Teen Titans Go! S3E21 Script

Garage Sale (2016)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

Remember that time?

Oh, I remember.

Do you remember what she said?

I remember.

Do you remember when we were remembering the remembrance?

You mean right now?


ALL: We remember.

Man, remembering is the best.

Reviving our stored neutral pathways into coherent recollections.

A nice little trip down memory lane.

Hey! You guys remember where we like to go when remembering things we like to remember?

If I remember correctly...

ALL: The attic!

ALL: Whoa!

I just remembered how I like remembering all this stuff.

Then why is it stored here, away from us?

Because you gots to forget about it first, so's you can remember it's later, girl. Duh.

Speaking of forgetting, are you forgetting why we came up here?

We remember. To remember.

Remember. Remember.

Then let us do the dusting off of these boxes so we can access the remembrances.

Oh, man, you remember this?

The legendary sandwich!

You know, from Episode One.

Dude, you kept that thing?

That was many episodes ago. Ew.

Oh, oh, I remember these!

Apple, rhubarb, peach and pear.

Pie Bros, bro, Episode Two!

Hermetically sealed for freshness. [YELLS]

[LAUGHS] I remember this thing.

Artful Dodgers, Episode 22.

[GIGGLES] Look what I have remembered!

[IN BARITONE] You do not mess with the Jeff!

From Episode 57.


Hey, this box has Robin's name on it.

Oh, Robin. I had forgotten about him.

Where is he anyway?



[PANTING] Crime alert. Going off for hours.


The city, overrun with villains!


Where have you been?

Just reliving the past, baby.

Gah! The past? You have to focus on the now!

What's the big deal? We're just taking a little trip down memory lane.

Yeah, man, these boxes are filled with good re-memories.

Remember this sandwich?

Wow, so interesting. Garbage!

Well, we're about to open this one.

You gotta be excited about that!

No, no, no, no, no!

Green undies and elf boots?

[GASPS] You killed a Christmas elf and stuffed his body in that box?

That's cold.

Don't be ridiculous.

Yeah, Beastie, obviously Robin didn't kill a Christmas elf.

He's just hiding the fact that he used to be a Christmas elf.

[BOTH GASP] Is it super-cold at the North Pole?

Did the Santa claw receive my letters?

[YELLING] I am not an elf!

This was my first costume.

Woah, you wore these in public?

For years! So trust me when I say that the past is filled with pain and regret.

Nothing good comes from history.

Holding onto the past limits our future.

Robin, without the past, there is no future.

[SARCASTICALLY] Wow, that's so deep, Raven.

We're getting rid of this junk!

You know what that means? Garage sale!



Ah, is there anything better than a garage sale, huh?

Making your own signs, getting up at the crack of dawn, tricking people into buying your garbage?

This isn't garbage.

Of course it is.

And for whatever reason, people want to buy it when it's randomly strewn across your wet lawn.

This stuff may be garbage, but it's still important to us.

And, the future is nothing without the past.

Stop saying meaningless phrases that sound deep.

Okay, here come the weirdos.

We have to sell this trash and sell it fast.

And remember, all sales are final.

Titans, sell!


$11, $11.50, $11.55, $11.56, $11.57, $11.58, $11.59.

[CHUCKLES] Not bad!

All our cherished memories amount to pocket change?

Those dummies paid us almost 12 bucks to haul away our garbage.

[CHUCKLES] Let it fly!


Your flies are not falling, Robin.

Yo, guys, this bird is acting weird.

I told you, Robin, without the past there is no future.

I just thought you were pretending to be deep.

So selling our old stuff made time stop?

Yes, the weight of all those items creates the momentum that moves time forward.

Without those items, time cannot progress.

Well, let's just take our precious treasures back and get some time momentum going!

We can't. The honor code of the garage sale is clear.

All sales are final.

[GRUNTING] You're right.

There must be a way to retrieve the items and restore the flows of time.

There is. We need to take the treacherous journey down memory lane.


ALL: Whoa!

Look, remember that? I remember.

Remember this?

Um, I'd rather forget about that.

Remember when we used to hang out there?

Good times. Do you remember...

Of course you remember. These are your memories.

Sorry, I forgot.

The items we've lost still exist here.

We have to retrieve them and bring them back to the real world.

Friends, we must hurry. Our memories are fading.

We'll start with the legendary sandwich.

This way.

I'm going in.

ROBIN: I get the first bite. [ALL ARGUING]

That sandwich belongs to me!

Whoa, this guy looks familiar.




Got it! Ew, bacon, ugh, gross! I forgot about that.

It's pie time!

You know, I kind of feel like having...

Pie, perhaps? How'd you know?

It's my job to know and 'cause I love pie, too!

When I say I want you say pie

I want ♪ ♪ Pie

I want ♪ ♪ Pie

When I say yummy you say pie

Yummy ♪ ♪ Pie

Yummy ♪ Pie

Apple ♪ ♪ Rhubarb

Peach ♪ ♪ Or what? Where'd they go? What happened?

Thanks for the pies, bros!


Friends, the memories are fading more quickly.

We must do the hurrying!

But I get it, you want to go somewhere we can be alone.

I do. But first, you must excuse me while I put on my face.

[IN BARITONE] You do not mess with the Jeff!

I am sorry, the Jeff, but I must do the messing with you.


[IN BARITONE] I have retrieved the Jeff!

My turn.

Hey, can I have that dodge ball?

Um, sure. Thanks.

Okay, we just need Robin's Christmas elf costume and we can get out of here.

Wait, that's Pain and Regret.

Why are they only hanging around your memories?

I have issues with my past.


Why didn't you? Argh!

You should have! Ow!

If only! If only!


Oh, the past hurts.

[IN BARITONE] Robin, you must come to terms with your past by facing your pains and regrettables head on.

[SIGHS] You're right.

I must come to terms with my past.

I feel no pain over the things I've done.


I have no regrets about my past choices.


I am comfortable saying that I accept myself for who I am.

Yes! Now to get those short shorts.


[LAUGHS] We did it!


Okay, we have to get our items back to the real world before this place fades completely.

Let's get out of here!


[IN BARITONE] Look, the time has been restored!


You were right, Raven. Without the past, there is no future.

I'm glad you finally realized that you need to be chained to the past, but do you have to wear that?

I don't want to see that! Oh, gross.

[SING-SONG] Snug as a bug in a rug!