Teen Titans Go! S2E16 Script

Vegetables (2014)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go



Hey, what time is it?

It's meat party time!

I'll take one steak!

One? I got steaks for days!

Yeah! Bratwurst, please.

More like "brat-best".

And a burger of the turkey.

Burger! Gobble-gobble-gone!

Hey, bro. Throw my veggies on that grill!

Veggies? On my beautiful grill?

Are you crazy?

You just ate vegetables yesterday. Why would you want more?

I'm a vegetarian. That's what I eat every day.

Here, eat this sausage. It's shaped like a carrot.

Ew! No way!

You're really missing out.

The meat is so delicious...

No more talking! I need meat in my tum-tum.


Come on, guys, vegetables!

They're good, and good for you.

I'm just saying. You might regret eating all that meat.

[MUFFLED] Nuh-uh. No way.

No how, not a chance.




It's Cinder Block. He's attacking Jump City.

You guys ready for a meat-fueled melee?

Titans, go!




Ow! Why does it hurt so bad?

One of my stomachs and the meat are locked in a most ferocious struggle.


The meat has won.

Oh, there's a meat person in me.

What's your name, little meat person?


Can't think thoughts. Only meat!

I don't know what's worse, my meat gut or my meat sweats!

Don't worry. I got this.

He's so alert.


So energetic!


It's like he doesn't have any meat in him at all!

How were you so focused and agile?

All things are possible through vegetables, bro.

[CLEARS THROAT] As you can see from these science drawings vegetables make a line that keeps going up.

Yes, Cyborg?

What's up with that weird little purple carrot?

That? That's a rutabaga.

Oh, of course. And that round, leafy, green carrot?

That's just lettuce.

And the brown, lumpy carrot?

The potato?

You know, all vegetables aren't just carrots, right?

Then what's this pointy, orange carrot?

That's a carrot.

I am so confused!

This is a lot of information to process, Beast Boy.

But aren't vegetables still just gross, tasteless rabbit food?

Yeah. Why should I eat like a rabbit?

I'm not a rabbit.

It is true. Vegetables do not give my mouth the deliciousness in the same manner as the meat.

You don't think vegetables can be tasty, huh?

For Robin, the carrot stew.

Starfire, broccoli.

Raven, falafel and hummus.

And Cyborg, spinach, bro!


Whoa, that's good!

Really good!

I thought this would taste like dirt.

This don't taste like dirt!


ALL: Vegetables!


Crime alert!

You guys ready for a vegetable-powered victory?


Oh, no! It's the Titans!


Thanks to spinach I'm stronger than ever!



These carrots are giving me super sight!

I have so much of the energy, I cannot believe it. I just feel... Whoo!

And I feel happier than ever.


That was amazing!

Now do me a favor and look under your shirts.

Whoa! What's this?

That's your vegetable gut.

Now wipe your brows!

What is this?

Honey? That's right, mama.

You got some sweet vegetable sweat going on!

Then from this day on, we will only eat the...

ALL: Vegetables!

That's what's up!


Good morning, Beast Boy.

Would you like some scrambled vegetables?

Or some toasted vegetable slices?

Or some vegetables in a bowl?

No milk though. Only vegetables.

What... I don't... You're all green!

We're vegetarians.

Vegetarians don't turn green!

You're green.

Yeah, but for totally different reasons.

I think it's great you're eating healthier, but you've gotta do everything in moderation.

What are you doing, Beast Boy?

You can't eat that.

It's just some fruit.

And fruit is a type of meat.

I don't know for sure, but I don't think that's true.

Is it the vegetable?

No. TITANS: He's eating meat.

What should we do with him?

Let's bring him to our master.

Let him decide.


TITANS: [CHANTING] Vegetables! Vegetables!

Vegetables! Vegetables!

Vegetables! Vegetables!

What are you guys doing?

Ever since we ate our first vegetable, he has been whispering to us.

He? Yes, he!

If we do not defile our bodies and eat only vegetables, he will grant us a place in his new vegetable kingdom.


You guys are acting super weird!

I think maybe you ate too many vegetables.

Quiet! It is time.

ALL: [CHANTING] Rhubarb, lettuce, lima beans, potato, peppers, collared greens.

We eat them all, and then some more to summon our master, Vegetor!


From deep within the green, Vegetor has risen!

I will cleanse this world by destroying all meat.

Starting with you, filthy meat creature.


Whoa! [GRUNTS]

I'm a vegetarian, dude!

Guys, you can't let him destroy me!

But there is no room for you in the new vegetable kingdom.

[GROANS] Look, I think meat is gross.

But other people like it, and that's cool.

You just need to have a balanced diet whatever you eat.

His mind has been poisoned by the meat apple.

[GROANS] Cyborg, dude, what time is it?

I don't know. I didn't bring a watch.

[GROANS] What time is it?


No! What time is it?

[GASPS] It's meat party time!

[GROANS] What? It's meat party time!

Wait... What...

Did someone say "Meat party time"?


Your time is up.

The age of vegetables begins now!


Oh! What is that captivating smell?

Barbecue ribs, buddy. Want some?

Vegetor's body is a temple!

He does not indulge in such filth.

[SNIFFS] Does smell pretty good.

And the taste is even better than the smell.

Vegetor guesses one bite couldn't hurt.

Mmm. Not bad.

Try a sausage.

Spicy! What else do you have?

Oh, no! Vegetor has the meat gut.

Quick! We've weakened him with meat. Now let's...

Ugh. Meat.

Ugh. Vegetables.

Now that's what I call a balanced diet.