Teen Titans Go! S2E25 Script

Mouth Hole (2015)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go


Okay, Titans, the H.I.V.E. is planning something big.

I'll stand guard, while you gather intel.

Keep your communicators handy.

I'll call in case they return.

Um... That's gonna be a problem actually.

BEAST BOY: [OVER COMMUNICATOR] Hey, Ray, what's your 20? Over.

Something's wrong with your communicator, over.


[MEEKLY] Over and out.

Then we do it old school.

If you spot the H.I.V.E. just give a little whistle. [WHISTLING]

The cutest form of communication.


Let's do it!

[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Just a little whistle.

No problem...



Is that the whistling sign from Robin?


I think that's a dying bird.


Sounds more like someone stepped on a jelly donut.

That's a wet fart...





Did you not hear me when I said give a little whistle.

I was whistling.

But the weather was weird and my lips were chapped...

Can you even whistle?

Of course I can.



Robin, please stop.

Dude, you have to be able to whistle.

How else are you gonna be able to hail cabs or call dogs?


[BARKS] That's a good doggy.

The truth is I would never devote a moment of my precious time to the pursuit of something as stupid as whistling.


Perhaps I can teach you the whistle, Robin.

I'm in.

[GASPS] This is the perfect environment for the whistling.

No distractions.

Plenty of air.

Now observe.


So beautiful.

[WHISTLING] That hair.

Those eyes.

What a fascinating way to describe the whistle.

Did it have the full lips as well?


Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Now it is your turn.

Simply control a stream of air by pressing your lips together.

Like this?


No, like this.


You can whistle, Robin.

I believe in you.

Yes, let a mighty wind blow through your mouth hole, Robin.


Wonderful first effort.

[GROGGILY] Ah, well, you're a great teacher.



What was that? Uh...

A squeaky hinge probably?



What is that noise?

I don't know, man. It's getting weird in here.



I can't take this, bro!

What can you not take, friends?


[GROANS] That wasn't me.


From where are these humorous whistles originating?

It was I. [GASPS]

Robin, you have learned the whistle.

Indeed, Starfire.


That's not whistling, brah... Sure it is.

As I have done with all of my shortcomings, I've adopted the use of a gadget.

Robin, whistling isn't like flying or shooting lasers out of your eyes or being super strong or teleportation or invulnerability or flying or shooting lasers out of your eyes or being super strong or teleportation or invulnerability or being super strong or teleportation... I get it.

I don't have super powers.

That's right, you don't.

I'm just saying that whistling is a skill that everyone can master.

Indeed. It is like learning the new language.

That's why we need total immersion therapy.

So, you guys are only going to communicate through whistling from now on?


And this is supposed to make me learn faster?


But how can you talk to each other in whistles?

No one does that.


But how?








It doesn't matter if I can't whistle.

Do I have to remind you the H.I.V.E. is up to something?

And who is going to lead us against them?

Me! I'm your leader.

Brah, you can't even lead your lips into making some sweet, sweet mouth music.

Ahhh! It's true. You guys have to help me.

There is one last option.


Please use your words.

[SIGHS] Travel to the mystical mountains of Gomera, find the master of whistles. Okay.

Hello. [ECHOING]

TEAPOT: Hello, there. [SCREAMS]

Down here. What brings you to our castle?

I seek the master of whistles.

Of course, of course.

But first would you care for some tea?

I have to see the master.

I don't have time to speak with a little teapot.

So all you see is a teapot vertically challenged and sturdily constructed?

Yeah, there is your handle and you've got a spout.

Arrogant boy, you are getting me all steamed up.




If only I could whistle like that.

Of course you can.

First, some refreshments.


Ah, a little something to wet my whistle, eh?

[COUGHING] What was that? Hot sauce, my dear boy.


Why did you make me drink hot...



Your doubt has been unblocked.

Now your training can begin.












Your training is going well.


It's the H.I.V.E. and they have taken the other Titans hostage.

I have to go.

But you're not ready. My friends?

I said you're not ready.


Never mind, then, you're ready.

Now go on.

Save your friends.

Our super-secret weapon is finally complete.

Say goodbye, Titans.

ROBIN: What do we have here?

Death laser. So, that's what you are up to.

[GASPS] Get him.





She taught you her secrets.



Oh, yeah. Whistle while you work, kid.


GIZMO: I got you now, Robin.



Use your steam, Robin.




Robin, I never knew whistles could be so powerful.

Yes, they have the power to destroy.

Or enchant.



So beautiful.

Robin, kiss me.