Teen Titans Go! S3E24 Script

How 'Bout Some Effort (2016)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

The perfect dinner, the perfect present, the perfect Valentine's Day for your father, little one.

When you've been married as long as we have, it's important to keep the romance alive.

[SIGHS] Oh, man, what a day!

Hi, honey. [KISSES]

Don't forget to kiss the baby, Mister Man.

[YELLING] Let me go!

There's my little man. Come here, slugger.

Ew, no, stop!

I am not your baby, and you two are not married.

I don't know why you are acting like this, but it is really weird!

Aw! So sweet.

Look at how excited he is to see you.

[BABY CRYING] Come here, little man.

It's time for your bottle.

I do not want a...


What's all this?


Ha! You all like, "My man forgot Valentine's Day."

No way, Jose, I got something super special planned.

You do? You know it.

It's Valentine's time!


What is this, Cyborg?

We're celebrating Valentine's Day the best way possible, in a classroom environment, baby!


Yes! Whoo!

Mr. Cyborg? Yes, Star.

May we pass out the cards now?

Does everyone have their folded paper envelops taped to their desk?

I sure do.

I spent all night on this.

Then let's hand out our Valentines.

Wait, you got everyone the same cards?

Of course. But today is supposed to be our day.

You don't want to hurt someone's feelings, do you?

Wait, you didn't get cards for everyone?


You didn't get me a card?

I just got one for my husband.

[BAWLING] I feel so alone.

It's okay, buddy. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you.

I don't love him!

I only love you!

Are you trying to ruin his Valentine's Day?


Honey, wait. [SLAMS DOOR]

ALL: Ooh!

You okay? Sorry about all that.

We are here for you, "Sister's Before the Misters." [CHEERING]

Yeah, "Girls Rule, Boys Drool," and all that.


Again, this whole thing is ridiculous!

Let me go and stop pretending I'm your baby!

Sorry, he's been so fussy today.

He hates it when his daddy and I are fighting.

You're not married!

Poor little guy.

I am not a baby!

He probably needs to be changed.

No, I don't.

Don't you dare!



Oh, my! That is quite the soggy diaper.

[GROANS] What do you expect?

They have that bottle in my mouth all day.

Okay, sweetie, almost done.

Leave me alone!

Leave me... Ah! That feels so much better.


You are the good mother.


I thought you said a bath will make him feel better, Beast Boy.

I know what will cheer him up.

How is that? [SOBBING] Super fresh.

Then stop crying.

I can't. Jinx is so mad at me and I don't understand why.

Well, of course you don't.

Nothing makes sense on Valentine's Day.

I know what you need, bro, you needs to up your romance game.

Look at yourself.

You need to make an effort and get some new clothes.

But I'm mostly robot.

I don't wear clothes.


Beast Boy, you know what time it is?

Oh, yeah.

BOTH: Make over time!




You sure this is right?

Yeah! Haven't you ever seen any movies?

And besides, you look fabulous.



That's what's up.


What's going on?

Jinx? Jinx!

It's not what it looks like.

So, you're not having the best time ever with your friends and not thinking about me at all?

No! I mean, yes. I mean...

We can't have one day be about us?


I did this for you!

Oh, I can't win.

Not in that dress, you can't.

Cuts you all wrong...

Around the waist. [GRUNTS]

Forget the dress!

How am I gonna get Jinx back?

There is only one way.

You must journey to the land of last minute Valentine's gifts.

You must collect three magic, clichéd objects of love.

Flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear.

And along the way, you will need to display virtues of thoughtfulness, effort and sacrifice.

Thoughtfulness, effort, sacrifice. Got it.

Will guys watch the baby for me?

Now that he is gone, can we just drop this whole fake marriage and baby thing?

Oh, the little baby is the fussy.

Oh, we better swaddle him.

No! Hold still, baby.

[STRUGGLING] Let me out of here!

I can't move in this. It's hugging me so tight.

And making me... So cozy, ah...

I am just gonna... [SNORING]


This place is so romantic.

Wow, thanks for the lift, handsome gondola man.


That must be the flower.

If you wish to pick me, you must answer one question.

You mean a riddle? Cool! Riddle me up.

Does this color look good on my petals?

Is that the riddle?

Sure, it looks fine, let's go.


What? I said you look fine.

[SOBBING LOUDER] Wow, I'm just saying it doesn't matter.

No one cares what you look like.


Why are you acting like this?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm sorry, I wasn't being thoughtful.

Your petals are perfect.

[GASPS] You think so?

I do. The color really complements your stem.

Mmm... You noticed.

And don't think I didn't see that new stamen.

[GIGGLES] I got them on sale.

Could have fooled me, you look like a million bucks.

You are worthy.

Pick me and let us bring joy to your loved one.


"Only one box of chocolates will win the heart of your true love."

Hmm, they all look the same to me.

Eh, this one's fine.


Jinx is the best, she deserves the best.


Whoa, I should have known.

Picking the easiest gift is a ticking time bomb.

I have to put some effort on this one.

That's the one for her.



There it is!



Totally worth it.

Phew! All I need now is a teddy bear.

Sure is dark in here.

Aw, so cute.

You're gonna get some snuggles, buddy.






So, I got you some stuff 'cause I love you and everything.

Girl you're so amazing Girl you're so amazing


Like a suit that's tailor made

Baby I could wear you everyday

All I want to do, do..

I just thought I'll let you know

I just thought I'd let you know

All I want is you

All I want is you

All I want is you

All I want is you

All I want is you, you, you

All I want is you




CYBORG: Little more, little more. [WATCH BEEPING]

Okay, wrap it up, lovebirds.

Friends, you have repaired your romance.

Yeah, we did.

And all it took was a little thought, effort, and sacrifice.


So, I guess now we know what it's like to be married on Valentine's Day.

Terrible! Super terrible.

Let's never pretend to be married again.

[GROANS] Will somebody change me? [BABY CRYING]