Teen Titans Go! S2E44 Script

Beast Man (2015)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

Death Toilet 3 is going to be so good!

So much death and so many toilets!

Remember in Death Toilet 2, when Death Toilet rode that flaming motorcycle?


ALL: So cool!

I have seen none of the previous Toilets of Death.

Will I even be allowed in?

Actually, I don't think any of us will be allowed in.


Let's just go home.

Argh, it's not fair!

Who decided we can't see a movie without an adult?

An adult. Exactly!

Adults think just because they have jobs and a height advantage that they can do whatever they want.

When I'm an adult, I'm not going to be an adult!

Oh, you think it's a choice?

When people become adults something changes.

They stop being fun, they start worrying about rules, and they all get boring jobs working for...


Who is this "The Man?"

No one's ever seen him, but trust me, one day he's coming for all of us.

Wow, thanks for bumming us out, Raven.

Hey, we're not adults, yet!

Let's play something stupid.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! How about, uh, Random Animal Rally!

Ooh, ooh, quick, quick, name an animal!


Uh. Donkey!

No, no, miniature donkey. Yeah!


Oh! Oh, do, uh, a cuttlefish!


Give me something harder, mama!



I'd like to request a tiny donkey again!

One more donk in your face!

Horseshoe crab! Easy.

Ooh, ooh, that one type of monkey with the bright red bottom whose name I cannot remember right now.

They're called red butt monkeys, Star. [SHRIEKING]

Can I get even tinier donkeys one more time?

This donk tiny enough for ya?

Oh, oh, um, ah...

Come on, name something.

[EXCLAIMS] Give me a second, man!



Beast Boy, you... What?

Whoa! [LAUGHS]

I'm like a normal dude. I didn't even know I could do that.

I suppose a man is a type of animal.

[LAUGHS] You look like somebody's lame dad.

You have the hair everywhere but on your head.

Is this common for those who chose the path of the dad?

You better turn back, Beast Boy, before you end up with a car payment and a loveless marriage.

[CHUCKLES] But seriously...


As long as Beast Boy looks like an adult, he can take us to the movie!


Meh, why not?



[IN ACCENT] Ah, yes. Hello, fellow adult.

Lovely weather we're having, eh?

Also, gas prices, am I right? It's so crazy.

Anyway, I'd like tickets to your next showing of the very mature Death Toilet 3.

One adult and four kids.



Uh, what a handful, right?

[IN NORMAL VOICE] - It worked! Come on! ALL: Yeah!





[ALL CHEERING] That was awesome!

It was the best part! Awesome.

I am glad the Death Toilet was able to save his wife from the terrorists.

And we would have missed it all if I wasn't an adult.

Maybe being an adult isn't so bad.

I wonder what sort of other stuff we could get away with, having an adult around.




Today was amazing!

[LAUGHS] I'm going to be an adult forever.

We all had fun. But you should turn back before The Man, whoever he is, finds you and forces you to get a job.

Yeah, well, maybe a job wouldn't be so bad.

The other parts of being an adult seem awesome.

[YAWNS] Indeed.

But for now, I believe it is time for the hitting of the hay.

Tasty dreams, everyone.

Not for me.

I'm staying up all night to do cool grown up stuff.

See you babies in the "a.m."

[SOFTLY] Adults are the coolest.

The good morning.

Would you care to join me in a bowl of extra sugary marshmallow crumbles?


Uh, no.

Too many calories. Got to watch my weight.

[EXCLAIMS] Beast Boy, why are you still an adult?

Ugh! Because someone around here has to make a living.

Oh, would you look at the time, I'm late for work.

The Man is going to come down on me.

Hey, listen, why don't you just transform back and we'll...

No! You listen, young man.

If you kids don't have all your chores done by the time I get home from work, consider your butts grounded!

You hear me?

It's just as I thought.

Beast Boy has gone over to the dad side.

The Man must have gotten to him while he was out.

Then we'd better follow him.


CYBORG: Look! there goes Beast Boy.

Why would the Beast Boy find employment here?

It is the bland and the boring.

RAVEN: Like moths to a flame, adults are drawn to soul crushing office buildings.

It is the will of The Man.

Quick, before we lose him.



CYBORG: Ow, watch it! ROBIN: What are you doing?

CYBORG: Move forward.




ROBIN: It's like Beast Boy is being mind-controlled.

RAVEN: Oh, he is, by The Man.

Yes, feed me. Market reports, actionable items.

Push the envelope. Grow the business.


We got to bust him out of here.

As long as he's under The Man's control, he won't come willingly.

Perhaps if he were to be engulfed in the flames.

Burn him to death. I like it!

Okay, she means get him fired.

Also a good plan.


Ugh! Blech!


Unit 052, this work is unacceptable!

I'm afraid, I'm going to have to fire you...

Yes, it worked.

With real fire.

I understand. Thank you for the opportunity.

Not so fast, The Man.

Hey! What are you kids doing here?

I'm in the middle of a very important meeting.

Well, it's about to be rescheduled.

Titans, go!

[GRUNTS] This is a place of business, not some cool internet skateboard cafe.

I summon the guardians of the status quo.



How can a few teenagers fight such a mature and fiscally responsible foe?

By doing what teens do best!


Hey, you there! What are you doing?


Are you loitering?

Look at me when I'm talking to you, young man.


Oh, my God. She was all like, "What?"

And I'm all like, "duh" and she was like, "duh?" and I was like, "shuh!"

You two! Stop with the inane conversation of words.


Stop reading that gook and listen to me.

Don't you want to do something with your life?



Ugh! What is this stuff?



[DISTORTED] Who's that? Who's not...



I'm free!


And I have my hair again!

We thought we lost you for good, buddy.

Man, being an adult is terrible. I'm never going to be one again.

Speaking of the adults, what are we supposed to do with all of them?

We inspire their hearts and change their lives.

Attention, hardworking citizens.

The Man has been defeated!

You're all free to return to your homes and families.

The time of leading terrible, unfulfilling lives is over!

Now, go and enjoy the gift of life!

But, Robin, how will they provide for their families?

Mmm-mm-mmm. I'm just a kid, not my problem.