Teen Titans Go! S3E23 Script

The Cruel Giggling Ghoul (2016)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go



Well, gang, I hope you're all as excited as I am to see basketball superstar LeBron James' dribbling exhibition at Wacka Doodles amusement park.

I would be more the excited if it were not so late.

We would've been there hours ago if Cyborg and Beast Boy hadn't insisted on stopping for food every five minutes.

Hey, we were, like, hungry, man.

Rah! Rungry!

[CLEARS THROAT] Yeah, hungry, bro.

What's up with your peepers, mama? I lost my contacts.

Well, you looks good with glasses, mmm! Real smart, yo.

Keep an eye out for the exit, gang.

It's hard to see through this spooky fog.

I shall locate the exit sign.

Oh, I believe I see somethi...

The exit... is in one mile.

Aw, classic Starfire. No one gets into accidents like you.


Oh, Safety Hazard Starfire, you are a delight.

She sure is.

Now let's get going. The amusement park awaits.

Come on, come on. We'd better hurry if we want to get a good seat.


Like, maybe we hurried too fast. No one's here.


Is Jump City ready to see some non-fancy, basic, fundamental dribbling?


Man, I told my agent nobody wanted to see a man just bouncing a ball up and down.


The Teen Titans. Love you guys.

Thanks for coming out to see me.

But, uh, where's everyone else?

We were just wondering the same thing.

They're gone.


All of them.


This is getting a little too creepy for me, guys.

I'm going to go dribble over here now. Dribble, dribble, dribble...

I'm the manager of this amusement park, but there's not much amusement these days.

All the guests ran away the moment

"it" showed up.



The two-headed ghoul.

Comes around on nights just like tonight.


[SHIVERING] I hate two-headed ghouls. We out, yo!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We are not leaving until we solve this mystery.

Do we have to? Ghouls are, like, scary, man.

And none scarier than this one, with its terrifying appearance and chilling chuckle.

Now the only people left are me, the owner, and those two.


Ah, they love those bumper cars.

Anyway, I'd ask the owner for help, but he stands to make millions if this place goes under.

Well, that makes no sense.

From the insurance.

That still doesn't really make sense, but I'll go with it.

Don't worry, creepy manager. The Titans are on the case.

Let's split up and look for clues.

Like, no way. We split up, and that makes us easy pickings.

[SNIFFING] Smell that, bro?

Uh, me and Beast Boy have changed our minds.

We will split up. Later, yo.

Let's check the owner's office for clues while they investigate the Snack Shack.


Like, wow, my favorite! A triple-decker sardine, jelly and tomato sandwich.

Not bad, but checks out my quadruple triple-decker veggie sammie.

You think that's a tall sandwich?

I can eat a sandwich my own height.

A 6'8" sandwich? Impossible.

Check it.




[BEAST BOY GROANS] Ow, sandwich pain!

Oh, my tum-tum can't take it, bro.

That's just sad.

I'ma go dribble over there now. Dribble, dribble, dribble...


Let's try to wash this down with some ice-cold pop.


Ahhh! It's the ghoul!

Like, let's get out of here!


You think you're so tough Can't lose your show

It's all about you and your ego

But that's all right, that's okay

Let's see what you got Let's see how you lay

So come on and take a swing


Go ahead and do your thing

Come on and take a swing I think we lost him, buddy. Who you talking to, bro?

Wait, if you're in front of me, then who's behind me?

I can read between the lines Whoa! [CACKLING]

Can't hide your lies

But that's just fine..


Step right up and test your luck.

Knock down the bottles and win a stuffed animal for your little lady friend.

Oh, my man is so strong, he's going to win me some animals tonight.

We have a winner!

[GASPS] My hero!




Hey, look. What?


Ho-ho, Safety Hazard Starfire.

Ha, haha.

According to this, attendance has gone way up since they installed the bumper cars.

It's really popular with the guests.

The owner can't be happy about that if he wants this place to lose money.


What are you doing in my office?

We are trying to get to the bottom of this mystery.

All I see are three groovy teens pawing through my sensitive documents.

Out, all of you!

It's like he's trying to hide something.

Indeed. Perhaps...

Whoa! [GASPS]

Starfire? Star!

There must be a switch that activates the hidden door.

I'll find it. [GRUNTING]

Found it.

Now, let's find Starfire before that two-headed ghoul does.

I think these are the access tunnels that the ghoul uses to move around the park undetected.

[GASPS] There's Starfire...

And the ghoul!


Relax, it's just me, basketball superstar LeBron James.

Why are you wearing that costume?

I found it in one of these lockers.

Man, I've always wanted to be a mascot.

Why would you want to be a mascot? Everyone loves you!

Players get the glory, but the mascots get all the laughs.

Check me out. Wagga-wagga-wagga-wagga. Doo-doo-doo-doo.

I'm going to go dribble over there now. Dribble, dribble, dribble...

Hmm. There are costumes in all of these lockers, except this one.

Two sets of boot prints.

I know the ghoul has two heads, but not four feet.

Something is not right here.

This is so spooky, dude. That ghoul could be anywhere.

BOTH: Ahhh!

Where have you guys been?

Running from that two-headed ghoul, that's where!

You have seen the ghoul of the two heads?

I will never forget its chilling chuckle.

That's great. You can help us find it again and trap it.

We need you to wander around by the bumper cars, loudly pretending to be lost.

That will lure the ghoul out, where we'll be secretly waiting to capture him.

So we're basically worms on a hook for you?

Yes, you are the bait.

No way, yo!

Would you do it for a burrito?

For sure! I'd do it for a burger.


[GROANS] Now we have to go to the burger stand and the burrito stand?

[LOUDLY] Oh, no! I cannot believe how lost we are.

Yes! We are both lost and alone.

There's definitely no one hiding near us, waiting to capture anyone.

So lost!

This is the worst plan ever! No ghoul is dumb enough to fall for this.

[STUTTERING] G-g-g-g-g-g! What?



G-g-g-g... Gargantuan!

G-g-g-g... Gargle?

G-g-g-g... Gregory?

G-g-g... Garlic bread?

G-g-g-g... Gorilla?

G-g-g-g... G-g-g-g...




Get him!


My glasses!

Robin? Is that you?

Move over. Let's get that ghoul.









Like, I hate to waste a good meal, but if it'll stop that ghoul...


Great job, Cyborg and Beast Boy.

Time to unmask this ghoul.

ALL: Batman and Commissioner Gordon?


I thought I recognized that chuckle.

But, like, why would they do all this?

Simple. Their favorite ride, the bumper cars, was becoming too popular.

So Batman and Commissioner Gordon dressed up like the two-headed ghoul to scare everyone away.

Of course. With no other guests, they'd never have to wait in line.

Hey, as long as we have them tied up, let's unmask Batman.

I've always wanted to know who he really is.

Ooh! Are we allowed to do this?

Sure. Why not?


ALL: Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne?

Wait! This mystery goes even deeper.

I believe this is another mask.

ALL: LeBron James?

Hold on a minute. That's not me.

ALL: Two Commissioner Gordons?

ALL: Batman?

Jinkies. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.


Ha, haha!