Teen Titans Go! S2E3 Script

Pirates (2014)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go


Aqualad, come in.

Robin, I'm here. Get to the surface, ASAP!

And bring lots of shrimp. And sharks?

Just shrimp!

I'll bring an army.

Titans, where's the threat?

Threat? What are you taking about?

You said you needed me.

Yeah. To bring shrimp, thanks.

CYBORG: Shrimp fry is a go.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, no!



You gotta have some, bro.

These little guys are so tasty.

That little guy was my partner.

Sure, he was a loose cannon but he always got the job done.



Your partner is delicious!


So, your teammates, they always eat other people's friends?

Only when they're hungry.

Otherwise, they're pretty cool.

Especially Raven.

Mmm. Mmm.


You mean the little dude with the hoodie? That's no dude, dude!


Check it. [SCREAMING]

[GROANS] She's pretty dark, which is cool.

But she's also got this light inside her, you know.

[SIGHS] Too bad she's always playing hard to get.

I'm gonna talk to her.

Would you? I could totally use a wing man.

Hey, there. [GASPS] What?

Do it wingman, make me look good.

Your cloak is absolutely stunning.

What? What?

It really highlights those gorgeous eyes.

Please, stop talking.

Yeah, stop talking, dude!

I can tell, you're not like everybody else.

What you're doing here, it's not gonna work.

And even if it did, you couldn't handle this.


I can be pretty intense.

Tonight, you, me and the sea.



Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

What just happened?

Aqualad just asked Raven out in front of you.

That was cold.

But it's your fault for trusting a pirate.

Yeah, what, what? Why would you think he's a pirate, Cyborg?

Dude, comes from the ocean.

And? And he's a pirate!

Tell him, Star!

I do not know what the pie rat is.


Girl, you are crazy!

A pirate is a swashbucklin', eye patch wearin', peg leg havin', nasty beard, parrot on the shoulder, walk the plank, sand, treasure huntin', fancy talking buccaneer.


And you just saw one steal Beastie's girl.

Pirate stole my girl!


Mmm. Mmm.




Hey, guys. Where's Raven?

She's probably in...

He has no idea what you're sayin'.

You have to speak his language.

Argh! She be three doors down on ye starboard side, matey.

So, down the hall?

Aye, matey.

Ooh, only the true pirate would understand such strange words.



What? We had a date.

I never said yes.

Yet, here you are.

Uh, you're standing right on that turtle's eyeball.


He'll be fine. They're very resilient.

Seriously, you're always standing on sea creatures.


You don't need to be nervous.

I'm not nervous.

You just don't know what you're getting into with me.

I have a dark side.

I heard.

Can I show you something? Ew! Back it up.


Oh, thanks.

RAVEN: So, what did you want to show me?



So, what?

I'm supposed to fall for you because you show me some dancing fish?

Oh, look, they're so adorable!

It's like a musical is about to break out!

So romantic, I've to kiss your face. Ugh!

Just wait.




Oh, that was... Intense?

Circle of life, baby. I thought you'd like it.

I can't believe this.

That for the first time, I feel like someone gets me.

You should wear your hood down more often.


Well, I better, uh...





Lay off my girl is what!

Raven wants someone who can match her intensity.

I can be intense.


[SCREAMS] Intensity!

I need a nap!

[YAWNS] Just...

Just lay off my girl, okay?



I have never seen you look so adorable, Raven.

Do you have the date?

Just hangin' out with Aqualad.

Quick question.

Has he shown you his pirate booty yet?



See, he's not a pirate.

That remains to be seen.


What are you doing?


I'm just trying to be intense, Raven. For you.

Okay, that's not intense.

In fact Beast Boy, you are the opposite of intense.



Ready, Raven? Ah!

Hey, Aqualad. I got something you might like.

[SQUAWKS] A parrot?


He looks so natural upon your shoulder.


See! See!

Ye, old pirate detector.

Now, thar be a pirate.


Anyway, I thought we could drop by the piranha grounds, check out all the skeletons?

That sounds nice. [SCREECHING]

Raven, don't go!

Step aside you little goblin.



Well, you smell like fish!

Listen, little green face, you're adorable and the opposite of who Raven wants to be with.

I don't understand why any girl would ever look at you!

Have you seen me, goblin?

You think you're big? Well, I can turn into a dinosaur.

Yes, turn into a dinosaur, all the girls love dinosaurs.

Stop! Stop!

I don't want you fighting over me.

I'm sorry, of course not.

Unless it's to the death!


To the death!

I'll check out those skeletons with whoever wins.

Now, fight! [BELL RINGS]

Look, I really like you, but I am not going to fight him to the...





You're not gonna fight back?


AQUALAD: Come on! Why are you eating my eye?

No! Not my hand!

Get him off of me!

All right, all right enough Beast Boy.



You are dark, woman!



Why did he not use his pie rat sword?

I was wonderin' the same thing.

Perhaps I was wrong.


This is no pirate. [BEEPING]

I told you he wasn't a pirate.

We should get him to a hospital.


So, mama, wanna check out those skeletons now?

I said, to the death! Uh.

No! I knew I should have gone for the throat.



Still, that was pretty intense, you little goblin.