Teen Titans Go! S1E41 Script

Opposites (2014)



The H.I.V.E. is back to their old tricks again.

What a bunch of scoundrels.



Stinky jerks!


Ah, yeah...

Especially Jinx.

Dude, I think Cyborg has a thing for Jinx.

Oh, clearly he has the thing.

What? Jinx?

Ew! Gross!

-That's just...



Then why is it that every time we battle the H.I.V.E., you insist on taking her?

'Cause, you know, tactical reasons...

And strategery stuff.

If you don't like her, then prove it!

On the battlefield.

Titans, go!




Take her down, will ya?

I'm gonna give her a monster bear hug!


That is not the bear hug!

I guess it's time to bring out the big guns!


She has really bad allergies. Ooh!

Great, she's going to get away!

No! She's not gonna get away!

-Yeah, she got away.

-You let her go on purpose!

-Did not!

-Yes, you did.

And now we're going to have a meeting about it.


Titans, we're here today to discuss Cyborg's crush on Jinx.

Starfire, if you would.


Chapter 4, article 7 of the official superhero charter of conduct states: no superhero shall take romantic interest in a villain.

It does not say that!



Okay! I'll tell you the truth!


I'm pretending to have a crush on her, to lull her into a false sense of confidence.

Have you been eating the baloney again?

In fact, I'm going to take her down right now.

She's at a coffee shop as we speak.

And how do you know that?

I know everything about her.

Her favorite color, the type of music she listens to.


Because she's my enemy!

I mean...



If you'll excuse me.

Oh, how do I look?



Hello, Cyborg.

Are you following me?

No, I'm tracking you.

Also, I got you this.


Blueberry pie...

My favorite.

I know.

That's creepy.

I know.


In a romantic way.


-Does this mean we're...

-I'd like that.

If any of the other Titans found out.

If any of the H.I.V.E. found out.

Then we'll just have to...

Keep it a secret.



Where'd you get that balloon from?

Stole it from a baby.

Stole it from a baby.

You're not lying to me, are you?

Me? Lie?

? I love your pink hair ?

? I love your evil glare ?

? You're bad for me, girl?

? But I just don't care But I just don't care ?


I thought you said you didn't love Jinx.

I don't!

You were just singing about how much you love Jinx.

No, no, that's just a song, man.

You're reading way too much into the lyrics.

Uh-huh, I'm watching you, Cyborg!

I am watching--


These last few days have been amazing.

I know, Cy.

I just don't know how much longer we can keep this up.


Not much longer at all!

So it's true.

You're dating.



Battling over this ice cream cone!

-I'll never let you get its strawberry goodness!

-The cone is mine!

Oh! The pain!

Do I look like I was born yesterday?




Cyborg, you are hereby forbidden from ever seeing Jinx again.

That goes for you too, Jinx!

Whatever this is, it's over!

Don't tell me you're still hung up on that robot?

Of course not. He's my enemy.

My big, fun, adorable enemy!


Please, Jinx, your earnest emotions are making everyone uncomfortable.

But I like him so much!

I'll never see him again!

That's not true, you can see him again.


-When we're trying to kill the Titans!


Oh, fine! You can date him!

But he's good and we're evil and...

Oh, it'll never work out!

Then we'll do whatever it takes!

Will you convert from evil to good?

Well, let's not get crazy.


All right! All right!

-We'll be good.

-Not just good.

We need to become crime fighters!

The police scanner says there's a crime in progress here.


Wait, isn't this the bank that we robbed?

(LAUGHING) Whoo-hoo!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

The Titans?

What are you doing?

I got the Titans to become evil for us.

But I made the H.I.V.E. become crime fighters for us!

So I guess this means we're still en--

Oh well, Titans, kill!

Why do you have to go and ruin everything?

I did this for you!

Told you guys it would never work out.

Stick a worm in it, little birdy.

Hey, don't you talk to my leader like that!

I'll talk to your leader however I want, because he smells like celery!

At least my leader isn't a five-year-old in a jet pack!

I never want to see you again!

Well, I can't wait to see you...behind bars!

You've both finally come to your senses.

Yeah, let's ditch these losers and go home, Jinx.

-I guess this is goodbye.

-I guess so.

Unless you were to rob that bank on Third Street next Tuesday, say noon-ish?