Teen Titans Go! S1E5 Script

Double Trouble (2013)

? Go ?

[theme music]

? T-E-E-N ?

? T-I-T-A-N-S ?

? Teen Titans ?

? Let's go ?

? Teen teen ?

? Teen Titans ?

? Go ??

[footsteps pounding]


[dinosaur roaring]

[dramatic music]


Aah! Ah! Ah!


'Aah! Let me out!'

'It stinks in here!'



You lose again, Chrome Dome.

I hate this game.

Can we please do something else?

Sorry, dude.

It's my turn to choose and I wanna play Cavemen and Dinosaurs.

Easy for you to say.

I don't wanna get eaten anymore.

Then you better start running.

Because you've got

30 seconds!

One Mesozoic, two Mesozoic

'three Mesozoic..'


I don't want to..

I don't want any more..

I don't want any more..

[instrumental music]


[sinister laughter]


Dare I even ask?

I'm hiding from Beast Boy so I don't have to play Cavemen and Dinosaurs.

Uh-huh. Could you hand me the toothpaste?

Oh, yeah. Sure.


Look, you got to help me.

This game is gonna be the death of me.

Sorry, I've got better things to do.

Like restock the toothpaste.

Azarath metrion zinthos!

Wish you could make two of me, then I wouldn't have to play..

Wait a second!


Oh, come on, Raven.


Please. Please. Please..


What is all the locomotion about?

Cyborg wants me to create a magical double of him.

And then, I can make him play with Beast Boy.

Magic is a powerful tool not to be used for petty reasons.

Hm. Then could you at least duplicate this last slice of pizza so I can drown my sorrows in food?



Azarath metrion zinthos!

(in unison)


Oh, brother.

Whoa. What?

Beast Boy, allow me to introduce you to myself, Cyborg.

He's an exact replica of me.

What's up, beast man?

Exact replica, huh?

I'll be the judge of that.

[instrumental music]

What's your favorite food?

[bell dings]

Pizza. Duh.

What's your favorite video game?

[bell dings]

Invasion of the Bubblebots 2.

Who would win a fight, a ninja or a merman?

[bell dings]


Being natural allies, they would team up to defeat the evil kung fu bird-people.

You are an exact replica of Cyborg. Huh.

Do you like dinosaurs?

Uh, yeah!


Ha! It worked. Why?

? 'Cause I'm a genius yes I'm a genius ?

? I am a genie in a bottle I'm a genius ?


Finally, I can relax.


Okay, I'm bored.

[Beast Boy laughing]

Oh, man, you stink.

I thought you were good at this game, dude.


So did I.

I thought I was, but I'm just awful.

I thought you guys were playing Cavemen and Dinosaurs.

We got sick of it, so now we're playing Invasion of the Bubblebots 2.

Ooh, cool.

Can I play?

Sorry, bro. We only have two controllers.

Yeah. Sorry, bro.

That's okay.

I didn't feel like playing my favorite video game in the whole wide world anyway.



What is it?

Oh, it's just Beast Boy and my double are, like, best friends now.

And you want sympathy from me?

You are the one who cast the spell.

You tricked me into casting it.

It's your fault you lost your best friend.



Well, since I need a new best friend I thought maybe you could make a magical double of Beast Boy.

You're unbelievable.


Then could you at least duplicate this controller so I can play video games with them?

Fine. Azarath metrion zinthos!



[rock music]



Hey, what's up?

[both screaming]

You're me.

Correction. I'm you.







You've got to be kidding me.

This is great!

Now, I have a new best friend.

Right, Beast Boy?


You're a magical double?

Just like me?

Wanna be best friends?


No. Wait. We're supposed to be best friends.

Sorry, Cyborg. I just have more in common with Cyborg.




Good going, Cy.

Now, neither one of us has a best friend.

Perhaps the two of you could just be best friends again.


This guy?

As if.


Wanna get something to eat?


So, there are four of them now, huh?

I don't wanna talk about it.

I'm starving.

I left a big bag of tofu chips right here on the...table.

Looks like someone beat us to it.

Don't worry. We've still got a tub of ice...crud!

(Cyborg double)

'Thanks for the snacks.'

[both belching loudly]

[both laughing]

(Beast Boy double)

'You're the best.'

The worst part is, they put the tub back in the freezer even though it's empty.

I mean, who does that?

Us, apparently.

Forget the snacks. We'll just play some video games.



All yours.

Oh, man.

'You busted the controller.'

And this one's covered in ice-cream. Ew.

I mean, mmm.

[both laughing]

Are we really that annoying?

In a word, yes.

Now you know how we feel.

Now, then..

[clears throat]

All in favor of kicking the magical doubles out of Titans Tower

'and letting them fend for themselves'

'on the mean streets of Jump City' raise your hand.

All opposed?

Looks like you lose.

Look again, bro.

No way.

I didn't do it.

We found Raven's spell book and figured out how to cast the spell ourselves.

All in favor of kicking out every non-magical double?

I'll actually kind of miss that place.

We shared lots of good memories there.

We sure..


I don't really have any memories in the tower.

Me neither.

Come to think of it, I don't remember a single thing before a couple of months ago.

How could that be?



'So you're saying you think'

'Beast Boy and me are magical doubles, too?'

Yup. I checked Cyborg's credit card statement and tracked his pizza deliveries to this apartment.

Then the real deal should be in there.


(male #1)

'Help me! Help me!

I'm dying!'

Titans, go!


[video game music]

Help me. Help me.

I'm dying.

You've got five lives left, man.

No big deal.

Do you mind explaining yourselves?

Sure, just let us clear this level.


[screen shatters]

Okay. Sheesh.

We found Raven's spell book and figured out how to duplicate ourselves.

So, yeah, we decided to take a little vay-cay and let our doubles take our place, man.

All of this time we have been living with magical doubles?



Well, thanks to you two clowns the tower is now overrun with doubles.

We thought that might happen.

Which is why we have a contingency plan.



[club music]

[glass shattering]

[all cheering]

[tower rumbling]

So, what is to become of these two magical doubles?

Don't worry about us, we've seen the error of our ways and we're committed to becoming better people.

We're gonna be hobos.

Ride the rails, that sort of thing.

So long, Titans.



Wait. Can't you take these two with you?

Dude...I ain't gettin' up.

I don't think I can get up.

Well, I guess that is all wrapped up.

So, where did you send all of those doubles to?

I hate this game.


[club music]