Teen Titans Go! S2E15 Script

Friendship (2014)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go Oh no, Sparkleface.

The Cotton Candy Grove isn't growing because there hasn't been a shower in weeks.

But it rained just yesterday, Butterbean.

Not that kind of shower, silly.

It needs a shower of compliments.

Of course it does.

You're the most amazing cotton candy ever.

And so delicious too.

Yum! Yum! Yum!


Look, it's working.


Oh no!

That noise is ruining the cotton candy's natural fluffiness.

It's coming from the unicorns.

The unicorns.

Ooh, they sound like trouble. [YELPING]

Hey, Raven, you want to get in on the fun?

It's just Control Freak. I'm good.

Ah, come on. Give it a try.


Ooh, is this a new episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus?


Yeah, the unicorns are playing their music too loud and ruining all the cotton candy.

Sounds like a doozy of a problem. Ow!

But you know there's nothing that friendship can't fix.

That's what I love about the show. [GRUNTS]

It has such good messages. [GROANS]


It's so nice to see a cartoon where the characters don't have to solve every problem through violence.

[CONTROL FREAK SCREAMS] You like TV so much?

Here's a rerun of your last beat down.

[YELPING] Blammo!


Ow! Ow! Ow! [CRACKING]

Yo, how do I turn I turn down the volume on your cries of pain, fool?


I do not know how to make the television reference.

Whoop-whoop, hoop-hoop and doop!



Haven't you had enough?

You know what I like about remote controls, Robin?

If you don't like what's happening, you can change the channel.


Where has Control Freak's remote transported us this time?


Oh, ooh!

It certainly is the beautiful place.

Ah, ah.

What is wrong with you, girl?


Uh, did you hit your head, mama?

Do you know where we are?

I do.

I've transported you all to the newest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

[LAUGHING] Thank you so much.

It's a dream come true. Well, it will be a nightmare.

Because if you can't discover the way out, you'll be trapped here forever.

Really? Forever?

Yes, forever. You'll be stuck with the Pegasuses.


What's the plural of Pegasus?

A flerd. It's half flock, half herd.

Holy smokes, you're a nerd.

Freak out.


We have to get out of here fast.

This place is a breeding ground for cavities.

But how?

It's a horse show.

So we probably have to hold hands and talk about the power of friendship or something.

Bleh! Look.

This world may seem ridiculous to you, but these cotton candy bushes have got me through some dark times.

Now, come on. If anyone can help us, it's Butterbean and Sparkleface.



[GASPS] Oh my gosh! There they are.

I have to talk to them.

Wait, Raven. Making contact with fictional characters can permanently alter their reality.

Perhaps Beast Boy can disguise himself as the Pegasus.

Sorry, don't do mythological creatures.

Bro, it's just a horse with bird wings. You can do it.

Argh! I guess I could give it a shot.



Oh, dude, this is agony.

[WAILING] Ow, ow.

Just go talk to them!


Maybe if we give the unicorns juice and cookies, they'll stop playing their loud music.

That's a great idea, Butterbean.

Hello, friends.






I can't take this. I've got to talk to them.


Sparkleface and Butterbean.

This is amazing.

You guys are even fluffier in person.


Who are you? My name is Raven.

And these are my friends.

Would you like to be a part of our flerd?



Then lets sing the friendship song.

ROBIN: Absolutely not.

We need your help to find our way home.

We'd love to help you.

But we're having a very big problem with our neighbors, the unicorns.


They won't turn down their loud, loud music.

Have you not tried using the extreme violence?

That's not a way to make friends.

We're wasting time here. We have to find a way out.

Maybe this is the way out.

What if Control Freak put us in this episode to help them solve their problems and learn a lesson?

Learn a lesson?

That sound like the MO of that black-hearted couch potato.

Then take us to the unicorns.




Okay, unicorn brothers, y'all ready to drop some more beats?

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. You better bring that.

Then let's do it!


Okay, Titans, here's the plan.

I'll incapacitate them with some tear gas.

Cyborg, you hit them with your sonic canons.

No! That's not how Pegasus solves problems.

We need to talk to them and work this out together so we can all be friends.


Fine. But if things go south...



Hello. Can I help you?

We were hoping you would keep the music down a little bit.

I'm afraid we can't do that, friend. Nope.

I'm glad you agree we are friends, but...

Butterbean, please we'll handle this.

Titans, go!



My horn!





That was scary.

Very scary.

But it made the unicorns stop playing their music.

I'm so sorry.

What's wrong with you guys?

You never even tried talking to us. Use your words!

But you said you weren't going to turn down the music.

Because the loud beats from our horns was the only thing that kept the Gumdrop Goblin from leaving his cave and smashing up all the candy.



[YELLS] Where's my music?


Oh. Got ya.

[GASPS] On no!

He's gonna be here any moment.

Hurry, you must drop some more of the beats.

We can't. You broke my horn!


We get our strength by playing together in harmony.



Get it together. Snap out of it.

We need to focus on the problem at hand.

You're right. Yep.

I don't know what came over us.

Those slaps worked really well.

I liked watching it.

That Goblin's almost here. We need a plan.

I say we form a friendship circle so we can hug him from all angles.

Or we could kick him in the face.

[EXCLAIMS] Butterbean, what's wrong with you?

[CHUCKLES] That just seems like the fastest way to get rid of him.

But, you taught me friendship and love are always the best ways to deal with problems.

Did I? That sounds ridiculous.


Agreed. Titans, go!



Oh, no. What do we do now, Raven?

We do what the old Butterbean and Sparkleface would have done.

Not punch him in the face?

Good. And?

Have the unicorns play their music.


But my broken horn will only make funny sounds.


Butterbean, what do you have to say about that?


A broken horn doesn't matter if you play from your heart.

Just do your best.

And we'll be proud of you no matter what.

Now, that's what I'm talking about.



It's working but not enough.

I've got it.


I love and value you, Gumdrop Goblin.



That's all I needed to hear.


Ya! Ya!


Okay, let's pound some face.

Hey, where'd it go?

We handled it with friendship.

And that worked?

Then we solved the problem and learned the lesson.

Ah yeah, we're going back home.

Goodbye. We'll never forget you.

You'll always be part of our flerd.

That was really beautiful.

Well done, Titans.

Control Freak.

Titans, go!