Teen Titans Go! S2E22 Script

Road Trip (2014)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

Ah, do you smell that?

Oh, what an intoxicating aroma.


Oh, man! It's making my nose hungry.

Where is that smell coming from?

Let's find out!


RAVEN: It's coming from under there.

Hey! What are you doing?

We have come here in search of the smell of the gods.

You must be talking about the new, new car smell.

You like that, huh? Bladow!

Yeah, I've been tinkering, tweaking and straight up improverating everything on the T-Car.

The engine's purring like a kitten. Meow.

The suspension is springy like fresh baked bread. Delicious!

The steering now handles like a car. Honk, honk!

There's only so much you can do with steering.

This is why you are my best friend and only true confidant.

You act as if you hold more affection for the vehicle than for us, Cyborg.

I do! You guys are garbage compared to my baby.

And I love you guys.

Aw, he said he loved us.

He also called us garbage.

You have to understand, I found this car when it was just a baby.

He had fallen out of his nest and I knew he couldn't fend for himself, so I took him in, taught him karate, Spanish and most importantly, how to be a man.

Hola, coche.

None of that was true, Starfire.

But it feels true, which makes it true.

I wish you guys could love this car the way I love him.

Oh, I know what we're doing... Road Trip!


Come on! A road trip is the most fun thing in the world.

We'll bring snacks...

Snacks? [CHEERING]

Road Trip!

We'll bond as teammates and learn life lessons we'll never learn cooped up in not-a-car.

Team bonding!

[CHEERING] Road Trip!

But where shall we go?

CYBORG: From Point A to Point B.

But it's not the destination that matters, it's the journey.

Ooh, a magical journey?

Abracadabra, darling!

Whoo-hoo! Road trip!

Can I keep reading my book?

You might get car sick, but sure.

[SARCASTICALLY] Whoo-hoo. Road trip.

Whoo-hoo! Road trip!

By the end of this trip, you guys are going to love this car as much as I do.

Uh-oh, the H.I.V.E.!

And it looks like they're stealing!

All right! They're in for a road trip!

Oh, yeah! [CHUCKLES] That was awesome!

It was all right. I do not know why we are cheering such deplorable behavior.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

I love road trips!

You guys having fun?

No, we're out of snacks.

There's been zero team bonding.

I have not seen one fairy or the wizard on this magical journey.

And I'm starting to get car sick.

Then stop reading in the car!

Look, every road trip can get a little dull and that's what road games are for.

[GASPS] No, I learned a long time ago not to play the road games.

Do you want the ball? Do you want the ball?

Then go get it!




Not those kinds of road games, Star.

I know, let's play Slug Bug.


All right, you got me.

[GASPS] Beast Boy, why would you do such a thing?

It's part of the game, Star.

Any time you see a bug go by, you yell "Slug Bug" and punch someone in the arm.

I understand.

Slug Bug! Ow!

I see another insect, oh!

No, you don't understand.


Slug Bug! Slug Bug!

[SCREAMS] That's the wrong kind of bug! We meant...

Slug Bug! Slug Bug! Slug Bug! Slug Bug! Slug Bug!


What a delightful game.

[CHUCKLES]That was fun.


Please, let's play, "I Spy" instead.

I spy with my little... Another insect.

Slug Bug! Why?

Oh, yeah, now it's starting to feel like a road trip.

Look, the H.I.V.E. again.

Come on, guys, let's help 'em out, after all, we are superheroes.


Hey, Gizmo, you need a ride to the mechanic?

Uh, sure, that's awfully nice of you guys.

Cool, hop in.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man. My foot slipped.

Okay. Really?

Oops, sorry about that. Hop on in.


Okay, okay, for real this time, jump in.


No, I'm serious, I'm going to stop this time.

I'm going to stop this time. Come on, come on, come on.


I love road trips again!

I'm bored again!

Bored? What about all that fun we had?

Perhaps we are not the vehicle people.

Yeah, can we go back to the Tower?

No, we are traveling to Point B. Now have some car fun.


Uh-oh, look out, that's my jam! [MUSIC STOPS]

Nuh-uh, we're not doing that.

Hey, I was listening to that. [HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING]

Nobody wants to see your groove on. Take your groove off!


Oh, so you get to control the radio! What's up with that, man?

I was about to get my groove on. You see my cape flying there.

CYBORG: Get your cape out of my face! I'm trying to see the road!


Slug Bug!

[CRYING] Why are there so many bugs in this car?

Well, I warned you.



That's it! Do you want me to stop this car?

Do you? Do you want to walk home?

You really gonna walk? But that was just an empty threat.

Sorry, but we're done with the road trip.

I never want to get in that car again.

Enjoy the rest of your non-magical journey.

Let's just go home.

Well, you guys are gonna miss out on the best part of the road trip!

Hours 12 through 16!


Who needs those guys?

I'll get to Point B all by myself.

Slug Bug! Ow!

I know, I spy with my little eye...

A terribly handsome dude who's not having a good road trip.




Hey guys, I've got four comfy air-conditioned seats here with your names on them.

Nah. We are happy perambulating.

I'd rather crawl.

Come on, I'll drive you home.

No need, we're doing great.

Look, I'm sorry I cooped you up in this car.

I just wanted you to love it as much as I do.

Hmm, that car looks like it's driving on the wrong side of the road.

ROBIN: It's the H.I.V.E.! And they look angry.

Get us out of here! Go, go, go!

We're going to have to work together to get out of this one.

That sounds like team bonding!

You want to see some magic, Star?


They're still on us!

Engage auto pilot!

I'm going to need an assist here, Beastie!


I'm not sure if I have the strength to fight them.





Nothing's working!

What can I do?

Just keep reading!



Out the window! Out the window!


Oh, yes! Yay! Awesome!

[ALL CHEERING] Whoo-hoo, sweet!

Oh, yeah, that was cool.

Even if we didn't make it to our destination, your road trip was pretty fun.

Wait this is it! This is Point B! We made it!

It's just more road.

I told you, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.


The important thing is, it's over.

Half over! Now we got to go from Point B back to Point A.

That's the best part! Road trip!

Yeah, we're never doing that again.

STARFIRE: We live here now.