out!

Hi-ya! Power kick! Yeah!

Super power kick, left leg style.



-Gyroscopic system redline!

Mayday, mayday!

Uh, I'll just take the bus.



Did we get her?

This is all because you didn't play your part, Robin.

You are the left leg.

Anything your left leg can do, you can do in that robot!

No more, no less. Got it?

So, basically, I get to do nothing?

Only when you embrace your limitations can you master your capabilities.

You know who said that?

Did a leg say it?

Was it a leg?

Oh, wait. Legs can't talk!

Stupid left leg.

Look at you, just dangling there.

"Ooh, I'm a left leg."

You're nothing but a foot carrier.

You can't even tie your own shoe.


You're right, I am lame.

Still insulting your leg?


That's all it's good for.


Come on. Cheer up, dude.


Yeah, it's easy for you to say, you're an arm.

You're awesome!

You can grab stuff and punch things.

(MIMICKING VOICE) True, true, but just think about all the things legs can do.


Uh, I have and legs are useless.

(MIMICKING VOICE) You need to embrace your legness, and be the best left leg you can be!

(GASPS) You're right!

My name is Robin and I am a left leg!





Hey guys.


Dude, that is one gnarly leg.

Yup. Nice, huh?

Get that away from me.


Gizmo and his robot army are trashing Jump City!

We might actually need the robot for this.

You ready to accept being the left leg?

You mean the best part of the body?

-Uh, yeah!

-Then let's do it!

Right arm, power on.

Left arm, power on!

Right leg, power on!

Left leg, power on!

Head, power on!

ALL: Titan robot, go!



With my robot army, soon all of Jump City will be under my control!


Nice tin can.

Did your mommy make it?

Oh, you just made Titan robot mad now!

Okay, Titan robot, let's blast them!

-Sounds like a job for...

-The leg!

Yes! Take that! And this!

Since when does the leg fire the blasters?

Since I made some improvements to better reflect the left leg's true capabilities.

Feet can't hold swords, bro.

Mine can.

Robin, the robot can't handle this!

You wanted the leg, you're getting the leg!

Okay, leg, we're shutting you down.

I don't think so.

Ha! How's that taste?

Like a sandwich with a whole lot of whooping in it.

Get him!



This is just too easy.



-Mayday, mayday, we're going down!



This is why we said everyone has a part to play, Robin.

I just wanted to play mine the best I could, but I've learned my lesson.

The only part that counts... is the left leg!


Okay, it's just you and me now.

Face to foot.



Left legs rule!