Teen Titans Go! S1E7 Script

Dude, Relax! (2013)

? Go ?

? T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S ?

? Teen Titans let's go ?

? Teen teen teen ?

? Teen Titans go ??

[instrumental music]

Titans go!

As soon as we get an alert on my communicator. thwip Hopefully, at any moment now. meow


More like microwave popcorn.

Want some?

Make me a bag.

But remain vigilant.

It must not burn.

Aye-aye, weirdo.

We've gone a whole week without a crime alert.

I think it's starting to get to him.

Yeah, Robin's definitely going through mission withdrawal.

That would explain the involuntary eye movement.



Still nothing to report.

Come on, dude.

Chill out.

Yes, Robin.

Perhaps you should take advantage of the lull in criminal activities in order to do the relax.



Uh, you do know how to relax, don't you?

I can relax circles around you fools.

Says the guy who tried to turn sleeping into a competitive sport.

On your mark, get set, sleep.

[snoring rapidly]

Well, it's just as leader, I'm not used to going this long without doing something productive.

But I can totally take it easy until there's an alert.

Good, 'cause that's what we're gonna do.

Ah, something happen, please.

You are just the prettiest, high performance low-emission muffler I've ever seen.

Yes, you are.

Hey, Cyborg. You relaxing?


I was.

Mind if I join you?


Now looks like we've got a lot of work ahead of us if we want this to be ready for the next mission.

I'm just tinkering, Robin.

Not trying to save the world.

I bet we could rebuild this whole engine pretty quick.

Knock it out in 15, 16 hours tops. grunt clank clank gasp You mind relaxing somewhere else?

[banging on door]


Care to join me in the Earth relaxation ritual of a spa mask?

I've made mine of gorka berries, pickles and cream cheese.

Is it not like a million little toes dancing on your face?

Can you feel the invasion of your pore holes?

And can you feel the alpha hydroxy acid I added to deaden our nerve endings and increase our pain tolerance for the next mission?

Acid? Is that why it feels like the little toes are dancing more vigorously?

Aah, that means it's working.

Phoo-phoo, feel the burn.

Oh, I am feeling the burn and I do not like it


[banging on door]

Interesting fact about bonsai.



'Missed a spot.'


Hey, Robin. Wanna play fetch?

Uh, catch.

Sounds super relaxing.

And an opportunity to see if my arm exercises have been working. grunt groan Ouch.

Your turn.

Ready when you are, Beast Boy.

Okay, let's go.

I'm waiting.

You couldn't just relax for one afternoon?

You guys may not like it, but my job as leader is to always remain vigilant.


Yes, finally!

Titans, go!

Take hold of your horses, Robin.

You are going nowhere.


You're staying here until you learn to take it easy, bro.

And how are you gonna stop me?

With this. beep beep Whatever that is, it's not gonna keep me from the mission.. rizz If you try to leave the tower, that collar will activate

'an electric fence.'

As the leader of this group, you can't tell me.. rizz This is for your own good, Robin.

So enjoy your day off.

That's very funny.

Now knock it.. rizz



Oh, wait for me.

You really think a little shock will.. rizz

'So much hurt.'

Uh-huh. I know how to help on the mission.


Starfire, you need to build up speed for a better trajectory.

My flying is not the problem.

Bye, Robin.


Raven, maybe the..


Cyborg, look out!


Oh, come on.

Beast Boy, go pterodactyl!

Titans, focus!


Robin, chill out.

[elevator bell dings]

Beast Boy, what are you doing here?

I thought you were at the battle.

Oh, right.

Forgot you were home, dude.

I was just gonna hang out here today.

But I just saw you there.

Sometimes I replace myself with an animal I painted green.

Beast Boy, help me!

That explains a lot.

I've got to figure out a way to remove this collar and get back out there.

Or you could just relax. rizz I just can't for some reason.

It's so easy for everyone else to just chill out.

I've tried, but it just doesn't happen.

I don't even know where to start.


You're more uptight than I thought, dude.

Just think of nothing and no one.

Ignore all outside distractions.

Here's your test.

For the rest of the day, no communicator.

No communicator.

No problem.

That's a start.

Now stand up.

Look at it.

You've barely even left a butt print on the couch.

In order to truly relax you've gotta learn to be one with the couch.

Be one with the couch?


Just follow the master.

Mmm. Aah.

Okay, is there like a specific way I should hum?

Like in a minor key?


Or should I go with a major?


Or maybe--


Let go and be one with the couch.

What? How are you doing that?

Just find your chill, bro.

Wait, I have more questions.

Beast Boy, don't leave me.

[clears throat]

[off tune humming]




Dude, what are you doing?

What if it's an emergency?

Ah, fine. Go answer it.

It'll be quick.

I knew you couldn't relax for even one afternoon.

Guess we finally found something that I'm better at than you.


Beast Boy better at something than me?


Just think of nothing and no one.

Ignore all outside distractions.


I will master oneness with the couch.


Who are you?

I am the couch.

Tell me what it is that you seek, baby.

I wish to relax, your couchness.

You have mastered the first step.

But something is keeping you from truly relaxing.

Yeah, it's because I'm the leader and leaders must stay vigilant.

That is not why you cannot relax, my man.

Then why?

That is something you must find out for yourself. beep beep

Hey, hey, where did you go?

Couch. beep beep

[intense music]


The circus where I grew up.

This is the last place I remember

'being able to really relax.'

Being a baby was the greatest.

Hey, that's mine.


Give it back!

[monkey chattering]

It's all coming back to me.

Every time I let my guard down you jerky circus animals would take my stuff.

That's why I've always been so vigilant.

Indeed. All because a monkey stole your diaper.

Not the reason I was expecting.

Now take the day off and relax.

The animals can't bother you anymore.

You're right. They can't.




It's my day off.

Robin, we need you!

Answer your communicator.

Why is Beast Boy just sitting there?