Teen Titans Go! S2E27 Script

Robin Backwards (2015)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

ROBIN: Calling all Titans!

Please assemble in the living room...

For an ice cream sundae bar!

Ice cream? Did he scream "ice cream?"

He did scream the "ice cream."

We all screamed "ice cream."

ALL: Ice cream!

Wait a second.

I see no cream of ice.

No you don't. Because there is none.

This, is a meeting.

But dude, that's the opposite of ice cream.


We fell for the ole sundae-bar but really it's a boring meeting switcheroo.

I fooled you all into coming so I could show you something I've been working very hard on.

[FANFARE PLAYING] The Rules of Robin.

ALL: Boo!

Ba-boo! I said, "Boo!"

Boo, boo, boo.

You don't even know what you're booing yet.

Well, it's a big book with your name on it. That's all we need to know.

It's a strict rule book on how to follow rules.

"Rule number one: Follow the rules."


I'll read the rest of the rules on the way. Titans, go!

"Rule 213: Apples are to be eaten bottom to top.

"No more of this sideways nonsense.

"And when disposing of the stem..."

Aaaahh! [THUD] Oh, no.

Not him.



You am safe from fireless building now. No thanks to Nibor.


Why's that dude saving that other dude from nothing?


And why does he look exactly like you?

Except, slightly more handsome.



"Rule 75: I'm the handsome one."

And he's from Bizarro World, where everyone is the opposite of someone here.

ROBIN: He's my opposite. Lacking my intelligence, leadership and incredible athletic ability.


ROBIN: Urgh!

Ah! Everyone, this is Nibor.

Goodbye, bad to meet you all.

Rude. So, so, rude.

That's Bizarro-speak.

He usually says the opposite of what he really means.

So, for him, up actually means...


No, Beast Boy.


Keep trying.

Uh, lawnmower? [LAWNMOWER NOISES]


What are you doing here, Nibor?

Bizarro Titans say, me do great job as leader and they kick me out.

So now Nibor protect Jump City.


Dog be held hostage!


Maybe we should take him back to the Tower, until we figure out what to do with him.


How dare you let me into your ugly home.

[GASPING] If you don't like it, bro, then you can get out.

No, Beast Boy. He's saying he likes our place.

Opposite-speak, remember?

Perhaps we should converse more with Nibor, to better understand this strange and inconsistent manner of speech.

GAMESHOW HOST: It's the "Backward Talk" game.

Where contestants battle it out to try to guess what Nibor is really saying.

Me hate justice and want to set all criminals free.

So, you love justice and want all criminals in jail.

[CHUCKLING] It's kind of fun.

HOST: That's right Cyborg.

Ooh, let me try. Me hate pizza.

No way, pizza is great!

HOST: Ooh, that's gonna cost ya.

No, Beast Boy, he means me love pizza.

HOST: Now that's more like it.

Yes, yes, yes. Me hate pizza.

You're so wrong, bro!

So wrong!

I can't even look at your face.

Pizza's so good. That warm cheese when it goes down your throat.

HOST: And that's all the time we have for the "Backward Talk" game.

Okay, Titans. Time for more Rules of Robin.

"Rule 52: A superhero must train a minimum of three times a day."


Ooh, me train. Watch.



I totally get him now. I wanna train like Nibor.

Me too!


Way ahead of you. [SNORING]

I never knew that training could be so nice.


This is the opposite of training.

We're just following Nibor's lead.

If Nibor wants to stay, he has to follow the rules.

Nibor promise to follow rules.

Thank you. Now, let's get back to The Rules of Robin.


NIBOR: Calling all Titans!

Please report to living room for three hours of cardio.


Who's ready to get sweaty?

Have a seat, Robin.

A seat? But, uh, that's the opposite of cardio.

Yes. We have called you here under false pretenses to tell you we are making Nibor our new leader.


Me promise to be a cruel and unfair leader.

But rule 637 states...

Sorry, bruh, we like Nibor's rules better.

He doesn't have any.

Don't take it personally. We just like the opposite of you better.

Look, guys, there's a reason I have so many rules. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING]

It's so I can get the best from each of you and if Nibor becomes your leader, this team will take a big step backwards. Literally.

Backwards? [GASPS] Robin, you just helped me realize something.


Nibor is Robin spelled backwards.

That's crazy.

[SIGHS] I'll just go somewhere I'm appreciated.

I never thought I'd have to use this.








ALL: Not reporting for duty, sir.

I don't know why I didn't come here years ago.

You guys are everything I ever wanted in a team.

The exact opposite of my team.

Grobyc. The opposite of Cyborg.

Quiet, thoughtful and 99% human.

Nevar. The opposite of Raven.

Great attitude, smiles a lot, into spring fashion trends.

Boy Beast. The opposite of Beast Boy.

Smart as a whip and a real go getter, with the ability to turn into any boy in the world.

And Erifrats. The opposite of Starfire.


Well, maybe not everyone is an improvement.

Me put you in friend zone.


Stay back! Now, tell me why you got rid of Nibor.

Nibor never always want to train.

Only eat the junk food and sleep.

Me need structure.

Then do I have a book for you.

What do you think? Can I be your new leader?

ALL: No!

Now, let's follow some rules.

Bizarro Titans, go!

Excellent form on those hurdles, Grobyc.

Aah! He compliment Grobyc's form.

Who he not think he is?

You're doing amazing, Nevar.

Hm. How polite.

Almost there, Boy Beast. Keep it up!

Him too nice. Aah!

Great job, guys.


Great work today, team!

You really outdid yourselves.

We enjoying your leadership very much, Robin.

Thank you.

And me feelings for you have not changed at all.

Wait, is that backwards talk?


Was that backwards talk?

Yes. Hmm, very confusing.

But, I'm going to assume, you all love me.

Now, excuse me while I work up that new training regimen.

I am just, loving these Bizarro Titans.

Ugh! Me did not know that Robin such inspirational and great leader.

What am we do then?

Me not have the plan.

Am you enjoying training, Titans?

Ha ha!

Man, making Nibor team leader was the best idea we've ever had.

Training time am over, Nibor.

Bizarro Titans and... Robin?

What are you doing here?

Ah, nothing much. They just brought me over here to tell you personally, what a great job I'm doing and how they never want me to leave.

That is what the Bizarro's said?


The backwards talking guys told you how much they love you?

They wouldn't stop saying how much they love me... Argh!


We am healthy and rested of Robin.

Give us back Nibor, later! Aah!

Listen up, you backward bozo's.

We don't want Robin.


We want him very much.


You keep him.



Me did not know Bizarro Titans care so little about Nibor.

Me am sorry for not leaving.

It okay, Nibor, you know we always hate you.


Come off, guys. Let's not go home.