Teen Titans Go! S2E11 Script

Love Monsters (2014)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go


Oh, stupid rain. [GROANING]

Getting everything so moist. [GROANS]

How I miss Mr. Sun's silly smiling face.


Oh, there you are.

Oh, no.

Has falling sky liquid once again caused you the sadness?


This will not do.

It's fine, Starfire. Just leave us alone.

Oh, okay, okay. [GIGGLING]

I want to be alone with my sadness.

Come on, I'm trying to mope so hard, right now.


[CHUCKLES] I actually feel a lot better.

Girl, you just raised my happiness level a whole giga smile.


I feel like I just ate a whole box of cookies.

That is why proper distribution of affection is important.

Raven! Hey, hey!

You may also receive the affection. Careful.

Why will you not let me up your cheers?

Because in this box, are the Twin Destroyers of Azarath, harbingers of doom, purveyors of exquisite misery and endless pain.

I thought it was the lunch.

I need to collect spell ingredients to banish these demons back to Azarath and I can't take them with me. Keep an eye on them, while I'm gone.

Can I trust you all not to go near them?

Of course. Obviously.

Sit around and don't do anything? On it.

Hugs and kisses all the night long.


Hugs and kisses don't solve every problem.

I thought you already learned that lesson.

Everyone stand back!

Please don't explode.

Not everything in the world deserves your affection, especially these creatures.

I understand.

No hugs or kisses, only light tummy tickles. No.

I see. They can have the strawberry shakes after dinner but no the whipped cream.


Surely I can stroke under the chins.

No tickles! No shakes!

No chin stroking!

They feed on love and affection.

Give them too much and we're all going to have a bad day!

Got it? I have gotten it.

I will not touch the Twin Destroyers of Azarath, no matter how much they may clearly need affection.

Thank you.

Don't open it!

Seriously though, don't open it.


Oh, that is the cute noise.

Do you not all feel compelled to cheer up those that are sad, no matter who they are?

Nope. Eh.

Depends. How cute is she?

[GRUNTS] I cannot help it!

I must give the hugs.

Starfire, no! [STRAINING]

Just one snuggle!




The Twin Destroyers are adorable!

Hello, new friends!

Uh, hello.

Thank you for not sending us back to Azarath.


Here there is love and happiness in new faces.

Oh, that is most kind.

Your faces are also nice.

Raven said not to touch them, Star.

But, they are so cute.



[CHUCKLING] That sure was fun.

Now back in the box!

What? Don't give me the eyes.

You heard me.

Robin, what are you doing?

It's called tough love, Star.

Remember, these guys feed on affection.


Because, they like all creatures thirst for it.

But tonight, their throats will be parched.

Back in the box!

Just one goodbye kiss.

What did you do?



Oh, an egg. That's not so bad.


Raven's back!

What are we going to do?

I got this!

Way to think on your feet, Beast Boy.

Now quick, act natural.

You opened the box, didn't you?

[CHUCKLES] What... Why would you... What?

Of course not. Yes, that is correct.

Well, we're doomed. No, we are not the doomed.

I gave them so much love, they became the harmless egg.

[LOUD RUMBLING] What's happening?

The egg is hatching!



Your love turned them into a monster, Starfire.

Can't you just banish 'em, Rave?

No, only the one who empowered them with love can defeat them.

Starfire, you're going to have to be mean to them.

[GASPS] But, I cannot!

Then we're going to have to do this old school.

CYBORG: Titan Robot, assemble!

Left leg, power on.

Left arm, power on!

Right arm, power on!

Right leg, power on!

Head, power on!

Titan Robot, go!



All right, Titans, let's do this!

Right arm, left arm. Sonic combo!

CYBORG: Left leg! Blazing leg saber!

Let's finish them off!

Right leg, hammer kick!

STARFIRE: There, there, formerly tiny people.

Surely you only rampage because you are scared.

Starfire, you're only making it stronger.


My distributions of affection have ruined everything.

I suppose not everybody deserves the love.

We're trapped in here, Star. You're our only hope!

For the sake of the world, can you be mean to that thing?

I can try.

Twin Destroyers, you may be big but you are also so very cute.

Even her insults are compliments.

Mean might have been a stretch.

Can you handle aloof, Starfire?


Just turn away from it.

Cross your arms and tilt your head up!

Ah, yes!

Yes, like you do all the time.

Yeah, like I do all the time.

What's the matter? Do you not like us anymore?

No, I do not!

You are the butt.

What? The butt?

The butt and you smell like celery.

Oh, snap!

Your mother has the weight problems so severely that the doctors comment she should eat more of the fruits and vegetables.

She brought mamas into it!

She brought mamas into it!

I do not like you!

My feelings!

It's working. Keep it up!

Um, your kerpoffin is like glorvek on a barkinesta!


That was mean. How could you?

I do not wish to hear it.

Back in the box!

Girl, I did not know you could be so cold.

I'm proud of you, Starfire.

I know being such a horrible person must have been tough on you.

Thank you, Raven.

I could not have been so cruel without your help.

We will always remember your sweet kisses.

Oh, and they will remember you.

ALL: No!